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Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 29 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 29th 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Despite we are moving forwards into Spring in just a couple of days. The weather turned cool with looming rain. It nevertheless did not hinder our passion to serve God by the regular street outreach at Toowong, Sunnybank and the Gold Coast. Actually, scattered rain fall did pour down while we were doing outreach at the bus stop. Again, it did not impose any inconvenience but rather helping us to keep people stay put under the Bus stop cover for longer conversation. The spiritual atmosphere was in mixed status, we encountered both receptive and rejective reaction from our gospel targets. It anyway is the norm as making people aware of our imperfection or sin is not a pleasant thing to do. We simply surrender our all to the Lord to play our role of priesthood for all nations. It reminds us Johnny, Chi Ming & Hung to work as a team and support each other in volatile and unstable circumstances in His strength. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I first was led to catch up with Aladder an Aussie girl at the end of the queue for bus to buy more time for a chat. She was friendly and open for a chat even though she is not a religious person. But she remained open and receptive to the message shared and promised to ponder seriously at home to make this step of faith to accept Jesus as her saviour.

2) Then I was moved to approach a mature man from Colombia who has come for 8 months. He admitted he is not religious despite the Catholic background of his country. He patiently chatted with me for a while and excuse to leave for his part time work as a student.

3) Then I connected with another Local Aussie Gary who is a worker but not a student. He was OK for the chat and took a tract to read.

4) Then I was moved to catch up with Henry a Kiwi who was very open to chat about both spiritual and secular things. He did not reject God but also not feeling imminent need to connect with Him. He took a tract to read at the end.

5) Then I got hold of a Mainlander girl who was OK for a chat but appeared very conservative and not open to the gospel.

6) Next I caught up with a Taiwanese girl and she was more open for a chat on life issue and admitted that she need to address the issue of imperfection.

7) Then I caught up with another mainlander male and he deemed there may be perfect person in the world for argument sake?????At least his willingness to communicate and share his own view was good for opening the chance to share the full gospel to him.

8 ) Encountered two rejections by an Indian or Pakistanis and then also a Chinese girl who was on the phone.

9) Suen Suen ? a Singapore girl ? who was sceptical initially but God soften her heart for a very friendly chat of life issue. She also is not religious in mind but admit the gospel message worths deeper thinking in her heart to take an important faith action to address the imperfection issue of human sin. She took a tract to remind her about our conversation.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 27 August, 2023

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An interesting week!  My first trip away of the season.  I headed to Wellington to attend an OAC conference.  It was really good, well worth the time - I think.  Although I was dreading going.  I hate routine change.  And, being the first trip of the season, it was a reminder of how quickly time is passing.  I really enjoy the routine of winter outreach!

Believe it or not, they let me run a workshop at the conference (the theme was ‘worldview’).  My brief was to talk about the innocence / guilt worldview.  Now, I’m not sure how well I did in running a workshop, because what I ended up doing was just preaching!  (Sorry about that!)  I’m so passionate about this, that I couldn’t stop myself.  But I learned how to run workshops by watching Jeremy do his thing (great stuff).  One of my goals was to communicate the importance of checking questions in gospel chats.  And I think I succeeded in that goal, as attendees talked about how they applied that in their chats during the street outreach that occurred later in the week.

It was awesome being able to spend time with like minded people, get to know them better, and compare notes.

The street outreach (on Thursday) was amazing.  We gathered at various spots on Cuba Street in Wellington.  One group had a Noah’s Ark display up.  There were two tables running doing surveys (for chocolate bars) and using that as a launching board for gospel conversations.  There were sketch board open airs happening - one which was accompanied by musicians.

I had a couple of guys who were keen to pair up with me for walk up conversations to glean new techniques - esp. in regards to checking questions.  I was happy to oblige.  My, the people on Cuba Street were certainly diverse.  From all walks of life!  I had a fantastic time in the 2 hours we were there.  Made me think about moving to Wellington! ;)

I got a rejection initially, but I just moved on, and managed to get into a great chat with a young man who worked in one of the stores (he was on a break).  Most of the discussion was centred on discussing, “who is God?” - but I was able to go through the law and touch on the gospel.  He had to go back to work before I could get into check questions.

So, I tried again, and got into a wonderful chat with a young man.  He seemed impacted by the simplicity of the gospel, and this time I was able to work through all the check questions.  He ended up taking a gospel of John - he loved the graphics on the cover.

