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Meets 1-3pm Wednesday afternoons at the Sunnybank bus stop on Mains Road.

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Wednesday 29 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 29/3/2023 from 1300-1500

Today, Pastor Amy of my CFC church could join me as her younger son got placement at a Kindergarten. We started to serve at the same West Side Bus stop first so that we can render mutual support and take picture for each other. Then Amy still was moved to go over to the East side like last time. God graciously answered our prayers to give her a taste of mission accomplishment by leading Brooke a local Aussie young girl to Christ with a conversion prayer. Before that, she was a bit down as she seemed to have achieve nothing in all aspect of her ministry within and without the CFC church. But God immediately showed her unusual thing could happen and led her to approach Brooke who was in her low status in her late life. The gospel message touched her and she asked if she can simply receive Christ at any time so Amy just right away led her to do the conversion prayer. As I shared yesterday, on the spot conversion is rare in our street outreach ministry especially it is also our policy not to hasten, not to mention to force people to rush the decision to accept Jesus. Yesterday I already shared that God blessed Winnie by leading one of the fruits of gospel Celine who received Christ after the street outreach sharing and she has now been baptized and joining a local Chinese Church in St Lucia. So, with these surprised bonuses, we will more so feel at ease to simply passing on the message under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and let God do the harvest job in His time. I was also blessed by Ann a choir team member of the SIC who came forwards to show her appreciation of our selfless street outreach work. I told her actually, not just us but every Christian should wake up and get involved in day-to-day evangelism which she unreservedly agreed. I trust our faithful street outreach witness will be used by God to bring awakening to many more people in His time. That is one of the key aims of SM movement or the Kairos training to empower and mobilize all World Christians to leave our comfort zone but engaging into active day to day evangelism to people of all nations without boundary. Recap below is my Battle Log: -

1) I was led to approach a family of 3 generation from Penang Malaysia. They have come just 4 years to Australia. First it was the Mum to chat with me in Cantonese though they are of English-speaking background. Her son listened on by the side as such I switched back to English for the benefit of both. We started learning each other background and then went into the gospel even though their bus seemed to have encounter great delay. But after the nutshell of the Gospel was shared, the mum was interrupted by a phone call. So, I switched to chat with the son who disclose they are of nominal Catholic background. So, I changed approach checking his understanding of assurance of salvation which expectedly is not 100%. I took the chance to clarified the past default of Catholic Faith not only trusting in Jesus but though it was not sufficient adding in the worship of Mary and chipped in a lot of wrong teaching by doing more good deeds or charity. Thanks God the son though young as a High School kid of 18 or 19 years old, he grasped the clarification clearly and appreciate for helping him to regain assurance of salvation depending on the sacrificial death and atoning grace of Jesus alone which is 100% sufficient to set or sin record to zero as such we have been granted back the heavenly citizenship the moment we accept Jesus. I asked the son to share the same to her mum afterwards.

2) Then I turned around to approach a group of youngster students from different place of mainland China. A mature young lady is from Hai Nan ?? but she is not good at Mandarin also not able to speak Cantonese?another big guy is from Shenyang???who took over the conversation after attempting to speak Cantonese to me. Anyway, the chat box was opened and I can have a casual chat with them about Chinese languages then returned to share about the gospel. Other 2 or 3 more girls were also listening with great interest though their bus came a bit too early before I finished the full gospel. The boy anyway willingly took a tract to read.

3) After a few bus arrival and departure, Lady Chang from Taipei ???? was left at the bus stop for me to approach naturally???She said she has her other faith so initially did not prepare to chat. Again I used the soft approach to open the chat box and finally God let me have time to share the full gospel to her.

4) Then I connect with a man from Guangzhou???who was not good at Mandarin. But I still managed to share the gospel to him before his bus arrived.

5) Then a mature young man from Beijing was left alone at the bus stop and the Spirit soften his heart that we can have a long chat at ease. ????He came to study about a year ago???he is very open minded for chatting even about faith. ?????He admitted he has not heard of the gospel before and find it sensible , logical and even credible. So, he took a tract ???and promise to ponder what is the next step when his bus arrived.

