Battle Log

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday June 30, 2020 fro, 1300-1500

Praise and thank God that the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung continued to be called to serve faithfully at Toowng being a mission field opened up by God for us to work with Him. Our original aim is to target mainly the overseas students in particular those compatriots from mainland China. But by past experience, their atheist up bringing and tight surveillance by the CCP official have put full bondage on their freedom and openness to listen to Gospel. On the contrary, God let us easily approach people of all other nations with or without other religious background. There was no exception today, we continue to have good divine appointment and conversation with variety of people. For me, I had seven chance to share the Gospel as recap below: -

1) Peter, a nominal Catholic background Christian appreciated my sharing of the gospel and explanation of the real meaning of salvation by grace through faith but not depending on our good deeds. Pray that this divine appointment will serve the purpose of God to re-engage Peter's life for continue upwards growth.

2) Michael was a Returned Service Man with Christian faith but fell away from God due to a lot of harshness in life especially the late illness happened to his daughter. I walked with him for a long way to express my empathy but stressed again that God is sovereign and cares for the eternal well being of his life and his family members' life.

3) Nancy a lady from PNG, gratefully thanked my sharing which was cut short by the bus. It was short but it helped to clarify her assurance of salvation was in Christ and by Christ alone.

4) A young lady from Brazil let me walk with her to share the gospel to her. Though Brazil is a Catholic country, she has no religious belief but she admitted that the gospel message is logical and sensible and promise to ponder after reading the tract at home.

5) A lady took the tract but rushed the red traffic light to cross the road as such I can only let her go.

6) Channel a Filipino UQ student had a long chat with Winnie already but she thought she is an indigenous people . On his returning from the Toowong Village, I caught up with him checking out his country of origin and found out that he actually is a Christian of Catholic background yet without full assurance of salvation. Thanks God that I helped to have it clarified before the bus came.

7) Ken an UQ student with cross blood of Brazil and Romania is from a pious Christian background family but he himself has not yet received Christ. He found the sharing of Gospel very appealing and touching that he voted to make commitment to receive Christ like his parents. I introduced him to get connected with Power to Change for spiritual growth and recommended him to join CCCB St Lucia.

Online Evangelism

Monday, 29 June, 2020

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Marvellous Monday's on Omegle are wonderful! 7 hours of outreach means across the team around 100 gospel conversations take place! 100 people come to see the simple message of the gospel (or at least the law) in just one day! The majority of those also are able to explain why Jesus taking the punishment for sin is the only way to get to Heaven and can explain why a Christian will want to obey God's rules.

This Monday was no different and as usual was filled with exciting conversations. The afternoon started with a chat with Eva, a young lady who struggled with mental illness and had some bad experiences with the Catholic church and as a result had used that as an excuse to live her own way. She came to see her guilt and that she was in trouble without Jesus and was able to understand the gospel but remained hard against the offer of forgiveness because he love for sin remained.

Then there was a really exciting conversation with Isain. He was a bit slower to grasp the gospel but upon understanding it was so thankful for it and said he would read the Bible for himself to find out more.

Then there was a chat with Gauge who also grasped the gospel and said he was glad we'd chatted, he already had a Bible app on his phone and said he would start reading John this week! He also saw that believing the gospel would transform his life and he acknowledged that.

Next was a conversation with two late teenagers from Sydney. They at first (after saying they'd gone to a Catholic school) said they rejected God's existence but then surprisingly heard the good news, grasped it and said they would think about it. They did say they weren't sure they'd believe it because they didn't want to (sin is more fun) but grasped it none the less.

A final and very exciting conversation was with Samantha and Stephen. They at first were talking about reincarnation and some other weird things but they acknowledged that God exists but thought they were pretty good. Then they saw that they were like the rest of us, guilty and deserving of Hell and that no good deeds, requests for forgiveness or any attempts to fix one's life could stop them from going to Hell.

