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Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 16 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 16, 2021 from 1330 to 1500


Today, Garry joined Us, namely Johnny, Winnie and Hung to do outreach at Toowong. With the four of us, Gary took the post right under the foot of the pedestrian foot bridge and with all his three gospel signs set up there. The rest of us moved forwards to the Bus stop. The people flow was less than usual, as such Johnny eventually switched to set up his post at the traffic light trying to catch those crossing the road. So only Winnie and Hung were left at the bus stop. Winnie actually had a sore throat today, but she still faithfully came and did not slow down her pace to get to as many people as she can.

Basically, both Winnie and I had enough conversation opportunities to get us fully occupies. Though some of them were reluctant gospel targets but basically, we still sow the many gospel seeds to be reaped by God in His time. As for Gary and Johnny, they both had a more difficult time to stop people down for a chat. But Gary unknowingly had played good team work with us as he had handed out tract to many people who did not stop or pause just for a brief chat but all ended up coming to the bus station, as such Winnie and Hung were able to picked them up for a more thorough gospel sharing conversation.

After we finished, Johnny suggested that may be we shall try Indooroopilly next week where there would be ample of opportunities at the Bus terminal station.

Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1. Abrade a local Aussie tall guy who was very gentle and polite and was willing to listen to the full gospel. It was a pity the bus came a bit too early before I finished but trust that the message would still be clear and sufficient for him to ponder if he is perfect enough for heaven.

2. Atef, is a Malaysian of Indian origin. His parents are Christian, he was brought up in a Christian family but he is not sure if he has become a Christian yet. I tried to test his assurance of salvation which of course had failed the test. Again, it was a pity the bus came at this moment so could only leave everything to God.

3. A Nameless Aussie girl showed initial reluctance to listen to the gospel, but eventually have patience to finish listening the nutshell of the gospel when the bus came. It was a pity she did not get a tract.

4. A young lady from Mainland China kept emphasizing that she did not feel the need of gospel right now. I nevertheless told her I shared the same view long time ago, but finally after 40 years of searching I found the answer that no one can go to heaven unless that person is perfect. We all have punishable sin to be accountable for and only Jesus can tale our place to receive the punishment. At the end, she agreed to take a tract to ponder on the message I shared with her.

5. Jarvis is an Indian girl yet she was the most open and sincere listener of the day. She came off the bus but willingly stopped under the high noon sun to listen to my full gospel sharing and show great receptiveness.

6. Another Chinese girl also appeared very rejective of the gospel. I reassured her that she was under no pressure to rush for a decision. All she needed to do is to keep an open heart with open mind to hear the gospel first and let the Holy Spirit to work in her heart.

7. Gabby is a Christian girl but typically without assurance of salvation. I clarified her misconception and hope she would know to trust in God for spiritual growth.

8. Kim a funky young Aussie girl who had got a tract from Gary with a brief chat. She appeared a good listener finish hearing the full gospel and showed positive mood to pursue God and his salvation plan.

Battle Log of Winnie :

感謝 神今天的带领,有好的天氣,還给我遇上11人傳講福音及解释救恩。

有四位澳洲青年男女,分别是 Alice, Martin, Emmy, & Jackie. 他們説會想想基督的信仰。

兩位印度女子,Debbie. 及 Heather. 也是會認真想想基督信仰。

Sharon 印尼女子,Sunny 澳洲少女。基督徒,解释救恩。

越南少女,Mimi. 她是佛教徒。我解释佛教及基督信仰的分别。她聽後,會想想這問题。

澳洲少女,Alexia. 她是同性恋者。她说不會信,因她已经是罪人。我解释给她,我們每個人都是罪人,但犯不同的罪。如果信靠耶穌,我們的罪得,赦免,有永生。她说會想想。

日本少女,Ann. 當我講完福音给她,她説 完全明白,會想想基督信仰。

感謝主的恩惠,周日我喉咙痛,咳嗽。開不到聲,不能反教會,但今天可以開聲傳福音,這都是 神的作為。感謝讚美主!

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Sunday, 7 November, 2021

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On Sunday night the team headed into the city as usual and although there was a bit of rain around, there were still plenty of people to chat with.

The Sunday night outreach is a "team training" outreach in which the team pairs up and has alternating chats, enabling feed back and encouragement to be given.

One pair started chatting with a "strong" Roman Catholic, Tristan and his friend. The friend had been drawn to catholicsm but in the conversation took a back seat role listening and making an occasional comment. 

When asked whether they would be heading to Heaven or Hell, Tristan shared that he thought he deserved Hell. This seemed to be an encouraging start but something seemed off.

It turned out that Tristan thought that he was a good guy who had done some bad things and so the solution to his problem was that he would improve Himself, pay off what he had done wrong (in purgatory) and then be accepted by God because of his great character and improvement.

