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Wednesday 10 July 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday July 10th 2024 from 1300-1500

It was a busy and fruitful 2 hour session of outreach at Sunnybank. Both Johnny had numerous divine appointment for long and short conversation with both non-believers and Christians. Some even remember when they had chats with us and interested to get connected for future communication. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) First approach to a middle age Shanghainese ??????, OK for causal chat but not interested on life and faith issues.??

2) Celine a Filipino Catholic Christian typically lack assurance of salvation. Tried to clarify with bus arriving very quick.

3) Two James Cook Student from Kenya admitting they are Christians after sharing the gospel to them. However, like 95% of Christians I met on the street, both of them are lacking assurance of salvation but clarified in time. Very happy to have selfie with me.

4) Filipino Christian lady identified right away, but still no time to test assurance of salvation.

5) Faced consecutive rejections by 3 / 4 persons.

6) Then caught up with a Mainlander from Henan?? now studying at UQ??, admitted an Atheist??, as such feel indifference to Gospel??

7)Bump into Wu Tam ?? from East Hill Ku of Guangzhou????, he recognized my voice and I asked him for a chat saying that we had four encounters hearing the gospel?? in the past 4 years?????, even though he is not yet a believer, but he was happy to connect as friend with me via Wechat. Pray for God's continuous work on him and his family who are all very friendly to me.

8 ) Two Mainlander girls both are UQ students and one is from Shuntak??, appeared very keen to meet a Cantonese speaking people like me ???Though not enough time to get into gospel, she willingly took a tract.???

9) Then I caught up with a handsome Indian young man from Mumbai aka Bollywood. He is a UQ Data science student having just arrived and going to check in to his hostel in Wooloongaba. He was keen chat with me but it was interrupted by home call.

10) Next was Zhou from Changsha Hunan??????doing Mechanical Engineering at UQ?????he was very friendly and care to listen to my testimony first then the gospel.????

11) Then I was moved to connect with a Mainlander girl by the name of Liu?. She is from Jilin but already migrated to Australia for 10 years ?????initially she did not want to chat especially no interest to faith, but after ice breaking?????but finally could still touch base on a life of peace that we cannot find apart from Jesus using myself as a testimony ????????????

12) Local Aussie playing computer game, have a few words then asked for pardon to go back to his game.

13) Then, a long chat with Jerry being a migrant family living in Mackay the mining town for 10 years. Thus he is inspired to do mining engineering in UQ now in the second year. Also shared my life witness then the gospel with positive feedback as such a selfie afterwards.

14) Last but not the least with Derrick a Vietnamese studying in QUT. He appeared very open and receptive to the gospel messages.

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