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Wednesday 3 April 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday April 3rd, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was two hours of journey of grace today, as the street outreach time was overlapped with the spinal surgery of Ling which started a bit late roughly towards 1300 and finished by 1433. In between, my prayer networks were fully mobilized to pray for Ling. God even summoned a student nurse doing her placement at the Brisbane Private Hospital to meet me at the Sunny bank bus stop. She was dropped off by friend at the bus stop waiting for connection to CBD. And at this time, Ah Lee and Billy turned up again so Ah Lee led the four of us including the student nurse Esther that I had just met into prayer. Then when we were about to finish the street outreach, good news from the hospital came telling us the operation is finished and all went well. So, it was a great experience of mobilizing all saints to pray for Ling leading to the smooth completion of the operations, Need continuous prayers for recovery and rehab. As for the street outreach, God also connected a couple of people I had a conversation 2 weeks Patrice the Columbian and Niroshan the Sri Lankan even 3 years ago. But through their feedback, our ministry has been under constant surveillance as such we really have been used by God as His witnesses to reflect commitment loyalty and perseverance.

1) Patrice the Columbian girl that I met 2 weeks ago reaffirmed her assurance of salvation.

2) Bianca an aborigine from Ipswich who claimed to be a Christian but only has 90 % assurance of salvation but 10 % uncertainty as she still could not get rid of smoking cigarette. I clarified that we are all saved by grace through faith and because of only the work of Jesus that we are firmly saved and be given back our Heavenly Citizenship. She was all happy and thankful for this clarification and teaching

3) Rejected by a Chinese

4) A couples?? from Shanghai ??who have already been migrated to Australia ????they were friendly and had courtesy to listen to the gospel ??Yet at the end they did not take a tract.

5) Esther a student nurse doing placement at Brisbane Private Hospital of Catholic background. God just sent her to sit beside me and brought Lee and Billy together we formed a on the spot prayer groups for the operations of Ling at that time was still undergoing at Brisbane Private Hospital.

6) Billy and lee meeting them in just 3 weeks’ time. As said Lee organize a prayer group on the spot with Esther invited to join us.

7) Next was a Mainlander of UQ who was not interested but still had a causal chat investing for next chance.

8 ) Niroshan Sri Lankan Carindale Shopping Mall manager who admitted we chatted 3 years ago and since then he has been watching over me as such any one can become and object of surveillance. Niroshan is religious but did not want to committed to any religion.

9) Then came a Sudan woann living in Australia for 20 years. No time to share the gospel but successfully handed out a tract.

10) Lastly, a girl by the name of Chang from Sichuan have a long chat with me after wondering around for an hour. She studied speech therapist that led our conversation to the volunteer work of ICC in China and finally hitting the note in sharing Jesus through the counselling class.????????????????????????????????.

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