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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 6 June, 2021

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There was some rain about today, but it was clear enough to head on the streets after lunch.  A team of three.  A bit of a slow start, but it became quite a busy outreach.

I had some great opportunities to talk to groups of kids in one go - 3 groups in fact.

Interestingly, one of those groups was made of some young Muslim guys.  I wasn’t able to hold all their attention, and so they started peeling off and leaving.  I ended up with two of them, only one seemed interested - and then they had to go.  They were trusting in their good deeds for salvation.

Well, the next group was made of some young Christian guys.  Sadly, they were trusting in their good deeds for salvation (“don’t sin”).  They stayed to hear the gospel - which is great.

The third group was a mix of non-religious guys and girls.  The conversation started with only two stopping, then it was only one, but then the other guy came back, and all the girls joined in as well.  It was a wonderful gospel conversation.  Praise God.

I had some other encouragement today as well.  In my last report I mentioned a guy who heard the open air preaching on Friday, and then I was able to follow up with a one to one gospel conversation.  Well, he turned up at church today!  It was wonderful to be able to welcome him into the meeting, and sit with him.  He joined the discussion afterwards too and was invited to a weekly Bible study.  Praise God!  May he continue to respond to discipleship and bring much glory to God.

Later I was online with the team.  Here is a remembered transcript from one of those conversations:

Me: What do you think happens after you die?
Them: You really want to know what I think?
Me: Of course.
Them: (laughing) Good people become goldfish, and bad people become dogs. [!?]
Me: Ok, where do goldfish come from?
Them: Pet Shops
Me: Where do pet shops come from?
Them: Well, God made the pet shops...
Me: So you believe in God then?
Them: No!
Me: Well, you said God made pet shops.
Them: Are you trying to convert me to Christianity?
Me: Yes.
Them: Well, I’m gay.
Me: Well, there is hope for you.

So it was an odd conversation, I admit.  But my heart goes out to this person.  I hope they will get to hear the gospel.  Maybe from you?  Are you ready to share the gospel?  Get equipped!  Talk to your Pastors to learn more, or get in touch.

Other online conversations of the weekend included:

A conversation with some young guys obviously up to no good.  As soon as the one holding the phone heard my question he was instantly engaged.  But another of the kids was saying, “skip him” and trying to snatch the phone so he could do so.  But the kid with the phone wouldn’t let it go, and I was able to share most of the gospel with them.  I made it up to the way we accept the gift: trust when the skip finally occurred.  But I was able to inform them of before it occurred.

A wonderful chat with a kid from the Philippines.  He said he was going to skip me as soon as he saw me, but my question made him pause.  He is now professing faith in Christ.  I was able to help him download a Bible app on his phone and get him set for reading John.  He is in touch via Instagram.

A chat with a kid who obviously had a Christian background (Walk by Faith sign on his wall).  But who thought going to church many times would get you to heaven.  He came to grasp the gospel.  I pointed him to his parents to discuss further.

Thank you Lord for giving us another weekend of your patience to proclaim your mercy.  Glory to you alone.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Saturday, 5 June, 2021

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Today saw another calm gospel + abortion outreach outside Christchurch hospital.  Not many conversations, but tracts were received.  We had a guy walk down the line and shake all our hands.  I was at the end of the line, and I asked him what he thought happened after life.  It turns out he is Mormon, so I challenged him with the gospel.  I knew I wouldn’t have much time, because his wife had kept walking - so I was direct to try to shock him into thought.  He didn’t like it - but I love him too much not to confront him.  We parted on friendly terms, and he left with both a “Life is Precious” tract and a “Who Made It?” tract.

Moving into the city, I hung around Speakers Corner while eating lunch.  A real little community is there now.  One side has Christians wanting to engage people with the gospel, and the other side has hecklers.  In the recent past I’ve felt like it was a bit of a circus, and didn’t want anything to do with it.  But today I was struck with the civility shown.  Both sides extend much respect to the other, in spite of strong disagreement.  Long may this continue.

Steve was preaching for evolution and against creation, when a guy I’ve never seen walked into the middle of speakers corner and started getting really angry with Steve.  “These people are good, stop speaking against them!”  Sadly he was out of control, and both sides told him to calm down.

