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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 28 March, 2021

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A quick report.  Four hours of outreach today.  I was pacing myself in the city in the early afternoon.  A hot, muggy day.  I was passing out tracts and getting a lot of rejection.

One girl said she had received one the previous week.  I asked if she had read it.  She had, but she kept walking and didn’t want to stop to talk.

I also had a guy sit and watch me for a while - I have talked to him before, but he wasn’t open.  He started giving me advice: “if you compliment people, then they will want to talk to you”.  I responded that I wanted to avoid bait and switch (that’s how the cults work) and then decided to move to a different spot.  He followed me for a while and then finally left me alone.

There was eventually a team of four, including someone new to me.  I eventually ended up getting into a couple of conversations, but they were with resistant people - one very much so.  He heard the law, but refused hearing the gospel, sadly.

The last two hours were online, I had six solid gospel conversations - most of them very encouraging.

One was with a couple of Catholic kids who went from saying their good deeds would get them to heaven, to articulating the gospel.

Another started with a kid saying some pretty disgusting (blasphemous) things, he then went on to claim he was going to heaven because he believed in Jesus!  We sparred on apologetics, where he sobered up, and then opened up to hear the law, and the gospel in context of that.  I then asked how sure he would be that he would go to heaven: 97%.  I then asked why the 3% doubt.  His answer was revealing: “because I don’t think I would deserve it”.  Well no one deserves it!  Was he trusting 3% in his works?  I challenged him again on the gospel, and the change that would come with true faith.  He was a very different person now from when the conversation started - very contemplative.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Saturday, 27 March, 2021

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Malvern A&P Show

What a wonderful day at the Malvern A&P Show!  A&P stands for Agricultural and Pastoral.  It’s an event where people from the farming community and beyond get together.  We hired a trade site, set up a gazebo, laid out tables with Bibles and tracts, and set up flip charts read to share the gospel.

My expectations were low - it’s been well over a year since we have been at any A&P shows - due to Covid, and I wasn’t sure if the event would be well attended.  But my prayers were answered!  There were lots of people there, and we had a really busy day sharing the gospel with many individuals and groups.  Glory to God!

What was even more encouraging was seeing so many Christians coming and getting involved!  During the week, my church held an evangelism training evening - which was well attended (thirty people?) and many of those, plus others came to put that training into practice today.  My guess would be that there were about fifteen Christians running the site.  Double glory to God!  Many thanks to my church family, Redemption Church, for getting involved!  It was esp. wonderful seeing Christians having breakthroughs in facing their evangelism fears and getting into great gospel conversations.

I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for the day.  There were times when every flip chart was in action, and not only that, at the same time there would be other gospel conversations happening, including with the mini flip chart - and tracts going out as well.

At the end of the show, as we were packing down the site, we were approached by two teen guys.  One of them meekly asked if he could have a Bible.  No problem!  I got one out, and found the book of John, dropping a tract at that spot and gave it to him.  Then his friend plucked up courage and asked if he could have one too.  So I did the same for him.  As they were leaving, I stopped them and asked a checking question to make sure they understood the gospel.  They got it right!  So very encouraging.  Oh Lord, we can’t save people from their hell punishment, only you can.  Lord, we leave the results in your hands.  Amen.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 26 March, 2021

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On Thursday I was mainly sharing the gospel online.

Early in the day I had a rare reconnect with a couple of guys I had talked to the previous day (pictured).  He broke the stunned silence first and said, “I talked to you yesterday, now bleep off” and he promptly disconnected.  I’m not surprised by his reaction, he is a homosexual, and I had shared the gospel with him and been respectfully faithful to the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality: it’s sinful.  Providentially God reconnected us.  May he not forget the gospel, and the loving offer of mercy and forgiveness as a gift!

I had two highlight conversations during the day.

