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Essex Team

Saturday, 19 June, 2010

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Andrew handing out tractsThis saturday I was reluctant to go up the street and witness.  I was tired and I had things to do, the weather was patchy rain and I figured I was the only person going up the high st to evangelize.  Well, I was the only person on the high st evangelizing but I had one of the best afternoons sharing the gospel yet...

I began with handing tracts out and eventually two young teenagers both called Tom stopped and chatted.  They really seemed to be listening to my words and clearly perceive the weightiness of the matter.  They both took more tracts and I encouraged them to read their Bibles and seriously consider the problem of sin and eternal punishment vs repentance and faith. 

I next encountered a young man named Mark who was hanging with his emo friends.  He got a concise Gospel message and when his friends came over to see what I was talking to him about, they all got tracts and a brief Gospel message too.  Next a young man named Adam stopped to see if He was a "Good Person".

It turns out he use to go to church but since moving out of his parents house, he seemed to have fallen away from fellowship.  (I am guessing he may have been a false convert or just never submitted to Christ in the first place) The Law and the Gospel was discussed and he had much to think about afterwards. 

I also met another local pastor who was very keen to hook up and chat regarding evangelism.  I am always keen to see local churches unite to continue the Great Commission of our Lord.

Before I went to leave, I saw a lady from my church that I had recently met.  Her is Jane Robb and she is 62.  She suffers from arthritis but still spends 3 days a week evangelizing the people who sit on the benches in the high st.  A further 3 days in the week she stays at home and studies the Bible and Sundays are for Church!  She has been doing this bench evangelism for 10 years. I felt very humbled and encouraged to see someone so passionate to share Christ in their later years.

Even though I was sharing Christ solo, I was blessed by having some of the best and most enjoyable conversations with many locals in my town.  May God grant repentance, Amen.

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 25 June, 2010

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Ryan preachingJosh and Rick witnessingTonight was the first time we have had the Gold Coast team on a Friday night. We made the change because more people seem to be available on Friday nights than on Saturday afternoons.

The car was packed as we made our way to Surfers Paradise for a 7pm outreach start. When we were trying to find a park, we noticed that there were a lot more cars, so once we finally found a spot, we had to walk quite a bit further to get to Cavill Ave.

Once Josh, Jeremy, Bekk and I arrived, we met up with Rick, Joel, Kyosti, Oliver and Blake. We firstly sought out the best place to preach. For our usual spot is not good at night, as it is not lit up, so not many people hang around that part. We chose a spot in the middle of Cavill, but then a busker decided to start setting up right next to us before we started preaching.

Ryan preaching

Jeremy witnessingSo we decided to go down to the bottom of the mall outside Hard Rock Cafe, and this seemed like a perfect location. For there was enough room for a crowd to gather, and there was lots of people flowing through.

After a time in prayer, Jeremy was the first man up to preach. He did a great job proclaiming loudly the message of the gospel. During this time, the same busker who had started setting up while we were at the other area came over and started setting up next to us here! So Josh went over to him to let him know that we got to this spot first and it wouldn't really work with both of us being here. He agreed, and then went to another spot.

Josh with a hecklerI then got up to preach and a bunch of young girls began to heckle. I asked them whether they thought they'd go to Heaven and they thought they would because they are good people. After going through the commandments with them, they realised that they didn't deserve Heaven and that wasn't good news to their ears. So some of them wanted to leave, but I was able to quickly get the gospel in before they left. Some of the girls returned later however.

After I finished preaching, another busker came and was starting to set up his amps. I went over to him and said that it wouldn't really work having both of us here at the same time. We told him that we'd be here till 10pm. He was only allowed to busk till 10pm, so we made an agreement that we'd stop preaching at 9:30pm, and he'd get a good solid half hour after that to play without us preaching nearby.

By this time, Josh had already started preaching. After not too long, Josh had a vocal heckler that was asking questions like, "If God is loving, why did He make Hell?" and saying things like "Since we've all sinned, we all deserve Hell, so why are you preaching?" Josh was able to repond to his questions and then start going through the commandments with him. But as he was getting to the gospel, two police officers came over and had a chat to Josh. They were wondering whether the hecklers were giving him grief. Josh said no. They said they had received a few complaints, but then said that there was nothing wrong with us preaching here. They mentioned that they could hear Josh preaching all the way down the street. Josh took that as a great complement. They then suggested to Josh to maybe lower his voice level down just a touch.