This started a long journey demonstrating through God's word just how wrong this view of himself was. It was shown that his rebellion against God is wilful and continual, that each action he has done is in some way sinful, even if it is morally good on the outside and therefore no one is good, not even one. The friend agreed with this, Tristan on the other hand couldn't accept it, he wanted to think he had some good within himself, to give himself hope of eternal life.

For the sake of the friend, the conversation was turned to the solution, it was pointed out that our inability to honour God on own is an essential part to comprehending salvation as a gift. Tristan argued with this but was bought to a halt with the question, "If you have to work for something is it a gift?". Tristan said, "That would not be a gift!". Then came the killer question, "Do you believe that salvation and eternal life are gifts from God?". Tristan agreed with the logic but didn't agree with the point and was stumped.

His friend took this moment to point out, "I have never seen you unable to respond to a question before". It was a beautiful confirmation of the simplicity and logic, that salvation cannot be through merit or work and still be a gift.

A further point was made that it would be to steal glory from God to think that one's actions contribute to their salvation. Tristan flatly denied this saying that God gets the glory because He gave us the tools, even though we do the good works. He was given an analogy to demonstrate the contradiction of this position, "Imagine someone gave you a spade and bucket and took you too the beach, if you were then to make a sandcastle, who would get the credit for the castle that was made?"

Tristan acknowledged that it would be the builder not the provider of the tools but was still firmly holding onto the position of self-righteous reliance upon his own abilities. His friend was challenged and thanked us for the conversation saying it gave him a lot to think about but Tristan doubled down declaring the Roman Catholic Church as the only true interpreters of God's word, despite having been shown three contradictions his church had with God's word.

Please be praying for these guys, praying that God would allow them to see the depth of their sinful state and therefore enable them to come to understand why they could never save themselves and instead to trust in Christ alone as the only one who can save them and enable them to live as God has designed them to live, in submission to Him!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 10 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday, Nov 10th, 2021 from 1300 – 1500

We were over joy to have Ben joining us, Johnny, Gary and Hung today at Sunnybank. Ben uses to meet and serve with Johnny at the Inala Shopping Centre on every Thursday. We are grateful to God moving Ben to join us, hopefully on a regular basis from now on. Johnny chose to return to his old position on one of the corners of the pedestrian foot bridge on the Sunny Park side. I, Gary and Ben stayed on at the bus stop on the Sunnybank Plaza side. It was a good day of outreach with mixed results and surprise divine encounter. A young girl from Malaysia who chatted with Johnny first. I tried to go over to take a photo of them but their chat finished before I got to them. The girl just walked up the foot bridge and we walked pass each other. Instead, I took a snap shot of the girl when she passed by rubbing shoulder with me. Then half an hour later. The lady Sherina Lee appeared at the bus stop of the West side. She took initiative to greet me as if she knew me. Later, I found out that she confused me with Johnny simply because she saw me holding the same kind of tract in our hand. It however, kicked start a good conversation letting me to reinforce the gospel in her mind and encourage her to response to the tender voice of the Holy Spirit to receive Christ as her Saviour. Then weirdly, she left the bus stop as if she came her to meet me. God’s amazing work kept surprising me to not limit my self for any seemingly impossible situation for the Gospel sake. Recap was my Battle Log for Sunnybank today: -

1. My first gospel target was a man from Mainland China who claimed himself as a Buddhist.佛教男子 His intention was to decline to chat with me, but I still managed to tell him Buddhism is good but just as good as all other religions telling people to be a good person. Yet unless we are perfect, good and bad persons all go to hell to face judgement after death and be convicted to suffer eternally in Hell. He was interested to note that only Christianity provides a righteous solution to address sin that proper punishment will be exacted on every sin we committed. Yet it was Jesus who voluntarily took our place to receive the punishment as such we are deemed as sinless ready to be accepted back to our heavenly kingdom home. Pray that the message will work in his life.

2. Then I met up with Salina, a member of Rev Abraham Chen’s One Heart Church.陳有文牧師的會友,上了把握時機一課. Actually, on Sept 1, 2021, Salina from One heart Church greeted Johnny again. I took over to ask about her church general status and tried to introduce Kairos to her. 合一教會. Today I again had a long chat with her using the Kairos approach to deepen her understanding of the gospel as well as God’s Dual Kingdom and Redemption Project.

3. A local Aussie man was friendly and receptive to hear the gospel. It was a pity that the bus came too quick to cut our conversation short. Still pray that the Tract will serve the purpose as God’s Willing.

4. Then I caught up with a young lady from Le Shan Sichuan. 四川東北願意聽. My personal testimony of joining the rescue team of the Sichuan earth quake in 2008 had drawn her interest. She could feel the work of Jesus in my life through professing the Christian faith. She apparently was attracted to pursue but at this time her friend from Shan Dong came to end our long conversation. I anyway still managed to give that girl a tract and pray that it would take effect as God has planned.

