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Wednesday 3 January 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday January 3rd 2024 from 1300-1500

Praise and thank God for a fine weather after consecutive days of non-stop flash flooding rain, the four of us, 3 from the Sherwood Methodist Church, namely Johnny Qin Hao and Shu Yi, teamed up with Hung from CFC to do our regular street outreach at Sunnybank. The effect of team work orchestrated by God was prominent. For several occasion, God moved us to render back up supports for each other when approaching a particular person from a certain home town or language group area of one of our team members. i.e. Qin Hao from Kweilin and Hung from Hong Kong. We also thank God to move and empower us to have full commitment joining this outreach team especially for Shu Yi, who has never absented from and week during his School Summer Holiday Term break. She may be going back to work next week so pray for God continuous anointing her with the heart to keep preaching gospel in here day to day life even though not be able to do it on the street until next school term break.

1) Unknown Asian man not willing to chat but still manage to share the purpose of my approaching for a chat and the Spirit moved him to take a tract to read by himself, hopefully with the enlighten of the Spirit.

2) Then I was led to approach another mainlander middle aged lady?????? who surprisingly was very open and receptive to listen to the full gospel and took a tract.

3) Martin an Anglican Christian whom I met before, greeted me but just barely able to have a brief catch up before his bus came. But miraculously, he returned to Sunnybank to fetch a lost item and we met again at the bus stop. This time I had more time to carry on with the diagnosis of his assurance of salvation which he failed only about 80%. He was thankful for my clarification and voluntarily took a tract again to revise on the sharing and teaching for his benefit.

4) I was led to connect with a HongKonger by the name of Fu?. He admitted he is a Christiaan but has been away from church for a while. His church in HKG is called 611. He also failed upon my test of assurance of salvation. ???. I anyway apart from clarification of the gospel and real meaning of salvation, I also shared my personal testimony to encourage him to return to walk with God to grow towards spiritual maturity.

5) Next I approach two girls one is cross breed from Thailand and another was a Korean girl. It was a pity after brief rapport building chat, the bus arrived. But both were willingly to take a tract to read in following up on my brief introduction of gospel.

6) Rejected by a group of mainlanders from Northeastern China, whom I had mistaken as Johnny's friend of the church. Even though they rudely rejected me, I still thanked God for this pre-matured approach that might still serve His purpose to this group of arrogantly youngster.

7) Next came two ladies from Kweilin?? Guangxi to visit relatives here ??. One who did all the talking with us is by the name of Pang?. Once I found her home town, which is same as Qin Hao, I referred the two ladies to Qin and they talked enthusiastically. When I overheard from their Kweilin dialect that they have Christiaan In-Law relative, I was moved to jump in to guide the conversation to challenge for conversion as God has already targeted them and intend to bless them through their Christian relative. I trusted God gave me to urge to stress the need of salvation for whoever that admitted themselves are not perfect. The team work were proven working very well.

8 ) I approached another Mainlander male wearing a T Shirt of Mixed Martial Art ????. Though I was still rejected, I believed God has his plan for this guy.

9) Then I was led to chat with an Indonesia lady who looks more like European or Middle East Woman. She is a Muslim, but she remained open and willingness to listen to the gospel and hear the way Christianity stood out from all other religions. She also took a tract to supplement what she heard from me.

10) Finally Edwin referred me to two Cantonese speaking people who happened to be also Hongkongers. ??. Obviously, they were both non-religious, and rejected me in the first go, But I tried to use Hongkonger identity to keep the conversation alive doing my personal testimony. At the end, they ask for pardon to carry on with their own conversation on other important personal matter. They again also willing to take a tract to supplement on what I had shared with them,

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