Thank you to the Gold Coast Police for giving us permission to preach.

Here is a video of the events that took place:

Josh and the crowdJosh preachingAs the police were leaving, Josh started preaching again. However, the busker then just started playing his music, way before our agreed time. So Josh had to preach at his loud voice level again to try and compete with the amp that the busker had. It was very hard to compete with him. And once Jeremy preached after Josh, it was very difficult to hear the preacher. So we decided to just hand out tracts and have one2one conversations until the busker left.

After the busker left, Blake then got up a preached the message of the gospel faithfully, even while having a few hecklers asking him questions.

It was a great night overall! Praise God for His faithfulness. Friday nights 7pm-10pm is the perfect time to have this team.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 19 June, 2010

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 Saturday, 12th June, 2010 

I was running late for the city tonight, but Ryan was able to cover me. Upon arrival, I found that we had a serious preaching problem. Normally we need three preachers to get us through the night, but this night we only had two. Blake had lost his voice so was unable to preach. But by God’s grace Ryan and I would be able to preach through the night.

After a bit of a discussion Ryan got up first and began to preach. Following the usual outline, Ryan preached and Wayne heckled.

For over an hour Ryan preached and dealt with a few hecklers. Wayne had some good arguments tonight on does the bible contradict itself, and he even produced arguments I have never heard of before. But a quick study of the texts showed that there was no contradiction, but full points to Wayne for effort.

During Ryan’s open air, I was able to have a discussion with a man who has study the Bible with Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and other cults. He was telling me about his Hebrew and Greek studies, but it soon became clear that his understanding of the original languages wasn’t very good. He, like Wayne, wanted to show the Bible is full of contradiction, but each one he produced showed the Scripture had no internal errors.

At about 11:15pm Ryan finished preaching and during this time there were some great one to ones occurring. If you looked around our section of the Queen Street mall you couldn’t help but notice that the team was locked in many spiritual conversations.

At 11:30pm I stood to preach and nearly straight away Wayne began to heckle. He used the same old arguments, so I answered and presented the Gospel. Then about five older hecklers arrived, all of who were drunk out of their skull. They began to slur and heckle, I couldn’t understand what they were on about, but they were convinced of something.

The funny thing is it turns out they live in the area I pastor in, and afterwards a couple of them came up to apologise about slurring the local Baptist pastor. God-Willing I will encounter them again in my witnessing around my local area.

Monday, 14th June, 2010

“God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen! Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the Queen!”

The Queen’s birthday public holiday was here, many people were off work and going to the city for the day, so we decided to head in and talk about the King of Kings.

Jeremy, Blake (with voice back) and I caught the train into Central. Shortly after getting on the train we noticed a couple of men hop on also. One of them had the biggest crucifix you have ever seen and he was reading Augustine. We picked them as being from the local Catholic seminary so we got a Catholic tract out ready for them. A few stations later when they got off Blake handed it to them. They have read it and since sent an angry email. Please pray for them.

As we were coming into central station I thought it would be a good idea to preach for about 90 seconds between stations. So I stood up and began to share the gospel. At the mention of Jesus one man stormed out of the carriage into another, but the rest of the people listened and many took tracts afterwards. One man even walked up and shook my hand at the end of the preaching.

By now we were at central station, so we made our way into the city centre. As we approached King George Square we ran across a lady (we think) sitting on a chair with a sign sprouting how we aren’t to think but feel (I wonder if she used thought to write the sign). I questioned her a bit on her belief, she didn’t have many answers and in the end she promised to read a tract. Please keep her in prayer.

After this we went and preached on Elizabeth street. Jeremy was the preacher and he did some good preaching. It was good to see him get up and preach again. He is quite a gifted speaker, may God use him for His glory.
At around 3pm we head back home. It was a great day of witnessing.

Saturday, 19th June 2010

There was a chill in the air tonight as we went out preaching. Unlike last week, this week we were awash with preachers. As we prepared for the night I toyed with the idea of preaching in speakers corner to those in a café opposite, but for some reason it never happened.

