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Wednesday 29 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 29th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today is within the weeks of School breaks for State and High school. Both Amy and Gary were not available as they had to mind their own kids for quality family time. Actually, Amy and the two kids have gone down to Adelaide to pay tribute and commemorate their Husband/father. A time that needs healing of God with Love and Peace. As a result, only Johnny and Hung were on duty. Both of us had a comparatively busy time though many of them are fruitless approach if not outright rejection. By the grace of God, there were still a few quality conversation especially for Johnny. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1 ) My first outreach was to an Aboriginal Granma and her Granddaughter. They were in a rush and using the bus waiting time to have their lunch. They however still welcome me to talk to them while they are eating. Basically, they are church going but not yet a believer, they could not pay full focus on my sharing, so I settle with wrapping up with the nutshell of the gospel and leave them finish their lunch box before the bus came.

2 ) Then I approach a Korean but he was not interested even though I tried to share just the nutshell of the Gospel.

3 ) Then cam a Local Aussie girl who was friendly and willing to have a chat, yet it was cut short by the quick arrival of her bus.

4 ) I approached a Mainlander Chinese, but he diverted the attention to his friend who is a devoured Buddhism follower. 大陸⋯.推搪, 有信佛專家 I tried to steer his mind to understand that all religion including Buddhism are good but do not address the issue of sin. He was two brain washed to insist that he needs nothing else other than Buddhism.

5 ) Then I caught up with A devout Christina from Solomon Island. He claimed himself a God lover praying all the time to God. But when tested if he has assurance of salvation, he only got 50/50 certainty which was gravely wrong. I had him clarified that it should be 100% as Jesus' redemptive work was 100% sufficient and effective to grant us the long-lost heavenly citizenship the moment we received Christ as our Saviour. He was pleased for this clarification and took a selfie with me.

6 ) Jacob was an ecumenical minded person claiming that all good person of whatever religion can go to heaven by their good deeds. It seemed that he is not fully agreeable even after my clarification.

7 ) Then I caught up with a woman from Mainland China大陸女,she was open to chat though still avoid telling me her name and her home town.還可以聊. Just share the nutshell of Gospel to her before the bus arrived.

8 ) I sat next to a Buddhism lady佛教女,she still refused to admit she is not good enough after her Buddhism education. 聽後還是不 接受

9 ) Two Hong Kong Compatriots, who are church going at UQ, but not yet a believers. They also was from Christian school background from Hong Kong. They anyhow admitted that the gospel is sensible and logical and our status as sinner is a fact though hard to accept. They thanked for my sharing and indicated that they are now more ready to become a Christian by simply accepting Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 22nd, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today, the weather continued to be good. We had four persons turning up to serve at Sunnybank. So, Johnny and Gary teamed up to serve on the East side while Amy and Hung stayed on the West side at the Bus Stop. Again, God gave many meaningful and fruitful divine encounters to us. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung.

1 ) I first approached a Pakistan man who was friendly to chat. He admitted no one is perfect so he accepted that everyone needs Jesus to die and pay for our sin.

2) Faragher looked tired from work but was drawn to the gospel and felt energised by the good news.

3 ) A Local Aussie man bought a pack of wine from the liquor store but he was glad to have a chat and took a tract when the bus arrived.

4 ) Brad with a nose ring but was extraordinarily gentile and receptive to the Gospel. He has catholic schooling background so the gospel is still a new and refreshing message to him.

5 ) A Taiwan mature young man was a willing listener, just able to share him the nutshell of the gospel when his bus arrived.

6 ) I was able to identify with a dating couples from Xian sharing a lot of things about their home town. It opened up the chat box and God inspired to girl to have the wisdom to point out that what China needs now is faith rather than any human measures. She became so emo that she has to left for the private room to calm herself down. After that, I can share more my testimony with her that the ultimate life transforming strength is from God and she appears all agreeable. Pray for God's continuous follow up work.