The first was with a guy from Italy.  A twenty five minute conversation.  It was wonderful seeing him being deeply challenged as his questions were answered and his understanding of the gospel corrected.  I could tell he was deeply challenged because he made an interesting comment: “people don’t change overnight”.  I read that to mean he now needed to re-evaluate his world view in light of this new information.  He was taking it seriously, not just glibly believing that Jesus died to take away his sin - there is nothing glib about it!  Yet interestingly, people DO change - instantly - when God converts them with the power of the gospel.  Just before the chat ended, I asked a final checking question - he got it right.  I leave this man in the hands of God.

The second was with two guys.  We got into a heated exchange over how we know that God exists.  I assumed it wasn’t going to end well (them doubling down and disconnecting).  I explained why, logically, God must have no beginning.  One of them went quiet while the other kept arguing.  Thirty seconds later he quietly said to his friend - he just answered the question my grandparents never did.  The whole conversation changed tack!  It became calm, and they both opened up to hear the law and the gospel.  Praise God.  Romans 1:18-20 is so powerful!  I spent time answering all their follow up questions.

During Thursday, I was also part of a gospel + abortion outreach outside Christchurch hospital.  We had between six to eight counter protesters throughout.  There were only three of us.  There was some initial two way conversation, where I was able to clarify that we also stand against rape and pedeophillia, as well as murder.  They calmed down after this, and pretty much left us alone.  They sat on the hospital wall opposite us for the whole time.  The rest of the outreach was fairly calm, where we left our signs to do most of the talking.  Lord, have mercy!

On Friday I was online before heading into Christchurch city.  There were a lot of people in the speaker's corner, Christians, hecklers, and everything in between.  I became engaged in a one to one conversation with a guy who had a real mix of religion.  But it wasn’t really a conversation, it was mainly him talking and me being cut off all the time.  I got sick of it and started ignoring him.  When he finally stopped talking, he started listening to the preacher: Marty, who was wonderfully proclaiming the gospel - which is the power of God for salvation!

As I was taking the photo’s the guy in the red t-shirt got up and started interrupting Marty.  To our pleasant surprise, four kids called out asking the red t-shirt guy to be quiet so they could continue listening to the gospel!  Marty and I were able to engage them in direct conversation after the preaching finished.  Sadly, they didn’t stay long, but they all left with tracts.

After that, the atmosphere of the place turned a bit sour as various people were arguing about something.  I couldn’t be bothered with it, and left to find people to talk to in Cashel Mall.  There I paired up with Roger, and we had a wonderful time sharing the gospel.

Tomorrow (Saturday) a team will be at the Malvern A&P Show for a day of evangelism training and gospel sharing.  Please keep us in prayer!  Thank you so much.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 24 March, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 24, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Praise the Lord the sky turn bright and blue with Sunshine all over the place wiping away all the gloomy mood that should be good for open air street evangelism. It was a pity that both Andrew and Martin of OAC were not available for personal reason. Actually Andrew felt exhausted from heavy ministry schedule and Martin got injured from a fall in the bath room. Pray for their recovery and be able to join us next week.

Sunnybank is comparatively a harder mission field than Toowong. Today I also could have lesser degree of participation due to some minor health issue doing a supportive role to Johnny. He basically still had many chatting opportunity to share the gospel in particularly with one lady Madam Suen 孫女士 from Mainland China and a School girl Liu from Taiwan. The former actually was approached by me and perhaps Johnny but her motive to stop to chat with Johnny for a long time was not because of gospel. But Johnny of course can still direct the conversation back to Gospel. She nevertheless got irritated once Johnny touched upon the issue of sin. So pray hard for the work of the Spirit to enlighten her the right way to address life issues. The young school girl form Taiwan 台灣女同學劉真 was very attentive and was opened to accept Jesus. There were many other conversations held by Johnny with many others with good results. As for me I still had 5 Kairos moments as recap below: -

1) June a Korean coming to Australia on working holiday. He initially did not want to be bordered when approached by Johnny. But I realized he was looking for direction to go to Commonwealth Bank. So I offered him help and volunteered to walk him across teh bridge to get to the bank. Soon after we started walking, quickly he declared himself a Christian and passed my first diagnosis question having 100% assurance of salvation, though he needed help to pin point the reason other than just a general statement of believing in God. He was happy with my clarification and was willing to take a selfie with me to show others that he is a fair dinkum Christian.

