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Wednesday 28 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 28th, 2024 from 1300-1500

It was overjoyed to have Johnny back and Ann yeo also returning to serve regularly on Wednesday with us. So the team of four including Any and Hung from CFC had a good period of time of outreach. Today, God led us to contact more people from China, Taiwan & HKG etc than other people groups. Johnny was most blessed as such he was thankful for many uninterrupted conversations allowing him to share the full Gospel with fruit bearing result or at least good impact. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach a lady from Nanjing who actually has got PR status by means of her Husband Job employment here. ????????????did not have time for full gospel but she appeared open and receptive to gospel possibly because her status change becoming a citizen of Australia enjoying the freedom of speech and expression. She volunteered to take a tract to read the concluding message I tried to convey to her.

2) Next, I was led to approach Shen??from Shanghai???who study at the Brisbane branch of James cook. His heart was also seemingly quite softened, not blindly rejecting gospel. Again, did not finish sharing gospel but he was happy and willingly take a tract to get to the conclusion I tried to convey to him.

3) Another young girl ?? from North Eastern Provinces of mainland China, who was also willing to have a chat with me, our conversation was interrupted first by a phone call, them her quick arrival of bus But she voluntarily asked for a tract to finish off the knowing the message I tried to convey to her.

4) Next, I was led to approach a young man also from Guizhou ??Mainland China studying at UQ but is very sporty carrying a bag of tennis rackets. He has done 2 terms of study already, but seemingly adapting quite well to the campus life striking good balance between study and keep fit sport and exercise. He claimed to be a non believer but still show openness to listen to the gospel though finally without taking a tract.

5) Then for the first time I was led to approach a non-Chinese, actually a girl from Sri Lanka. She is non-religious and exceptionally not interested to listen to gospel. Nevertheless, she still took a tract at the end.

6) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander Guan? who lives in teh Northern part of Brisbane. He is not yet a believer but a seeker for a long while. He claimed he once attended the church of Rev Chang Fu Wah but stop going after the church moved to another place further north. Pray that our conversation and the tract will revive his pursuance of the Christian faith.

7) Finally, I was led to chat with an ABC Hongkonger girl Chan. She was waiting for her father and he arrived not long after I started chatting with her. But she still patiently let me share the full gospel to her in English and took the tract to read when her bus arrived.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 21st, 2024 from 1300-1500

Praised be to God, Peace joined us today making a team of four, predominately from Christ's Family Church: Hung Kwan, Amy Yao, Peace and Ann Yeo. I am grateful to God moving Peace to make this unofficial commitment of joining the Sunnybank Street Outreach fortnightly. This is also a fruit of Kairos that so far there are many Kairos graduates or even those who is still just doing the course but readily are moved to join this Gospel revival movement of local cross-cultural evangelism. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is evidently clear that the four of us all got our divine encounter with someone elected by God and at time team work was visible that Gospel targets were referred to another gospel preacher for better result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach a lady by the name Pang? from Taipei, Taiwan ?? who is doing working holiday here. She is not religious but have a n open mind to listen to the gospel which she found sensible and logical. She loved to take a tract for further consideration and faith action.

2) Then I was led to approach Meng Gan??. a professional painter ???? from Tianjin, China and have got PR to stay here since 1993. I roughly recall he was one of those supporters for a family Qin from Tianjin with the son getting brain cancer. He received Christ during the process of medical treatment but eventually still be with the Lord. But the whole family experienced peace. The Painter Meng was one of the people in the Chinese community to support Qin in many ways. I thought Meng eventually also became a Christian, but I just did not have time to verify this as his bus just came and end our conversation abruptly.

3) Next I was led to approach a Taiwanese girl coming for study??????She took a tract as her bus came too quick.

4) Then I had a long conversation with a man from Hubei Wuhan ????. He responded to the question if a good person can go to heaven by stating as long as one has inner peace??, he will have no worries about any external environment. I took on to share the full gospel to him and the bus arrived.

