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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 17 May, 2019

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Friday dawned nice and clear.  The day started with our, now regular, Gospel + abortion outreach outside the hospital.  There was a team of six.

And, again, the Lord encouraged us.  Before the outreach had even started, and as I was waiting for the others in the team to arrive, I was handing out “Life is Precious” tracts.  I noticed two of the team approaching, but out of the corner of my eye a skateboard was coming my way.  He went right past, so I handed him a tract.  He stopped and wanted to know what it was.  I had a decision to make: do I talk about abortion, or do I talk about the Gospel?  I went with the Gospel.  It’s only the Gospel that can change hearts (and remove blindness), and changed hearts will led to an end of the genocide of abortion.

And it was a wonderful Gospel conversation with a young man at a crossroads in his life and who needed a Gospel wake up call.  He seemed deeply challenged and impacted.

And then the subject moved to abortion.  And I was floored when he said his partner was considering an abortion at the moment!  I handed him another tract and pleaded with him to give it to her, and that we would do anything to help, if it would mean they wouldn’t kill the child.  I even offered to adopt.

I give glory to God for this wonderful opportunity and the encouragement it was.  What we are doing seems so useless, and yet we are getting clear opportunities to not only reach people with the Gospel, but also reach people considering abortion and counselling them to not.

A wonderful photo of me shaking hands with this young man was taken.

And yet, there was much opposition during the outreach.  One lady angrily “told me off” for giving a “Life is Precious” tract to a “pre teen”.  Her concern for children was very ironic.

I was told, by a passerby, that what we were doing was harassment.  Protesting with signs, politely handing out tracts, and dialoguing with people is not harassment.

We had a jogger go past and scream “my body, my choice”.  Our bodies were given to us, by the God we know exists (yet suppress), and we know murder is wrong by our conscience (which means “with knowledge”).

The outreach ended with more encouragement.  We had three very passionate girls approach the team to dialogue.  Yes, it was a dialogue (two way) - even though there was much passion, and even tears, there was no shouting (see picture).

As hard as this outreach is, it must continue.  We must do something.  Praying for labourers to join us.  Will you come and hold a sign and stand up for those that can’t?

As usual, we moved to Cathedral Square.  We again had a wonderful opportunity for open air Gospel preaching.  We then moved to Cashel Mall for our regular Friday afternoon outreach with a team of five.

On the previous day (Thursday), our first outreach started in the afternoon.  But the weather was not cooperating.  It was cold, windy and threatening rain while we were in the city, so we decided to head out to our new outreach location: Northlands Mall in Papanui.

We had good opportunities for Gospel conversations, that were started with tracts around the bus stops.

A highlight for me was a conversation that led into another conversation: I got chatting with an older man, who turned out to have a Roman Catholic background.  I went through the law and Gospel with him, and then continued to chat until his friends arrived and they moved on down the road.

While I was talking with him, a younger lady had been listening, and when I approached her, she was keen to chat.  And so I had the opportunity to go through the law and the Gospel with her also, until her bus came.

By this stage, the rain was coming down hard.  Our fall back, in weather like this, is to go to the central bus exchange, which has a large roof that protects the side walk from rain.

But the weather was so terrible, we even abandoned that idea, and I went to my last resort in bad weather: letterbox dropping.  I rugged up warm, and had no problem walking the pavements sowing seeds (see picture).

Woodridge (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019

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On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge there was a team of four out but that was enough to cover the area well but as they say, there is always room for more. The afternoon was then filled with many conversations, proclaiming Christ to the lost people of this world.

The first conversation was a good reminder that the gospel is central. There was a Muslim and Aboriginal who engaged and were shown their guilt through God's law. They were both shown God's existence with the building builder analogy but they tried over and over to try and change the topic every time the question was raised, So how can you be made right before God?