2) Tom is a Hongkonger so he quickly identified with me with a welcoming attitude listening to my gospel sharing. I used the HK situation to illustrate that even the younger generation who rose up to fight for righteousness and justice, but no one can claim themselves perfect. So it was established that they are all good and righteous freedom fighter but still imperfect for heaven that all need Jesus' salvation without exception. He appeared very receptive but I fell short of leading him to make a conviction to receive Christ as the bus just arrived. Pray and trust that he will be in the good hand of God. He has come to Australia for 4 years and has just graduated. So he will have a good soil here to pursue God.

3) A PNG Chinese who is English speaking but he showed little interests to Christianity. But I still managed to get across the message of the gospel for him to listen before the bus arrived.

4) An English old lady appeared very rejective to the gospel though I showed friendliness to her helping her out to clarify the bus schedule. It affected the Muslim school girl next to us to reject me as well. Can only pray and leave it to God.

5) Andy an ABC born here who cannot speak Chinese. He has no faith but was ok to let me share him the full gospel while I walked him across the foot bridge until he entered the shopping mall. I could feel the work of the Holy Spirit on him softening his heart for the Gospel.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 24 March, 2021

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Tuesday I was back in Riccarton - but I went in the morning so I could join the team online in the afternoon.  I brought my flip chart along.

I got straight into a chat with a young man who was quickly engaged in a deep conversation.  But as he heard the law he started to disengage, sadly.  He heard the gospel but had to get going.  It wasn’t good news for him.  Later he came past again - briskly, without acknowledging me.

Next up a man from Southland came past and he was curious about the flip chart.  It was funny, because soon into the chat he said, “you are just like my work mate”.  Sounds like his work mate has been engaging him with the reality of God, the law and the gospel - well done!

A rich farmer was next to stop.  An atheist, living for the now, because nothing comes after (apparently).  Sadly, it quickly became apparent that this guy was racist as well.  He heard the proof that God exists, and that there must be judgement after.  He heard the law, and then disengaged.  Interestingly, he considered me a good man (not true).  He refused a tract as he left.

I had two more interesting interactions during the outreach.  Both with Christians not part of a church.

The first was a lovely elderly man who described himself as pentecostal, and who had a sound understanding of the gospel.  It turns out he had pastored a church for a while.  But there was a frustration in him in regard to disagreement with other believers that he didn’t elaborate on.  I felt sad for him, understanding the frustration myself, but not wishing him to be out of fellowship.  I found out what area he lives in, and pointed him to a church that may be a good fit.  Not surprisingly he wasn’t interested.  I then invited him to my own fellowship.  It was a lovely chat.  I hope I get to see him again and follow up our conversation.

The last was with a young lady who had just moved to Christchurch.  It turns out she lives close to where my church fellowship meets, so I invited her along.

Afternoon’s chat’s online went really well.  Ryan has built new features into our tools that let us know how long we talk to people, and where in the world those people come from.  Pictured is a summary taken near the end of the outreach.  The visualisation is very encouraging!

The guy in Norway was actually from Colombia and was very open to the gospel.

The chat with the guy in Algeria (pictured) was fascinating!  He is a Muslim and he was typically resistant.  But he stayed and heard the gospel (with the assistance of Google Translate).  Although we disagreed, we parted on good terms - thumbs up each way!

But the best chat was probably the one with the guy in Lima, Peru.  He was wearing a horse mask, and would respond via typing.  He believed in God and heaven, but he thought everyone would eventually get to heaven.  Eventually, this guy became so engaged in the conversation, that he pulled off the mask so I could see his face, and started talking directly to me - so much quicker!  He also heard the gospel, but really struggled on why God isn’t ALL merciful.  I had to get pretty blunt with him near the end.  His questions were so good, I could tell he was really wrestling with what we were talking about.  I pleaded with him to get in touch so that we could continue the conversation (as he had to go).  I have no choice but to leave him in God’s hands.