We moved up to the intersection and I had a number of great chats there.  A young couple came to understand the gospel (again, check questions were deployed).  And then I approached an Asian couple.  They were moving from Christchurch to Auckland, and happened to bump into me in Wellington.  The main speaker was from China, but had moved to NZ because it was more accepting of LGBT (they were gay).  I ignored that, and just took her through my standard questions.  It was interesting, because it was like she had never considered the logic I was giving her before.  She was genuinely stunned (jaw dropping) as she had to admit what I was saying made sense.  I had just moved to the law, asking if she had ever lied, when a passer by who heard the question came and interrupted.  He was a philosopher and wanted to engage.  Sadly, it killed the conversation I was having.  I left the interrupter with the Christian I was paired with, and went to quickly finish the chat with the Chinese couple (go through the law, explain about Jesus, and offer tracts, which were accepted).

I then went back to the Interrupter.  He tried to use his philosophical magic, but I wouldn’t let him, I would answer what he was saying, and then go back to what is important: the gospel!  It ended up being a great chat, even if he was rejecting the gospel.

I had a number of other chats.  So many people, so much opportunity.  My brain was buzzing by the end of the outreach.  God is so good to involve us in his mission in this world, to bring glory to himself through his justice and his mercy!  His patience is amazing.

The conference finished on Friday and I hopped on a train back to Wellington.  I made it to the city by lunch time, and was able to join Craig for 30 minutes of outreach on the waterfront.  So many fish!  We handed out tracts, and we both got into conversations (pictured).  I actually had time to have two chats.  The first is pictured, and then another one.  They both went well in the fact that the people were happy to talk and came to hear the gospel.

At the airport, I was able to spend some time in online outreach before catching a plane back home to Christchurch.

On Saturday I also worked online. I had a great chat with a young lady from the UK, who grew up in Moldova.  When I was taking her through the law, she defended her goodness quite strongly, and I expected her to quit the conversation.  But she didn’t, and we ended up talking for over 45 minutes.  By the end of the chat, she was understanding the gospel, and she had made a profession of faith.  I pointed her to her Bible and a good local church in her area (and not an Orthodox one that she had grown up with).

On Sunday afternoon I went to the streets after church gathering.  It was really cold!  But I had my puffer jacket and Beanie on.  In 1 hour and 15 minutes I had 3 wonderful gospel conversations, in spite of the cold.  The first was with a young couple, who came to grasp the gospel, but not willing to commit at this stage.  The 2nd was a fantastic chat with a young man who has recently moved down from Nelson.  He had a Christian background, but was sadly articulating works for salvation.  He is looking for a church, and so I encouraged him to consider the church I’m a part of.  He left with a tract and a contact card, I really hope to see him again.  Finally, I had a follow up chat.  The kid had not remembered the gospel from our first chat, but I could see why: he is not interested, because he loves his sin.  I was able to show him this, and then plead with him again on the gospel.  He accepted tracts.  I hope to see him again, God willing.

Looking forward to a standard week of outreach next week!  Just over 3 weeks and I’ll be heading to the Philippines again.  I can’t believe it.  Time is going so fast!  Next thing you’ll know, we will be in eternity.  Giving account for our talents, and enjoying God forever.  Are you ready?

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 23 August, 2023

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023 from 1300-1500

Today, team work remained being between Johnny and Hung, all other regular gospel warriors were all not available. We more so thanks God for using us as His unmerited vessel to do His work. Both fo us had amble of chances to have gospel chats with those who were destined and elected by God to engage into conversation with us. Again, good team work was played out in between us referring gospel targets of our more related background to do the sharing. Battle Log of Hung is recap below for reference: -

1) The Mainlander lady I first approached only took a tract but had to leave for an Uber coming to pick her up.

2) An ABC Christian was about to test his assurance of salvation but no more time to do it.

3) A young lady Hou ?, ?? from Shanxi?? Tai Yuan?? is an UQ student doing International Business and Finance. Had a causal chat then hastily shared the nutshell of Gospel before the bus arrived and she too ka tract to read.

4) Then I was led to approach a young lady from Quanzhou???who is studying International Business at Griffith. ???? Again just shared the nutshell of Gospel when her bus arrived.

5) Then I was led to meet another Catholic Christian but he deemed to be relying on work. Made a brief clarification.

6) Sze?, an ex- Catholic Chrisitan??????claimed he has forsaken his original faith. for a reason I was yet to find out. ?????He however understood clearly the mechanism of Salvation.?????Anyway, he took a tract to read. ???

7) Then I caught up with Wong a Hong Konger????but is now living in Sydney??. She came to Brisbane on business?she advised she has no religion???, but was still open for Gospel sharing and took a tract afterwards. ??