At 9pm we set up as usual, but unlike our normal routine there was no Wayne. So we began by just preaching. Jeremy was the first man up and he preached for near on an hour.

During this time I ended up in a conversation with a Muslim man from Afghanistan. He was sprouting all these lies about Christianity and when challenged he couldn’t answer. It even turns our we knew the Quran better than he did. The man kept saying Islam is a religion of peace, they never hurt anyone. And then it changed. All of a sudden he went running off after two teenage girls, as I watched him I noticed he became hostile to them, he got right into their faces and started abusing them. He even raised a fist. I went down after him and put myself between the girls and him. He continued to threaten them, and I informed him that would not be a wise path to walk down. He then tried to intimidate me, that didn’t work, so he left swearing and cursing and threatening us. Good proof that Islam is “peaceful”.

By now Jeremy had finished preaching and it was time for Yarran to preach. He did a great job and got a good size crowd. Then some atheists descended, so he tagged in David Gee to deal with their objections. Dave answered all their questions on atheism and evolution, but these hecklers weren’t overly amused. Then it went to the gospel, and they were less happy.

It was midnight when Dave stood down, many had heard the gospel and the atheists had some things to think about. Praise God for a good night.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Gold Coast Team

Saturday, 12 June, 2010

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The Gold Coast team usually meets from 12pm-3pm each Saturday, but today we decided to push the start and finish times one hour earlier. The reason for this was that two people who join us on the streets occasionally at the Gold Coast were getting married today - Dan & Simonie. Congratulations to them both!

So at the earlier start time, we had Blake, Bekk and I who met together. After a time of prayer, we read from Ephesians 1. Since it was earlier in the day, there were not as many people about. However, soon after starting to hand out tracts, two performers decided to do some antics in our usual preaching area. This drew a small crowd of onlookers, and so we were able to hand tracts out to the crowd.

Ryan witnessing to angry manI thought I would take the opportunity of the gathered crowd to preach, so once the performers were gone, I stood up to preach. I started off by talking about the soccer World Cup that was coming up. Many people have been counting down to it for years. Some have bought flags, their team's fan gear, plane tickets to see the matches and so on. The broadcaster who won the rights to show the Wolrd Cup on US TV screens had to pay 400 million dollars for it. Yet while the World Cup is a massively-popular event, there are some people in the world who haven't been looking forward to it. And some may not even know that there is such an event. But there is an event coming up that no one will miss. A day bigger than the World Cup, that every one will know about it when it arrives. And that is the return of Jesus. I then went on to speaking about the Judgement that will occur at Jesus' return, the fact that we have all sinned and deserve Hell, and that Jesus died on the cross for all those who would repent and believe.

Bekk handing out tractsAt about miiday, Rick and Glenda arrived, along with Emma. This was Emma's first time out on the streets after only becoming a Christian not too many months ago. She did a great job for a first timer.

One conversation that Bekk and I was with two young ladies. When I asked them that if they were to die tonight would they go to Heaven, one responded by saying, "No, our souls will sleep until the return of Jesus. Then we'll go to Heaven." By their answer I could tell that they would either be Jehovah's Witnesses or 7th Day Adventists. They were 7th Day Adventists. They had no qualms in admitting that they live in sin and have no interest in turning from that sin. For they said that God does not mind them living that way, for God will let them into Heaven anyway.

Glenda witnessing to man on bikeSo I warned them that Jesus said a person must repent to be saved. They responded by saying that even though they are 7th Day Adventists, they are not born again. They said they plan on doing that later in life, and the way that happens is by water baptism. We pointed to them John 3 where Jesus says that unless a person is born again, they will not enter the kingdom of God. Being born again is not an optional extra, it is required. We then corrected their misunderstanding about what they think being born again is. It is not water baptism, it is something spiritual - where a person dies to their old self and comes to be alive in Christ and they receive the Holy Spirit.

Blake witnessing to some JewsBut they wouldn't have a bar of it. They expressed clearly that they had no intention of turning from their sin, and yet thought they would still enter Heaven. All we could do is warn them again about what the Bible teaches - that a person must repent and trust not in their baptism to enter Heaven or any other good work, but only the death of Jesus for their forgiveness.