I spent all my time online on Wednesday.  A bit of a blur.  I’m so grateful for the ability to share the law and gospel with so many across the world!  Thank you for your support, esp. the prayer - without God our labour is in vain!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 23 March, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday March 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God that despite of non-stop soaking rains in the past few days, God cleared the rain cloud and open up a window of Kairos moment for the four of us to serve at the Bus stop off Towong Villages. This week Winnie re-joined us Johnny, JMF and Hung after her cataract operation. Toowong is comparatively a ripe harvest field to get chat easier though not without blunt rejections. We all followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit to overcome many initial rejection and got eventual chance to share the gospel. In general, all the four of us had more smooth and positive gospel sharing opportunities than failure case of rejections. A particular instance stood out with all three of my team mates having a go to approach a young lady with a pretty Asian face. They however were all turned down by that pretty lady with a silence no talk gesture to force you give up on her. I initially thought perhaps it is a waste for me to approach her as the 4th attempt. But before I decided to give up, her boy friend turned up. Then I was moved to recall that they are a dating couple from The North Western part of China. I joyously approached them and correct told where they are from. God led me this time talked to the arrogant lady who claimed she has been reading the Bible a lot though she is not yet a believer. This time she threw me a question when is the memorial day of Jesus. I mentioned Christmas and Easter but she said it was not right and actually she refer the night that Jesus had the last super and left us the order to observe Communion as often as we should do. She thus took the word of Jesus and treated that as the day that Jesus asked us to commemorate him. Taking on this line of thought, it gave me perfect ground to explain the full gospel and the real meaning of to be in communion with God after we are saved and have become His people again. This unusual divine encounter would certainly linger on till the Kairos moment arrive to lead this lady and her boyfriend to Christ. Recap below is the battle log of mine and Winnie.

By the way, JMF shared that she got a lot of opportunities to catch up with UQ students of Catholic high school background and can refer them to join Power to Change with communication link left for future follow up. I hope she will be able to mobilize more PTC folks to take part into this sort of Street Evangelism in future.

1) Kumon an Atheist local Aussie though appearing very friendly for a chat. He was of course a bit skeptical to my gospel sharing especially about the question if God and heaven exists, but I still managed to challenge his assumption that can any physical substance exists without a maker? If the answer is negative, then why such a grandeur the Universe can exist without a creator God? He seemed to have no answer for this and the arrival of the bus just let him get away from this challenge. Pray that the tract will serve to cause him ponder a lot afterwards.

2) I was rejected by a south Asia lady after almost everyone had a go. Luckily, we were not discouraged by this fact as such we all still endeavored to find a circumvent way to keep the chat alive despite of initial rejections.

3) Then I was let to turn to an Asian face looking man who spoke no Chinese. He was hesitant to chat for a brief moment but softened down to listen but it was too short to start the chat as the bus arrived almost immediately. I still managed to pass him a tract to read and trust 100% God will have unfinished business with him.

4) Then a sat down beside a young lady by the name of Sarah. She dressed and had cosmetics make up 100% appeared as a lady but once talked then it was a 100% male voice. Despite my doubt on her possible status as a transsexual person, but her openness to chat about religious issues led me thinks she is a pure and simple girl. Anyway, she was all receptive to the gospel message and admitted that everyone including herself need Jesus as our Saviour.

5) Marian was an UQ student from Sadri Arabia of Islamic background. But he was very opened minded and appeared very receptive to the gospel message admitting he is also imperfect and has sin to be dealt with. He is happy to know that Jesus would be the one and only one perfect person who can take his place to receive the due punishment of his sin. Our chat was so joyous that even a passer by threw us an curious eye sight.

6) Then it was the highlight of the day as mentioned about. That was the encounter with the couples Johnny from 蘭州 Lanzhou and his girl friend from Xining 西寧 whom we had chatted before twice on Dec 8, 2020 and Feb 9, 2021).

7) Then came an Indian who also believed in one God but not the Christian God. I nevertheless let him know the unique way that Jesus died for all sinner and take our place to receive the punishment of our sin. The Christian God is different from all other "gods" as He is God of love but also a God of Righteousness that will not let any sins unpunished. He acknowledged this difference between the Christian God and all other gods.