Then they heard the good news of the cross and although full comprehension took a little while (at first they were still talking about trusting in Jesus to pay for their sin and their own goodness) but when they grasped it, really quickly afterward the understood that love for God and obedience would be a natural overflow in the life of a Christian and they were also encouraged to read their Bibles!

Some final words were shared by them, Stephen said, "Wow this was like one of my Bible lessons but now I understand it, it was so helpful" and Samantha said, "Yeah, this has been really awesome, thank you for sharing this with us". They were both encouraged greatly and said that today they would start trusting that Jesus taking the punishment for their sin was the only reason that they would enter Heaven!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 28 June, 2020

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Saturday and Sunday… more rain in Christchurch (NZ).  And I praise God for it - honest! :)

But it did mean the team stayed indoors and reached the lost online.

Four hours on Saturday.  My first conversation of note was with an intelligent young guy from Kazakhstan (he was an ex-Muslim).  It was quite a long conversation where sadly we didn’t even get to the law let alone the gospel.  But it was still a very good conversation where he was challenged on how he knows God exists.  He could see the logic of it, but he didn’t like it.  He changed the subject and just wanted to talk about other stuff for a while (which was fine), but there's nothing more important than talking about what happens after life, and so I did switch back to it.  But he just didn’t want to talk about it.  So I respected that.  I left him with a link to

My next conversation was with a guy from Africa (I presume; he was an ex-Christian).  He was also resistant, but for some reason it worked out that I persisted with sharing the law and the gospel even though there was resistance.

Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t - and it’s hard to say why.  We must respect people, yet they need the gospel!

But the stand out conversation of the day was with a Hindu lad from Florida, USA.  He was open to the conversation and seemed resigned to the fact that he deserved hell.  But I shared the good news with him.  I said: “So, if Jesus has paid your hell fine, where does that mean you go when you die?”  and he responded with, “heaven”.  So I said, “So what’s the reason why you go to heaven?”  And he said, “if I’m a good person”.  Wow - I knew I was going to have to labour with him on this, and I did, and he finally came to grasp the gospel: the gift of Jesus.  Yet he also came to understand the cost of following Jesus, and he admitted that his culture would make it hard for him.  I was very encouraged by this conversation; I leave him in God’s hands.

I finished the outreach with a great conversation with two Catholic lads.  The conversation started with them accusing me of being a pedo, and so I asked them, “What do you think happens after life?”  And then they quickly apologised for calling me a pedo!  We had a great tussle of a conversation where I worked through their objections and explained to them the truth of the good news of Jesus.

With the rain Sunday afternoon, I joined the practical online training outreach run by the Operation 513 Aussie team.  With this outreach we pair up and take turns sharing the gospel online, but we pause after each conversation to do a retrospective.  I was paired up with Trinity - and she gives marvellous feedback!  It’s so good to be challenged in this way.  It was also wonderful to be able to just listen to how someone else shares the gospel and deals with the different objections that come up.  A very worthwhile exercise!  And for anyone new to sharing the gospel in this way, it’s a great way to observe and learn.  I really encourage you to give it a try - whether you are experienced or not!

Trinity had a conversation with a young man who seemed a bit disconnected, and yet continued to respond to the questions asked.  He admitted that there wouldn’t be anything stopping him from trusting that Jesus died on the cross for him!

Before that, I had a conversation with a girl who said you have to keep the 10 commandments to go to heaven.  So I tested her on a few of them and she realised the dilemma.  Her defence was to ask me what day I go to church!  I sidestepped that, and proceeded to show her the way to heaven.  She seemed very appreciative of the conversation.

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Saturday, 27 June, 2020

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We had a team of 5 people this morning. Pastor Hung, Richard, Robert, Alan and Col. Some members of the team had other commitments and weren't able to join us. It was great to be out and about on the streets again. The shops and restaurants were full and it appeared that most people were enjoying their time out together.

Initially it was difficult to get a conversation going but after about 20 minutes and as the team spread out up and down the street everyone was enjoying gospel conversations.

