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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Tuesday, 19 April, 2022

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Praise God!  Over Easter weekend, there were 2 outreaches in central Christchurch where over a 1000 gospel tracts, with chocolate Easter eggs were given away.  But even more encouraging, were the amount of Christians representing many local churches that got involved!

Saturday had lovely weather, and I was shocked at the amount of people in Cashel Mall.  It felt pre covid.  We had bought 500 eggs to give away over both outreaches, but in just over an hour, we had pretty much given away all 500!  It was so awesome watching and listening to people’s stoked reactions at getting the gift.

I spent all my time of the 2 hour outreach, walking up and down the mall, making sure Christians had enough stock of both tracts and eggs, and trying to be an encouragement.  I didn’t have a single gospel chat myself!  But that’s okay, I have plenty of opportunities at other times. :)

After the outreach, we had to scramble to find a new supply of eggs to buy.  The first shop we went to had sold out! :O  But, the supermarket next door had some.  So, we were all sorted for Monday

Monday wasn’t quite as busy as Saturday - the weather wasn’t quite as good.  But, there were still plenty of people out and about, and a whole new team of Christians gathered to give away the gift of Jesus.

This time I did have the opportunity to get directly involved.  I had a great follow up chat with one of my regulars, and at the end of the outreach I was able to power out a tray of chocolate and tracts.

Our prayer is that many will read the tracts.  We leave the results in God’s hands - knowing the simple gospel message is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16).

Thanks to all those that got involved.  I was very encouraged.  Looking forward to doing something similar next Easter, God willing!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 13 April, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 13th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Because of School Holiday, both Gary and Amy Yao could not come because they both have children and family to look after. So, only Johnny and Hung teamed up as usual. The people flow is comparatively great here at the Sunnybank Bus station, it is both an advantage and disadvantage of open-air street outreach. As a result , we had numerous conversation but most of them were short being interrupted by the frequent arrival of bus. Yet, we still believe, God can make use of our steadfast outreach action faith to trigger continuous deliverance plan and process for all who have been elected by God for receiving His predestine blessings. Recap below are my Battle Log : -

1. A Vietnamese Chinese Diaspora man越南華僑 took initiative to greet me that led me to think that we had met before. Actually, it was not the case. I waited no time to share the gospel to him but still I failed to beat the quick arriving bus so I could only trust God and rely on the tract that I handed out to that man.

2. Filipino lady was a reluctant listener, but I still just manage to share with her the nutshell of the gospel.

3. Then I have an interesting conversation with a young fashionable man from mainland China by his post-modern hair dressing style. He is not yet a believers but was very open for discussion on religion. He actually appeared well versed in Bible story as such he had good interaction with me on the gospel and doctrine of salvation. Again out conversation cut short by the quick arriving bus. 中囯少年, 博學多聞,開放認同

4. A NZ young woman with Chinese look but is English speaking. She was very open to gospel but I could only manage to share the core message because of quick arriving bus.

5. Joseph a mature man from PNG. Actually, he is a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation. I found out later Johnny had several conversation with him before. He took a selfie with me in appreciation of what we are doing for the Lord.

6. I was able to catch up with another Chinese mature man but our conversation was cut short by the quick arriving bus.中國大叔可以聊

7. Then I chatted with two Singaporean QUT students both named Brian and Brian. They are non-believers but were both open for conversation on gospel. They both were convinced Christianity is the right way for all imperfect persons to be redeemed to reconcile with God.

8. Joe a fall-back Christian from Hong Kong who shared all the reasons while he does not attend church after coming to Australia first because of Uni study, then job commitment and finally marriage and care for family. He was with the Tsim Sha Tsui Chiu Zhou Life Church which should be a good denominational church with sound biblical teaching尖潮人生命堂生活學習疏離教會,yet his understanding of salvation is incomplete and has no assurance of salvation. But he was moved to reactivate his church life but a pity that I cannot leave him with my contact no.

9. Frank, an English speaking Malaysian man though a bit introvert but appeared quite open and receptive to the gospel.

10. I was rejected by a lady from Mainland China mistaken me as a sale person.中國不要推銷?

11. I caught up with a couple of brother and sister from Tianjin.天津.姊弟,願聊 the sister was more open for conversation. And the nutshell of gospel only was shared.