Steve finished speaking, and so I decided I would preach - it’s been a while.  I really enjoyed it.  Proclaiming the law and the glorious gospel as loudly as I could.  Embarrassingly, my voice squeaked quite a few times.  Oh well.  The hecklers interjected quite a bit, I did my best to answer when the questions were good.  When they were silly, I ignored them and just kept preaching.

There was a guy there who listened intently, he had been interacting with some of the Christians before I turned up.  Well, I went to the Bridge of Remembrance to meet Roger and do some one to one outreach there.  Low and behold, this guy turns up not too much longer, and starts begging on the corner - while doing this he was reading a copy of the gospel of John.

I went over and sat next to him, it turns out someone had led him in a sinners prayer!  He was excited and keen, and looking forward to going to church on Sunday.  I had a wonderful opportunity to make sure he understood the gospel.  We chatted for about fifteen minutes where I slowly worked him through the law and the gospel, and then started walking him through checking questions (it was at this point that I realised how intently he had been listening to my preaching - he had remembered many of the analogies I had used).

My final checking question came from a different angle, and it caught him off guard.  He thought for a second and then subtly fell back into salvation by works: “Well, I try, I’ve started the steps (he meant that he has “prayed the prayer”), and I am more humble now”.  It was a great teaching opportunity to show him how all those things are pointing to himself and what he has done to be “saved”, rather than looking to Jesus as the only reason he is saved.  I think it really started to sink in at that point.

After our chat, I went on to have many opportunities to share the gospel with people throughout the outreach.  Lots of high school kids were out and about - I think there must have been a teacher only day.  I had an opportunity to share the gospel with a group of eight of them at one point.  Glory to God.

As Roger and I wrapped up the outreach, the guy I had talked to at the start was still there (he had been reading the gospel of John the whole time).  So I went over to check that he still knew why anyone would get to heaven.  He got the answer right the first time!  Praise God.  I’m confident he knows the gospel, I leave him in God’s hands.  He has my contact details, and I know which church he intends to attend on Sunday.  Lord, change his heart - for your glory, Lord, show him your mercy and grace.

Thursday is a big day of online outreach for the team.  I had twenty five chats for the day.

I had a fascinating chat with a kid and his sister.  He seemed to know the gospel already, giving great answers to the checking questions.  But his sister wanted nothing to do with Christianity, and moaned in the background as I talked to her brother.  To end the conversation she called out that “I want to go to hell where the gays are”.  Sadly, she wouldn’t engage in dialogue.

My next chat was with a guy from Kenya.  I talked, he typed.  By the end of the conversation he was professing faith!  Glory to God alone.  His background is protestant.  I pointed him to his Bible and a good local church.

Later in the day I had a long chat with a Catholic guy who seemed to work in academia (economics).  He engaged early, and asked lots of good questions.  I kept bringing the conversation back to the law and the gospel, multiple times.  He had been raised thinking he had to be good to go to heaven, and I could see he was challenged by my precise explanations of the reality of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone.  He was understanding, but he didn’t want to completely let go of his work for salvation (pride?) and he latched on to my explanation of the reality of repentance in the life of a believer - skewing it.  Once again I challenged him, but sadly his countenance hardened and he left the conversation.

My last two chats of the day were very refreshing, both with young men from the US who were open to the logic of the gospel.

With the last chat, the video froze right at the end of the conversation, so we finished by switching to text chat.  I asked him if the conversation had helped.  “Yes actually thank you, I really appreciate this, I never caught your name sir”.  We exchanged names, and I gave him a way of getting in touch if he desired.  I’m confident he came to understand the gospel.

Lord, we leave all these people in your hands.  Save your elect, in your timing, and knit them into your church.  Be glorified.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 2 June, 2021

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On Tuesday, late afternoon / early evening, I was in Riccarton with Roger for a couple of hours of street outreach.  We were both flat out in conversations for the first hour and a half - praise God.

My first chat was with a guy who was interested in my question: “What happens after you die?”, but said he hadn’t come to a conclusion yet.  He said he had looked into Bahai and Christianity.  I asked him what he thought a Christian had to do to get to heaven.  Answer: “be as good as you can be”.  Going from there, I explained the gospel.  He seemed intrigued.  He opened up a bit, and seemed to appreciate the chat.  He left with a tract.

