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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Posted by Posted 9 September 2016, 2:42 PM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

We praise the Lord that many great gospel conversations were had today with people in Brisbane city. We had a smaller than usual team, but today we found people were more willing and open to talk about the things of God than usual.

During the outreach, it was great to see Jason again, a man who has come to faith in Christ because of our outreach there in the city just earlier in the year. He has been attending a local church and has been getting involved in a Bible study and prayer group there.

It's wonderful seeing his hunger to find out more about God's word, asking us a bunch of questions about it. He even helped us hand out gospel tracts today. Praise the Lord!

Across the team today, we spoke to a variety of people - Sikhs, Atheists, Catholics and others. Even some who were raised as Christians who today for the first time came to understand the gospel.

We also had our free Bibles table set up and the gospels of John that we had on there seemed to be going like hot cakes. We had to keep re-stocking the table as people wanted a copy of God's word to take home and read.

Glory to the Lord of all!

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