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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 6 November, 2022

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It was great to have a week off last week, but it was also great to be back to work this week. :)

On my holiday, I found time to buy a new cap!  As per the picture, the old one was due to retire!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit as well - but, oh well, I’ll get used to it.

So, all the usual outreaches this week.  Roger and I were in Riccarton on Tuesday afternoon.  Andy, Roger, Daniel, John and I in the City on Friday afternoon.  I was on my own on Saturday lunchtime, and Susan and I on Sunday afternoon.  Plus all the online work.

Tuesday’s outreach in Riccarton was rather slow for me, unfortunately.  Yet, on the other side of the road, Roger seemed to be in non stop chats!

Yet, I was still able to have 2 solid chats.  The first felt like a bit of a set up: in hindsight, the girl was a little too enthusiastic at the start, and it soon became very apparent that her mind was set and nothing would change it (except the power of God).  She was in fact there to teach me something.  I spend a lot of time listening.  I interjected appropriately, and I’m sure I explained the law and the gospel (I can’t really remember now).  But I do remember deciding that the wisest course of action was to end the conversation.

But, the next conversation had a stark contrast.  It was with two high school girls.  It was ‘text book’ in the sense that they didn’t resist the logic of the gospel, instead they seemed to really embrace it.  They were classic church goers who thought good deeds would get them to heaven.  When they came to understand the gospel, one of them used the term, “mind blown” multiple times.  They agreed they would be going to hell before the chat, but they were now professing faith.  It was encouraging.  They both took bibles, with tracts marked at John.

Friday’s outreach was hot, but busy, and the 2 hours went fast.  Due to the heat, I ventured over to the trees next to the bridge of remembrance and approached all the people sitting in the shade.

I had an interesting chat with an older guy with a very new age outlook - believed in reincarnation and karma.  I reasoned with him, and I could see he was challenged, but he had to get going so I wasn’t able to ‘complete’ the chat.  Initially he rejected a tract, but as he was going, he accepted one.

But before that, at the start of the outreach, a lady took great interest in Rogers flipchart, and I was next to it, so we fell into a long chat.  She wanted to talk about political issues initially, but I was soon able to go deeper into issues of religion.  We had a great chat!  She had a very Christian background, even went to a church, and could very well be a Christian, but there were some critical concepts she hadn’t been fully able to process yet.  I didn’t push it, because I know some of these things take time to process.  She left with a tract, and directions to my church.  She was actually a tourist on holiday from Germany, I’ve said it before in recent reports, but it’s so good to have the tourists coming back!

I had a follow up chat with a young busker.  The first time I shared the gospel was without the flip chart, but this time he saw the flip chart and wanted to know what it was all about.  When I asked him if he had ever lusted for someone, he said, “no”.  It turns out he is ‘asexual’.  I’ve never encountered that before.  He claimed to have zero sexual desire.  Anyway, he also had zero desire for the gospel.  He seemed to understand it, but just seemed completely unimpressed and uninterested.  Oh well, he is a nice guy, God willing I will see him again and be able to continue the chat.  Please pray that he starts to feel conviction for his sin.

After the outreach, the team went for some cold drinks in a cafe where we had some great discussions about soteriology and the practice of evangelism.

Saturday in Riccarton was a reasonably busy outreach.  I had good chats with a Christian, and a Hare Krishna, among others.  But the highlight chat was the last one, and it was a rather grievous one.

Two young asian ladies went past earlier, and they accepted tracts.  But later they came back and were keen to do the good person test.  One of the girls did all the talking (well, most of it; I tried to include her as much as possible).  The main girl expressed disgust at Hitler (good), but as the conversation progressed, she was becoming subtly resistant.

