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Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 30, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a rare rainy day street outreach at the bus stop. In theory, the impact should not be that great as we can preach the gospel under the cover of the bus stop. But in effect, there was much less people flow simply because of the rain deterring a lot of people to leave home for shopping etc. Anyway, God still provided us with the right number of people to minister to. I think I had the least number of chat as I always gave chance to Johnny and Winnie my two team mates to keep them fully occupied first. Recap below was my Battle Log.

1. First, I caught up with Ishina a pregnant woman from Bangladesh. She came to accompany her husband to do UQ study while herself run a Kiosk shop. She was very friendly and inviting for chat even we had approached her many times before. She even mistaken that we met last week but we actually were at Indooroopilly. I just spent time to know more about her but meantime, chipped in gospel message again to reinforce the idea that good person will go to hell like those bad guy as God’s requirement for Heaven is perfect. It was easy to get consensus with people of all races and all religions that we are good but far from perfect. So, it is logical to establish that as a good person, we still have to accountable for those imperfect elements of our life. Our conversation was also meant to be heard by another Aussie girl that Winnie had finished sharing the gospel as a measure of reinforcement. Ishina bid good bye when the bus arrived and said see us next week. So thanks God for being able to establish this sort of friendly relationship with Gospel targets for continuous follow up work.

2. Then I was led to chat with Yolanda an Aussie girl of Catholic background. But her foundation of faith was not biased or polluted by traditional Catholic wrong teaching. She has an active worshiping life style to know God and maintaining a close devotional relationship with God. When asked the diagnosed questions, she shared that she once also had doubt about her assurance of salivation as it was natural to feel inadequacy after conversion. But after positive and active Christian walk by faith through grace. She is now convinced that she has 100% assurance of salvation as it was all the work of Jesus. I followed up on checking her view point about those wrong Catholic old teaching that Mary was born perfect and without sin as such she was near God if not equal to God that deserves our worship and prayer. She is completely in disagreement with this view. I reinforced her understanding by citing why Jesus had to be born by Virgin birth and to show that Mary was just an ordinary woman yet elected to be the earthly mother of Jesus by God’s Sovereign power and plan. It was delighted to note that many contemporary Catholic are embracing Biblical truth despite they have not chosen to leave the Catholic camp. Actually, Yolanda did attend protestant church that is nearer to where she lives. It was just the factor of accustoming to childhood brought up that she once remained in the Catholic church, yet she has more Christian friends from the protestant camp than Catholic background people.

3. Then I caught u with Allan briefly, just in time for a brief sharing of the nutshell of the gospel before his bus arrived. He was very opened to gospel message.

4. Finally, I caught up with a very shy school boy lacking of confident to socialize. He initially did not want to chat using weak hearing as an excuse. I took some ice breaking measure to make him feel relax and then he anyway finished hearing the full gospel. After that, he told me he is a Christian, but did not want to tell me the name of his school and even his own name. I did not press on for this but tried to check if he has got assurance of salvation. He again did not feel comfortable to respond, so I simply explain to him what is assurance of salvation and why it is so important that all Christians should understand and be assured of this or else, it will give foot hole to Satan to give us a fatal attack, wavering out week foundation of faith in Christ.

Battle Log of Winnie :

30/11/21 Toowong

今天下雨,不是很多人搭巴士,加上很多人拒绝接受單張及聽福音,固此今天很清閒。感謝 神的帶領,雖然清閒,但 神都讓我遇到七人傳講福音的機會。





第五位,James ,年青人與他的朋友坐着等巴士。當我傳福音给他時,他已經半醉。他問吸毒,飲酒都可以信耶穌的嗎?我説可以,但一定要認罪悔改,戒除醉酒,吸毒。他咀咒耶穌,我説不能咀咒耶穌,祂是 神,不喜歡人咀咒祂的。我给他單張,叫他在等巴士期間來看看,我便離開。


第七位香港來的年青人,(華)。初時我們是英语交談的,他不願意聽。當我知道他是香港來的,我便用廣東話傳福音给他。我由 神創造萬物天地講起,亞當,夏娃犯罪,一代一代傳下來,我們在母腹中,已经開始是罪人。單張詳述甚麽是罪。神爱世人,祂犧牲獨生子,耶穌基督來到世上,死在十字架上,三天後復活。來拯救我們,付上我們的罪債。這是一份禮物,只要我們信靠祂,口裏承認。我們的罪得赦免。得永生。他聽後,會想想,及閲讀單張。

願 主带领今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Special Outreaches

Sunday, 28 November, 2021

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The seventh and final day for Schoolies 2021 has finished. It was forecast for a thunderstorm to hit during the outreach, but the team prayed asking God to hold off the rain. It didn’t rain until we were walking back to the car. God had graciously answered the prayer and we were able to praise Him for doing so!



