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Sunnybank Team (QLD)

Meets 2-5pm every Thursday afternoon at the Sunnybank bus stop on Mains Road.

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Thursday 2 January 2020

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Thursday the team started at Sunnybank and with 9 team members out and not many people using busses a team of six was left at the station and the others headed into Brisbane City early. There were some good conversations had at Sunnybank in the little over an hour before the split. There was a professing Christian who didn't know the gospel and was given a tract as he raced off, a man who once would have said he was a Christian who now rejected it and had some simply answered objections. Thirdly was a man who came to grasp the good news and was challenged as to when he would believe and was given a tract as his bus arrived.

A stand out converastion was with Bali a Nepalese man who remembered chatting to us and came and said hello. He said he was now beliving in Jesus to pay for his sin but was still a Hindu. It was a good opportunity to talk about the exclusivity of Jesus' saving work and talking about the importance of the lordship of Christ in the life of a believer. He was challenged to continued reading John's gospel that he had started and to strongly consider which he will choose, Hinduism or Christianity.

The whole day was finished with an exciting conversation with a African couple, Clement and Shantae. Shantae said they she was a child of God because she had been baptised and therefore thought that would be what got her into Heaven. Clement said it was faith in God and his good works. Through the analogies and explanation of the gospel as a gift Shantae came to grasp it first and said that she had already started to believe. Clement was a little most resisting but was asked that if the Bible says it would he believe it, to which he said yes.

He was then asked to read Romans 4:1-8 and was still hesitant and then was encouraged to read Ephesians 2:8-9. Upon reading the second one, his face changed and he acknowledge that absolutely it was faith alone in the person and work of Christ that justifies.

The couple then wanted to know more about Christianity and were encouraged to read John's gospel and Romans together. They hadn't spent much time reading the bible together but were shown COMA bible study questions and said they would sit down and read a chapter at a time and try and answer the questions together.

What an awesome end to the day of conversations with a wonderful opportunity. Please be praying for all those heard the message, were challenged by the gospel or even a question and who took tracts that God would be working in their hearts. Please specifically be praying for Clement and Shantae that they would grow together in Christ as they read God's word together!

Thursday 10 October 2019

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On Thursday afternoon a team of six were out at Sunnybank. It was a usual afternoon with many short conversations. Some people came to grasp the good news and responded positively. Others heard it and there wasn't time to check if they remembered it. Some saw little snippets of God's existence and the law but most excitingly God and His sovereign will was on display.

There was a conversation that took place around 3:30 in the afternoon with a young lady named Kimeal. She said she regularly goes to a Catholic church each sunday and when asked what she thought the way to Heaven was in relation to the ten commandments. She said her church had been going through a series on the ten commandments and now she was learning what she must do in order to get to Heaven. It was all about works. She was shown the ten commandments and her guilt and her face started to look very worried as she realised she had totally failed God's law. Then her bus arrived. She tossed up whether to stay and chat but ended up leaving because she had to go.

The rest of the afternoon went by and a scattering of other conversations took place but after dinner as usual the team headed into Brisbane City. At around 8:30pm the renovation works in King George Square were so loud that the team migrated into the Queen St mall to have some conversations. There again were some exciting and encouraging conversations. But just after 9pm, on the return trip from the bathroom Kimeal was spotted walking towards the team. She realised who I was and then we proceeded to chat.

Over the course of the conversation she came to grasp the desperate position she is in before God, that if she died this day and God gave her justice she would be sent to Hell and therefore that she had only one hope, a full and free pardon, not that she could earn but that was given to her. Kimeal came to grasp the glorious gospel and with tears in her eyes and joy in her voice shared that she had never heard this before and was so excited that there was a solution!

She professed that from this moment onwards she would trust that Jesus has paid for her sin and that is the only reason she is going to Heaven! She took a gospel of John and was encouraged to read it and said she would get her hands on a proper Bible and reads Romans sometime. She was very greatful and thanked me. She noted that she didn't think this was an accident and God had clearly planned this double encounter.