Eventually she changed the subject and asked me about abortion: “is it okay for a girl who has been raped to have an abortion?”  That’s probably the most common question I get in regards to this issue.  Today I tried to address it differently, so I said, “Good question, I’ll answer it only if you answer my question first: if a girl has sex for pleasure, but then gets pregnant which is simply an inconvenience for her, is it okay for her to have an abortion?”  With a completely straight face, she said, “yes”.  Interesting, so I switched the baby for a toddler.  There was no convincing her.  She is blind, her worldview is based around self, and nothing but the power of God will change it.  So, I went back to the gospel.  I ended up ending the chat, as she just wasn’t open at this stage.  But the chat grieved me, as many of them do, when I see how idolatrous people are.  God, have mercy!  We don’t deserve it, please have mercy.

Sunday’s outreach was slowish.  I handed out a lot of tracts initially. I had an interesting encounter with a young couple - the guy said he already had one of the tracts - so I asked if he had read it.  He had, he even knew the title: “how we know God exists”.  They didn’t want to stick around, so I asked why he would go to heaven, he said, “because I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins”.  I was surprised he gave that answer, he must have really been paying attention to that tract.  So, I ended up discussing the change that will occur as a result, and asked if he had a bible.  They didn’t and were keen for one each.  They also took contact cards for my church.

At the end of the outreach, I had a good chat with a young man who was keen to chat, and didn’t really fight anything I said, but who was dearly counting the cost of the gift of Jesus.  We discussed homosexuality for a while.  He wasn’t willing to accept the gift at this stage, but he seemed to appreciate the chat.  He left me with a firm handshake.

Thank you so much for praying for this gospel ministry.  Next week is going to involve 3 long days of special outreach at the Canterbury A&P show: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Praise God, we have 3 solid teams; 1 for each day.  And about 15 people for Friday, which is a public holiday and very busy.  Apart from the power of God, our effort will be in vain, so please be praying for us on these 3 days, that many would hear and understand the gospel, and that God would be glorified in that, and the way we conduct ourselves (faithful, yet with gentleness and respect).

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 2 November, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 2nd, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a tough day, facing a lot of rejection and indifference. Nevertheless, it was a test of faith for us the blessed messenger to pass on the blessing to other people, same and or cross culture likewise. It was a day of mixed result, but also a day of submission exercise. Recap below was my Battle Log.

1) Three mainlanders?????; The first was single but appear very cocky and refused bluntly?the latter is a couple appeared a bit better with minimum politeness. They are from Suzhou???but still cling to declining for any more conversation.

2) The second I approached is a Hongkonger couple. They however claimed that they know the gospel and decline to have any more conversation ?????????

3) Then I was rejected consecutively by an Indian woman.

4) Then by the grace of God, I caught u with Jade a local Aussie girl who has heard the gospel before but she still was willing to listen and was engaging quite well into our conversation. She indicated her understanding of the gospel and promise to ponder further.

5) Then God led me to catch up with a cute follower the Five in One??????I first spent time to build relationship and connection???? letting her to share about her faith in the cult and tried to pick up points to show their faulty teaching.

6) Then I faced another round of rejection first by an old Chinese woman then a western people. ????; ????; ?????

7) Then I had a comparatively long chat with an elderly woman from HKG 55 years ago. ?????55??I tried to keep her interest by telling my personal salvation witness as well as the gospel. ???????????

8 ) Then I chatted with a man from Shandong who has just finished Uni here major in Database Science.???He actually is leaving Australia to do a PHD at Ireland. He showed great interest ??? in Christianity and attended a local Aussie Church???? at Woolloongabba. He has not yet made the last step of faith and I hope our conversation would push him over the line to receive Christ.

9) Madam ? from Hong Kong and was led to Christ by her daughter. Both of them are attending the Hope Church of Malaysia English speaking background. Her knowledge in the Bible is shallow and her faith is a bit young to have good enough understanding to establish assurance of salvation. She thanks for my sharing of the gospel anyway.

10) Have a chat with siter Chang and pray continuously for her real understanding about salvation. ?????

11) Then I approached a Muslim lady who asked for more tracts to hand out to her friends.