Rick preaching the gospelBlake at this point in time was talking to two Jewish guys, and as the conversation progressed, the amount of people listening to his conversation increased. So he eventually had a crowd of people surrounding him listening in. Blake mentioned that some of them after hearing the gospel were very convicted.

Since I preached earlier in the day, there hadn't been a preacher up for a little bit. So Rick decided to get up on the block and doing some preaching. He did a great job in proclaming the awesome truth about Christ paying for the sins of His people.

During this time, Glenda got in a great witnessing encounter with a man who was riding a bike. She said the conversation went for about an hour and the man was very challenged and was soaking in everything she said. Praise God!

To God be the glory!

London Team

Friday, 4 June, 2010

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Friday night saw a great team turn-out, which was really encouraging. Along with myself the team comprised of Barney, Beth, Laurence, Rebekka, Sohail, Michael Prendergast, Michael Powell, and Philip and Suzanne – totalling 10 evangelists. Both Michael’s, and Philip and Suzanne, met us when we arrived in the Square.

Witnessing in LondonI decided to preach first and began by commenting on how great a day it had been weather wise. I encouraged people to agree with me that the day had indeed been a fabulous day. I then appealed to people’s world-views and asked them what they thought of the world. To what do they attribute the beauty that we see? Do they put it down to the handiwork of an awesome Creator, or is the beauty we see simply the result of a cosmic accident? I laid a solid case for a Creator and then went straight to the Scriptures and pointed out how the Bible provides us with a framework from which we can understand and make sense of the world. The Bible is a book that makes perfect sense in light of all we see and experience in the world, and although the heart of man is closed to it, God’s Word brings hope and redemption for all who receive its message, but condemnation and judgement for all who reject it.

After I finished a number of conversations began through the aid of the preaching. Barney in particular has become quite good at spotting those who stop to listen and then engaging in conversation with them. It is a sure testament to the importance and value of open-air preaching. As I was getting ready to approach some people a chap I have spoken to a number of times before came up to speak to me. He believes strongly in the theory of evolution and has concluded that there is no God and that science is able to explain our existence and all of human experience. We became locked in conversation and began to debate at quite a pace. While it was good that I did speak to him I have realised that I made a number of mistakes in this conversation. Firstly, I spent far too much time with him. He had an “arsenal” of objections and “facts” that he believed proved evolution and no sooner would I tackle one that he would bring up another. Had I left the conversation earlier I could have spoken with a number of other people that were more open to hearing the Gospel and the Word of God. It was a lesson learnt and a mistake I hope not to repeat again. I do believe the enemy had an arm in this and that being distracted in this way is a tactic he uses often! We must be on our guard and recognise when we are in situations like these.

Evangelising in LondonWhile I was engaged in conversation Andrew stood up to preach. I was not able to hear all that he said but it was clear and he preached faithfully the Gospel and he declared to all who would hear the full counsel of God.

The following was written by Laurence and describes the conversations that he had: “Last night I ended up talking to two sets of Catholics; the first two were two young ladies the other two were a couple. I found myself led on both occasions to ask them whether they have ever fully repented.  Both times two people honestly declared that they hadn't; once I explained what genuine repentance was. Especially one of the young ladies seemed incredibly honest about her struggles in understanding God and accepting that Jesus can forgive her of her sins; she said she understood that Grace is a gift, and that we cannot please God by 'good' works. Although she said she knew God she didn't suggest that she ever really submitted her life to God in repentance, she could see what was missing in own her confession of knowing God. There's one thing knowing the Gospel and what the Bible says, and even believing it is true. It is another to respond by faith and repentance in full submission to the Master of heaven and earth.”

Praise the Lord for using once again to declare His message to the people of London.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Gold Coast Team

Saturday, 5 June, 2010

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Bekk handing out tractsThere was not a cloud in the sky as Bekk and I made our way to the coast. Due to people having weddings and exams being on, it was only us two on the team today. Even so, the gospel still needs to go out and that's why we still do it. And the Lord had provided perfect weather for us to do it today.