Redcliffe is a good location for outreach because people aren't generally in a rush to go anywhere and have the time to chat.

God blessed our time today, and as a team we are always grateful when God chooses to use us.

Our next outreach is on Saturday 11 th July 1100 to 1300 if you would like to join us

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 27 June, 2020

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Saturday night in Brisbane city was an absolute blast! The evening started with a conversation that left a Muslim challenged and hopefully realising that he should be an awful lot less sure about what he proclaimed, seeing many arguments that show his current belief to be problematic and hearing the good news that Jesus has to offer.

There were a scattering of conversations, a few people hearing the good news, others rejecting it outright but the night finished with three awesome conversations in a row!

The first was with two PNG men, Emmanuel and Andy who said they hoped they were going to Heaven but weren't sure if they would based on how they had been living. (This initial answer was a good sign that the didn't really grasp the gospel). When asked the way to Heaven sure enough they talked about the things they think they must do to be forgiven.

Over nine minutes, they were asked some checking questions, saw their predicament and came to understand the good news of the cross and Emmanuel was on top of the world in fact he said, "This conversation has absolutely made my night! Thank you so much!" For the first time in over twenty years of attending church he actually came to grasp the good news and was blown away by it!

During this conversation a group was standing nearby and seemed interested to talk. It turned out that three young ladies had been out with the desire to share the gospel themselves and had started talking to a man who they didn't feel adept enough to share with so had bought him over to engage with the team.

The man, Drew, turned out to be very hard hearted. He declared that he prays to Jesus every night but had very wrong ideas of the gospel and had basically made up a god of his own design that doesn't judge and really is much less like a god and a lot more like a squishy childs toy. Drew was left with a tract and challenge to read the gospel of John as he was quite offended at the thought that he could be on his way to Hell.

This turned into getting to hear the girls share a bit and they were so encouraged. One had run into the team on the Gold Coast around two years ago and at the time was professing to be an atheist and had just yelled things instead of engaging. The others had seen the team around at times as well!

They wanted to join again and were excited to hear some encouraging stories of evangelism, mentioning that they would like to come back sometime in the future!

This also lead into one final gospel conversation with Pedram an Iranian man who was on drugs but in less than 5 minutes grasped the gospel! He saw God's existence and at hearing his guilt and that simply asking for forgiveness won't fix it he was stunned and silenced responding, "Tell me there is a way to Heaven!?"

He then grasped the good news, understanding that trusting that Jesus has paid for his sin is the only way to Heaven and grasping that this will cause his life to drastically change. He saw that he'd made decisions for himself up until this moment but that upon trusting that Jesus paying for his sin is the only thing getting him into Heaven he'd desire desperately to honour Jesus with all that he is and has.

Please be praying for those who heard the good news tonight that they would respond in faith to the gospel and for those who at this stage had rejected that God would be kind and not leave them in that state! Praise God also for bringing other Christians who are keen on evangelism across our path and be praying that God would encourage them, embolden them and equip them to be greater witnesses for Him!

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Friday, 26 June, 2020

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 On Friday night the team headed into Brisbane City again with the desire to preach Christ to those who otherwise would perish. The night started with the encouragement of having many labourers out and people joined in pairs or on their own and went out into the CBD. 

The first conversation was with a man named Michael, he excited said that he was sure he was going to Heaven and that he knew the way but when he was asked what he was trusting in as the reason God would let him into Heaven he said, "I repent for all my sins". When asked to define what he meant by "repent" he went on to explain, that he would ask for forgiveness, try not to do it again and feel really sorry for it. In other words, Michael had said basically, "I am trusting in what I can do to be the reason that God will accept me". Although he had used a Bible word he'd been taught a faulty definition and one that showed he was actually trusting in his goodness to be the reason God would let him into Heaven.

He was shown the law and the seriousness of his predicament and then when the gospel was explained and he was shocked and exclaimed how surprised he was by it. He said he would have to think about it further and said, "Do you have anything I could read and check out! He was left with a tract and the gospel of John and said he would read them!