12) Helen a member of SDBC yet have a faulty understanding of salvation by grace through faith. So despite she has 100% assurance of salvation, yet it was built on the wrong understanding of good deeds. ??? Time was not enough to correct all her wrong thinking about faith and Christ.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was yet another amazing day full of amazing grace. After one full bright sunny day yesterday for a Brisbane historic and cultural tour,

there were overnight storm lingering the whole morning while we was doing Bible study. But the sky suddenly turned dry again good for street outreach. Yet spiritually, it was a day full of despise and rejection. However, God's grace was sufficient for us to keep doing our job in a steadfast manner. We were unmerited people but God still used us to convey His blessing to people He elected to stop and listened to the gospel. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) The first I approached was a girl from Mainland. She rejected the gospel with a big gesture like facing electric strike bouncing off dramatically.

2) Then I was led to approach a big guy Locky from Melbourne who listened attentively with a smile and took a tract at the end

3) I was led to connect with an Indigenous people from Carine but not yet a Christian. He was interested to know my past involvement with the indigenous people in the outback as such he showed great receptiveness to the same gospel that have already evangelized his own people.

4) Another two rejections. One is an Aussie and one from mainland China.

5) Then I was led to connect with a couple from Xian西安夫婦,who were amazed to find out I visited their home town on a mission. So we started a chat with interactions and finally, Gospel was shared. God obviously must have a plan for them.

7) Lydia from Jie Jiang 浙江,who claimed we chatted before. I asked if she understood the purpose or message of the tract then she could not fully articulate so it gave me the reason to revise the gospel all over again with her until the bus came.

8 ) Then I followed up on a lady who declined to chat with Johnny. I tried a softer approach asking her where about in China. She only indicated she is from the middle kingdom of China 中原 which I guess is Henan Changzhou.,河南鄭州. Eventually she got a tract when the bus came to end our casual chat.

9) Then I caught up with a young man from Czechoslovakia 捷克. But I could only manage to give him a tract 單張 as his bus just arrived.

10) The I faced yet another two rejections by first two mainland girls and then one Aussie longhair young man.

11) Finally, I chatted with a Church going old man, but I did not have time to test his faith status and assurance of salvation.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 26 October, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 26th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Thanks God, Gary re-joined us to day despite he still has kids not well needing home car attention. It was again a testing day of ministry. While we had many good conversations even with the Mainlander Chinese that use to show rejection and indifference, but most of them today were quite opened and receptive. Yet on the other hand, God still allows some intentional gate crasher to disrupt our ministry. God also led two Mormon elders to approach me which I used to not approaching them directly any more, with or without a hidden agenda, I did do my best to test their faith against Christian core ground of faith as per the creed. Surprisingly they agreed them all. Obviously, it is almost impossible for a heretic group to correct all their false theology and complying 100% of the protestant faith and doctrine. So, they might have been trained to give false affirmation of their faith which is even an eviller doing. In, it demonstrated it is always a spiritual warfare that we cannot be apart from God for any single moment. We can only remain in Victorious ground in His strength and in His Name. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1) Jack, a Malaysian English-speaking couple, who claimed themselves atheist. But God still had softened their heart to have an open discussion on the gospel which at the end they cannot deny an iota of its truth and sensibility.

2) Eason quickly identified himself as Christian but lack of assurance of salvation. I briefly clarified it in 1 min before the bus arrived.

3) Mike a young man from Liao Ling, who said having a conversation with me few months ago. I asked if he still remember the teaching of the tract as well as my sharing and he said yes. I revise the nutshell of the gospel and he did show full and clear understanding. So, it is just about time that God will move him to make the last step of faith to receive Jesus Christ.

4) Then I was led to approach a Korean girl who claims herself an Atheist. I still tried to share the nutshell of the gospel to her though the bus quick arrival did not allow me to finish.

5) Then I was led to approach another mainland girl Li 李,from Xian西安。She studied social work but she said there is general lack of social justice sense and awareness in China as such there is almost no place for the profession of social worker in China.社工,She this comes to UQ to do a new degree on Education. 教育She was fully opened to the gospel as she realized good deeds are far from enough to change the society and oneself. So Christianity is a new appealing avenue for her to rediscovery true humanity in God.