8 ) Then I approached a Filipino Christian lady who only has 60 % certainty of salvation. I point out her problem and made her understand she was saved 100 % because of Jesus redemptive work as such she should have 100 $ assurance of salvation.

9) Next, Johnny referred a Cantonese speaking Vietnam Chinese to me??????????He has not heard the Gospel before ????? and was appreciative of the message and is willing to consider to accept Jesus as his Saviour. I took a selfie with him in case I can meet him next time for follow up.

10) Then I was led to approach a man from Spain. Just shared the Nutshell of the gospel to find he is a Catholic Chrisitan, yet no time to test assurance of salvation.

11) Then I caught up next with lady Huang from Keelung???,?????who came here fro English study. She has not heard of the Gospel before????and is willing to pursue this Chrisitan faith.

12) Next I chatted with a lady from Tapei?? Taiwan?she was willing to listen but remained sceptical.

13) I approached another Mainlander girl but she appeared indifferent

14) Finally , I had a long chat with Isa from Colombia of Catholic background. Again, clarified for her the assurance of salvation and took a selfie for future possible follow up.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 22 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 15th 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Today, Chi Ming coming back from Tawan still joined to team up with Johnny and Hung to serve at Toowong. When we started there was still a long queue for the bus so we approached people at the end of the queue to gain more time to chat before they got on to the bus. In general, it was again a very fruitful outreach though not without hiccup up and stern rejection from a minority few. God also nurture team work that Johnny and I minister to the same person reinforcing the gospel message to the target to make an informed decision quickly. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung :

1) First Rejected by a mainlander girl despite I stressed it is a discussion of life issue from non-religious point of view.

2) Then I switched to approach an Aussie girl in front who was friendly initially but turn harsh once she thought the life issue was still about the fall and sin of human being that triggered the need of all human for salvation.

3) Then my next divine appointment was with an overseas Chinese born in USA but returned to China. She actually received education in Christian school in USA, and their family was once religious but for some reason, they all fell back from their original faith in God. The girl considered her self not yet a believer. I anyhow stressed the need of all people including good person yet not perfect then we all need salvation of Jesus to cleanse our sins. She was opened to discussion of the message but appeared not ready yet to be convicted to admit she is a sinner who need Jesus to take her place to receive punishment for her sin. ???????????????????

4) Then I was moved to approach still mainlander from Quanzhou. ???? He was happy we can chat in Cantonese. Though he appeared a bit cautious in accepting the gospel message, but he basically was still willing to enter into conversation with me on this life issue until the bus came.

5) Another mainlander student suddenly approached me for a tract hastily before he had to get on the bus. I gave him both Chinese and English. So prayerfully God will minister to him when he read the tract on the bus. ???????

6) Then I spent long time to chat with a mainlander girl who did not show initial rejection. But gradually her attention was distracted by some incoming text message triggering her to respond. Finally, I just finished the full gospel sharing and let her go when her bus arrived. I took a photo of her back but she noticed it from her hindsight and demanded me to delete the photo which I of course followed her request. That was the normal sort of spiritual warfare challenges we have to face from time to time.

7) Then I was led to approach still mainlander man from Henan????. He was opened and welcome for conversation. But it did not last long because of the quick arrival of the bus.

8 ) Miguel is a Catholic Christian and a high school student from Filipin. He patiently listened with interest to the gospel sharing but indicated at the end he is a Catholic Christian. I then tested he only have 80% certain to go to heavenly. I had to rush for giving him the clarification before the bus arrived. He was appreciative to have a selfie with me.

9) Then I was moved to approach mainlander again, a girl from Shanxi Taiyuan. ???????She studies Accounting at UQ and was willing to chat on life issues. ?????I also shared my testimony and work that God led me to do in China which seemingly had attracted her interest and hence become more willing to hear the gospel.

10) Carlsberg is from New Castle and a self-proclaimed Catholic 100 Chrisitan. He seemed to have 100 % assurance of salvation but all for the wrong reason of his good work rather than relying on Jesus alone. I also had to hastily to give him the clarification and he was appreciative to have again a selfie with me.

11) Then I was led to approach an Indonesia couple who appeared very friendly and polite though sceptical about the status of Jesus as the son of God and our Saviour.

12) Then I saw Louis was reading the tract obviously after a chat with Johnny. I curiously asked if he fully understand the message presented. I anyway was moved to reinforced the full gospel message once and he delightfully came to admit it is all true and logical and credible. I challenge him to make his final step of faith and took picture so I will recognize him next week to ask about his decision. Praise God he was really almost there.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 20 August, 2023

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In the picture, the guy Andy was talking to was in church this morning.  He has just moved to Christchurch from the North Island.  Friday was his first day in Christchurch, and he bumps into Andy.  Turns out he is staying in the same suburb as Andy.  And, he first heard the gospel through a street evangelist where he used to live up north.  No coincidences.  How encouraging is that!