12. I caught up with another English speaking Malaysian lady from Ipoh馬華,we could only have a short causal chat but not yet have chance to share gospel with the quick arriving bu.

13. Roy a builder worker rejected me to share the gospel with him, but Spirit moved me to identify with him with the same political ideology as such I still can sneak in the gospel issue to prove that there is no perfect government and also no perfect citizens that eventually we all need redemption by Jesus.

14. Then I caught with Mr Chu from Nanjing. 朱南京聊天拿單張 We click because of my experience of visiting Nanjing in 1974 before China was open for free tourism. Again time was not enough so he just grab a tract and hope for a future reunion.

15. Julian is a fair dinkum Christian who listen to my sharing of the full Gospel and can answer my two diagnostic questions correctly.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 12 April, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 5th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Today we started with three regular team mates Johnny, Winnie and Hung but Winnie suddenly had developed acute stomach pain and bad tummy movement as such she had to withdraw to the toilet and eventually quitted earlier though still managing to share Gospel to a couple of person both at the bus stop and later back inside the Toowong Shopping centre. Johnny and Hung remained at the bus station but facing unusually higher ratio of rejection. Praise and thanks God that we all took them in as part of the training to not be discouraged by external factors but steadfastly holding on to share the gospel to anyone as long as they don’t tum their back on us. As a result, I still managed to have many conversations as recap below:-

1. Sophie a non-religious person but still appeared receptive to the gospel message.

2. Bearman left to avoid me.

3. A Filipino girl trying to push me away, but with my persistence to make friendly chat to disarm her defense system, I still could manage to share her the nutshell of the gospel.

4. Lilian another Filipino but a cross breed with Aussie father, appeared a more open-minded person who was willing to listen and interact.

5. David an ABC with parents from mainland China who is doing pharmacy appeared as an open-minded person as well and have good interaction on the gospel issue.

6. Parley , an India Hindu lady who initially rejected to chat but did soften down to have a causal chat that led back to the gospel before the bus arrived.

7. Liliana a Christian girl of the Seven Day Adventist who failed to have 100% assurance of salvation. I only have time to correct her idea pointing her to the efficacy of Jesus’ work dying on the cross for us all , the sinner that we are given back our heavenly citizenship 100% the moment we receive Christ as our saviour.

8. Grace a nice girl who appeared friendly and opened to the gospel.



Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 6 April, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 6th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today only Johnny and Hung teamed up to resume street outreach. Both Gary and Amy Yao were not available due to school holiday that they had to look after their kids. Despite with lesser manpower, God still bless the ministry in many ways. First, Sunnybank is by far the best environmentally sound venue sheltered by large tree with good shade from the scorching sun. Second, the human flow at the bus stop under the tree shade is constantly steady, as such both of us had incessant chance to approach people though of course with mixed result. In our mind, whether strict rejection, initial reluctance, half heartedly chat or fully open-minded conversation with good interaction, they are all divine encounter planned by God with long terms effect and God’s sovereign election for some to be moved and touched to receive Christ eventually. So, we simply just make our step of action faith to reach out people of all nations by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with or without immediate results. It is more so, an important part of God’s training for those who are submissive to work with God to do His good work that may eventually lead to prominent growth in the spirituality of their lives. Recap below is the battle log of Hung : -

1. First approached an English lady who is a Christian and has 100 % assurance of salvation, yet running short to time to check the reason.

2. Second approach to a lady was declined.

3. Next approach to two good friends of which one is a Korean girl and the other is an Aussie girl. The both declared they are Christians and the Korean girl even confirmed she has 100% assurance of salvation but not because of Christ yet giving credit to their religious practice. What a big faulty teaching in salvation it is. Unfortunately, no time to clarify as their bus came.

4. Then encountered another unwilling Vietnamese who declined to chat but took a tract.

5. John and Robert are twin brothers still studying in high school. One managed to listen to my gospel sharing though half-heartedly while the one chose to stay away from the conversation. The one finished listening to my gospel sharing remain a polite manner to thanks for the conversation.

6. John a Korean migrant to Australia agreed good person should be able to go to heaven. Just only had time to clarify that nobody can unless one is perfect.

