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Wednesday 8 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 1st 2023 from 1300-1500

Today I had to do my Bladder Cancer post operation third Biopsy check (1st is 3 months, 2nd is 6 months, and the 3rd is one year). Therefore only Johnny, Qin Hao and Amy Yao were available for the Sunnybank Gospel outreach. Praise be to God, Amy led a man from Shangdong to Christ doing the conversion prayer. He has come to Australia for 20 years and once followed friends to attend church service for several times. He even has a Bible at home. So today, through this divine encounter, God used Amy through the work of the Holy Spirit to move this man to officially accept Jesus as his savior.

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Wednesday 1 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 1st 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God we had three member today namely Johnny Hung and Qin Hao. The last one actually was busy in his BST assignment and exam preparation but still squeeze an hour to team us to serve at Sunnybank. God gave us many divine appointments reaching out to people apparently elected by God. For instance, I caught up with a young girl whom I met 3 three years ago at the MMM annual dinner brought along by Dolly as her home stay mum. After three years study at CItipointe, she is about to graduate. So, our encounter really served as a check point of her faith after a three years study at at Chrisitan School. Pray that all the gospel chats will serve the purpose of God and bear fruit in His time. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) First approach was a Korean Christian lady. But she seemed to be a bit insecure in chatting with stranger lacking of confidence. I test her assurance of salvation which she answered Q1 correctly having 100% of assurance but when asked Q2 about why. She then refused to discuss and left cutting the conversation to an end.

Could not and do not want to answer the Two diagnostic questions

2) Then I turned to a lady from Guangdong who speaks Cantonese. She was surprisingly opened and was attracted to both the gospel sharing realizing the sin and helplessness of all human and yet was happy to hear my testimony how the grace of God saved and healed me from Cancer illnesses. Prause be to God for a softened soul ready to receive Christ.

3) Ahmet having chat ted with Qin Hao, but I was moved to dig deeper into his soul and elaborated the gospel in greater details that I believed has impressed him especially about the issue of sin and how it was addressed by God that is different from all other gods of other religion. Our conversation was cut short when his friend was looking for him to meet nearby. I later went to where he waited for his friends and took a few close shots of him.

4) Then I was led to approach a Filipino Chrisitan who has no assurance of salvation. It was a pity the bus quick arrival robbed me to chance to clarify.

5) Then I caught up with a couple of Indonesian who claimed they are Buddhist. ??????I assert to them that it is good to have faith of any region which after all guide people to be a good persons. But none of them except Christianity address the issue of sins. I even told them there is an antique plague in ancient word which was translated lately showing that even the Budda considered himself not perfect and calling for the need to be saved by a Saviour. They listened with interest and took the tract to learn more about the Chrisitan faith.

6) Then I tried to chat with a lady from HKG who sat beside me. But she showed great resistance to the gospel despise she know I am a Hongkongers. ?????????

7) Then it was a privilege to catch up with Faith who is half PNG and half Aussie. She was delighted to chat and was thankful to me for helping her to establish her assurance of salvation. She showed her appreciation by taking selfie with me.

8 ) Then I caught up with Maria from Colombia who is a Catholic Chrisitan but surprising ly she pass the diagnosis test of assurance of salvation. She also showed great appreciation of our outreach effort.

9) Then I Caught up with an ABC who is open to chat, but the bus arrival cut our conversation short.

10) Finally, God led me to reunited with Julia after a lapse of three years. She was the home stay student of Dolly studying at Citi pointe Chrisitan School though she is still not a Chrisitan. We met at the MMM annua dinner when she first arrived at Brisbane. She was invited by Dolly to join our MMM annual dinner. Actually, it was Julia who recognized me and we had a good chat of the gospel which she admitted it was frequently shared and heard at Citi pointe. For some reason, she is still not moved to surrender her life to Christ. But she also showed great appreciation of our gospel outreach efforts.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday October 25th 2023 from 1300-1500