Roger was with me in Riccarton on Tuesday.  Roger, John and Andy and I were at the Bridge of Remembrance on Friday.  Susan joined me on a nice spring Sunday afternoon in Cashel Mall.

Let me go back to Tuesday.  Ya know, the previous Tuesday’s outreach was so good, that’s all I can remember at the moment.  Hold on, it’s slowly coming back to me.  I remember the last chat was with a young couple, the guy was giving really good answers to my questions - he knew the gospel already.  That’s right!  The guy before him heard the gospel but wasn’t interested.  But the guy before that, heard the gospel and seemed to be deeply impacted.  Those three chats rolled one into the other.  I remember that I was starting to lose my voice a bit after the second one.  I had to pull my drink bottle out and cool my throat.  I was tired as I saw the young couple coming past, so I half heartedly said, “would you like to try the good person test?” and pointed to my flip chart.  To my surprise, they said, “yeah, why not”.  There is just no lack of gospel opportunity.  Who knows what will be the result.  Maybe the one who wasn’t interested will come to Christ, after all the gospel is the power of God for salvation.  Our job is to plough, sow, and water.  God will bring the increase.  All glory to him!

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I had a series of 4 stellar gospel conversations online.  The last of those 3 the people I was talking to even made professions of faith.  The first was from Northern Ireland (he was persuaded but said he needed time to process), second from Brazil, third from Cyprus (a couple of girls, one Catholic, and one Jewish), and finally with a young man from the Netherlands.

The street work on Friday was great, nice weather.  I’ve already mentioned Andy’s encouragement at the start.  I had a number of conversations: 1) A hyper charismatic (religiously) who got offended when I challenged them on the basis of their salvation.  They talked about miracles and the Holy Spirit, defended their righteousness, and no mention of Jesus - till the end.  2) A young man down from Wellington, happy to chat and hear the gospel, no visible interest.  3) I got to talk with my trans friend again.  He had blue lipstick this time.  He wasn’t offended when I reiterated that homosexuality is a sin, and I was able to continue labouring the good news.  He also asked me how I dealt with hatred and opposition.  4) A barber on a break.  He didn’t like Christianity because he falsely connected it to colonial oppression (he had a Samoan background).  I worked to make him realise the universal truth of oppression (sin), but didn’t have time to get to the gospel (one of those chats where you really have to labour).  Although, he rejected a tract at the start of the chat, and yet he was willing to take one as he left to go back to work.

I also had encouragement.  I got to talk to someone I knew from a church I was a part of years ago, down in Timaru.  (He was out talking with the homeless.)  He was showing me the Bibles he gives away when I noticed he had a single gospel tract (pictured).  It was one that our team had shared years ago!  I could tell, because the website address had been manually stamped by my family!  It encouraged me, because people do keep them.  They are silent missionaries.  Our labour is not in vain.

I had a great online chat on Saturday afternoon. The young lady started out as an atheist.  But it was emotional rather than intellectual, because as we started dealing with the truth her Christian background started to reveal itself.  She ended up reading me scriptures and talking about her church.  And yet, she didn’t understand the gospel.  By the end of the 30 minute chat, I think the truth of the gospel was starting to become clear.  It was a bit of a messy chat (non standard), but it was a good one.  God save her!

Sunday’s weather was amazing!  I’m going to have to start using sunscreen again.  The outreach was good, but difficult and discouraging.  It started out with a chat with a man who knew a lot about the Bible, but refuses to be part of a church.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt to start with, but as the conversation progressed, it became clearer and clearer that he was subtly trusting in works for his justification (it was difficult because I had to decipher all the words he used – the same words I use, but he had different meanings).  I ended up having to confront him in his error out of love.  To my surprise he called me a calvinist, a ‘neo calvinist’ whatever that is.  I was so surprised, because I wasn’t preaching Calvinism but the gospel.  He even quoted John Piper positively, does he realise John Piper is a calvinist?  For some reason I found this really discouraging - not sure why.  I left him at that point.  He talked with Susan for a bit while I went to distribute tracts to others.

Susan and I then paired for walk up chats.  I got into a chat with 5 young people.  A hard one, they were all in different places, and one of them kept taking control of the conversation and leading it on weird tangents.  I was amazed they stayed for as long as they did.  But I was able to share the gospel twice.

