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Sunnybank Team (QLD)

Meets 2-5pm every Thursday afternoon at the Sunnybank bus stop on Mains Road.

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Thursday 1 November 2018

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On Thursday afternoon at Sunnybank the team were blessed with many conversations. One noticeable mention is that often older men are scared to talk about eternal matters. Many will acknowledge that they have thought about it but rarely will they be willing to hear God's truth. They will often try and pass off the conversation, through humour, arrogance or anger. This plays out in all locations but was just noticed this past Thursday.

That being said there were some wonderful conversations. One man Frank declared that it was his adherence to the ten commandments that was getting him to Heaven. This was scary to hear as he said he went to a local Church. Frank heard the Gospel and God's real offer of salvation and was challenged to stop trying to convince himself, that he will be okay based on his own actions.

A sad conversation was had with Joan, she was an older lady who was a little hesitant to talk because she said that religion was all about power and fear. This was interesting to hear but she couldn't really explain why she thought that. Although she did say that she would never want to worship a God who had power over her. It was explained to her that God's laws aren't for the purpose of oppression rather, true freedom and liberty is found in the flourishing that God's design brings.

Her bus arrived and she had to leave. But please be praying for Joan that she is stripped of her pride, thinking she knows better than God and is bought to submission to Him.

One encouraging conversation was had with Jesse. He heard the Gospel for the first time, without any arguments and said he would consider it. Please be praying that Jesse searches out the scriptures and is bought to a knowledge of the truth.

Among other conversations Sia a lady who goes to an SDA Church and had been let into some confusion by what they taught, heard the Gospel and of imputation. It has been noted that in America, there is often a strong emphasis on repentance being a "turning from sin". Where as in Australia, this leads people often into confusion. It must be clearly stated that repentance isn't just "turning from sin... and trying to be good". Rather it is turning from sin, to trust God. And that will result in a changed life.

In Australia, legalism seems to be a far more common vice, than anti-nomianism.

Lastly an encouraging conversation was had with Stephanie. She knew about Heaven and Hell and had heard the name Jesus but that was about the limit of her understanding. God as Creator, Holy, Judge and Saviour was explained alongside sin, judgement and righteousness and she was left to ponder, would she turn and trust in Christ, or continue living in sin.

Please be praying for all those who heard the Good News, that they would repent and believe. Praise God for allowing conversations to flow and for bringing people along to hear His glorious Gospel!

Thursday 25 October 2018

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On Thursday at Sunnybank, the afternoon for most team members progressed as usual. They had normal conversations and were able to engage in Gospel proclamation. On the other hand for some it was a tougher afternoon, there are just some days when you feel less bold in sharing the Gospel.

One of the team members often wears shirts with Gospel focused questions on it, for example, "Where will you spend Eternity, Heaven or Hell?" Yesterday at a number of occasions throughout the afternoon, people in passing by traffic actually called out answers as a result of reading the shirt.

Please be praying that many people will have read it, but especially pray for the few who verbally responded, that they would have to ponder the question.

A conversation was had with a man named David. He had some ideas about the afterlife but his predominant belief was that it doesn't matter. He said he was focusing on this life and that whatever happened would happen. This was scary as it was emphasised that because God is good, He will hold us accountable for our sin.

David, heard this, brushed it off and was about to respond with another point when his bus arrived. He took a tract and said he would have a read. Please be praying that David's apathetic attitude toward eternity would not last any longer but that the tract would lead him to the Saviour.

Another conversation was had with Melanie. She similarly said she didn't think there was an afterlife because she had done some "science". A small discussion was had regarding what science can tell us about the afterlife and the conclusion was come to, that it could not tell us a single thing.

Melanie then said she didn't believe in God because she didn't think there was any evidence. It was pointed out to her, that by observation we can see that everything else in this universe, that isn't nature, that has a beginning and a purpose had an intelligent designer. It was then pointed out that the most logical conclusion about nature itself, would be the same, that it too had an intelligent designer.

