Battle Log

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 25, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today was yet another nice Autumn with a warm and lazy sun showering us with soft radiant ray. The three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung teamed up as normal to serve at the UQ bound Bus stop. Basically, it was a very smooth ministry period with minor reject rate but lot of successful conversation. There was another meaningful reunion with Ryan whom Johnny met few times before with the latest one about half year ago. Ryan has now graduated and got a job as garden car takers at Mt Coo-tha Botanic garden. But what excited us is to know through his conversation that he and many other younger members have been mobilized by the church to do regular outreach like us. The Hope Church he is attending send member out to do street evangelism at King George Square on Monday in the eventing. And Ryan occasionally join Operation 513 at KGS on Friday night after their Friday afternoon service. So God actually has raised up His own Christian army from different mission and ministry groups to be His witnesses in he city. We are privileged to be part of this end time gospel movement. Just pray that God will keep raising up more people to join and grow any of the existing Gospel Outreach team. Recap below are the battle log of Hung and Winnie.

1) An UQ female student from Mainland China was happy to have a chat. I barely had time to cover the nutshell of the Gospel when the bus came. She was reluctant to leave her name which I more so had to thank God to move her to listen willingly which if with other Chinese around it would be a rejection. Just pray for God's continue work in her heart.

2) The I approached Eric who is also from China and is now in year 3. But it was our first encounter here so it is definitely a divine encounter. He responded very positively to the Gospel I shared and showed great interest in my brief testimony of turning to Christ after working half of my life for the only boss CH Tung of OOCL. He was about to ask me a question yet the bus arrival had cut short our further exchange.

3) I followed up on a Christian UQ girl whom Winnie had had a chat to introduce her to Power to Change.

4) The next was a girl from Chongqing. China. Her initial reluctance to chat was withdrawn as I was able to identify with her as a 2008 Sichuan earthquake disaster relief worker, traveling a lot in Sichuan Chengdu and Quang Yuan which basically is half of her home province. I wasted no time to share the gospel once she was willing to chat. At the end, she still did not want to leave her name which again was a sign of grace that she could have completely rejected me for a chat.

5) Sonny was another female UQ student from Mainland China. She was cooperative and responsive to the gospel. Pray for the work of the Spirit to move her to make the last step of faith to receive Christ.

6) Then I caught up with an Aussie girl who listened the gospel before. I still managed to receive the message of the tract with her until her bus arrived.

7) Ryan was the active member of the Hope church who is from Malaysia. He recognized us so he stopped to catch up with us and share about his journey in learning and making himself a disciple of Christ to share gospel with non-believers. It was a moment of grace for mutual edification in His love and as co-workers in Christ.

Battle Log of Winnie :

感謝 神今天的带领,讓我遇到十一人傳福音的機會。

第一位是印度男士,Chris, 他聽完福音,需要時間想想。

第二位是中國 UQ 學生,他只是聽我講全福音,講見証,直到巴士到來。沒有回應。

第三位是香港來的 UQ 學生,Sunny. 他聽完福音及見証後,需要時間想想。

第四位是澳洲少女,Sammy, 會想想 宗教問题。

第五位 Jamaican 少女,Silvia. 基督徒。明白救恩,願意接受我给她的單張,傳福音给其他人。

第六位中國來的 UQ 學生,Mary. 很專心聽我講的福音及見証。願意找教會尋求更多真理。

第七位 澳洲少女,Ellen, 基督徒。我解释救恩给她。她願意接受我给她的單張,傳福音给其他人。


第九位 澳洲男士,我講了重要福音,他接受單張,趕着要離開往别處。

第十及第十一位,澳洲年青人。Steve & Ann 男女朋友.他們很專心聽我講的福音及見証,及很開心聽到這好消息。因為時間到,Johnny & 關牧師等着我,所以我要停止及離開。

願 主带领今天聽到福音人士,找到適合教會,永遠跟随主,阿們!感謝讚美主!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 19, 2021 from 1300 – 1500

It was a gloomy afternoon, but Gary and Hung still were called to serve at Sunnybank while Johnny was not available for personal matter. God also moved and called the couples Bill Bai and Sister Lan from Chinese Christian Church of Brisbane, St Lucia Congregation to join us at 1330.

