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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Thursday, 3 October, 2019

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Thursday afternoon at Sunnybank saw a team of five out the proclaim the good news of salvation to anyone willing to listen. With school and university being on holidays there was a little less foot traffic around but that was okay as the afternoon seemed pretty consistent and those spread out across area had plenty of conversations each.

An early conversation took place with a young man, Jason, who has previously spoken to the team, shared that he has trusted that Jesus has paid for his sin and has started reading his Bible. He hasn't started attending a local Church so he was encouraged to do that and to encourage him in that to read the book of Acts to see how the early Christians lived. Please be praying that Jason would be able to find a church and start regularly attending there.

There were seven specific conversations in which people who at first rejected God's existence came to see why we know He exists, based on creation needing a Creator before their bus arrived. A further eight came to see their guilt, that they were heading to Hell and were left with the tract and the seriousness of their predicament before they too hopped on their bus.

But there were three stand out conversations, the first is Camila. She is a young lady from China who early in the conversation took it on an unexpected tangent. She said, "I am going to tell you a secret, since I was about eight years old I have felt like life has no purpose and I have no reason to be here. I haven't really told anyone." She seemed totally dead inside. Sadly there wasn't time to share good news with her as her bus arrived but please be praying for another encounter where she may have the chance to hear the hope found in Christ!

An exciting conversation late in the afternoon was with Jing who came to grasp the bad news followed by the simple gospel and how those who trust that Christ have paid for their sin will enter Heaven and this free gift will cause a drastic change of life in love for God. Jing saw the seriousness and said that he would have to consider what was shared as it was new to him. Please be praying that Jing would heed this good news and trust in Christ, turning from his sin today!

The afternoon was also finished off with a young man who was quite knowledgeable but also sometimes intellectually dishonest about why he believed certain things. He too came to grasp the gospel and was challenged with the reality that without Christ he would end up in Hell eternally.

Please be praying for all those who heard the good news, the bad news or even came to grasp God's existence that God would be working in their hearts to draw them to Himself!

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

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On Wednesday in Brisbane city the team of six had many conversations and were able to enable a range of people to come to comprehend the simple and beautiful offer of forgiveness for sinners.

A conversation early in the afternoon was started with Bryce and Brian. Bryce had a partially catholic background but had ended up leaving early on. He came to understand the gospel, had some simple objections answered and was challenged with what he would do with the important message of hope.

Brian on the other had had grown up in an evangelical Church but in his teen years had rejected the gospel. Surprisingly he still mostly grasped it but wasn't trusting in Christ because the pleasures of this world had too much hold on him. He too had questions answered and was strongly challenged about his rejection of the way to Heaven. He was living as a practical atheist whilst knowing that God will hold him accountable for his every action. At the end he said he was very thankful for the chat and he would have to think about it.

An exciting conversation came from Monday night. Arthur and Yehaw had heard the gospel on Monday night and had understood it and said that they would trust in Christ this day. They are from Finland and are only in Australia for a week so it was encouraging that they had the opportunity to comprehend such an important message whilst they were here. Today on the accidental check in, Yehaw said that he was still firmly trusting in Christ but Arthur said that he was doubting.

When asked why, it was revealed that he had been living in sin these past days and quite obviously was suppressing the truth in His unrighteousness. He acknowledged this and at the end of the reminder of the way to Heaven, they both were thankful for the chat and then Arthur said, "The way this was explained is so different to those I have spoken to before. Most people I have spoken to just tell me I am going to Hell and offer nothing more but this conversation was logical, it made sense and it is the simplest explanation of Christianity I have ever heard."

What a joy it is to be able to check in and remind people of the gospel and to get encouraging feed back as well!

Please be praying for Bryce that he would heed the call of the gospel to change his mind about sin and God and to trust in Christ to pay for his sin! Please be praying for Brian that God would give him a hatred for sin and a love for Christ! Please be praying that Yehaw would grow in his professed faith and that as he lands back in Finland on the weekend would be keen to find a local Church and start getting into his Bible! Please be praying that Arthur would see the folly of his sin and that he too would trust in Christ alone for his salvation!

Why not find some time in the next week to join the team? You will be glad you did!

Warwick (QLD) Team

Friday, 20 September, 2019

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We had a chat with a older lady who said she had trouble believing the Bible because of science. After explaining the building builder analogy, she did acknowledge it is possible that there is a creator but said she is sitting on the fence. She was taken through some of God's commandments. We shared the truth of God's Word and the Gospel.

We talked with her about evidences and facts of the Bible but ended with the message about the seriousness of sin and hell punishment and our great need for Jesus to save us. A booklet about carbon dating hopefully to address her questions more was given and a Gospel tract. Pray for God's Spirit to work in the hearts of these people that they may turn from unbelief to faith in Jesus alone for salvation.

All Glory be to God!