During the outreach, I interacted with three “regulars”.  One of them couldn’t believe one of the others was still living on the street, in spite of all the recent rain.  We had a long chat, where I played that thinking back on him in not understanding why he was willingly rejecting the gospel.  He made it clear he would rather go to hell, than turn from his sin (he understood that salvation was a gift, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to stay in his sin, which he loves).

An old workmate passed by!  We had a good catch up.  I was able to swing the conversation to the “Ontological argument” - as he put it.  Which we discussed for a few minutes, but by this point he had to go.  He accepted a tract.

To finish off, I had an epic chat with a young man who said, “I think about it all the time” - when I asked him what he thinks happens after he dies.  I could tell he couldn’t stay long, so I quickly took him though the law and the gospel.  He seemed impressed, and wanted to stay to chat, but couldn’t.  He left with a tract, and one for the person who was waiting for him.

Roger was having a wonderful time too, at one stage he had a long chat with a large group of kids - pictured.

Wonderful opportunities.  Glory to God alone.

I was online, with the team,  for four hours each day: Tuesday and Wednesday for a total of twenty four conversations.

Two highlight chats from Tuesday.  The first was an apologetics battle, which was enjoyable for me - within that discussion, the gospel was heard, although the guy seemed closed to it.

The second was a long chat (43 mins) with a guy from South Dakota (first time I’ve reached someone in that state).  The guy was talking about levels of heaven, and my initial thought was that he was Mormon.  When I asked he responded by saying he was Lutheran.  But he didn’t know the gospel, and clearly stated that his good deeds would get him to heaven.  I laboured on the law & the gospel and showing him that his only hope was Jesus, and not his own righteousness.  I’m confident that he came to understand this.  But there was zero spark to the wonder of God’s grace.  Finally he asked me about Freemasonry.  It turns out his Dad is high up in that hierarchy.  Please pray for Jordan.

From Wednesday, the highlight was a thirty minute conversation with a young man from India.  The idea of someone else taking his hell punishment for him was so foreign to his understanding of good deeds for salvation, it took a lot of labouring, and patient explaining before understanding of the gospel finally started to take hold.  Yet once it did, it seemed to have a deep impact: (in an Indian accent) “Sir, you have totally changed my mind”.  And yet, it was clear from the checking questions that he was still struggling to grasp this new concept of grace, trying to mix it with works.  I continued to labour until his video froze up.  We were still able to communicate via text, and, apart from the Bible and a local church, I pointed him to an easy way to get in touch and continue the conversation if he wanted to.  Praise God.

The final conversation of the day was relatively short (11 mins) the kid grew a smile as understanding of the gospel sunk in, at the end of the conversation he said, “thanks, I really needed this”.


Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 2 June, 2021

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 from 1300 to 1500.

By the grace of God, Johnny, Gary and Hung turned up for this regular Street Evangelism ministry at Sunnybank. Gary moved around between the two sides of Sunnybank while Johnny and Hung stayed mainly on the West side of the Sunnybank Plaza front. Again, it was a fruitful day with almost non-stop gospel conversations to people of all nations. God used us to reach out to people of both same culture Chinese from Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong and cross-cultural people group from Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippine, Ireland, UEA etc. I was most impressed to see Gary stopped a group of 5 Chinese ladies possibly from mainland China to listen to his gospel sharing. I bet they would not stop for me a Chinese looking man but would react to feeling obliged to stop to listen to a Western person with an earnest expression. God is really the one who is in control of all the divine appointments assignment entrusted to us as His servant and messenger to convey good news to people of all nations.

Recap below were the 8 conversations given to me by God: -

1) Johnny first chatted with Madam Chang張 from Fuzhou 福州China. She is attending Logos Christian Church 恩道but with incomplete understanding of faith. Since she claimed she chatted with me before so Johnny just let me take over the chat. It was lucky that her bus took long time to come so I can kept sharing till the bus came. Pray that she will humble herself to really join the church’s Bible study to get all her query about the Christian faith clear.

2) Then I approached an English-speaking Indonesia lady and shared the gospel just before the bus arrived.

3) Eason a Vietnamese middle age man who claimed to be a Christian after I shared him the gospel for a while. But his response to my question at the beginning did not show he has assurance of salvation but it was a pity I had no time to correct him because the bus just arrived then.