All throughout Summer, members on the team had mentioned that it would be so good if there was some sort of shade structure built to cover the area where we usually witness. For last year the council took out lots of trees around the area because of the road work they have been doing, and so there was no longer any shade. But what has been happening for about a month now is one of the new buildings going up in Surfers Paradise actually blocks the sun completely from shining on the area where we usually witness for about an hour during the hottest part of the day. Talk about God being good! :)

Ryan witnessingRyan open air preachingAfter praying together, we started handing out tracts and getting into witnessing encounters. One of the conversations we got into was with three ladies. The most vocal of them was non-religious, one of them was a non-practicing Catholic and the other was just a Catholic. I was speaking mainly to the vocal one, answering her questions and explaining the gospel to her. She, after all that, said "I can get my Catholic friend to explain it me later when I want to think about this God stuff."

It is rare to have someone who is a Catholic who actually understands the Biblical gospel. So when I heard that her friend was Catholic, I asked her friend, "If God was to ask you why you should be let into Heaven, what would you say?" That question does really get to the heart of the issue as to what a person is trusting in to get to Heaven.  And to my surprise, she answered the question by explaining that it is only Christ's death on the cross that can forgive her sins. It surprised me that she answered that way, because that would indicate she doesn't actually hold to the Catholic Church's teachings. So I then focused my attention on the other two again, making sure they understood the gospel too.

I then got up to preach and spoke about the upcoming Queensland Day. I started off by talking about even though there are so many reasons to celebrate our great state, it is not without its problems. Even in Queensland, we hear on the news each night about people being murdered, things being stolen, people dying in car crashes, and so on. Death even happens to us Queenslanders. So we should all therefore think about what happens to us after we die. I then spoke about the judgement to come and how we have all fallen short of God's perfect standard. This makes us all deserving of Hell. But the good news is that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. So that if someone would repent and trust in Christ alone for their forgiveness, they would be saved.

Even though we were few in number today, the gospel went out. So to God be the glory!

Bekk handing out tracts Ryan preaching

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 5 June, 2010

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Saturday, 29th May 2010

David Gee and I shared a good time of fellowship as we made our way into Brisbane city for the night of witnessing. Unfortunately we missed the team prayer and bible reading due to delays, but we were able to meet with the team at 9pm.

We were aware that once again the Brisbane Atheists were planning to visit us, it was just interesting to see that they have dwindled in numbers over the past few months. There was a time when there were many of them swamping us at once, now there only seems to be about four joining for the heckle-fest. I was disappointed to see that Steve their leader was not present and neither was the former “Christian” both of whom have shown themselves to be very close minded when claiming to be open. I am looking forward to talking to them again to see why Steve hasn’t contacted me in order to examine evidence for God (as he said he would) and to see why the former “Christian” destroyed a DVD when he promised to view it. One would almost think they are not interested in being free-thinkers.

So here is the scene. We are setting up and getting ready to preach, and then strolling up towards us was Alex and his merry men. They were looking for a heckle and we were willing to try and answer their questions.

The first preacher up was Blake, he started by presenting Christ and what He did on the cross for sinners. Before long some Muslims (two of which were homosexual) began to heckle, but as usual, when challenged they left.

Now it was time for Alex to enter the fray.

As usual he led in with his denouncing of all things related to God, although I am yet to see how by just asserting that we are lying and that there is no God actually proves his case. He began his usual tirade claiming that 1 plus negative 1 equals nothing, and that somehow proves there is no God. I for one am confused, that if we have to add something to get nothing, then surely there was something to begin with.

Alex then began to misrepresent Christianity by claiming that we believe the world was created by magic by some cosmic magician. To this comment his atheist mates laughed. But, I didn’t hear a rebuttal to what Ryan Hemelaar called out. Ryan called out to Alex, “At least we have a first cause, you have the world coming about by magic, but with no magician.”

Alex once again turned his attention to Blake and began to heckle more. Normally involving much insult and very little intellect. Alex then pulled out his argument against Blake, “You haven’t study science so you cannot argue science.” To which we asked Alex if he has study science, he replied by saying, “A scientist is one who uses scientific method to reach a conclusion.” That was his argument to justify his ability to use science, when asked if that same definition extended to Christians he refused to answer. And just for the records. The atheists claim that I used this argument on Alex, saying that since he isn’t a scientist he can’t argue science. I never would use such an argument. He was the one which entered that line of reasoning into the discussion not us. And if you atheists still don’t believe me, I am sure the audio recording of the open air will show testimony to the fact that it was Alex who argues that way.

