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Tuesday 31 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday October 31st, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a scorching hot day of 34C, but the fervent for the gospel was even stronger to help Johnny and Hung to overcome the heat wave but had a fruitful street ministry at the Toowong Bus Stop which will turn into a furnace even in a normal sunny day, not to mention a super high temperate day like today. As usual, we both faced many rejections, but by the grace of God, some was softened and turned around to hear the gospel from their initial rejection status. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was moved to approach four Mainlander Chinese males who were chatting amongst themselves. I was able to break the ice by asking around where they were from. Actual one is from Tsen Zhou ?? of Suzhou?SekjiaChong ???of He Bei and Wen Zhou?? of Jie Jiang. One joined us late so I did not know his home town. I used my Disaster relief work to identify with them as their compatriot that love and help people from the Sichuan earth quake. With this lead about doing a lot of charity work, will it be good enough to qualify us to Heaven. It was really the gracious act of God to let me chip into their conversation and finish the full gospel before their bus came.

2) Then I caught up with an Aussie girl with 1 min left to brief her the nutshell of the gospel and gave her a tract.

3) Then I was led to catch up with Amelia , a local Aussie of Ireland origin and shared with her the full gospel.

4) Next was a USA(dad) & Japanese (mum) cross breed girl who was impressed by my Japanese greeting. And she quickly identified herself as Christian which is basically her family (dad)'s faith. Though she failed the test of assurance of Salvation, not 100% sure she can go to heaven, but was glad I clarified this with her that our status of God's people with the gift of eternal life has been given to us the moment we received Christa as our Savior. She was thankful for my clarification.

5) Then I was politely rejected by a Mainlander lady claiming she was busy in doing something on her phone so ask to be excused from further chatting. I knew it was an excuse, but I was moved to let go.

6) Then I was led to approach Chang ?also from Mainland???who claimed he had chatted ith many of us before more than once. So I said it was even better then I could hear about his feedback on the message he heard and read from the tract. It anyway gave me chance to pin point the need for every person good or bad that as long as we are not perfect we all need Jesus. I pray and trust this time, he would get the gospel message impressive enough for him to ponder the need to make the last step of faith.

7) Then I was led to approach yet another local Aussie from local Brisbane. She just chose to bluntly reject me claiming she is all right. I was moved by the Spirit to follow on this statement I used to say to those evangelist before. And the Spirit obviously had softened her heart and allowed me to share her the full gospel and took a tract to read afterwards. I was grate for the whispering guidance of the Spirit to prompt me to take different actions against those overt rejecting persons.

8 )  Aden a n Indonesia young man from Jakarta. He was surprisingly open to the gospel despite he admitted he is Muslim. He even admitted we are sinner beyond redemption and only Jesus can save. So he joyously took a selfie with me after the gospel sharing.

9) Then God gave me another gospel opportunity to chat with Kathleen from Wisconsin who is a non-believer but with Christian school background and many Christian friends around. She admitted the gospel message is familiar but cannot tell what held her up to make the last step of faith action. I said I could identify with her as I was brought up from Christian primary school but it took me 40 years to surrender to God. I pledge her to seriously ponder and pray to God and receive Christ the earlier the better as we cannot have control of our life. She was moved and impressed and promise to do so and also graciously took a selfie with me , so I can recognize her in case we do not meet again until the time of rapture at the heaven gate.

10) Finally I faced another blunt rejection from yet another Mainlander girl , which I was led to just let go.


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