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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 6 January, 2021

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It was nice to have a day of rest on Monday.  Tuesday started with some online outreach before I headed to Riccarton again in the afternoon.

My very first chat of the day - the first thing said was from the other person, responding to my sign on the wall: “What happens after we die?”  It was a lovely first up chat with the guy (from Greece - I think my first time talking to someone from there), with a Catholic background, hearing the law and the gospel, coming to grasp it quickly, and responding that there was nothing stopping him from trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus.  I leave him in God’s hands, but I first pointed him to the Bible and a local church, and also

Next up was a chat who was trusting in his religiosity to save him - specifically baptism (he was also Catholic).  He also came to grasp the gospel and, with a frown, he admitted that it made sense.  I was working through checking questions when he decided to bail.  I understand that he has much to process - changing your thinking can be hard: impossible without God.

Next up, a little kid - always grieves me that one so young is in such a place.  But he needed the gospel too.  I could tell he was into Spider Man, due to a picture on his wall and because of something he said - so I swung the conversation to the greatest superhero: Jesus.  He heard the bad news, and the beginning of why Jesus is the greatest superhero before he disconnected.  May the law activate his sin and may he start to thirst for the truth of Jesus.  Lord, may he have more opportunities to hear your good news!

A guy from Finland.  He didn’t give the classic “be a good person” answer to why he was going to heaven.  It turns out he had a Christian background.  And yet, he wasn’t a Christian - he was only 10% sure he would be getting to heaven!  It was obvious he was really trusting his works to be saved - and he knew his works stunk.  I laboured with him on the gospel, but he wasn’t interested - sadly he seemed inoculated away from it.  In hindsight, I should have backed up and taken him through the law - something that was missed due to the unconventional start to the chat.

A guy with an Irish accent - and his girlfriend off picture.  They heard the law and the gospel - but seemed deeply resistant and quickly disconnected.

Last up was another kid having a lark online - he wasn’t expecting the serious conversation he got!  He heard the gospel, but it wasn’t sticking for him - I did my best to labour with him.  In the end I pointed him to which he started looking at as I left.

It was great to get out on the streets - although overcast.  I ended up having a young man come over intrigued by my flip chart.  It turned into a conversation that went for over an hour!  He asked lots of good questions (sometimes twice).  He was really processing what was said.  He grasped the gospel quickly and then wrestled with the concept of repentance for a while - I helped him work through it.  In the end, I was confident he was clear.  We finished up talking about the cost (in this life) of the gift (for eternal life).  It was a great chat, quite tiring.  He didn’t really want to leave, he just wanted to ask questions - but they eventually ran dry and then he realised the time.  He knows how to get in touch with me.

Later I was letterbox dropping in Riccarton when my path crossed with an elderly gentlemen with a Muslim background.  We ended up having a lovely chat about the gospel and the differences between Islam and Christianity.  He took a tract - but put it in a letterbox for me.  So I gave him another one!  I pleaded with him to read it.

On Wednesday I decided to work online.  Eight solid gospel chats.  A guy who didn’t want God to exist, and didn’t like having his real motives for denying him exposed - he disconnected.  A great chat with a couple I couldn’t see - after initial resistance, they opened up and appreciated the chat in the end.  A chat with a musician who looked like a lady, but sounded like a man.  Deeply resistant to the logic of the reality of God, I didn’t even get to the law before they disconnected.

Next up I was connected with a couple of ladies.  One wanted to die.  All the other  could say was mean things to me.  No depravity vale on her!  I ignored the insults and persisted through the law and on to the gospel.  I can only hope in the reality that the gospel is the power of God for salvation.

A great chat with a young Muslim from Egypt.  Google Translate was my friend as Arabic was easier for him.  Yet sadly, he too was deeply resistant.  I persisted for a while before leaving him with

Next up a wonderful chat with a Hindu in India.  He came to grasp the gospel for the first time, and asked wonderful questions.  About twenty five minutes with him - who was left counting the cost.  I pointed him to the source, the Bible.

A great chat with some nominal Christians who came to grasp the gospel.

And the last chat was with a couple of teen guys who were being silly.  I ignored the silliness, and eventually they stopped.  I was able to share the law and the gospel with both.

Thank you to those who are praying for me and supporting me in this gospel work.  I can’t do this alone - again, thank you! :)

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 5 January, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 5, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Praise and thank God to move Winnie to have the passion to come again to do Street Evangelism at Toowong despite it is still within the rest period originally set for the Toowong team. In this connection, I of course are obliged to join Winnie to form team work. The weather was very hot, but God kept us very busy as such we simply did not have time to worry about the tough condition around us. Recap below were the divine encounter God arranged for us to meet people of different race and life background.