The last conversation of the evening was with Braydon a man who had some experience with Christianity but had substituted God for his own ideas in pursuit of living his own way. It was pointed out to him continually that this conclusion he'd reached wasn't an intellectually based position but simply not want God to be God and instead wanting to live his own way. He did acknowledge this and he did come to grasp the simplicity of the good news of the gospel and was glad for the conversation.

Late in the conversation Andre, a man who had previously been spoken to (a proud JW) came over and interrupted. Then monologued for around twenty minutes and left with a scathing rebuke, "Anyone who preaches a false Gospel will be condemned". The irony was astounding as he had declared that it is the feeling of guilt and shame that saves someone and their desire to fix it, not trusting in Christ alone.

Braydon was shocked at this display and it further confirmed the kindness of the 513 team who had spoken to him in comparison to the pride and disrespect of Andre. Please be praying that Braydon would take the challenge to consider what God has actually said, to read the Bible for himself and that God would humble him, show him that his desire to live his own way is unwise and that instead he would trust that Christ taking the punishment for his sin is the only grounds of his right standing before God.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 26 June, 2020

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Thursday and Friday saw a lot of rain in Christchurch.  This led to more online evangelism than usual - but we still headed out as well!

On Thursday I started with online outreach before heading to the Northlands bus stops and then being forced back online due to the weather.

With the first stint online the highlights were:

It was raining when I made it to Northlands.  I was confident I would be able to use the bus shelters to stay dry and have conversations.  But the rain was falling in such a way that it came in under the shelter.  And there weren’t many people around.  In fact, when I turned up, there was only one!  So I approached this guy, and to my surprise he was very keen to chat!  We discussed apologetics, with an emphasis on why God is the only answer to the universe existing - this led to a discussion about evolution.  Unfortunately his bus came, but he had really enjoyed the chat.  He received a tract and invited him to get in touch.

I ended up having two more conversations before Andy and I decided to head back online.

Two interesting conversations from my second stint online:

With the rain on Friday morning, we did online evangelism instead of the gospel + abortion outreach.  But I still felt like I was outside the hospital because my first conversation was one of the hardest I’ve had in a long while.  She was a deeply hurting lesbian with an intense hatred for God.  It was more difficult because she didn’t want to hear logic - and yet she fiercely argued with me and wouldn’t give up.  I did manage to switch from intellect to conscience by taking her through the law - she didn’t argue with that.  And I was able to talk about the gospel a few times.  But in the end, I had to finish up the conversation, she was so angry - and the argumentation wasn’t helping.  I felt grieved and helpless afterwards - desperately wanting to help her.  But God knows - I leave her in His hands.

My mornings online outreach finished with a wonderful conversation with an ex Muslim - now atheist in London.  She was fascinated that I was on Omegle to share the gospel.  In fact, she had received Christian literature only two weeks prior on the streets - she showed it to me, it included a copy of the gospel of John.  She was open to me sharing the law and the gospel with her, and she really appreciated the clear explanation.

The weather forecast was for improvement in the afternoon.  Sure enough the rain stopped, and Andy, Binu and I were able to head into the city for a few hours of outreach.

We started with open air preaching - and it went really well.  No hecklers (a nice change).  Andy went first.  There were quite a few people walking past who got to hear snippets.  And as I looked around the Square I noticed at least two people standing still and listening from a distance (it’s funny how you can tell).

I preached after Andy, and to my amazement, people actually came over to sit down and listen!  When I finished, I approached one guy, and Andy approached two girls to follow up.

The guy was a first year uni student studying engineering.  He started peppering me with apologetical questions.  I answered his questions, and then challenged him to respond to the gospel.