It was then pointed out, that the creator of an object, determines its purpose. So God, as the Creator of humans, designed us to bring Him glory by obeying Him. Melanie said that made sense and was left with the challenge, "The reason we don't want there to be a God, isn't intellectual or based on evidence rather, we know that if God exists, we are in big trouble, so we try and convince ourselves, either that we're not in trouble or that God doesn't exist."

Melanie's bus arrived at this time and she took a tract. Please be praying that this conversation will lead her away from rebellion, to surrender and trust in Jesus!

Thursday 18 October 2018

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On Thursday afternoon in Sunnybank the team was limited to undercover areas as the rain decided to stick around into the afternoon. This did also mean that people came to the team as they too desired shelter from the storm. This was the perfect opportunity to share with them the only shelter that can protect a person from God's wrath against sin.

One encouraging conversation was with a lady that had returned from the previous week to ask more questions. She had even gone along to a local Church the previous Sunday, as she was encouraged to. Praise God for the work He is doing in her life. May God be using these conversations and interactions to bring her to a knowledge of the truth.

As usual with the bus timetable many conversations are limited to ten or fifteen minutes. This was the case with the conversations had with John, Roy, and Shaun. They each heard of God as Creator and Judge. And were confronted by the expectations God has upon us and each were left to get on their bus as the question was posed, "How can a sinner who deserves God's judgement in Hell, be forgiven?". Each took a tract and said they would read it.

Please pray that they understood the clear explanation the tract gave and that it would lead them to trust in Jesus alone and to open their Bibles and start reading.

Another conversation was had with Latitia a young lady who goes to a local Church but didn't really understand the Gospel. She happily engaged, answered questions as best as she could and was slowly lead through the story of the Bible from front to back, so that she understood God's story of redemption. She said it was the first time she had heard it that way but was encouraged by it and was interested in knowing more. She too was encouraged to pick up her Bible and start reading it as well.

Please be praying for Latitia and her journey to knowing God. Please pray it is swift, so that even as she returns to Church this weekend, she desire to know God more.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

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As the outreach began at Sunnybank yesterday, the worst of the rain ceased. Which allowed for the team to spread out as they usually do. The afternoon was filled with a range of conversations some were short and simple, others lengthy and encouraging, a few that were heart breaking and one particularly hostile one that ended surprisingly well.

There were three men, Saleh, Wayne and Jack, who all heard about why we can know there is a God and why that is a problem for us and sadly each had to leave before the conversation progressed too far. Please be praying that these men, heed the seriousness of the problem and don't just leave it there but seek out in God's Word the solution.

One longer conversation was had with Christany, she had a lutheran past but had left school and decided that she preferred "science" more. The conversation touched on God's Creation, God's purpose for humanity, our desperate state of rebellion and the question was posed, "What is the solution? How can a sinner be forgiven?"

Sadly even despite a lengthier conversation, her bus still arrived before it could progress further. She did not that she appreciated the conversation and would have to think more about the topic.

Lastly a conversation that was saddening and encouraging at the same was with a man who has come past before and was equally angry. Without going into all the details, he was very angry that people could be on the streets promoting and talking to the public about God.

He had a lot of arguments against Christianity, from the evils in the Church, to the age of the Bible and even was angry about hypocrisy in the Church. After some diagnostic questions, this man declared that there is no God "because there is no evidence". When provided with evidence, he declared that it wasn't good enough.

After some more questions, despite his anger it was pointed out that his arguments against God weren't based on intellect. It wasn't that he learnt things that had changed his mind about God, rather they were emotional, he was angry with God and therefore didn't want Him to exist.

He didn't disagree with this statement but kept on his attack. At one point he called the council (same as last time) to get us removed but during the conversation quietly walked off as he was told we were allowed to be there.

After talking to another guy, with a great desire to see this man come to a knowledge of the truth, he was carefully and gently approached again. He was asked, "What do you think the team comes here for? What do you think the purpose of Christianity is?"