8) Then I engaged into conversation with an Indian looking middle age woman who appeared Ok for a chat. But after reading briefly the tract, she changed her mind rejecting to chat anymore though I still was able to persuade her to keep the tract to read afterwards or give it to somebody else.

Battle Log of Winnie in Chinese:

感謝 神今天的带领,雖然眼睛還未完全康復,但 神的大能,卻讓我遇到傳福音的機會,而且他們都願意去教會,尋求更多的真理。

第一位,中國青年 Ken, 明白福音,願意到教會寻求更多真理。

第二位,Elle, 澳洲女士,相片中坐着等巴士。願意信靠神,找教會。

第三及第四位,分别是中國青年,Eric 及 Marco, 澳洲青年,他們都願意找教會。

第五位是 New Zealand 來的,…。Debbie。相片影了背後的少女。基督徒,明白救恩。


第七及第八位,分别是中國來的 UQ 學生。Chris, & Kelvin. Chris 願意找教會,而 Kelvin 是基督徒,明白救恩。

第九,十,十一位是一起的年青學生。Andrew & Eddie 是中國來的,Luke Cheng 是菲律宾來的. Andrew 是基督徒,但不明白救恩,我解释给他。及講解福音给其他兩位。他們都願意一起去教會,尋求更多真理。

第十二位是澳洲少女,Lana, 願意找教會。


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 21 March, 2021

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The New Zealand Mission is now over, and I’m working on getting back to my usual schedule.  On Saturday I did some letter boxing to rest my head, and then was online with the team.  Sunday was a normal day - a couple of hours in the city after church gathering, and then online with the team.

And it was a very busy and... interesting couple of hours in the city.

A team of four.  I had my flip chat, and my first chat was with a guy who just walked up and was intrigued by the “good person test” - we fell into an easy conversation.  But sadly he was about to go to the airport to catch a plane home to Invercargill.  I was able to touch on the law and the gospel with him, and he took a tract to read on the plane.

Next up, Neil arrived.  This is the third time I’ve talked to Neil (over the years).  Neil believes he has to maintain his salvation with regular repentance and good works - he also denies that the writings of Paul should be part of the Bible (figures)!  Another of the team became involved in that conversation, and then suddenly, a group of five teens walked up to the flip chart, I didn’t notice them till one of them came around and asked Neil if he would take them through the flip chart!  I said I would be happy to do that, and excused myself from the conversation with Neil.

And this is where it gets interesting, these kids all reminded me of the counter protesters we get on the gospel + abortion outreach.  I wondered if I was being set up, and sure enough I was.  And yet, I don’t think they got what they were expecting.  I was able to defuse their attacks, and keep them on track to understanding the gospel.  Many of them became disinterested, but one kept up subtle attacks (which I deflected), and yet another seemed to be genuinely interested.  Suddenly one of the guys pulled out a fat tip pen and pretended to graffiti my flip chart!  It was time for this chat to wrap up.  I’m glad he didn’t actually do it, and I said if he did I’d call the Police.  The chat continued, but then another of the guys actually graffitied the rubbish bin next to me!  (Pictured)  That’s not okay, and I pulled down my flip chart at this stage, telling the kids I wasn’t willing to talk if they were gonna hate.  I told them it’s ironic that I get accused of being hateful because I’m a Christian (not true - I made it clear multiple times I don’t hate anyone) - and yet those who accuse me of such, demonstrate their hate so clearly.  The hypocrisy is clear - I just pray they see the inconsistency, and reflect on the words and hope of the gospel they heard (this making it a great chat).  They dispersed quickly.  I didn’t have anything to clean up the graffiti with. :(

I went to talk to Andy about what had happened, but he got into a new conversation before I got to him - I left him to it, and turned to head back to my flip chart when I noticed four girls flipping through it!  I approached and they also were keen to try it - yet it felt like another set up.  I was prepared!  We had a great chat where, although there was resistance, they became very engaged in a long chat and started articulating the gospel clearly.  A crowd draws a crowd, and a young couple stopped very curious about the conversation.  By this stage, I only had five minutes before I would have to leave to join the online outreach, and I was already at the end of the chat I was in.  They heard a quick summary of the law and the gospel, and received tracts - and they stuck around to listen a bit before moving on.  And the original chat ended well too!