Gary first set up his signs on the East side targeting the south bound traffic to see the signs. I went over to have the opening prayer with Gary and took a few of his conversation with passer by then I returned to the West side to wait for Bill and Lan. Before the came I started approaching two persons as recap below all with very in-depth chat. After Bill and Lan arrived, I briefed them again the things to take note and the mind set to engage into street evangelism conversation that it is purely through the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit, So feel no burden to open up oneself with our mind completely preoccupied by the Holy Spirit to do His work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Praise and thanks God that both made the step of faith to start approaching many people. Lan mostly approached those Chinese speaking people because of limited command of English. Bill can speak better English so he did dare to preach the gospel to English speaking Local Aussie. Despite the courage of Lan to approach many Chinese, she received an almost one-sided response of rejection. We had to counsel her to neglect the response whether it is positive or negative, but just look up to God to make as many outreach contacts as God led you to have through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As a result of the heavy counselling and mentoring need for Bill and Lan, I had relatively less time to do my only outreach but still I managed to have following conversation as recap below: -

1) Katherine is a Vietnamese born here. Initially she gave outright rejection to chat or accepting tract. But when I found out she is an UQ student , so the Spirit prompted me to identify with her as the Alumni then started sharing what subject I did and why leading to a personal testimony how God moved me to do this Master degree study for gaining an identity to join the 2008 Sichuan earth quake disaster relief team partnering the HKG Counselling professional to provide post traumatic counselling. From this profession healing I led her to see that our life is all full of hurt and ruin by bad relationship twisting the normal function of emotion affecting our character growing up as an adult. It allowed me to introduce the issue of sin we all are suffering hurting each other and without peace and sense of security. So the Spirit guided me to actually share the full gospel to her with time just right before her bus arrived. I was graceful for the Wisdom from the Holy Spirit to turn around most of the initial rejection lately back into an in-depth heart sharing opportunity ending with the preaching of Gospel with better life inspiring effect. Pray that the Spirit will do follow up work on the life of Katherine.

2) Then I approached an Asian looking old lady who pretend to speak neither English or Chinese. This is part of the normal scenario in Street evangelism so I gave up after speaking a short while in all three language to make sure she really did not want to listen to me anymore.

3) Then I turned to my left to catch up with a senior man named Shang Shu尚書 from Beijing北京. He is from a Christian family with parents graduated from Catholic University in China and lead a pious life. Yet Shang Shu have all along adopt a sceptical attitude toward faith even though he still has become a church goer worshipping at an English speaking Bible Grace Church. He politely accepted by tract but with no intention to chat with me. I offered myself to keep our conversation going and eventually I started to learn more about his life though initially he did not want to let me know he is a nominal Christian. After knowing that then I changed my tactic to help him to ponder if he really understand salvation and have accepted Jesus. As expected, he actually has no assurance of salvation because he thought he is still not good enough to qualify as a Christian. This is exactly what we want to address by the tract. At then end, he now know that even though now as a Christian he is not yet perfect, but his heavenly identity has already been guaranteed by the redemptive blood of Jesus. Then at this point in time, Bill and Lan arrived to join me. Gary also went over to team up with us to get more conversation before he left a bit earlier.

4) After having a debriefing with Bill and Lan, I turned around to share with an old English lady. She also preferred not to be disturbed, but some how the Spirit moved me to keep sharing the gospel to her. She turned her face away from me started soaking which I took a while to realize. Anyway, I trusted the work of the Spirit already touched her lonely heart turning her inner emotion being released in the form of soaking before God.

5) Then I approached a Filipino young lady whom Lan had approached without success. She also turned a cold face to me but I still managed to convinced her to take our tract when the bus came.

6) Christine is a local Aussie and Phoebe an immigrant from Vietnam. Both are high school student of Sunnybank State school. They did not feel offended when I interrupted their casual chat. It ended up they were both very open and receptive to the gospel accepting that they are not perfect and need Jesus’s salvation. Pray that the Spirit will do the necessary follow up work to guide them to make the final step of faith.

7) Then I turned to a Pakistan mum with her young son needing much care to stop making a nuisance in public. I pacified the anxious son by calling him good boy. It works to make the boy quiet down to behalf as a good boy I called him. The mum was happy and I followed along this line of “Is good person good enough for Heaven” She appeared extremely positive and responsive to my gospel sharing and admitted that she also need Jesus irrespective of her Muslim religions background. So, Prayer is needed for the final change of heart of this Muslim background mum.

( 8 ) Finally I caught up with an old CFC ex-members and invited her to come back to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of CFC with us this coming Sunday on 23/5/2021. It was all the work of God to enable me to have make so many contacts , connections and conversations for His Name and glory sake.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 18 May, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 18, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

Today, Gary joined Johnny and Hung while Winnie was absent for her follow up consultation with an Eyes Specialist. After opening prayer, Gary chose to set up his signs with link pointing to (a gospel website) at the foot of the pedestrian bridge.

