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Wednesday 30 August 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Aug 30th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God that Edwin Qin Hao could rejoin us after his past busy week in completing assignments for his Theological study. It was a pity Pastor Amy Yao could not join us due ad hoc illness of her son. The team of three worked productively reaching to many people with divine guidance of team work to follow up on some of the keen pursuer of faith. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:-

0) Today outreach actually started at the swimming pool with Adrain, a lap swimming mate. I shared a lot of the gospel and my testimony with him lately and he obviously has been moved to identify with the Christian faith more firmly. Another common thing between us is our younger looking appearance despite we are both 71 years old this year. Apart from regular sport to keep fit, my action faith is a major cause accountable for the ageless spirit to keep myself active in serving God. It gives Adrain a very valuable example to follow.

1) First I approached a Han Chinese with look of minor tribe from Henan????, we engaged very well on thing lately happening in his home town???He was opened to chat about religious thing but time was too short due to his bus arrival. He took both Chinese and English tract anyway.

2) Then I Followed up on a lady who was approached by Edwin and received a tract. Since she was still waiting so I reinforced for her the nutshell of the Gospel before her bus really arrived.

3) Then I connected with a Bolivia young man with limited English. I still managed to shared the nutshell of the Gospel and gave him the tract to read.

4) Jesse is an ABC girl not so sure about her family's country of origin though most possibly is still mainland China. Only shared half of the Gospel with an English tract.

5) Then I bumped in a young man Zhang ? from Hangzhou??, he also got a tract from Edwin????but I was moved to reinforce the gospel message to him before the bus arrived.

6) Kue, a rare Vietnamese Christian, who has 100% of assurance of salvation but she could not give clear reason just claiming her assurance is from her personal relationship with God which is not wrong. I anyway articulated the simple reason is that eternal life has been liked a free gift from Jesus not earned and deserved by us. Because of His atoning grace, we are saved by grace through faith to be able to reconcile with God receiving the heavenly citizenship right away the moment we accepted Jesus as our Salvation.

7) Cross cultural girl with blood of UK Germany, France. She comes and goes to have family reunion with other relatives at each other’s home on rotation. She is very open and clever but not time for a chat just passing her the tract.

8 ) Then Johnny referred to me a woman from Guangzhou ?? to have a long chat as we switched back to Cantonese. I shared my testimony of salvation ???? to her that had drawn great interest in her heart to pursuit the best free gift of eternal life.

9) Then I bumped into the girl from Jiangsu, Nanjing ????????for the 3 third time lately. We recognized each other and I still endeavored to revise ??the Christian redemptive grace to her despite she is still hanging on to Buddhism mixing with local religious legend like MaZhou ??an goddess of the Ocean.

10) Then I came across a Vietnamese who did not want to chat but the Spirit moved him to take a tract and look at it right away. It gave me reason to briefly share about the content and purpose of the tract.

11) Then I met two Nepalese girls, who were open to the Gospel. It was a pity the bus cane too quick but they still managed to get a few tracts.

12) Daniel a young man from ?? doing Environmental Science at Nathan Campus of the Griffith university. We clicked because our Hong Konger identity. He is not religious, but he showed good interest to listen to the gospel and agreed that the sin of human, out of selfishness has spoiled and contaminated the natural environment of the earth. So, the need to erase sin and defeat Satan is the same goal of Evangelist and Environmentalists. He was happy to take a selfie with me for possible future catching up.

13) Lastly, I tried to approach a Taiwanese but he was busy in making business call. But he was polite enough to take tract to read in His past time.

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