5. I went over to the East side where there was much less chance to share the gospel. There was only one local ussie man at the bus stop. I had already politely introduced myself but that man still responded in rude manner accusing me approaching him without self-introduction and asked for permission to speak. The fact was as mentioned I did introduce myself telling him my name. So, I did not argue but pull away to let the rest to God.

6. Sherina LEE from Malaysia was very nice greeting me because of my tract . I anyway took the chance to refresh the gospel message with her as per narration in the above.

7. Then I met my last target today by the name of Shang Shan Dong響山東, despite being a mainlander and a non-believer, she seemed to be very interested in the gospel message. Another man listened from beside was also drawn into the gospel sharing and he took the initiative to ask for a tract as well as my phone number which I failed to give him as the bus was all waiting for him to board and leave. So, all I can do is to uphold all these to God. 非常有興趣丶另一男問電話?

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 9 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday November 9th, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

With Winnie joining us again after a week of rest, Johnny decided to go back to the bus stop where more chances of gospel conversation are usually available. There were mixed responses but all of us still managed to get many divine appointments to share the gospel under scorching hot high noon sun. We had to learn to adapt to such tough condition to accept a higher rejection rate or showing more reluctance to chat but still patiently waited before the Spirit to guide us to pursue or not. It paid off to follow not our heart in flesh but God’s Will that many of the initial rejection cases were turned around with a chance to share the nutshell of the gospel. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1. Alicia a lady from HKG. She is in her year 3 at UQ, so she is not fleeing from HKG but a genuine student. She is a non-believer, so I just barely managed to share her the nutshell of the gospel at the last moment when the bus came. Her immediate reaction was encouraging, and she promised to read the tract in details.

2. Kabila is an UQ student from India. He is a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation. He looked on to see how we shared the gospel at the bus stop as he claimed he is also an evangelist in the UQ campus. His only short coming is not having yet an open heart with Kingdom view that we are both servants of God not in a competition status. My intention to clarify his assurance of salvation is justified as 95 % of the Christian have no assurance of salvation.

3. Jacquavius, a local Aussie girl was a bit reluctant to chat, but God still softened her heart to finished listening to the full gospel.

4. Roland was a tall white local Aussie student. He was opened to chat and I could also just manage to share him the nutshell of the gospel.

5. Another local Aussie young man said he was not interested but God still urged me to show him this is an interesting and important issue. God finally still softened his heart to listen to the gospel and took a tract at the end.

6. Another overseas mature student dressed in formal suit with a hat was willing to take a tract and to chat even the bus had come.

7. Two Indian girls jokingly not to really want to hear the gospel but accept that they are not good enough persons and possibly will go to hell. It took absolute patience to drag them back to the gospel sharing and how Jesus atoning death to take our place to shoulder all the punishment of our sin.

Battle Log of Winnie Choi

9/11/21 Toowong.

感謝 神今天讓我遇到十二人傳福音及講解救恩的機會。

第一及第二位女仕,Patricia & Lisa, 來自印尼。我與 Patricia 講及三一神,她説明白基督信仰。Lisa 來到,她叫我再次講给 Lisa 聽,當我講完,巴士到逹。




第六位 中國UQ學生,Peter。講了一半福音,巴士到達。他説會在巴士閲讀單張。



第九位,Jeffry。中國留學生。他説已经收過两張單張。我問他願意悔改,接受耶穌基督為救世主嗎?他説還未決定。我從新講述福音及罪的問题给他,希望 神能感動他。

第十位,Lian。澳洲少女,天主教徒。我講及基督教與天主教分别。馬利亞不是 神。



願 神带领今天所有聽到福音人仕,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 3 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log For Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

The weather turned much cooler ideal for street outreach. Again Johnny, Gary and Hung met at Sunnybank to team up preaching the gospel to people of all nations. Gary first set up two signs with God’s words. There is always enough people flow in Sunnybank but it is also a very difficult mission field with high rejection rates, By grace, we still got enough opportunities to share. Team work is also very prominent here. It is not just collaboration amongst the three of us but more importantly each of us with God through the Holy Spirit. There were many instants that one of us got rejected in the first place, but ultimately other team mate would get a successful connection in the second approach. Recap below is the battle log of Hung:

1) A middle-aged lady appeared impatient to chat but eventually still gave in. She declared herself a Christen not long after I started sharing the gospel. SO I witched immediately to test for her understanding of the gospel and her assurance of salvation which she again appeared very impatient to answer. It was not a good interaction but I still thanked God for this divine encounter. 基督徒, 但不願理釆,也不肯定有十足救恩。

2) A couple of Chinese ladies who once declined to chat or taking a tract. I made a second attempt after they were be seated. Thanks God then they are willing to listen in a more relax mood. Their response to the gospel was basically positive. At the end, one of the girl was convinced and was willing to take a tract when the bus came. 一對中國女子,曾拒,後一女願拿單張

3) Then I bumped into a first general ABC as she is at least 40 years old. She could not speak good Chinese as such we still communicated in English. She was a willing listener of the gospel and appeared quite responsive. She promised to ponder after reading the tract at home.