7. A Chinese young lady from Dong Kun 東莞, Fu Shan , China by the named of Shing 成女士initially declined to chat with the excuse that she is a Buddhist佛. I kept a friendship 友好building tactic to assert that all religion are good but only good at teaching people to be a good person yet failing to address the issue of sin. Finally also just have barely enough time to share the nutshell of Gospel.

8. Another Mainlander 大陸who was willing to have a chat but just barely enough for a nutshell of the gospel. 願聽.僅夠時間

9. Rejected by a Chinese male who simply walked away to avoid me. 中男拒絕

10. Then I met up with Mr Liao 廖 originally from Quandong 廣東,but migrated to PNG then to Australia for 30 years. He is a Catholic Christian天主教,not surprisingly he does not have assurance of salvation but the quick arriving bus deprived him an opportunity for a clarification.

11. Avoided by another Mainlander.中女士廻避

12. Approached a Chinese male with family of wife and daughter. His bus arrived right away but I still managed to pass him a tract which he delightfully accepted. 中男士一家三口拿單張

13. Another Filipino Catholic adult whose name is Christian, Yet again he does not have full assurance but just 80% certainty of Salvation. He attribute those 80% not to Christ but to his good religious practice which is utterly wrong. Just had time to rectify his concept wit ha conclusion.

14. Callie a tall young Aussie deemed that Good Person is a subjective definition and there is no objective answer if a good person can go to heaven. I build on his opinion to share the gospel that he found it sensible and logical.

15. Finally, I approached an Aussie lady who was opened for a chat, yet the bus came too quick to cut the conversation short.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 2 April, 2022

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On the weekend, it was another exciting outreach in Brisbane city.

One chat that stood out was with an atheist named Peter. In the chat, he was firm on saying there was no God.

But when it was pointed out to him that everything that begins to exist relies on something before it to make it exist (which he agreed), and therefore that shows the universe itself would need something before it to make it exist, he surprisingly had no response.

Then as the conversation progressed, we got to talk about how it makes sense that this Creator would have a set of rules for his universe and that sadly we have broken many of them already. He then got to hear that through the sacrifice of Jesus he could have his sins forgiven if he came to trust in Christ.

But when he was challenged on when he would come to trust that Christ paid for his sins, he said, “Never! Because I am a realist!” Seemingly reverting back to his atheistic position.

I responded, “But I don’t think you’re a realist. A realist is someone who would acknowledge how this universe requires a Creator, would acknowledge their sin, and would seek to find peace with God while there is time.”

So I asked, “What is actually stopping you?”

His body actually started shaking after I called out his bluff of being a realist, and he surprisingly replied with, “What’s stopping me is my own stubbornness.”

I thanked him for his honesty in that answer, and now that he saw that, he said he was going to seriously consider what he has heard in the conversation. We leave him in God’s hands. Please keep Peter in your prayers.

To God be the glory!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 5 April, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 5th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was school holiday period, Kiateck could not join us as he needed to mind his daughter at home. So just the regular team of three Johnny , Winnie and Hung turned up for the regular Tuesday outreach after a break last week because of suspected Covic-19 close contact and heavy rain. Today it was all great sunshine and scorching heat in high noon, but our passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ was equally heated. All of us have almost non-stop conversation though many of them were short and interrupted pre-maturely by the quick arrival of bus. Nevertheless, we still trusted in God that all divine encounter whether long or short, gospel shared full or partial, the work of the Holy Spirit will keep pursuing and nurturing all seeds of gospel to bear fruit at the most opportune time as Will by God. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie respectively.

Hung’s Battle log

1. Michael 2nd year UQ student from England, open to the gospel and respond positively.

2. Matt was a local Aussie but not a student. Yet he was a willing listener and appeared receptive to the gospel.

3. Jack, a Postgraduate of UQ and another willing listener with my testimony being shared first about my good work of joining the Sichuan earth quake disaster relief in 2008 as a student of Master of Counselling. It led up to the conclusion that even with good work like me, I could not earn salvation as the good deed can never be able to off set sin in my heart and my life,

4. Old Aussie Christian lady with 99% assurance of faith to go to heaven. So unfortunately, she still fell short of full understanding of the redemptive grace of Jesus that have 100% atonement power to deliver us form eternal death punishment. Just a pity no time to clarify her wrong concept.