5) Then I caught up with a lady Shinjuku from Tokyo, Japan. I shared my witness of making good friends with Japanese colleague in Tokyo to build rapport. And then I shared the nutshell of the gospel before her bus arrived and she thanked me also taking a tract to read.

6) Nest I was moved to approach a lady who was busy in texting on the iPhone, So I had to switch talking to somebody else first. However, Peace instead got the chance to start chatting with her but referring her to me when she noticed she is from Turkey. It was the sovereign power of God to lead me to end up chatting with her. Her name is Ozzie who actually has two nationalities of Bulgaria and Turkey. Thus, she is more an European like woman with an open minded who likes to travel around the world and so far already have visited 34 countries. She was delighted to find that I actually visited her home town at Izmir. Time left for the gospel is not much, but she seemed to be receptive to Christianity because of her Bulgaria life style background. She joyfully took a selfie with me and too ka tract to read on the bus.

7) Last but not the least, Ann first met and chatted with Emily from Beijing who got a job here on work visa. Ann already convinced her to have a go attending Church to pursue the true salvation of Jesus. I took on to share the full gospel with her which she responded positively to pursue and she took a "Good Person " tract from me to reinforce the gospel I shared with her.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 14th, 2024 from 1300-1500

Today we had Ann, friend of CFC, Amy and Hung gospel outreach duet of CFC teaming up to serve at Sunnybank. The people flow seemingly was less than normal, but grace of God was abundantly sufficient for us to be a witness for me to people of all nations. I had comparatively long chat today with people who shared some of my life moments. It gave them a more 3 D view of the dramatical changed of my life because of the gospel. The chat with a Singaporean young man ended up a surprised gift of red rose to me which I made it a Valentine gift for my wife. She never received any fresh flower from me just some artificial flower for display. It was undoubtedly a disguised blessing from God to His humble servant. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to approach Lin ?from Taipei?? who is a student of the James Cook University in Brisbane majoring in IT. He chose James Cook because he has got a Scholarship. He is non-religious but appeared very open for Gospel and could not found any argument in the gospel message. May God keep guiding him to pursue this Christian faith and be converted in His time.

2) Then I was led to catch up with Adam from Turkey on a working holiday visa. Adam was overjoyed to find out I am a fan of his country having spent 16 days all over many places of his country. Surprisingly, he is also a secularized Muslim or he simply does not regard Islamic as his religion though he still remains to be religious or God-fearing person. So, he appeared very open to the gospel at least will not turn away when Jeus was mentioned. Above all he took a tract and pray that God will touch his heart and move him to seek for salvation through Christ.

3) Daniel is a Singaporean coming to live in Australia since the age of three, so he regards himself a fair dinkum Australian (I also taught him Dinkum is Cantonese of Real Gold) He claimed himself a Chrisitan so I test his assurance of salvation which he only got 80% despite he knows he is saved by grace through faith of Jesus' redemptive work dying for all of us on the cross to take our place for eternal death punishment. The reason why so many Christians are not sure of their status having been changed to the people of God readily the moment they accepted Jesus as their Saviour, is that the substance of our life is yet to be changed. But because of the guarantee provided by Jesus, God will for sure transformed us back to perfection by the work of the Holy Spirit. Anyhow, Daniel was so moved for my explanation of God's love for us that he offered me a Valentine rose. I thanked him and mentioned that it would be presented to my wife as a valentine gift which I have never done before apart from some artificial flower for home display. This is really a surprised gift of God as an award for my faithful day in day out gospel proclamation service to witness for His love and glory.

4) Finally God led me to connect with Mr Wu? from Guangzhou, Panyu, ???? China coming here with his family for tourism. He was there waiting for his wife to do shopping as such I have a long half an hour chat with him. Because we are of similar age and lived once in a near culture geographical location, ??????I was inspired by God to share my testimony of salvation and how my life was completely changed the moment I received Christ after 40 years of searching in the wilderness like the Israelites people. He did not react like majority if the mainlander Chinese being oversensitively fear of talking about religion. He gracefully thanks for my sharing and the time we had after his family came back for him. Pray that the tract he took will serve the purpose to lead him a step closer to eventual salvation.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday February 7th, 2024 from 1300-1500

Praise be to the Lord, when Edwin became not available to join as it clashed with his new class attending time in the new BST semester, God moved the Gospel warrior of Christ's family Church to come instead. As a result, it became a mini-CFC squad with Hung, Amy, Peace and CFC's friend ANN working as a team to serve and work with God.