6) Then I encountered a typical mainlander young woman with a daughter who coldly rejected my approach for chat. I think God just use her to contrast all other Mainlanders that God has already prepared their heart to listen to the gospel with an open mind and humble heart.

7?I was also blessed by Ann a choir team member of the SIC who came forwards to show her appreciation of our selfless street outreach work. I told her actually, not just us but every Christian should wake up and get involved in day-to-day evangelism which she unreservedly agreed. I trust our faithful street outreach witness will be used by God to bring awakening to many more people in His time.

8 ) Then another young girl left alone at the bus stop who is from Jie Jiang Hangzhou????? ?She already has come for a year to study and show great willingness to hear the gospel sharing as well as some of my testimony.

9)Then I bumped into an Overseas Chinese who preferred to speak in English and get the topic going into gospel. I trusted he might have Christian influence in overseas but not yet a converted Christian. Our chat was interrupted by the bus and he did not take a tract.

10) Finally I was led to chat with a Nepalese young man who claimed himself a Hindu believer. I anyway was able to convince him Hinduism is good but like all other religions except Christianity cannot address the issue of sin. He also admitted and is aware of the quick growth of Christianity after the earthquake 9 years ago as such nowadays, there are already 500,000 Christians in his country. I appealed him to ponder will there be any other way to set our record of sin to zero so that we can be right with God and become His people. He took a tract and pray for God's reaping work on this first fruit of the gospel.


Wednesday 22 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 22/3/2023 from 1300-1500

It was another day lately that I time and again did the Sunnybank Outreach solo. By the grace of God, I got all the four chats that lasted over 15 to 30 minutes. And all of them are Chinese with 3 from mainland and one from Hong Kong. God is turning the tide to bring in more Chinese people for our street outreach.

1) David Kong is actually a friend from mainland China who share the same vision on standing up for democracy. He himself follows the Tibet Buddhism though he is very friendly to people of all religion including me as a Christian pastor. He also came to help out the church before it is sold to Life City Church. Both of us have the 6th sense to meet each other today. It proved spot on and we met at the door step of the Chemist Warehouse. He got injured during work but he got no work compensation as he is only a employee by contract. Now he relies on the Government to subsidy his medical expenses for the on-the-job injury. He is planning to find a remote or outback place to lead a new simple life. I appealed again to him as an old friend that to me, recognizing the fallen nature of human character that called for the atonement salvation of Jesus is the prime most important target for him. I took best use of this divine appointment to recount the core of the gospel message and appeal him to come to our church on Sunday as long as he is free.

2) Li from Beijing 4 years ago to study at QUT was willing to chat even about religious issue. He also shared my observation that Mainlanders are more open and receptive to gospel message to be shared to them in public especially those youngster generation that have experienced the white paper revolution upholding righteousness and basic human right.

3) The Spirit also led me to meet Ms Kong from Hong Kong that I have chatted many time before. This time, I was led to share a full long version of my testimony of receiving Christ. Pray that she will be moved to surrender to accept Christ in His time.

4)Then the Holy Spirit made the bus schedule for 598 encountering a major delay as such it gave me a longer period of over 30 minutes to share with Madam Chen from Shanghai again my full testimony. As she chatted with at least two co-workers before and have got the gospel tract. So, I changed the approach to recount my personal testimony likened as my amazing grace and amazing way. She was impressed to notice that an ordinary person like me can become a servant of God with apostolic compassion to contribute to the Bottom-line blessing to people of all nations.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 15/3/2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to Lord our God, today Amy joined me and later Jase Lamont and Sam a working holiday from Taiwan also joined us for a short while. Jase is a free-lance gospel out-Reacher doing personal evangelism anywhere in the shopping mall or in public place. He came for replenishment of some more Chinese tracts and ask for a Bible for one of his Chinese fruit of the gospel. Amy chose to work solo on the Eastern side Bus stop leaving me to do at the Western side bus stop. Both of us have good non-stop gospel sharing opportunities. Basically, she ministered to a well-mixed of people group including 2 from Taiwan,??, one from Hing Kong???from Mainland China though having been rejected by another two2???????Ok, one from Yemen???One from Vietnam?? and one from Philippine ?. As for me, I met many Christians today that only a minority have 100% assurance of salivation. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Steve, an Indian was born of a Christian family but converted to be an Anglican Christian when he has grown up. On testing for his assurance of salvation, he answered he hoped to be 100% certain that means he still lacked 100% assurance. He was pleased to receive my clarification.