4) Rice from China who rejected Gary but chatted in Chinese with me friendlily and interactively. Pray that the sharing will work in his heart.

5) Two Cambodia girls again declined Gary but was ok to talk to me in English. I shared to her that despite Cambodia is a Buddhist country, Christianity has picked up growing lately as I have many Christian missionary friend working there. It was a pity I could just manage to have time for a short chat as the bus came very quickly.

6) Lam a Vietnamese man who was so drawn into the chat that he missed the bus. He was very polite and claimed himself a Buddhist. I shared with him Buddhist is good at guiding people to be a good person but has no solution for the punishment of sin.

7) A Chinese lady took a tract before but don’t fully understand the gospel. I went through it again with her and she was a willing listener and appeared to be a seeker.

8 ) Chinese lady appeared a bit indifferent but still seemed to be listening before the bus came. At the end, she still rejected the tract

9) Another Aussie lady said she was fine but actually missed the chance.

10) Peter from Shenzhen is a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation and clear understanding of the Gospel. He was humble to learned why most Christians failed to have same assurance of salvation like him because of their insufficient understanding of God’s three folds salvation plan.

11) African guy on the phone but took the tract first to show his willingness to get to know more about God

12) Daphanie a Filipino nice girl who were willing to listen but the bus came too quick. Pray that the tract will do the job passing on the gospel message.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 2 November, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log For Towong on Tuesday Nov 2nd, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today only Johnny and Hung were available while Winnie had to attend an Eyes Specialist post operation follow up appointment. Johnny as the leader decided to switch to a different place to try to meet a different group of people flow other than the UQ student concentrated people group. We therefore went to the Sherwood Street taking a post far enough from the main entrance of Toowong Village. First impression was that it is a more difficult place for outreach. We did encounter many rejections in the beginning. Yet, when we just started to feel desperate at the end of human way, the sense of the need of the guidance of the Holy Spirit phased in. Gradually, I got the sensitivity to pick and stop the right persons one after the others. Some stopped for a chat, some let me to keep chatting while walking with them since they were in a hurry. Over all speaking, it was a difference spiritual experience in comparison to the outreach at the bus stop that required less sensitivity to the guidance of the Holy Spirit but simply pick whoever is available. Recap below were the divine encounters led by the Spirit.

1) David an old guy who was the first to stop to have a chat with me. He claimed he is a Christian but was not sure of his salvation opining that god only knows the answer. But I told him God has already revealed through the Bible the way to be saved with certainty. I used the pictures on the cover of the John Bible booklet to ask if he thought the effectiveness of the work of Jesus dying for our sins on the cross is still not 100% effective enough to save us? Then he came to the full understanding that he actually should have 100% assurance of salvation and thanks for my clarification.

2) Two Chinese guys took the tracts but still reluctance to chat despite I walked with them for a short while.

3) Another Arabic person with a Muslim look was friendly to stop but apologised he could not stop for a chat but he was happy to take a tract to read.

4) Then came Mia a Filipino Christian who stopped immediately to chat despite she indicated she was heading to meet someone. Anyway, I wasted no time to check for her assurance of salvation which was only at 50% level. Again, I used the same technique of showing the picture with Jesus fencing off the hell of fire taking our place to receive the punishment of our sin. Like David, she immediately came to her sense that the work of Jesus should guarantee 100% effectiveness. Of course, I supplemented with Eph 2:10 and 2 Cor 1:10 to give her a full picture of Gods holistic salvation package plan. She is church going and is having good personal relationship with God.

5) The Spirit then guided me to stop a Nepal lady who is not yet a believer. She was open to the gospel and appeared very receptive to the Gospel. I mentioned despite Nepal is a Hindu major country, yet Christianity has started growing since the earth quake 10 odd years ago. She then disclosed that her husband is already a Christian, then I urged her to take it seriously to read the tract and ask the Spirit to guide and move her to reached the conviction that as a sinner, she needs Jesus like her husband does. Then ultimately, they will for sure be reunion n heaven in eternity. So let pray for a step of action faith to be made in God’s best timing.

6) Graham checked if what I preached is pure gospel and quickly disclosed that he is a Christian. I wasted no time to check for his assurance of salvation which was 100% perfect. He showed appreciation for our work and said he is a School Chaplain and a pastor himself.

7) A lady in Green took a tract and when asked if she can go to heaven by acting just as a good person, she said she didn’t know but had no time to chat. I told her the answer straight ahead that no one unless a perfect person can go to heaven. I pray and hope that she can verify it from the tract.

