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Saturday, 13 June, 2015

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Preaching the Gospel in QueenslandWe thought tonight was going to be a quiet night, however, as my previous post made clear it certainly wasn't! 

The night started a bit slower than usual due to the rain showers, however, there still was a number of people out in the Queen Street Mall, so we continued the outreach. 

The team set up, and almost immediately we began having conversations. People were taking tracts, and many wanted to talk. 

It was also good that tonight we were able to encourage a few of the men in the team to get up and read the Bible in public for the first time. After, we had read the Scriptures, I preached on Matthew 7:13-14. As I preached, I had a couple of hecklers stop to ask questions. Sadly, a professing Christian took offence at our preaching and drove the hecklers away as I was sharing the Gospel with them. She came up and said to them, "God loves you" and that was it. Sadly, this well meaning lady drove away people who were about to hear the Good News that Christ can forgive sinners. 

After the preaching was when things really heated up. While the team was handing out tracts a group of about twenty Muslims of Middle-Eastern appearance walked by. They were offered literature, but they refused, and began to curse Christianity. They yelled out a few things about Muhammed, and then began to make threats towards us. They threatened physical violence because we are Christians. 

The gang walked away, so I spoke to two Police Officers about the situation. While I was talking to them the gang returned, surrounded us and continued to make threats. The Police drove the gang away, and then it was arranged that Police would send more Officers to the area to keep us safe. The Queensland Police Service did a wonderful job in ensuring our safety. We are thankful for their service. 

What we saw tonight with the threats from these young Muslims men is true and consistent Islamic belief. Islam always opposes by force those who would disagree with them. The West needs to wake up and realise that Islam seeks to dominate by force, and will be a major threat to our freedoms. My prayer is that Islam will be stopped through the preaching of the Gospel, and that these young men that threatened us would come to know Christ.


Wednesday, 10 June, 2015

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One to one evangelismThe weather was perfect for this afternoon's outreach in Brisbane. We arrived in the Queen Street Mall at around 1:30pm, and immediately began to hand out tracts and talk to people.

The Lord was pleased today to bless the ministry with many people wanting to talk and listen to the Gospel. However, there were some very sad moments. For instance, I spoke to a lady who would have been in her mid-eighties; when I asked her about eternity she boasted she would go to Hell, and that she didn't care for Jesus.

She went on to say that she has never owned a Bible, and never wants to read one. At her age it won't be long before she meets her Creator, may the Lord soften her heart.

Other conversations were had with people who seemed very open to the Gospel. While I was preaching a man from Saudi Arabia became very excited. It turns out that he was formerly a Muslim, but had since been converted to Christ; his excitement came from the fact that he loved hearing the message of Jesus being freely proclaimed in public, which is something he never experienced in his home country.

The Lord was truly kind to us. To Him be all the glory!

Gospel preaching Queen Street Mall Bible Witnessing

Saturday, 6 June, 2015

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It was a slower night in Brisbane due to rain and cooler weather; yet, the Lord was at work.

I preached using the sketchboard on the topic, "The Way to Heaven." At the start of the message a young man stopped to listen. His friends tried to entice him away, but he refused saying he wanted to listen to the preaching.

After the open-air one of the team members spoke to him. It turns out that he's been thinking about this topic and wanted to learn more. He took a Bible, and exchanged numbers with a team member. He was extremely open to hearing of Jesus.

A crowd of about twenty people listened to the preaching. We rejoice that the Lord brought them in to hear the Gospel.

Two other members also preached, and the group was able to hand out many tracts and have some great conversations.

Please pray for all those who heard.

Free Bibles in Brisbane city Sketchboard of the Way to Heaven

Saturday, 30 May, 2015

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Walk up evangelism in BrisbaneGreat night of outreach in Brisbane last night. We brought in 30+ New Testaments for the free Bible table, all went out. A few members of the team commented to me after the outreach saying that they spoke to a number of really receptive people tonight.

Our prayer that we prayed at the start of outreach was that God would prepare people's hearts to hear the gospel. He answered that prayer.

One such person I spoke to whose name was Danny. He mentioned that this last week he was speaking to a friend about how to get to Heaven and both of them were not sure. Then on Friday while at work up in Cairns a customer gave him a Bible. Then on Saturday (yesterday) he moved from Cairns to Brisbane and then at night he happened to be walking in Queen Street and came across our outreach, and I asked him whether will go to Heaven.