Another prayer was for God to bring any final people along that He wanted us to speak with. This was probably answered many times, but one exciting way was with Aaliyah. Her friends were in a chat with the team when she approached and noted that she was angry with God for allowing suffering in this world.

This was taken as a moment to sympathise that there have been times of great sadness due to pain recently but then the point was made that God has a purpose for our lives. Aaliyah of her own thoughts said, “Well I suppose God takes people when He feels they have finished what He sent them here for, not as a punishment to those around them!”. She paused and said, “I don’t hate God anymore!”

This was then taken as an opportunity to make Christ known, talking about how God isn’t in the wrong, but we are, as we have rebelled against Him. She was very sober as she talked through this. She reflected on, they ways she had acted in hatred toward God through her life.

She then heard of Christ and was encouraged to consider the seriousness of her eternity and to place her hope in Him!

It was a wonderful end to the week!

Special Outreaches

Thursday, 25 November, 2021

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The fifth day of Schoolies rained most of the day but was dry for the outreach and God provided some wonderful conversations!

One conversation worth noting was with Nate. He proclaimed to be an agnostic, who lived as if there was no God and yet said he only believed that which he could prove. Firstly, time was taken to demonstrate that this position was dishonest as his actions demonstrated that he lived as though God doesn’t exist. This meant that he does hold a position he cannot support.

This was demonstrated through showing that he has no reason to believe that order can come from chaos, life from non-life, something from nothing, rules without a rule maker, information without and intelligence and more. At each instance he tried to suggest that he was neutral and couldn’t know so he acted as if there was no God. This was pointed out to not be neutrality but ultimately a commitment to being his own god.

Nate acknowledged that God’s existence would disrupt his ability to live for himself and was challenged at that point with God’s law and the seriousness of being God’s enemy. He then tried to undermine God’s rules, his accountability and ultimately God’s own revelation of Himself in Christ.

It was clear that prior to this conversation he’d gotten away with the half answers he’d given but into the conversation as the heat was turned up and his inconsistency and sinfulness was shown he ended up wanting to head off without hearing of the true solution.

May God work in his heart, to draw him away from idolatry to Christ!

Special Outreaches

Wednesday, 24 November, 2021

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The fourth day of Schoolies bought lots of small downpours, but God still reigns, and the Son still shines. God was still active in using His people to bring about gospel understanding and hopefully the conversion of those who heard!

A wonderful conversation was had with Saxon, who mentioned it makes sense that there must be a God, otherwise the universe doesn’t make sense and shared that he was pretty sure he’d lived in a way that deserved Heaven. As we considered what God made us for and how we have deeply defied God through our lives, Saxon came to see that he had no hope of getting to Heaven through his actions.

Just as he was coming to understand this and was considering what hope there would be for a rebel to go to Heaven, his friend came over encouraging him to leave, but Saxon was so engaged in the conversation he told his friends to go on ahead and would catch up later.

Saxon then saw the goodness of God and the beauty of God’s love and noted that although God had made the whole universe to show who He was that God wasn’t selfish demonstrated by the fact that He had given His only Son to save His enemies!

Saxon said he had much to think about and was thankful for the conversation and headed off!

Please keep him, the others the team spoke with and the team in prayer for the rest of the week!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 24 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 24, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Gary and Ben joined Johnny and Hung to make a team of four to serve at Sunnybank today. We split into two smaller team with Johnny and Ben going over to the East side and Gary stayed with Hung on the West side. There were many interesting conversations especially with two girls both called Charmaine especially the 2nd one who is an aborigine but urbanized living with us in city. Recap below anyway is the Battle Log of Hung.

1. Megan a mixed Japanese and Aussie cross breed girl who has not heard gospel before yet show genuine interest and willingness to listen to the full gospel and promise to make serious consideration to make her step of faith to accept Jesus as her saviour.

2. Two Chinese girls, one on the phone and the other one declared herself a Buddhism follower but I still managed to chat on with them the nutshell of the gospel though not with positive result.