This time Amy voluntarily took up chatting and sharing gospel with Peace Mum, most of the time while Ann and Peace especially the latter setting herself a target to share with at least 5 persons which she eventually had accomplished exceeding the target. It was great joy and rewarding to see the growth of your own church members to become a fearless bold gospel warrior. For myself, I also got a few important divine encounters and conversation that may lead to fruitful result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) Suki was referred to me by Ann for a follow up chat.

2) Two Chinese look girls but do not speak Chinese yet their English is also not good. I nevertheless, still managed to share them the full gospel in the simplest English expression.

3) Sampras a Filipino man who claimed to have chatted with Edwin last week. I took this opportunity to follow up and he was fully and truly impressed to know that it is the only way for any good but imperfect person or sinful human being to repent and accept Jesus as our Saviour. So I encouraged him to pray to ask God for confirmation to make his last step of faith to accept Christ He showed his appreciation for my passion to emphasize to him the imperative need to receive Christ by taking a selfie with him.

4) Then I was led to approach an African from Sudan. He was nice to chat though he confessed he is a Muslim. I emphasized to him religions are good but cannot address the issue of sin.

5) Last but not the least, I was led to catch up with Tada Ho, a HongKonger girl coming as a Working Holiday person. Although she is not yet a Christian, but she has Christian family members, and appeared very open to the gospel especially after I shared the full gospel with her. I seldom invited people to CFC but I was moved to ask if she feels obliged to do so and contact me later to pick her up.


Wednesday 31 January 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday January 31st 2024 from 1300-1500

It was great that Amy can join the Wednesday Sunnybank ministry more regularly as her younger son Joshua has started attending Prep during week days. So Hung, Edwin and Amy were teamed up to serve. Through the active pursuing, in particular by Qin Hao, it always resulted in quick exhaustion of people that nobody was left untouched. Recap below is Hung's Battle Log.

1) James from Taiwan was a very shy big fellow, but he listened to the gospel very attentively and humbly and ended up accepting that the message is good, sensible, logical as such he has no disagreement on any part of the full gospel message. So rationally, it was through, we just wait for the move of the Holy Spirit to bring James home to receive Christ as his Savior and Lord of life.

2) Then I was led to approach a Sri Lanka woman. She looked very open and receptive but I could barely just start when her bus arrived. She anyway happily took a tract to read.

3) Then I was led to approach an Islander lady. She was also all welcoming for the chat but it was a pity, it again was cut short by her arriving bus. But she eagerly asked for a tract to read.

4) Then I was led to meet up with a Christian lady from ??who is attending the Rochdale Chinese Alliance Church, the Mandarin congregation. ???????She anyway failed the test of her assurance of salvation having only 50% of it . I was good I can clarify with her and she is now correctly having 100% assurance of salvation.

5) A Korean couple were sceptical about our street ministry questioning if it is legal. I made use of this chance to explain that, in all Western free World. It is always legal to have free speech in public place and it is legal to take picture in public place with many strangers being taken into the picture. They turned to show understanding and I also was able to share the full gospel to her. At the end, she also was happy to take a tract as well

6) Then I was led to approach a couple that I thought were both English speaking. But I was wrong that the lady Anna is from Taiwan while her boyfriend Kevin is from Thailand. I was able to share gospel in Chinese to Cindy till her bus arrived. And Kevin was actually just seeing Cindy off for the bus. So, I stayed to share gospel in English with Kevin which he showed genuine appreciation and took a tract as well.

7) Then next I approached a Vietnamese man who does not speak Chinese. Full gospel was briefed and a tract was given out at the end.