Johnny and Hung teamed up to serve at the Bus Stop as usual. Basically, God gave ample of divine appointments to all of us without hiccup up liked last week. Johnny even got chance to lead an UQ student from Czechoslovak to Christ after listening to the Gospel. Gary towards the end joined us at the Bus Stop and kept getting gospel conversation.

We were graceful for all the gospel sharing opportunities and pray that God will follow up on them until they all bear fruit. Recap below are my Gospel conversations.

1) Jade is from India having good interaction with me showing wisdom in thought. He did not take a tract but he understood the gospel and had some lovely thought on man admitting we are all sinners that without a savour, we all go to hell.

He is just not ready to accept a non-Indian God head as His saviour. It is a pity the bus came too early to let me dig deeper to show that Jesus is an universal Saviour or a Messiah for people of all nations including India.

2) Jessie whom we all have chatted with her before but I did not give up on following up her status of readiness. It was a pity again the bus came a bit early before any useful conversation can be exchanged.

3) A Redshirt girl appeared very willing to listen to my gospel sharing but I only made it to half when the bus came. I could only leave it to God for a future follow up.

4) A Vietnamese mum appeared not fully open enough to chat because her heart and mind was all preoccupied for looking after her baby. I complemented her will and determination to study while doing a full-time mum job. Can only pray the tract she got will serve some purpose before a future possible 2nd chance.

5) Then I caught up with a young lady in Muslim costume who possibly is from Malaysia or Indonesia. She claimed she had already chatted with all of us previously. I Checked on here understanding of the gospel through the tract, stressing the judgement of sin makes Christianity stood out from all other earthly religion. She has no objection to this as such I established once again with her that all humankind no matter good or bad are all imperfect as such sinners that need redemption by Jesus. She seemed to have got this crucial point.

6) Another Indian guy whom we met before was about to chat with me but our brief conversation was interrupted by a long phone call. So there will be next time.

7) Then I approached an Aussie girl and an Indian girl who chose to hide themselves under the shade of the bus stop. But they did not show reluctance to have a chat with me or any expression of being disturbed. The Indian girl even jokingly asked if the tract was free. I quickly got into gospel message but still only had it half done when the bus came.

 8) Then I followed up on Luke who declined to chat with Johnny claiming he is readily a Christian. I checked his assurance of salvation which was not 100 percent. I clarified his misconception and he thanked me by taking a selfie with me.

9) An English-speaking Asian looking lady let me chat with her for a short while but excused herself for reason that she was in a rush. I did my part and leave the rest to God.

10) My last conversation was with a cute girl from France. She was exhausted from carrying heavy shopping bag so she could not pay full attention but kept taking off her overcoat because of heavy sweating. After settling down for a while, she started to respond well with the gospel message. I basically managed to finish the nutshell of the gospel before seeing her off on to the bus.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Sunday, 16 May, 2021

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On Sunday night, the cooler change meant there were less people just floating around but despite this the team of seventeen had no issues getting into continuous conversations with the passers-by. It was encouraging to see that more and more people are taking the opportunity to get some practical training, week after week in Brisbane City! If you’re in Brisbane we’d love to have you join us when you can! If you’re not in Brisbane, we do online training as well!

One of the standout conversations was with Nick, who was blown away by the gospel! He had grown up in the Church, was a professing Christian but was hoping that he would get into Heaven based on his obedience. The conversation started and around halfway through he still wasn’t sure that he deserved Hell. But his inability to do anything that please God was demonstrated by asking him two questions, “When you lie, why do you lie?” and then, “When you tell the truth why do you tell the truth?”. The point, he lies when he thinks it benefits him and he tells the truth when he thinks it benefits him. His actions of “obedience” and disobedience are done with the same motive, selfishness.

Upon realising this and seeing it emphasised then that he hasn’t really done anything good if he has simply sought to serve his own desires, he saw that he was in grave danger of Hell. This enabled him to then see that being better in the future cannot fix it because even that is selfish and asking for forgiveness cannot satisfy the justice deserved because it also would be selfishness driven but also wouldn’t take away the punishment deserved. In light of this he was shocked asking, “Does that means everyone is going to Hell?”

When he then heard the good news in light of this, he was blown away and was just over the moon. He exclaimed, “I have to thank you so much, you’ve made me understand this totally differently and I am so thankful that we had this conversation today!” He went away filled with joy, understanding that obedience is the result of justification rather than it being the other way around!