Please be praying for Kimeal that she would start to see that problems in her Catholic church and instead start looking for a Church that will preach God's Word not man's ideas. Please also be praying that she would grow in her depth and understanding as she spends time in the word each day!

What an exciting day of outreach, may God receive the praise for all that He has done through unworthy servants!

Thursday 3 October 2019

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Thursday afternoon at Sunnybank saw a team of five out the proclaim the good news of salvation to anyone willing to listen. With school and university being on holidays there was a little less foot traffic around but that was okay as the afternoon seemed pretty consistent and those spread out across area had plenty of conversations each.

An early conversation took place with a young man, Jason, who has previously spoken to the team, shared that he has trusted that Jesus has paid for his sin and has started reading his Bible. He hasn't started attending a local Church so he was encouraged to do that and to encourage him in that to read the book of Acts to see how the early Christians lived. Please be praying that Jason would be able to find a church and start regularly attending there.

There were seven specific conversations in which people who at first rejected God's existence came to see why we know He exists, based on creation needing a Creator before their bus arrived. A further eight came to see their guilt, that they were heading to Hell and were left with the tract and the seriousness of their predicament before they too hopped on their bus.

But there were three stand out conversations, the first is Camila. She is a young lady from China who early in the conversation took it on an unexpected tangent. She said, "I am going to tell you a secret, since I was about eight years old I have felt like life has no purpose and I have no reason to be here. I haven't really told anyone." She seemed totally dead inside. Sadly there wasn't time to share good news with her as her bus arrived but please be praying for another encounter where she may have the chance to hear the hope found in Christ!

An exciting conversation late in the afternoon was with Jing who came to grasp the bad news followed by the simple gospel and how those who trust that Christ have paid for their sin will enter Heaven and this free gift will cause a drastic change of life in love for God. Jing saw the seriousness and said that he would have to consider what was shared as it was new to him. Please be praying that Jing would heed this good news and trust in Christ, turning from his sin today!

The afternoon was also finished off with a young man who was quite knowledgeable but also sometimes intellectually dishonest about why he believed certain things. He too came to grasp the gospel and was challenged with the reality that without Christ he would end up in Hell eternally.

Please be praying for all those who heard the good news, the bad news or even came to grasp God's existence that God would be working in their hearts to draw them to Himself!

Thursday 19 September 2019

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Thursday 19/9/2019 Sunnybank

While many regular team members are still away in Myanmar (due to be back on 20/9/19), we had 5 turning up today at Sunnybank with Andrew and Martin coming at 1pm, Hung and Carol joining them at 2pm and finally Ann came at 3pm. Though a smaller team, but God still portioned many divine appointment opportunities to me and Carol that we worked as a team on the East side. Carol had around 10 and I had 15 chats as recap below which were mostly short but still reflecting God's works in those encounters.

1) Beverley an Aussie old lady possibly of Catholic background who has no assurance. Because she is half deaf that made the communication very difficult but I still managed to explain and correct her understanding.

2) An middle aged man Mr Zheng from Heilongjiang, China黑龍江,張, he obviously has not religion and in a hurry, but God still stopped him long enough to let me finish the core gospel message so that he was made aware he is a sinner though a good man but still need the redemptive grace of Jesus. He promised to read the tract sincerely at home.

3) Julie is a Christian Girl from Taiwan, she reconnected with me and told me she has listened to us to keep attending CCCB Coopers Plains to continue on with her Christian sanctification journey.

4) Ann a Vietnamese Griffith student who has no religion but appeared very receptive to the gospel. I recommend her to look for power to change once God moved her to receive Christ.

5) Johnson , whom we chatted few weeks ago, came along to catch up.

6) Brendan an ABC from Taiwan, who does not speak Chinese yet was patient enough to here the full gospel with good response. He is also a Griffith student so I recommended him as well to get in touch with Power to Change.

7) Kevin an office worker from shanghai China who claimed himself a Buddhist. He was in a hurry but still open for discussion and thought there is a lot of similarity between Buddhism and Christianity which of course is false. Pray that the tract will shed new light on him and we may meet again in future.