Hurrah, praise be to the Lord for a great breakthrough of the simply mobilization of the Sherwood Church whole congregation to engage in holistic Great Commission. Their Chief Senior Pastor Samuel Chiu ??? joined us today for the first time. And God blessed him with 5 or more gospel sharing conversations without a single rejection. It must have boost his experience of the presence of God when we work with Him for Gospel Outreach. So we had a very strong team of four, three from Sherwood Church namely, Rev Samuel Chiu, Johnny & Pastor Edwin Qin Hao and Hung. Apart from a handful of people from mainland China, God obviously had prepared the hearts from different cultural group and religion back ground to engage into sincere Gospel sharing conversation. My His Will be done through our humble service of cross-cultural outreach.
Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach first a Vietnamese but of Chinese origin from Chow Zhou ????? who however speaks Cantonese. He was OK to chat but prefer to read the tract himself without listening to me.
2) Then I was led to approach Laisha a tall girl from Tonga who quickly identifies herself as Christian. And she past the Assurance test having 100% assurance of salvation simply because of the grace and work of Jesus. She was happy to notice that she is of the rare and precious minority having perfect understanding of our salvation. And she indicated that all her b & S are like her having a clear understanding of salvation.
3) Then I reunited with the rare Chinese House Church Christian from Liao Ning Shenyang??????????She has orthodox belief and willingness to catch up and fellowship with me.
4) Next I was led to chat with a Sikh follower who has a simple heart and simple faith in a mono God. This is in line with Christianity and Islamic faith. But I pointed out to him that only Christianity address the issue of sin properly. I was moved to turn the chat into an apologetic sharing. He was amazed to find out the flawless nature of the Bible and all big and small revelation.
5)Then I was led to chat with a Mixed Japanese and Aussie , she claims she is an Atheist but still willing to listen to the gospel though only half done when the bus arrived. She was given a tract to see the unfinished story of God.
6) In between, there were intermittent blunt rejection. But it was fine as our outreach activity is of Spiritual Warfare nature that manifests the glory of God.
7) Then I turned to the Chinese mainlander on my left.????She was planning to call her friend to pick her up at the bus stop.?????????. She showed rare politeness and willingness to listen.
8 ) Then Johnny referred a young man Chan from Hong Kong to me.????He has come to Brisbane for 2 years and was student of Griffith. He was open and humble to listen to the full Gospel.
9) A Born again Filipino Christian was happy to have a chat, and I proceeded to test her reassurance of salvation which was failed. But the bus came leaving no time for clarification.
10) Last but not the least, I bumped into a girl from Mongolia  Republic which we use to name as outer Mongolia. She graduated with her husband in FooChau, China and now have come to Australia for Master degree study. Her husband started doing Master of IT at QUT. She is yet to find a Master degree program for her possibly in Sydney. She is currently trying to look for pat time job that do not require high level of English. She appeared open and receptive to the gospel and felt impressed when I said I will pray for her finding part time job as well as fining Jesus. She showed her appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

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1) My first approach to day was with a Mainlander young man. ????He appeared not keen to chat but still let me carry on with my gospel sharing?His answer to all my questions was a mono tone of "Who Cares" ???. I still finish sharing full gospel when his bus came and the Spirit still moved him to take a tract to read. So, it is all the work of God to continue to have his frozen heart to be defrosted.

2) Then I was Rejected by a yet another Mainlander which has become almost the norm.

3) Next was a comfort from God. An UQ student Hu??from Onchin, Onhui?????responsed very positively to my approach with good interest?????Actually, he has good knowledge of many Bible stories and Biblical figure though he claimed he is still a seekers???. He showed great receptiveness to the gospel message I shared. Trust and pray to God to move him a step forwards for the final conviction to receive Christ. I also mentioned Power to Change to him if he needs to have Christian friends to pursue his faith in Christ.

4) Rejected by another Mainlander girl

5) Then, an amazing reunion with Brandon who claimed that today was the ninth time we met since two years ago. His parents are from Hongkong and Guangzhou. My last Battle Log about him was on

May 24, 2023 despite he said he met me two weeks ago which definitely was not right as I was in Taiwan then. He claimed he is still an agnostic despite he understood the full gospel but he still deemed his time to make the last step of faith has not come yet. I promise will keep praying for this last moment for him to come in His time. This time, I asked to take a selfie with him so I could officially and properly remember his face.