As usual he was sure that it was all about trying to force people to live a certain way and follow rules so that God would "love" them. Unsurprisingly, he was extremely confused as the Gospel was explained, not as rules to follow to get forgiven but rather a gift of salvation for the guilty.

This was fleshed out a little for him and he was taken a back but still trying to be frustrated. Lastly just before his bus arrived he asked, "Well if you're already saved, what are you doing out here sharing with other people?"

To which the response was given, "We come out here, willing to be mocked, scorned, disrespected by people, in the hope that they will hear and understand God's offer of salvation and message of hope, because your eternity is far more important to me that my dignity".

This man was so confused, all he could do was make mocking noises as he hopped on his bus. Please be praying that this man's understanding of the Gospel and understanding that we care about him and his eternity would cause him to turn from his hatred toward God but rather that he would respond in repentance and faith.

Please be praying for all those spoken to, that they would heed God's command to turn from sin, to Him!

Thursday 4 October 2018

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Today Sunnybank was a hive of conversations. With the usual school traffic not around, the team thought there may not be as many people but much to their delight, more people than usual were using the bus stations and as a result many heard the Gospel.

An early conversation was had with Jacob. This was an unusual conversation because he was European and yet still believed in God. The vast majority of European's that the team speaks to are atheistic. It was interesting to find that Jacob was not against the idea of God but was just happily living in sin.

The law of God was bought to bear on his life and conscience and Jacob said that it worried him that, if he died tonight, he would end up in Hell. When asked how that could be solved, Jacob sadly had no idea. As the very beginnings of the Gospel were explained his bus arrived and he had to leave.

He took a tract and said he would read it. Please be praying that he would come to a saving knowledge of the truth!

Another conversation was had with two SDA girls. They sadly had been taught that God had no wrath, that Jesus wasn't suffering God's judgement on the cross and that sin is dealt with simply by death.

When asked about specifics regarding how people are saved, the girls knew very little. It was sad to hear that they had so little understanding of the Gospel. Over the course of a short discussion and explanation and with many questions asked, they seemed to begin to understand but it was hard to help them see a life to of mis-truths they had been sewn.

Thankfully they took tracts and were happy to have spoken with the team.

A young man who was on a quick break from work spoke to the team. He had heard of Jesus and knew a little about Him but didn't understand the significance of what Christ did at the cross. This was explained, the response we are to have was explained and Nick headed back inside to work, with new information about Christ.

Nick didn't seem overly excited or phased but please be praying that this glorious truth would leave more than an intellectual mark but would be the very thing that leads Nick to trust in Jesus alone as His Lord and Saviour.

One other exciting conversation was with Chloe. She is at the bus stop at the same time every week but sadly over previous weeks had not been interested to talk. This week she did engage and was happy to interact as the introduction to the Gospel was given.

God's existence was explained, His purpose for humanity and this world was explained and the dire problem of sin and its consequence of Hell was articulated. Chloe acknowledged that it made sense but that she wasn't really phased because she had decided (on the basis of her upbringing) that God didn't really exist.

Please be praying that Chloe not only reads the tract that she was given but that her life will be forever changed as she doesn't just acknowledge that God exists but that she too would turn to Him as her only hope before a Holy God.

Thursday 6 September 2018

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This afternoon in Sunnybank the team got a little rained on but thankfully nothing too severe. There did seem to be fewer people around than usual though as people were less interested in waiting for their bus in the wind and rain. But despite this the team had a range of lengthy and important conversations.

Two guys the team has spoken to before at different points in the afternoon dropped past. The first named Mitchell. He is having a really tough time with some things but has recently headed back to Church. Sadly he is still struggling to understand that we are saved by the work of Christ alone, not based on anything we can do.

He was reminded of the Gospel and its call to repent and believe and was encouraged to dwell on that truth and rely on Christ alone. He was also encouraged that God in His absolute sovereign authority doesn't leave us alone. Mitchell is having some troubles with his living situation and past friends and was wondering why God would let him suffer like he is.