4) I approached another Muslim Girl who was very responsive to my questions but again it was a pity the bus came two quick.

5) A Filipino Christian but has no knowledge of salvation, she claimed to be very busy and I volunteered to walk across the bridge with her but she seemed to be very scare of exposing her ignorance about Christianity despite claiming herself a long time Christian.

6) Vienna an Australian Born Filipino (ABF) still doing High school whom I met few weeks ago on April 28. Actually Vienna remembered exactly it was four weeks ago that we met. She said she had read the tract at home but still not ready to ponder for a commitment to accept Jesus. I went over the gospel again helping her to realize she is not perfect and does need Jesus to take her place to receive the punishment of her sins. She appeared really receptive and promised to have a good thought about it.

7) Margo an Irish did not mind to be disturbed by me while he was playing with his iPone. Overall speaking he was receptive to the message and willing to ponder to accept Christ.

(8 ) Elaine a joyous Christian from China but has no assurance of salvation thinking she only has 60% chance to Heaven. It was a pity I had no chance to help clarifying for her as the bus came. Pray for a reunion in the near future.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 1 June, 2021

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday June 1st, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God calling and raising up a new street Gospel team member Hai Yue to join us the three regular team mates, Johnny, Winnie and Hung. Hai Yue is a current 5th Online Kairos student. But God has touched and moved her enough to give it a go joining us today during her rest day of her scheduled job rooster duty as an Intern doctor at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

I gave her very limited 15 minutes briefing / demonstration how to share the nutshell of the gospel before we prayed and set off with the other two team mates. In flesh, she still felt lacking of confidence even though her English is good enough to conduct casual chat. All I can advice her is to let go of all your fear and burden but trusted in God alone to guide you to make the first approach. Ask God to guide you to open your mouth for the first word then the Spirit will be with you all the way to guide you to organize your speech.

Miracle did have happened and she could quickly found the strength and spiritual courage from God to make her first approach after watching as an observer just for one person.

So I basically gave all the chance to both Hai Yue and Winnie with Johnny and Hung taking care of the rest when more people had come to the bus stop. In between of chat/ arrival & departure of bus, Johnny and I held very short debriefing with Hai Yue answering her queries how to address a certain issue if it happens again. As a result, Johnny and I got less time for our own outreach. It of course was a worthwhile exercise to help Hai Yue to get integrated into the street evangelism which aftercall is the work of God taking charge of all situations.

Hai Yue was able to catch the urge of the Spirit to make approach at the right time. One example was with my first conversation with a Chinese couple from Tasmania migrating to Qld for a better living climate. The wife was more receptive and a willing gospel listener but the husband seemed to be not paying attention or even unconsciously interrupting our conversation. At the very moment, Hai Yue suddenly turned up to join our conversation. My reaction in flesh was: go away, find someone else, I äm managing to share with this couples. But the Spirit immediately corrected me to see that the husband was attracted to chat with Hai Yue without further interrupting my conversation with Lily the wife who appeared very attentive and interested in what I shared. So this is that sort of things that keep enabling us to see how God makes all thing work together for he goodness sake of those who loved God and being called to serve Him.

I pray that this divine encounter experience for Hai Yue’s debut Street Evangelism ministry will help her to apply it on to the other parts of her life including the profession as an Intern doctor. She can try to let go of all her fear and worry but enjoy the promise of God to be presence with us whenever we do everything for glorifying Him.

Because of irregular rooster duty job scheduling. Hai Yue may not be able to join us every week on Tuesday at Toowong or Wednesday at Sunnybank. But I am quite confidence that this first divine experience will attract her to come again whenever she gets a rest day on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Recap below are the Battle Log of both Hung and Winnie: -

(1) A Chinese Couples from Shangdong, Yin Tai山東煙台are new interstate migrant from Tasmania. I approached both of them for a chat. The wife Lily was more receptive and willing to engage in two-way communication. The husband was however not paying real attention but kept doing something else such as making phone call trying to interrupt the conversation. Yet God suddenly took action to move Hai Yue to join our conversation. As mentioned, my initial reaction in flesh was trying to tell Hai Yue to leave us alone, but the strong sense of the Holy Spirit told me otherwise to let Hai Yue keep talking to the husband so I could concentrate sharing the full gospel to the wife Lily. Thing did develop along this line and Lily appeared very touched and willing to seek God by going to church. They live actually In St Lucia so CCCB is the natural choice I recommended to her and hopefully her husband will follow suit. Praise for the almighty work of God allowing us to team up with Him to do His Will.