1) An Indian looking face UQ student is actually a Malaysian Muslim but he appeared quite open to listen to the sharing of Gospel. He showed receptiveness to message I shared so pray that God will move and guide him a few step further closer to acceptance of Jesus.

2) The 2nd person God arranged for me was Phoebe who has an European looking face and she was also quite open to the Gospel with good responses. But at the end I was surprised to find out that she actually is from Pakistan. Whether or not she is a Muslim, I pray and trust God for moving nad lead her to receive Christ in His time.

3) Then God led me to approach Ryan under the shade. We have about 6 min to chat and Ryan was the most interactive person to exchange idea with me. He admitted we are not perfect despite in general we are good persons. But he opined there are no bad persons as well as our characters and behavior good or bad are all inherited from our parents that we do not need to take responsibility ourself.But when I asked him to tell me if he has the free will to make a choice and the consequent of it has to be responsible by our decision. So the bottom line is we will still be held responsible for whatever sin we committed and be judged and punished by God. So there is no escape apart from accepting Jesus as our saviour and our Lord of life. He appeared convinced when the bus came. Pray for God continuous redemptive work on Ryan.

4) A man at work though not in uniform did not initially reject my approach for a chat while taking a quick glimpse of the tract. He patiently and polite indicated that he was aware of where I came from and knew what I was going to share but declared he held a very different. I still hanged around to share the nutshell of Gospel until he indicated that he was on duty and our chat was occupying his on duty time. I could not but stop and let go though I believed our conversation still have served God's purpose for this man.

5) A young girl with a Chinese looking face rejected Winnie, so I tried again in English and found out that she is from the Mongolia Republic 外蒙 but has migrated to Australia and become citizen like myself. She was brought up from atheist background so firmly rejected to listen to Gospel. I however still manged to chat in a down to the earth lively way but indirectly showed the need of all people including all good persons for Jesus' salvation.

6) Then I chatted with a man from Singapore 星加坡. He appeared has no faith but was willing to listen to the gospel. It is a pity the time allowed is limited before his bus came.

7) Seville is a non believer with a Christian grand ma but non -Christian parents. So he is neutral to faith and willing to listen to my gospel sharing.

8) My last Chat was with a mature young lady from Peru of Catholic background. But obviously she is a secularized Christian who has not Christian discipleship nurturing as such she has no sense of any Bible teaching. I manged to help her understand the meaning of gospel and the assurance of salvation as well as the importance of Spiritual growth.

感謝主今天的帶领,有主同在,不怕其他打擾。雖然上 Brisbane 途中,身體不適,肚子非常痛。但到達 Brisbane, 經過禱告後,精神醒過來。 感谢神 讓我遇到十二人傳福音機會。初時他們不願意聽,最後聖靈臨到他們,順服的聽完整福音。

第一是中國女士,Myer 聽完福音後,需要時間想想。


第三位是 Jack, 中國年青人,基督徒。我對他講述得救的確據。

第四位是 Kent, 由加拿大來的年青人。願意接受主的爱。

第五位是澳洲女士,Melisa, 願意接受免费禮物。

第六位是菲律宾少女,Alice, 基督徒。我也講解得救的確據。

第七位是日本少女。Lee, 明白福音,需要時間想想。

第八位女士 是Mela,來自馬來西亞,聽了完整福音。

第九位中國青年,John, 需要時間想想。

第十位是馬來西亞年青人Joe, 聽了完整福音。

第十一位是年青人,Matt, 來自新加坡,基督徒。我對他講述得救確據。

第十二位是年長女士,Mandy, 來自缅甸。明白主的愛。 願今天聽到福音人士,打開心門,接受主耶稣基督為他們的救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主🙏

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 3 January, 2021

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The weekend’s outreach was online.  Street evangelism can be lonely work, and it’s so good to be working with a passionate team online.

My first significant chat of the day was with a very deep thinker from the UK called Harkrishan.  In the way he described the kinds of things he thought about as a child, I could see there were a lot of similarities between us.  We really clicked, and we settled in for a nice long chat.  Unfortunately, his deep thinking led to a lot of talking!  It was hard to get a word in!  And yet, I patiently took the time to share the law, and touch on the gospel.  I didn’t think he had picked up on the seriousness of sin - but I was pleasantly surprised when later in the conversation he referred back to it, and I could tell it had hit home.  This man needs the peace that surpasses understanding: Jesus.  But at the moment, he is very resistant to it.  Please pray that he would be able to sleep peacefully - something he struggles with because of his over thinking.  Pray for his salvation.