8 ) Joe with a cigarette in hand was originally not a preferred target to stop for a chat. Yet the Spirit moved me to approach him and really, he stopped willingly. He is a very open-minded guy who loves to hear and learn new stuff. He was not completely strange to the gospel and believed there is a God. But after gospel sharing, he admitted he is a sinner who needed Jesus. So I gave him the Gospel John booklet and urged him to read both the tract and the John booklet to seek guidance from the Spirit to make the last step of faith in Christ.

9) A big guy arrived by car and looked interested in what we were doing when he got off from his car. He actually was waiting for his girlfriend to come for a late lunch. I took use of this time to share the gospel briefly to him then his girlfriend arrived. She declared immediately she is a Buddhist. I responded that all religions are good at teaching people to be a good person but exactly do not provide answer to address our sins. I do not want to occupy their dating time, so just asked them to read the tract and think about the life in eternity to see if they need Jesus.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday October 27, 2021 from 1300 – 1500

The team of three Johnny, Gary and Hung assembled at the bus stop on the West side of Main Road. Gary however, set up gospel signs on both side to catch attention. We had a busy day with all sort of conversation opportunities of long or short duration. One of the characteristics of conversation to day was all facing initial rejections but the Holy Spirit did the work to soften the heart of those initially hardened heart person to come back for a chat. Team work was prominent today that Johnny referred many Cantonese speaking people to Hung. Another growing phenomenon is that meeting up with people whom we chatted before not just once but several time. It allows follow up on the genuine response to the call by the Spirit through the tracts. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1) Johnny referred an elderly man by the name of Wang 王 originally from HKG 港 migrating to Australia since 1974. He claimed to be a Christian but does not have clear and complete understanding of salvation by grace through faith. He was once induced to Mormon and got baptised there. But his divorced wife invited him to attend the Protestant Church if he wants to reunited with her. 離婚太太邀請去教會 So it is under such complex backdrops that I tried to make sure he heard the full gospel and understood completely before making the next step to join any church.

2) Yvonne a lady I met for the fourth time but I still could not figure out here true belief. She swore that she believes in one God head, but would not confine herself to adhere to any religion and or denomination. She does not admit she is a Christian. She admits there is one God but not necessarily the one revealed through the Bible. So, there is still big room to communicate with her to steer her back to the right protestant faith.

3) A Chinese lady listened but not that receptive anyway so the gospel sharing may deem as just seeds sowing.

4) Another Chinese took tract but did not want to chat.

5) Liam a Catholic background student but passed the diagnosis test of assurance of salvation. We then have a very long chat about some misconception of the Catholic faith including the issue if Mary is a Saint and in what sense. Liam was knowledgeable enough to know that the layman view treating Mary an ordinary person is popular but the theologian view on the contrary is the root of all those inconsistence fallacies elevating Mary to the level of a goddess wit no original sin and remain purity in virginity all her life. It was rare for a young man who has such broad comprehension of a complicated issues.

6) Three person seems to be a family claiming they and their family are of Christian background who know about the gospel. The bus just came to cut the conversation short as such I could not do any diagnosis test on their real understanding of the gospel and their assurance of salvation.

7) A Pink lady from mainland bluntly rejected me but then come back to chat. Her attitude turned from a reluctant listener to a willing and earnest seeker of the truth finished hearing the full gospel.

8 ) A Buddhist Vietnamese lady show willingness to chat and let me shared the nutshell of the gospel.

9) A lady claimed we met and chatted before so she did not want to enter into the same conversation and left her alone. Yet, the Spirit still urged me to keep on sharing that pushed her to a point asking me if we see Homosexuality, is a sin. If yes, then there is no more ground for me to share anything with her. I gave her an outright answer that in God’s eyes homosexuality is not something designed by God and pleased Him. But we are all sinners in different aspects that we are all a sinner on par and no one sinner is morally better off than other. Jesus came to save all sinners by his blood. So, as a Christian, we will never discriminate LGBT but accept them into our community while trying to help them get saved first then the Spirit will brighten up their eyes to see what they did not see before. I quote the example of the loving kindness love caring for a Homosexual gay man whose partner had died and he was so upset that he was thinking of suicide. yet our gospel team member rendered him first the love and empathy that he needed at that saddest moment of his life. Through the gospel, he will find new hope in Christ Jesus who loves and accepts all imperfect human. The LGBT lady seemingly was touched and softened to open for more sharing until the bus came.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday Oct 26,2021 from 1330 to 1500

As usual the team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung assembled at the Toowong train Station for an opening prayer before we moved to the Bus stop across the road which is an ideal Open Air Street outreach mission field meeting for mostly UQ students. But we found out lately that the chances of meeting those same persons we met before have increased to an extend some of them may try to avoid us. Johnny and I will pray if we should try a new location next time to meet a different group of people.

Anyway, both Winnie and Johnny got many chances of conversation. As for me I got 6 as recap below: -

1) Johnny approached a man from Macau who does not speak Mandarin 澳門, so he referred that person to me. He appeared very alienated 非常汵淡‬ and not that attentive to my talk. Nevertheless, I still managed to finished sharing of the full Gospel. While I doubted if he had taken in any message I shared, he then said to me thanks you, my bus had come. So, he might have listened in all the gospel message and up to God to open his heart.