Had some other chats.  Another week of God’s patience is complete.  Thank you for keeping us in prayer.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 16 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Aug 16th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Today is Ekka Public Holiday, both Johnny and Qin Hao were occupied with their Sherwood Church holiday ministry with their church members. Therefore, I served solo at Sunnybank at ease and led by the Spirit. The last conversation with two Christians from mainland was apparently a God led ones. I finally invited them to attend our Sunday service for worship and fellowship. Recap is the Battle Log for today.

1) First rejected by an Indian look person for the reason being engaged in a phone conversation.

2) Then I was led to approach a big guy from Nanjing. ??He showed initial reluctance to chat , but I used my olden day travel experience in Nanjing to catch his interest and curiosity. Then I learned that he comes to do medical study at UQ but not intending to be a doctor. UQ ????. HIs heart was softened enough of the gospel but the bus came at this time. Still, it was a good preparation of heart for this 26 years old man.

3) Then I was led to approach a Japanese girl from Nara. She came for the study of English and it is really of preliminary level. Nevertheless, I used my limited Japanese to build the rapport and carry on with the gospel. Finally, I decided to give her my last Japanese tract to supplement her below standard listening ability. She at least was impressed by my enthusiasm to share here this important life issue. And I gave her one more English tract for her to use the tract to learn English.

4) Then I was led to connect with a Malaysia Christian from KL but lack assurance of salvation. Just have enough time to clarify the major misunderstanding.

5) Rejected by a couple of persons by silent ignorance pretending they do not speak either Chinese or English. But because of this I was led to catch up with two Chrisitan from China. One of them ??had actually been following me with his eye sight while he and ?? seemingly were also sharing gospel with another Chinese person.

6) I first hook up with Wang Chi?? from Shanxi??Tai Yuan??. I sensed that he is a Chrisitan that was why my action had caught his attention. Upon checking his assurance of salvation, it was a major lack of understanding. He claimed he has just move up to Brisbane from Melbourne and is looking for church. I referred and introduced majority of the churches in Sunnybank and Calamvale area but I was moved to invite him to come to CFC to have a look. He gladly accepted my invitation and I will come to pick him up at Sunnybank this Sunday.

7) Then Zhang Wah?? from Hubei?? Wuhan?? joined in the conversation. He seemed to be a more learned Chrisitan posting a lot of questions to verify if I am a fair dinkum Chrisitan and not a heretic. ON the same token, I also tested out his assurance of salvation which was same as ?? having major fallout from the orthodox teaching about salvation by grace thru faith. Anyway, they had to leave for another engagement so just pray that they will really honour their promise to come on this Sunday to CFC when we can have more mutual sharing on the Bible.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 15 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 15th 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Today, we were glad to have Chi Ming joining us to serve at the bus station for the first time. In the past he used to serve at the front door of Toowong Village on the street. This time since he came back alone without his wife, we suggested him to join us at the bus stop and the effect was good. Johnny had several long chats with the last one with Tao Sing Ngiu that he chatted before and this time he seriously considered to make the last step of faith and intend to go to Johnny's church. He even skipped several buses to let the conversation on for almost half and hour. As for me, I had chat with varieties of people, of whom some are for the first time but some are having chat with us before. Some actually have witnessing our ministry here for a long while but was skilful enough not to be caught up by us. Yet, today God moved her heart to avoid no more and have a good chat with me. For details, please refer to the Battle Log.

1) Noah is from a Chrisitan family but only 2 generation ago, both his parents and him was non-religious though he bears a Biblical name by his grandfather. He lives at Kawana of the Sunshine Coast, and doing his Uni basically on zoom except coming to UQ once a week to do practical things related to his study. So, our encounter was not by chance but by mission power to have a chat. We started at the end of the long queue and he choose to skip a bus to have more chat which lasted for at least 25 minutes. Full gospel was shared and he was convinced that no one is perfect as such we all need salvation by Jesus. Apart from the gospel, I also shared my life witnesses which was quite fascinating and appealing to him.

2) Then I was led to catch up with a man from Lebanon. I mentioned about my recent visit to Turkey and checked with him the latest status of Lebanon after the big blast 5-6 years ago. It was a pity his bus came but we trust God will leave a good impression for the future approach in God's time.

3) Then I was moved to connect with Sue an Adim of UQ. I used the story about the Story Bridge and the donation of land to UQ to get the chatting box opened. She actually is very familiarized about us seeing us every week at the bus stop but she could manage to avoid us in the past. But today, it seemed to be the time that God want me to open her heart for the gospel. And I was moved to use the story of MR story as an ice breaker which she found it amazing to realize such long hidden facts. The story of course led up to the logic that Mr Story could not use his good charity work to offset not to mention to waive his robbery and murder charge. Pray that the tract will pave for the next conversation opportunities in God's timing.