I had my first chat with someone from Trinidad in the Caribbean!  Unfortunately he liked Soccer, not cricket.  I was able to swing the conversation from the natural to the spiritual, and was able to share the law, but sadly he bailed as I started to explain the gospel.

Next up a chat with a young Christian lady without a completely sharp understanding of the gospel - esp. Justification which we worked through together.

A chat with a kid - quite switched on and asked great questions.  He heard the law and the gospel.

On Sunday I was paired up with Ryan on livestream for ‘training Sunday’.

First up I was connected with a large group of kids.  I was able to work with them through the law and the gospel.  The first checking question I got a response of ‘good works’ - wrong answer!  They slowed down to concentrate more after that, and started to take notice of the good news.  It’s harder holding the attention of a big group - I hope some, God willing, will have grasped the gospel.  I leave them in your hands Lord!

My second and last chat was reasonably good.  I had a few false starts to start with - I was even connected with a couple of guys from NZ - that doesn’t happen often.  But the main chat was with a couple of guys - one of whom said you have to be perfect to go to heaven.  He failed the perfection test and came to hear the good news!  He slowly started to grasp the gospel.  He had two penny drop moments - as his understanding grew.  The first was when he first realised salvation was a gift, the second was during a checking question when the point was nailed home.  I leave them in God’s hands.

It was wonderful being paired up with Ryan, listening to one of his chats, and getting feedback from him on mine.  I love being part of this team.  Thank you Lord.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 1 January, 2021

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I’ve now completed a whole week of outreach post my holiday.  Thursday & Friday are my longest days of the week.  In those two days, I had twenty five solid gospel conversations - online, not including the ones I had while on the streets.  Although most of my outreach time over those two days was online.

When people first see me online, I will often get called grandpa, or something not mentionable and the person will quit.  They often assume I’m there for nefarious reasons (which, ironically, is hypocritical). So I decided to print a question and post it on the wall behind me: What happens after we die? (pictured)  So far it has worked well!  Often I’ll connect with someone, and they will speak first saying something like: “What happens after we die?  Hmmm, that is a good question - what do you think?”  And I’m straight into a spiritual conversation!

Now, it’s a bit overwhelming thinking about sharing the details of all those conversations in this report, so I’m going to glance at the recording of each one and skim through them.

I had an interesting chat with a couple of girls who heard the law and the gospel.  It became a bit pastoral in the end.  One of the girls had been deeply hurt through inappropriate relationships, and so I gave her the wisdom of the Bible in the right way to approach these relationships, but I had to be careful to not just be a moralistic lesson - as good as that is.  But I had to bring the focus back to the law and the gospel - the root of the problem: sin, and the solution: Jesus.

There was a guy who quickly became engaged in the gospel conversation.  He even moved rooms to get away from distractions so he could concentrate.  From memory, he had a clear “ah ha” moment as he came to grasp the gospel for the first time.  Checking questions confirming.  When I asked him what was stopping him from accepting the gospel, he said: “nothing, nothing anymore”.  So I pointed him to the Bible and a local church.  And I encouraged him to start telling others the good news.

Oh, I had a great chat with a “Christian” guy.  He said that the reason he was going to heaven was because he did a “good turn every day”.  I had an instant flashback to my Cub Scout days!  And, yes, it turns out he was involved with Scouts.  This guy, with much frowning (in a thoughtful way), came to understand that the gospel involved grace through faith, and not good works.  I left him with a link to and much to consider.

A guy from the UK, who became deeply engaged, and asked hard apologetical questions - after hearing the gospel.  I was able to point him to before the battery in his phone went flat and we disconnected.

A young Christian girl who gained much clarity around the gospel and justification by faith and the correct place of good works in her life.  She seemed pretty overjoyed with the new understanding.  At the end she even asked if I had an Instagram account about God!  In fact, the team I work with does! - so I pointed her to it and said there would be some girls that would be able to answer her questions.

A conversation with a clear false convert, who loved their sin, and was trusting (incorrectly) the fact that he had “ticked the boxes'' to get to heaven: esp. Baptism.  He heard the gospel, but rejected it, the lure of his sin was too great.

On Friday I started with a great online chat with an ex-Mormon girl and her friend.  She came to grasp the gospel, and even expressed how amazing it was.  And yet, when I left her, she was still counting the cost of accepting that amazing gift.