6) Then God led me to approach a Vietnamese Chinese diaspora 越南華僑originally from Qiao Zhou祖藉潮州,He recognized us doing preaching of Gospel here 認識我們在傳教which he shows respect. But it is a pity the bus came to cut short our conversation.

7) Bido looks like a Palestinian but was very opened to chat. The bus came and he took initiative to take a tract and hope we can have another chat in future.

8 ) Two Mormons elder Chai and Elder Deng 柴長老。鄧長老 approached me as if we met before. Actually, they might have learned our present on Wednesday and tried to impose spiritual disturbance to our work. I simply wasted no time to learn any more about their Mormon teaching but challenged them if they accept Trinity, and if that Jesus is on of the person of the god head that he is not a lesser god but of equal; substance, power and glorify amongst the triune god. The we are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone, that none of us can earn the salivation by our good deeds, not even the two years of service that all Mormon have to commit. They amazingly all confirmed agreement which is the tricking point. It seems that now they are trained to acknowledge everything we said to misted us that their heretic teaching has now been rectified. It is just another trick of those cult and heresy.

9) Another Arabic looked person chatted with me for a while and he seemed to be a Christian addressing me as brother when bidding farewell

10) Jo another Kiwi but a PNG by birth claimed to be a Christian but has no assurance of salvation.

11) Then a faced a most difficult person whoever who is a self-righteous person who though he has thorough knowledge of the Bible but mixed everything up as a non-believer. He is the first person I have ever quitted on him wasting me no more time on a stone heart.

12) Approached yet another Gospel target yet just the bus came though he was not a willing listener.

13) Then I approached a person who read the tract immediately. He was yet another PNG person from a Christian family but not yet a Christian. He fully understands no one is perfect and we all need the salvation by Christ.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Oct 25th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Praise be to God that the weather turned fine after a round of early morning rain. As usual, Johnny , Winnie and Hung teamed up to reach out to mainly UQ students at the Bus Stop 14. We skipped the rush hours with people lining up in long queue for the several bus to come to pick them up. After that, the inflow of people returned to normal, which is just good fit for us to quickly finish the gospel sharing. There were as usual people that we met before. Some like to keep on with a follow up chat, some may say it is enough for the time being. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Ah Fai 阿輝,from Hong Kong, recognized me immediately telling me that he met me the first day he arrived at Brisbane to UQ. He said he really had no interest to discuss this issue at the moment possibly because of the pressure of study. Nevertheless, I change the approach to let him talk more about his new life here and subtlely returned to the gospel life issue which he showed interest to listen on.

2) Another local Aussie Girl also said she chatted with me before and was not interested to go over them again. I anyway still managed to drag on a short while to leave some reinforcement of the gospel message.

3) Then I turned to two girls possibly Filipino who both took the tracts but showed great indifference. I nevertheless still finished the sharing of the nutshell of the Gospel.

4) An African man who got the tract but declined to chat possibly was occupied with some personal matter.

5) Nina an Indonesia girl who also recognized me right away. I was excited to share with her about the Tin Ore refinery project that God is calling Eric to engage and used it as platform for cross cultural frontier mission.

6) Tim an Australian Born Vietnamese who was very receptive to the Gospel message. His parent came to Australia at young age so, they are both very opened minded people as such Tim also appeared very open to gospel message.

7) Oliver a Cambodia young men who also appeared open minded and receptive to gospel and willing to take a selfie photo with me.

8 ) Jeffrey is from Hong Kong and quickly identified himself as Christian and indicated he is also joining Power to Change. He said he is a new convert but I nevertheless still checked on his assurance of salvation which he failed. I took the liberty to clarify the concept and theology for him.

9) Lastly, I approached a Singaporean Youngman who claimed he has no interest in religious issues. I still chatted with him for a long time about his life and his experience of serving 2 years as army. I still managed to chip in a lot of gospels message in our conversation.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 23 October, 2022

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What a wonderfully tiring week of outreach!  We had another A&P Show this Saturday, this time in Rangiora, north of Christchurch.  And all the other normal outreaches were still running: Tuesday in Riccarton, Friday and Sunday in the city, and Online work as well.  Glory to God alone for enabling it all!