Andy then got into a wonderful conversation with a guy with a Muslim background, while I had a walk up conversation with three guys who had just received tracts from Binu.  It was a short conversation, as they were resistant.  One of them made a snide remark about standing outside the hospital with signs - he wanted to let me know he knew who I was.  This only encouraged me.  They heard the clear logic of how we all know God exists, why there must be hell, the law, the gospel, and why we stand outside the hospital with signs.  One of them could clearly see the reasoning, and the smile came off his face.  I hope they read the tracts that Binu gave them.

We moved to Cashel Mall and I got into a conversation with a guy who just wasn’t sound in the mind.  He started talking about how he had the power to kill people.  I told him if he keeps talking like that I’ll call the Police.  Gratefully he left me alone after that, but then about ten minutes later he assaulted a homeless guy!  Andy witnessed it, and called the Police.  Before the Police came, there were some intense follow up exchanges that was causing quite a scene.  I was very grateful when the Police arrived!  Andy had a great conversation with one of the other witnesses (pictured).

Once the guy had been arrested, things went back to normal, and we were able to continue our outreach.  It finished with a great conversation with a Tibetan Bhudist.

The rain returned in the evening, and so I finished the day with some more online evangelism.  It was actually a very frustrating string of conversations.  I had one conversation with a girl who said: “do you know how the Bible has ruined my life?”.  Afterwards I shook my head in frustration - it was the true God of the Bible that gave her life!

I finished with an urgent conversation with a young man who was going to leave, but I desperately wanted to hold him so he could understand the gospel.  When he “got it”, a light cast across his face - which was wonderful.  I tried to move into checking questions, but he disconnected.  But he did have a link to  I leave him, and all the people we talked to over these two days in God’s hands.

Online Evangelism

Friday, 26 June, 2020

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Friday afternoon online outreach was a great outreach, even though it has been shortened slightly to make room for the evening outreach back in the city, it was full with wonderful conversations! Seven team members over the three hours had many conversations. Three specifically exciting ones took place as well! (There were many more) as well!

The first conversation of the afternoon was with Louis, a young man who said that he "grew up Christian" but slowly drifted away and now he considers himself angostic. He was shown God's existence and saw that it made sense and was pointed out that his rejection was on the basis of a desire to live his way being incompatible with God's existence and so he had rejected God so that he could do his own thing.

After seeing this, going through the law and the gospel Louis was shocked! He said, "This is good news and I want to believe today". He was then asked, "After growing up in Church your whole life, is this the first time that the news that Jesus died on the cross actually makes sense?" and he said "Yes, thank you very much!"

He saw the impact it would make on his life and said that he would start reading the Bible and would consider further the things he learnt and even said he would look for a Church that prizes the Bible!

This was followed by a really quick conversation with three young men. They professed to be Christians but when asked the way to Heaven said, "ask for forgiveness, be good and repent (which they defined as confessing and trying to improve their lives). Over less than 3 minutes these men came to see the good news about Jesus Christ as the one who had taken the punishment for their sin and why it is actually good news. They were shocked! In fact one guy said, "Oh that makes sense now!" 

They were encouraged as to how it would make them live differently, not because they needed to do so to get to Heaven but because their gratitude would motivate their obedience. They were also encouraged to start reading the gospel of John for themselves and seeing who Jesus displays himself to be!

The last conversation was with a lady who similarly had a Christian background and hoped she was going to Heaven but she too though it was her decent life that would be the reason of her entry. She came to grasp the gospel and also was very thankful sharing that she was glad she'd had this chat because without it she would never have known.

These three conversations were very encouraging, seeing God open peoples eyes to the truth always is! But it was also a good reminder, just because someone names the name of Christ doesn't mean they actually understand the good news. Why not take this opportunity to ask your own friends, even the ones who say they are Chrsitians what they would say to God if He asked them, "Why should I let you into Heaven?"