What a great couple of hours of outreach.  It seems like these kids are all connected, and coming to give us a hard time - yet they just end up hearing the gospel!  Praise God for that.  May He receive all the glory :)

Over the weekend I had 13 decent chats with people - mainly from the USA (plus a great chat with a couple of guys from Iceland).

The students at Otago Uni (last week) were grasping the gospel so quickly... they looked at me weird when I kept giving them checking questions!  It's so different online (generally), one of my last chats was a 15 min one with a kid who just couldn’t grasp the gospel.  I really had to labour with this kid and patiently keep explaining, in different ways, and with pictures - he finally started to grasp it at the end - praise God.  Yet, ALL need the gospel, whether mentally fast or slow.  Our labour is not in vain!  Don’t give up. :)

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 19 March, 2021

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New Zealand Mission - Week Three - Dunedin - Day Five

The last day of the NZ mission.  We made it!  What an awesome time it’s been over the three weeks and across three locations.  People from many walks of life have heard and understood the gospel.  Hopefully many Christians have been encouraged and equipped.  But most importantly, God has received glory through people growing in their understanding of who he is and through the obedience of his children to GO!

The last day of outreach was again outside the Otago Museum where streams of university students walk past.

The day was contrasting for me.  I was paired with Aliyah in the morning and we had a constant run of great conversations - so many that I had to slow myself down due to mental tension from concentration.  But in the afternoon (paired with Samara), I lost my confidence for some reason?  But it finished well!

An interesting chat occurred with two young students: one a Christian, the other a Seventh Day Adventist - but both denying hell.  And yet they both clearly pointed at their deeds to get them to heaven: “as long as I’m trying”.  I gave them the logic for hell, and shared the law, then the gospel.  Yet they just seemed blind to it - engaged, yet not seeing the amazingness of grace.  On the final checking question, the Christian promptly reverted to “try” away from “trust”.  Yet some plowing has occurred and seeds sown.

The final chat occurred when Samara and I approached a couple sitting on the grass.  They were more than happy to have a deep conversation and Samara did a great job taking them through the flip chart, with me chipping in to address questions.  It was clear that they were understanding the gospel by the end of the conversation, but it was also clear that they needed time to process the new information.  The girl challenged us on the use of hell as fear mongering.  I explained that it was legitimate, in the same way that a car safety ad used legitimate fear tactics.

Thanks for your prayer over this mission!  Moving back to a more normal schedule now - continued prayer appreciated as I adjust back.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Thursday, 18 March, 2021

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New Zealand Mission - Week Three - Dunedin - Day Four

It turned into a nice sunny summer day for today’s outreach.  Most of the team stayed at the Uni for the whole day - as it was so fruitful in the morning.  And it’s so awesome watching the Christians with less experience growing in confidence as they gain experience!

I was initially paired up with Samara.  It was a slow start to the day, but then we started getting into wonderful chats.  Samara had two opportunities to go through the whole flipchart and did so well!  And I had a number of great opportunities too.

One of them was with a young student guy who knew he would fail the “good” person test.  I agreed that I failed it too!  This caught his attention and he came back to chat.  He was living for the now, because there was nothing after.  I’m NOT living for the now, because there IS something after.  And I proceeded to prove it to him.  I can’t get over how powerful the building / builder, universe / universe maker analogy (based on Romans 1:18-20) is.  He saw how it made sense, but he tried to deflect it by asking a related question to avoid it.  I refused to take the decoy and brought him back to the analogy - if there is no God, where did the universe come from?  Again, he tried to deflect, but just brought him back to the question again.  I then asked if there was a reason why he wanted to deny the obvious - could it be that he enjoyed his sin?  To my amazement, he admitted to it!  From there, I was able to share the law and the gospel with him.  But sadly, he doubled down.  But it was a wonderful chat - I could see that he was challenged.  And he left with follow up tracts.