(2) Vistella is a girl whose name is of Canadian origin and means "Life of star". She was very welcoming for my approach and gladly accepted the tract. When I knew I only have 1 minute to share, I quickly utter to her the very brief nutshell of the gospel emphasizing that we are all imperfect though good person that have sinned against God and each other’s. We all need a saviour who himself is prefect person as such He can take our place to receive the punishment of sin due on us. Pray that this short but divine encounter still will be pursuit by god for bearing spiritual fruit in His time.

(3) Then I bugged in to chat with a Couple from Quanzhou廣州. The wife was listening to Hai Yue but the husband was keeping a distance not paying attention. So I was playing a reverse supportive role to catch the attention of the indifferent husband or boyfriend to get a taste of the word of God’s good news.

(4) An UQ student from Sudan , Africa with an indigenous name of Allor politely told me he had got a tract entitled “What is Next” from one of us which should be Johnny as I so far seldom hand out this new tract. I asked him anyway how did he find the tract and if he understood the message. He said he is a religious person believing in God but has not time to fulfil the religious ceremonial obligation, meaning he is not a church goer and seldom read Bible. With is information, it warranted me to share the gospel all over to him again. He was very polite and willing to chat but our further conversation was interrupted by a phone call then the bus came. We bid farewell and both looking forwards for another encounter in the near future to continue with our unfinished story about God and His salvation.

感謝 神的带领,讓我今天遇到八人傳福音的機會。

第一位 澳洲人,他説是基督徒,但經過我查問他,他不能回答,不願傳福音给其他人,也不願意聽我講,我只好講簡單的福音给他。


第三位 是中國來的女學生,因為她不太明白英語,我便用不流利的普通话及英语傳福音给她。




第七位 Mary 印尼來的穆斯林。她很專心聽我講耶穌基督的福音,三一神的大能,及我的見証。

第八位是澳洲少女,Emmy, 她很留心聽我講的福音及見証,願意信靠主,找教會,尋求更多真理。

感謝主。 願主帶領今天聽到福音的人士,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Online Evangelism

Sunday, 30 May, 2021

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The weekend in Christchurch was very wet.  They are saying two to three months worth of rain fell in the Canterbury area in just a few days.  Due to this I didn’t venture out - instead I fell back to online outreach.

An interesting note, as a team, we have now passed 5000 chats with people online (over a 2 month, 15 day period).  That is incredible; glory to God.

On Saturday morning I had the following chats:

In the afternoon, the team had a training outreach where we paired up for mutual feedback and encouragement.  It’s so good being able to listen to the nuance of another person sharing the gospel and learning from it.

I was paired up with Abraham in Melbourne - a recent training grad (I think).  It was so good watching him confidently and clearly communicating - well done Abraham!

One of my conversations went long, it was a rare reconnect.  One of the team had talked to this guy for 5 minutes 2 months prior.  He was combative initially, and it turned into an apologetics battle.  But as his questions were addressed, he calmed down and opened up to hearing the law and the gospel.  It was a great chat, glory to God.

Sunday afternoon and I was feeling more tired than usual.

By God’s grace, I was given the opportunity to share the gospel with a very open hearted young lady (pictured) who said there was nothing stopping her from believing that Jesus died on the cross for her today!  I pointed her to a local church and the Bible.  May the gospel seed take root and flourish, I leave her in God’s hands.

I then had a couple of very intense conversations.  One of those was about forty minutes long.  It was with a young couple who were Agnostic / Atheist - from the UK.  An extreme apologetics battle.  By the end of it they were curious; why am I on Omegle, of all places, talking about this stuff?  The door was now open for me to clearly articulate the gospel to them, and to plead with them to respond, because life is very short.