These guys tried to attack the reliability of the Bible. They tried to attack the actions of Christians in the past. They tried to attack Jesus' resurrection. They were constantly bought back to the real question at hand, how can a sinner be forgiven but all they had to offer was, "try and be better and hope that's enough". Sadly they were too proud and too unwilling to listen to hear what God has done to save sinners and as a result they walked away condemned without any hope of forgiveness.

Tina was approached a little while later. She had was from New Zealand and had some simple understanding but hadn't understood the gospel. She was taken through the law and the gospel and came to understand who Jesus was, why He had to die and how she can be forgiven. She was encouraged to read the gospel of John to know more about the Christ and to trust in Him.

A sad conversation following this was with a lady who at first said there was no God, then saw that there was one. Then was shown that she was guilty via God's law and tried to argue that she wasn't that bad and then when pointed to Christ as the only hope declared that she didn't need Jesus because she would save herself.

There were also two conversations with people who attend local churches and yet had no idea of the way to Heaven. One man walked past and he was asked, "What will happen to you after you die?" To which he responded that he was going to Heaven. When asked what was going to get him there he said, "My Church". He was challenged on that, "Churches don't get people into Heaven. What are you trusting in to pay for your sin so that you can go to Heaven?" He again responded, "My Church". He was challenged a third time but instead of answering he attacked the team, "I know who you guys are and what you preach is wrong". Sadly he didn't get to stop and chat to come and understand that the gospel is Jesus oriented, not church based.

This was followed by a lady who when asked the same question said, "Don't worry, I'm good, I go to ... Church". This was followed by asking, "So what are you trusting in to get you to Heaven?" to which she responded, "I'm not really sure". In the space of a few minutes, two church goers, both in their mid forties, who had been in the church for a while had no ability to share what they are trusting in to get them to Heaven.

It was a sad reminder that even in the churches we attend there are surely people who have attended for years who do not know how a sinner can be forgiven. Maybe make that your goal, not just to look out for new people when they arrive at your Church but start asking people some simple questions like, "Why do you think God should let you into Heaven?" or "How did you become a Christian?" and find out what they are trusting in to save them and maybe even help them understand the gospel for the first time!

Please also be praying for those who heard the gospel on Tuesday that God would be at work in their hearts that they would not forget the simple message of hope but rather trust in Christ, the savior of sinners!

Capalaba (QLD) Team

Monday, 13 May, 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team of four went to their usual business of finding people with whom to speak about the glories out our God and King. The afternoon was filled with colourful conversations and characters and some exciting moments as people for the first time comprehended the gospel!

A conversation with Monique took place in in the early afternoon. She had some simple Christian background but hadn't really understood it. Monique was taken on a simple journey of questions, showing her that God exists and why it matters. How God's standards leaves each of us guilty, therefore that we are helpless to save ourselves and yet God in His love offers forgiveness, as a gift, to those who believe, purchased by His sacrifice on the cross.

Monique at first was saying, "There's a lot of pieces here but I am not sure I follow fully". The struggle with the gospel is that it is so counter intuitive to our normal ways of thinking that it is hard to explain. But as more questions were asked, the picture became fuller and suddenly Monique understood it! In a moment, all the pieces fell into place. She then had no trouble answering the checking questions and it seemed that she comprehended justification by faith alone.

Then it was time to talk about counting the cost, as the Christian life will cost something. Not that we have to do something to get in but once a Christian our love for Christ will cause us to want to serve Him more than anything or anyone else meaning there will be times when we must make great sacrifices in this life because Jesus is better. Monique heard all of this and actually was making some suggestions herself. Then at the end of it all when asked, "When will you trust in Jesus?" She responded, "Today, I don't think there is any other choice". She was encouraged to head to a local Church and to read her Bible each day!

Later there were two back to back conversations with people who had previously spoken with the team who had some partial memories of the conversation but weren't quite sure about the way to Heaven. God was kind to these men, Trey and Tony and enabled them to have another opportunity to comprehend the simplicity of the gospel. They were both then challenged with the seriousness of this knowledge, as to do nothing with it will spell out a worse time on judgement day but if they will trust in Christ, they can have an eternity rejoicing in Christ as their King and Saviour!