8 ) Then I had a long chat with an elderly man Mr. Li ?from Guangzhou with home town at ??????He was exceptionally open and soft to accept gospel ???He stayed long enough for the full gospel and finally had to leave to pick up his grandchild.

9) Finally, I caught up with another lady from mainland China ???. She also appeared very open and receptive. I suddenly realize, all mainlander I met today are all gentle, mild and receptive to the Gospel. What a miracle and praised be to God of election.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday January 17th 2024 from 1300-1500

Praised and thank God moving Edwin Qin Hao to join ne today at Sunnybank when Johnny is away back to Taiwan for a month. It is always good to serve the Lord as a team. Thew physical condition (weather) today was excellent, sunny but not hot or wet but the Spiritual atmosphere was low. This was in total contrast with yesterday where the Physical weather condition was bad but God's glory was over the mission field at the bus stop that, almost every single one appeared open and receptive to the Gospel proven by many willing selfie photos with me. Today, it was a different picture with a higher-than-average reject rate and some conversations also linger not long enough for full gospel message sharing. Despite of the not so favourable environment, Both Edwin and Hung still had many divine appointments made with particular persons for a longer and fruit bearing conversation.

1) I was attracted to approach a Mum and daughter ??combination of senior age from Guangzhou?? as I overheard them speaking in Cantonese but they were very sceptical ?? to double check who I am. Eventually, they still took a tract to read when their bus came.

2) Then I approached a young man but we were immediately interrupted by a phone call. I waited for a long while but could not but give up eventually(???)

3) Then I turned to a Korean lady sitting on the bench who came for vocational college. Surprisingly she holds an extreme anti-god and or anti-religion viewpoint, but I was moved to still manage to alert her being a good person but not perfect is not good enough for offsetting our imperfection aka sins. She still showed a cold stone heart to reject anything from God.

4) Next, I approached Amy who is a Kiwi of Indian origin and has no religious pursuing faith. However, she was drawn to the gospel sharing and admited every one need Jesus as she felt the salvation package devised and implemented by God through Jesus is all sensible and logical. She promised to read the tract and reflect on the full gospel message with Jesus as the central figure.

5) Next, I was led to catch up with a lady? from Lanzhou??, Gansu?? where my God daughter used to live. I basically share my life witness ?? seeing God's work still being visible in Lanzhou with the Memorial Hall built for William Bolton. She admitted she is aware of all those I shared with her and seemed very moved even without the gospel message shared when her bus came. God for sure will make everything work to convict this lady whom I deem is the chosen or elected one for salvation.

6) Next, I tried to approach Two high school girls from different country. Again, the timing was not right and I did not even have time to start the gospel sharing, but both of them eagerly took the tract to read. May the Will and Plan of God for them be accomplished.

7) Then I approached a mainland middle age woman?????She was rejective initially, ???? but I tuned down to stay tune for a friendly chat and eventually shared her the full Gospel and surprisingly she had no sign of rejecting the content and logic of it. Even better she voluntarily took a tract at the end. So you could see the obvious work of God to soften her heart and turn around her mind to listen to the gospel. ???????

8 ) Fraser whose Grand Father was a Catholic Christian as such he has heard about Jesus and the gospel before. But he stayed at a distance from God as he thinks God is not fair why making some people be born into very poor caste like in India. I remarked to him that being poor physically may not be the worst thing int he world, rather it often time is a disguised blessing that poor people who more often is also poor in the spirit as such they are easier to humble themself to receive the gospel and be saved by Jesus. He found my view point very interesting and realistic. At the end, he appeared moved to turn around to take the Christian faith more seriously and thanks for my sharing.

9) Then I was led to catch up with a young man from Mainland China who claimed he has chatted with us before. Before I could check and follow up on her faith status, he interrupted me and asked me to introduce a suitable Chinese Church for his friend, which I felt the Holy Spirit enlightened me that he himself is actually the one who wanted to look for Chinese Church. So, I named three churches including SDBC, SIC and CCCB Coopers Plains for him to choose. He told me he just lives behind Pineland Plaza of which the nearest church is SIC.