It was at this point I decided to head into the city for some street outreach.  I spent a fair amount of time in Cathedral Square before heading to Cashel Mall with Roger.

I was going to open air preach - but I ended up spending a long time in direct conversation with one of our regular hecklers.  Through the conversation he was making logical contradictions without shame.  It was like he had so medicated himself with his own deception he was completely blind to reason.  It was a frustrating conversation where I often just had to stop and listen - I couldn’t reason with him.  He needs much prayer!

In Cashel I had a good chat with one of my regulars.  Last time I talked to him, he had embraced universalism (everyone goes to heaven).  He had forgotten that in this conversation, and he was back to thinking his good deeds would get him to heaven.  Over and over I tried to explain the gospel, but every checking question he would just revert back to his goodness to save him.  Incredibly frustrating.  I gave up - for now.  God willing, I’ll have more opportunities to labour with him.

To finish the day, I was back online.  And, with much answered prayer, I had a string of wonderful conversations.  God granted me the opportunity to talk with two very logical and open hearted people - much medicine to my mind!  They asked very deep and difficult questions, and I loved it.

And yet, everyone needs the gospel.  The lost and the saved, the blind and the seeing, the resistant and the open, the angry and the calm, the illogical, and the logical.  All of them.  Don’t give up in prayer for the lost, and take every opportunity to share the gospel with them.  Nah, make time to focus on sharing the gospel, wherever you are!  Without it, people will go to hell because of their sin!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 30 December, 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 30, 2020 form 1300 -1500

The Sunnybank team original planned to stop for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year period. But Andrew still felt the urge to come to do street evangelism therefore I went as well to form team partnership with Andrew. Despite of our enthusiasm or apostolic passion to serve the Lord, God did not stop the down pouring of rain in the beginning hours with lighter rain lingering throughout the whole afternoon, possibly it was a special training for both of us to live out the teaching of Paul in the Bible of 2 Timothy 4:2 "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."

Apart from the bad weather condition, the reaction of the targets were predominantly cold and rejective. Brother Andrew and I got many rejections. By the mercy of God, Andrew finally got several long talks. As for me, I had many short and scattered chats amidst the major trend of general rejection as recap below.

1) God led me to locate the first person being a young man from Hong Kong who has no faith but an open mind to hear the gospel. He found it logical and sensible and promise to take a serious thought of it.

2) Then I was able to chat to a Chinese girl who initially appeared reluctant, but still took the tract. But my gospel sharing was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

3) Then I noticed a Chinese couple trying to check the bus schedule on the hard copy list as such they originally have not heart to listen to the gospel when approached by Andrew. But did them a favor to guide them to check up the schedule on the electronic board . I gained flavorsome to share gospel to the man while the woman show great non-interest. Thanks God that the man politely let me finish the sharing until the bus came.

4)Then an English lady rejected me first but after sitting down then I could have a chat sharing teh nutshell of eh gospel to here before the bus came.

5) Then Isiah got off from the bus but took his seat to wait for the easing of the rain so I had a chance to chat with him. It was found that he is a far dinkum Christian who have 100% assurance of salvation.

6) Sirus from HK also showed great receptiveness to the gospel.

7) I shared with the mum of the Hung Family (洪家) from Taiwan with all other members including the dad and two daughters on watch listening.(光聽) She at the ned claimed she is a Buddhist, but I appeal to them that Buddhism is good but stop short at teaching people to be a good person but  not resolving the issue of sin. She politely promised she will ponder on this issue later.

8) Another Taiwanese woman 另一台灣婦 saw me doing street evangelism so she looked at me as if asking me to share the gospel to her. I did, but once touched on the subject of sin, she could not listen any more and cut the conversation. I still trust there is God's work in her life because of this divine encounter.

9) A Local Aussie heading for garden city , he kept popping up the arriving bus to ask where it goes while I share him the gospel. I could not but cut it short and let go.

10) Then I approached again another Chinese boy and girl friends couple. The man was ok and willing to chat but the girl appeared very offensive even resorting to walking away. It forced the boy friend to follow her to leave chatting with me.

11) Then a talked to an Aussie girl who quickly declared she is a Christian and was tested to have 100% assurance of salvation.

12) An Old Aussie man took the tract had a look but declined to chat when her wife showed no interest to listen.

13) Two girls from North Easter China 東北,with one studying at Griffith and a younger one at Indooroopilly High school. They initially still was OK to chat with me but appeared fearful once touched on faith.