Another conversation was with a young couple, Jacob and Ellie, who were quite certain that their was no God. There were no real reasons given other than, “I’m not convinced” and yet they were determining that they were sure that there was no God. It was demonstrated that they lived their own way, they wanted to live however they saw fit and this meant that they had to convince themselves there was no God because God’s existence would disrupt their ability to live how they pleased without consequences.
They were challenged but really wanted nothing of truth, just anything they could think of to convince themselves that they don’t need to consider it any further.

Please be praying for these two opposite responses to the demonstration of the sinfulness of humanity and pray that Nick’s profession was true and that Jacob and Ellie would not die in this state of rebellion rather would come to see the folly of rebellion against God and instead trust in Christ alone for their salvation!

Online Evangelism

Thursday, 6 May, 2021

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Online evangelism in a joy to be involved in because the conversations are easier and so exciting! It also can be done anywhere with internet and electricity meaning, that even when away from home and the usual locations you can still tap into a mission fields thousands of people strong, with conversations just a click away!

Each day the team has many conversations between them with people from all over the world! One of the encouraging chats had online during the week was a conversation with a man named Mike. He was unsure on what the afterlife would look like but as the conversation went on, he offered suggestions indicating that he was fairly familiar with the Catholic faith.

In looking at his suggestion of purgatory as a punishment, he came to understand that everyone falls into one of two categories, innocent or guilty. Those who are innocent, having done nothing wrong, would not be deserving of punishment. Those who are guilty, having even broken one of the eternal God’s laws, would deserve eternal punishment. Mike was able to understand that since we are all guilty of rebellion against God, the temporal punishment of “purgatory” would not satisfy God’s wrath.

On this basis, he was also able to understand why a simple confession of sin would not clear him of the hell punishment he deserved. Rather, he needed to depend upon the perfect sacrifice that Jesus offered in his place as the only reason that he could be made right before God. After a long conversation going over the problem of evil, God’s character, and other such topics, Mike was given the checking question, “If God asked you why He should let you into Heaven, what do you think your answer would be?”

Answering based on what he had understood from the conversation, Mike replied, “The delivery onto Jesus of, essentially, the entirety of my sins. Acceptance of the gift from Jesus that all of my sins were taken on by him, and because of him I may get to heaven. And only him.”

It was a beautiful answer, demonstrating the clarity with which he had come to grasp the gospel. Whilst he was not sure whether he yet believed it for himself, Mike expressed much gratitude for the conversation, even saying that he had not heard this good news explained in such a way before. He mentioned that if he were ever to end up in heaven, it would probably be because of that very conversation.

Of course, God is sovereign in all things, and it is his will and saving grace that determines whether or not Mike will be seen in heaven. But by his mercy, Mike was able to hear the good news, and received it well - even if he had not yet come to place his trust in Christ.

Another conversation was with a young man who had grown up in the church but thought his requests for forgiveness would be the reason that God would grant him mercy. Upon seeing that asking for forgiveness does not merit salvation and cannot pay for sins, he was led to see that Christ alone can save and was able to understand the good news in its simplicity. It was encouraging to hear him grasp it and the conversation finished with some final apologetics to help him be sure that there must be a God.

He did not profess to believe but did at least say he would consider it and get into reading the gospel of John for himself! Please be praying for the online outreach, that God would be preparing hearts, bringing them across our screens and enabling the gospel to reach those who are yet to hear of it!

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Sunday, 2 May, 2021

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Due to the daily online evangelism the team in Brisbane only hits the streets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. But these are some of the most exciting times for the week. The reason being, there is great joy in having conversations with people in real life that you can’t experience online! An added bonus is that each Sunday night from 7:30-9:30pm the team actually pairs up for training. The team goes out taking turns having conversations and seeking to make the gospel known but also to encourage one another in how to make it clearer when they share the gospel!

Some weeks there is a large team out and this week was one of them! A team of eighteen made it out and this was exciting! The first conversation of the evening was with a lady named Sandy who had had a bit to do with the Jehovah’s Witnesses but thankfully was no longer with them but sadly had decided that she was going to fashion a god that suited her own ideas. It was a careful conversation seeking to gently talk through the law and the gospel that she would have the chance to understand why Christ came but sadly she got stuck on the idea that God would dispense justice, any at all! She was left with a tract and was encouraged to read the gospel of John.