The final conversation of the weekend was with a guy with a Hindu background (pictured), from India (although the IP location placed him in Canada).  It was another long one - about twenty minutes.  He came to grasp the gospel, but he didn’t like the idea that he had to give up his Hinduism.  I became quite forthright with him, I told him he’d be going to hell - and given the context, I thought that was fair.  Well, he didn’t like that at all.  I made it clear that I said it because I loved him.  I don’t want him to go to hell, and I pleaded with him to trust in Christ alone for salvation.  The conversation was coming to a natural end, but amazingly he didn’t want it to end, we continued chatting for another five minutes or so.  I told him I hope we can play cricket together one day in heaven!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 28 May, 2021

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Having had a break, my legs were really sore today after doing five hours of street outreach.  Hopefully I’ll get used to it again quickly! :)

The day started with the gospel + abortion outreach outside the hospital.  I was first there, and didn’t have any signs.  So I pulled out some “Life is Precious” tracts and started to give them away to passers by.  Before long I had three ladies stop and engage.  Two of them seemed to have Christian backgrounds, but the third was younger and wasn’t sure if there was a God or not.  Going from there, I was able to share the law and the gospel with her.  The other two listened intently too.  The young lady seemed impressed, “that makes sense - thank you”.  I left them all with “Life is Precious” tracts, and I fished out copies of “Who Made It?” for them all too.  By the end of the conversation, Andy had arrived, and one of the ladies recognised him!  He had already spoken to her at the Eastgate bus stops.

There ended up being a team of five for the gospel + abortion outreach.  It was a calm outreach, with mostly a lot of support and encouragement for what we are doing.

Part way through, a young man walked past, I offered him a “Life is Precious” tract, but he smiled, tapped his pockets and said they were full!  I laughed to myself as he headed away.

Well, in God’s providence, later in the day, as I was just arriving at the spot where I was going to set up in Cashel Mall, I looked up and saw the very same young man walking towards me.  As he went past I said, “Your pockets may be full, but can I ask you a question?  What do you think happens after life?”  To my amazement, he stopped and said he thinks about it.  He was full of questions.  Starting from there I was able to explain how we know God exists, how we know we have sinned against God, and the hope of forgiveness only found in the sacrifice of Jesus.  He seemed a bit overwhelmed, I could tell he needed time to process what he was learning.  He took a “Who Made It?” tract (his pockets weren't too full now!), and I pointed him to on TikTok, where many questions are answered in 1 minute videos, that he can process in his own time.  What a wonderful follow up opportunity!  All glory to God.  I leave him in His hands - who is the only one who can save him, through the gospel message he heard.

Once I had my flip chart up, I flipped it to the “What happens after life?” page.  Most people are put off by this page - it’s the last thing they want to think about.  But I had a lady come over, take a tract, and hesitate - she wanted to talk about it.  I asked her what she thought and we went from there.  She said she was a Christian, but didn’t go to church.  I was able to clarify with her exactly what gets us to heaven, and then I encouraged her to find a good local church to be a part of.  It was a short gospel opportunity, but a very important one as well.

There ended up being a team of five in Cashel Mall as well, including another newbie, Daniel, someone Roger or John had encouraged to come along.  I ended up pairing up with him.  We ended up having a “Christian” guy come and sit next to us for most of the outreach (pictured).  He denied justification by faith alone.  And I ended up being pretty direct with him in conversation.  I gave up, and John ended up continuing the conversation.

To end the day, I spent a couple of hours online.

Glory to God for the day of gospel outreach we were able to engage in!

Online Evangelism

Thursday, 27 May, 2021

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Thursday is my longest day of outreach in the week.  Today I spent the whole day (8 hours) in online evangelism.  Of that time, over 5 hours was active gospel conversation time, for a total of 23 chats throughout the day - some as short as 2 minutes, some over 30 minutes.  I spoke with people in Pakistan, India, Jamaica, the UK, Sweden, Canada, Tunisia, and the USA.  (Yesterday, someone reached someone from Sudan for the very first time!)  Some of the people I talked to said they were: Hindu, Muslim and Catholic.  Some were open and curious, some were bored but hung around anyway, some were deeply resistant and fought against the logic of the gospel.

Most of them heard the gospel, which is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16).  It is the message by which people are saved (Acts 11:14).

Sharing the gospel message should be our priority.  And we have discovered a deep vein of gospel opportunity, so easy to access - it is a wonderful gift.  The tools in place to protect us from the dark side of this vein are just getting better and better.

And you can watch it happening live or delayed via the Operation 513 Facebook page.

If you would like to give online evangelism a try, free one on one training is being offered.  Get in touch to schedule a time.  Come and join the team!