14) Hee is a Malaysian English speaking UQ student who has no faith. But he show great openness to hear the gospel and appeared quite receptive to the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 30 December, 2020

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On Tuesday I was back out on the streets!  It was good to be back.  :)  I was in Riccarton for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

But before that I was online.  I was reminded afresh at the amazing tools we have at our access for reaching people with the message of Jesus.  Those tools: the Internet, the proliferation of English as a common language, Google Translate for those times when you encounter people that don’t know English (in the past I have successfully communicated the gospel with someone who doesn’t know English - purely with Google Translate).  The Internet is used for many bad purposes - but we are able to bring hope to many in dark places with this tool!

It was only a few decades ago, where reaching people in another people group would take years of preparation: learning a new language, learning a new culture, and getting established (often years of labour).  Now I can sit in my study, and at the click of a button, I’m talking to Ghilas (pictured), from Algeria.  He knows French and English well.  He described his people group as Amazigh - which if my Wikipedia search is right, means he is a Berber.  He was bored and looking for people to talk to.  In the providence of God, he found me.  We had a good long chat, for about forty minutes.

He grew up in a Muslim environment, but he had rejected Islam.  He came to understand the gospel but he clearly rejected it also.  His reason: he didn’t want to be a slave.  I challenged his thinking on this.  But ultimately I leave him in the hands of God.  May he not forget the conversation, may the law awaken his conscience - every time he sins now, may he remember our chat!  And may he remember the forgiveness, grace, and hope found in Jesus.  His name means “Son of Lion” (so he told me) - may God change his heart, and may his name prove true - may he become an adopted son of God.

I was then beamed into a chat with a kid from the USA - a much shorter chat, but I could tell from his response that he was impacted and intrigued in the new understanding he had gained.  Sadly, he had to go to work, but his friend was with him and so he passed the headset to him and encouraged him to chat with me.  The second guy wasn’t so open, and bailed on the chat - but now before he came to hear of the serious nature of sin.  Lord, use our feeble efforts to show your strength!  Convict and save, Lord.  May they have further opportunities to engage with your gospel.

I then had a twenty minute chat with a kid wearing a balaclava (like a robber).  He too came to grasp the gospel, but also clearly rejected it.  He was brutally honest in his reasons: 1) “I don’t enjoy thanking a higher power for what I have” (I couldn’t believe he so honestly said that).  And secondly, he thought as long as he was good enough he would be okay (at this point he was clearly not understanding the serious nature of sin, and the reality of the only hope of forgiveness being Jesus).  So I went back over the law, in different ways.  The robber started to feel conviction - he even said “ouch” at one point.  But by the end of the conversation, he was clearly articulating the gospel back to me.  Only God can change his heart.  Lord I leave him in your hands!

The outreach in Riccarton was wonderful.  My conversations were made up predominantly with white males.

The first was with a guy who often thinks about what happens after life - he’s talked about it with friends, and he has even tried reading the Bible.  He assumed that his goodness would get him to heaven, and so it was my pleasure to tell him the bad news and the good news.

On Wednesday I was again online and I had some great conversations.  Separate chats with Hindu guys from India, and a Google Translate chat with a girl from Brazil.

The last chat, with one of the Indian guys, went for nearly an hour.  It was wonderful in how I could see how challenged he was.  It was sad in the fact that he just couldn’t grasp the gospel.  He just couldn’t grasp that heaven would be a gift.  I just kept doing my best to explain in different ways, answer his questions, and continue to labour with him on the law and the gospel.  In the end he started to double down and would reiterate arguments for why what I was saying can’t be true.  I would gently reiterate my arguments that he had forgotten.  In the end he disconnected.  Oh Lord, may he try to ‘be good’ from now, and see how impossible it is, may he have other opportunities to engage with your gospel.  Save him Lord!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 27 December, 2020

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It’s been great to have a few weeks off for rest - it was very refreshing.  But It’s so good to be back to work!  I started back with some online work with the team from Brisbane over the weekend.

On Saturday we were online for three hours.  My first conversation was with a guy who was very resistant.  He believed he was pure, and stuck to his guns in spite of his conscience.  He bailed on me.  Welcome back to work! :)

Next up was an interesting text based conversation with someone claiming to be a lesbian.  They heard the gospel and seemed to respond positively to it - even said “that’s beautiful”.  She asked more about homosexuality.  I did my best to answer her questions faithfully (to the Bible).  But then they turned on me.  Stringing me along the whole time maybe?  I felt sad for them as I left the conversation.  Lord, save them.

Next up was a chat with some resistant Jewish guys.