7 ) Stephanie actually a Christian but did not expose herself and let me lead on sharing the gospel. I guess, she does not fully understand salvation by grace through faith as such she has no idea or certainty that she can go to heaven. After my clarification, she gladly understood now the important of accepting Jesus as our Saviour and keep trusting our Lord to lead a upward lifting Christian walk to let God made us perfect again eventually by the power of the Holy Spirit. The chat last long enough over 15-20 minutes to refresh and correct her incorrect and incomplete understanding about the Christian faith.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 15th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

The temperature climbed up back a bit making it warmer and best for open air outreach. Today, Gary could not come because of Kid’s illness. So Just Johnny, Amy and Hung were available for this regular Wednesday afternoon outreach. Thanks God that all of us had been kept quite busy without much lapse time in between but we still could back each other up and took some valuable pictures for our Battle log journal. Basically, it was a great day that we could have very meaningful chat with some non-believers with rare unique background such as Judaism, Buddhism and Atheism. God also led us to reconnect with people we had one or several chats before to do follow up refreshment sharing. They all worked well together to have achieved the Will and Plan of God for all those approached gospel targets helping them to move one step closer to their eternal faith and salvation. Amy was able also to get personal connection that may lead to coming to join our church service in the near future. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung: -

1 ) For Hung, the first target is Michael a Jewish non-believer scholar, yet very fond of studying the Bible in original Hebrew language. He however was brainwashed with many anti-Christ slogan by the biased attitude of the Judaism Jews against Jesus as the fake messiah. He shared a prom version about Jesus birth that Mary was actually raped by the Roman soldier to then giving birth to Jesus as virgin birth was completely beyond the comprehension of their human knowledge. I drew his attention to Gen 3:15 about the dual mags plan Kingdom and redemption projects, prophesizing that a descendent of woman will kick off the dual project defeating Satan and redeeming all repentant sinners through the incarnation as a perfect human by virgin birth. Mark was fascinated by the early stage prophesy and felt shameful to withdraw his half joking claim that Jesus was born as a baby conceived by Mary by being raped. I moved on to illustrate how the Bible should be read on light of God’s mission handbook by the two temple cleansing accounts. He was overwhelmed by all these new interpretations of Biblical accounts but had to leave with an aroused desire to listen on.

2 ) Then I approached a Vietnamese nurse student but she showed very passive attitude toward the Bible and faith issue though she was still listening not wholeheartedly.

3 ) Julian a Filipino Christian originally of Catholic background but was converted to Protestant Christianity. She was very faithful and pious in seeking biblical truth. Yet she failed the most fundamental on not having full assurance of salvation. With a concise apologetic sharing, she came to her sense that because of the efficacy of Jesus’ work dying for us then we should have 100% of assurance of salvation. She was greatly pleased by this enlightenment and was willing to take selfie with me to show her appreciation.

4 ) I was so glad to have met a Hing Konger Mr HU also a Christian now meeting at Toowong Baptist. 胡道旺,I shared a bit about the Chinese Church history in Brisbane and pray for another divine encounter. 分享教會歷史

5 ) Three Japanese girls that Amy tried to approached but declined by them as they were into a group conversation amongst themselves. I anyhow had a go to interrupted them affirming they were really Japanese as such I greeted them in Japanese. Of course, it helped to remove the social distance between them but it was too late as the bus jsut arrived at this moment. I anyhow handed to one of them the tract.

6 ) A Chinese couples from Shanghai appeared a bits initial reluctance to chat when Amy first approached them. I anyway made a second attempted and was successful to share the gospel to the wife. She claimed she got the tract before and indicate no interest as they are Buddhism followers. I made use of this lead that all religions are good at guiding people to be a good person but failed to address sin. Message was passed on but the lady was interrupted by a friend call and it ended our conversation. 中國夫蹄。上海,拿過單張,再講福音

7 ) Salina an Indian young lady but showed deep interests in listening to the gospel wearing a big smile all the times. She was receptive to the gospel but the bus arrived just when I finished the sharing. Pray for God's own follow up work.