4) Then I caught up with Jimmy from Dalin?? who claimed one of us has had a chat with him and he was quite impressed by what we have been doing to alert stranger of this important life issue. So, it was a revision on the gospel message he so far has received which seemed to be quite effective as he cannot but admit no one including him is perfect as such we all need the atoning grace of Jesus to take our place to receive the punishment of our sin.

5) Moria local Aussie girl listened for a long time of my Gospel sharing but then said she is readily a non-practicing Chrisitan. I wasted no time to test for here assurance of salvation which she failed. So, I clarify right way and helped her to have established the 100% assurance of salvation.

6) Then I waited for a Mainlander to respond to my approach but she eventually simply just pretended she does not speak Chinese nor English.

7) Then I caught up with a Brazilian young man who claimed himself an atheist despite his country is predominantly of Catholic faith. While I was still beating the bush to find our more about his background, his bus came, so it had to be left for the next time.

8 ) Finally an Aussie boy also of atheist background but still care for a chat despite his lack of interest in religious matter. I anyhow still shared him the nutshell of the Gospel and helped him to accept the fact that while we are all imperfect, then there is need for each and every good person to trust in Jesus’ way of pardoning.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 13 August, 2023

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What an amazing week!  I hope this report will accurately capture how I’m feeling.  I took the week before off, I simply rested, so I feel like a million bucks as a result.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally refreshed.

Roger was with me on Tuesday in Riccarton.  Andy, Dominic, Roger and myself on Friday in the city.  I was in Riccarton on Saturday.  Susan and Mike joined me in the city on Sunday.

On Tuesday, I set up my flip chart on the corner of Riccarton and Rotherham and prayed.  I handed out a few tracts, when a young man with green hair approached.  It turns out he had seen my flip chart while on a bus going past.  He decided to get off the bus to come down and see what it was about!  We fell into a good conversation when another young man went past, and stopped, curious as to what was going on.

Now, these situations can be difficult, you don’t want to lose a chat that is going well, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose the other person either!  Amazingly, I was able to integrate the new person into the conversation and share the gospel with both.  God is good!

There was an openness about the first guy.  It turns out he had already been impacted by Nic Blackie’s gospel ministry at Cashmere High School.  So encouraging!  (Keep up the good work Nic!)  He ended up having to leave, and I was left with the 2nd guy.

The 2nd guy had a Christian background but had rejected it.  Yet, he was very willing to engage in the conversation and seemed impacted by the information he was learning.  (He articulated works for salvation as his understanding of Christianity.)  After a long time, he felt comfortable about opening up about his depression, and his struggle with sexual sin.  We spared for a bit over the issue of homosexuality (I was making it clear it’s sinful).  He ended up saying that he supports the LGBTQ community against hatred.  I told him I 100% agree!  I love those in the LGBTQ community.  And I love them enough to tell them the truth.  I get to talk to many people in that community.  By the end of the chat, we parted on very good terms.  Even though we disagreed, I could tell he respected me.  And he was now understanding the gospel.  I pleaded with him to repent.

I don’t know if my words have expressed it, but that was a very significant chat for me.  I was so encouraged.

On Friday, I also had a very long conversation, over an hour.  We started out at the bridge of remembrance.  Andy was into a chat, and Roger had his flip chart up.  So I decided to wander.  I was feeling nervous, because approaching people to talk about religion is hard!

I ended up bumping into some kids, 2 of them stopped to talk.  It turns out I had talked to one of them before, but he couldn’t remember the gospel.  And so, I was able to go through it again with them.  This time I gave church contact cards, as well as tracts.

I continued down Cashel Mall (I had crossed Colombo and I was nearly at High Street) when I approached a young man with headphones in.  And this was the long chat I mentioned.  He was very engaged right from the start.  His response to my initial question of “what do you think happens after you die?” was, “I think about that all the time, and I’m so depressed because I know I’m going to die”.  From there, I was able to show him how we can be sure of going to heaven.  (How we know God is real, the bad news, the good news, and then into check questions).  He asked lots of questions as he processed what I was saying and got it all straight in his thinking.

