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Wednesday 17 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 17/5/2023 from 1300-1500

It was great to have Johnny re-joining the Sunnybank Street outreach on a weekly basis. I will not need to do outreach as a singleton anymore. Today, God again used us mightily to connect with large variety of people including non-believers, Christians but back flipped and Christians leading a nominal life without assurance of salvation and finally the fair dinkum Christians with 100% assurance of salvation anchored by the atoning death of Jesus as our Saviour and Lord of Life. Recap below is my Battle Log:

1) A Hong Kong Lady???once was a Christian but deserted her original faith in Christ??????simply because of the bad witnesses of other Christians especially those Pastors who fails to live out a sanctified life to glorify God. ???? I spend hugh amount of time to guide her to see that Christian if in flesh will still vulnerable to sin against God and each other. But as long as we have a right beginning of admitting we are sinners as accept Jesus as our saviour and Lord of our born again new life, then our eternal identity will be changed back from enemy of God to children of God or a heavenly Citizen. Yet Gid still has to take time to transformed us back to perfect through the gentle work of the Holy Spirit. In this journey of Sanctification, we should focus on letting out life be remoulded in God’s hand, but not picking on the mistakes or lack of life witnesses from other Christian brothers and sisters. Anyway, the arrogant and subjective through of the lady rendered a stone heart for the Spirit to let her humble herself to focus on her own life journey.

2) Michael from Taiwan. a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation and 100% understand of the gospel.

3) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander ?? with just a brief intro of the gospel then the bus came to cut the conversation short. Still managed to give out a tract.

4) Allianz a Filipino Catholic girl with assurance of salvation clarified.

5) Philip another Hong Konger???, just have time for a brief mutual intro and a nutshell of the Gospel then the bus came and he was given a tract to read on seeing each other off.

6) Then I was lead to meet a man from Xiamen??? but again just a brief chat with a tract as conversation ended again by the quick arrival of the bus.

7) Kevin an American Born Chinese from South San Francisco who again has 100 % assurance of salvation and 100 correct understanding of the gospel.

8 ) Then I came across a Chinese Christian but was not yet able to test for his faith status.

9) Sylvia from Nanjing?? who claimed Christianity is not scientific enough for things presented in the Bible. I thus chose to use 6 days creation to show her the science aspect of it and she was convinced. It was a pity the bus just arrived to end our conversation????????????

10) Capella from Stretton State high School was friendly and open to the gospel message, again just managed to preach the nutshell of the gospel with a tract.

11) Then I was led to approach a Korean girl who end up also taking a tract with bus came quickly.

12) Zhou a mainlander who claimed himself once a Christian but no more after has done Philosophy and Theology simultaneously. He has a lot of incorrect and incomplete understanding of the Bible and prejudiced view of God's character and nature. I managed to draw him back to the right track but his wrong comprehension of the whole paradigm of God rendered him great resistant to really understand the truth.

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