It was explained, with compassion that God's plan for our lives may be harder than we desire but better than we had hoped. God's plan for His children is not for them to have a worry free life and rarely rely on Him. Rather He often places us in circumstances and situations in which our only hope is to cling to Him, teaching us that through it all, He is a only true hope! 

He was also encouraged with the wonderful promise of Romans 8:28-29, that God plans all things for the Christ-likeness of those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose!

Another conversation was with a JW, Darnell. He had spoken to another team member a week earlier but was having a real struggle understanding. The same this week. The reason wasn't because of his English ability. Rather, he had been sown seeds to falsehood and he had been mis-taught theological words. For instance, "Salvation is simply deliverance from danger or destruction, and often specifically referring to deliverance from sin".

This poor understanding of salvation cuts the heart out of the Gospel message. Equally a misunderstanding of who punish Jesus on the cross, God's judgement for sin and many other things were missing. It was a scary conversation with a man who is "very religious" and even reads the Bible but has little to no understanding of what it actually is!

A final conversation and one that was lengthy and encouraging was had with a woman named Beth. She at first when asked, "Where do you think you will go after you die, Heaven or Hell?" declared, "Definitely Hell". She said she was too bad, too sinful to be forgiven.

This is a relatively uncommon response to the Christian message so the team were interested to hear why. We engaged with her in discussion for almost an hour. Answer questions about Noah's Ark, The Tablets, Heaven, Hell and many other topics. 

At one point she declared that some Jehovah's Witnesses had been visiting her mother and saying there was no such thing as Hell. She then said, this doesn't make any sense and she thinks that they are wrong.

This was encouraging to hear and also good to know that she wasn't just looking for any false hope or false religion. With a lengthy conversation coming to a close, the team once again reiterated the simple beauty of the Gospel, the command it has upon our lives, to repent and believe and the offer of forgiveness it brings.

Beth left with a Bible, a tract, an encouragement that this conversation didn't happen for no reason and was encouraged to read her Bible.

Please be praying for Mitchell that he will come to understand the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice and trust in Him alone for salvation. Please pray that Darnell will see the glaring issues with JW teaching and doctrine and instead will seek to understand what the scriptures say. Please be praying that Beth will understand how deeply she has sinned but instead of wallowing in guilt will be able to rejoice with great joy that there is a God who loves to save the most despicable sinners.

Thursday 30 August 2018

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This afternoon in Sunnybank the team was out again. Over the past few weeks some new members have joined the team and it has been encouraging to see them grow in their boldness and understanding. Before each outreach the team commits to praying together, presenting our requests before God and asking Him to draw people to us. This afternoon there were a number of conversations that we very exciting!

A few shorter conversations were had with Frank, Zoe, Shaun and Ryan. They each had small issues or reasons that they disbelieved in God but after hearing the simple apologetic that buildings need a builder and therefore the universe needs a Creator they all were happy to engage with the Gospel and took tracts.

One longer conversation was had with Carol. She said she believed there was a God and said as long as she did the right thing God would be okay with that. The rest of the conversation was hard work. Due to the language barrier and many of the words (sin, repentance, faith, grace) being ones that she had never heard before, things had to be explained numerous times in different ways.

This conversation was a test of patience and endurance. It took six different explanations and almost five minutes to explain what sin is. But upon this understanding everything seemed to flow a little easier. Carol, in the end, understood the basics of Christianity and as the Gospel was being explained her bus arrived. Hopefully she understood it and will take the time to read the tract she was given.

Another team member was able to speak with a JW. This man has spoken to the team before and was interested to hear more. As usual this man said that there are only 144,000 in Heaven (misquoting Revelation 7). This opportunity was taken to bring out a Bible and to begin looking at the text of scripture. In the passage, it is clear that the "great multitude" are in the same location as the 144,000.

Continuing on from this some other important points were touched on. Most importantly that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, God in human form and the only hope for humanity.

Finally there was a Chinese lady named Goh. Goh was first asked about what she thought would happen to after she died but said she couldn't stop to talk and had something to do but promised to come back. A little while later she returned and continued to speak with Ann.

