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Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Wednesday, 20 March, 2019

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As the time for the next Myanmar trip approaches, may Linda's encouraging encounter with Peter, get you once again considering joining the team for the next trip to Myanmar.

If you're interested check out this information page.

Capalaba (QLD) Team

Monday, 25 March, 2019

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The team again headed to Capalaba to share with those using the local bus service, what God has done to save sinners from the wrath to come. It is hard to over state how good of a location it is. It is a four direction bus station where all the platforms are adjacent and therefore there is always a consistent cycle of people coming by. There are regulars who you can check in with each week and encourage further. There are regulars who God is offering the opportunity to hear the Gospel each week and yet are still declining it and there are those who come and get to hear for the first time!

If you have the ability to make it to Capalaba on a Monday afternoon, send the team a message, commit to a date and you will be glad you chose to come on out!

This week conversations were as usual, packed with excitement and the Gospel. An early conversation was with Amber who as the conversation came to a close was able to articulate the Gospel back and understood the simplicity and beauty of trusting in Christ. She was then left with the lingering question, "When will you trust in Christ?"

A very similar conversation took place later in the afternoon with a man named Ben. In the same way as Amber, he understood the Gospel, repeated it back and then when asked when he will trust in Christ said, "right now". A little more was shared and he was challenged to count the cost, trust in Christ, start reading his Bible and then find a local Church. Please be praying that the profession that Ben made would be a reality that would begin a new life in honour of God and living for God.

A conversation late in the afternoon was with Annalise. She heard the law, its consequences, God's goodness and the Gospel and was challenged to trust in Christ. She professed that she already was but that because of her family was unable to go to a local Church. It was sad to see that as a young lady she was limited from hearing God's word preached and proclaimed by her family but also that she was fearful of them as well.

She was encouraged to count the cost and to begin to read her Bible more. She actually had her Bible on her and said she read it from time to time, which was encouraging to hear. She was encouraged to spend some time in the Gospel of John to come face to face with Jesus.

Please keep these three in prayer that they would heed the call of the Gospel, that their lives would be changed and that God would continue to work in their lives, some to bring them to a saving knowledge of the truth and for others that if they have already come to trust in Christ that God would lead them into a deeper knowledge of and intimacy with Him.

Please also prayerfully consider using some of the time that God has given you to join the team in an outreach this coming week, that God may use you to proclaim His excellencies!

West Country (UK) Team

Saturday, 23 March, 2019

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On Saturday 23rd March, George, Harry and myself met up in Plymouth city Centre for outreach, before Laurie joined us later. Simon and Ed were both working so unable to join us, but I prayed for our group, specifically that God would bring people to hear Gods word being preached and for Christians to be encouraged if passing by, and we were blown away by just how good God is in answering our prayers!

George preached first and talked about the instability of Brexit and how politicians and people were worried about the future, but that our stability had to be in Christ who never changed and promised he would never leave us and forsake us, no matter how life went. A man in his early twenties stopped to listen, and as he went forward to the basket to get a free Bible, and I spoke to him and he was called George too. He said he was in the Navy, and had previously had no belief in God or spirituality and had been quite against it, but a while ago had gone to Church with his Mum and had some sort of spiritual experience which made him reconsider his views.

He was very open to talking and gladly took a new testament, some tracts and a card for our church and said he would think about what we spoke about. While Harry and I continued to hand out tracts to people walking by while George preached, a man walked over called David who had been listening to what George was saying. He was Polish and said he was a 7th day Adventist and asked if I knew of any Churches of that denomination in Plymouth. (I know some Seventh day Adventist churches have sound doctrine but others maybe not so sure in regards to not keeping the Sabbath on a Sunday but a Saturday and that those that didn't too were not saved.)

I later spoke with a group of 3 tall school kids age 13/14 who seemed a lot older. We had a good conversation and they took some tracts with some things to think about. There were several students from the school I work at in town that day and was good to be able to give them some tracts and were very shocked at what I was doing compared to being in school covering lessons, which will hopefully lead to some good conversations next week. I also saw 3 staff from the school and gave them tracts too, which could lead to an interesting week ahead!