8 ) Sammy was the person that Terresa was moved to lead her into a conversation prayer. Sammy actually recognized me as I had a long chat with her two weeks ago and I have left a deep impression by her reaction to the gospel as well as by her name which is same as a Christian singer. Despite the eagerness of Teresa, she is still not ready to make a firm conversion though she is very close to making the last step of faith but actually just not yet. I assured her that it is right to be prudent in making this important decision of her life time and pray that she will make up her mind without reservation next time we meet. But today, it was a great chat that she missed two times her bus to let our conversation last for a longer time.

9 ) Mark a Malaysian Christian but he disclosed to me very late as such I only shared him the full gospel without checking out his assurance of salvation.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 8th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a hectic day for me but still God had sufficient grace for me to keep my commitment to be His witness at Sunnybank, week in week out. Today, Johnny was not available but God immediately moved and called a Kairos graduate Teresa Yi to join the Sunnybank team for the first time with Gary, Amy and Hung as team partners. Gary chose to went over to the Eastern side of Main Road while Teresa, Amy and Hung stayed on the Western side. Hung took a while to explain the way to present to Good Person tract as well as the underlining policy of Street outreach that Sin must be mentioned and stress but not forcing the audience to make hasty on the spot decision. Both sisters in Christ were very much spirit led that they all had very fruitful chats to first timer listeners or to those ripe for harvest making on the spot decision to accept Jesus out of their free will. Praise and Glory all to be to God. Recap below was my fewer divine encounters as a result of spending considerable time to coach Teresa in the beginning and also later on the issue of Assurance of Salvation.

1) A Proud Chinese man used demanding tone to urge for a quick finish of the Gospel sharing. Perhaps he was right as the Bus came before I can just sparely finish sharing the full gospel.

2) Then Teresa Yi told me she met a Christian and appeared to let this person go without any further sharing of the Gospel. I told her that, for all Christians, it should be good and necessary to conduct a diagnosis on their assurance of Salvation. I took Teresa herself as an target of drilling asking the two questions to her. She was basically on the right tract but still missing the crucial points that a fair dinkum Christian should have 100% assurance of salvation simply because of what Jesus had died and done for us. It is nothing to do with our good deeds, not before our conversion as well as after. If any one showed uncertainty to heaven because they feel they are not yet perfect, then they may have a mixed up on the three-fold salvation of God redemption package. The past deliverance was effective as soon as one repent and show willingness to ask Jesus to be the personal saviour, then all our sins, before and or after conversation should have been completely pardoned. Jesus sacrificial death to take over the eternal dead punishment of our sin alone is 100% effective and sufficient to set our sin count to zero as such we will be given the heavenly citizenship instantly. God will not revoke this free gift of eternal life even if our progress of sanctification is not smooth making many mistakes all along the way. He has promised to make us a new creation of masterpiece or perfect workmanship purely on basis of the work that Jesus had done. God has also further promised to make the work in progress life perfect on day before the new heaven and new earth descends on to the earth after the Millennium reigned by Jesus for 1000 years after the 7 years of tribulation.

3) Lia and Boo a Vietnamese couples listened attentively and appeared very receptive to the Gospel. Not sure if they are Buddhism by faith, but the Holy Spirit seemed to have put all check in their mind, especially the lady that they were agreeable with all the gospel said and saw the need to trust in Jesus for salvation and a sure gift of eternal life.

4) Otto, firstly approached by Teresa but handing him over to me as he is a Hong Konger who claim to be an Atheist believing in no God and no Heaven and Hell. I identified with him first that in rational mind, those things are beyond our human ability to prove for their existence. But if we find out it is true after we die, then there will be no 2nd chance for us to do anything to reverse the situations. So I guide him to put those question mark as aside as an assumption and think along the gospel and the mechanism of God's devised salvation plan. If it is sensible and logical then he should put a lot of deep though in to it. He agreed before the bus came to take him away.