3. Edward, is a Sherwood Methodist member who had chatted with Johnny before. Yet, he seemed to have no assurance of salvation as such I walked him through the relevant Bible for clarification and edification.

4. Tony a Pakistanis young man of Muslim background believes good deeds earn heaven. I Walked him through the Gospel message to get the right understanding then the bus came.

5. A Chinese guy by the name of Chan that Gary had contacted, was approached by me to see if he needed follow up explanation when he was still standing there. I was able to start a new round of conversation but then the friend who was to come to pick him up arrived to cut the conversation short.

6. Charmaine was a very responsive chatter but it was a pit there was not enough time to before the bus arrives so I could only touch base on the nutshell of the gospel.

7. Mark a good listener of catholic school background and he went to church but did not know if he is saved or not. It was good I had just enough time to brief him the nutshell of the gospel to bring assurance to him that by grace through faith, he will be 100% saved by the atoning sacrificial death of Jesus.

8. A lady by the name of Chang from China and with her brother who was too shy to engage into conversation. Chang raised many questions to show that she has a lot of misinformed understanding about Christianity. She was impressed and promised to rethink her choice to accept Jesus.

9. A man by the name of Chan from Guangdong listened attentively and patiently the full gospel before the bus arrived as show eagerness to consider.

10. Another Charmaine who was an Aborigine girl but identified with me after I share my AMOS experience. She was a bit argumentative initially claiming good and bad person all go to heaven as no person can judge and condemn others as bad guys. I agreed with her but get her to understand that God is the one to judge. Then I shared the full gospel showing her no one is perfect or righteous enough to earn the heavenly citizenship. We all will die in our sin unless a perfect person takes our place to receive the punishment of our sins. She finally consented the gospel message is right and is what she needs. We took a selfie as a memory of this divine encounter and gospel conversation.

11. An ABC English speaking avoid answering assurance of salvation despite attending local English church In south bank. Our conversation was interrupted by an incoming call.

Special Outreaches

Tuesday, 23 November, 2021

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The third day of Schoolies came with many wonderful conversations because there was no beach party meaning the schoolies were more bored, less of them were drunk and more were willing to chat.

Over the course of the night there seemed to be a lot of similar conversations, those with familiarity with things of God but no affinity. Three of these conversations were with young Islander men, Lorenzo, Hepo and Taj. They were polite, engaged well, answered, and listened but for all three this interaction seemed more of a formality of respect rather than a proper consideration of their sinfulness and eternity.

There were other conversations, as Brody who is an Australian who previously had dabbled in Islam but was living as his own. He heard the gospel from one team member and was challenged regarding its seriousness from another.

The teams energy levels are doing well considering the intensity of the outreach but please be praying that God would sustain us and keep us focused on serving Him during this time!

Please also uphold those the team is speaking to, in prayer asking God to do what only God can do, so that when God does it, only He gets the glory.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 23 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong (Indooroopilly) on Tuesday Nov 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Johnny decided we should try to move our Gospel Outreach field from Toowong over to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. We assembled at Toowong and went in Motorcade. Unfortunately, the Bus stop we intended to go is still under the private land of the Shopping Centre Management. And we had to speak in loud voice in our conversation as such attracting unwanted abuse asking us to leave. After verifying with the police station there, we had to submit to rules and regulation so we wander off to find another open-air space in the back entrance of the shopping mall. There were much less people flow, but God’s grace was still sufficient to let all of us find our gospel conversation target. Johnny especially had 3 very good gospel conversation with two local Aussie and a girl from Taiwan. They all responded positively to the gospel.

During our open-air outreach time, there was rain drifting down, but our prayer was effective to have the rain withheld by God until we finished. Then torrential down pour started to pounder on us when we all were driving our way back home. God is always good and with us to sustain our outreach ministry.

Recap below was is the Battle Log of Hung:

1. I actually had faces consecutively three rejections at the bus stop before the Spirit led me to chat with an Indian boy. He was a willing listener, but the bus came very quick that I could only deliver to him the nutshell of the Gospel and the conclusion that no one , good and bad persons inclusive, can go to heaven unless one is perfect.