Somehow Alex ended up in a discussion with Ryan, Bekk and I. Once again he was arguing his 1 plus negative 1 equals nothing. But he is never fully able to explain it. He then changed arguments to include monkeys. He then went on about seeing evidence for and against monkeys in a crate and then concluding by subtract the anti-monkey from the monkey we can say there were no monkeys. At this point I was just stuck on the absurdity of the anti-monkey.

Alex during this time made a boast that within 100 years Christianity would be wiped out. And later in the night he hinted that violent force may be used by the atheists to achieve that end. That should make for interesting listening if and when we make available the audio for download.

It was around this time that the atheists decided it was beer o’clock, so they headed off to get some grog.

Blake finished up his preaching then it was time for Ryan to preach. He did a fairly short stint tonight and in his 30 minute preach he didn’t seem to get any really decent hecklers. But he did do a great job of preaching the Gospel.

After Ryan finished preaching, it was my turn to preach. So I stood up and began to proclaim the gospel. As I did from up the mall came Alex and his merry men again (this time even more merry as they had just boozed up).

Alex and another atheist (I believe his name was Steve, if not sorry) began to heckle. Steve asked a good question to which I answered and asked him a question, but before he could answer, Alex came running in to think for him. I had to keep Alex from answering for Steve. It must be that Alex doesn’t think Steve is capable for thinking for himself.

Some of the questions thrown at Steve he couldn’t answer, so once again Alex would jump in and begin to speak. Then he asked a question which he claims knocks out the Bible (he has even made a YouTube video about it), the question he puts forward is, “If the Bible is true, why are there only marsupials here in Australia and not anywhere else in the world? How did they get here?”

My answer first was, “How do you know they are only in Australia? And, they could have gotten here by two means, first migration or they could have gotten here the same way the cane toad did. And that is by people bringing them.”

To my answer Alex just laughed and mocked. I knew Australia was not the only place marsupials were found, so decided to call out David Gee, who is a veterinarian doctor and asked him where else they are found. Dave told the crowd and Alex that marsupials are found also in Papua New Guinea and South America. Plus just because we don’t see them in other parts of the world doesn’t prove they weren’t there before (for instance lions in some parts of middle east and Europe etc).

Dave produced evidence, but would Alex concede? NO! He changed arguments but wouldn’t admit he was wrong. His whole argument, and his whole premise for attacking Christianity was built upon a misunderstanding, if he had done a little bit of research he would have found out he was mistaken. But an atheist isn’t interested in fact, they are interested in suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. They are interested in hiding behind any false argument in order so that they don’t have to acknowledge the Sovereign God who rules over them.

It was approaching midnight at this stage so I wrapped up the open air by preaching the Gospel once again. The atheists need to hear this message as does anyone else. Christ Jesus died in the place of sinners, He suffered the death that we deserve, then three days later He arose again from the dead, and now He can offer forgiveness of sin to all those who would seek Christ with a repentant heart and trust in His finished work on the cross.

Praise God for the Gospel and Praise God for the honour of being able to proclaim it.

Saturday, 5th June 2010

Another great night and yet another chance to make Christ known. The team rallied as per usual in King George Square for a time of prayer, Bible reading and fellowship. At 9pm we made out way up to the Queen Street Mall where we began to get ready for the night of preaching. We were a bit delayed in setting up the Bible table etc tonight, so we didn’t start preaching until 9:30pm.

Andre was the first preacher up and he did a great job in proclaiming Christ. Soon in to his open air he had a large crowd and a few good hecklers. The heckling centred around the biblical teaching of wives submitting to their husbands and women preaching in the church.

Andre tried to answer their questions but the hecklers wouldn’t listen. By now two very vocal feminists were going nuts claiming the Bible supported treating women as second class citizens and that it supports the rape of a parents daughter.

By now Andre’s voice was going so he tagged me in. I immediately called out the most vocal feminist and insisted she bring some support to her claims. She couldn’t and even admitted to not knowing the Bible. So I asked her, how do you know the Bible says these things if you don’t know the book?