8) Mongo a Srilanka lady that have never heard of the Gospel. I was just given enough time to share the core message to her before the bus came.

9) William and Sophie is a Korean couples who are attending CCCB St Lucia. Praise and thanks God they profess pure faith and understanding of salvation.

10) A Hongkonger father and son took the tract and rush away for class leaving me very little time to share. But I did shingle out the need to address sin.

11) Two African Christian boys whom we met before answered my faith diagnosis questions correctly.

12) Noor a Griffith student from Bangladesh, India. She was in a rush but again God stopped her to listen to my full gospel and appeared convinced. Pray for God's unfinished work on her.

13) Loclene , an Australian born Vietnamese boy, he listened the gospel with a solemn face. He promised to consider receiving Christ and will catch up with his Christian friends at Griffith.

14) Jane and Jane both from China, they did not want to stop, but somehow, God stopped them for me and listened initially half heartedly . but at the end turned more receptive. Pray for God's unfinished work on them.

15) A Primary student from China waiting for parents heard the full gospel as a seed sowing move by the Spirit.

Thursday 12 September 2019

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Sunnybank 12/9/2019 Thursday

By mercy of God four of us still could manage to come to do Street Evangelism namely Andrew, Martin, Ann and Hung.
We all knows we can only do it in His strength and with His presence. We managed to pray together and encouraged each other to faithfully keep being used by God as His vessel to sow the seed of Gospel and in the meantime being nurtured by God for onward Spiritual growth of the evangelist ourselves.
For me it was also a day of grace that I have 13 divine appointment amongst which there were few stood out one including the one with a Christian young man (6), the Mormon girls who appeared totally convinced by my Gospel elaborations(7), and then to two African Muslim background girl that they show abnormal full identification with what I shared(9). Here is the recap of the 13 conversations.

1) A family of three from HKG with the Grand Father being a Pastor reluctantly stopped because of my HKGer identity, they showed impatience to the Gospel as if they knew it already but actually none of them have professed genuine Christian faith. They may have cheated themselves that they are OK because of the pastor-ship of their Grandfather. The son appeared a bit more rational but still stop short in holding back their father to finish hearing my full Gospel. Just pray for God mercy on this family. 一家三口香港祖父是牧師,,自己為是,雖因人停步,但明顯有抗拒,年輕人兒子尚好,求神憐憫

2) Another HKG couples with the husband appeared very anti-religion. The Wife behaved better to reluctantly let me share full gospel with her with a by stander from China listening together. Pray for God's work on them after hearing the Gospel. 又是香港老夫妻丈夫不願聴,妻子還是聽了,也略勉强,求神作為,旁邊也有一華語女士聼了,求神有祂的美意。

3)A Chinese old man was willing to stop to hear my sharing but turned irritated when sin was mentioned. He anyway still fished hearing full Gospel.中國大陸老爹,停聽但對罪的批判未能停受,但總算聽到福音

4) Islander Alice took the tract and willing to chat but cut short by the bus

5) Lady Tai from Shanghai, China found the gospel reasonable and responded positively promising she will read her small Bible again to get connected with God.

6) While I was talking to Lady Tai, a young man called Ryan Chien 簡 was listening by the side. He asked for a tract from me when I finished with Lady Tai. He claimed himself a Christian attending the Brisbane Taiwanese Uniting Presbyterian Church which I know well. I checked his assurance of salvation and unfortunately he failed the test. So I spent time to clarify where the misconception may have crept in. And he delightfully acknowledged full understanding of the three fold salvation of God (2Cor1:10) that even after we were saved by grace through faith of the atoning death of Christ to have regained our heavenly citizenship, we are yet to be a perfect masterpiece developed by God thru the power of the Holy Spirit. So we bound to appear still imperfect but it won't change God grace to have granted us 100% of the heavenly citizenship. I have introduced him to attend the Kairos course by CCCB St Lucia in Sept. May God used him to clarify the false concept of being a Christian but with no certainty of the salvation.