10) Last but not the least, I spent the longest time to interreact with an ABP Australian Born Pakistanis who was brough up in Mackay then come to do Uni attending Graffith in Brisbane. He looks much mature but just of 25 years of age. He is a Muslim by birth and seems to have a bit but limited knowledge about Islamic teaching. But thanks to Siddique, I presented him another picture of Koran that show favouritism to Christianity and Jesus. I keep stressing that all other faith guide and brainwash people that we can try to become a better person or sin less to gain more certainty to be accepted by God. I pointed out in clean cut assertion that better is never enough as God demand perfect. And all human realize and accept we are not perfect and will never be able to return our sinful life back to perfection apart by the redemptive grace of Jesus. I stressed therefor it is important not only to accept and worship a mono-God head, but to admit and accept Jesus is the only way to save us by being our Savior taking over the eternal sin punishment. He was very patience to let me make my conclusion though not readily fully accepted by him, but he clearly has got the message and hopefully reading the tract afterwards will let God to convict him in a miraculous way.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday January 10th 2024 from 1300-1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung were available and we both got many divine encounter chatting opportunities to share His words and testimony. It was a really dramatics and drastic day of street outreach. The weather changed like roller coaster from extreme heat high noon, to stormy flash flooding rain falling, to quiet cooling aftermath then back to a big sunny and shiny great dry afternoon. No matter in whatever circumstances, God's great presence can be sensed when he orchestrated His elected persons to be reached by us for some life changing chats. When I look at the gospel targets list, I just found out to day all of them are mainly from Mainland China except a girl born here but with a father from Hong Kong. It was very rare that for the same day, I could have reached out to the hardest people for gospel yet all with very promising result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) First I was led to catch up with a skinny guy by the name of Chan? from Jie Yang??, who claimed to be a Catholic Christian by family heritage. ???. As typical Catholic Christian, he was lack of assurance of salvation????. He was appreciative for my clarification of genuine redemptive grace that we have been saved 100% by the time we received Christ as our Savior.

2) Next was a matured lady from mainland. ????. She was all open and welcome for a gospel chat and was willing to take a tract when the bus came a bit premature before I finished the full gospel. ?????

3) Next I caught up with Wang from mainland China to work here as an IT person. He just lived near around the Sunnybank shopping mall and wandered out to do shopping but got stuck at the bus stop when the weather turned dark with a sudden severe storm pondering down torrential rain causing flash flooding and bus stop was turned into a big splash site. Thus, God let us have the longest chat during the storm and through my gospel sharing as well as my own life testimony, ? Wang could see the presence and the work of God in his own life that God has brought Christian friends living with him here now in Brisbane and his wife back home is also a Christian as such he proudly showed me to his wife through a video call that he had made friend with a pastor. He only has one practical hindrance for him to become a Christian and I ensured him that this is a personal decision between him and God so he should feel free to make this important last step of faith that God has already planned long time for it and NOW is the time.

4) Then I chatted with an ABC girl who claimed to be an atheist. Nevertheless, she still reluctantly listened for the full gospel.

5) Then I was led to catch up with a young girl Wang? from Changsha??, because of this geographical connection, she opened her heart to tell me she has committed mental health issue and is now under treatment before she can resume her study plan here. The Gospel does give her light and hope that she will be set free from both her illnesses as well as the bondage of all depression from sin in flesh.

6) Lastly, I caught up with two black and white girl that does not look like Chinese, but the black girl Chelsea is actually daughter of a Hongkonger father but PNG mother while the white girl Brigette is a local Aussie. Curious enough Chelsea is a Christian while Brigette is a non-believer. I first treated her issue of lack of 100% assurance of salvation and used this to evangelize her non-believer friend with good result. The joyously took selfie group photo with me to show appreciation for our good chat.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday January 3rd 2024 from 1300-1500

Praise and thank God for a fine weather after consecutive days of non-stop flash flooding rain, the four of us, 3 from the Sherwood Methodist Church, namely Johnny Qin Hao and Shu Yi, teamed up with Hung from CFC to do our regular street outreach at Sunnybank. The effect of team work orchestrated by God was prominent. For several occasion, God moved us to render back up supports for each other when approaching a particular person from a certain home town or language group area of one of our team members. i.e. Qin Hao from Kweilin and Hung from Hong Kong. We also thank God to move and empower us to have full commitment joining this outreach team especially for Shu Yi, who has never absented from and week during his School Summer Holiday Term break. She may be going back to work next week so pray for God continuous anointing her with the heart to keep preaching gospel in here day to day life even though not be able to do it on the street until next school term break.