Another chat was with a young man named Merica, yes really! He had no push back. He’d had some Christian background and initially hoped that he would be good enough to enter heaven. He listened intently to the law and saw that he was guilty and on his way to Hell and on that basis came to hear of the only hope being found in Christ, who lived perfectly and took the punishment sin deserves on the cross! He heard of this but struggled to believe that it was really a gift, he wanted to do something to contribute to his entry into Heaven. It was stressed that this couldn’t be the case, not only because without Christ all one can do it sin and secondly to think you can contribute to Christ is to not be trusting in Him at all! He took a tract and said he would check it out!

Lastly was a chat with a couple who also were professing Christians but were a bit confused on the gospel and actually by professing were living together despite not being married. They were shown the seriousness of God’s authority and the reality of those who live in defiance against Him but were trying to fall back onto their request for forgiveness. It was shown that salvation was a free gift received by faith and it was pointed out that all those who are saved will be drastically changed and will seek to honour God in all that they do. This was a challenge that left them quite uncomfortable but they said they were thankful for the conversation and were also challenged to read John’s gospel for themselves.

Please be praying for these four that they would see that God is good and must punish evil, that the gospel is good news and that God will come in and save them and transform their lives that they may bear witness to Him!
Also, if you’re interested in learning to engage others in the gospel, why not plan to come out one Sunday night, the team would love to have you!

Special Outreaches

Saturday, 24 April, 2021

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Whilst on the Central Coast, after an exciting day of training the team made the trek down to Sydney, to check out some icons and catch up with some relatives. It was crazy drive as Queenslanders trying to navigate Sydney's roads but we succesfully made it to Sydney City. Then had the fun of finding a park and some food before walking to the harbour area.

Upon arriving at the Opera House, we took a bit of time to admire the architecture and the view of the harbour as you can see in some of the photos, before getting into conversations. Kiera first approached two young boys who were finishing their dinner, perched on the top step leading up to the Opera House, and looking out over the harbour. Even though they had been watching something on a phone, they were keen to engage in the discussion. Whilst initially they were unsure of whether or not they believed in an afterlife, they quickly came to agreement that there must be a creator for the universe, and that said creator would have a right to judge us based on how we have lived. They were hesitant to resign themselves to the fact that we would be helpless to rid ourselves of a punishment they'd already earned, and so she pointed out how we see that playing out in our own judicial system. If someone break's a law and tries to make up for it with good actions, justice does not overlook the broken law, and the punishment is still deserved. Upon hearing this analogy, one of the boys remarked enthusiastically: “That's a good point!” and was following along really well. However, his brother (who seemed to be losing interest in the conversation) reminded him that they had to return to their parents on the hour. Kiera used the remaining five minutes to take them through the solution to their problem. That whilst we cannot avoid our punishment by our endeavours, Jesus offers to take the punishment for us as a gift. They seemed to understand, and left with tracts, after being pointed to the Tiktok and Instagram accounts.

Next, she spoke to a young man and his girlfriend who were sitting further down the steps. The girl claimed to be a Christian, but said she was very tired, and wasn’t very responsive. Her boyfriend, however, was quite engaging. He didn’t want to believe that God existed, and he threw out a few arguments. The main point he wanted to stick on was that we cannot know anything for certain. The argument seemed to be a smoke screen, so it was proposed to could continue the conversation upon the premise (in his case) that God existed. A good conversation about the gospel ensued, and he understood that the only way anyone could be saved would be if they were to rely on Jesus to do the saving. That is, if they were to trust in his death on the cross to save them from their sins, looking to his resurrection as our hope of eternal life. However, it came back to his original argument. We cannot know anything for certain. He was shown that he still manages to go out and live his life well, even without being completely certain of what he believes to be true. He lives as if he knows things to be certainly true, and so lack of 100% certainty would not be a reason to reject God’s existence, our rightful judgement, and the glorious saviour offered in Christ. He seemed to agree on reasoning but not the conclusion, so the question was asked:

“Do you think the reason that you do not want to realise God’s existence is that it would mean you do not get to be in control of your own life, and that you need to be under someone else’s authority?”

Surprisingly (and this happens more often than you would expect) he readily affirmed by proposition. He was warned not to gamble away his eternity for the sake of living the way he wanted to in the short life he has been given, and was thanked for his time and willingness to converse. In return, he expressed his thanks at the conversation. He was left, with a comprehension of the gospel, and hopeful that the conversation would be weighing on his mind in the future - Lord willing!

After talking to several people about the gospel Fynn proceeded to find what would be his last conversation of the night. So far the conversations had been enjoyable where many of the people were open to hearing the gospel. The last conversation was not any different. The two youths that chatted to were very open to listen. Not just open to listen in order just answer the questions and be on their way, but open to listen because they wanted to actually have a chat. Therefore the whole gospel presentation was explained and afterward was followed with questions. This experience was another affirmation that the 5 million or so people of Sydney need to hear the gospel, as not one person spoken to knew it prior to the conversation, and also there are people in Sydney who want to hear of Christ!