5. Noel a Chinese UQ student but was English speaking who claimed to have chatted with us before and took the tract. Before I can test his feedback after reading the tract, the arriving bus again cut short our conversation.

6. An English-speaking Chinese girl appeared too arrogant to listen. I nevertheless still finish sharing the full gospel to her.

7. An Indonesia young lady who came in 2020 was open for a chat. It seemed that God has moved many Indonesians to pursue Christ in the campus. So this lady was very receptive to the Gospel.

8. Sam a UQ student from Canada who was receptive to the gospel.

9. Arnold from China but received Christ here in Brisbane now attending the hope church. Upon testing of his faith, he only has 80% assurance of salvation for heaven. Quick clarification was done before the bus came.

Battle log of Winnie

5/4/22 Toowong

感謝 神的帶领,讓我今天遇上很多青年人分享福音及解释救恩的機會。

1. 新加坡來的少女,Alice。當我傳福音给她後,她説,會想想基督的信仰。

2. 兩位澳洲少女,Lily & Jane,相片中。當我講完福音及見證後,她們願意悔改,信靠耶稣基督。找教會尋求更多真理。

3. 中國青年,Alan,基督徒。不明白救恩,我解释给他,講完巴士來到。

4. 印尼少女,Emily。她母親是基督徒。她以為母親是基督徒,她就是基督徒。我問她有去教會参加主日崇拜及查經,有受洗歸入基督名下嗎?她説没有。我對她説,你母親信主,得救。是她應得的,與你無關。我由亞當,夏娃犯罪的结果,罪性便一代代傳留到我們。所以當我們來到世上,我們已经是罪人。我給她單張看看,甚麽是罪。你一定要悔改,口裏承認耶稣基督是你的救世主,你才可以得救。耶稣基督為救贖我們,死在十字架上,三天後復活。祂背付我們的罪債。只要我們信靠祂,罪得赦免,你便可以得救。她聽後,願意悔改,信靠耶稣,跟母親反教會。

5. 中國少女,Sue。當她聽完福音後,願意悔改信靠主,找教會尋求更多真理。

6. 一位澳洲女士,眼睛看不清楚的。不想聽福音。我説,我們是罪人,解释甚麽是罪。當信靠主耶穌,罪得赦免,得永生。她説不想再聽,我便離開。

7. 中國廣州來的少女,May。當我講完福音,她説,會看單張,想清楚基督的信仰。

8. 香港少女,Jenny。講了幾句福音,巴士來到,不能再講。

9. 中國少女,Anne。初時不願意聽,我和她閒談大學生活,跟着帶入福音以及講及我生命被 神的改變。她很留心聽,直到巴士來到。她説會看單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

10. 澳洲青年男女,Shane & Brave,基督徒。


11. 中國少女,Rose。我也是閒談先,才帶入福音。她聽後,说,會閲讀單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

感謝 神今天的带领。願所有聽到福音的人仕,找到適合他們的教會。阿們!感謝讚美主!


Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 26 March, 2022

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On Saturday, the team got to share the gospel in Brisbane city, encountering all kinds of different people.

One stand out conversation was with two young guys - Zane who was Mormon and Darcy who was Catholic.

Zane started off by telling me about the Mormon idea of 3 levels of heaven. I avoided that topic and instead showed them through God's law that we have sinned and deserve hell. But Zane the Mormon was adamant that good works paid for bad works.

So I asked if a criminal did 5 crimes and then did 10 good things, would the police ignore their crimes? The Catholic guy was getting it, but the Mormon didn't want to budge. Even when going through the gospel, Darcy the Catholic was like, "I will believe in what Christ has done for me!" while Zane the Mormon dug his heels in saying, "I will never change my beliefs."

So I said, "Think of Islam, Buddhism, and every other religion besides Christianity, they teach doing good fixes bad actions, but we've seen how that doesn't work. So if a religion teaches that, they are wrong."

Both Darcy the Catholic and Zane the Mormon (surprisingly) agreed. And Zane said, "But Mormonism is Christianity."