These men were encouraged to count the cost, strongly consider what they've now understood for various reasons an important one was that God has been kind to them, offering them two opportunities to hear and understand His gospel but they may never be given another chance to repent, so today is the day of salvation.

There were some other silly moments through the day, a young couple declared that they didn't want Jesus because they love Satan and will enjoy ruling people in Hell with him. But it was pointed out that this is not the case both because they will not be apart of the ruling in Hell, as it is God who rules and punishes those in Hell, not Satan. Secondly, that there is no hope in Satan, as Jesus is already risen, Satan has lost. These two were shown the foolishness of such a hope as Christ is the victor and He owns history.

They were then shown God's law, revealing their guilt and need for Christ and were pointed to Christ as the only way that sinners can be forgiven.

Please be praying for all those who heard of Christ this day, that God would use these conversations, these challenges and their new understandings to lead them to a saving faith in Him! Please be praying for those who took tracts or whose conversations were cut short by buses that God may use that to bring a hunger and a desire to know more of Christ.

And why not find a time to come out and share Christ with the people of this world?

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 11 May, 2019

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Saturday night in Brisbane City came with great joy. There were eighteen team members out, Including a few new members! These members, despite having a desire for many years, had their first opportunity to try and articulate the gospel to someone they didn't know. What a joy it was to watch these first steps take place, as they endeavoured to see how it looks and then to share God's glorious gospel with those He had provided.

The first conversation of the evening was a sad one. There were a young African and Asian lady who approached the flip chart with the desire to see what it was all about. One girl professed to be a Christian whilst the other had hardly even heard the name of Christ. The problem, both of them believed it was ones goodness that would make them acceptable before God. Through the law they trekked, seeing the desperate position they're in before God but as the condemnation bought by the law showed itself the professing Christian started to get squirmy. "I've already repented of all my sins and I pray every day. I go to Church and I try and be good," she said in an attempt to defend herself.

This made it hard because the flip chart deals with the saving exclusivity of Jesus and how it can only be received by faith, not by works, but sadly this young lady was making it hard for her friend to even get a chance to comprehend the gospel. She was too proud to realise her own need and her words and actions were causing her friend to miss out on the chance to hear what Christ has done to save sinners. It wasn't too long later but both of them walked away together, with the condemnation that the law brings, without the knowledge of how it can be solved.

Soon another man approached the flip chart. He was a bit hesitant and was taken carefully through the flip chart but it was wonderful to see that he comprehended it simply and easily. The questions fell into place, the examples made sense and in under ten minutes Shuki went from a general knowledge of Christianity to an understanding of the simplicity of justification by faith alone. And was left to ponder the question, "When will you trust in Jesus?"

There were a scattering of conversations over the next hour or so but the final two conversations of the night were beautiful. Pat, was a man who at first even rejected the idea of God but with the simple building's need a builder analogy, flowing into the law Pat saw the predicament he is in. He is living in God's world, his way and will have to face the consequences of his rebellion, if he continues this way. He was asked for the solution but had no real idea so he listened intently and responded through a simple range of examples and analogies explaining; how the debt must be paid, forgiveness requires someone to pay, that salvation is a gift accepted by faith in Christ and it wasn't too long before He came to understand the gospel! He was able to repeat back the good news.

Then a turn was taken, he'd understood justification by faith so it was time to challenge him to count the cost. Although forgiveness is a free gift, upon receiving it, our lives will change and trusting in Jesus will cost us something. Whether it is a job, a girlfriend, a house. There will be scenario's in ones life, following their trust in Jesus that they will be called to give up something they love, due it being a hindrance to their service of God or maybe because to keep it they would be required to sin.

Pat was challenged and he was exceedingly grateful for the conversation and said this very day he will count the cost and trust in Christ. This conversation was followed by a very similar one with Matt.