1) Unknown Asian man not willing to chat but still manage to share the purpose of my approaching for a chat and the Spirit moved him to take a tract to read by himself, hopefully with the enlighten of the Spirit.

2) Then I was led to approach another mainlander middle aged lady?????? who surprisingly was very open and receptive to listen to the full gospel and took a tract.

3) Martin an Anglican Christian whom I met before, greeted me but just barely able to have a brief catch up before his bus came. But miraculously, he returned to Sunnybank to fetch a lost item and we met again at the bus stop. This time I had more time to carry on with the diagnosis of his assurance of salvation which he failed only about 80%. He was thankful for my clarification and voluntarily took a tract again to revise on the sharing and teaching for his benefit.

4) I was led to connect with a HongKonger by the name of Fu?. He admitted he is a Christiaan but has been away from church for a while. His church in HKG is called 611. He also failed upon my test of assurance of salvation. ???. I anyway apart from clarification of the gospel and real meaning of salvation, I also shared my personal testimony to encourage him to return to walk with God to grow towards spiritual maturity.

5) Next I approach two girls one is cross breed from Thailand and another was a Korean girl. It was a pity after brief rapport building chat, the bus arrived. But both were willingly to take a tract to read in following up on my brief introduction of gospel.

6) Rejected by a group of mainlanders from Northeastern China, whom I had mistaken as Johnny's friend of the church. Even though they rudely rejected me, I still thanked God for this pre-matured approach that might still serve His purpose to this group of arrogantly youngster.

7) Next came two ladies from Kweilin?? Guangxi to visit relatives here ??. One who did all the talking with us is by the name of Pang?. Once I found her home town, which is same as Qin Hao, I referred the two ladies to Qin and they talked enthusiastically. When I overheard from their Kweilin dialect that they have Christiaan In-Law relative, I was moved to jump in to guide the conversation to challenge for conversion as God has already targeted them and intend to bless them through their Christian relative. I trusted God gave me to urge to stress the need of salvation for whoever that admitted themselves are not perfect. The team work were proven working very well.

8 ) I approached another Mainlander male wearing a T Shirt of Mixed Martial Art ????. Though I was still rejected, I believed God has his plan for this guy.

9) Then I was led to chat with an Indonesia lady who looks more like European or Middle East Woman. She is a Muslim, but she remained open and willingness to listen to the gospel and hear the way Christianity stood out from all other religions. She also took a tract to supplement what she heard from me.

10) Finally Edwin referred me to two Cantonese speaking people who happened to be also Hongkongers. ??. Obviously, they were both non-religious, and rejected me in the first go, But I tried to use Hongkonger identity to keep the conversation alive doing my personal testimony. At the end, they ask for pardon to carry on with their own conversation on other important personal matter. They again also willing to take a tract to supplement on what I had shared with them,

Wednesday 27 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 27th 2023 from 1300-1500