But then the conversations started warming up.  I had a kid who was very switched on, and really wanted to discuss the after life with me.  He had some JW friends, so after sharing the gospel I answered his questions in relation to that.

Then I was into a couple of conversations with people claiming Christianity and yet not understanding the gospel.  Praise the Lord, they came to understand that salvation was by grace alone through faith alone - which would lead to good works, NOT because of good works.  The second chat was a twenty minute chat where the concept of grace was not grasped easily, I had to labour through various checking questions, but I’m confident the penny finally dropped.  It was great that the person persisted through a bad Internet connection - they eventually had to turn off video and switch to text.

The last chat was with a guy who was resistant - but that’s the way it goes.

On Sunday we had “Outreach Sunday” online.  Two hours of outreach where we pair up and give feedback on each other's conversations for growth.  I was paired up with Ryan (from the US).  We had a great time of gospel sharing.

The highlight for me was a chat with a Christian girl, who when pushed on what she had to do to be saved, admitted she didn’t know.  (Her first answer was that her pastor tells her how!)  By the end of the conversation, she could clearly articulate why she was saved, and that she was so from today!  I pointed her to the Bible to verify what I was saying, and also to her Pastor to talk it through!  A great chat.

Later I had a chat with another young Christian lady who thought she was going to hell.  After conversation, it was clear she had no hope because she was trusting in her ability to be good enough to be saved.  I had a great chat where she came to grasp the good news - there was a point where I confused her, and I had to back up to undo that - so important.  Another great chat.

So good to be back into the fray.  All glory to God alone.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 23 December, 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday December 23, 2020 from 1300 to 1500

Today God let us experience a prayer immediately answered. I was asked to do the opening prayer. I prayed in particular for good team work which God did make it happen the way as it was amongst Andrew, Johnny and Hung. We stayed close together, but God used us as a team while we all got our individual divine chatting opportunities to have long enough talk without exception. The kind of team work stood out in case NO 2 of my battle log that I shared below.

1) Anson from Hong Kong, an UQ year one student. He is not yet a believer but a faith seeker. He has done research on several faith but still could not reach a conclusion. My complete sharing of the Gospel which seems so ordinary like nothing too much different from my other sharing but seemed to have an impact to Anson who showed more willingness if not resolve to pursue Christianity. Since he is Cantonese speaking and live in South Bank, so I recommend him to attend Living Water Alliance Church and meantime contact Power to change to keep pursuing the truth of Christianity. His change of attitude from alienation and emotionally too objective to more soften and open up and sensitive to the work of the spirit is evidenced by his willingness to take a selfie with me.

2) Alice from Shandong(山東),Scilla From Anfei( 安徽),Maggie from Quanfxi (廣西) they squeezed through Andrew who was chatting with two persons with Johnny on watching. Johnny recognized Alice who was his home stay resident when she got pass them so Johnny gave her a light tap on her shoulder yet she did not response but kept walking with her two friends down the footbridge towards me standing on the ground level of the bridge. Despite I saw they ignored Johnny, I nevertheless still felt compelled to hand them Christmas tract while greeting them "Merry Christmas" They had initial rejection but I appealed to them that no one will reject festivities blessing so they all received a tract from me. It gave me the stepping stone to throw the question of Origin of "Merry" Christmas to them with Maggie alone to response to me. Since they showed no sign to stop for a chat. I felt the Spirit wanted me to walk a while with them to at least share the reason why Christmas is being greeted with "Merry. Maggie showed genuine interest to understand and found it amazing. Alice and Scilla kept chatting between them in front of us. But when we arrived at the traffic light and the light had turned green for them to go. Alice suddenly turned around to say to me that she might have bumped into her home stay host Johnny. I said you were right and point them to God who really made a divine encounter for us to meet and share the real meaning of Christmas and the important to repent and receive Christ. Actually I learned later from Johnny that Alice has been expelled by Mary from Johnny's home, so Alice really has no need to let me know about this. So It was so obvious the work of God to show to Alice and Scilla that nothing happened by chance but everything work for God for the benefit of His chosen ones.

3) Extraordinarily, I kept bumping into people from Mainland China who use to avoid chatting with us. But A young man by the name Chen 陳 from Jiang Xi (江西) who was reluctant to chat as he claimed he is a baptized Christian who received Christ in Singapore. He failed my Diagnostic questions showing uncertainty of salvation but thought he needs not keep pursuing the Truth of Christianity, which is a typical sign of Christian without a genuine born again life. (基督徒但無生命) I advised him that receiving Christ is just the beginning of God's salvation package for us and we must not stay making no spiritual growth. I trust my words bear weight to urge Chen to join Power To Change and attend Church Sunday Service

for his spiritual growth sake. He said Hi to me to show his gladness for the sharing on his way back from some errand passing by us.