Over the course of the night, many tracts were handed out, many gospel conversations were had and there were a range of people who came to comprehend what God has done to save sinners!

Please be praying for those spoken to tonight that God would use these conversations to challenge them, not just to acknowledge his existence, but to change their mind about sin and to trust in Christ, the Saviour!

Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Friday, 10 May, 2019

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As this Friday's outreach rolls around you can look back and be encouraged from last week's outreach.

Hear Ryan share about a conversation he had with a mother and daughter in which they both came to comprehend that we cannot be saved by good works but only by trusting in Christ's death on the cross to pay for sin.

Then be challenged as Matt talks about the essential nature of keeping justification by faith alone at the centre of a gospel conversation until it is understood because if you veer off too early before they have understood it, they will be arguing against you thinking that you're saying, "Be a good person to get to Heaven".

Then hear about a conversation he had with two Catholics, Ryan and Vance and how they came to comprehend the gospel of Jesus Christ and said that this day they would consider counting the cost of trusting in Jesus!

Next time you're sharing the gospel be wary to not get distracted by other apologetic questions until the core of the gospel is understood! 

Why not join us tonight, we'll be in Cavill Mall (Surfers Paradise) from 7:15-10pm tonight.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Thursday, 9 May, 2019

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On Thursday there were five members out on the team as most of the others were scattered throughout Australia on various trips. But despite being a smaller team the usual the afternoon was a great success. The first conversation was an absolute cracker.

Mariana a Spanish speaking Brazilian was approached and she had some Christian ideas but was pretty sure God would let her into Heaven because she is good. She was shown God's goodness and then taken through His law, revealing her sin and suddenly she realised she would not be making it to Heaven as she currently stands. She was asked what she could do and suggested lots of things, all centering around her abilities to improve or earn God's favour.

But then, upon hearing the gospel for the first time, that God offers salvation as a gift to the guilty, not as a reward for the righteous Mariana came to understand that her whole life up until this point she was thinking she was a Christian but for the first time today comprehended what it really means to be one. She was excited to be challenged in this and said that she wanted to trust Jesus today. She asked if there was a Church she could attend and she was recommended one and she even said that she would start reading her Bible as she wants to know more about God!

As usual there were quite a number of short conversations, establishing God's existence and our guilt. This week there were actually twelve conversations with people which covered this and they were each left with a tract to read and their eternity to consider.

A later conversation the took a while was with Che, she was similar to Mariana. She was a a Filipino, Catholic and for the first time in her life, she came to comprehend the beauty of the gospel. She struggled at first to understand the simplicity of salvation, centered on justification by faith alone but when she understood that all the other pieces fell into place. She got the checking questions correct and was encouraged this day to trust in Christ. Her bus arrived so some simple follow up couldn't be had but please be praying for Che that God would work in her heart!

Lastly was a conversation with Edgar which was very sad. He had attended a church for a while with his friends because they all became Christians but after a while he stopped going. He didn't understand the gospel yet but more heartbreaking was that he declared he would prefer to live his own way than to believe in any God, even if God exists.

He was shown God's existence and God's law and was shown the desperate position he is in but Edgar was resolute in his rebellion against God and desire to live for himself.

Please be praying for Mariana and Che that they would trust in Christ and start attending local Churches, reading their Bible and even telling others of the good news about what Jesus has done! Please pray for Edgar that God would humble him, show him the foolishness of his ways and cause him to trust in Christ!

When will you come on out to share God's glorious gospel? It's something any Christian can do!

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 8 May, 2019

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On Wednesday in Brisbane city, there were many people around and as always many people heard the gospel. The team of eight split throughout the area and were able to have consistent conversations over the course of the afternoon.

The first five conversations of the afternoon were short and sad. It isn't that they were a waste because the intention was to share the gospel and why it was needed (God's existence and our guilt) but the first five who were approached were fueled by their love for sin and desire to be their own God. There was a Buddhist lady who wanted to trust in her own ideas. She had no reasons or arguments as to why Buddhism was true and when challenged she saw that her system was greatly flawed with no standard giver, no judge and no justice and in the end she admitted, "I just want to live a happy life my way and not have to answer to anyone". She was very offended at the law.

