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Saturday 16 March 2024

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Today was certainly memorable. It was Election Day and we had three new members who were keen to learn how to share their faith on the streets. After a time of prayer, we set off towards the Toowoomba CBD in pairs.


Sarah teamed up with one of our younger “first-timers”. Together they chatted with Mr J-. He was sure that he would be good enough to get to heaven, and if he wasn’t, then he decided that it was God’s choice.


They also spoke with D-- a young man on his push bike in his 20’s (?) and a former Mormon. He had sadly experienced domestic violence as a youth and was questioning where God was during all of that. He was familiar with some parts of the Bible and had many questions about what he labelled “contradictions”- like the character of God in the OT vs NT and why no one has found any fossil of Noah’s Ark if we knew roughly where it ran aground.


Our “first-timer” did an excellent job at answering these questions. Sadly, we didn’t exchange numbers, or get to pass on any church details, but apparently D-- is often in town and has connections with a SDA church for work. He believes there is some sort of spiritual being/higher power, but not the God of the Bible. Pray that we would encounter him again or that God would put genuine Bible-believing Christians in his life to encourage him in his journey to find Truth.


Barry and one of our “newbies” met a Fijian visitor who expressed faith in Jesus and articulated the gospel. He was encouraged by what we were doing and hung around to ask God’s blessing for those who received Gospel tracts (mini-booklets). The team also met a youth who expressed faith in Jesus and answered yes to the tract question ’Are you a good person’. Together they went through the tract and he changed his mind. He seemed to be convicted and open and willing to hear the gospel message. Praise God for these opportunities and more.


During this time we also met L--, who is currently homeless. He had been sleeping under a house recently and had multiple white-tailed spider bites. L--’s bites were heavily inflamed and appeared to be rotten and black. He was in a significant amount of pain and one of our team members drove him to the Base hospital.


Meanwhile, two of our other team members were able to engage in a discussion with a former Catholic. He is now heavily into the New Age and believes everything is God. He was very angry and closed off to discussions regarding Christianity. This sort of anger is common among young men who have recently moved away from Roman Catholicism and they are not open to exploring how Christianity is different. Generally, it takes a few years for them to “cool off” and to be open to exploring the differences between what they grew up with and what the Bible teaches about salvation.


Tim and I (Doug) set up at the intersection of Ruthven and Margaret street. Since it was election day I had prepared a talk on “Who Do You Trust?” on a whiteboard. I preached the same message at two separate times and I was struck by the different reactions of passers-by.


Some people laughed, others encouraged me and one particular lady was not-so-quietly swearing under her breath as she passed me. Two homeless men sat down and listened to the message.


The reaction of the motorists waiting at the lights was similar. Some mocked, others cheered but most simply rolled down their windows and listened One particular bloke in his twenties opened his passenger window and looked intently at me. It was clear he was paying close attention to the message which I found to be a great encouragement.


At the end of the outreach, we met to debrief and to share stories about all the good things God had done. It's an exciting privilege to share the Good News about Jesus with others. It’s very similar to a few beggars showing other beggars where to find Bread. Jesus is transforming people’s lives all over the world in real time and we look forward to seeing His continued work across the globe and in the lives of all those who call our region home.

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