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Tuesday 12 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday September 12th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Today, we had Chi Ming joining Johnny and Hung for the last time before returning to Taiwan. We are thankful for Chi Ming to join and humbly learning to approach people of different cultural background with different attitude, both welcoming and rejective inclusive which have become good training for us the evangelist to trust in God be bold always to share the gospel irrespective of the circumstances. So, as usual there were mixed results of our outreach work , but in majority, they were fruitful and impactful. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Caleb an UQ 2nd year Aussie student who claimed to be non-religious but have a religious biblical name. Despite of initial reluctance, I just was in time to share him the nutshell of the Gospel and he appeared turning soft to admit it is logical and reasonable for all good person but not a perfect one. Jesus is the only measure to help us be set free from the bondage of sin.

2) Next, I was led to approach Shawles a tall young man from India. He was a good listener and appeared very receptive to the gospel as well. His willingness to take selfie with me was a proof that his appreciation for the message and the tract.

3) Then I caught up with a young man from Beijing. He was surprised I have been there three time and already climbed up to two out of three sections of the Great Wall. The ice breaking chat took up some time, so I could only finish the nutshell of the Gospel but he was all willing to take a tract to read.

4) Then I was led to approach an Indonesia girl who was playing game on her iPhone. She appeared open and interested to the gospel message I share without using Islamic doctrine to debate. Basically, she admitted the gospel is all logical and sensible for any good person but not perfect.

5) Jack was another Aussie I approached but kept rejecting me initially. I persisted to keep the dialogue on with some non-religious matter of common interest, like what is the meaning and origin of dinkum. At the end, I did not earn the time for a full gospel, but still the nutshell of the gospel and his willingness to accept the tract.

6) Patrick is a tall guy from the Sunshine Coast. Again, he initially claimed no interest to religious thing, but through chatting I identified with him by naming all the neighbourhood of his home in the sunshine coast that I once treaded on for gospel outreach. And eventually, I barely gained the time for the nutshell of the Gospel with handling out of tract. He also was appreciative to take a photo with me.

7) Then Ring nose lady bluntly rejected me just kept saying she is d alright. I tried to explain it is actually not all right but in vain.

8 ) Then I approached a girl from Henan Changzhou?????who studied a Master Degree of Finance????. I spent some ice breaking time to earn the right to share her the nutshell of the gospel with handing out a tract.

9) Then I approach another Aussie young man ???but only have time for half gospel message with handling out of a tract.???

10) ????? not willing still shared the nutshell

11) Then I connected with a girl from Guangzhou???so we could chat in Cantonese???, but the bus came too quick and she still happily accept a tract.

12) Jade a political science UQ Aussie girl. She is non-religious and showed no interest in life in the future or in the past. She asserted to care only for living a full life in the presence. I change the tactic, to ask for someone who has no perfect crime free record, breaking local law then they will be liable for jail term punishment. But if we human being are not perfect in our human character record, sinning against God, destroying balance of the nature and sin against each other, will we be free to go without being held responsible for our sin? So the lawful mind compelled her to admit there is a consequence for our imperfect human character that keep hurting each other and destroying the environment despite we offended no law. She turned very receptive and was happy to take my tract to read.

13) Finally, Chi Ming and I approach a couple of males with Zhu?from Xiamen???and another guy from the North East region who appeared less friendly. ????????For me ,I focused on chatting with Zhu who went to study in Taiwan then coming over to Australia, he looked more open because of his wide exposure to the international open world. ???????????????????. Thus, he appeared very open and receptive to the gospel and took my tract.

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