He said he sees these things as a sign from God that he should find the way to Heaven. So I explained to him about sin, the judgement to come, grace, repentance and faith. He came to understand the gospel, and so I encouraged him to count the cost of following Christ, but at the same time without delay, come to saving faith. He thanked me for the chat and said he is going to do that and start reading the Bible that he got the day before.

Please pray for him and all the others who heard the gospel.

All Glory to God!

If you'd like to support the work of Operation 513, including the purchasing of Bibles, etc to give out freely to people, you can donate online.


Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

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Free Bibles table in Brisbane cityThe gospel went out again today in Brisbane city. We gave out about 25 gospels of John and talked to lots of people.

From a Korean man with no religion, to a lady who says she only believes in people, to those who went to Christian schools but have never understood the gospel, it was a fruitful day.

A good number of people said they were challenged by what they heard and said they will count the cost of repenting and trusting in Christ.

I also did some preaching with the sketchboard and there was a guy right from the very first word of the preaching who started shouting profanity repeatedly to drown out the preaching, showing his hatred of God. It was interesting seeing the crowd repeatedly telling him to stop and so eventually he went away. And in a way, God used him to draw in a crowd to hear the gospel.

Glory to God for another great outreach!


Wednesday, 20 May, 2015

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Open air preaching in Brisbane cityThe gospel was proclaimed in Brisbane city on Wednesday again this week. Some people in the crowd stuck around listening for the two hours or so of preaching, and then wanted to keep talking with us afterwards.

People were asking all sorts of questions and presenting their objections during the preaching. This encouraged more people stop and listen in to the discussion. 

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel, received gospel tracts or took a free Bible, that God would save them.

The city presents such a great opportunity to get the gospel out to many people. So if you have any time Wednesday afternoons to join us, please do.


Wednesday, 13 May, 2015

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Open air preaching Brisbane

Great day of outreach today in Brisbane city. We preached in the open air for almost 2 hours with constant crowds of 40-50 people listening throughout it. Some people were listening for the entire time too.

Lots of people were asking questions, while some people were trying to silence the message, but God's word went out to many people. And it will never return void!

At one stage, a young lady tried pushing the sketchboard over on top of me. But she didn't really succeed, and instead it allowed me to make the point that trying to silence the message doesn't get rid of the fact that it is the truth. It made a great illustration to the crowd.

One of the hecklers commented, "The preacher keeps going back to the same message" - yep, the gospel.

During this time, the rest of the team were having good one to one conversations with people who were around and handing out tracts. And almost all of the free Bibles we brought, people took.

If you have any time free on Wednesday afternoons to join us in Queen Street Mall sharing the good news of Christ, please contact us. We are always praying for more labourers.

To the King of Kings be the glory!

Saturday, 2 May, 2015

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Brisbane city evangelism

What a night in Brisbane city last night! Our prayer for receptive people that we prayed at the start of night, God answered.

Many people were open to talk about eternal matters and quite a number of came to the Bible table for a Bible. Praise be to God!

Please pray for:

• Vincent - Asian young man, no religion, didn't believe in God. Came to realise God exists after showing him how creation must have had a creator. Went through the message of sin, law, judgment, Heaven and Hell, and the cross with him.

He wanted to know why Christianity is true as opposed to all the other religions. Gave him the argument for the resurrection of Jesus, he said it made sense. Was happy to take a Bible. I got his contact details because he wants to find out more.

Steven & Lisa - both were professing Christians, but thought their works would save them. By the end of the conversation, they appeared to grasp the gospel message and said they going to count the cost.

Tanya & Emma - very open, asked, "how do we know God exists?" Came to acknowledge God's existence. "I am a good person" they thought. Went through whole message with them. They love sin so they said they would have to seriously count the cost. They have a Bible but have never read it yet. 

Photo: Wilter is talking to a man who only speaks French. Thankfully Wilter mentioned to me earlier in the night that he is also able to speak French, and so I was able to call him over to speak with this man who was open to the gospel.

Queen Street Mall at nightOn Saturday night I also spoke to a man named Ally from Iran. He used to be a Muslim. 

When I asked him whether he is going to Heaven, he said he didn't believe in an afterlife and only believed in God. But he said he didn't know who God is.