2) Mirth is a Filipino of Catholic faith. Yet he is in lack of 100% assurance of salvation as most Catholic Christian do. He thanked for my clarification and took a tract to affirm his understanding of true Christian faith.

3) Then I was moved to approach a man from Jiangsu Nanjing??. He was all ear to listen to the Gospel sharing initially, but was distracted when he spotted the bus coming from a far distance and use it as an excuse to end the conversation.

4) Then I picked up a NZ young man who was originally from South Africa but has now called Australia home. He was waiting for pick up by friend which unfortunately happened too quick before I can finish the gospel sharing. Though I still managed to fast track the conclusion that as sinner, we all need Jesus as our saviour and lord of our life.

5) Chen from Taiwan quickly identified himself as Christiaan. As he passed the assurance of salvation test. He was happy to take some tracts from me to do his own outreach.

6) Followed up on an Indian that Jase had handed out tract. He tried to be excused for chatting claiming his English is not good enough. I still managed to share him the nutshell of the Gospel before his quick arriving bus came.

7) Sancell another Filipino also identified himself as Christian but still lacked assurance of salvation as most Catholic Christians do. He thanked me for clarification of the three-fold deliverance of salvation. That the heavenly citizenship has been granted to us by God thru Christ.

8 ) Then I caught up with a Mainlander from Quang Dung???who is a Graffith student. He was opened and willingly took a tract. ???????

9 ) Last but not the Least, I encountered a Kenya Christian but I was not yet able to test her assurance of Salvation.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 8/3/2023 from 1300-1500

Today, again I served solo at Sunnybank so I prayed for fewer but deeper conversations. God answered my prayer. Basically, I was led to share with a Filipino couple who came here on a working visa. They had been waiting for their route of bus for a while already but I was still moved to approach the husband, Peter. Firstly, I tried to connect with him through my rare trips to Manila many years ago, but mentioning about OPN 513 team which is now serving in Manila doing same street outreach like me doing here. He showed interest and appreciation of what we are doing here and there in his home country. I tested the water saying Philippine is generally recognized as a Catholic country and ask if he professes Catholic faith and he straight ahead admit he is a Catholic Christian. So I switched testing his assurance of salvation which he failed utterly flat and square. He is not sure if he can go to heaven and claimed that all he can do is to be a good person even before I brought up the "Good Person " tract to challenge his thinking. When I asked how good you have to become to earn your way to Heaven, then he noticed Jesus still play a role in our salvation. Then I further challenged him if he thought the redemptive work of Jesus dying for us to take our place to receive the punishment of our sins is effective enough? He of course answered that it should be effective enough, then I asked why you still think you have to rely on more good works to earn your way to heaven. It was clearly stipulated in the Bible Eph 2:8-9 that it is solely because of the work of Jesus and not because of our good deeds so all we have to do is to accept Jesus' salvation by grace through faith in Him and Him alone. I used the story about the Story Bridge to demonstrate, good work can never use to offset crime. Story Bridge actually bears the name of the donor Mr Story who was a wealthy man doing a lot of charity including donating the building of the Story Bridge and donating the land in St Lucia for the founding of University of Queensland. The motive behind was to ease his guilt of murdering another fortune explorer from NSW in the early 1900. He killed that guy and robbed him of 9 Sterling Pound which become his capital fund and made him rich. He and his family kept it as a secret and only was disclosed 30 years after his death. I asked Peter if he disclosed his murder crime while he was alive, will he be able to appeal for waiving the charge of murder because of all the great charity work he had done. The answer was obviously negative. Similarly, I asked
Peter would he thought his good work can compare to Mr Story donating Millions of Dollars for charity and social community welfare purpose. If not, would he think it is enough to offset the sins that he and us the human as sinners have committed so far and throughout our life. The answer is obviously, not. So I helped him to establish that good deeds never will count in term of salivation and acquiring eternal life by admission to the heaven Kingdom right away at the moment we admit and accept Jesus as our Savior and the Lord of our life as per Eph 2:8-9. And on this basis, God further promises to make us a perfect masterpiece or unique arts of human life created firstly by the work of redemption of Christ. Then our life will be transformed step by step, day by day towards perfection by doing His work. It means our redeemed born-again life will bound to return back to perfection if we choose to walk with God and to lead a life on mission with God. As long as we have those correct awareness and understanding of the plan of God, we will not be misled to feel unsure and not confident to be able to admitted to our eternal home readily prepared by Jesus.