I kid you not, he was thinking through the implications so well that he came to the dilemma of ‘choice’ in salvation.  He was upset because, “what if you didn’t approach me to talk to me!”, and “what if I share this with my friend, and she decides not to believe it?”  I was able to clarify the tension between the reality that we must choose to accept God’s salvation, and yet, God chooses us for salvation.  Ultimately, God chooses us first, and so our salvation does not depend on us!  It truly is grace, and we can rest in it.  And yet, right now, BELIEVE, accept this amazing grace of Jesus.  Trust that he died for you.  There is simply no room in the Bible for, ‘what if I’m not chosen’.  Again, I did not prompt this out of him, he went to this naturally.  In God’s wisdom he addresses this issue for us in the Bible.

The guy ended up making a profession of faith.  But as the conversation continued, I could see he was wrestling with the cost.  He opened up about sexual abuse in his life, he had forgiven the person, but his way of stopping it was to “allow sex workers”.  This is not God’s way, God’s way is a lifelong commitment in marriage, between a man and a woman.  He realised that in choosing Christ, he would also be submitting to Christ.  The gift is eternal life, the cost is this life.

He accepted a copy of the gospel of John, and then we walked down the mall together talking about other things.  He is from Spain, he had arrived 4 days earlier, and was visiting a friend.  God brought him all the way across the world, to NZ, to hear the gospel.  We have free will, and yet God’s sovereign will is never compromised.  We parted ways at the bridge of remembrance (he got to meet Roger first).  It was then that I checked the time.  3:29pm.  The outreach was over!  Andy and Dominic were still in a chat, which soon finished up.

Saturday’s outreach was great too.  Shorter chats, but still no less powerful, because the gospel was shared.  One guy followed along with the logic in quick order, it almost felt too quick, but as he was leaving I could tell that he was impacted by what he said, “you’ve given me insight I didn’t have” (or something like that).

Sunday was amazing.  In church in the morning, Romans 10:1-3 was taught, and applied to prayer and evangelism.  I came to tears in the final song as I considered the glory of the gospel.  That Jesus would die on the cross for me!  This knowledge gives me the zeal to get out and preach!

And sadly the cults were rampant in the city in the afternoon.  The JWs were out as usual.  But I had conversations with 3 sets of World Mission Society Church of God (a horrible cult) people.  In fact, I was in a conversation with a drunk guy when a pair of them broke into my chat (I was annoyed).  I know they use the Bible heavily, but I was surprised at how easily I could use scripture to counter their false teaching.

Mike was busy on his flip chart.  As per the picture, Mike sent me a message “Hey bro, that convo with those 4 guys went great, 1 took a bible”.  Susan and I paired up and did ‘walk up’.  Susan had had a bad experience 2 weeks ago, and so this time I did the leading, and showed her tips on how to avoid unnecessary conflict.  Yet, conflict is unavoidable.  If you are going to be faithful in preaching the gospel, people WILL get upset.  Keep up the good work Susan!

I could write more, the chats today were so good!  But I’m out of time.  Thank you so much for keeping the feeble ministry in your prayers.  May the strength of God be shown through our weakness.  All glory to God alone!

(PS I had no time to talk about the online outreach.  So many good chats, people professing faith.  So good!)

Toowong (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 9 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Aug 9, 2023 from 1300-1500

This was yet another day of God's grace empowering Hung and Edwin (Qin Hao) to do street outreach at Sunnybank with Johnny on leave for a family vacation. Edwin is really gifted in evangelism reaching people of all nations, cross generation with quick precise gospel message and with full confidence. I found the way to work with Edwin selectively follow up with some of his target especially those self-claimed Chrisitan to test on their assurance of salvation. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) First approach was with a mainlander from Shanghai ??who claimed himself a Buddhist?. When I asked him if he thought there is any perfect person in human race, he used the Buddhism terms to express that everyone has their sin or transgression to be hold responsible?????, so this was spot on for leading him to the awareness that no one can be exempted from punishment of our own sin except through Jesus to be our Saviour to take our place to receive the eternal death punishment dying for us. It was a pity his bus arrived but he was opened enough to take a tract and pray that it will lead him to the enlightenment for salvation.

2) Rejected by a few though still shared partially or the nutshell of the gospel.

3) Then I followed up on Won a Korean Christian lady that Edwin had just approached. She is the rare group of Chrisitan that have 100% assurance of Salvation, I only need to supplement her with a fuller Biblical teaching on salvation. I was amazed to find out that she is also a UQ 2nd year student of Counselling. So we shared a lot of our experience in this field that how God moved me to do the Master of Counselling course that enabled me to have a period of 7 years of China ministry using counselling as a media to share the gospel in China.

4) Rejected further by two to chat.

5) Then I was led to approach Kelvin a Filipino. He is however a nonbeliever but appeared open for religious life issues.

6) Then I followed up on a guy that Qin had chatted on the issue of assurance of salvation.