2. Lina was a Christian family girl having been baptised as a baby. While having her late lunch, she was very nice to let me share with her the full gospel which she had picked up nitty gritty before but never a complete message. Then I proceeded to test for her assurance of salvation which she cited that she only has 50% certainty she can go to heaven as she feels she is far from perfect. Then I asked her did she think Jesus ‘s work dying on the cross can serve only 50% effectiveness in saving us from the great death of punishment of our sin in hell. She then came to her sense ti should be 100% effective. I then guided her to understand God’s holistic salvation plan work in three folds that does not stop after we received Christ, (Eph 2:10; 2 Cor 1:10) which has in effect given us readily the lost heavenly citizenship 100% upon accepting Jesus as our saviour. But our life is yet to be transformed back to perfection through the work of the Holy Spirit and our willingness to work with God to do His mission of spreading the gospel to end of the world. So, in this transition period, we are bound to not yet perfect, but it won’t affect an Iota of the validity of the heavenly citizen given to us. On top of this, God further promised to make us a masterpiece life that is created first in Christ. During this journey of sanctification, which is biblically expressed as the righteous path we have to transverse in the strength of God, we may made mistake failing to the temptation of the world with Satan’s black hands behind. All we need to do is to admit our sin and go before the throne of God asking for mercy and forgiveness to right from wrong with the help of the Holy Spirit. I encouraged Lina to resume her journey of sanctification by attending church, bible study group and rebuilding personal relationship with God through a devotional life. She showed great appreciation for this chat and took a selfie with me to signify this divine encounter.

3. I approached an elderly Chinese by the name of Chang, he showed impatience to listen to the Gospel and ignored the questions for clarifying his understand of the gospel and if he has full assurance of salvation. I could only leaving him a tract and pray that God will follow up with him to open his lukewarm if not stone heart.

4. Then I approached a local Aussie lady taking a rest for a cigarette. She also showed impatience to chat claiming she is readily a Christian but without evidence as she simply declined to let me talk about Jesus with her. May God have mercy on her.

5. Colin and his girlfriend on the contrary show great receptiveness to welcome for a chat despite they dressed like two hippies, with ear and nose ring and face painting. Both took a tract and was ready to listen but God had another plan and another time for them as the car of their friend had just arrived to pick them up.

6. Then I faced another blunt rejection by a black lady who simply walked away to avoid me despite I still managed to give her a tract and the nutshell of the gospel.

7. Finally, I caught up with Nancy who appeared to be another post-modern atheist girl. But she was still polite enough to let me chat and share the gospel until her friend turned up to meet with her.

Battle Log of Winnie :

感謝 神今天的带领,讓我在 Indooroopilly Shopping Centre 外面,遇上九位人仕,分享福音及救恩。

第一及第二位,Bryan & Ann 澳洲少女,相片中。

第四位,Mitchell 澳洲少女。

第七位,Sherina 澳洲少女。相片中。

第九位,John 澳洲男士,相片中。





第五位,Carl,澳洲青年。在 David Jones 工作。在花園裏吃午餐,所以我有充足時間傳福音给他。他聽後,會想想基督的信仰。

第六位,Bree,澳洲少女,Office worker,相片中。她在燈前等候過馬路。我馬上傳福音给她,講完,燈轉綠,她要過馬路,她説會看單張。

第八位 Peter,相片中。相信他是𤞏太人,信𤞏太教的。他説要守戒律,不是每個人都可以上天堂。我説 现在是恩典時代,耶穌基督死在十字架上,付上我們的罪債,固此我們因信稱義。但他不赞成,講了很多反對理由。我們的説話,越講越分離。我只好説,願 神祝福你。便離開。


Special Outreaches

Monday, 22 November, 2021

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The third day of Schoolies 2021 was a day in which God showed His kind and sovereign hand.

There were many conversations throughout the day into the night but two similar ones with Nick and Lucy stood out.

Lucy approached a team member who was already in a conversation and had many questions to ask. She was pointed to another team member and a lengthy conversation began, in which she had lots of questions about God that the “religious” teachers at her school were unable to. Some of the questions were common ones, “How did God get here?” and others more specific, “How can it be just for God to forgive guilty people?” it was a beautiful conversation and Lucy left noting that she had much to think about and was thankful for the chat.

With Nick, he started by saying, “I know there must be a god because the universe doesn’t make sense without one” and then saw God’s expectation for us, His creation and very quickly saw and acknowledged that he was deeply sinful and deserving of Hell and at one point he said, “I don’t think there is anyway for me to get to Heaven”. He was so convinced of his guilt that it took him a while to grasp the fullness of what Christ had done but when he did, he was blown away!

