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Wednesday 3 July 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday July 3rd 2024 from 1300-1500

Today was a doom and overcast day but a brilliant time for Street outreach at Sunny bank. With the youngsters Edwin Qin and Shu Ei joining Johnny and Hung as a team, we almost covered any person coming forward to that North Bound Bus Stop outside the Sunnybank Plaza. The overall result was very good, apart from a few rejections, majority conversations led to fruit bearing results with the clear evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit in and amongst us. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1) Alias a teenage local Brissie, was fully convinced of the message and logic of the gospel. Promised to make his step of faith to receive Jesus. He showed appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

2) Three mainlanders girls skeptical about my approach and found an excuse to catch another bus to leave.

3) Came across a Taiwanese by the name of Chen who study Business at QUT. Briefly covered the nutshell of the gospel and handed him a tract when his bus arrived.

4) Jesses from Toowoomba of Pentecostal background to Brisbane for study. He was diagnosed with 100% Assurance and accurate understanding of the basis of salvation. Happy to take a selfie with me.

5) Next caught up with a Taiwanese tall guy coming for working holiday , also cover a brief nutshell of gospel only.

6) Then was led to approach an Australia Born Chinese lady who Claimed to be Christian but lack assurance of salvation.

7) Then bump into with Hu from Guanzhou?? who could not speak fluent Cantonese. He studied at UQ but sought help if he can paid bus fare by VISA card. I summon Shu Eh to help and have a final sharing of Gospel.

8 )Two dyed hair mainlander appeared a bit avoidance to chat and left as soon as their bus arrived.

9) Rejected by another English speaking lady.

10) Wells is a Malaysian Muslim who believes in God as such he opined no one can go to heaven unless that believe in God. Tried to differentiate how the Muslim God deals with sins in comparison to the Christian God by the redemptive grace of Jesus but could not yet have time to touch on the key role of Jesus.

11) Lastly, Shu Ei promoted me to chat with Yun? from Hong Kong?? to study Law ?? here at QUT. Initially he bluntly declined to chat, but I appeal to befriend with him on account we are Hongkonger and assert his choice to be a lawyer upkeeping the Rule of Law. At the end, I use personal testimony to share the impact of gospel and salvation changing my life and affirm his choice to study law which is also one of the role to upheld righteousness in the crooked world.

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