Finishing up for the night, an exhausted team, had some McDonalds thickshakes and headed back to Gosford waterfront for some late-night shenanigans on the giant slide before plonking into bed for a big rest before Church the following morning and the beginning of the trek home!

Praise God for these encouraging conversations and please be praying for those who heard this good news! Also if you're interested in having the team come to your Church to help equip you to evangelise, we'd be very interested in hearing from you!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 13, 2021 from 1300 - 1500

Last night there was a big overnight storm after a big sunny day. So, we predicted the weather condition will repeat itself like last week to be a rainy day for street evangelism. Actually, big storm had been forecasted but it came only very late in the evening so we have a fine day for our street ministry. Gary also turned up to day with his big sign set up on the East side of main road while Johnny and Hung stayed at the bus stop on the westside. As normal, we faced many rejections, but still got many chances to share the gospel. Today we came across many Cantonese speaking people many from Hong Kong. Some were people we met before that God had arranged for us to do follow up. Recap below are my chances of gospel conversation: -

1) The first Chinese lady I approached claimed someone talked with her last week and she is readily a Christian. It was a pity the bus arrival deprived me of a chance to check her assurance of salvation. 跟進上週,己信上帝,未遐查確據

2) the 2nd Chinese lady reluctantly accepted the tract but did not want to chat interrupting her to listen to her iPhone. 接單張但不願傾談

3) Then Tom a Hongkonger whom I met before on Mar 24, 2021. He recognized me and prompted that we did not finish our chat last time so he was ready to continue with the unfinished conversation. He identified with me with a welcoming attitude listening to my gospel sharing. I used the HK situation to illustrate that even the younger generation who rose up to fight for righteousness and justice, but no one can claim themselves perfect. So it was established that they are all good and righteous freedom fighter but still imperfect for heaven that we all need Jesus' salvation without exception. He appeared very receptive but I again fell short of leading him to make a conviction to receive Christ as the bus just arrived. Pray and trust that he will be in the good hand of God. He has come to Australia for 4 years and has just graduated. So he will have a good soil here to pursue God.

4) The trend continued that I met again another couples Mr Lee from Hong Kong who came to Australia in the 80s. 李夫婦香港人,They were friendly to chat but again the bus came too quick for a full gospel conversation,

5) Then I was led to chat with yet another Cantonese speaking people from Quanzhou. 廣州,Full gospel 全福音message was shared with result left in God's hand.

6) A man of my same age stood a small distance from the Bus stop possibly avoiding to be approached by us. Yet He was still approached by Johnny and other street evangelists that he persistently waved them off declining to engage in a chat. I nevertheless felt the Spirit still urged me to have a go by a soft approach. I offered to chat about our life in Australia and found out he is on a visiting relative visa yet has been detained here because of the pandemic. 探親滯留 He is from Shan Dong 山東by the sure name of Yu余. I first introduced myself as a HongKonger working for CH Tung in the past. So, I basically shared my testimony how I was led to Christ. He then listened on my sharing of the gospel after my testimony and heard the full gospel. He finally took a tract to have further thought on what I shared with him. And I later found out that his wife was also around and Johnny had chatted with her. So if God destine to get someone to listen to the Gospel, He has his detour method to get them on hook finally.



Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 11 May, 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 11, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God that He allowed a great test in the form of bullying by robbing the Gospel flip chart out of the blue. The Indian look middle age person possibly thought it was illegal to preach the gospel on the street as such he acted to uphold the righteousness, he thought he had in his hand by sabotaging our street evangelism ministry. He first stripped off the tract from Winnie when she was sharing with someone and then he went further to suddenly grab the flip chart from the hand of Johnny while he was using it to demonstrate to his gospel target. This rough acts readily scared off Johnny's gospel target. Johnny did not want to make a big scene so he did not try to fight with that guy hoping that he will return the flip chart to him when his bus came. That Indian guys did call the police by phone to lodge his complain but obviously his complain was ignore by the police. This possibly had triggered his anger and tempted him to execute righteousness in his own hand by confiscating Johnny's hand held Gospel flip chart and to get on the bus when it arrives. Johnny was shocked that he can rob him of the flip chart as such he tried to grab it back from the hand of that Indian guy but failed. I was sharing with another person while above incidence happened. When the bus came, my gospel target had also to leave to embark onto the bus. So I was free to step up to mediate for this conflict. Initially, I also did not know how to react, but another onlooking lady who rejected our gospel approach a few minutes ago stepped in and advised us to ask the bus driver to stop the bus and demanded that Indian Guy to return the robbed item to us. Actually, somebodies else on the bus possibly the bus driver or other passengers had already acted on this line as such the Indian Guy unwillingly threw the flip chart out from the bus on the ground. God gave me spiritual gut to got on the bus to confront that Indian guy by showing our stand that we did not want to make a mess to delay other innocent passengers, but I made it clear to him that his rouge behaviour robbing Johnny's possession is a criminal act while we have all the legal right to exercise our freedom of speech to share gospel with those who are willing to have a chat with us. I was graceful for the intervention by God moving so many people to stand on our side to say NO to the religious abuse by this uninformed person. This incidence happened more or less toward the latter part of our street ministry so the interruption to our mood was not that big. We continued to serve and wrapped up at the normal time frame. Basically, we all got non-stop chances to share the gospel to people with varying initial reaction status, but still ending up getting the gospel message passed onto the non-believers and those unclear believers. Recap are the battle log of Hung and Winnie as usual: -

1) Jack a local Aussie was all receptive to let me share the full gospel intermingled with my own testimony to demonstrate how I got waken up from the misconception that being a good person is sufficient to qualify for heaven. He admitted there is no reason he should reject this offer of free gift of eternal life prepared by Jesus for him at the expense of dying for us and taking our place to receive the punishment we deserved for our sins.

2) A Muslim girl declined for a chat but God changed her heart to accept the tract when the bus came.

3) Then I approached an India girl who also show no interest initially claiming she got our tract before. But when asked if she read it she was honest enough to said no. So I appealed to her to listen to the nutshell of Gospel to see if she would change her mind to read the tract at home. The bus came to cut our conversation short but obviously God was at work to turn around the situation.

4) Then came Stephen a Catholic boy whom I initial thought was a non believer. But after sharing the gospel to him, he responded that he was a Catholic Christian that was why he appeared like a non believer without assurance to go to heaven. It was good I helped him to establish his full and correct understanding on salvation by faith through grace and that he should have 100% assurance on basis of the redemptive work of Jesus alone. Thereafter, God will continue to transform us back to perfection through Holy Spirit on top of the foundation of Jesus redemptive act. By the way, I thanks God that our conversation took place amidst the confusion stirred up by that Indian Guy but God helped me to remain focus on my preaching and sharing to Stephen even though I clearly heard him calling the police to plot upon us.

5) A hippie girl stood up for righteousness to help us even though she did not share our heart for street evangelism action. It reminded me that God can make all thing and use all person, including a non believer, work together to rescue us from the evil doing of that Indian guy with Satan backing him up from behind. So we should never give up on any person who rejected us initially but keep an open mind to grab hold on any chance of a turn around situation with a changed heart.

6) Johnny approached an Atheist from 阿塞拜彊. Republic of Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, the Russian republic of Dagestan to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia and Turkey to the west, and Iran to the south. While around 97% of the population is Muslim, the Constitution of Azerbaijan does not declare an official religion and all major political forces in the country are secularist. No wonder this guy can defy the cultural pressure of a Muslim dominant country to have become an Atheist. He showed no interest to talk with Johnny about any religion including Christianity. And their conversation was got blocked when Johnny failed to recognize his country and culture. I stepped in to keep the chat on with that guy by identifying with him my knowledge about his country and culture in a friendly manner. It helped to make him relax and becoming more opened for a longer chat. It was a pity that the arrival of the bus cut our conversation to an end which otherwise would lead to sharing of gospel which he initially avoided. Will pray for a future encounter to get the work of God for that guy being carried on through us.

7) Mia an UQ student from Tsingtao, China showed rare openness to have a long chat with me. It was possibly because I approached her while she was eating waver biscuit as her lunch so that I teased her half-jokingly that she might be too busy for a decent lunch. She was impressed by my empathy with her as such she offered to share eating waver with her which had become the ice breaking point for a heart-to-heart long chat. She let me share with her the gospel first, but she took initiative to switch the topic to why she accepted Buddhism as her religion faith. It was all because of the unexpected early death of her beloved grandfather who was a publicly recognized good teacher. At his Buddhist style funeral held at a shrine, she vowed to Buddha that she will become a disciple of Buddha if she can have a dream to see her beloved grandpa that night which did happen. So, it gave her the conviction that a good person will be awarded with wish coming true in the form of blessing to her life. But I was quick to correct her that being a good person may not necessary always resulted with blessing. Her beloved Grandma was the exact opposite example unless she accepts the logical inference that her Grandpa had done something bad to deserve the punishment of a shorter life. She was speechless to disagree with me and I took on this line to return back to my gospel sharing that no matter how many good deeds we have done but all human is bound to be imperfect with punishable sin for eternal death suffering in the hell of fire. God loves us but he could not let sin unpunished. The only way out is to let a perfect person to take our place to receive that punishment. So Jesus is the only perfect person who is God by incarnated as a perfect person to be the scape goat to sacrifice his life to die for us and shoulder all our sins to set us free from the bondage of sin. It was the work of God to have soften her heart and becoming complete receptive to the gospel message and the offer of free gift of eternal life by Jesus. The bus came at the right time to leave her to respond to God in her private moment afterwards.

