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Tuesday 2 April 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Toowong on Tuesday April 2nd, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was by grace that I could still manage to deliver my committed duty of street gospel outreach at Toowong today, as God let the pre-operation procedure of my wife Ling be long enough to leave a break between the dropping off and picking up time from the hospital. So, we started normally at 1330 but had to finish earlier at 1430 to rush to hospital to pick up my wife. The sun was a bit scorching hot, but we nevertheless still managed to make many conversations.

1) First I was instead invited by Yvone Chan of CCCB St Lucia Ryans congregation. She thanks God for our steadfastness to serve Him as she never fails to find us there at the bus stop week in week out.

2) Then I caught up with an Aussie middle age gentleman who is non-religious, however, he had little disagreement to the gospel message and admitted every one need Jesus.

3) Shih a Fijian Indian person who claims he has studied all religions out of his only personal interest. I stressed to him what made Christianity stand out from the rest is the way it addresses sin and the wrath of God against sin.

4) Then I had a long chat with Jun?from Wenzhou???he is non-religious materialism ????. He does not believe in any supernatural thing but he also could not reject the gospel message that we are all sinner that needs God to forgive our sins through the self-sacrificing atone death of Christ.

5) Joseph from Cairo Egypt was well aware of Christianity spreading in his country with all the good impact though himself is still regarded as Islamic by birth. He holds an open and assertive attitude towards Christianity.



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