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Wednesday 28 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 28th, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was overjoyed to have Johnny back and Ann yeo also returning to serve regularly on Wednesday with us. So the team of four including Any and Hung from CFC had a good period of time of outreach. Today, God led us to contact more people from China, Taiwan & HKG etc than other people groups. Johnny was most blessed as such he was thankful for many uninterrupted conversations allowing him to share the full Gospel with fruit bearing result or at least good impact. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach a lady from Nanjing who actually has got PR status by means of her Husband Job employment here. ????????????did not have time for full gospel but she appeared open and receptive to gospel possibly because her status change becoming a citizen of Australia enjoying the freedom of speech and expression. She volunteered to take a tract to read the concluding message I tried to convey to her.

2) Next, I was led to approach Shen??from Shanghai???who study at the Brisbane branch of James cook. His heart was also seemingly quite softened, not blindly rejecting gospel. Again, did not finish sharing gospel but he was happy and willingly take a tract to get to the conclusion I tried to convey to him.

3) Another young girl ?? from North Eastern Provinces of mainland China, who was also willing to have a chat with me, our conversation was interrupted first by a phone call, them her quick arrival of bus But she voluntarily asked for a tract to finish off the knowing the message I tried to convey to her.

4) Next, I was led to approach a young man also from Guizhou ??Mainland China studying at UQ but is very sporty carrying a bag of tennis rackets. He has done 2 terms of study already, but seemingly adapting quite well to the campus life striking good balance between study and keep fit sport and exercise. He claimed to be a non believer but still show openness to listen to the gospel though finally without taking a tract.

5) Then for the first time I was led to approach a non-Chinese, actually a girl from Sri Lanka. She is non-religious and exceptionally not interested to listen to gospel. Nevertheless, she still took a tract at the end.

6) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander Guan? who lives in teh Northern part of Brisbane. He is not yet a believer but a seeker for a long while. He claimed he once attended the church of Rev Chang Fu Wah but stop going after the church moved to another place further north. Pray that our conversation and the tract will revive his pursuance of the Christian faith.

7) Finally, I was led to chat with an ABC Hongkonger girl Chan. She was waiting for her father and he arrived not long after I started chatting with her. But she still patiently let me share the full gospel to her in English and took the tract to read when her bus arrived.

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