2) Then I approached a year three UQ student 男生三年生 from Zhejiang, Mainland China 浙江‬. He was very open to chat about faith and appeared quite receptive to the gospel message. Pray that the seed of gospel sown in his heart will bear spiritual fruit in His time.

3) Then I caught up with ‪Joshua from Kuching, Eastern Malaysia. He is English speaking as he was brought up in English speaking family attending International School in Thailand than back in Malaysia. He quickly declared he is a Christian but failed the test of assurance of salvation having only 70%‬ certainty to go to heaven. But once I drew him to the picture with Christ taking our place to receive the punishment of our sin, blocking out the hell of fire to spare us from eternal death, then he immediately came to the right sense that the work of Jesus is 100 % effective to save us from the punishment as well as bondage of sin. I explained further to him the three-fold salvation package of God as per 2 Cor 1:10, then he understood completely that despite we feel and know that we are not yet perfect after becoming a Christian, but we are readily a Masterpiece created by God in Christ that we will be made perfect by the work of the Holy Spirit and will have the privilege to work with God to get trained and be mature in spirituality eventually.

4) The I sat beside a ‪Muslim background lady who I noticed than was on the phone. She gestured me to wait and did turn to talk to me after the phone conversation was over. It showed she is a nice and polite lady. When asked if she thinks being a good person alone will be good enough‬ to earn our admission to heaven, she said yes without hesitation. I quickly shared with her the right answer that no one can go to heaven unless we are perfect. She felt a bit unbelievable. It was a pity that here bus came at this moment so our gospel sharing was cut short. Pray that the tract will still do the job to let her understand this truth of life.

5) Estefani a girl from India or Pakistan who claimed I had chatted with her and she had read the tract. I asked how did she find the tract and she said it is sensible and logical to read. So, I urged her to take a bold step to make her personal faith action to receive Christ and I will pray for her to be moved and touched by the Spirit. ‬

6) Ronny is a man from Indonesia. He looks all Asian, if not Chinese but he could only speak English. He knows Christianity is gaining force to grow in Indonesia. He anyway does not have any religious adherence. So, to certain degree, he was open to have a chat on the gospel. Again, the bus came a bit too early to cut our conversation short and he could just take a tract to read first.‬

I was referred to do visitation to an elderly Vietnamese lady of age over 90 years old. She lives in a Church of Christ aged care home in Mitchelton.  Since I have special burden to care for the elderly, especially those without or lacking of care by their own family. So, despite of the inconvenience that I have to drive 40 minutes from Toowong after the street outreach to the aged care home, and then taking another trip of almost one hour to get back home after the visitation, a time even longer than my weekly drive to the Gold Coast, I still have no regret to do it. The reason I was recommended to do the visitation is that the Vietnamese old lady speaks Cantonese as she once lived in Hong Kong. I anyhow stayed for 45 minutes or close to one hour learning more about her background and emotional status. She is actually only 89 years old. And she was never a refugee but having family clan living in Hong Kong with business. She has three sons and two daughters. Two of her sons are here in Brisbane and one of the sons has three sons all grown up. The eldest is a doctor doing intern for 2 years, the 2nd grandson is a nurse. Her son is computer professional. So, she actually has a good family network to care for her. My visitation has to be approved by her son. So, I really am not sure if my extra visitation will be that critically needed by her. Anyway, we chatted causally until she began to worry about her dinner that she mistaken is due on 4pm. So, she kept calling staff to make sure she would not miss her dinner. I took it as the signal to ask me leave. I thank God anyway for this opportunity to care for the least and vulnerable one and hopefully God will enlighten me if my visitation to this elderly lady is needed, if not appreciated by her and her family.

Battle log of Winnie:

26/10/2021 感謝主 今天在 Toowong 遇到十二人傳福音及講解救恩的機會。


1. Louise, 女基督徒,解释救恩。

2. Anson, 講了一半,巴士到達。

3. Steve, 講完福音,巴士到達。

4. Wilson, 聽完福音及見證,會想想信仰問题。

5. Sarah, 相片中。她曾經聽我傳福音给她,她现在已经信主,每周都去教會主日崇拜。


一位馬來西亞少女,Loren, 相片中。基督徒。解释救恩。

一位印度少女,Lian, 印度教。我解释什麽宗教都是教人為善,做好人。基督教,信耶穌,罪得赦免。(解释甚麽是罪)得永生。而且是三位一體的真神,做不同的工作。


1. 鄭生,曾经聽過耶穌名字,但不太清楚。所以我傳講福音给他。講完巴士到達。

2. 小環是UQ 學生,基督徒。不明白救恩,以為反教會主日崇拜,做好人便可以了。我解释给她。

3. 李生,我傳福音给他,講見證,解释甚麽是罪,他不相信 神的大能。他説是巧合,甚麽宗教都有他的能力。我正想講撒但都可以幫到人的,目的就是不讓我們信主。但巴士來到,不能再講。願 神憐憫他,點明他的想法。