She explained that she had only been in the country for three months and had come over to be the bride of an older man. Through this conversation she explained the tough circumstances she is in regarding the situation with her husband.

Through this conversation and the sad circumstances, Ann was able to explain the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This lady had never heard it but understood it as it was gently and carefully explained. Over a lengthy conversation lasting over an hour Goh came to understand the Gospel and expressed a desire to have Jesus as her Lord and Saviour that very afternoon.

Praise God for the work He is doing in the hearts of those whom He calls! It was a joyful moment as Ann was jumping up and down with excitement and Goh was overjoyed. It was with much rejoicing the that team finished in prayer and headed off to their homes, praising God for His work in Goh!

Who would have thought that God would bring someone halfway across the world, so that they could hear the Gospel and be saved?


Thursday 23 August 2018

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This afternoon there was another good sized team at sunny bank. It is exciting that a group of local Christians are making the outreach their own, and coming to share Christ's glorious Gospel with their demographic!

This afternoon had some exciting conversations, ones that ended in great rejoicing but also periods of tough slog. At one time, over the course of almost an hour, in an attempt to start twelve different conversations, there were twelve harsh responses. But on the back of this came one of the most glorious conversations.

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks there have been a range of very similar conversations with Muslims. In fact, there have been many more had that haven't even been shared about on the battle logs. This afternoon, a conversation was had with a young man (whose name has been forgotten to the team, but not to God). He was sitting waiting for the bus and by God's providence the bus he and his friend were waiting for didn't stop, so their stay was extended by almost fifteen minutes.

When posed with the question, "What do you think will happen after you die?", he answered by saying, "I am a Muslim". When pushed, "So, what do you think will happen to you when you die?" He answered saying that he hoped God would be merciful and let him into Heaven. Upon this the question was asked, "So what do you think Heaven is?" Sure enough the usual answer was given, a place of reward where good people get to live out their deepest desires.

This was the moment taken to explain sin. It was asked what they thought Satan's temptation was to Adam and Eve. They didn't know. It was explained that Satan's temptation was that Adam and Eve, upon eating the fruit, could be "like" God, determining right and wrong for themselves. Or in other words, living according to their own desires, rather than according to God's will. This seemed to make sense. When asked what the problem was with the Muslim view of Heaven, it was understood. Their view of Heaven was extremely similar to Satan's original temptation. In other words, their place that is supposed to be without sin, was actually a place where there would be endless sin.

It was at this moment when his friend chipped in, "but all our desires will be good." The point was made, and agreed with, that it is our desires that lead us into sin. It is our desire for sexual gratification that leads to pornography, it is a desire to watch a movie for free that leads to piracy. It is a selfish desire that leads to sin. The question was then posed, "When are our desires made good?" 

They had no answer. There was no point in which our desires are redeemed to conformed to God's expectations. This was a big issue. The main engager saw the problem. His friend tried to defend their position, declaring that with freedom will come good intentions. This was quickly debunked by pointing out that the people in this world with the most money and freedom are the people who are above and beyond the most indulgent in their sin.

At this moment, he seemed to really get the point and asked, so what are you proposing? What does Christianity think Heaven is and how are your desires changed? It was explained that Heaven is a place where all of Creation will be worshiping God. Because in Christianity, Heaven isn't a reward for the righteous but a gift for the guilty.

It is a place where desperately wicked and sinful people will be praising and glorifying the gracious and loving Saviour who did everything required for them to be present. It is Heaven because humanities greatest satisfaction is found in intimacy with their Creator, not in abusing His good gifts.

This made sense but he still was unsure how a Christians desires are changed. In God's providence, this was the moment when the bus arrived. From our perspective it seemed as an unfortunate moment BUT God was gracious to this man to let him hear the previous fifteen minutes of truth. Very quickly the Gospel, its offer of hope, forgiveness and regeneration was presented and a tract was given to this young man.

