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Saturday, 15 December, 2007

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Tonight was an interesting night, it started off by looking like it would be a real busy night, but during the preaching the crowds dwindled down to a few people walking through the mall.

The first preacher up for the night was Ryan, and before he began preaching we had a regular heckler circling for a bit of a show. While Ryan was preaching the heckler kept opening up on him in regards to the Old Covenant and the need of a blood atonement. Ryan put up a decent apologetic, but the heckler was not interested in being reasonable, so he kept on arguing the same point.

Earlier in the night Andrew Hsu had told me that he wasn’t going to be preaching, yet when this heckler opened up he got the ‘preachers itch’ and had to jump up to deal with the heckler. This heckler and Andrew have a background of confrontation. They have debated each other in times past so Andrew used this to his favour when he debated this guy again.

Andrew was up for sometime, and while he was preaching I got surrounded by a group of scantly clad women who were trying to entice myself and another male listening to go off to the club with them. I refused and shared the gospel with them, but the other man who was listening was led off as a sheep to the slaughter.

After Andrew stood down from preaching, Josh Mitchell jumped up and preached the night home. During this time I was having a good conversation with one of our hecklers who has been present for the past six weeks. Over the weeks he has shown a great hatred for the gospel and Christianity. Tonight however, we were able to talk. He was open to hearing the Biblical message and he even took a Bible. Please be praying for this young man.

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