The timing was just good and the bus came after I finished my sharing and clarification with Peter.

Wednesday 1 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 1/3/2023 from 1300-1500

Again, I did solo today at Sunnybank with everybody else not available. Curiously and interestingly, majority of chat today were with Chinese from Mainland China, and most of them are UQ students but coming here for shopping of Chinese food. Another unusual phenomenon was that most of the Mainlanders were not that stone heart and appeared mostly open for chat. Recap below is the Battle Log.

1) First, I was led to a girl from Huang Gun Hubei near Wuhan. ???????? It once was a heave pandemic casualty town. The girl was very open to chat and show receptiveness to the gospel message, acknowledging that human are imperfect and beyond redemption. All she needs is to make a last step of faith to accept Jesus as her Saviour and Lord of life.

2) Then I connected with Leah who initially did not want to tell me her name and where she is from. But once I shared with her my China ministry during 2008 -2015, she was able to identify with my heart and love for China so she was all opened to listen to the full Gospel endorsing all the points conveyed and left me her name at the end.

3) Next was a young man sat next to us listening up to most of the conversation with Leah. He also showed rare acceptance to chat and we got hook up right away because of my past China ministry in Sichuan with Chengdu the hub of our ministry. As he is from ??????> He has been in Australia for four years finishing his undergraduate in Engineering and is not in postgraduate study. He also shared the same view of the gospel message that human race is beyond redemption apart from Jesus.

4) Then I turned to my right to talk to a Chinese young lady but she did not want to show any response to my approach because of her Local Aussie boyfriend. So instead, I talked to the Local Aussie who seemed to have a lot of prejudice on faith, He clarified with me if I am evangelical Christian as such, he felt a bit relax to chat though still with many pre-occupied and biased understanding about Christianity.

5) Then I approach the only person left after a bus came to take all people away, she was eating a pear as her lunch. So I briefly share the nutshell of Gospel and left her to finish her "Lunch".?????

6) Then another very pleasant chat was with a young man called Chen from Beijing. He is also an UQ student who has just arrived to Brisbane for 3 days. ???.????.??? He also show very openness to Gospel though the sharing was cut short.

7) Finally, I approached two young man from Mainland China who initially had some reservation to chat. Again, the Spirit softened their heart to listen on till the bus came. They are also UQ students but came for Chinese stuff shopping.

Wednesday 22 February 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 22/2/2023 from 1300-1500

I had to go solo again as no other gospel co-workers was available today. In Sunnybank the usual reject rate was high. I could manage to have a few chats and I had to move around to the other side to look for gospel targets. I also took pictures of all those possible evangelism sharing points to be shown to a God raised mission oriented Chinese Church for their Street outreach evening scheduled on March 17 Friday evening 7-9pm.

One encouraging divine encounter was with Ms King from Hong Kong that we have met two times before. It was really not by coincident that God let us meet to follow up on her inner faith journey transiting toward the eventually salvation faith.

Wednesday 15 February 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 15/2/2023 from 1300-1500

It was a hot sunny day after the afternoon thunderstorm good for outreach. Amy was able to join me as Joshua was sent to kindergarten every fortnightly. We teamed up at the same northbound bus stop but Amy later moved onto the other side of the street across the bridge. She got many great conversations with non-believers as well as Christians. The people group she reached including Cambodia, Myanmar Indian Sikh ???Vietnamese and of course Chinese from Taiwan and the Mainland China. As for me, I had a balance ratio of Chinese from Taiwan and China as well as non-Chinese people group including, Local Aussie, Japanese, Filipino, Bangladesh. Recap below is my Battle log.

1) Rohan is a local Aussie of middle age involving in China trade as such he greeted me in Mandarin, we spent time to exchange info about our China experience and barely have time to touch on the gospel. Anyway, the rapport built was good enough to warrant a willing acceptance of a tract and trust God may have His follow up work.