6) Then I caught up with Mr Ng? from Shuntak , Guangdong??. He surprisingly was a willing listener of the gospel which possibly was because of the rapport I built with him as our home town was in close neighbourhood.

7) Angus a non-believer or more so a seeker. She showed interest in the sign of Gary when he was packing up to leave earlier. I bumped in to chat with Angus but the bus came at that very moment. But God must have His will to lead me to get connected with Angus.

8 ) Finally I was moved to connect with a disable Indonesian girl who is also an UQ student. She lives in Sunnybank and has to commute to UQ by bus despite being a wheelchairer. I complimented on her steadfast courage to live a life staring down the constrain of her disability. She thus has a very strong mind as such she insisted to let her to share the bottom-line belief of her Islamic faith first., that she believes there is only one God and Mohammad is the last prophet. We touched on the issue of sin and how it must be punished unless there is a perfect person willing to take our place to receive the punishment of our sin. It was a pity her bus came though it took a while for the bus driver to lower the ramp for her to board the bus. She waved me good bye with a smile which showed that our divine encounter was a good one hopefully leaving me a future chance to share again with her.


Wednesday 11 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday October 11th 2023 from 1300-1500

Today only Hung and Amy, the CFC ministry Team were available for the Street outreach at Sunnybank bus stop. All other regular team members were unavailable for personal matters. Despite of our sub quality health condition, we still managed to share with many people with mixed results. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) My first chat was with Beth, a Local Aussie young girl. She is not religious but was still open and receptive enough for the full gospel.

2) Then I was moved to connect with a young Mainlander from Fujian??, who is an UQ student of commerce. He almost appeared open and receptive to the gospel message taking a tract afterward.

3) Then I caught up with a Vietnamese girl. No time for a full gospel, just a brief chat and a tract.

4) Next, I was led to approach a Filippino lady who migrated to Australia in 1986. She is of Catholic background but now attending an Anglican church. Her faith anyhow is still not purely by grace through faith. As such she lacks assurance of salvation but still a good chat to help clarify a number of faith issues for her.

5) Then I caught up with a Mainlander lady ?? who is an UQ student of accounting. Just enough time for the nutshell of the gospel and a tract.

6) Netanyahu, an Indian girl of Sikhism background. They also have the faith of a mono God head and address the issue of sin like Christianity just walked her through the Chrisitan faith and she felt convincing to trust in a Saviour God Jesus to address the issue of our sin. She was thankful for this divine encounter and conversation as such she was happy to take a selfie with me.

7) Then I bumped in a young man from Bhutan but was just enough time for a tract.

8 ) Boris a young man from Sichuan who was 10 year old in 2008 when the Sichuan earthquake took place. He was lucky to survive now meeting me a foreigner who was there in Sichuan to join the disaster relief work. He was thankful for that as such I earned a very long conversation with him on the full gospel message.

Wednesday 27 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Sep 27th, 2023 from 1300-1500

It was a pity Qin Hao could not join us today but we still had Sister Li Su Yi teaming up with Johnny and Rev Hung to do the street outreach at Sunnybank making best use of her 2 weeks School term break holiday. It was a very fruitful and productive journey for Su Yi to have been empowered and equipped for cross cultural evangelism outreach. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) My first approach was to two UQ students from Mainland China. They were indulged in electronic game, but I was able to catch up with one who is from Wuhan where I had visited before. It was a pity they both were indifferent to gospel and refuse the tract when the bus arrived to cut our chat to an end.

2) Next, I chatted with a lady from Singapore ???who was friendly for casual chat. But once changing topic to religious things, she immediately show no interest and was indifferent to the gospel message despite I tried keep sharing it to her. She also declined the offering a tract to her.

3) Then I caught up with a young man from Taipei coming to study Movie Director ?? at Taffe. He claimed himself a Catholic background Chrisitan and understood the doctrine of human are being saved by grace through faith?????. Yet I did not have time to test for his assurance of salvation but he was willing to take a tract.