7) Mcloudy & Neeley 麥 & 倪姊妹,Both the Mormon Street Evangelists who dared to ask me for a tract. Since they are new here, so I took the opportunity to share the pure full gospel to them and to my surprise, both especially Mcloudy totally convinced of my explanation of gospel just falling short to recognized Jesus only as one of the lesser god head of three God with Father as the biggest God above of Jesus and the Sprint. With a relatively new mind of Mormon teaching, I hope the pure gospel will arouse the lost mind of Mcloudy to come to Christ in a miraculous circumstance. I invited both of them to come back to have more discussion next Thursday.

8) Russel a big fellow from Holland who behaved very positively. Despise of his non religious background, he appeared very friendly to chat and found the gospel trustworthy and logical to accept. Just pray for his time of salvation to come as soon as God's willing.

9) Jelliphine and Jasmine are students from Burundi Africa of clear Muslim background as the latter wore a head scarf. But surprisingly Jelliphine reacted very positively to the gospel accepting all what I said with amen chanting all along. Pray for another miraculous fruit bearing result of the Gospel.

10) An old lady knew where I am from and recognize me as a Christian but still willingly chat with me and took the tract. It on one hand was a great encouragement to me but on the other hand, it was a big pity I could not even started the sharing because the bus just came that she could not even left her name. Just pray for God's work on this unfinished divine encounter.

11) Evelyn a student from Taiwan who has no religion background. She was very nice and open minded with positive response to my Gospel sharing. And she knows SIC so I pray for God's continuous work to lead her to Christ as well as to SIC.

12) Emily and Penny are two girls from Taiwan coming here on working holiday visa. They were very polite and they still stopped despite in a rush to let me finish gospel sharing with positive respond. They are also aware of SIC that they may seek to attend.

13) May from Philippine who is non- religion but again also stopped to listen and she was encouraged to make her decision of a life time to accept Jesus ad her personal Savior.

Thursday 8 August 2019

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On Thursday in Sunnybank the team had a wonderful outreach! The team of six made it out and spread around to see who would be willing to talk about the after life and would be willing to hear what Christ has done to save sinners.

The first conversation was with a man named Jason, he said he was a Christian and that asking for forgiveness would be getting him into Heaven. He came to understand the simple message of faith alone and said that today he would begin to trust in Christ. The reason he said this is, once he understood the gospel he was asked if he could see the difference between what he was saying at the beginning of the conversation and what Christ had actually said. He saw the difference and said he would read Romans 3-5 this week.

The next conversation was also with Jason. He had spoken to the team last week and had gotten to hearing the gospel but the chat had been cut short by the arrival of the bus. This week it was picked up where it had left off and came to hear that trusting in Christ alone is the way to Heaven. He was able to explain that back and then asked, "Doesn't that encourage people to do the bad things?"

This will have to be left till next week to answer though, as again his bus arrived.

There were a range of other exciting conversations but one good one was with a young couple who had some ideas about Christ but weren't sure of the way to Heaven. At the end of the conversation when their bus arrived, the young guy was able to explain the way to Heaven but the girl was still trying to squeeze her own goodness into the requirements to enter Heaven.

They both took tracts and were encouraged to read Romans 3-5 together to see what the apostle Paul says about how one is made right before God.

Please be praying for those who heard the good news today that God would work on their hearts, causing them to hate sin and trust in Christ!

Thursday 1 August 2019

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At Sunnybank on Thursday there was some surprise rain, a broken bus and a cool breeze. This actually meant that more people were waiting nearby to the bus stop and enabled lengthy conversations that usually wouldn't have occurred! Praise God that He uses any means required to bring about His plan.

Two conversations back to back were had with Abby and Zen. Both had a Christian background, thought they were good enough to get to Heaven and then were shown God's law, revealing their guilt.

Abby had just sort of made up her own ideas about God, she'd barely even opened the Bible and didn't know much about God at all. Over the course of a ten minute conversation she came to hear and understand the simple good news of the gospel and was challenged this day to choose to trust in Christ. She said she would at least consider it and was encouraged to download a Bible app on her phone and to start reading.