5) Helen, she claimed I had chatted with her before but when I asked her to summarise the message of the track she failed to do so. I thus earn another round of sharing and revision on the reason we need Jesus and how His redemption act worked. She anyway believes in a state after death in eternity, so my revision clicked with her world view and was stressed that all decision to rely on Jesus must be made in this life. She seemed seeing this time critical elements in God's devised salvation plan for us. 己聴,信有來世.強調信耶

6) Sadia a lady from Saudi Arabia. She looks very much westernized as such she appeared very open to gospel message giving very positive response during the conversation.

Wednesday 1 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 25th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today, Gary was caught up with family's matter. So, only Johnny, Amy and Hung were available. The wind had eased down a bit but still there obviously was less people flow and we had to sit and wait for significant part of the time we were on ministry. Nevertheless, God's grace was sufficient for us to have our respective meaningful divine encounter occasion to share Gospel or to clarify faith with Christian who have no assurance of salvation. Recap below is the battle log of Hung.

1 ) Sio, is a Fijian and was a Mormon, but I was almost misled if not cheated that she was a genuine Christian with 100% assurance of faith. She answered all two diagnosis questions perfectly correct, admitting and accepting it is all the credit of Jesus' sacrificial death with full atoning effect. However when I ask with admiration which denomination of Christianity she is affiliated, then she disclosed she is a Mormon. That means the Mormon has evolved to a certain degree more creepy and deceitful  to look like Christianity. Sio even said Mormon now believe in Trinity, but Jesus remain only a latter day of Saint or a lessor god commissioned by the one God head.

I have to pay more attention to detect this new era Mormon in future.

2 ) Bobo, a young man with a Chinese look but actually is from Thailand. He was opened for gospel but my sharing was unfinished thought the nutshell of the gospel and the conclusion was drawn that no one can go to heaven unless one is perfect.

3 ) Jack, a Local Aussie who appeared friendly to stop listening to music but to spend time to chat with me. Thanks God his bus came very late so I almost finished sharing the full gospel.

4 ) A Chinese tall girl but was reluctant to chat possibly because she considered herself a Buddhist followers. I nevertheless still manged to share the nutshell of the gospel and pointing out that all Religion only guide people to be a good person but no religion apart from Christianity address the issue of sins.

5 )Finally I met Lina from Africa who has 100% assurance of faith.

6 ) Then I met Vanessa a Malaysian Christian yet she has no assurance of salvation. Gladly I clarified this misunderstanding with her.

7 ) 潘媂 Pandi is from 彰化 of Taiwan who appeared very opened for the gospel despite she is a Taoist follower 道教. She actually said she has heard the gospel many time in Taiwan and admitted that it is sensible and logical. I asked what held her back from making the last step of faith then she mentioned family tie with Taoist tradtion明白.還未接受. So pray for God's special grace to move her towards this last step of faith.

8 ) Bessy an Indian young lady who was very talkative from an academics thinking point of view. She kept arguing that doing good is not a motive to be able to be qualified for heaven. Anyway, I led her back to the main issue of sin that can only be dealt with the Christian way by the redemptive grace of Jesus dying to take our place to receive punishment of our sins.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 25th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today we have a full team of four at Sunnybank including Johnny, Gary, Amy and Hung. It was for a long long time we needed to split up the team with Johnny serving on the East side of the foot bridge near the Sunnypark side. This explained why we had less picture for Johnny. Praise be to the Lord, the Holy Spirit continued to orchestrate the team work, with one of our team members making the first approach without success or just a short chat but then with a 2nd team member following up with a long and fruitful conversation. In particular, I have at least 3 to four very fruitful chat that the gospel target made explicit promise to make their step of faith either as a new Christian or as a revived Christian to return to God. Amy my new co-worker pastor continued to experience the good work of God allowing her to have many more fruitful gospel conversations that helped to boost her faith and trust in God. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I first caught up with a man carrying a bag with two big signs in side. I joked with him that he should be a good mate with Gary who also like to make big gospel sign for Christ. It wa a pity this ice breaking chat could not lead on to the gospel message, but the man happily took a tract from me as the bus arrived.