The Rangiora A&P Show was amazing.  I have some testimony that rings of the sovereignty of God!  There was a team of 8: Andy, Ollie, Glen, Angelica, Joffy, Vinil, Greg and myself.  All but Greg were members of Redemption Church.  We had a half and half mix of experience, so good to see more Christians getting involved in this way! :)

So, now to the testimony.

Firstly, I was showing Glen and Angelica how the flip chart works, when 3 young guys walk up and want to know what it’s about.  It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the use of the chart for real!  Early in the conversation it became apparent there was a language barrier.  It turns out the guys came from Brazil, and spoke Portuguese.  Amazingly, Angelica is from Colombia and speaks Spanish (similar to Portuguese), and so she played a pivotal role in translation in her very first flip chart chat!  That was so encouraging.  One of the guys was doing most of the talking.  (I tried to include the other 2 as much as possible.)  But at the very least, he was grasping the gospel by the end of the chat.

Soon after Andy got into a chat with a Polynesian lady, she had two young boys with her, yet in spite of their distraction, the lady was very engaged in the conversation.  Andy tells me that she heard the gospel, but when he was going through the “6 people” page of the flip chart (which is designed as a check to make sure people understand the false ways to heaven, and the only right way to heaven) she said, “oh, I thought it was Jesus AND my good deeds to get to heaven”.  Andy was able to clarify that, no, it’s Jesus alone.  She came to tears!  All these years she had been subtly misunderstanding the gospel, and this awakening moment was very emotional for her!  The power of the gospel!!  Andy invited her to sit down, and was able to continue with some more checks - she was now indeed understanding.  Glory to God.

By this stage, the site was getting busy, and all the flip charts were busy.

An old highschool friend passed by!  It was good to see him again.  I’ve shared the gospel with him many times, and he has been resistant to it, even though he would consider himself a Christian, he is very liberal leaning.  Yet, it was good to catch up.  :)  His young adult daughter was with him. She is studying at University, I asked her what she thought happened after life and we quickly fell into a really good gospel conversation!  My highschool friend listened to the whole thing!  It turns out she had a good grasp of the gospel, and is even a professing Christian.  I had a few question marks, which we discussed.  Yet another very encouraging conversation.

The highlight chat of the afternoon was with two brothers.  The first brother walked past, and I noticed him, but he didn’t look interested.  I saw him walk past again.  And then 5 minutes later he approached me.  He was armed for an intellectual fight (a nice one)!  He used big words on me, some of which I didn’t understand (e.g., inductive logic and deductive logic).  I was honest when I said I didn’t know what those terms mean, and asked him to explain them - which he did.  Eventually, he brought the conversation to his presuppositions.  I knew what that word meant!  He was baiting me to go to presuppositional apologetics.  But it was the early afternoon, and I was mentally exhausted. I didn’t have the energy for it… but I knew someone who would be keen, and he was right next to me: Andy.  I pulled Andy into the conversation, and then gently stepped back so that Andy could continue the conversation.

Andy, this guy's family was hanging around, and so I decided to engage one of them: his brother.  He told me his family was all Christian, except his brother (whom Andy was now engaging).  Fascinating!  We talked about church, before I decided to check: “So, what do you think you have to do to get to heaven?”.  His response was, “keep the 10 commandments”.  “Interesting”, I said, “would you like to check out the good person test?”.  He was keen.  So we fell into a straight forward gospel chat.  He was full of “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” as he came to grasp the gospel!  He agreed that if he died before the chat, he would have gone to hell, but now he was professing faith in Jesus alone to get to heaven.

So, while one brother was resisting entry to the kingdom of God, the other was entering it!  That is so biblical (Jesus said he would divide families, for example).

This just scratches the surface, so many wonderful chats had by the whole team.  The morning and early afternoon were so busy.  I took about 15 minutes to have my sandwiches before getting back into it!  I was at it for 7 hours, grateful that the late afternoon wasn’t as busy.  But, so worth it!  Glory to God alone.