4) Then I was moved to approach two young kids, namely, 1) Koby a cross breed between Australian father and Chinese mother who has just arrived from Hongkong and 2) Stephen from Nigeria. Both claimed they are Christian and is now studying at Brisbane Chrisitan College. I switched to test for their assurance of salvation which are both just 80%. But they seemed to be Spirit filled person quickly understand through my explanation that they should have 100% assurance of salvation, because it is all by the work of Jesus alone. They were appreciative for my clarification as such they were happy to take a selfie with me to memorize for such divine encounter.5) Then I bumped into a very extraordinary person who was born in Changchun??, and the whole family migrated to Japan and now the son came to study in Griffith University. His upbringing was in an atheist environment in China and also a secularized society in Japan, but still appeared comparatively open than most of the Mainlander. I was able to share to full gospel and he took a tract to follow up reading afterwards.

6) Then I caught up with Ben from Thailand though he looks more like Chinese. Even he is a Buddhism follower but he was relatively open to listen to the gospel and showed good response to the message finding it very rational and logical. His interest was aroused to take a tract to read.

7) Then I was led to meet up with a young man who rejected me upfront with the excuse as a Communist Party member????the Spirit had wonder work through me to turn around his attitude to become at least open up to the full gospel message being expressed in a contextualized way to a Communist. At the end, he even asked for a tract to revise on the message I shared with him.

8 ) Last but not the least, I spent a long time with a couples already migrated to Australia from Guangzhou, China but originally from Taishan. They were in typical atheist mindset as person brought up from Communist background, but at the end, the Spirit seemingly had move them at least the wife to realize our imperfect status as a human being so even we are a good citizen but not a perfect person as demanded by God thus they need to address the issue of sin. Again, the wife too ka tract to signify the message has made impact to their thought about sin.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Sep 20th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God, the Street Outreach team from Sherwood Methodist Church has grown from strength to strength with 3 persons joining including Johnny, then Qin Hao, the Bible College student and pastor reserve joined us 3 months ago and today their sacred music choir pianist Siste Li Su Yi joined us during the school holiday. Both are very gifted evangelist making numerous fruitful gospel chats. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung

1) My first target was a lady migrated to Australia from Shanghai. ????. I was only able to kick off the conversation but no time to share too much before the bus arrived, but she delightfully took a tract?? to read. At least she was open mind to the gospel.

2) Then Qin Hai collaborated with me to approach a group of Filipino of three youngsters. I focused in chatting with the youngest girl. She was receptive and took a tract to revise on what I shared with her.

3) Then I caught up next with a lady from Henan Changzhou????. She is a UQ student and was still open enough to have a chat though she did not take a tract at the end.

4) Then I noticed a Japanese cross breed boy was reading the tract Qin Hao gave him. I waited until he finished reading the tract and chipped in to ask for his understanding and impression of the rationality of the Gospel. He fully get the real meaning of the tract and agree everybody good or bad, are all imperfect as such we all need salvation offered by Jesus. His sister was also pleased to hear the good news of God.

5) Then I turned to an UQ student Mao? from Beijing.?? who majors in IT. He was the first one I can shared the full gospel with his bus still not coming to take him away. He might not be fully open but still was polite enough to listen to the full gospel and took a tract afterwards.

6) Then, I caught up with yet another person from Shanghai ??. She study at Griffith but our conversation was interrupted by a phone call.

7) Then I bumped into two girls one looks like cross breed with Chinese blood but actually is a Japanese and the other a Thailand girl. They listen just in time for the full gospel and delightfully took a tract to revise on the message.

8 ) Then I caught up with a Local Aussie girl. I spent some time for ice breaking talking about fair dinkum. She appreciated for my knowledge input but then I only have time for half of the gospel message when her bus arrived.

9) Next God brought a girl from Shenzhen?? by the name of Ln?who studies at Griffith. She was unwilling, if not reluctant to hear the gospel claiming it was fine she does not need religious message. Nevertheless, I put aside the tract and from friend point of view to share about the common thing we know as a Hongkonger and Great Bay Area residence. It ended up she listened up to the full gospel and became soften, if not receptive to the message about the salvation of Jesus. I was able to establish with her that as an imperfect person, we all need Salvation of Jesus.