Warwick (QLD) Team

Friday, 13 September, 2019

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I got to chat with a JW first up this week. He approached the table asking about our free Bibles. It was a good conversation that was a blessing to be able to show some important truths in God's Word. He took a Bible and tracts.

Lots of people in Warwick taking tracts every week. One man refused a tract with the statement that he is perfect. It is hard to think anyone could say that but over the years we have had a few.

God is Sovereign who we get to either speak with or hand a tract to. We are privileged to be ambassadors for Christ.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 4 October, 2019

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Thursday afternoon was a very busy time of Gospel ministry: first at the Eastgate bus stops, and then at the Northlands bus stops.  We are the bus stop chaplins!

At Northlands I had a long conversation with a man who was drunk.  It was a difficult conversation in many ways, not the least that his breath was really bad!  In lots of ways, it would have been easier to disengage and find someone easier to talk to.  But I persisted - Jesus can save the worst through the Gospel… He saved me, so why not him?

I had to be patient as I worked through the law with this guy for was constantly changing the subject.  I kept saying, “I have good news for you, but you won’t understand it until you understand the bad news - there is hope!”  I was aware of a lady who was hanging around.  She soon joined the conversation, and eventually said, “I want to hear the good news!”  But the drunk guy kept making it difficult for me to share with the lady.  But I persisted, and managed to share the bad news and good news with her, just before her bus came!  She took a tract, and said she was struggling with stuff in her life and that she understood what I was saying brought hope.

I managed to get through the bad news and the good news with the drunk guy too.  May true hope for eternal life, through Jesus alone, become clear to them both.

Later I had a great encouragement.  Two girls sitting in the back seat of a bus across the road start waving at me and smiling. I was trying to work out what they were trying to say to me - but it's impossible to communicate in this way, so I cross the road and hop on the bus to find out what's up. And the first thing they say is: "don't you remember us?". I apologise, and say that I talk to so many people that I don't remember them all. And then they say, “you talked to us in the city. We are Christian's now, and are going to church!” They took tracts and I asked them to touch base. I couldn’t stay, as I had to get back off the bus before it moved off.

The Abortion outreach on Friday morning was as difficult as ever.  But it felt like the new banner (pictured) led to more conversations.

The Wizard has started public speaking regularly in Cathedral Square.  Speakers corner is starting to become quite vibrant.  I was able to have some great Gospel conversations, with people just passing through, and also with regulars.  The Wizard allowed Andy to preach from his ladder - and there were many listeners.

We then moved to the new Riverside market near the Bridge of Remembrance.  Many people were about, due to the new market, nice weather, and the school holidays.  The team had many opportunities to share the Gospel - both with flip charts, and walk up.  Check out the photo of Roger using the illusion tract to engage a couple of tourists - they loved it!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support of the Christchurch (NZ) team!  All glory to God.

Woodridge (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 1 October, 2019

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On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge the most amazing thing happened! The first young lady, Phoebe, was approached and she was playing on her phone. She heard the question and said, "Just a moment, I shall turn my data off so that I don't get distracted because I know this is important". She then proceeded over the next twenty minutes to come to hear and understand the way to Heaven. Despite her church attendance most of her life she still was thinking that it was her goodness that would be gaining her access to Heaven.

After the conversation she was able to share back the way to Heaven and was encouraged this day to start reading her Bible. She was so thankful for the chat and said she really needed to hear it! Praise God for preparing a heart, prior to the conversation!

A more comical conversation was with Kingsley. Early into the conversation he apologised for struggling to comprehend because he was currently high. Although it had made him slower in his comprehension it hadn't seemed to stop him from understanding with a little extra help so the gospel was shared and Kingsley came to understand the way to Heaven. He was challenged to count the cost, seeing the serious changes believing that Jesus had paid for his sin would cause in his life and Kingsley was left with a tract to ponder what decision he would make.

The afternoon was so full of conversations, Fuddy, Danielle and Brandon all came to understand the way to Heaven without much argument but the final conversation of the afternoon was extremely exciting because it was a great reminder of the value of street evangelism.

Dani mentioned that she had Christian relatives and that she avoids talking to them about any topics in this area because she doesn't want to get into an argument or to cause any upset but she said, "I am happy to chat with you because there is less at stake". It was exciting that she was open and honest and the conversation flowed well. Dani came to see that the Christian message is one of universal guilt, that no one is right in the sight of God but that it is also the universal offer of forgiveness, that all who will come in faith, that Jesus has paid for their sin on the cross are made right in the sight of God.

It was beautiful to see that Dani was now able to understand the simple message of the cross and was left with the serious choice, to change her mind about what she was currently believing and instead to trust only in Jesus to pay for her sin.

Praise God for providing such wonderful opportunities and may He continue to provide many more!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

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Tuesday and Wednesday outreaches were hampered by periods of heavy spring rain in Christchurch (NZ).