As that conversation finished, sitting on the other side was Zen. She too thought she deserved Heaven and very quickly came to realise that was not the case. Sadly Zen left with her guilt and that she deserved Hell and a brief mention of the cross but her bus arrived before it could go any further, she took a tract and was encouraged tonight to read Romans 3-5.

Toward the end of the afternoon there was a man named Reuben who was approached with the same simple question as everyone else. "What do you think will happen after you die?" To which Reuben got very angry, "I don't want you or that mate of yours to ask me questions about this topic!" Reuben is about 6'2" and surprisingly menacing for a skinny guy. There was a tense moment, when the response was given, with every ounce of care, (mingled with a lot of fear), "But aren't you going to die some day?"

This question was met with a long pause and intense stare and a few moments where it was wondered if there would be a punch taken for the sake of the gospel. But God in His grace had decided there was to be a very different outcome. Reuben almost out of nowhere soften, apologised for his hostility and said, "I often fear death. I know I am going to Hell when I die and so I don't want to die. I want to live here on this earth for as long as possible".

Over the next fifteen minutes, a now docile Reuben came to hear that he was far more wicked than he had first thought, that his eternity was bleaker than he had imagined but God who is rich in mercy, giving infinitely more than His people deserve, came and took the place of sinners, suffering the full fury and wrath that we deserve and therefore offering a free gift of forgiveness to all, that those who believe will inherit eternal life!

In a very short dialogue off the back of that he came to understand how he can be forgiven, how a sinner gets to Heaven and why someone who has trusted in Jesus wants to obey Him! He had the beginnings of tears in his eyes and was given a gospel of John and a tract and said he would start reading! He then apologised for his actions at the beginning of the conversation and asked if an apology could be passed onto the other team member he has previously yelled at and he was given forgiveness.

He was confused as to how we could be so quick to forgive, especially when the offense was so recent and so aggressive and it was pointed out, that as Christians we have been forgiven infinitely more than we will ever be asked to forgive and because of that it is our joy to forgive those who have wronged us.

There were many other conversations that took place and overall it was an afternoon of great rejoicing. Please be praying for Abby, Zen and Reuben that God would work in their hearts, cause them to hate sin and to trust in Christ this very day!

Thursday 4 July 2019

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At Sunnybank a team of six were out again this afternoon and the results were conversations on both sides of the road, quite consistently over the course of the afternoon. It is really exciting to see that even in a location where it can often be hard to start conversations the team is still able to find people to chat with.

One stand out conversation was with Kaitlyn who had attended a Catholic school and knew a little of God but couldn't really formulate it. Over the course of a short fifteen minute conversation she came to understand the simple message of how a sinner can be forgiven and how that free gift of forgiveness will always result in a sinner wanting to honour Christ with their life.

There was also a young couple who were approached and the guy started to chat while his girlfriend took selfies. Sadly he was sure this his obedience would be required for his entrance into Heaven. He was shown that a gift cannot be accepted by works but by faith alone. He came to understand what Jesus had taught and was even able to explain it back but was adamant that he was going to be earning in part his entrance into Heaven. He was warned of the foolishness of believing in something different to what Jesus has to teach.

There were two final conversations with Alan and Andy who both came to understand the gospel. Andy was defiant saying that he wasn't willing to trust in Jesus because his family doesn't. He was challenged to consider the seriousness of this decision.

On the other hand Alan was very interested and accepted a gospel of John saying he would read it this week and that he wanted to trust in Christ today.

Please keep those who heard in your prayers.

Thursday 20 June 2019

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On Thursday in Sunnybank there was a team of eight that came out. It is exciting to see a team that once was so small, regularly being one of the biggest teams! This means that over the course of an afternoon many people come to hear of the good news of Jesus. Others are reminded of it, some are challenged as to why they haven't yet trusted in Christ and others are encouraged to continue on in their faith!

