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Wednesday 27 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 27th 2023 from 1300-1500

We rested for Toowong on Boxing and resume regular street gospel outreach today at Sunnybank. Praised be to God that Shu Yi had been called and moved to join us on regular basis during holiday period. So, again Johnny Shu Yi and Hung were teamed up to day and God did introduce sort of Team Work amongst us. The Spirit put on our heart to care for those elderly and weak people first instead of rushing towards gospel. A local Aussie senior person was approached by Shu Yi to help him out to find a certain bus route that he may need to go in the near future. He just wanted to come to Sunnybank to find out where the bus stop is. Shu Yi helped him out in the first instance but his desired route was not found on the schedule sheet at the bus stop where we do outreach. Finally, the senior Aussie man resort to asking the bus driver for the info. The bus driver also took all the trouble to stop the bus and came out from the bus to use his own iPhone to search and located the bus stop of the desired bus route of that elder man called John. I thought I knew the location of that bus stop so I volunteer to walk him up to that bus stop. While we were walking, I of course took the chance to test for his assurance of salvation. As a senior Anglican Chrisitan, he has 100% of assurance of salvation but when asked why, he said it is because of his Christian family upbringing and he has been a good Chrisitan member of the church. With this answer, it exposed that he really may not fully understood the basic doctrine of salvation that we are saved by grace through faith and not by our own good deeds. Anyway, then we arrived at the bus stop and to find out tit was not the one that the bus driver indicated. I immediately knew it should be the other one just near MacDonald at Time Square. Since John was out of breath after walking for a while, so he needed a good rest staying at that wrong bus stop. I promised to find out the right bus stop and take photo of the bus schedule for him. Finally, I did my job but when I returned to that wrong bus stop. John disappeared, most likely getting on to the bus at that "Wrong" bus stop to go home. Anyhow, I still trusted God may have a better plan for John in lieu of my premature help. God always makes all things work together for the benefit of those who seeks and obeys Him.

Apart from those episodes, we all have numerous divine opportunities to reach out to people that were apparently elected by God to chat with us. The first target from Hunan China just arrived at Brisbane and he has never heard of the gospel but Johnny had a long chat with him leading to fruit bearing result. Anyway, recap below is the Battle Log of Hung for today: -

1) First was a Korean who is a non-believer despite 75% of the Koreans has become Christian. He stayed put to listen to the gospel and took a tract at the end.

2) Next was a UQ student from Yinchuan, Ningxsia(???????) She said she has been approached many times by Johnny and Shu Yi lately. She is still sceptical about any religion and she was curious to know id we are paid to do so. (?????) I rightly explained to her that our passion is not monetary driven, or not even charity driven, but mission driven to share the gospel to alert all people especially those self-labelled as "Good Persons" that no one are safe but all people in the human race are all doomed for the punishment of help as long as we are not perfect. I reckoned the Spirit did touch and moved her heart in a short moment when the bus came. She asked for another tract to read despite she said she got several already. Pray that God's purpose and plan for her will pan out according to His Will for her.

3) Then I caught up with a mainlander female who claimed to be a Buddhist.?????I stressed to her that Buddhism and all other religion are good but only good at guiding people to be a good person, yet none of them address the issue of sin with a solution. The bus came at that time and she took a tract to read.

4) Next is John the Anglican as I shared about him above. It is the team work between Shu Yi and Hung to serve this elderly man first about his secular need to find the right Bus schedule information, then his real understanding of salvation.

5) I was led to chat with another couple with husband called also John from Philippine. He passed the assurance of salvation test and I Introduced Kairos to him.

6) Then, God miraculously brough a Sichuan Chengdu ????young lady to me as such I could share my personal witness of helping out to the Schuman earthquake disaster relief. She is an UQ and knew that I am an alumnus of Master of counselling. I even shared about the mechanism of the Chrisitan counselling course for healing the hurt and distortion of one’s emotion because of early life traumatic experience. She was drawn into the stories especially the rationale of the counselling rehabilitation technique. ??????? In the end, she appeared open and receptive to the gospel and took a tract to revised what I shared with her.

7) Next came another Filipino couple of Catholic background but seemed to understand the salvation well, they were keen to keep chatting with me but a bus came and they ran to find out if this was their route, if not they would come back for me. Unfortunately, it was the right bus for them, so they waved me good bye.

8 ) Next was a UQ student from mainland China, who was a bit too nervous to chat but still took a tract.

9) Then I caught up with an ABC of Taiwanese origin. He is open but our conversation again was interrupted by the quick arriving bus.

10) Finally I caught up with yet another Taiwan young man of grade nine. His maturity is beyond his real age. And he remained open and receptive to the gospel.

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