We rested for Toowong on Boxing and resume regular street gospel outreach today at Sunnybank. Praised be to God that Shu Yi had been called and moved to join us on regular basis during holiday period. So, again Johnny Shu Yi and Hung were teamed up to day and God did introduce sort of Team Work amongst us. The Spirit put on our heart to care for those elderly and weak people first instead of rushing towards gospel. A local Aussie senior person was approached by Shu Yi to help him out to find a certain bus route that he may need to go in the near future. He just wanted to come to Sunnybank to find out where the bus stop is. Shu Yi helped him out in the first instance but his desired route was not found on the schedule sheet at the bus stop where we do outreach. Finally, the senior Aussie man resort to asking the bus driver for the info. The bus driver also took all the trouble to stop the bus and came out from the bus to use his own iPhone to search and located the bus stop of the desired bus route of that elder man called John. I thought I knew the location of that bus stop so I volunteer to walk him up to that bus stop. While we were walking, I of course took the chance to test for his assurance of salvation. As a senior Anglican Chrisitan, he has 100% of assurance of salvation but when asked why, he said it is because of his Christian family upbringing and he has been a good Chrisitan member of the church. With this answer, it exposed that he really may not fully understood the basic doctrine of salvation that we are saved by grace through faith and not by our own good deeds. Anyway, then we arrived at the bus stop and to find out tit was not the one that the bus driver indicated. I immediately knew it should be the other one just near MacDonald at Time Square. Since John was out of breath after walking for a while, so he needed a good rest staying at that wrong bus stop. I promised to find out the right bus stop and take photo of the bus schedule for him. Finally, I did my job but when I returned to that wrong bus stop. John disappeared, most likely getting on to the bus at that "Wrong" bus stop to go home. Anyhow, I still trusted God may have a better plan for John in lieu of my premature help. God always makes all things work together for the benefit of those who seeks and obeys Him.

Apart from those episodes, we all have numerous divine opportunities to reach out to people that were apparently elected by God to chat with us. The first target from Hunan China just arrived at Brisbane and he has never heard of the gospel but Johnny had a long chat with him leading to fruit bearing result. Anyway, recap below is the Battle Log of Hung for today: -

1) First was a Korean who is a non-believer despite 75% of the Koreans has become Christian. He stayed put to listen to the gospel and took a tract at the end.

2) Next was a UQ student from Yinchuan, Ningxsia(???????) She said she has been approached many times by Johnny and Shu Yi lately. She is still sceptical about any religion and she was curious to know id we are paid to do so. (?????) I rightly explained to her that our passion is not monetary driven, or not even charity driven, but mission driven to share the gospel to alert all people especially those self-labelled as "Good Persons" that no one are safe but all people in the human race are all doomed for the punishment of help as long as we are not perfect. I reckoned the Spirit did touch and moved her heart in a short moment when the bus came. She asked for another tract to read despite she said she got several already. Pray that God's purpose and plan for her will pan out according to His Will for her.

3) Then I caught up with a mainlander female who claimed to be a Buddhist.?????I stressed to her that Buddhism and all other religion are good but only good at guiding people to be a good person, yet none of them address the issue of sin with a solution. The bus came at that time and she took a tract to read.

4) Next is John the Anglican as I shared about him above. It is the team work between Shu Yi and Hung to serve this elderly man first about his secular need to find the right Bus schedule information, then his real understanding of salvation.

5) I was led to chat with another couple with husband called also John from Philippine. He passed the assurance of salvation test and I Introduced Kairos to him.

6) Then, God miraculously brough a Sichuan Chengdu ????young lady to me as such I could share my personal witness of helping out to the Schuman earthquake disaster relief. She is an UQ and knew that I am an alumnus of Master of counselling. I even shared about the mechanism of the Chrisitan counselling course for healing the hurt and distortion of one’s emotion because of early life traumatic experience. She was drawn into the stories especially the rationale of the counselling rehabilitation technique. ??????? In the end, she appeared open and receptive to the gospel and took a tract to revised what I shared with her.

7) Next came another Filipino couple of Catholic background but seemed to understand the salvation well, they were keen to keep chatting with me but a bus came and they ran to find out if this was their route, if not they would come back for me. Unfortunately, it was the right bus for them, so they waved me good bye.

8 ) Next was a UQ student from mainland China, who was a bit too nervous to chat but still took a tract.

9) Then I caught up with an ABC of Taiwanese origin. He is open but our conversation again was interrupted by the quick arriving bus.