A lady who was using the idea of "Metatrons Cube" to argue that there is no God. Ironically, it is a pattern and patterns need Creator's, just as does everything else with a beginning and complexity. She too didn't want to acknowledge God's existence and was upset that she would be challenged in what she wanted to believe.

Chelsea, saw God's existence and the law but sadly had a friend turn up and had to head off before the conversation could continue. A man almost instantly sat down where Chelsea was and was asked the same question and created a silly strawman argument to try and argue that God is evil. He used this to justify his own actions as not that bad. This was followed with a conversation with Gabriel who saw the law and his guilt then started arguing that there was no such thing as right and wrong.

But after almost and hour of conversations that were with people who were hardened against God, along came Anna. She too at first was quite opposed to the idea of God and was shown the building builder analogy and said that it made sense but was still not keen with God's existence. This was revealed all the more as the law, like a mirror, showed her sin. It was at this moment in honesty Anna said, "I don't want to believe in a God who tells me what to do". Anna showed that her problem wasn't one of intellect, or being "too smart" for God, it was one of idolatry, she wanted to be God.

Anna was shown why this was unwise and stronger yet, foolish. Anna started trying to take the conversation down other routes showing that she did not know the gospel so the opportunity was taken to ask Anna if she knew what Jesus had to say about how someone gets to Heaven. Anna didn't know, she thought it was by being good and not doing the wrong thing. Then for the first time in her life, with a few well placed and chosen questions she comprehended the beautiful message of grace that God offers to sinners.

Anna was on the ball, comprehended the gospel immediately and was able to get challenging checking questions correct to show that despite her prior disposition she had no trouble understanding the simplicity of how someone is justified. Sadly at the end of the conversation after coming to understand the offer of forgiveness, Anna still chose to reject it because she said she was unwilling to give up living life her way. Even when shown that God's rules are for our good.

The last conversation was with a man who after going through the law got quite upset and declared that he didn't think there was a God. He then said, "I grew up in the Church for twenty one years and then I left". When asked why he said, "Because I had my eyes opened and learnt the real truth about the Bible". He had to leave but was challenged briefly that it wasn't really knew knowledge that caused him to leave the Church rather it was a choice he had to make. There were things he wanted to do that God said no to and the choice he had to make was whether he would throw out sin or God.

He looked gobsmacked that he had been seen through, acknowledged that was the case and then had to head off.

Please be praying for those today who heard of God's existence, God's law or the extent of the gospel. Please be praying specifically that Anna would reconsider her initial rejection of the gospel and instead trust in Christ alone for her forgiveness and as a result turn from her sin and live for God. Please also be praying for that last man that the reminder that he rejection of God was on the basis of sin, not intellect would cut him to the heart and that he would turn and read his Bible once again and come face to face with who God really is.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

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After a wonderful day off on Monday, it was back to work with outreaches in Riccarton on Tuesday, and in the City and outside the Hospital on Wednesday.

It was great being back in Riccarton, after being in Papanui last Tuesday instead.  A reasonable amount of tracts were distributed.  And three decent conversations were had - one of which was a highlight conversation of recent memory.

The conversation occurred near the end of the outreach, a guy walked past with the name of a local company I recognised printed on his top.  This was a natural conversation starter and we talked briefly about people we both knew.  The conversation quickly moved to what I was doing on the sidewalk, and into spiritual things.  I ended up briefly sharing my testimony of how I became a Christian, and he became engrossed, as it seemed to parallel where he was at.

He went from saying he had a few minutes to chat, to being willing to sit down and discuss the Gospel at length.  At the end of the conversation, he admitted he wasn’t convinced (yet), but I could tell our conversation was timely.  He gladly took a gospel booklet, a tract, and details of how to get in contact if he wanted to.  I was very encouraged by this conversation.