You might be very surprised at the answers you get and may be very glad you asked because your conversation may change someone's eternity!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 24 June, 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Sunnybank for Tuesday, June 24, 2020 from 1300-1500

Praise and thanks God that Allen rejoined Johnny and Hung after a long absent today. He took position on the West side with his Intelligent Test flip chart attracting many long and meaningful Chats. Johnny and Hung took position on the East side and were also blessed with many divine appointments. Many showed positive desire to humble themselves to receive Christ with of course many showed indifferent attitude or even rejection. God is sovereign and will save all who are elected even before they are born.
For me, I had 12 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Daniel a Taiwanese who was willing to chat but cut short by the arrival of the bus. At least nutshell of Gospel was presented.
2) A couple of Cantonese elderly , took the tract but declined for a chat even though I did manage to share them the key issue of sin that no other religion have addressed except Christianity. (老人家,廣東人)
3) A middle aged lady from mainland China let me to chat along and walk with her across the bridge for a nutshell of the Gospel.(大陸女人,邊走邊聊)
4) Kimberly and Kim are two Filipinos young ladies of Catholic background who have no assurance of salvation despite they believed in Jesus. I found it took me a hard time to straighten their misconception that they have to earn eternal life by doing just good deeds after they have received Christ. Can only let go to let the Spirit to do the unfinished work on them.
5) Mr Ng from Quang zhou claimed he had listened to the gospel before but of course showed no real understanding of the gospel. Anyhow, just repeat the gospel sharing while we walked across the bridge. (吳,廣州,聽過,再澄清)
6) Another Cantonese speaking couples with the husband accepting the tract and started reading it. Yet the wife appeared very unfriendly and impatient to stop for a chat. (另一廣東夫婦,夫接單張馬上看,妻婉拒)
7) A young man by the name Chan from Tsun Man , HKG. He is a non-believer but appeared open to the Gospel. He let me walk with him across the bridge as he was in a hurry to report duty for his part time work though he is a student. He was convinced that no human are good enough for heaven and everyone need redemption by Jesus. I testified that this might be the best moment in his life to receive Christ when he found the helplessness of human as a sinner. He promised he will ponder deeply to see what is in store for him by God. (陳屯門,非信徒,認受學生,party time)
8) Monique is an Aussie with a Vietnamese foster daughter. She has no firm religious faith background and believes in being a good person is good enough and all that we human can do. But after my gospel sharing, she was rejoiced to come to the sense that actually there is a way for her to have firm assurance of salvation through Jesus paying a price for our sins in the past and in the future once and for all. She can now answer my checking questions clearly and confidently.
9) Sam a student from Kenya with a friend but only he stopped for a chat. His friend went ahead but called to urge him to go. I nevertheless still managed to touch base on sin and salvation by grace through faith. Sam was soft in heart and willing to stay longer if not otherwise urged by his impatient friend. God has his sovereignty of election of some such as Sam.
10) Some one rejected Johnny but took a tract from me and read it in his car. Pray that it serves the purpose of God.
11) Sean an Uni student and a big fellow from PNG but with a humble heart. He had to rush for an appointment with a friend near by, but still let me share the full gospel while walking across the bridge and appeared very receptive to the gospel and all agreeable to accept Jesus as the only way to be saved for heaven. He was happy to take a selfie with me at the end.
12) A Chinese guy took a tract but declined my invitation to talk.
13) Vanessa a Taiwanese lady with a delightful character and open mind willing to chat but it was cut short by the bus.
14) A young man by the name of Xiao Chang from Jiangso China found common ideology against he communist regime. It helped me to gain creditability to share Gospel to him and he was convinced by me that only God can fix the evil and crooked world and cast out all evil power manifested by the anti human criminal gang of CCP. I am sure God will have His follow up work on Chang (小張江蘇,反共, 欣賞基督教信徒的普世價值)

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 24 June, 2020

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After a wonderful week's leave, it’s great to be back on the streets of Christchurch! :)

On my first day of leave, I had a very encouraging email.  It came from a guy I had talked to on the streets a few times and we had been emailing, but the conversation petted out.  I’d last heard from him about a year ago.  Yet, I still pray for this guy regularly.  And his question couldn’t have been better: “Essentially, what does someone have to do to get into heaven.”  So we have been emailing back and forth again dealing with that question and also the question of why God allows evil to exist.  He is still resistant as ever, but he is genuinely trying to understand the Christian worldview.  With God, all things are possible - even a change of heart in this young man!