10) Finally I caught up with yet another Taiwan young man of grade nine. His maturity is beyond his real age. And he remained open and receptive to the gospel.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 20th 2023 from 1300-1500

A hot summer day with high noon heat wave, but more so, it was an afternoon of amazing grace bringing blessing to both the gospel targets and the Gospel Team workers of three, namely Johnny, Shu Yi and Hung. The presence of the Spirit was strongly sensed with the manifestation of His overwhelming Mission Power. God moved an led an Aussie migrant woman Emily with mixed blood of Australian, Solomon Island and India to support Shu Yi while she was preaching to an Indian young girl. We all thought Emily was either a friend or relative of that Indian girl but the fact is they are not related. Emily was simply moved by the Spirit to join Shu Yi with silent prayer and she herself was moved to tear when the message of the gospel touch her heart. She actually was also aware of Johnny and Hung. God further moved Emily to greet with Hung and expressed her admiration and appreciation of our street outreach ministry. I was in turn moved to invite her to join us as she work nearby. She got our ministry time between 1300-1500 and promised she will join us as long as on any Wednesday, she is free during that ministry periods. This was really a big blessing and life uplifting and confident boosting divine action to encourage not only Shu Yi but we as well. We all praised and gave glory to God> As for Johnny and Hung, we all got very good and fruit bearing conversation. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:-

1) My first gospel targets were two girl one from Hong Kong ??and the other from Shandong???it took me a while to realize this and switched back from Cantonese to Mandarin. But I could only manage starting the topic and end up leaving with them the tracts.

2) Then I was led to chat with a lady from Dailin China.????. tp do vocational study here at Tafe. Though she is a non-religious person, but she admitted no one is perfect ???????and she acknowledged that there should be a consequence to hold us responsible for our imperfection of sins. It leads to the conclusion, we human race all need salvation by Jesus. As soon as we reached this contentious, her bus came.

3) Then God moved both Emily and me to catch up after she finished with her engagement with Shu Ji to preach the gospel to an India woman as shared above. I was surprised she noticed me, but she confirmed she saw me sharing gospel with another lady at a distance. It definitely is the manifestation of mission power to draw her to affiliate with us and hopefully will join our gospel outreach team next week.

4) The I chipped into the conversation of three boy that again amazed me that they are cross breed of Vietnamese and Pilipino. They behaved a bit playful, but I still managed to share them the nutshell of the gospel with tract given to them.

5) Then I was greeted by a stranger Chines old lady with a mast. She identified herself as Madam Che ? the member of the CCCB Coopers Plains???. She was simply moved by the spirit to render me and the other two gospel warriors the Support as a sister in Christ. We only chatted for a short while as her movement is restricted because of a lame leg. She needs to get up earlier to catch the incoming bus.

6) Zane is a local Australian who travelled overseas with his mum at the age of 14 for world exposure. He has Christianity influence by his grandfather. Again, it was the work of the Holy Spirit who moved him to stay put skipping several bus to keep chatting with me. Although he confessed, he is not yet a believers, but when I shared the gospel and other related Bible story event, he basically was aware of most of them as such it was pretty effective to reconstruct the Biblical World View and God's mission to the world through the incarnation of Jesus Christ to come and die for us. Apparently, his heart has been softened and prepared to absorb all the teachings that God wants him to know and make an informed decision to accept Jesus as his personal saviour. We took a selfie and I prayed in heart for his imminent last step of action faith to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour,

7) Then I bumped in two MacGregor State school kids. They are both pure and open hearts for the gospel. They also took track to revise for what I shared with them.

8 ) Then I was led to approach yet another Mainland China ?? Male. Surprisingly, he was also very open and receptive to the gospel. Since I could manage to share the nutshell of the gospel, he voluntarily took tract to read and ponder on the issue of Sin I stress him to reflect.

9) Last but not the least I caught up with Mia an Indonesian lady from Jakarta. She is a tradition Muslim following the dressing code for a Muslim woman in the public. But she did not shy away from chatting with a stranger male. She has totally not disagreement to the gospel shared, but when asked if there is similar kind of message related to forgiveness of sin. She thought there is but could not be sure which proved by the explanation of Siddique in the past few days that very little Muslim really read and understand the Bible. At least there was no sign of hatred of Chrisitan and Jesus but an open mind to listen to the Bible.

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