In the afternoon Samara, Aliyah, and Aneah all challenged themselves (with some gentle encouragement from me) and managed to get into their own gospel conversations!  Some of them didn’t go so well, but it’s all a learning experience for the future and God is happy with our obedience.  Well done girls.

I ended the day with another fantastic chat.  A student walked up to me (it happens often, they learn that Christians are about) with questions.  Again starting with building / builder - and keeping him accountable to the logic, I was able to share the law and the gospel and then started working through his questions.  It was a wonderful chat!

What a day!  One day left of the mission, please continue to pray.  Thank you so much!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 17, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Rain continued to fall since yesterday almost non-stop. Johnny and Hung had to move over to the West side to serve at the undercover Bus stop. We started at 1300 while Andrew and Martin joined us at 1400. Basically all of us got almost full occupied to have a chat with someone gathering under the roof of the bus stop. God continued to lead us to break down initial rejection barrier, using some soft spot of the gospel targets to keep our conversation alive and eventually had chance to loop back to gospel sharing. There were cases that someone rejected the chat but taking the tract yet ending up chatting with another team member afterwards. So the sign of God's hand was prominent. Recap below were the 8 conversation I had to day: -

1) Sri Lanka lady was very receptive to the gospel despite she is Buddhist. She now understood that being a good person is not good enough that everyone need Jesus including Buddhist people like her.

2) Then a Chinese middle age lady got to the bus stop. I only had time to stop her for a brief chat before the bus came. Thanks God that she was willing to take the tract to read afterwards.

3) Bailey a local Aussie was very talkative and positive to whatever I shared with him, though not fully receptive to the core gospel message. His indifferences to the offer of salvation might have many deep life factor that only God can unlock.

4) Jeff is a timid young guy. He was very quiet in contrast to Baily and lent his listening ear to hear all my Gospel sharing. I asked what did he think about the message then he said he has listened to same gospel message many times before. Then I kept on asking him what held him back from responding if not accepting the message of salvation. He turned silent again giving me no answer. The arrival of the bus broke that moment of embarrassment. I can only pray that God only knows his heart and what was the hurt in his life that held him back from embracing love and care from someone else like Jesus. God will melt his heart in His time.

5) Liza is an ABC coming to Australia at the age of 1 year old yet she could speak perfect Chinese. She initially did not want to chat but I used her good proficiency of Chinese to identify with her family upbringing. It made her becoming receptive to the gospel message I shared later on though she claim herself a Buddhist. I do pray that the tract will keep her attention to ponder upon this invitation to accept Jesus as her saviour.

6) Diane an India middle age woman with bad English but showed great interest to gospel message I shared. She got the tract from Andrew but did not stop for a chat yet she had no hesitation to let me share with her until the bus arrived. It showed really the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the work of God behind.

7) Another ABC but appeared very rejective to gospel. He speaks no Chinese and did not want to chat but took a tract instead. So God still has work on him.

8) Sam Lin from Taiwan but can speak good Cantonese as he is a real estate agent. He is member of Logos Church but have no clear understanding of salvation. It may be his occupation did not allow him to have good Bible study and home group spiritual growing time turning him into a nominal Christian. Hopefully my brief clarification of the Gospel message and the reason Christians should have 100% assurance of salvation may helped him to develop more interest to study the bible and know God better.

Battle Log of Johnny Hsieh


Battle Log of Andrewalkington of OAC

On Wednesday in Sunnybank I spoke with Jay who is from the Philippines and attends a large charismatic church here in Brisbane from time to time. When I asked him about the afterlife and the core message of Christianity, he was completely clueless. I took the time to share with him what the Bible says about salvation and explained how we need to respond to what Jesus has done for us. He seemed to grasp the message well and gladly accepted a gospel of John and a tract.

There were several other short conversations as well (including the young man pictured), but as is often the case at a bus stop, many were cut short by an arriving bus, but each received a tract to read. Please pray for them that God would draw them to himself. See less

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