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Wednesday 26 June 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday June 19th 2024 from 1300-1500

Hurrah, today we had a strong team of four with Edwin Qin and Shu I joining Johnny and Hung during their term break. The two youngsters were fruitful gospel workers. Edwin made use of every opportunity to catch up with people. Shu I was blessed to have led a youngster called Jerry to Christ with a proper Conversion prayer. Johnny and Hung on the other hands had a couples of long chats sharing not just the gospel but life testimony. Recap below is a brief account of Hung's Battle Log today at Sunnybank.

1) I was led to approach first a Mixed Chinese Vietnamese girl who was born in Australia. After sharing the full gospel , she revealed she is a Christian. But upon checking, she is in lack of assurance of salvation but was clarified.

2) Then I had a long chat with Mr Chan from Guangzhou but has migrated to Australia for a long while. Their bus experienced delay as such I had over half and hour to share first my testimony then the full gospel and finally about the Jehovah Rapha God in charge of my late Bladder Cancer healing and treatment process. They really shared my peace and joy in life irrespective of challenges and trial.

3) Then I caught up with Kaiser a lady from Melbourne. She is

non religious but pure as child to embrace the gospel and invitation to come to Christ. She may be people with minor mental issue but her heart was all open to the gospel.

4) Next a Korean but show no interest but still took a tract.

5) Julie yet another Vietnamese girl pf grade 9 born in Australia. She was all good and welcoming for gospel sharing.

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