4) Then God stopped Lucy from Henan 河南. She initially declined politely to talk as she did not feel the need. But after my sharing of the Gospel and my own testimony, The Holy Spirit moved her to admit that she should follow her family members who are all Christians back in China to pursue God and accept Jesus as saviour. (起初覚得不需, 但聖靈改變她,是基督家族背景)

5) I heard the two women chatting in Cantonese. So I was able to connect with them and handed them the tracts for a breif sharing of Gospel before the bus arrived.

6) Bevery is a fair Dinkum Christian passing my two diagnosis questions. We had a mutually edifying conversation in our faith.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 22 December, 2020

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OPERATION 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tue 22/12/2020 from 1330 to 1500

The team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung assembled as usual despite weather forecast of a very hot day peaking at 34C. Praise and thanks God, the sky was covered with thick cloud as such the temperature was not as high as 34C but very suitable for street evangelism. May be the school holiday factor played the effect of much less people flow, Winnie and I still got non-stop opportunities for conversations even many of them started with an initial rejection. It more so showed that it was God who was working with us through the Holy Spirit. Recap below are my battle log for 7 persons and Winnie's for 7 as well.

1) A lady from China showed initial non interest to gospel but was led to open up her heart gradually by some soft chat first like the origin of "Merry" Christmas. At the ned full gospel was preached and tracts were given out.

2) Sim an Aussie girl seems to be an Atheist who politely declined to chat initially but I still managed to start with a soft chat using the "Merry" Christmas gimmick. It ended up arousing her interest to take a tract home.

3) Chelsea a Fiji young woman who were humble and polite to listen and interact first with my "Merry" Christmas gimmick through which to embark on the power of salvation brought by Jesus.

4) Chung Shin, 忠信 a young man from Hai Nan who has finished his IT study and is about to go home. Winnie shared with him first in English, but I followed up afterwards. He is not a believer but very open and soft to gospel and acknowledged that Christianity is very popular in his home town. So it is a good sign that God will lead him to make the step of faith even back home.

5) A young man by the name of Ding 丁, who is from 常州 Jiang So China. He claimed to be an Atheist 無神論 but I still managed to share him the full Gospel.

6) Zee is a Vietnam girl coming to study English at UQ, she was kept here ending up doing all the advance level of study she was qualified. But she still used poor English as an excuse but I nevertheless still found no obstacle to communicate with her. She cooperate and listen attentively in a friendly manner until the bus came.

7) Maxim A proud boy from France who also rejected me initially. I use the same tactics to use the "merry" Christmas gimmick as ice breaker and successfully conveyed to him the gospel. Even though at the ned he still did not take a tract, but I have confident the work of God will not go in vain.


Amanda, 中國少女. 澳洲少女,Elle. 中國男士。中國學生,忠信。澳洲男士,Eddie. 澳洲老人. 及中國年青人,Jose. 他們都聽了福音,有的需要時間想想,有的會去教會尋求更多真理。願今天所有聽到福音人士,回轉歸向神,求主憐憫。感謝讚美主。阿們!


Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 16 December, 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday December 16, 2020 from 1300 -1500

The weather continued to be fine with Sunny sky but not so hot sunshine. Andrew joined us a bit late as such we failed to have a team photo together, but two with either Johnny or Andrew working. It was also a rare days of many long conversations for both Johnny and Andrew more or less over an hour. God might have His plan for Richard from China , an atheist and the Girl chatting with Andrew to unlock many of her questions about God and life. They started chatting standing on the footbridge, then sitting down on the bridge and eventually moving over to the bench near the bus stop to continue their mind blowing yet exhausting talk.

As for me, I only got 12 small and scattered talk as recap below but I trusted that the Lord still could use it for a purpose.

1) The first Couple from China Mr Suen they appeared very polite and open to have a chat. We did talk about the reason for the season is Jesus and the meaning of "Merry" Christmas. before the bus came. (孫老夫婦丶很和氣)

2) Then came an Aussie mum with two kids, a boy and a girl. I stopped the girl from running two fast and far away from her Mum and gave her a Christmas tract. With this as an ice breaking gesture, I posted to the busy mum the question of "Merry" Christmas gimmick. It gave me the lead to share further the nutshell of Gospel just in time before the bus came.