Please praise God for His timing, thanking him that this man was open to His truth and able to understand the destructive flaws and lies and what he currently believed. Please be praying that God would lead him to study the scriptures and find God's promised Christ. 

On the flip side a very similar conversation was had with a man named Christopher. He wasn't a Muslim but had simply adopted the idea that Heaven was a place of pure indulgence in sinful desires and that everyone would end up there after (ironically) being in purgatory until they had been purged of their sin.

Christopher listened to the Gospel but did not hear it. He was adamant, "I hear what you're saying but I just don't want to believe that". Even when pushed, "Are you really going to disagree with the God of this universe and all that He has said?". "Yes".

It was a desperately sad conversation with a man who was defiant in his sin and hated God.

Please be praying that Christopher will not be able to stop thinking about what God has said and desire to know Him.

Another conversation was had with a young man, whose name has also been forgotten. This guy openly admitted that his family was Greek Orthodox but he was pretty sure he was on the road to Hell.

Over the following twenty minutes, God's Holiness, sin, judgement, Hell, Heaven, salvation, repentance and belief were explained but much of this seemed to be misunderstood, even after repeated clarifications. The Gospel seemed to be lost in the mire of attempts to self-justify before God.

Please be praying that this young man would heed the advice to read God's Word (using the simple Bible study technique C.O.M.A) and with that simple technique and the illumination of the Spirit would come to know God's clear message of hope, the Gospel.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! Please be bringing those we spoke to before God in prayer and make sure you spend some time rejoicing in His kindness to us, that we although dead in sin and slaves to Satan, were made alive by His glorious grace!

Thursday 16 August 2018

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This afternoon there were a team of ten out at Sunnybank. At this location, it is easy to split up to either side of the road and so the team were able to cover more ground and have many Gospel conversations over the course of the afternoon.

One exciting conversation was with a young man named Richard. He had some memory of the Gospel from a prior conversation and wasn't opposed to it but his family didn't go to Church and he didn't have a Bible. A short conversation was had with him and he was given a Bible. In the few minutes before his bus arrived he began reading in the Gospel of John.

Another conversation was had with a man named Mitchell. He had been spoken to on a previous week and shared that he had been going back to Church again. This is great news.

Sadly Mitchell can't read very well, so he was encouraged again to download an audio Bible on his phone. He said he will when he gets his internet connected at home.

A final conversation was with a young woman named Cecily. She had gone to Church in the past but had stopped going because it wasn't that interesting. When asked if she was going to Heaven after she died, she said she wasn't sure. This lead into a conversation about what God expects from us.

Cecily found out that God expects humanity to be sinless and that the penalty for our rebellion against Him is Hell. She said this worried her. Then she said, "Isn't God forgiving? Can't He just forgive my sin, if I ask?"

This is a very common line that people use. Many people think that God can simply ignore sin if asked. This is not to say that God isn't forgiving, but rather that God's forgiveness comes on the basis of His wrath being satisfied. The question was posed to Cecily, "How has God satisfied His justice for your sin?"

Cecily said she didn't know. It was explained that God will either satisfy His justice by eternally punishing her in Hell or that it has already been satisfied by Jesus Christ on the cross. It was also explained that all who trust in Jesus are forgiven on the basis of Jesus Christ and His work.

Finally the question was posed to Cecily, "Are you trusting in Jesus Christ? Or are you trusting in yourself?". Cecily responded, "I don't know if I was before, but I think I am now."

Cecily was encouraged to go along to a local Church and to become part of a local body in which she can grow in Christ-likeness.

Please be praying for Richard that he will fall in love with God as he reads His Word. Please be praying for Mitchell that he will start to find life in God's Word rather than just living from Sunday to Sunday. Please be praying for Cecily that she will have a transformed life in which she wants nothing more than to see God glorified through her actions!

Thursday 9 August 2018

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In Sunnybank on Thursday afternoon the team took out three flip charts and were able to use them in having many Gospel conversations. These simple good person tests have been very effective in reaching people who would otherwise have walked on and it allows them to hear the Gospel. If you have the money to spare, you can pick up one from the online store and use it in your local area. (In the near future we aim to release a video that shows how the flip chart is done).