Otherwise, please continue to pray for the small team working this gold mine - we are literally reaching thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus.  All glory to God alone.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 26, 2021 from 1300 t o1500

By grace Johnny and Hung teamed up as usual at Sunnybank with Gary another regular Gospel warrior absent to day as clash with new born son’s post-natal doctor health check appointment. Today we were led by the Spirit to went back on to the East side of the Pedestrian bridge where Sunny park is. It proved to be a divine manipulation that I could lead a BST student to reunite with her Gospel mentor who waited for her on the West side where Sunny Plaza is. Moreover, both Johnny and I got very long chat with specific gospel target that they seemed to have been arranged to meet us there without any interruption by the bus arrival. The lady chatted with Johnny before actually came for Johnny stopping voluntarily to post a lot of questions to Johnny. Although we did not know for sure her motive, that whether she was seeking for clarification on queries that blocked her from making the final step of faith, or simply to show off her cleverness to give her the excuse not to make any quick commitment any sooner.

I as usual traveled between the two sides to pick up those divine appointments God had in store for me as recap below. So, it was all the work of God to lead us to speak to people of all nations including Mainlander Chinese, Hongkonger, Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Maui of NZ, Pakistanis Muslim girl, local Aussie and even a ABJ Australian born Japanese as recap below: -

1) Indian Mum with her son. Took the tract, heard the nutshell of Gospel just barely in time when the bus arrived.

2) An ABC who took an English tract upon getting off the bus to meet her Chinese Mandarin speaking friend who also accepted a Chines tract. Since they had to go to meet another person elsewhere, so I could only emphasize the need for us the sinners to seek salvation from Jesus even we are regarded as a good person.

3) Then came the longest chat over 40 minutes in my late street evangelism. With Nee(倪) a Cambodia woman 柬國人 whose home town is Swatow, China.潮州,But she can speak fluent Cantonese 廣東話 by just living in HKG for one year as a tourist. (香港一年). She was spared from genocide by the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime by fleeing to Thailand(走難泰國), than she was rescued by other family members to have migrated to Australia becoming an Aussie citizen. 來澳 She claimed herself a pious Buddhist leading a simple life. She actually was having a rice roll lunch at the bus stop after getting off the bus but before going for a doctor appointment. That was the reason, I can have over 40 minutes or even longer time to share the gospel and my life testimony without the need to rush against the bus arriving schedule. Her calm and peaceful temperament does show she is a professed Buddhist. I rightly shared with her that all religions are only good at guiding people to become a better self, but never providing a solution to address the issue of sin. As a sinners, even our good deeds cannot be applied to offset the punishable sin. As sinner though a good person, we will face judgment after death and be subject to eternal death punishment suffering eternally in the hell of fire. The only way out is to let a perfect person to take our place to receive the punishment due on us. Jesus is the only perfect person who is sinless to do this for us. So, the ultimate life goal for us the sinners is to regain our heavenly citizenship through the sacrificial death and atoning grace of Jesus. Once our life turned back to live God centre, pour whole value system will be transcend to eternal value rather than all the temporal values. Most importantly, we will have real inner peace and content of life irrespective of all the external threats. I shared with her my medical health new threat but it could not disrupt the inner peace that Jesus has instilled into my life. Madam Nee seemed to have been moved and impressed with the life transforming power of God. We bid farewell praying for God’s further work leading her to the final step of faith to receive Christ.

4) Kelvin a Vietnamese also a Buddhist who believed in good deeds though having read the tract. There was not enough time to have further discussion and edification to challenge his point of view despite reading the tract.

5) Outright rejection guy also by another Vietnamese but it was certainly still God’s plan to use me to give him another alert,

6) Scared away a young Muslim girl from Pakistan. It anyway was also part of God’s plan executed through me to day.

7) Then a Hongkonger took a tract without stopping. She showed receptiveness to accept the gospel tract but was really in a hurry for a doctor appointment or else she would certainly stop to speak with me a Hongkonger.香港人拿單張

😎 Stephanie waited at the wrong spot for Andrew and was found by me to show her the right side she should have gone.