Tuesday’s outreach in Riccarton was awesome.  Roger couldn’t make it, but Jermaine was able to join me.  It had been a hot day, but as I set up my flip chart, the rains came hard!  Once Jermaine arrived, I decided to put the flip chart back in the car and we just went freestyle.  We both had great opportunities to have chats, including some follow ups, as we went up and down Riccarton road, sticking to the shelters.  I gave away 3 bibles on that outreach.  It was great to be able to catch up with Jermaine over hot chocolate afterwards too. :)

Friday was a very slow outreach in the city, especially for me.  But it was great to see Andy and Roger having some good chats.  Daniel was there as well, faithfully handing out tracts.

And I’ve just come in from Sunday’s outreach in the city.  Great to have Mike and Susan with me.  Again, some interesting opportunities,  I don’t think I really got to have a full gospel conversation, but some ploughing was done with some partial sowing into the soil.

And that’s about all the energy I have left for this report!  I’m going to have some Online chats now, to finish the day.

Thank you so much for reading this far, and supporting this ministry in prayer!  God bless.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 19 October, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 19th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today, it was the first time I did solo at any outreach ministry occasion. Johnny was sick with a sore throat and has been absent for both Toowong and Sunnybank. Gary was also not available being occupied by taking care of sicked children at home. Amy could not get child care for Joshua. So, I was the only left to do the Sunnybank Street outreach for the first time. I initially would not want to do it solo but recalling that Johnny had some solo experience while I was in the hospital. But the spiritual warfare impression was overwhelming despite I still cover the solo operations by prayer. Consecutively three initially approaches faced serious and heavy counter attack by a Muslim man, then a Malaysian Chinese who can speak Cantonese , then eventually a pro Communist atheist elderly that all three of them simply rendered you a deaf ears but one way attack God and Christianity with ridiculous secular thought.

By the grace of God, I got a few conversation after the first wave of attack and the encounter of Van Tha from Myanmar made my day. He is from a Christian family in Yangon. But he professes pure and correct understanding of the gospel with 100% assurance of salvation. His only problem is that he though he is readily turned perfect after receiving Christ which I clarified with him the complete god Kingdom and redemption project. He just came to Australia for Uni study at UQ and quickly made connection with other Myanmar Christians that they seemed to have started their own Myanmar indigenous Christian service in the Logan city. I was over joy to share with him the CFC vision to partner with the Myanmar Christian to plant and grow their indigenous Christian church. He gave me his email for future contact. So I was happy I did not miss this chance to get connected with a young Myanmar Christian for some possible future ministry partnership. I possibly can introduce him to M2M to see if he can liaise with his own Myanmar people to play a role in the 2nd shipment of supplies helping the Karen refugee. Van Tha himself is from the Chin tribes. Though Karan is not a tribe of Myanmar. They still belong to the same country. So, let see how God will make use of all these interpersonal connections to do His Kingdom Job.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 18 October, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Johnny was sicked to day with a sore throat, so only Winnie and Hung teamed up to do our weekly outreach at Toowong. The pattern of divine encounter was more or less the same. We had to face a period of about 10 minutes with long queue at the bus stop waiting for buses to pick up and digested the long queue. We had to pick a few people at the end of the queue before the next bus arrive. After that, we on the other hand could have many pick at the bus stop amongst those waiting crowd. In general, the response rate was quite good today, with almost no blunt rejection. Most people were willing listener. At time we might have faced people with initial rejection but the Spirit generally worked overtly to soften their heart to let the conversation carry on. Another apparent change of trend is the mainlander Chinese all have become more approachable. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Local Aussie girl listened reluctantly but I still managed to finish sharing the full gospel but at the end, she showed no interest at all but still took a tract.,

2) Another lady named Wu from Beijing appeared very interested to hear the gospel with good positive response. 胡北京樂意聴

3) Then I caught with a many called Sin Yui Pu fr浦星鋭om Han Chung , Xanxi陝西漢中,很樂意,陝西漢中. He was also a revery open minder and willing listener appearing very receptive to the Gospel

4) Then God led me to approach an 80 years old long time migrant from Chung San China. He came at very young age and once moved to live in Fiji but returned to Australia. He was very talkative and appear neutral to the gospel. 馬,中山,早代澳洲移民曾去Fiji

5) Then the Spirit led me to approach a Bangladesh Muslim who initially rejected my approach but I turned the topic to appear about cultural concept then I could managed to carry on with the gospel sharing. But once I het the topic of Jesus, he suddenly turned cold hearted and become very argumentative which eventually brought the conversation to a halt.