8) Three big fellows with lot of shopping stuff got to the bus stop. Two of them rejected outright my approach but the third one accepted my tract when I turned to him. Though I had not time to chat as the bus arrived right away, but I trusted that God’s work on that third fellow is unhindered for a fruit bearing result.

Battle Log of Winnie who had got divine appointment to chat with 10 persons despite of the spiritual evil attack orchestrated by Satan.

今天雖然有撒但阻撓,一澳洲男子不許我們在巴士站傳福音,搶了我手上的單張,又搶了 Johnny 的福音册。他上了巴士,後來得關牧師走上巴士和他理論,取回 Johnny 的福音册。

神 今天的保守和带领下,


第一位, Mickle, 澳洲基督徒,不明白救恩,我解释给他。

第二位,Lisa, 印度女士,不願接受單張及聽福音,後來我講及今次印度疫情的死傷無數,跟着引入福音。她聽後,接受單張及想清楚信仰問题。

第三位,Ellen, 中國來的 UQ 學生,福音講了一半,巴士到來。

第四位,Alice, 澳洲少女,不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第五位,Vivian, Singapore 來的 UQ 學生。聽了全福音,會想想宗教問题。a



第八位,Maria, 澳洲女士,相片中。她會想想宗教問题。

第九位,Lay, 澳洲女青年人,基督徒。不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第十位,Ka, 日本來的 UQ 學生,很留心聽我講的福音,她説 會認真想想。

願主 帶领今天聽到福音人士,找到適合教會,永遠跟䜔主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 9 May, 2021

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Ok, a weekend of evangelism.  I’m so grateful God gave us two more days to reach people with his amazing grace.  May his patience continue, but it won’t last forever.

Susan and I were in the city on Sunday afternoon - no flip chart, and we paired up to approach people.  There were lots of people out.  Warm weather, but cloud cover to protect from the sun.

Before Susan arrived, I was handing out tracts on Cashel Mall when suddenly three teens came up to me and started peppering me with questions - so fast, that I couldn’t keep up and they started to stack up in my head.  It turns out I had talked to at least two of them before.  The third one was the one with the most questions.  Eventually one of them asked if we could sit down - so we found a bench and the conversation continued.  The first two are professing faith, and so I was encouraging them in the reality of a changed life that will result.  A change of direction, not perfection.  The third, said that those were the clearest answers she had ever heard (glory to God alone).  They all accepted “Who Made It?” tracts and contact cards for my church.

By this stage Susan was with me, so we prayed together and then headed off.  Our first approach was with a young man who said: “I don’t believe in God because I’m a homosexual”.  I think he thought it would scare me off - it didn’t.  I was able to briefly share the law and the gospel with him, without focusing on his homosexuality, but making it clear that it was a sin.  But he didn’t really want to chat, and he received a phone call that rescued him!

In Cathedral Square, I had an opportunity to share the law and gospel with a guy who seemed to be homeless (but I’ve not seen him before).

My last chat of the day was with a guy on the High Street end of Cashel Mall.  He didn’t think about what happens after life, but he was happy to chat.  So I sat down to explain the gospel to him.  I noticed near the end of the chat that I was talking a lot and wondered if I was monologuing.  I asked him a final checking question, and he got it completely wrong.  He then admitted that he hadn’t been listening!  I was monologuing!  My bad.  So, tip of the day: try to communicate via questions to involve the person you are talking to, to aid in understanding.  Want to learn how it’s done?  Check out the daily Operation 513 live streams of gospel conversations on Facebook!

Of course, I was sharing the gospel online over Saturday and Sunday too.  Many gospel chats!

If God wills, may we continue to have many opportunities to share his gospel with people.  Be encouraged to join an outreach team!  And thank you so much for your support - esp. in prayer.

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