I later preached about a gas explosion in an elderly woman's house that ahd happened that morning that caused massive devastation to her house and neighbors, and fortunately she survived with injuries. I tried to show how gas naturally does not have a smell, but the smell was put in there by gas companies so we knew if we were in danger, if not could be lethal, and how sin in peoples lives had devastating effects that could be seen in society. I also spoke on Luke 5 where Jesus healed the paralytic lowered through the roof. Jesus clearly showed us from this passage that he was God, he could rad peoples minds, and that peoples biggest problem is not their physical ailments or need to see a miracle before they would believe in God, but for their sins to be forgiven.  

Around seven school girls aged 13 came up to me while I was preaching and started asking lots of questions about God, the Bible, why we were there, but also some disruption and ripped a new testament. We spoke to them which led to most leaving, but a couple stayed behind to ask serious questions about God and about how easy it was to get in trouble ins school and hand around with friends that led to mischief, and how they could stay out of it. They all took tracts and caused several passers by to stop and listen to what was going on.

Laurie came a bit later and was handing out several tracts and had a great conversation with a lady (pictured) who said she was a Christian but had trouble with alcohol abuse. Laura was able to minister to her and share about how her Church does a recovery course which she would be more than welcome to attend

While Harry preached later on, a man with a cross bike drove up and got off and started listening and heckling while Harry preached. This also caused a few other people to stop and listen to what was being said. Harry used the mans bike as proof of a designer , and the man agreed his bike must have an intelligent designer, but denied God was the Creator of everything, and even said o me later he didn't believe his brain was intelligently designed! The man started filming me on his phone and asking lots of questions about where people came fo and who made God, and almost interviewed me for his Facebook, asking me various questions. He said he had been brought up in the church and baptized as a child but didn't believe now, but I shared a bit of my testimony with him and the gospel and what had happened to me when 16 and 24, and he opened up a lot more had eventually gladly took a New Testament and some tracts and a living waters DVD 'Why Christianity' which he said he would watch.

A man and woman that knew him stopped while I was speaking to him, and the man claimed that he was the devil and had done too many bad things wrong in life to be forgiven, but I said there was no sin that could not be forgiven because Jesus was God and suffered for our sins on the cross. The man asked if I would forgive him if he held a gun to my head and said he would shoot me, and I said yes I would forgive him, but only because I now have the Holy Spirit in me, and if all of my many sins had been forgiven because of Jesus, then I now could forgive others as I had been forgiven an even greater debt. He was a bit shocked at this, but his partner took a tract from me as they left.

A family from Scotland came to chat while Harry finished preaching that had moved down here while their Son was having physio. He was in his early twenties and said he had been in the army and an mine had blown up near him and led to damage to his pelvis and leg. They were evangelical too and knew well of Ray Comfort and the evangelism we were doing and were very encouraging and had started attending a church near me. They took some information about our church and some tracts and we hope to hear from them again.

There were lots of tracts handed out that day, with people stopping to read the intelligence test, others stood in shop doors listening while their wives shopped and lots of young people passing through going to the MacDonald's behind us.

When we packed up around three hours later we went for food and fellowship and were all blown away by just how good a day it had been and was so encouraging, especially that God had answered our prayers and we pray that people would repent and trust the saviour and see God's goodness and mercy to them in Christ. We hope to meet again next Saturday in Plymouth city and Centre and hopefully my Auntie who is 76, disabled and uses a walking frame and attends another church wants to come out and hand out tracts with us, as she takes tracts from me and posts them through letter boxes in surrounding streets, which shows you are never too old to be used by God for His work and so there is no excuse! SDG

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Saturday, 23 March, 2019

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A busy weekend for the Christchurch (NZ) team over the weekend.

Saturday was the Malvern A&P Show.  A large site was hired and a bouncy castle was set up for kids to play on while gospel conversations were had with the parents, as well as the usual flip chart set up.  There was a large team of adults and children, including newbies which was very encouraging, to run the flip charts and hand out gospel booklets.  And the gospel booklets were specially designed and written for the local area by Good News 4 Malvern.  You can read it here.

In spite of low foot traffic at the show, it was a very busy time with many gospel conversations.  Over 600 booklets were handed out, including one to the local MP, who also listened to a very brief gospel presentation.

A highlight conversation for me was a long one with 3 young adults who asked difficult questions around the issue of homosexuality, suffering, and forgiveness.  It was evident that we were loving as well as faithful in the gospel message we shared, as when the conversation came to an end, and a handshake was offered, hugs were given instead!