9) Susanna is a Maui Christian from NZ. She has 100% assurance of salvation but was made on the wrong basis of being a baptized church goer. She is that kind of Christian who has good but just inward going church life without the sense of outreach as an ambassador of Christ to share the gospel to people of all nations. So her understanding of salvation is basically incorrect. Yet she was not patient enough to have more discussion but left with the excuse of running late for an appointment.

10) I went over the bridge back to the West side and caught up with a local Aussie who initially hid his identity as a Christian. But I quickly spotted his piece meal bible knowledge. He kept asking my denominational background as such I could not yet check out his assurance of salvation before the bus came. He anyway seemed to have interest in me but no time to get my communication info but just a tract which he thought he can locate me. So just leave it to God if any follow up needed.

11) I then caught up with an Australian Born Japanese ABJ. I spent too much time catching up and showing off my Japanese but found that she does not speak and read Japanese at all except knowing my Japanese asking for her name. I any way still managed to share the nutshell of the Gospel to her in English and left with her an English tract.

12) Then my last chat was with two ladies from Chongqing重慶, China. They were looking for their bus schedule with great doubt so I gave them a hand. I could only manage to touch base upon the gospel and heave them with a tract each.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021

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March was a very busy month of ministry, and so in May, I’ve finally had a chance to get away and have a family holiday - which was great.

This week is my first week back.  On Tuesday I was online with the team, before heading to Riccarton.

My very first chat back was wonderful.  It was with a guy from Romania.  He seemed deeply impacted as I took him through the law.  But then (or maybe because of this) he grasped the gospel very quickly.  It turned into a long chat, over thirty minutes.  So good to be back into it!

I ended up having nine decent chats online on Tuesday.  The last one was also a stand out, because it went really deep.  It was with a teen guy in Texas, who ended up opening up.  He asked many wonderful questions.  Interestingly, his focus was on happiness, but it was clear he struggled with depression and even had suicidal thoughts at times.  But sadly, all his questions meant I didn’t really have a chance to get to the gospel, and then he had to go suddenly.  I was barely able to mention before he disconnected.  Yet, I feel like we covered good ground with questions answered and assumptions challenged.  As always, I leave him in the hands of God, may he have another opportunity to really hear and understand the gospel - maybe from you?

It was also great to be back on the streets of Christchurch.  We are now heading into winter here, and so it’s getting dark a lot earlier.  So the Riccarton outreach ended up turning into an evening outreach!

It was a busy outreach.  I started with a few brief chats - one of which was a follow up.

But then I got into a wonderful long chat with three teen guys.  It was a fun conversation, with a very serious edge.  I hope they were challenged!

The highlight conversation was the last one.  It was with a lady who seemed to be searching.  She talked a lot, which is fine with me.  I soon learned that someone had invited her to a church, but it was very strange to learn that she had to pay to attend?!  My first thought was the cult: World Mission Society Church of God.  Sadly, my guess was correct!  Andy and I are encountering more and more people with connections to this group.  (To find out more, check this out.)

Anyway, I was able to slowly explain the gospel of God’s grace found in [the true] Jesus.  She took two tracts, one for herself, and one for the girl trying to get her involved with the WMSCoG.  She was pointed to the Bible, and was given contact details from the local church I’m a part of - which so happens to be in her area.  God willing, I will see her again.

On Wednesday I was online with the team again.  Again, my first chat was amazing.  The guy came to the brink of saying he now believed that Jesus had died on the cross for his sins, and yet I was forcing him to consider the cost of such a decision.  The chat went for nearly thirty minutes.  What a great start to the day.  I took a five minute breather, before getting into my second chat of the day.  Next thing I hear is “Whoa, we meet again”.  I pulled down the shield and was stunned to see that I had connected to the guy I was last talking to!  He said, “it’s God’s will”.  Out of 45,000 people, I reconnected with the same guy.  Reconnects happen very rarely - this one gave me goosebumps.  Very, very providential, it reminded me of the book of Acts.  I instantly challenged him on where he stood with God.  I warned him that he may not have another chance to respond to the gospel!  We chatted for another five minutes before we parted ways for the final time.

Of the ten chats I had, the other I’ll mention is one I was having with two girls.  Near the end, the mother came into their room.  One of the girls turned to her and said, “he is teaching us about God”.  She came up and looked at me, then she smiled and gave me a thumbs up (pictured), then left the room!  The gospel conversation with the girls kept rolling like nothing happened.  Praise God!


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