6) Then I met a Christian girl from Shen Zhen. But I had no time to diagnosis about here assurance of salvation. She anyway bless me and bid good bye with Christian greeting of Emmanuel. 女,基督徒,深圳,以馬內利

7) The I met Tao from Changsha Hunan and I can identify with him as once a frequet visitor to Changsha serving ICC. Again he was very open to the Gospel.

8 )Last I met Yvonne and Hong Konger who immediately identified herself as Christian attending CCCCB St Lucia. I took the chance to invite her to join Kairos on Saturday as she came to be the accompany family member for her child to study here. She promise to contact Kiateck to locate and get in touch with me through email and will consider doing Kairos. 把握時機

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Saturday, 15 October, 2022

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A&P show outreaches are back! :)  Over the last few years, many have been cancelled due to Covid restrictions, but that is now a thing of the past.  What is an A&P show?  A&P stands for agricultural and pastoral.  It’s an event where people from the local farming community come together.  There are horse riding competitions, wood chopping competitions, people hire sites to sell tractors, and all kinds of farming related stuff.  There are food stalls, machinery exhibits, side shows, bands playing.  It’s a fun day out for the family.  We hire trade or craft sites at these shows where we set up flip charts and spend the day sharing the gospel with those going past.

On Saturday we were at the first spring show of the season: Ellesmere, about 30 minutes south of Christchurch near a little place called Leeston.

Andy and I were there by 7:30 am to set up our site.  It’s the smallest site we have ever had!  Normally we have enough room to set up 3 flip charts, but there was only enough room for 2.  We set up a gazebo, laid out a table of tracts and bibles, set up the flip charts, and slapped on some sunscreen.  A nice sunny day, but there was a cold wind, so I still wore my puffer jacket for most of it! :)  The site was ready by about 10 past 8.  Ollie had arrived, and so the 3 of us started the outreach with some prayer.  But, even as we were praying, our first 2 customers approached a flip chart!  I peeled off to engage them, and the long, busy day of gospel outreach was underway.

And it was a very busy day, glory to God.  There was a team of 9 (if I counted right), in the last picture, only Lani is missing as she had already left by that stage.  We were ministering for a total of 7 hours - right through to 4pm.

It was interesting watching the crowds walking past our site and reading the front page of our flip charts.  Often I would lip read them asking: “the good person test?”  As the site got busy, some of us would come out into the flow and try to encourage people to give the flip chart a go.  It was interesting having people say, “I’ve done it before at a previous show”, and so there would be an opportunity to follow up.

One of my early chats was a tough one.  A couple went past - she wasn’t interested, he was, but he wasn’t interested in the gospel, only arguing.  She said she would leave him with me and went off to enjoy the show.  He (an atheist) wasn’t there to listen or discuss, but only make assertions and assumptions about me.  I knew there was no real point in trying to engage, because he simply wasn’t interested.  And so I just listened, and defended when I could (he would cut me off).  After 5 or 10 minutes of this, his partner came back.  She joined the conversation for a minute, before it became obvious to her and me that it was pointless to continue.  They moved on to enjoy the show.  We parted with a handshake and he refused a tract.  Interestingly, his brother is a Pastor.  I’d love to have an opportunity to talk to Sam again, God willing.

The rest of the outreach was a bit of a blurr.  I talked to many people about the law and the gospel.  And it was so awesome to see everyone else running the site busy having chats as well.  Some were hard, some were easy, some were open, many were closed.  Yet, as long as we were faithful to the message of the gospel, God was glorified in every chat.