10) Then a couple from Shanghai ????, both listened to the gospel one after the other ??? and both showed openness to the message with appreciation.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Sep 13th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Today, again only Johnny and Hung teamed up to serve at Sunnybank while Qin Hao still could not come due to heave assignment work load. Most of the chats were short. But for both of us, we got some long chat which is extraordinary in Sunny bank. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) It took me a while to be sure that God led me to chat with Friday from Sudan despite he is a smoker. Sudan is an Islamic country with 90% are Muslim and 5.7% Christian. Friday is non-religious and is from the Zulu tribes. He told me Johnny had spoken with him before, so with the Gospel message readily heard, he appeared very open and even receptive to the Gospel. He showed good manner stop smoking immediately when I started to chat with him. Basically, he shared my view that the adverse impact of sin is evidenced affecting all aspects of our life. So it is without doubt that all people need to repent and accept Jesus as savior. Hope next time we meet; God may have moved him to make the last step of faith to Christ.

2) Next, I connected with a Mainlander from North Easter Region. Just started and shared the nutshell of gospel and passed him a tract when the bus came ???????

3) Then I approached a Malaysian Chinese ?? from KL who can speak multiple languages so we ended up talking in Cantonese. He is 76 years old but too secularized and opined he is smart enough and do not need Gospel.

4) Then I met a Mainlander Chinese whom Johnny has chatted before and was rejective??. But today, he appeared more opened and was willing to chat but the bus again hinder me to have time for revision of the full gospel.

5) I then was rejected bluntly by a Chines couple. ??????

6) Then I bumped into a Filipino Chinese look young lady. She was pleasant and open for the gospel but I just started and the bus arrival cut my conversation off.

7) Then I caught up with a Mainlander young man from Fuzhou???, he is studying aged care and readily has practicum at aged care home. He is a willing learner but our conversation was cut short by the arriving bus.

8 ) Next is a Korean young men who claimed to be Christian and I was glad to tested him with 100% assurance of salvation.

9) Ryan an Australian born PNG young man. He claimed to be Christian but has a lot of queries on the Bible. This skeptical view of the Bible was caused by his personal viewing of UFO and ET life. I drew his attention back to the Bible and took over 45 minutes to go through all useful verses to affirm the existence of the triune God. I chatted till 1505 as such Johnny left first. Our conversation ended only because of the arrival of Ryan's friends who are Christians and Shannon, one of Ryan's friend was happy I have such a long apologetic conversation with Ryan.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Aug 30th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God that Edwin Qin Hao could rejoin us after his past busy week in completing assignments for his Theological study. It was a pity Pastor Amy Yao could not join us due ad hoc illness of her son. The team of three worked productively reaching to many people with divine guidance of team work to follow up on some of the keen pursuer of faith. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:-

0) Today outreach actually started at the swimming pool with Adrain, a lap swimming mate. I shared a lot of the gospel and my testimony with him lately and he obviously has been moved to identify with the Christian faith more firmly. Another common thing between us is our younger looking appearance despite we are both 71 years old this year. Apart from regular sport to keep fit, my action faith is a major cause accountable for the ageless spirit to keep myself active in serving God. It gives Adrain a very valuable example to follow.

1) First I approached a Han Chinese with look of minor tribe from Henan????, we engaged very well on thing lately happening in his home town???He was opened to chat about religious thing but time was too short due to his bus arrival. He took both Chinese and English tract anyway.

2) Then I Followed up on a lady who was approached by Edwin and received a tract. Since she was still waiting so I reinforced for her the nutshell of the Gospel before her bus really arrived.

3) Then I connected with a Bolivia young man with limited English. I still managed to shared the nutshell of the Gospel and gave him the tract to read.

4) Jesse is an ABC girl not so sure about her family's country of origin though most possibly is still mainland China. Only shared half of the Gospel with an English tract.

5) Then I bumped in a young man Zhang ? from Hangzhou??, he also got a tract from Edwin????but I was moved to reinforce the gospel message to him before the bus arrived.

