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Thursday 26 May 2016

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Thank you for praying for today's outreach. We started off with a conversation with two Mormon missionaries who frequent the area. Often the Mormons do not speak to us much because they have been told to avoid us, but today these two were happy to talk.

We shared with them about how the Bible says we justified by faith in Christ alone and not by baptism or any other work. They responded, "But we think faith is important too". For them, it's not faith alone. It's faith and works.

They were listening before they had an "appointment" to go to. A minute later another pair of Mormon missionaries came by and one gave me a handwritten letter that he had written expressing his thoughts to me.

I have been witnessing to this missionary for the past month or two. Last week he said that as a Mormon, he believes that he is co-eternal and co-existent with God! That is such a high view of self and such a low view of God. Please pray that he and the rest of these Mormons come to humble themselves, and repent and believe in Christ alone.

We also had some great conversations with other people, even some that went on for a long time (including the one shown in the photo).

Praise be to God the gospel has gone out!

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