感謝讚美主的带领,願今天所有聽到福音人仕,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們。

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Oct 20, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Praise and thanks God to give us a shadier afternoon even with breeze on the West side of the Main Road while the East side was still comparatively sunny and warm. The three of us, first Johnny and Hung then joined by Gary, we all gathered to serve at the bus stop on the West side. As usual, we got nonstop opportunities for conversation with willing or not so willing ones. But God did manage to fence off rejection rate that happened a short while in the beginning. After that, we all got some long and meaningful chats leading to interesting result.

For Hung, the climax of the day must be a chat with a Jewish Rabbi. He instantly attempted to fence me off by taking off her normal hat to show the hidden Jewish rabbi Kippah. (*) And declared he believes in only one God. I shared his view and acknowledged that Jewish people do not accept a triune God of which I showed my respect to their tradition and belief. And I also acknowledged the fact that they deemed Jesus was not the prophesized Messiah but a person yet to come. As they could not accept a Messiah of a lowly image that died even on the cross in a humiliating manner. But I drew him to the knowledge that Jesus was actually the Messiah who had come and discharged his three offices requiring anointment of oil. As messiah is virtually the meaning of the anointed ones. So Jesus was first the prophet in his 3 and a half year earthly ministry to proclaim the gospel and called for repentance in the capacity of the messenger of God. Then He acted as the High Priest to offer Himself to die on the cross, went to hell, defeated Satan to kick off the Kingdom project, and conquered the power of death to get rose up on the third day to become the King of the new human race – the Church. These are all supported by historical facts that the Rabbi cannot deny. Alternatively, the Jewish Rabbi cannot name another Saviour other than Jesus that can be more qualified to be called the Messiah – the Anointed Ones. At the end, he became less hostile and I thanked him for letting me share about Jesus the Messiah to him and he appeared thankful for that.

(*) A kippah, or yarmulke, is a kind of minimal cap that covers the crown of the head. It is worn for religious purposes, not for sun protection or keeping off rain. Some Jews will wear a kippah under a different kind of hat. There are several styles of kippot (the plural of kippah) that are common around the world. Often, the style of kippah worn signals the religious (and even political) affiliation of the wearer.

Recap anyway are my Battle Log: -

1) Yip an ABC from Hong Kong who can speak good Cantonese with me. She is a Griffith student with no religious profession though her family professed Taoism. But she could have very good grasp on the gospel I shared to her as she did have chance to read the Bible at high school and be associated with Christian friends. 連道教廣東有接觸聖經. She is very open and smart to catch the core of the gospel and admitted that it is all sensible and logical. Pray that this divine encounter will change her life towards God through the redemptive atoning grace of Jesus Christ.

2) Rasin the Jewish Rabbi as mentioned above.

3) Yvoone , a lady whom I met for the 3rd time here. She recognized me and helped me to recall she is the one who believes in One God head in three persons and that Jesus is our Saviour dying for us in the capacity of a full human and full divine God.信三位一體的神. Her faith seemed to be OK but she still did not show her actual faith allegiance though she clarified to me that she is no Mormon or JHW. Johnny still feels fishy about her real status if she has hidden any sign of cult that she did not want to disclose. Pray for God eventual revealing of her faith identity. Other than that, we seems to be on the same faith wave length having the same Kingdom view and spiritual eyes sight on the current spiritual warfare status prevailing in the contemporary world.

4) 陳植台。Mr Chan a Cantonese speaking old man of age 88. He clained to have hearing problem as such he tended to speak all loudly about his life legacy with a supreme powerful father 陳寶記 who seems to have overcome death and walking with the Lord. His wording was clear but his logic of thought was all weird and illogical. All I could do is to spend half an hour to let him vent out his loneliness and ended the conversation by assuring him that his father if now transcending death, might have been with the Lord as such he is not dead but asleep in Christ. He later did disclose despite he is a traditional idol worshipper, but he is currently attending Church. Just pray that God will take good care of him.

5) Then I chatted with an Atheist man of late 50s from Mainland China. 無神大陸. I did not prepare to argue with him if God exist, but tried to introduce Jesus to him. He was open for chat but it was a pity he was interrupted by a call for a long conversation. I could not but aborted my approach and left it to God.

6) Then came another Hong Konger that I could only manage to have a quick and short chat. 港人短談He anyway took a tract and did start reading it after he be seated on the bus.