7) After that I approached an Eastern European lady who appeared sceptical about our gospel ministry. I anyhow change topic to my travelling experience in the Eastern Bloc country around 1990 when the Berlin Wall was torn down. Indirectly, I still shared a bit of my life witness in Christ.

8 ) Then came another Korean boy who is also a non-believer. Time was not enough but he took a tract to read.

9) Next I caught up with a Filippino girl who is UQ student. She claimed herself a Catholic Chrisitan but was diagnosed lacking of assurance of salvation. She was appreciative for my clarification.

10) Then I bumped in the same girl from Costal Province possibly Fujian.??????We chatted before but when I asked if she understand and agree with the message of the tract, she indicated she did not need another religion and she is happy to stick with her idolatry faith in a Chinese local idol called MaJoh.???I then lead her through the bible to widen her eyes on God's plan for human at the time Adam and Eve sinned against God leading the human race to become enemy o God rather than the people of God. But God's love for us let Him to devise the dual Kingdom and Redemption project as per Gen ?3:15. I was also about to show her the scientific aspect of the 6 days creation ???? but time is up. Pray for next time we can carry on with the unfinished story of God.

11) Then I connected with an ABC but just have no time to chat except giving him a tract.

12) Finally I approached again a Japanese who come to study at Griffith majoring in Business. We clicked because of my Japan life experience and although he claimed his English is no good but I still managed to share the full gospel with him.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 8 August, 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 8th 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a fine day for outreach. Again, only Johnny and Hung team up to serve at Toowong which is a mission field from cross cultural outreach to those UQ International Students. It was so weird today that the queue for bus around half past one was historically long turning the corner and ending at the back street. We could approach someone at the end of the queue so that we can have ample time to accompany the target inside the queue till they boarded the bus. There were large varieties of people group we met and chat today. Muslim from the Arab world, Indian, mainlander and above all Indigenous people or from the outback. There was first timer to hear the gospel. Chrisitan without assurance of salvation, and also stone heart people who reject the gospel. Nevertheless, the Gospel was preached and seeds were sowed. Our God is the one to nurture and harvest. God is great and good. Recap below is my Battle Log: -

1) My first approach was a Muslim ??but a Japanese Manga lover. He bought a cloth hand bag with animation printer on it in Japanese and Kanji. It actually was an evil picture showing the monster in the form of a skeleton bond is having a girl as its breakfast. He was amused when I translate for him the meaning of the manga so his attitude had turned soften and open for more chat. But because of the long queue, he finally chose to call an Uber instead of waiting. Not sure if it is a way of avoidance ??? But certainly, have left with him an impression of wide world view and someone who know the truth that trying to share with him.

2) Then I witch to a mainlander Xao ?from Shenyang??, he overheard my conversation with the Muslim guy and was also amused to find out the funny meaning of the cartoon. As such he appeared very open and impressed about me for a long chat possibly because of my wide exposure of the world. I did not just cover the gospel but my whole testimony and he looks very opened and receptive ??to the gospel and as a result he took both the Chinese and English tract to read.

3) Then I was moved to connect with an aborigine girl from Mt Kaiser in Qld. She claimed she is a & days Adventist Christian, but was tested without assurance of salvation. She anyhow was very open to my explanation and clarification about the real meaning of salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

4) The I connected with a Hinduism, Indian girl who anyhow was not that open for the gospel.

5) Then came next is a girl from the United Arab Emirate. Had a brief chat and shared the nutshell of the gospel then our conversation was cut short by a phone call.

6) Then I connected with Han from Sichuan??, he was very opened especially after knowing I had been a disaster relief team member to Sichuan. ???He also was keen to learn more taking both the Chinese and English tracts. ???

7) Then next I caught up with a Mani lander from Shenzhen ?????she has been here for a long while?????but she is those typical Mainland who was afraid of connecting with local people on religious issues. ???

8 ) Aarushi was yet another Indian girl, and we met last week. So, I followed up on her understanding of the gospel but she still missed the point that being a good person is ok.

9) Then I approached a PNG aborigine lady who was on the phone.

10?Then I caught up with yet another Mainland girl who is very unopened.

11) Last but not the least I have a long chat with an Aussie girl Alisha from Mackay and a home town in the outback town called Naranjo. Her parents are Aussie father with a Spanish mother with strong Catholic background. So she claimed she was baptized as a baby, but when I shared the gospel , she obviously did not understand salvation, so I simply treat her as a non-believers to share her the full gospel which she appeared overwhelmingly receptive and took my advice to ponder again if she has yet ever repent and accept Jesus as Saviour. I was looking forwards to meeting her next week.

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