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Wednesday 25 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday October 25th 2023 from 1300-1500

Hurrah, praise be to the Lord for a great breakthrough of the simply mobilization of the Sherwood Church whole congregation to engage in holistic Great Commission. Their Chief Senior Pastor Samuel Chiu ??? joined us today for the first time. And God blessed him with 5 or more gospel sharing conversations without a single rejection. It must have boost his experience of the presence of God when we work with Him for Gospel Outreach. So we had a very strong team of four, three from Sherwood Church namely, Rev Samuel Chiu, Johnny & Pastor Edwin Qin Hao and Hung. Apart from a handful of people from mainland China, God obviously had prepared the hearts from different cultural group and religion back ground to engage into sincere Gospel sharing conversation. My His Will be done through our humble service of cross-cultural outreach.
Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach first a Vietnamese but of Chinese origin from Chow Zhou ????? who however speaks Cantonese. He was OK to chat but prefer to read the tract himself without listening to me.
2) Then I was led to approach Laisha a tall girl from Tonga who quickly identifies herself as Christian. And she past the Assurance test having 100% assurance of salvation simply because of the grace and work of Jesus. She was happy to notice that she is of the rare and precious minority having perfect understanding of our salvation. And she indicated that all her b & S are like her having a clear understanding of salvation.
3) Then I reunited with the rare Chinese House Church Christian from Liao Ning Shenyang??????????She has orthodox belief and willingness to catch up and fellowship with me.
4) Next I was led to chat with a Sikh follower who has a simple heart and simple faith in a mono God. This is in line with Christianity and Islamic faith. But I pointed out to him that only Christianity address the issue of sin properly. I was moved to turn the chat into an apologetic sharing. He was amazed to find out the flawless nature of the Bible and all big and small revelation.
5)Then I was led to chat with a Mixed Japanese and Aussie , she claims she is an Atheist but still willing to listen to the gospel though only half done when the bus arrived. She was given a tract to see the unfinished story of God.
6) In between, there were intermittent blunt rejection. But it was fine as our outreach activity is of Spiritual Warfare nature that manifests the glory of God.
7) Then I turned to the Chinese mainlander on my left.????She was planning to call her friend to pick her up at the bus stop.?????????. She showed rare politeness and willingness to listen.
8 ) Then Johnny referred a young man Chan from Hong Kong to me.????He has come to Brisbane for 2 years and was student of Griffith. He was open and humble to listen to the full Gospel.
9) A Born again Filipino Christian was happy to have a chat, and I proceeded to test her reassurance of salvation which was failed. But the bus came leaving no time for clarification.
10) Last but not the least, I bumped into a girl from Mongolia  Republic which we use to name as outer Mongolia. She graduated with her husband in FooChau, China and now have come to Australia for Master degree study. Her husband started doing Master of IT at QUT. She is yet to find a Master degree program for her possibly in Sydney. She is currently trying to look for pat time job that do not require high level of English. She appeared open and receptive to the gospel and felt impressed when I said I will pray for her finding part time job as well as fining Jesus. She showed her appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

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