Please continue to pray for the team and specifically for Nick and Lucy!

Special Outreaches

Sunday, 21 November, 2021

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It is now the second day of Schoolies 2021 and the team has had some wonderful gospel opportunities! There have been many conversations with schoolies, often starting with a clear explanation for how we know that God exists, which is a challenge to them as most of them have heard the opposite their whole life.

Many of the teens and young adults are also quite drunk but there are the scattered few who aren’t drinking for various reasons. One of the common reasons is that they are “Christians” who seem to be trying to prove that they are good.

Two very similar conversations happened last night with such people, who insisted that they really were good people, and that God would be pleased with them on judgement day. After a lengthy engagement regarding their wickedness and guilt both seemed unfazed and were holding onto their own goodness. This meant that they were unable to comprehend the good news of what Christ had done since they didn’t think there was any bad news. It was sad to see but if you’re reading this, please be praying that God may humble them, seeing that He is infinitely good and that in comparison they are truly evil and therefore that they will come to understand that Christ is their only hope!

Please be praying for the energy levels of the team and for God to continue to bring those to the team that He wants them to speak with!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 17 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 17, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

God’s grace is sufficient for those who serve Him faithfully. The weather turned much cooler with light breeze which was most ideal for street outreach. We started with just two of us, Johnny and Hung. But not long after Martin and Michael of OAC joined us. We shared a bit each other’s routine ministry during the week. It is always a great joy to serve together as a team even we are under different ministry groups. Finally, Martin and Michael moved over to the East side near Sunny Park. Basically, there were ample chances of conversation with non-believers and Christians likewise. The climax of today was a girl approached by Johnny expressed her desire to received Christ. Johnny asked me to give her the gospel of John as a gift and lead for her to pursue God and begin to do bible studying. As for me, God led two Congo people having the same name of Naomi to me, one is a non-believer and one is a fair dinkum Christian. God did have a mysterious plan to guide us to meet certain persons to accomplished his purpose for those persons. Recap below is my Battle Log for today: --

1. Naomi and Titus were sister and young brother from Congo. They were waiting for parents to pick them up. I anyway took the chance to share the full Gospel to them which they indicated full understanding, then their father came to end the conversation. But I trusted God’s plan and work on them is not yet finished.

2. Then God led me to approach another girl who is also from Congo and is called also Naomi. She must have seen me sharing gospel with other so she welcomed me with a big smile when I approached her. She did not let me know she is a Christian only after I finished sharing the gospel. Perhaps she wanted to learn how to share the gospel. I then switched to test for her assurance of salvation which was spot on 100%. It improved her full understanding of the three-fold deliverance of God ’salvation that we should not satisfy and stop at the point of justification receiving Christ to get our eternal life and heavenly citizenship. We should move on in His strength through the guidance of the Holy Spirit for sanctification by partnering with God to do His good work. She showed great appreciation for my clarification and edification.

3. Jack an ABC who appeared very attentive though not yet reaching the time for being moved to receive Christ.

4. Dr Chan mentioned about Christi’s Family Church when Johnny shared gospel with him. Praise and thanks God that he must have taken part in some of our half day tour for Gospel outreach and more Gospel movie in the afternoon after the morning tours. It was great to be able to catch up with Dr Chan which certainly is a sign of God’s special election to let us minister to him.

5. Amber and Carmen are two young girl from Hong Kong doing Master of Finance at Griffith. They have no religious background but were happy to chat with me as a Hong Kongers. I hope the tract and Gospel message will be served as seed springing into new life in Christ in His time.

6. Jo a middle-aged Aussie lady who claimed to believe in reincarnation but not God. I did not debate if reincarnation is real but focused on Jesus’ salvation. At the end, she still heard the full gospel and took a tract home.

7. Two girls are from Taiwan so I referred them To Johnny. They claimed to have some faith but not Christianity. From their life style and behaviour, we believed they purposely avoid Christianity that emphasizes on repentance from all known and unknow sin. We can only pray for them to realize sexual orientation is only one kind of sin that we human have committed. We all have committed various kinds of sin that we all need Jesus.

8. Then I approached an Singaporean man who listened to the nutshell of the Gospel as the bus came too quick.

9. Finally, I caught with another ABC and the bus again came too fast to cut our conversation short.

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