On Sunday we ran our regular afternoon outreach in the central city.  The weather was good, and plenty of people were out and about.  But it was very hard to get people to stop for a conversation!  It just goes to show, that it’s not always going to be easy.  But Jesus is worthy of our worship in obeying His great commission - no matter the result!  Each of the team eventually all had at least one gospel conversation - and who knows, it may be one of those gospel presentations God uses to lead a person to Christ.  Salvation is in His hands.  All glory to Him.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 23 March, 2019

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In an evening when there were thousands of people around throughout the night, there was a team of 19 Christians that headed into Brisbane City to share the Gospel!

Excitedly Kane mentions that 50-60 people heard the Gospel but the reality is it actually is higher than that, over 100 people heard the Gospel, through more than 70 conversations over the course of the evening!

And if there were twice the amount of team members, there could easily have been twice the amount of conversations!

Bek shares about a conversation in which she was able to share the Gospel with four people at once using the flipchart. 

Lastly, Andrew brings an encouragment that whilst he is often scared, in prayer he is reliant upon God and as a result God uses him. You can hear about a conversation he had with two British men about what God has done to save sinners!

Praise God for raising up labourers and for encouraging the team through many conversations. We will see you next week!

Bribie Island (QLD) Team

Saturday, 23 March, 2019

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Today was an extremely encouraging time as the team held an outreach at the jetty on Bribie Island.  People were very receptive to talking and taking tracts.  Many people received gospel tracts, and about seven Bibles were taken, as well as various literature.  It is amazing to see the openness of young people in particular in talking and receiving gospel literature. 

Mark, an ex-military man, was brought up with an Anglican background.  He didn’t believe God would send him to hell because he felt he had done a lot of good in his life.  Mike shared the gospel with him and gave him some literature which he promised to read. 

Aiden and Josh, young men who weren’t sure if God existed, also went through the Good Person flipchart.  Aiden was more sceptical with many questions, while Josh listened more intently.  They left with John’s Gospel and various tracts.  

Two groups of young people asked questions about being a good person, and they received the gospel.  Several young men on the jetty heard the gospel, and later came to take Bibles.  Ruby and Renee, two young grade 6 girls, went through the Good Person Test and left with a Gospel of John each.

Please pray for these people that God would remove their spiritual blindness and move them to repentance and faith.  Pray that more people would read God’s Word and direct their lives by His truth.  Pray that God would grow His Kingdom and do a mighty work here on Bribie Island. 

Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Friday, 22 March, 2019

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On Friday night there was a team of nine out and many people had the privilege of hearing the Gospel! God used feeble men and women as His messengers to the nations and He can use you too!

Hear Harry share about a conversation he had with a German man that ended up lasting two hours! He answered many questions, challenged him on many points and even tagged team with another member to continue to conversation.

You can even hear what the man came back and said after the conversation finished!

You can also hear Matt share an encouragement for you to come on out. There are always more people that can hear the Gospel, so there will always be a need for more labourers!

Don't fear, there a many seasoned evangelists on the team, that whilst not perfect will happily assist you in learning good tips and tricks in sharing your faith!

Why not join the team tonight?

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Saturday, 23 March, 2019

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For nearly two and a-half years we have been witnessing along the waterfront in Redcliffe. In that time, we have seen that the area is gradually becoming harder to Christian things. As I look at this community, I cannot help but wonder if we are in Romans 1 territory with God giving us over to a debased mind (Romans 1:28). Yet, even though I believe we may be under judgement, our job as Believers is still to be a light in the darkness. We need to take the gospel to those who are perishing, so that is exactly what we did today in Redcliffe.

Four of us arrived at 11am, and immediately began to hand out tracts and try to engage people in discussion. While the team members were busy with tract work, I set up the “Free Bible and Literature” table. As I was placing material on the table, a lady stopped and asked for a Bible. She then began to browse the other literature we had. She picked up a copy of “All of Grace” by C.H. Spurgeon, “Ultimate Questions” by John Blanchard, and a booklet on why there is death and suffering. One of our team members, Joseph, started to chat to the lady. It turns out that she isn’t a Christian, but she had been thinking about Christian things. She said her neighbour goes to church, and they have been talking about spiritual topics. Joseph lovingly shared the gospel with her, and called on this lady to trust in Christ. She seemed very thankful for the discussion and books.