7) My last target was Mrs Choi 蔡also from Hongkong. She claimed to be a Catholic 天主教so I switched to check her assurance of salvation. And found that she only have 70% 七成certainty to be saved. So I corrected her wrong concept to guide her to realize she is 100% saved by grace through faith. The 3o % doubt of being saved stems from the awareness that her life is not yet perfect. So I use the three fold salvation model as per 2 Cor 1:10 to explain to her that despite we were not perfect before receiving Christ, we are still not perfect after being a Christian. By the grace of God , it will be sufficient to lead us through the journey of sanctification till we will be made perfect again to become an unique master piece of God. Mr Chai thank a lot for my clarification.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

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Well, it’s been nearly 3 months since my last report.  I haven’t missed writing them!  It’s been nice being on the streets and not having to think of taking pictures.  And I’ve really enjoyed the extra time responding to direct messages online.

But, I’ve decided to write a quick report just so y'all know we are still busy sharing the gospel in Christchurch and online!  And I actually have a few things worth mentioning.  We really, really appreciate all the prayer and support.

So, since I last wrote we have been in a Covid lockdown.  Sad to have Delta land on these shores.  The time wasn’t wasted as I just focused all my energy into online outreach.  Yet after about 4 weeks, the lockdown was eased to the point where street work was possible again.

My first outreach back was a Sunday afternoon.  I came prepared with my face mask, and flip chart, giving people the option of approaching me rather than the other way round.  I wondered if anyone would.  Most people were wearing masks, and to my surprise the outreach was quite fruitful.  I can’t remember the specifics now, but I was encouraged!

I continued the street work.  People have become less concerned about face masks - but I still wear one.

There are quite a few newbies on the street team.  This has given a lot of opportunities for training - which has been great!

A couple of Friday’s ago, it was school holidays, and there were swarms of people out on a warm, sunny spring day.  I was pretty non stop taking people through the flip chart with lots of newbies to observe and be encouraged.

Plenty of gospel tracts are going out too.

Last Friday there weren't as many people out, in spite of the good weather.  I decided to switch spots and low and behold the rest of the outreach became eventful.  I had three follow up opportunities.  In one of them, the guy could only remember the ‘straw’ part of the ‘trust’ analogy.  He was resistant, and yet he really wanted to chat.  And he had a friend with him who I haven’t talked to before - so he got to hear the gospel.

Amazingly, the guy started talking about healing.  He said that his ankle had been ‘smashed’, and that his Dad had prayed for it’s healing - and it was!  But do you know what he said?  “It was a coincidence - it wasn’t God”.  It just goes to show that John 12:37 (ESV) is true:

Though he had done so many signs before them, they still did not believe in him,

His only hope is the gospel, Romans 1:16 (ESV):

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

So I continued to labour with these young men toward their understanding of the gospel, many checks were employed.
A couple of weeks ago, in Riccarton, I had shared the gospel with 3 guys from a local high school.  I had to labour with them to get them to stop thinking their good deeds would get them to heaven, and realise that Jesus was their only hope.  It was a great chat.

Well, yesterday, I was in Riccarton with Roger.  It was windy, so I didn’t bring my flip chart.  I had some great walk up opportunities.  Roger did bring his flip, and every time I came back down to where he was, he had a different group of high school kids talking with him!  The first time was 3 guys, the next there were about another 6 guys intently listening to him.

Eventually we were able to greet each other, before another high school kid wanted to know what the flip chat was about.  I talked with him, while Roger had a chat with a lady pushing a pram (Roger gets away with talking to people who won’t stop with me!  I reckon it’s his Santa look - haha - love ya Roger!).

But after the kid I was talking to left with a tract, 2 of the guys I had talked to a few weeks back came past again - they had a new friend with them (pictured).

I checked to see if they could remember the gospel - they got it right!  I was super encouraged to hear one of them had been reading a Bible, and they had checked out on Tik Tok.  One of them made a comment about one of the videos he watched - he was impressed.

Interestingly, their new friend was a Christian.  I checked if he understood the gospel.  Sadly, he was clueless.  He said he would go to heaven because he goes to church.  He insisted he was ‘a  good person’ multiple times.  His mates wanted him to go through the flip chart, and so he agreed.  But he was switched off, and his two mates had to prompt him with the answers.

Eventually he said, “I know Jesus died on the cross” - but it was an afterthought, and he wasn’t making any connections with its significance.  Eventually he said he had ‘prayed the prayer’ with his Mum.  It pained me to hear him say it.

He had to leave, but he took a tract.  And I had an opportunity to encourage the other two kids, who seem to be grasping the gospel, in relation to getting involved with a church.  I told them how they could get in touch, and left the ball in their court.  I hope to see them again!

Speaking of church, it’s been encouraging seeing some of those we are talking with online getting involved with local churches (see images of chat snippets).  Of course, most are rejecting the gospel, but seeing the few responding is so encouraging.  And no matter what, God is glorified: in his justice being displayed, in his mercy granted, and in the obedience of those who GO with the good news.

So, I think that covers everything I wanted to touch on.  If you made it this far, well done!  Come and join one of the teams on the streets or online - we would love to serve you :D

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