2) Sam is a near ABC from the North-Eastern region of China but he came at very young age. 東北大朋友 Yet he was the rare species that can still speaks fluent Mandarin because he has very good communication with his mum at home. He was very impressed by the gospel and eagerly said he will tell his mum to receive Christ. That was the beginning of my fruitful gospel sharing this afternoon.

3) Then a chatted with a Maori lady from Kiwi but also called Australian home like me. She was a very good listener and show good receptiveness to Gospel. It was a pity the bus cam a bit prematurely earlier before I can get her response. But it was obvious that the Spirit was at work in her heart, 

4) Leno a young man from Tonga. After a quick gospel sharing, the Spirit moved me to ask if he is a Christian and he said he was. Then it began a long conversation of discipleship to bring Leno back on the right track to have first a full understanding of Gospel and the correct Christian walk to glorify God. He was completely fired up and was so excited to give me a both thump up even after getting on to the bus. It was good that we took a selfie to let me remember and pray for him whether we will meet again or not.

5) Then I approached an Indian girl who also showed receptiveness to the Gospel.

6) Madonna is an extensively mixed breed person that you cannot tell from her appearance. Her father is with cross breed of Chinese and Indigenous blood while her mother is also with multiple blood of the European countries. She looks anyway a white Australian. God gave me a nice ice breaker that she was carrying at least 10 shopping bags as such I teased her saying she definitely needs not only someone to give her a hand but many hands. We started our chat box and found she does not have any clear faith but was also impressed by the Gospel. She promised to ponder on making her needed step of faith.

7) Then the Spirit led me to approach Sammy a QUT student from Taiwan Taipei. She said someone already chatted with her and given her a tract, but it was only a very brief caht by Amy as Sammy was busy in doing her shopping first. After that, I caught up with her and God had given me another long chat that impressed Sammy to really envy the simple but full life of a Christian. She joyfully promised to consider receiving Christ and happily took a picture with me to leave a memory of our divine encounter for follow up prayer.

8 ) An Aussie middle age man showed no interest to chat but still took a tract.

9) A young lady form Hong Kong initially gave me a cold shoulder when I spoke to her in Mandarin.港女,不喜歡普通話. Once I identify myself as Hong Konger, then she turned soft and have a good chat of the Gospel.

10) Finally a local Aussie old man welcome me for a chat but then the bus came too quick to cut short our conversation. And I also called for the day after that.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 18th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today Johnny was not available but Gary turned up with two of his newly made gospel sign. So together with Amy the three of us teamed up to serve the Lord and support each other. The weather had turned fine. The People flow at the bus stop was quite busy. As usual there were normal rate of rejection. And more or less equal chance for a chat. For me lately, God let me encounter many Christians, today especially, but all of them have problem with assurance of salvation, not sure if they are can be allowed into the heaven. So I spent quite long time for all those Christians to clarify the black spot of their faith. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1) John is from China at young age as such we still switched to communicate in English. He was open and a willing listener except our conversation had to be cut short with the arrival of his bus. I still managed to tell him the facts that no one can go to heaven unless you are perfect. And Jesus alone is that person a perfect man and a perfect God who had died for us to pay for our sin. Pray that the tract will help him to grasp the full message of the Gospel.

2) Next, I chatted with an ABC whose parents were from Hong Kong. He seemed to also have affinity with Hongkongers like his parents as such he was a very willing listener of the gospel with good positive response. He promised to read the tract and ponder about the promise of free gift of eternal life readily on offer by Jesus for anyone who is repentant to accept him as Saviour of their fallen life.

3) Then I approached Elena who had just declined the approach of Gary. Because she is a Christian so she considered she does not need to hear the Gospel. But I still was moved to approach her and amazingly, she found it OK to chat with me. She allowed me to share the full gospel first and revealed she is readily a Christian. Perhaps she just wanted to assure what I preached is the genuine gospel. So, it was my turn to test for here assurance of salvation and not surprisingly she does not have full100% assurance of Salvation. thinking she is not yet good enough as such she only has 60% certainty. I clarified the whole issue to her and she felt appreciated.