I wish I could say that the whole day continued as it began, but I can’t. Redcliffe is hard ground, and each week it seems to be getting harder, yet, I rejoice in the promise of Scripture, “But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…” (Romans 5:20).

For around ninety-minutes not much happened. A few tracts were handed out, but people weren’t interested. We had a few people stop to make crude comments to us, but beyond that there wasn’t too much interaction. One highlight during this period of being in the doldrums was a conversation which James had with a lady named Julie. He offered her a tract, but she was suspicious. She asked if he was a Jehovah’s Witness, and upon hearing that he wasn’t she was greatly relieved. James shared with her about the Lord Jesus, and as he did so Julie began to cry. He was able to pray for her, and she left with some gospel material.

By now it was nearing 1pm, so I thought it may be time to pack up, but the Lord wasn’t ready for us to leave just yet. As I went to pack up, four young men stopped to chat.; two of them were Samoan and the others Maori. We began chatting about who they think would make it to Heaven. Of course, they all believed they would be running around the streets of gold, so I asked them, “Why will you go to Heaven?” They paused, then one young Samoan man said, “Because I live decently.” The rest quickly agreed that decent living was the path to Heaven.

I asked if they had heard of the Ten Commandments, which they all said they had, since they grew up in the Samoan Methodist Church; one of the boys said his Dad is a Pastor. I walked through four of the Commandments, “You shall not bear false witness,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not commit adultery,” and “You shall not murder.” I also explained that God judges our thought life, so lust is the same as adultery, and hate is equal to murder. All of the boys admitted to breaking these commandments, and it was at that moment that they realised they hadn’t lived decently.

The four seemed really concerned that they were on the path to Hell, and none of them could think of any way to avoid it. I let them ponder this reality for a little while, then one of the young men stopped and said, “Wait a minute! Jesus died.” Somewhere in the far reaches of his mind he had heard the gospel before. I was able to use this information to explain that Jesus died as a substitute for sinners, and then rise again three days later. I stressed to these young men that they needed to repent and trust in the Saviour. All of them agreed, and took an in-depth gospel tract.

This encounter reminded me that just because someone grows up in the church doesn’t mean they know the Lord.

Now it was as if the flood gates were opened in relation to conversations. Two young girls aged four and eleven had stopped at our Bible table. With the permission of the parent / guardian, I was able to kneel down on the ground with them and explain the gospel in an age appropriate manner. We had some children’s tracts, so they both took them, and the eleven year old asked for a Bible.

At this stage Joseph was in a discussion with a very vocal atheist who was ranting against God and saying he is angry at Him. The atheist kept trying to say that God was evil and the Bible was evil, so I joined the conversation. I asked the atheist, “You keep saying the Bible is evil, what is your moral standard for determining good and evil?” He said that morality is determined by the individual. I then asked him, “If the individual determines right and wrong, then on what basis can you say the morality of the Bible is evil, since a different individual said it is right?” The man then changed his argument by saying, “Society determines morality, not the individual.” So I asked another question, “In Saudi Arabia it is against the law to leave Islam. People have been killed for leaving Islam. The society says that is their morality. Are they right or wrong?” The atheist wanting to be consistent said that it was right for Saudi Arabia to act in such a way. I then said, “In the 1930’s Hitler came to power in Germany. Everything he did was legal according to the law of the land. The people backed him. Was the holocaust right or wrong?” The atheist said that what Germany did was wrong. I pushed back against this answer by saying, “If morality is determined by society, and the German society was supporting Hitler, what right have you to say it is wrong?” It was at this point that the atheist changed his argument again, this time he said the entire Western culture determines morality. This resulted in me taking him back to Saudi Arabia, but this time he said they were wrong. So, I asked him why his culture could say that another culture was wrong?

He tried to turn the argument back onto me, but I quickly pointed out that I affirm absolute truth and universal morality. He scoffed at this argument by saying, “There is no absolute truth.” I asked if he was sure, to which he replied, “Yes.” I then pointed out that he had made two absolute statements which he believed were true.

The atheist then tried to attack the Bible, but his attacks were built upon misinformation. It was clear now that his arguments had fallen, and that he wasn’t sure which way to go. It was at this point I said, “The reason I have pushed you on these points is because I want to show you something. You have no basis to condemn anything; you have no grounds to say something is right or wrong in your worldview. You need to a universal moral standard to have right and wrong, which means you need a moral standard giver. Ultimately, the reason you are making this argument is because you hate God, you love your sin, and you won’t come to Jesus because that means He’d be King over your life. You want to be King, that is why you object.”