There was a conversation that took place with a young couple, Thomas and Sissy. Sissy said she was an agnostic and Thomas said he was a Christian. When asked why God should let him into Heaven though, he declared, "Because I am good enough". He was shown God's law and his guilt was revealed to which he responded, "God doesn't desire us to be perfect only to try". He was shown two things, both that he hasn't tried rather he has consistently and regularly chosen to disobey and secondly that Jesus is adamant that we must be perfect. Thomas was warned of his current destiny and the pair took tracts as their bus arrived.

A following conversation was with Brett. He said he had a "god" who was purely for personal comfort. There was no judgement, no afterlife just a nice big grandpa in the sky that look over things, so that at the end of each day it could be said, "A great time was had by all".

Not only was Brett's view of the world unrealistic, he had fashioned in his own image a god who doesn't exist. He was shown that God's goodness means He must punish sin and therefore we are all on the chopping block. Anyone being judged based on how they have lived will be found guilty and sent to Hell.

At this point Brett's bus arrived so he took a tract and said he would have a read.

There were a scattering of other conversations that took place, including with Oliver, who at first she that he never thinks about it and then as the chat went on he suddenly changed his tune and said he thinks about it all the time and will be going to Heaven because he attends Church every Sunday.

He was then taken through God's law, starting with asking if he'd ever lied, as he had just minutes earlier and he said he had. He was guilty by God's law but sadly was still thinking his own goodness would be enough for him to enter Heaven.

A final conversation of the afternoon was with Kevin a young man who has spoken to the team before. This week he was reminded of the gospel, which he was able to repeat back and was able to answer questions regarding the way to Heaven correctly and after it all said that he would trust in Jesus today!

It was encouraging to hear and he was shown a good place to read in the Bible and recommended a local Church. At the end of the conversation even after talking about the life change and obedience to God, Kevin was still able to articulate the obedience is a result of faith not a requirement to be forgiven.

Please keep all those who heard the gospel in your prayers, also those who were challenged in simple things such as their own goodness.

Thursday 13 June 2019

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On Sunnybank the first conversation of the afternoon was with a man and woman. When approached the man at first wasn't paying attention but it turned out that the lady was a Christian over in Australia visiting her sister (and her husband). This was encouraging to hear so the conversation was turned toward the man.

When asked what he though would happen after we die he abruptly responded, "Nothing". When asked why he simply said, "Because I believe it". Over the next short discussion it came to light that he didn't believe in God or an afterlife and he didn't actually have evidence or argument to support such claims. He was then shown how we know God exists and why this has bearing on our lives as God has given rules to live by. He was shown the seriousness of his choice but sadly the bus arrived before the law could be used to reveal sin.

There was a following conversation with three young men. They professed to be Christian but was absolutely ashamed of talking about Christ or really engaging in the conversation. It was sad to see that people who proclaimed to love the same Saviour were so scared of publicly talking about Him! They were challenged to read the book of Acts and come face to face with how the first Christians acted in light of the good news of salvation.

There were a few quick chats scattered throughout the afternoon, a young Asian couple, a young lady, Randall, Banksoon who all in about two minutes, were shown God's existence, saw their guilt in the mirror of God's law and came to understand the desperate reality of their current eternity. Each when asked about the way to Heaven had guesses which were along the lines of "be better" or "stop doing bad". At this moment for all of them their buses arrived and they took tracts and headed off.

There was a scary conversation with Jerry and man who had been spoken to before who remembered the gospel quite clearly and hadn't trusted in Christ. He had in his hands the very offer of eternal life and currently had traded it for the pleasures of this world. He was challenged strongly to not just intellectually understand the gospel but to respond to Christ, trusting in Him to pay for his sin. Some examples were given stressing the seriousness of this decision and the foolishness of trading Christ for the pleasures of this world and Jerry said he would consider it tonight.

Overall it was another successful outreach, where people who didn't know who God is or what He had done were exposed to the reality of sin, death and judgement and the beauty of God's gift of forgiveness for those who believe. Please be praying for those who heard in part or in whole the message of salvation.

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