Jordan arrived at lunch time, and in the four hours he was there, he had only 2 chats!  The first one went for over 2 hours!!  But, that time was well spent in labouring the law and the gospel, and answering the hard questions of life.  Rebekah had a chat with a lady who heard the law and the gospel, and yet was struggling with some related issues and the time and the place wasn’t appropriate to get into it, and so contact details were exchanged, so a follow up coffee can be arranged - so encouraging!

For all the rest of the chats, I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking :)

But one other encouraging thing I’ll mention.  I normally do outreach in Riccarton on Saturday’s, and over recent times I’ve had 2 great opportunities to minister to a young man and his friends.  Well, he saw me at the show, and came over to say g'day.  He looked so wrapped to see me, and he told me he had been reading his bible.  May he continue to grow for God’s glory.

I was taking some R&R earlier in the week, so I wasn’t in Riccarton on Tuesday.  And on the Sunday (the day after the A&P show) I was just too tired to go to the streets.  But there was a team of 4 in the City on Friday.  It was great to have Connor (pictured) out with us.  Connor is back from living in Auckland!  I paired up with him and we had some great opportunities to minister the gospel together (firstly with a group of 4 girls, and then later with a group of 4 guys, plus a great short and sweet chat with a tradie in between).

Well, that wraps the week!  Praise God that we have another A&P show outreach opportunity next Saturday (22nd), in Rangiora.  Please pray that that goes well.  SDG!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 12 October, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 12th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today the Sunnybank Outreach team reduced to just Johnny and Hung. Amy was not available as she needed to look after her son as child care service could not be booked. Again, the outreach targets to day here at Sunnybank were in great majority Chinese especially from Mainland China. But the average response was considered good showing the work of God ahead in their hearts. Johnny again could catch up with some previously met individuals. His last chat with Mr Leung from Guangzhou last almost half an hour leading him a step very close to salvation. As for Hung, God also gave many good chats with the mainland Chinese as per Battle Log recap below: -

1) Easton and a non-Christian friend are both from HKG. Easton himself is a Christian, but apparently his understanding of salvation is incomplete, yet the bus arrival cut short our conversation.

2) Tina a girl form mainland but claimed herself a Christian by birth from a Christian family. Yet she has no idea why she is saved and thought herself may have only 50/50 chance to be saved. It was again a pity the bus arrival deprived me of further chance to clarify her misconception about Salvation.

3) Then I was able to catch up with two middle age ladies from Hubei near Wuhan 湖北,武漢. My past extensive travelling experience in China gained their identification as a post China man. But when changing topic to share about Gospel. their hearts are also very softened to take in the message. The talkative lady left first with 朱園園Yuan Yuna Chu staying behind to listen to the full gospel and she responded very positively to the message and show willingness to pursuit the Christian faith. .

4) Ki a Korean seems not yet a Christian but understood the message with good receptiveness.

5) Then I caught up with another lady from North-eastern China. She was opened for chatting, but heart was not ready taking the gospel message lightly denying it is relevant to her.

6) Then I caught up with another Hongkonger who try to show she is a religious person but not a Christian and down play the need of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. She left rejecting a tract so as an afterthought, I might have met a cult follower.

7) Then I caught up with Chang Xiao Lan of the BCCMA Choir. Her faith status is suspicious and according to Johnny she has now switched to the Rock Church. I could not have time to diagnosis properly her faith understanding as she took initiative to know our church status.

8 ) Then another Hong Konger who appeared very courtesy and polite but she seriously take sin lightly and reject to take a tract.

9) Then I met the 2nd Korean today and he is also not a Christian. Basically, quite receptive to the gospel message.

10) Then I approached a couple with the man named Guo 郭from Henan Zhan Zhou河南鄭卅. He is very opened for conversation and respond to the gospel positively and took a tract at the end.

11) My last target is a Sri Lanka man. The conversation was all good though he is not yet a Christian. But he took in all the gospel message and admit he needs Jesus.

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