4) Sifter is a Malaysia English speaking person. He is also a good audience of the Gospel but a great pity the bus also cut short our conversation.

5) After that, I faced several rejections both by refusing to chat or simply absolute negligence.

6) The Spirit led me to get pass a few people to approach a black old man 0f 85 years old from South Sudan by the name of Allison Dille. He was not there for the bus but simply resting there to watch people walked pass him. We engaged in very long conversation starting from knowing history of his country of origin, his family of protestant Christian origins, and his Christian faith as well as his visions to build up his own country compatriot community and their cultural contextualized Christian Church to preserve their Christian heritage in their own contextual format. After having touched on all these vast topic and life issues, I returned to the basic testing for his assurance of salvation, but unfortunately, the good person mentality still crept in despite he claimed his protestant faith tradition. I nevertheless challenged him to think when did he receive this assurance that he is God's people again and how sure it is. So, he could not but admitted it should be the moment he received Christ. So, I further challenged him if he thought the redemptive work of Jesus is perfectly effective and sufficient to redeem us from bondage of sin. So again, he admitted the work of Jesus was perfect for saving us. So, I just lead him to know the complete salvation plan by God is in three-fold. Being justified by accepting Jesus as Saviour is just the first fold of past deliverance. On this basic, God will build on it to make us perfect by the life transforming power of the Holy Spirit which is the 2nd fold of Current salvation. Then when Jesus comes back for the 2nd time, our body will be renewed back to perfect which is the 3r fold of salvation. Therefore, doubt not that God has given us the free gift of eternal life or the heavenly citizenship before we are yet to be perfected. He thanks me for this exchange of information and was happy to let me take a photo to leave a mark in our life about this divine encounter.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 11th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a rainy and cold day but it could not stop the Sunnybank team to keep our commitment to preach the gospel to people of all nations either in good time or in adverse condition like today. Gary could not join us, not because of the weather but his kids got sick that he could not leave home too long, so instead he did his own outreach nearest to his home. So only Johnny, Amy and Hung came to team up for God. There were less people flow , but because of the incessant rain, people were forced to assemble under the cover of the bus stop as such, all of us still got amble opportunities to get into conversation with some and in the meantime, as usual also rejected by many. But God is sovereign making no mistakes to destine some to be touched and softened to listen to the gospel and letting some remained stone heart with the seed sown for sprouting into life in His time. We just serve faithfully to grasp hold of all the divine appointment God open for us. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung:

1. John a near-ABC who came her at the age of 5-year-old appeared open and willing to engage in conversation though in English. It was the first time he heard about the gospel and showed willingness to pursue God and salvation.

2. Then I approached a fat guy who kept using excuses to avoid a chat with me though not an outright rejection. I anyway still managed to give him a tract and left a message that everyone needs Jesus unless you are perfect.

3. Approached Janet, a Christian lady and tested 100% assurance of salvation.

4. Ken from Taiwan, not really interested in the religious stuff, but I still managed to share with him the nutshell of Gospel.

5. Amy was one of the four students from a private high school. She is of African origin and appeared quite receptive to the Gospel message listening attentively and show appreciation afterwards. Johnny was doing the same thing with the other three girls which I overheard with some ridiculing voice. So I was glad God used me to single out Amy from her other more playful friends.

6. Then approached a Vietnamese Christian man but it was a pity I did not have time to test for his assurance of salvation.

7. I met Mr Chan 陳from Malaysia yet a Cantonese speaking person. 馬來華人廣東話. He once attended church but going no more. I could only manage to keep up with him a friendly relationship to wait for next opportunity as his bus came very soon.

8. Then God led me to meet with a Korean Christian but weirdly he avoided questions for diagnosis about his assurance of salvation. It was a very rare reaction from a born-again Christian that don’t want to share about his faith.