I then said, "They are many churches around, but if a church teaches that good works paid for bad works, they are really aligning themselves with Islam and every false religion, rather than Christianity."

At that, the penny seemed to drop for Zane the Mormon, and he realized that if his church is teaching what every false religion teaches, it can't be right. We chatting further and in the end, both actually came to profess to trust in Christ alone for their salvation.

All glory to God!! Please pray for them both. We meet each Saturday and Sunday nights in King George Square for evangelism, join if you can.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 23 March, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 23, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Gary re-joined us today arriving early and started with me and Amy first and later joined by Johnny making a team of four for reaching out at the Bus Stop. Praise and thanks God blessing Amy with many conversations helping her to become more well versed in the skill as well as catching the moving of the Spirit to find the right words to respond to questions or even challenges from the gospel listeners. In the mean time, God also allowed some aggressive hecklers to disturb or even attacked and interfered our outreach work but gave us wisdom and perseverance heart to withstand those hardship and adversity. In general, both Johnny and Amy had some very good conversation leading to close conversion status. Recap below is my Battle Log:

1. Madam Lin a senior woman from Indonesia came visiting her daughter in Melbourne than her son in Wishart Brisbane. She claimed to be a Christian but she was diagnosed without assurance of salvation. I checked if she attended Steven Tong's Church in Jakarta, and she said no. That has explained why she is still not well versed in basic gospel and salvation doctrine. I took longer time to help her get a better understanding of the core gospel message. She showed great appreciation of my teaching help.

2. Then I approached a couples of boy and girl friends Isaac and Rebecca. They were not keen to chat, but my friendship first tactics had kept them from bluntly rejecting me but instead listening on till I shared with them the full gospel.

3. Next I approached two Chinese ladies from Mainland China. Only the one sitting next to me Miss Huang interacted with me though with some degree of reluctance. The other one was not paying full attention but God moved Amy to chat with her. I gave a brief rundown of the nutshell of the gospel to Miss Huang. But she responded that she only believes in Science. Then I gave her another rundown of the Creation Account, showing how it harmonize with all the natural law created by God. before the bus came.

4. Then we caught up with Christian sister madam Li, 李姊妹 a member of the Logos Brisbane Church and BCCMA Choir members. Amy had a chat with her about her friend circle. I basically concern more about her assurance of Salvation.

5. I approached another Indian girl but she was not at all welcoming for the chat. But I still apply the friendship first tactic to keep the conversation alive till I finish the nutshell of the Gospel just in time before she met up with here friend.

6. Florence is a Singaporean Aussie with Chinese look but speaks only English. Initially she appear very skeptical to have conversation with a stranger, but my friendship first tactic sharing my life journey earned her interest and attention that led to eventual sharing of the gospel. However, I found out that she is already a Christian, but as usual, she does not have assurance of salvation which I managed to gave her a full clarification.

7. Finally I followed up on a Chinese from Guangzhou 廣州 that Gary handed him a Chinese tract. I accidentally pick up his accent as a Cantonese speaking person. So I quickly share him the nutshell of gospel before the bus came very fast.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 22 March, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday March 22, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It seemed to be yet another day of outreach at Toowong, with again only the three regular team members of Johnny, Winnie and Hung. But God worked in mysterious way that each time, the people we met and can have a chat are all divine appointments by God through the Holy Spirit. Some are smooth sailing while some are hard yard facing initial rejection but mission power always take place to turn around the situation allowing Gospel to be shared with ultimate results in God's Good Hands. All we need to do are to faithfully submit to the guidance of the Spirit to work with God with total dedication and commitment of our all. It is more so an important narrow path for obedient Christians to grow in grace and in knowledge of God in our life long Christian Walk.

Recap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie as usual: -

1. An Indian girl from Singapore rejected Winnie, but God led me to have a chat with her in a softer way by sharing with her my own testimony. It turned out that she responded very positively to the Gospel admitting Jesus is the only way to take our place to receive punishment of our sin.

2. Then another young man from Shanghai reject Johnny but still I was moved to approach him using friendship chat to break the ice. I use my only testimony that even as a Sichuan 2008 earth quake disaster relief volunteer, contributing my effort to help out needy person to have peace after the traumatic experience, I am still just a good person but not a perfect one that can be right with God for heaven. I still need Jesus and that was the message I have been preaching in China and up till nowadays on the street of Australia. He was impressed and took a tract to read and ponder on his own situation.