Wednesday started a little different to normal.  I got to do some email evangelism.  Let me explain.  Earlier in the year, I had a wonderful conversation with a young man in Cathedral Square.  At the end of that conversation, I gave him a tract, told him my name, and said that he could contact me through the web site, via email.

Well, this young man got back to me a few days latter!  He had important questions - which I responded to.  But, sadly, that was it.  He never emailed back.

Well last Friday, I bumped into this guy again.  I asked if he had received my email, and he said he hadn’t but that he still had questions.  It turns out that my emails had been caught in his spam folder (I wonder why!), and we now have a good email connection.

So I started the day with responding to his questions.  And he has responded already!  I’m looking forward to being able to continue that conversation, he is even keen to catch up face to face again.

But the first proper outreach of the day was in Cathedral Square.

There was a girl sitting close to where I set up my flip chart, so I went over and offered her a tract.  She wasn’t keen to chat, so I left her to read it.

Later, I moved down to the corner of Colombo Street and Cashel Mall, and lo and behold, this same young girl walks up and wants to talk.  She could see that she had failed the good person test (what the tract was about) and wanted to discuss - which I was happy to do.  She ended up taking a contact card for my local church!

After lunch, I moved to the Hospital, but it was a very slow, not many tracts were accepted, and I couldn’t get a conversation to start as much as I tried.  I wonder if I was feeling apprehensive in light of the abortion outreaches we have started in this spot on Fridays?

So after an hour, I decided to head back into the city.  Just as I moved off, Chris Harris (a retired NZ cricket player) came down the steps.  I had an opportunity to interact with him briefly, and he accepted a Gospel tract.  I was encouraged by that.

Back in the city for a final hour of outreach, I ended up having two conversations.  One was a very encouraging follow up chat with the homeless guy I had spoken to on Saturday.  The second was a long conversation with a young man I had known from church circles about ten years ago, but it didn’t seem like he was still involved with a local church.  I did my best to encourage him with the Gospel.

I finished the day with some letterbox dropping.  As I was walking down a lane, a man came out of his house and wanted to know what I was up to.  This turned into a wonderful opportunity to sit down with him on his porch to discuss the Gospel!

As I’m writing this report, I’m realising how many wonderful opportunities I had to share Christ, in spite of what felt like two days of slow, hard Gospel work.  As always, I leave the results with Him: all the glory is His.

Warwick (QLD) Team

Friday, 3 May, 2019

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This time of year is nice for being out on the streets of Warwick just before the colder weather starts to creep in and we begin to see the beanies, woolly coats and scarf’s come out of their hiding places which have been put aside since last winter.

The outreach was under way when I arrived after finishing work where I see my wife handing out some tracts to some people passing by the Bible table. Glenda had a chat with a lady and her pregnant niece. The lady approached the bible table and asked if she could have a free bible for her son, she said he’s into this God stuff and is a very intelligent 12 year old. Glenda put a comic tract into the bible and gladly gave it to her.

The lady noticed a AIG booklet “Gay Marriage” and asked Glenda what she personally thought about that subject, in which she said that she believes what the bible teaches about it, and that it is a sin just like lying and stealing are also a sin, and that we all have sinned, that is why Jesus came to rescue us sinners. The lady’s niece said that she liked the verse in the bible John 3:16. Glenda quoted that verse and shortly after the lady left leaving the niece at the table so Glenda got to share some more with the niece.

She was open to the truth of God that He should be and deserves to be first in our life but only by His grace be given understanding of our need of saving. By faith in His Son Jesus to be saved and given Eternal life, she wanted and received a pocket book bible. Before she left she was encouraged to read through the comic tract and was explained that we need to understand the bad news to appreciate the good news of John 3:16 

During the morning four ladies from the same church, not together but at different times walking past stopped to encourage us and let us know that they and the church were praying for this outreach each week. Isn’t it a joy to know that we are being upheld in prayer to our heavenly Father for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Thank you to all who pray for the ministry. Mostly thank the Lord Jesus that He is always with us doing the great work through us and in us.