At first he said that wasn’t the case, but then he said he was angry at God. This really was the heart of the issue. The arguments he had were just smokescreens to try and justify his unbelief. The man wasn’t interested in listening any further, so we shook hands and parted ways. His worldview was now in tatters, but he had been told of the Lord Jesus who alone gives sense and reason to life.

The day ended with seven conversations in about thirty minutes. We praise the Lord that His truth marches on.


South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday, 16 March, 2019

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The South-East England (UK) team was out on the Romford High Street on Saturday, March 16th, for outreach.  It was a cool and cloudy day with strong wind warnings.  Jacob had a number of conversations with people on the High Street, giving tracts to many.  He had a long conversation with a woman named Patience.

Her young son was a bit grumpy having to wait, so I gave him a New Testament which cheered him up. He showed it to his mother.  I pray that he will read it many times over.  I preached from Psalm 14, "The fool has said in his heart, 'No God'"   That turned heads as I gave the Phil Johnson exegesis of that passage.

I also preached from Ephesians Chapter 2 and Romans 5.  Michael George's art collection had sold the say before and the most expensive work was from Damian Hirst, entitled "The Incomplete Truth", which has a dove in formaldehyde.  I declared that Christ is the way , the truth and life.  I was interrupted by a fellow named Mike who was a self-proclaimed prophet and a lengthy conversation followed.  

He wasn't open to the fact that there are no apostles and I warned him to be very careful with his "experiences".  He has to stick to God's word alone and not put his trust in encounters.  

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 22 March, 2019

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Thursday was a really exciting day.

I was going to head straight to Eastgate and do some gospel letterbox dropping as well as one to one conversations at the bus stops, but Marty posted that the OAC team would be in the Square - so I changed my plans to spend half my time in the city and half at Eastgate. And I'm so glad I did!

Firstly, I offered a tract to a dude on my way to the Square and it turned into one of the best conversations I've had in a long time. He understood the gospel, and then said: "I should read the Bible". And he was blown away when I gave him one. Oh that he would take the step further from understanding and trust alone in Christ. But that's Gods job.

In the Square Marty was preaching. And our "favorite" heckler was dishing out his usual. But then a guy with a microphone started interviewing the heckler.

After Marty had finished preaching, we were talking when the guy, who turned out to be with Radio NZ, approached for an interview. Marty was wisely shy of talking, suspecting a trap related to the recent tragedy here in Christchurch. But strangely, I had a deep desire to talk. I've got nothing to hide.

And so before I knew it, I was being interviewed by this guy. And my focus was on being upfront with the gospel - as always.

At least 4 times this guy asked me if those that died in the tragic shootings were going to hell. A simple 'yes' wouldn't be right, as it needs context. I kept answering the question WITH context and in multiple ways. I did my best to be faithful, yet balanced and compassionate (the killings were WRONG, I love and am praying for my Muslim neighbors, I want them to know of the justice of God and the forgiveness found only in Christ).

Afterwards, I kept thinking of better answers that I could have given. I pray that, if the interview is used, I will be represented fairly.

After the interview, there was a guy, who had been listening to my interview, who I got into an amazing gospel conversation with. Apparently I had given him an Intelligence Test tract to him on a previous day, and it had impacted him. He had a Catholic background, so the long conversation focused on salvation by faith vs works.

I praise God for those 3 opportunities to share of Him and His love!

And it didn't end there, as I then spent 2 hours in non stop gospel conversations at the Eastgate bus stops. This was just around the block from the 2nd mosque that was attacked, and it was so sad seeing the blocked off streets. But it was so awesome being able to talk with people who had been impacted by the terrible event and share hope with them.

Today, Friday, saw the team in Cathedral Square and Cashel Mall using the flip chart and tracts.  At 1:30 pm we, along with everyone else in NZ, paused for 2 minutes of silence in remembrance of those who had lost their lives a week earlier.

Please keep praying for Christchurch: for those that have lost loved ones in the despicable attacks, that my interview - if used - would be faithful of God, for laborers for the harvest, and that the lost will hear the gospel of Jesus - before it's too late!


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