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Wednesday 1 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 1st 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God we had three member today namely Johnny Hung and Qin Hao. The last one actually was busy in his BST assignment and exam preparation but still squeeze an hour to team us to serve at Sunnybank. God gave us many divine appointments reaching out to people apparently elected by God. For instance, I caught up with a young girl whom I met 3 three years ago at the MMM annual dinner brought along by Dolly as her home stay mum. After three years study at CItipointe, she is about to graduate. So, our encounter really served as a check point of her faith after a three years study at at Chrisitan School. Pray that all the gospel chats will serve the purpose of God and bear fruit in His time. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) First approach was a Korean Christian lady. But she seemed to be a bit insecure in chatting with stranger lacking of confidence. I test her assurance of salvation which she answered Q1 correctly having 100% of assurance but when asked Q2 about why. She then refused to discuss and left cutting the conversation to an end.

Could not and do not want to answer the Two diagnostic questions

2) Then I turned to a lady from Guangdong who speaks Cantonese. She was surprisingly opened and was attracted to both the gospel sharing realizing the sin and helplessness of all human and yet was happy to hear my testimony how the grace of God saved and healed me from Cancer illnesses. Prause be to God for a softened soul ready to receive Christ.

3) Ahmet having chat ted with Qin Hao, but I was moved to dig deeper into his soul and elaborated the gospel in greater details that I believed has impressed him especially about the issue of sin and how it was addressed by God that is different from all other gods of other religion. Our conversation was cut short when his friend was looking for him to meet nearby. I later went to where he waited for his friends and took a few close shots of him.

4) Then I was led to approach a Filipino Chrisitan who has no assurance of salvation. It was a pity the bus quick arrival robbed me to chance to clarify.

5) Then I caught up with a couple of Indonesian who claimed they are Buddhist. ??????I assert to them that it is good to have faith of any region which after all guide people to be a good persons. But none of them except Christianity address the issue of sins. I even told them there is an antique plague in ancient word which was translated lately showing that even the Budda considered himself not perfect and calling for the need to be saved by a Saviour. They listened with interest and took the tract to learn more about the Chrisitan faith.

6) Then I tried to chat with a lady from HKG who sat beside me. But she showed great resistance to the gospel despise she know I am a Hongkongers. ?????????

7) Then it was a privilege to catch up with Faith who is half PNG and half Aussie. She was delighted to chat and was thankful to me for helping her to establish her assurance of salvation. She showed her appreciation by taking selfie with me.

8 ) Then I caught up with Maria from Colombia who is a Catholic Chrisitan but surprising ly she pass the diagnosis test of assurance of salvation. She also showed great appreciation of our outreach effort.

9) Then I Caught up with an ABC who is open to chat, but the bus arrival cut our conversation short.

10) Finally, God led me to reunited with Julia after a lapse of three years. She was the home stay student of Dolly studying at Citi pointe Chrisitan School though she is still not a Chrisitan. We met at the MMM annua dinner when she first arrived at Brisbane. She was invited by Dolly to join our MMM annual dinner. Actually, it was Julia who recognized me and we had a good chat of the gospel which she admitted it was frequently shared and heard at Citi pointe. For some reason, she is still not moved to surrender her life to Christ. But she also showed great appreciation of our gospel outreach efforts.

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