I asked him whether God is good. He said, "Yes". So I said, "If God is good, that means he can't overlook the atrocities that people do in this world and who never get brought to justice. So if God is good, there must be a place of punishment, which we call Hell, and also a place of no punishment, which we call Heaven".

He said, "That makes sense". I asked him then, "Are you a good person?" He thought so, and so I took him through some of the commandments and he began to realise his sin. I explained how we need a perfect person who can take our Hell punishment for us on our behalf, and that Jesus is the only perfect person who has ever lived.

But then he said, "Every religion says that their main figure is the best and perfect. Like Muslims say Mohammad is perfect." I pointed out that even Muslims would agree that Mohammed was an idolater before Allah spoke to him, and looking at his history, he also murdered people.

However, Jesus is the only one who has lived completely perfectly his whole life, and we have the eyewitness testimony of the Gospel writers who attest this, and who also recorded the fact that Jesus rose from the dead - which verifies Jesus' claim of being God. He said, "How do we know they were speaking the truth?"

I explained, "The disciples were Jews, and the Jews did not believe in a dying, much less rising, Messiah. So you need to ask the question: How did these Jews come to believe in something so unJewish, and then be willing to be put to death for saying that Jesus rose from the dead?

For no one dies for what they know is false. Many people may die for what they believe to be true, but no one dies for what they know to be false. And since these disciples of Jesus were the first ones to say that Jesus rose from the dead, they either: A) made it up and therefore they know they are lying, or B) did really see Jesus alive from the dead.

But the fact that they were willing to be put to death for saying that Jesus rose from the dead, the best explanation for that is that they really did see Jesus alive from the dead and they were simply bearing witness to the truth that they saw."

He said, "That makes sense." Then I asked him, "So when are you going to trust Christ alone for your forgiveness?" He said, "I need something big."

I said, "When you say that, do you simply mean you aren't prepared to turn from your lifestyle of sin?" He said, "That is what it is."

Please pray for Ally. He took a gospel tract and has heard the gospel clearly.

Saturday, 25 April, 2015

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Christian Evangelism on ANZAC DayIt was another great outreach in Brisbane city last night. Since it was ANZAC Day, there were a number of people still in their military uniforms or wearing medals from the marches earlier in the day. We were able to share the gospel with some of them.

Please pray for all who heard the gospel message, including a man named Adam - he is from Papua New Guinea and is in Australia for a rugby tournament, but leaving to go home the very next day.

He was very receptive and came to understand the gospel. Pray that God grants him repentance and faith.

The results are in God's hands. So to Him alone be the glory!


Saturday, 4 April, 2015

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Free Bible table resources BrisbaneLots of people took free Bibles and other resources during our Brisbane outreach last night.

The rain caused people to come undercover and they couldn't but help notice our free Bibles table. Team member Jordan remarked that he found himself in one conversation after another with people as they came up to the Bible and were happy to talk with him about the things of God.

The first conversation I had was with a young lady named Mandy. She said she doesn't believe that God exists and during the conversation, kept bringing up that religion has done many bad things in history. I explained that just like the fact there are some bad doctors out there does not mean that medicine is wrong, so in the same way, having some bad religious people out there does not mean the beliefs of every religion are wrong. She acknowledged that, and so then I addressed her denying of God's existence.

I pointed out that just like a building proves there was a builder, so in the same way we look at the universe and realise it had a beginning and so therefore it proves there was a creator. She thought about it for a moment and couldn't do anything but agree. So now that she recognised God's existence, I asked her if she was a good person. She said yes. And so I went through some commandments of God and she was beginning to see her sin and how like the rest of us, she falls short.

I explained the news of Christ's death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, and about how she needs to repent and trust in Christ. She responded, "Honestly, I am not ready. I want to live life my own way for a bit longer. Maybe later."

That is what it always is, a love for sin is what stops people from coming to Christ. I responded, "What good is enjoying a cup of pleasure in exchange for an ocean of pain and suffering?" She thanked me greatly for the conversation. Please pray for her.

There were many other people spoken to during our outreach, but here are just a few other names to pray for:

• Paul & Trent - heard whole message...going to think seriously about it.

• Richard - goes to Catholic Church, thought works saved him. Appeared to come to understand gospel, realised he needs to find a new church.

To God be the glory!

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