One conversation with the flip chart was had with a muslim woman named Mah. Throughout the lengthy conversation she declared that the god she worshiped was so big and so holy that he didn't really worry about sin. She declared that humanity was designed to sin and that the god she worships is so loving, that he can just forgive sin.

Sadly, Mah may worship a god like this, but this god is the figment of someone's imagination and not the Holy, Righteous and Just God of this universe. It was explained that God's Holiness and Infinite authority and power is the very reason that sin is so bad. It is the stature of God, that makes rebellion against Him such a problem. 

It was explained that true humanity is without sin. We were designed to know God and be intimate with God, on the basis of being sinless image bearers. It was also shared that sin is what makes us unable to approach the Holy God, because sin is finally and fully against Him. Lastly it was stressed that God loves righteousness and goodness, which is why he can not ignore sin. Because he loves righteousness He must hate wickedness.

Mah, was then talked through the glorious Gospel, that God loves the guilty, vile and helpless. She heard that God doesn't come to save, "nice" or "good" people but He comes to save the most broken and wretched of humanity. This is what displays the depths of His love. He isn't just loving those who are easy to love but loves those who least deserve it.

At the end of the conversation Mah proclaimed that she didn't want or need a saviour and was happy to face God on judgement day as she was. It was repeated a final time, that any who stand before God in their own works of "righteousness" will be condemned as guilty and face God's eternal judgement in Hell. Mah said she was happy to risk it.

A second conversation was had with Tommy. This young man, shared that he was an agnostic on the basis of there being no "evidence" of God and that no-one can "prove" God. In response, it was stated that people don't have to "prove" God and neither has God tried to prove Himself. God, simply by doing things that only God can do and by acting according to His nature has revealed Himself. 

It was about this point in the conversation when a "Christian" woman who had overheard the conversation interjected and "apologised" for such behaviour. Telling Tommy that most Christians weren't like this and that she wanted him to have a really good afternoon, rather than to be stuck talking about sin, God's judgement and Hell. The woman finished off by saying, she hope he knew that God loves him.

In response, it was pointed out that, Tommy was about to hear how specifically God had loved him and then be pointed to the only place where he can find forgiveness, hope and lasting satisfaction.

The conversation flowed a little after that but sadly this woman's intention to "help" out this young man displayed that she didn't really know the importance or value of the Gospel for salvation. 

Lastly there was a conversation that was left almost in tears, not by the one hearing the Gospel but, by the Christian sharing it. Young Jordan stopped to engage. He wasn't and atheist, agnostic or of any other religion. He had an American heritage and was in Australia for a short while. 

He thought he was a good guy but came to understand that we have all sinned. He heard of God's judgement and sentence for sin, Hell. He came to understand the depths of what Hell is and why it will be such an awful place to "live" in and why it is called "eternal death".

Jordan understood the call the Gospel made on his life, why God offered this hope to sinners and despite everything said, Jordan did not even bat an eyelid. When asked why, he said it was because he couldn't ever go to Heaven and therefore was going to live however he wanted. It was explained that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross has the ability to save any and all who come in surrender to Him.

Jordan said he understood this and then changed his reason, "I just want to continue to live my own way". With tears in their eyes, the evangelist pleaded with him to not choose Hell, especially when God so freely has offered forgiveness but Jordan was not moved, he remained resolute in his defiance against God.

Please be praying that Mah reads the Gospel of John she was given and comes to understand who Jesus is and why He is the only Saviour. Please pray that Tommy will be able to remember the Gospel from the conversation. Please pray that the "Christian" woman is convicted by the Holy Spirit about her apathy toward the salvation of sinners and the importance of the Gospel. Please come before our gracious and merciful God and plead with him to give Jordan a hatred of sin and a desperation for Jesus.

If you would like to purchase a flip chart to help you share the Gospel in your local area, you can find it here.

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