I then swung it around and explained how the Bible commands men to treat their wives. And I used (as Paul does) the example of Christ laying down His life for His bride. Well they didn’t like that, they got even angrier and maintained that we treated women as sub-human. Yet, whenever I would show them from the Scripture their error they would just move to another ill-informed argument.

By now one Asian feminist was screaming hate at me, and saying, “Give me a bible, it supports rape of daughters!” So we gave her a Bible and asked her to show us. She was referencing Lot and his daughters in Genesis, but she couldn’t find it. One of the team came over and helped her find the verse. She then started to claim victory so I asked her to read it to the crowd. As she did the crowd erupted saying, “See, rape is OK according to the Bible, men rape women!” The problem is they didn’t know the text very well.

I replied by saying, just because something is in the Bible doesn’t mean it is allowed. For instance God records David committing adultery, it records the sin and failings of people. Just because it does that doesn’t give one permission to do it.

Then I asked a question to a really vocal feminist who was trying to whip the crowd into a frenzy. “Let me put a scenario to you. If someone goes to a pub and gets another person drunk and makes it so they are out of it. Then that person has sex with the person who is drunk and not with it, are they guilty of rape?” The woman yelled the person who does that is a rapist! So I asked, “Should the victim be called a rapist and blamed for it?” She yelled NO! Then I pointed to the text to show that Lot wasn’t the one raping, but rather it was the daughters that got him drunk and then slept with him. I asked her who was the rapist in that situation? She stormed off.

Another man took up the heckling maintain that we were in error. This time he argued that the Bible is full of contradictions, to which I asked him to show me just one. He couldn’t, but maintained that he had been informed that there were errors, but he had never read the Bible. I asked him to show proof for his claims, but he just said, “Educated people said it, so I believe it.” I pointed out that educated people would disagree, so would he believe them, he said he wouldn’t as those that believe the Bible have a bias. To which I answered, so do those that don’t believe. He was fairly silent after that, but I wouldn’t let him go.

I kept targeting his central argument and used that as a springboard to preach the gospel. By the end the man looked like he was wanting to get out of there. But, I think it was clearly demonstrated that Christianity has the answers to the questions people ask.

I’d been preaching for about 90 minutes when I decided to wrap it up and hand it over to Blake. Blake then proceeded to preach for a further thirty minutes and mopped up the last hecklers. It must be said that Blake is becoming a brilliant preacher, he is growing in confidence and he deals very well with hecklers.

Praise God for an awesome evening.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Essex Team

Friday, 4 June, 2010

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Witnessing in EssexI began to evangelize this Saturday by myself but soon was met by Elyske and her mother Ingrid.  We were blessed by the fair weather and people were much more willing to engage in conversation.  Elyske had a long conversation with a gentleman who had deep rooted philosophical views.  She said that he began to listen when she talked about the Law of God and the Gospel.  She was not too sure how much he really took to heart but its still another seed sown for the Glory of God.  Ingrid was conversing a great deal with some Bolivian musicians who were busking on the High St.

I managed to have a number of conversations with pedestrians as they went about their business.  The first was two young teenage guys who had probably never heard the tremendous requirements of the Law of God.  They listened and went on their way.

Evangelising in EssexThen I met a paratrooper named Scott who stood and talked with me and really appeared to understand the seriousness of our conversation.  I encouraged him to read his Bible and read the Gospel of John and the tracks that I gave him.  I next met a fellow named Daniel who didn't wish to engage in conversation at first but after a bit of humour and persistence he opened up and we talked sufficiently about the things of God.  He took a track and I urged him to blow the cobwebs off his Bible and READ IT!!!

I also met a catholic woman who said I was "preaching to the converted"  when I spoke to her.  Sure enough when the Law of God was invoked, the self righteousness she clung too was swiftly demolished and her facial expression changed dramatically.  She took a track and we parted ways but I must remember that sometimes we need to be "cruel to be kind".  The truth is what matters, not supporting peoples idolatry as they get closer to the flames of Hell.

My Last conversation of the day was a fellow named Dave. He said he had "faith" but not "religious type faith".  I presume He meant he believed in God but did not have religious rituals such as catholics etc...  He was very easy to speak to and seemed quite aware of the implications of the truth of the Bible and the claims it was making on his life.  What great arvo of evangelism, it was probably our most enjoyable outing thus far and what a privilege it is to share the Gospel with this dying nation!!!

