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Tuesday 30 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 30th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a hectic period for us as both the family of three of Amy, Josiah and Joshua all fallen sick with high temperature, sore throat and body rasp. And meantime Ivano was diagnosed with suspected relapse of cancerous polyp in the neck with Biopsy yet to find out if it is benights or vicious nature. Despite of all these hardships enduring by our beloved church family members, the duty to preach the Gospel has still to be discharged steadfastly and faithfully with ministry as usual. The team of four of Johnny, Winnie supported by husband Vincent and Hung still served as usual. It echoed with the down side of Amy and Ivano that more rejection and indifference reaction were experienced. We nevertheless still took all the hardship to embrace it with trust and faith and God's grace was still enough for us to made many useful if not very fruitful approach. The work of the Spirit of mission power was evidenced that many initial rejections were turned around to become a full gospel sharing outcome. My few approaches with initially unwelcoming non-believer all ended up with good reception of the message, especially the last one with a Hong Kong non-believer admitting he find the gospel message appealing after so many people moved by God to share with him. So, he happily accepted to take a selfie photo with me to signify his appreciation of our work for God.

1) A Bangladesh pair of father and son with opened mind and softened heart to listen to the gospel and took a tract to read afterwards.

2) An Indonesia man with a not so welcoming facial expression still showed patience to let me share half of the gospel when the bus came and he also accepted the tract and let God follow up on him.

3) Then a lady from Guangzhou initially rejected Winnie for a chat. I pray and felt moved to have a go and was successful through a softer approach identifying with her life in China and here in UQ. At the end, I shared the full gospel to her and she even took a tract. So, the work of the Spirit was evidenced softening her heart thoroughly.

4) An Indonesia Lady rarely show disagreement that good person is not enough to go to heaven. It was a pity; the bus came and I did not have time to check out her logic to see if she has the same sense of sine and punishment that no person can escape the judgement of God on not just our action but our fallen human character.

5) Then God gave both Johnny and Hung a test with an emotionless man completely ignoring our approach eswith not even a glimpse of his eyes on us treating us like empty air. It was still a God led approach for us to know to let go of such hopeless case.

6) Then God led me to interrupt a Pakistan Couple of Muslim faith. They are intelligent learner of the Muslim faith and also understand Christianity a bit. So, we had an interesting dialogue about original sin and if we need a saviour. Time only allowed us to touch of original sin, where most Muslim believe we are born sinless and perfect but only become sinner and lead a sinful life when we applied our freewill to do some transgression against God and man. For us we believe we were created originally good and perfect without blemish but ever since Adam and Eve sinned against God, the whole human race has since then fallen to become a fallen people and such identity if fallen human race with the expression of enemy of God will be inherited by any single new born human which is the so-called original sin we carried the moment we was given birth to this world. It may lead to the way how we sinner can be saved by Jesus dying for us to take our place for the eternal punishment we originally should bear ourself. It was a pity they had to go but again that Muslim guy politely took a tract to read and pray that we can have chance to continue with our dialogue.

7) An Italian origin Aussie girl got clarified for her Catholic faith that does not know we are saved by grace through faith in Christ as such she also has no assurance of salvation. She showed appreciation for our facts finding chat.

8 ) Finally a Hongkonger pagan big boy but was open to gospel and show great appreciation for me to be the one repeating the message of salvation to him. He seemed moved to seriously consider to make the last step of faith to accept Jesus as Saviour and took a selfie with me to allow me recognize him net time for follow up chat.

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