While I was away, Andy was still on the streets and he shared with me some very encouraging reports of follow up conversations with people who seem to be responding to the gospel!  Praise God for that.

On Tuesday I spent two hours online before doing two in Riccarton with Roger.

Some highlights from the online outreach were conversations with Muslims: one from Algeria, the other from Morocco.  The guy from Algeria seemed pretty stunned as he saw the logic of how only Jesus could solve the problem of justice & mercy at the same time - which was encouraging.  The guy from Morocco was more resistant.  It’s interesting that often these Muslims will point me to YouTube to get “answers” to questions they can’t answer.

I also had a fascinating chat with a 10 year old kid who was playing Fortnite (a computer game) while talking to me.  I took him through the law.  He admitted to lying and stealing, but when I explained that Jesus said that God sees our anger like murder of the heart.  He stopped and stared at me, then he just disconnected.  He either thought I was crazy, or he understood what Jesus was meaning.

The highlight from the Riccarton outreach was a follow up with a young man from a local high school.  I started with a checking question, which he got right!  And then the conversation went down a track I didn’t expect.  He started talking about how one day after sports he came home and would normally sleep, but this day he had an urge to read the Bible, which he did for about an hour.  He was trying to explain that something had changed in him.  And then he sat me down, and the conversation turned very pastoral.  I really didn’t know what to say, but I just listened, and prayed.  Earlier, he told me how (on a previous outreach) some girls had been telling people not to talk to me.  And he confronted them, and stood up for me!  I was touched (both that people would take enough notice of me to tell others not to talk to me, and that this guy stood up for me).  It was a very encouraging conversation.  He is opening up.  Something in me wanted to uproot him, and plant him in my local church so I could really start discipling him.  But I knew I couldn’t do that.  We have to be patient, water the seed, and let God bring the increase to his glory.  I hope to see him again.  I’ll be praying for him.

I had a touch of the “fear of man” - I get it often.  I was walking towards a lady, and thinking, she’ll reject me.  But I swallowed my fear and as politely as possible, interrupted her and asked “what do you think happens after life?”  I was surprised by her response, she smiled and said, “oh, I think about that all the time”.  She wanted to chat!  Sadly, her phone rang early in the conversation and then her ride came.  But she gladly took a tract.

Today I spent two hours in the city, and then two hours online.  It was raining lightly when I headed out, and I nearly decided to do the whole day's outreach online.  But I’m glad I didn’t as I had one of those days where you just go from conversation to conversation.

It started with a follow up with one of my regulars.  This guy instantly went on the defensive and was talking about his performance as the way to heaven (and the lack of it that would lead him to hell).  This coming from a guy who had cried at the understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus in a previous conversation.  It amazes me that no matter how many times I talk to people they just don’t grasp the gospel (I shouldn’t be amazed, as the Bible says this, but…)  I patiently listened, and tried to explain that performance is not the way to heaven.

I then went on to have another four sets of conversations - all with surprisingly open people, two of them even approached me rather than the other way around - very encouraging.

The online outreach ended with a very interesting conversation.  It started with the guy I’d connected to accusing me of being a pervert!  Normally when that happens, they instantly disconnect, but he didn’t.  I was able to explain why I was online - by sharing the gospel with him.  And he was floored, during the first checking question he said, “whoa - I get it now”.  With a Catholic background he went from understanding that his good deeds would get him to heaven, to understanding that it was only Jesus' sacrifice for his sin (through faith) that would get him there.  He was deeply appreciative - quite a contrast to the start of the conversation!

I thank God for the wonderful rest from last week, and for the opportunities of these two days.  Thank you for your prayer and support (and that you actually made it to the end of this report! ;) )  God bless. :)

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