London Team

Friday, 28 May, 2010

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We met at cafe nero as usual on Friday 28th May. My fellow evangelists included - Rebecca, Bobby, Wesley, Michael and Andrew, a friend of Michael, which made a total of 6 people including myself. After prayer we made our way to Leicester Square only to find some break dancers occupying our regular preaching spot. Rather than harass them to move, we all took tracks and began distributing them amongst the pedestrians. I had a number of conversations, firstly with a Chilean gentleman named Alex. He said He held “traditional Christian” beliefs, which upon further investigation were Catholic ideals. He also believed Hell was what we experienced on earth rather than a place of eternal punishment. We talked about the Law of God and the righteous requirements of the Law and I showed him some passages from the Bible that spoke of the reality of Hell as a place of conscience torment for law breaking humanity. The Gospel was understood a lot clearer in the context of sin, death and righteousness. I encouraged him to read his Bible and give our discussion some serious thought.

Rebekka witnessing

By this time the break dancers had moved on and I was intending to preach when I entered straight into another conversation with a regular philosopher that talks with us, a young gentleman named Constantine. We talked a lot about the world-views we both held respectively and how the non believers worldview cannot account for any of the preconditions of intelligibility that made human experience meaningful. His inconsistency was demonstrated by saying He cannot be sure anything is real and then going to work (as a medical doctor) and treating his patients as real living human beings that have thoughts and feelings, desire love, respect and dignity. We then began to discuss various “scientific” evidences and the fact that evidence is always interpreted through a world-view. i.e. “the facts DO NOT speak for themselves!” We ended the conversation on very friendly terms and he took a booklet on evidences for a young earth. I pray that God will grant him repentance!

Wesley witnessing

Wesley spoke with a young man named Isaac. Isaac said He was an atheist but found the Law of God pressing on his conscience during the conversation. Wesley was able to explain the Gospel, with Isaac agreeing that it made a lot of sense. The evening was a success by simple reason of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Gold Coast Team

Saturday, 29 May, 2010

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Ryan preachingI woke up today to the sound of rain pouring down outside my window and I thought "Oh no, there won't be many people around at the coast today." But by the time I was driving to the coast, blue was covering the sky.

We had at the coast today Yarran, Snowy, Bekk and I. After having a time of prayer, we read a chapter from Galatians. Then we got stuck into witnessing.

One conversation that I had was with someone who had a cryptic shirt. After asking him what it meant, and him explaining to me that it was something sexual, I thought this person needs to witnessed to. He thought he was going to Heaven because he said he was a Christian. I was shocked at that, and so I asked him, "How can you say you are a Christian and yet you love doing the things that your shirt talks about?" He answered, "That's who I am, I like that sort of stuff." He then also explained how he gets drunk very often and yet knows God will forgive him because he is a Christian. So I pointed to him verses that talk about how drunkards and fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But it didn't seem to change his mind.

I warned him that he may very well be part of the number on the Day of Judgement that says, "Lord Lord," and Jesus will say 'Depart from me I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness" (Matthew 7:21-23). So I pointed him to the only way a person can have forgiveness and that is through Jesus' death on the cross. But if a person trusts in that, the Bible is clear they must repent. The man wasn't very interested after I told him he'd have to repent.

It was evident that people did stay away from the coast today because of the rain earlier in the day. Even so, I did get up to preach. I was encouraged to get up to preach actually by a non-Christian who works at a local shop. He has come out during his lunch break to listen to us preach for the past few weeks now and today when we hadn't started preaching yet, he came over and said he wanted to hear us preach. I had a few hecklers while preaching, and after answering their questions I directed the discussion back to the gospel.

Yarran, Snowy and Bekk did a great job handing out lots of gospel tracts and talking with people. I thank God for each one of them and the desire He has given them to share the gospel.

If you are in the Gold Coast area, why not fulfil the Great Commission by coming alongside your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing the gospel with us? Please contact me for more information. If you're not in the Gold Coast, please keep us in prayer. Thanks.

Ryan witnessing Yarran chatting to a group of people

Ryan responding to hecklers Snowy handing out tracts

Bekk handing out tracts Snowy handing out tracts

To God be the glory!

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