2) A Bangladesh guy coming for study showing no interest in religious issue at all initially. But I was moved to keep the chat on persistently and the Spirit softened his heart to still listening on and took a tract at the end.

3) The I was moved to connect with Marina a Filipino lady of catholic background. She was not interested but still remain interreacting with me in a polite manner. At the end, again it was the work of the Sprit to change her attitude to become a willing listener.

4) Then I caught up with a tom boy look woman possibly of 30 years old. She is from Beijing???but has already migrated to Australia.????In contrast to the image of a historic Beijing resident, she got tattoo to show her openness to the western pop culture????????Yet after listening half way my Gospel sharing, she still chose to decline conversation on religious matter. ???? And her bus arrival naturally ended this divine appointment.

5) Then two Japanese got off from the bus yet did not leave seemingly waiting for a transit bus. So I started building rapport by Japanese greeting. The sharing was brief only the nutshell of the Gospel as their transiting bus came very quick.

6) God remunerated me by leading me to meet a Hong Kong young lady by the name Kong. She recognized me up right and I reminded me of our conversation two week ago went very well leaving her a very solid new life view that she would like to ponder. ????.????. Anyway, her bus also came very quick and I convey to her my wish that next time if we meet again, there will be good news about her decision making the last step of faith to receive Christ.

7) Then I was led to connect with a lady from Hubei Wuhan.?? She has just arrived in Brisbane 3 days ago for UQ study on Applied Linguistic. While I could connect with her about my Wuhan experience, full gospel was also shared to her with good receptiveness.

8 ) Finally I approached a Taiwanese young guy whose heart was so cold rejecting the gospel flatly. It was a sign for me to call for the day to go home earlier to fix the storm damage to the roof of my house.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 8/2/2023 from 1300-1500

Today, Amy could not join me to do street outreach at Sunnybank because her son Joshua does not have time slot for kindy. But instead, she invited one of her Hong Kong non-Christian couples to have lunch. I took use of this chance of course also to share about my witness of salvation so as to preach to them the gospel in an indirect way.

Thanks God that Gary could join me for a while so we served as a team and he took a couples of good photos for me. Today God let me meet several Christian of different back ground and status that not all of them have clear understanding of salvation that needed much clarification. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1) "Samuel" is from the Kenya. He let me share him with the whole gospel before disclosing he is readily a Christian. I of course proceeded to test for his assurance of salvation and he is al good having clear and correct understanding of salvation by faith through grace of Jesus as such we should have 100% assurance of salvation. He is happy to take a selfie with me.

2) Then I was rejected consecutively by Two women despite I suggested to have merely a friendly chat with them.

3) Then I approached three Chinese young persons, two man and lady each from ??and one from Shang Dong. The girl was most bossing trying to dismiss me with many excuses from the beginning, ???????? but the two boys were indifferent. I anyway still managed to share the nutshell of the gospel to them. Then the girl simply pulled off leaving the Bus Station for the shopping mall.

4) A radical Christian from local having good faith in Christ but also has a lot of narrow-minded view leading his faith to trail on the wrong track. For instance, he thought the OT Bible was made up by the Romans and the Jews to prove Jesus was not the Messiah. So obviously he does not have good bible study effort spent. So, He is Jews hater anyway thinking that it was right for Hairy to regard Jewish as evil people but wrong to trigger genocide. I tried my best to clarify all his misimpression and misinformation about church and about the Bible, but it seemed his mind is strictly set that it may take unknown amount of time to change. And the arrival of his bus just ended or medium long conversation.

5) Maru, a Filipino Christian but has no assurance of salvation. I clarified it with her and she was thankful to me to have changed her incomplete mind set about salvation

Wednesday 1 February 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday from 1300-1500

Hi everyone, we are back to regular street outreach again after a long break for Cross cultural outreach in Turkey and a period of rest to have my body fitness restored back to normal. Today, my co-worker Pastor Amy Yao can also join me for the first time again after a very long break because of prolonged ill health issues complicated by COvid-29 infection. It is also by the grace of God that her younger son is enrolled to do Prep on Wednesday fortnightly and Thursday, Friday weekly as such she will be free to join me at least fortnightly at Sunnybank provided good health permitted. Today, majority of gospels target arranged by God are Chinese from both Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Amy tried to refer all the Hongkongese to me to work as a team. She had over three good complete gospel sharing to several Chinese students with good receptive results. Recap below is the battle log of Hung.