9. Then God led me to chat with Brook yet another professed Christian. She passed the test to show she has 100 % assurance of salvation. Though she works in a bakery, but she involves in many forms of church ministry. I am glad that her perfect understanding of salvation will be an asset of her church for bringing up younger kids to receive Christ finally through the correct teaching of the gospel.

10. Approached Jenny a Vietnamese lady. She was also a willing listener of the Gospel

11. Finally, Johnny referred Mrs Wong to me as she is from Hong Kong黃女士,she claimed she used to attend Hill Song but no more after pandemic,Surprisingly senior people seldom has mature Biblical teaching yet Mrs Wong showed she has 100% of assurance of salvation simply because of the redemptive work of Jesus through dying for our sins. Later, I found out that she is the wife of a senior man that I used to have greeting when we met at Sunnybank. It was good that I finally could confirm that the faith of that couples are pure and correct.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 4th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today, Johnny re-joined the Sunnybank Street outreach together with Gary and Hung. Amy was sick and had to be excused. Sunnybank is still predominantly a Chinese major evangelism field yet still with opportunities to preach the gospel to people of other nations (People Group) So I am extremely impressed for the effort and commitment of Gary joining us at Sunnybank. He has to repeatedly replenish more Chinese Tracts from us. In return, I can always follow up on those gospel targets of Chinese and Asian descendants having been approached by Gary but in Chinese. We thank God for good team work and commitment despite of tough external environment for God’s glory sake.

1. God first led me chat with Shirley an old Aussie lady who also felt threatened and distracted by a Japanese woman who had a mental health weird behaviour display. I anyhow still managed to finish sharing the gospel message though her heart was half carried away. Still trust God might have His follow up work on her.

2. I then approached another Chinese woman who politely declined my approach claiming that she has got the tract before. 中婦己拿 I could not do much as the bus arrived at that time.

3. Then God let me to approach two Chinese girls with one Cantonese speaking from Guangdong 廣東and another from Mandarin speaking province. The Cantonese speaking girl was interested and willing to listen on but I still managed to switch to speaking in Mandarin so that both ladies could listen. The Cantonese speaking Girl appeared very receptive.

4. Then I was led to approach another Chinese lady who speaks good Mandarin by the name of Li李,I was surprised to find out that she was actually an ABC. She admitted that she has heard gospel before 聽過,but she still has some issues yet to be clarified有一些看法覺得有聽進去, God gave me enough time to lead her through the gospel and hopefully she was completely clear this time. So just has to pray for the work of the Spirit to move her to make the last step of faith to receive Christ.

5. I approached another Chinese lady but just had time to give her a tract when her bus came. 中女趕車

6. Then I saw a Nepal man reading a tract from Gary. I waited until he finished reading and tried to follow up on the nutshell of the Gospel. Though he still declared he is a Hindu follower, but he was impressed and attracted to pursue God which is a good sign and he certainly is on the path planned by God for him toward his eventual salvation.

7. Rosy is a very westernized Afghanistan lady having come to Australia for 17 years at the age of 11-year-old. Seemingly she is still not yet a believer, but she was very graceful for my sharing of the full gospel, and promised to ponder the pursuance of God.

8. Then I was led to approach another Chinese lady of Buddhism background. I still managed to throw her the idea of atonement of sin by a Saviour rather than relying on our good deeds to earn out admission to Heaven which is a futile idea.

9. Maria is yet another ABC but could only communicate in English. She declared herself a Christian but was tested without 100% assurance of salvation. She was glad to have this clarified and asked me many other questions how to conduct a Christian life including if she should maintain ore even develop her friend circle with non-believers. Her mum gave her the idea that Christian should avoid making friends with non-believer which of course I do not agree. She was encourage to tune up her life for Christ to involve more in gospel outreach and to settle down in a church as her spiritual home for sustaining growth in spirituality. recommend back to church. Finally she showed her appreciation for our conversation and divine encounter by taking a selfie with me,