A guy approached us and said what is this all about? After hearing what we were doing here he started on about how Christian nations were making weapons for war in America and other places in the world. I let him know that just because it is said that these places are called “Christian nations” doesn’t mean that they are Christians. In our conversation I kept on saying that “ true Christianity” are followers of Christ who are called to love our enemies.

He went on to say about climate change and many species of animals dying out of existence and many other topics and that’s when I said that anyone could do a search on the internet to see that from the year 1900 to 2000, a 100 year period, that the temperature change was an increase of just 0.78 of a percent!!!! He didn’t like that at all for he said he is a scientist and he asked if I had any qualifications to make such assumptions, in which I replied, only a rational, reasoning mind to look at the evidence and after some more discussion I said there is a lot more a stake than the here and now, and when asked if he thought he was a Christian in which he said that he thought he was and he used to go to church.

I talked about sin and that if we die in our sin we will stand before God in judgement and be sent to hell. Jesus came to save sinners. He was told a true Christian has had a heart change by God. It seems this man stopped to have a debate and he didn’t want to talk about the bible or true Christianity. Pray for his heart to be softened by God. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Saturday, 11 May, 2019

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Again the weekend saw two outreaches in the city.

On Saturday I was in Cathedral Square and I had two highlight conversations.

The first was with a homeless guy who wanted to know what the flip chart was all about.  He was very open to the law and Gospel presentation.  I could see that he really wanted to change, but there were things in his life he didn’t feel he could clean up.  He talked about trying and failing.  I had a wonderful opportunity to explain what repentance and faith were.  Because of what Christ had done on the cross, our sin debt is completely paid.  We need to trust in Christ, and not our works for salvation: faith alone.  I also explained that because it had all been done by Christ, repentance couldn’t mean: try.  It is a change of heart, a change of mind from sin to God (including will and emotions) that, ultimately, only God can give us.  I challenged him not to try harder, but to surrender to Christ: to repent and believe the Gospel.

The second conversation started in an interesting way.  A group of people were walking past, and one of them turned back, curious about the flip chart.  As he asked me questions, and I responded, the whole group of people stopped, and I had a mini open air going!  Sadly, the group quickly lost interest, and they all moved on… except one.

A young lady with a child in a pram wanted to engage, and we had a great conversation.  She seemed to know a lot about Christian things, and so I tested her by asking her why she would be going to heaven.  I was amazed when she responded with “I wouldn’t deserve to be in heaven”.  So I probed further by asking why she could, and she said: “because of what Jesus did for me on the cross”.

She seemed to believe, but sadly, it seems that she wasn’t willing to repent.  As our discussion progressed, we touched on some subjects that triggered her to put her shields up.

But we parted ways on good terms, which is good because later she came back wanting a tract and to continue chatting for a little longer.  She asked me if I gave away million dollar notes (which I did), because someone had given her one five years ago, and she still had it on her fridge today - that was very encouraging to hear!  But a tract on the fridge is no good, if it’s not read and responded to.

Sunday saw rain, but it stayed away while we were out - and it wasn’t cold.  A team of three had Gospel conversations in Cashel Mall and Cathedral Square.

Some of us had frustrating conversations, but some great ones were had as well.

I had three stand out conversations, one of which got started with: “excuse me, may I ask you a question, it’s a deep question”.  It turned out that one of the couple was an atheist and the other a Christian.  The Christian was keen to try the good person test, but the atheist wasn’t.  But as the discussion continued, the atheist started to feel challenged, and some great dialogue was had.  Both heard the law and Gospel, and were challenged to respond with repentance and faith (I had no idea where the Christian really stood).

The team enjoyed fellowship over coffee afterwards.  And I’ll be enjoying a day off tomorrow.  Praise God for rest.

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