1) Mr Chen from Beijing claimed he has spoken with us before. ??? But I still managed to keep the chat alive to do follow up.

2) Then it was followed by a couple of rejection by Chinese mainlander, though our intention to share with them an important life issues were conveyed.

3) Then came another young man from China with an initial reluctance to chat kept listening to his iPhone and smoking cigarette. But the Spirit softened his heart as such his attitude towards gospel and see seed of gospel successfully sowed.

4) Shane an Australian born Sri Lankan who appeared very receptive to the gospel though he obviously is not yet a believer. But he endorses the need of Gospel for all sinners including himself. He was humble and willing to pursue God as led by Him.

5) Then I approached an Australian mum ????who politely took a tract after a short briefing of the nutshell of Gospel and before the bus arrived.

6) Then Amy referred me to a young lady by the name Kong from Hong Kong. ??????????She took an indifference view initially, but hte Spirit moved her heart to become soften and receptive to the gospel laving a remark to thanks for my sharing that mean a lot to her at the ned of our conversation.?????

7) Afterward, I approached a woman from Taiwan who claimed to be of Catholic background. ?????????. I asserted her religion adherence but emphasized that all religions are good for guiding people to be a good person including Catholic church teaching, however it exactly is not complete for addressing the issue of sin and that only the redemptive grace of Jesus dying for all sinners can provide the only way out for us to reconcile with God and have eternal life.

8 ) Then I was moved to approach a man from Shanxi Tai Yuan?????he was oversensitive to political issues as such he treated all gospel messages were politically driven and declined to continue. ??????

9) the last for the day was Mr Yang ?from China. He has a stereotype impression that Christianity is too exclusive. ??????Thanks God, finally he listened up and taken in the message as the spirit worked along to move and soften his heart. ??????

Wednesday 28 December 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 28th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today I went solo again to do street outreach at the Sunnybank northbound bus stop. the people flow was not great. I only had a few meaningful conversations as recap below. For most of the cases, people just hurriedly passing by. By God gave me a surprise to meet up with Ann who used to do Sunnybank outreach with us on Thursday after her religious education at the Sunnybank State School. She just said farewell to her Aussie friends after possibly a lunch gathering. She was surprised to see me serving there all by myself and thought we the Operation 513 team have stopped all the street ministry. I told her she is welcome to join us now every Wednesday from 1300 to 1500. But not for the next two week as I will be setting off for a Muslim country gospel outreach from 4-20/1/2023. Pray that God will move her to re-join us after such a long break out of miscommunication.

1) I chose between two chatting man and woman couple and a single old lady. The natural choice of course was not to disturb the couples conversation but got connected with the old lady. She appeared friendly and receptive to the gospel. But the time I had was barely enough for me to finish the nutshell of the gospel without the follow up interaction and also not even able to get her name. Pray for God's own follow up work.

2) Then I was led to approach a disabled man with difficulty in mobility though he can walk in a lamp manner. He obviously looks a bit self-pity, but I approach him to ask for his nationally. He chose to tell me he is a local Aussie but with parents’ mom from Philippine and an Aussie Dad. I said no wonder he doesn't look a bit like Filipino but more a while Caucasian man. In view of the imminent arrival of the bus, I rushed through the gospel again finishing the nutshell and he delightfully took a tract. I trust he felt being respected a treat equally as an ordinary person. Pray also for God's follow up work.

3) Then I was urged to approach a pregnant woman who did not disclose where she is originally from. She even appeared rejective to the gospel message, but the Holy Spirit kept her still to allow me to share and finished the Gospel. She did not take the tract, but I still have full trust in God to lead me to approach a difficult and cold heart person like her.

4) There were other piece meal broken short approaches with blunt rejection or excuse to be on the run. I ended up staying only for an hour to call for the day as I purchased some frozen food that cannot last long in the car under the summer heat. So, next Wednesday will be my date of departure for mission. Will be away and be back 25/1/2023.

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