3) A man from Shanghai who was not very open although he still reluctantly took a Christmas tract. All I could do was to share him the nutshell of the Gospel as soon as possible before the bus came.(上海人。不是很開放)

4) An African man on his bike with bulk of luggage making him like a World traveler ? But on a second look , he was a collector of empty plastic bottle to earn meager money for his living. So he is literally a survivor of life. God did not move me to stop him but gave him a tract. He stopped his bike and took the tract. I pray that this will open up his mind not only for material good for day to day survival but has a glimpse of the eternal need of salvation through Jesus Christ.

5) Then I met another elderly couple but chatted mainly with the husband Mr Tao(曹大哥) He is a suburban security guard in Mainland China (陸上小區管理),I started off by mentioning "merry" Christmas which successfully aroused his interest to chat. He claimed having knowledge of the Christian gospel though himself is of Buddhism background.佛教背景 He proudly shared about his heroic record saving people life. This possibly was a response to my question Would a Good Person be fine for Heaven. Because of this I did not have time to finish the gospel sharing. Can only let go and leave it to God's hand.

7) A Korean couples took the tract, stayed for a short chat, but excused for reason of limited English.

8) Linda is a Korean Christian who did not show her Christian background but listened quietly with little responses or interaction. It was found out that she has no problem to understand but also limited speaking ability. Once found that she is a Christian, I gave her the diagnosis test for Assurance of salvation which she passed fair and square to show that she is a fair dinkum Christian.

9) Christina and Liam were local Aussie boy and girl friends. They are very gentle, polite and receptive listening to the gimmick of merry x mas followed by the good person test. The showed good understanding and indicated willingness to pursue and accept Jesus.

10) A fat guy was attracted by my "merry" Christmas gimmick but after that still turned down my further sharing of the gospel.

11) Levi is from Ipswich and was in a rush. I walked him across the footbridge and shared him the nutshell of gospel which he found very positive.

12) An Aussie old lady was walking with me and Levi for a short while on the foot bridge until our faster pace left her behind. But she did listen for a short while how I share the gospel to Levi. And I got a thumb up from her after I let Levi go and she picked up the pace to meet me again. It was a kind of encouragement unexpectedly from God through this lovely lady.

Battle Log of Andrew Walkington, Evangelist with OA · 

On Wednesday at Sunnybank there were several great conversations where people seemed to grasp the gospel and what it means to follow Jesus.

Dan, Marco & Nathaniel are from a Coptic Orthodox background and when I asked them about the afterlife, they said they hoped to go to heaven. I asked them why God should let them into heaven, but they all expressed that they doubted they would be going. I asked them about the commandments, and they were able to name 8 out of the 10, but like everyone else, they hadn’t kept even one. I then shared the good news with them and explained why Jesus dying on the cross was such great news and what we must do to receive the gift of eternal life. I asked them again where they would be going and they all pointed downward. I challenged them that God had offered forgiveness through Jesus and that they should get right with him that moment because they could not guarantee they had another day. They thanked me and all took tracts to read.

Tanisha is 20 years old and from a Vietnamese Catholic background. She was very unsure of what comes next and how we can know and so I shared that what we needed was a divine source of information. We talked through God’s existence and then I shared what God has said about the afterlife. We were progressing really well, but as we got to the end of the gospel, she came over very faint and had to lie down! For the next 30 minutes I looked after her at the bus stop until she felt safe to get on the bus and head home.

Samuel is 25 years old and was raised in a Mormon family. He is intrigued by the idea of the afterlife but had found his experience in the Mormon religion left him a bit jaded. He was very keen to get answers and so we talked through the gospel at length and I showed him how the works based understanding of salvation cannot possibly save us and how Jesus alone pays our debt. He asked some really great questions and so I showed him how the whole Bible is grounded in history. I then talked him through the threads of redemption and sacrifice that run through the whole Bible and he was astonished that the Bible was more than nice stories. I asked him if he had a Bible and gave him an ESV Gospel of John. He quickly skimmed a couple of pages and was amazed at how much easier it was to read than the King James used by the Mormon religion. He was very excited by the whole conversation and thanked me several times!

Please pray for each of those folks who heard the gospel and especially that God would cause them to have saving faith.

Battle Log of Johnny:

感謝天父將所多年輕人帶領到我們面前,讓我們來向他們傳講主耶穌基督的福音。本週三在Sunnybank 有許多的年輕人停下腳步聽十字架的福音。祈求上帝祝福那聽到了福音就為罪悔改來信靠耶穌基督的人。



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