10. The last person I approached is a member of ICC by the name of Peggy Liu. I did not have chance to enter into diagnostic questions to test for her understanding of the gospel but trying to build connection through some mutual friends who are member of the ICC Church.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 20th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Praise and thank God we had Gary and Amy re-joining the Sunnybank team after the school holiday to form a three persons team. As usual, Gary set up Gospel sign to draw attention of pedestrians. Amy was good at chatting with young people while Hung mostly with the elderly today although it might not be a pattern. But today's experience led me to ponder the elderly people in the church are less equipped with very insufficient discipleship sort of teaching. They are full of weird thought and wrong teaching of the bible doctrine. The worse is, many of them are not yet saved without a clear understanding of the salvation by grace through faith in Christ and still considered good deeds are all we must care for rather than our mere faith in Christ. One good thing that can cheer us up was that, a group of Indian or middle East face people that Gary had approached at the far end of the bus station. After they finished their chat and walked past me when I was sharing gospel with Debbie, they gave us thumb up and laud praise by saying Hallelujah to the Lord as an affirmation and encouragement of our work for and with God. Recap is the battle log of Hung for today.

1. Mr Yu 余 from Hong Kong 港人 claiming himself and family are all Christians. But what shocked me was that he was proud to declare he does not believe that there is a God and deny the Creation account of the bible claiming it is a result of human ignorant of science and lazily attribute every thing to an unknown God. It really made me lost of word when he still claimed he is a Christian. I actually spent the longest time to try to answer all his self-contradicting theory. For example, he agreed that nothing will come from nothing. Everything must have a cause of its existence by creation. But then he rejects the world is created by God but a simply a kind natural existence happening by itself. He knows that Newton was a scientist but he does not know Newton was also a Theologian. And he rejected to accept the conclusion made by all top scientists including Einstein that when the material world failed to find the first cause of the universe, then it logically proved that the first cause is God who exists by Himself in trinity before time and beyond space. Anyway, I trust God let us chat to help me realize, a large group of nominal Christians are existing in the churches and proper teaching must be addressed to these ignorant group of people.

2. God gave me a break to chat with an easy going Kevin who is Vietnamese possibly of Buddhism background but appeared very open for discussion and showed acceptance of the logicality and rationality of Gospel. He was happy to take a tract to ponder on the issues and Gospel I shared.

3. Then I approached Debbie who said she had chatted with one of us before. I simply asked for permission to refresh her memory of what was shared and what she read from the tract and it proved that Debbie could get a fuller understand of the gospel and was just a last step of faith away from salvation by Christ.

4. The 2nd elderly Christian I chatted with was Mrs Yan 嚴姊妹from the EMP Church. She has no assurance of salvation and kept stressing that she will keep doing good things to earn assurance of salvation. I virtually shared the gospel all over from scratch to her but her mindset still got stuck at the non-biblical Chinese moral teaching of being a good person is the only thing a human can do to earn a ticket to heaven.

5. Tim and girlfriend appeared to be a very good listener of the gospel despite they said they had been approached by Amy. Later on I learned from Amy that they are from Mongolia Republic 外蒙, but not one province of China 內蒙. Actually, they are all Christians but it was a pity I got no time to test for their assurance of salvation.

6. Sharon a local Aussie lady that Amy mistaken as some one who had rejected her before. It actually was somebody else but Sharon was very open and receptive to the gospel message. She took a tract afterward indicating she will consider to accept Jesus.

7. The towards the end, I chatted with one of the Chinese students from 青島,天津,上海,I could identify with him my vast traveling experience in China to earn identification before sharing the gospel. Later I learn from Amy that some of them are already Christians as well.

Battle Log of Gary :

Spoke to another 'Christian' today who thought by being good is the way to heaven.

Alternatively and correctly - we only get to heaven by being forgiven.

The gospel is one of being given the gift of salvation - not working towards it or earning it.

It is only with the knowledge of being saved that out of it we have thankful heart's and will want to obey Him.

BTW. Please pray for this person - that they would truly be saved by Grace alone.

Romans 3:10 'As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one"

**We are deceiving ourselves if we believe that our salvation can be earned by adding to the blood of Christ**


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