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Tuesday 2 July 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Toowong on Tuesday July 2nd 2024 from 1330-1430

It was a forecasted rainy day, but it is never a deterrence for Johnny and Hung to do street outreach. Moreso, Hung have the faith to bring no umbrella or wearing a raincoat. God again honored His promise to be with us while we were on mission with Him. The rain drifting down intermittently whole day did stop when we walked to the bus stop but rained again while we were doing outreach under the cover of the bus stop booth, then it stopped again to let us not get wet on our way back to Toowong Village. Also the work of the Holy Spirit was very prominent today, apart from a few avoidance people, whoever happy to chat with us from whatever country and even with different religions including atheist, they all appeared very open and receptive despite a few show initial reluctance or sarcastic attitude, they ended up showing God their thumb up to appreciate our insistence to share them the gospel. Any sign was the willingness to take selfie photo with me as a gesture of their appreciation for the gospel God used us to share with them. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) First I was led to approach a girl from Dubai who however was not religious. But she got connected with me because she is studying Psychology while I did a Master of counselling which is a joint venture between Psychology and Social Science. She showed openness to the gospel and appear convinced of the logic that whoever not perfect in our human character needs to accept Jesus as our savior.

2) Then Rejected by three persons.

3) Then I caught up with an Indonesia student doing Chemical engineering that allowed me to build rapport because of my past work experience with Indonesian Petermina petrol oil company. He also showed openness to the gospel.

4) Albin from India was very receptive to the gospel and ended up taking a selfie with me.

5) Natalie a girl from Chilean doing Marketing and communication, she is non-religious but was also convinced of the logical message of the gospel that whoever not perfect need Jesus as Savior to cleanse of all our sin. She was rejoiced to take selfie with me showing off the tract I gave her.

6) Then I was led to approach Kim. a Chinese look Kim Thai girl. She is a Buddhist but at the end, also convinced even the Buddha was not perfect and need a Savior, not to mention us, the ordinary good persons.

7) Finally I have a long chat with Bessy a French men coming to Australia on working holiday visa. He is also non religious but have a kingdom mind set to make friends with people of all nations and come to Australia to improve his English. He also fully accept the logic and admitted he need Jesus.

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