3. Richard was a person of "faith" but seemingly not of orthodox Christian faith. Yet, I managed to spirituality clicked with him first to gain the trust to share the gospel message that he initially thought he had no need to listen.

4. Then I approached Trever who was very willing to have a chat on faith with me. Yet we were interrupted by a very aggressive Aussie lady who threated to call the Security and later the Police. So with such disturbance, our chat was cut short. But Trever still thanked and show appreciation for our effort to share the message we thought is important for everyone to listen.

5. Ormat a French Catholic PhD student of UQ was delighted to chat with me with an opened mind, humble and friendly manner. Despite his Catholic background, he is very receptive to the orthodox Christian Gospel message admitting we are all imperfect sinners and every one need Jesus.

6. An Aussie girl of new age background who does not believe in trinity yet still heard the gospel. She likes many atheist or Sect, who do not accept Jesus is God or taking him just a lesser god , questioned about the efficacy of Jesus work on the Cross. So obviously here mind is still blinded by the evil spirit as such she could not receive the revelation by the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, Gospel was once more time shared with her as seed sowing though still on a hard ground.

Battle log of Winnie


今天陽光普照,非常炎熱。很多等巴士的學生,都躲入樹陰下。感謝 神的带领,讓我遇到很多不同地方來的學生傳講福音及解释救恩。

1. 印度少女,Peggy。講了一半福音,巴士來到。她願意閲讀單張。

2. 香港青年,Sorda。他的父母是天主教徒。但是他没有跟父母去教會。我解释天主教與基督教不同之處,跟着傳福音给他,以及講述信了主耶穌後,基督徒的生命會慢慢不斷的改變。他聽完我所講的説話,願意悔改信靠主耶穌,找教會。

3. 澳洲少女,Jessica & Lara。Jessica 是基督徒,明白救恩。Lara 説是聽過耶穌名字。我從新講解福音给她。講完,巴士到達。

4. 泰國來的青年,Peter。他的父母是佛教徒。我解释佛教與基督信仰的分别。跟着傳福音給他。他説會閲讀單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

5. 三位中國少女。Amy,May & Anne。當我講完福音,巴士來到。

6. 澳洲少女,Silvia。當她聽完福音,她説會閲讀單張及想想基督的信仰。

7. 中國青年饒學生,廣洲來的。當他聽完福音,他説會閲讀單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

8. 中國青年男女,不願意留下名字。男子願意聽我講的每句説話,但是女子側面向着我。我除了講述福音,還解释為何每年都有復活節及聖誕節。講完巴士來到。

9. 中國少女,Grace。我除了講述福音,還講及復活節和聖誕節。她聽後,她説會閲讀單張及想想基督的信仰。

10. 中國少女,不願意留下名字及聽福音。我只有给她單張,希望她能閲讀。

11. 中國少女,Betty。講了一半福音,巴士到達。她説會看單張。

12. 印度來的青年,Danny。當他聽完福音,他説會想想基督的信仰。

感謝 神的帶領,願今天所有聽到福音人仕,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Thursday, 17 March, 2022

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It was encouraging to see Amy settling well with street outreach that she once  felt hesitant to join. She now even introduced her friend to come along to have a taste of working with God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray that it will bring a renewed understanding of God's Great Commission in a contemporary context of new mission land scape ""From Everywhere to Every where"that every lay Christian can have a go to reach out to people of all nations that God has already brought to our door step living with us in the same community. And we have an advantage of not needing to learn their language, but rather they have to integrate into the new host country by learning the local language there, which in Australia case, is English. 

While doing God's works under the call of Great Commission, we do not just spread the gospel to the end of the world meaning reaching out to each and every least reached people groups, we ourself in the meantime will be polish and nurture to grow in spirituality toward maturity and ultimately perfection as promised by God per Eph 4:10 making us a masterpiece of God's own workmanship. In the process, we will be made the light and salt of the world that is the motto of Operation 513 referring to Matt 5:13-15. May more people be drawn to grow this Christian outreach army.

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