On Tuesday, Roger informed me that the new Riverside Market (off Cashel Mall) was open and suggested we shift our usual Riccarton outreach there to try it out.  I was keen!  After scoping it out, I decided to set up at one of the entrances (pictured), and Roger set up at the corner (nearest the Bridge of Remembrance).

There were a lot of people there, also due to the school holidays.  I ended up having a couple of Gospel conversations.  In those conversations, a good portion of time was spent in working with people to realise the simplicity of the logic of a creator for the universe (as opposed to Myanmar, where it’s labouring with people so they understand the way to heaven is a gift).

Roger had a number of Gospel conversations too - including with a suit (which is rare).  Part way through that conversation, our resident heckler: Steve the Atheist came along on his bike and tried to disrupt.  Thankfully, the suit told Steve to go away!  That solved the problem.

On Wednesday, I started the day in bright sunshine with some letterboxing, but a front moved across the sun and started dumping the heaviest rain I’ve experienced while letterboxing!  I was cold and drenched in short order - and my shoes filled with water.  I had to head home to change and put thermals on (I was hoping I wouldn’t need them again till next winter!).

Eventually there was a break in the weather, and I was able to head into the city for outreach.  But the day continued with the constant contrasts of bright sunshine and heavy rain.  I managed to have a number of Gospel conversations to the glory of God.

I finished the day with letterboxing and managed to get home before a hail shower hit!

As I finish this log entry, I want to mention something I’ve been thinking about today.  And that is the fact that our outreach teams (except for the abortion outreach) seem to be getting smaller since I’ve moved into full time outreach.  If I’m an evangelist, I feel like I’m failing at my job - which is to encourage others to share the good news! :) The very last thing I want people thinking is: “Evangelism, oh Glen is covering that” - NO!  All Christians are called to the great commission.  You can reach people that I can’t.  We all need to be sharing this amazing good news.  So I want to encourage you to get involved!  I can’t do this on my own - the more people doing it, the more people we reach!  But it’s scary.  Tell me about it!  So I want to do you a deal.  I’m out on the streets, six days a week, if you can commit to joining me - once a fortnight, for two hours, I promise I won’t throw you in the deep end.  You can be paired up with me, or someone else with experience and get a feel for sharing the Gospel through observation (i.e., no pressure to share, but just learn).  What do you say?  Believe it or not, out on the streets, with strangers is the best place to practice for when you have that opportunity to share in your home, work place, or school.  What do you think?  If people are going to hell, how important is it to share the good news of Jesus?  Be encouraged!  Join us :)

Capalaba (QLD) Team

Monday, 30 September, 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team of three had a wonderful afternoon of outreach. With around thirty people hearing the gospel over the course of the afternoon! It is wonderful that in four hours, so many people can come to be able to explain back to you the way to Heaven and are left with the decision to trust in or reject Christ. Why not come along sometime and enable more people to hear?

An early and encouraging conversation was with Sarah. She very quickly came to hear and understand the way to Heaven. Her bus must have been running late because she was expecting it to come and it never did during the conversation. This enabled, after Sarah comprehended the good news, for some of her questions to be answered and some more confirmation to be given. At the end of the conversation she said she'd "never thought about it before but was thankful for the chat". When she was left, a first minutes later she was still reading the tract! Praise God for a wonderful conversation.

Later in the afternoon two of the young guys who often hang around the area came up to join a conversation. The lady who was being spoken to had to run and then one of the guys heard the law, whilst another seemed to be distracted but then the first guy, Cody seemed to lose interest and the rest of the conversation took place with Ty, who came to understand the way to Heaven and was seriously challenged about how he would respond to this good news. He saw that trusting in Christ would lead to him hanging out with different people, living a different way and spending his time differently.

Please be praying for both Sarah and Ty that they count the cost of trusting in Christ and make the decision this day to trust in Him alone for their forgiveness!

What a privilege it is to be able to proclaim the glories of our God and King to those in local areas. It is always exciting to see who God brings along to hear the message and it will be a great joy one day to see what work God did through the simple seeds of the gospel that were sown by the team. Come and help the team grow by 33%, join us next Monday from 1-5pm!

Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

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Hear Andy and Thomas share about encouraging conversations they had with men in Myanmar during the recent mission trip.

Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

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The trip in Myanmar so far has been a blur with some many conversations and excitements. The days have been busy and the team goes to bed tired, ready to be rested for another day.

This morning many of the men will be preaching at local Churches, bringing encouragement from the Word of God.

In this video you can hear Grace share about a Buddhist who had some Hindu ideas and how He responded to the gospel.

You can also hear of a conversation Martin had with a homosexual couple about the way to Heaven.

Please be praying for the team that they may be well rested and ready to serve God as they awaken this morning.

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