6) Kue, a rare Vietnamese Christian, who has 100% of assurance of salvation but she could not give clear reason just claiming her assurance is from her personal relationship with God which is not wrong. I anyway articulated the simple reason is that eternal life has been liked a free gift from Jesus not earned and deserved by us. Because of His atoning grace, we are saved by grace through faith to be able to reconcile with God receiving the heavenly citizenship right away the moment we accepted Jesus as our Salvation.

7) Cross cultural girl with blood of UK Germany, France. She comes and goes to have family reunion with other relatives at each other’s home on rotation. She is very open and clever but not time for a chat just passing her the tract.

8 ) Then Johnny referred to me a woman from Guangzhou ?? to have a long chat as we switched back to Cantonese. I shared my testimony of salvation ???? to her that had drawn great interest in her heart to pursuit the best free gift of eternal life.

9) Then I bumped into the girl from Jiangsu, Nanjing ????????for the 3 third time lately. We recognized each other and I still endeavored to revise ??the Christian redemptive grace to her despite she is still hanging on to Buddhism mixing with local religious legend like MaZhou ??an goddess of the Ocean.

10) Then I came across a Vietnamese who did not want to chat but the Spirit moved him to take a tract and look at it right away. It gave me reason to briefly share about the content and purpose of the tract.

11) Then I met two Nepalese girls, who were open to the Gospel. It was a pity the bus cane too quick but they still managed to get a few tracts.

12) Daniel a young man from ?? doing Environmental Science at Nathan Campus of the Griffith university. We clicked because our Hong Konger identity. He is not religious, but he showed good interest to listen to the gospel and agreed that the sin of human, out of selfishness has spoiled and contaminated the natural environment of the earth. So, the need to erase sin and defeat Satan is the same goal of Evangelist and Environmentalists. He was happy to take a selfie with me for possible future catching up.

13) Lastly, I tried to approach a Taiwanese but he was busy in making business call. But he was polite enough to take tract to read in His past time.

Wednesday 23 August 2023

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023 from 1300-1500

Today, team work remained being between Johnny and Hung, all other regular gospel warriors were all not available. We more so thanks God for using us as His unmerited vessel to do His work. Both fo us had amble of chances to have gospel chats with those who were destined and elected by God to engage into conversation with us. Again, good team work was played out in between us referring gospel targets of our more related background to do the sharing. Battle Log of Hung is recap below for reference: -

1) The Mainlander lady I first approached only took a tract but had to leave for an Uber coming to pick her up.

2) An ABC Christian was about to test his assurance of salvation but no more time to do it.

3) A young lady Hou ?, ?? from Shanxi?? Tai Yuan?? is an UQ student doing International Business and Finance. Had a causal chat then hastily shared the nutshell of Gospel before the bus arrived and she too ka tract to read.

4) Then I was led to approach a young lady from Quanzhou???who is studying International Business at Griffith. ???? Again just shared the nutshell of Gospel when her bus arrived.

5) Then I was led to meet another Catholic Christian but he deemed to be relying on work. Made a brief clarification.

6) Sze?, an ex- Catholic Chrisitan??????claimed he has forsaken his original faith. for a reason I was yet to find out. ?????He however understood clearly the mechanism of Salvation.?????Anyway, he took a tract to read. ???

7) Then I caught up with Wong a Hong Konger????but is now living in Sydney??. She came to Brisbane on business?she advised she has no religion???, but was still open for Gospel sharing and took a tract afterwards. ??

8 ) Then I approached a Filipino Christian lady who only has 60 % certainty of salvation. I point out her problem and made her understand she was saved 100 % because of Jesus redemptive work as such she should have 100 $ assurance of salvation.

9) Next, Johnny referred a Cantonese speaking Vietnam Chinese to me??????????He has not heard the Gospel before ????? and was appreciative of the message and is willing to consider to accept Jesus as his Saviour. I took a selfie with him in case I can meet him next time for follow up.

10) Then I was led to approach a man from Spain. Just shared the Nutshell of the gospel to find he is a Catholic Chrisitan, yet no time to test assurance of salvation.

11) Then I caught up next with lady Huang from Keelung???,?????who came here fro English study. She has not heard of the Gospel before????and is willing to pursue this Chrisitan faith.

12) Next I chatted with a lady from Tapei?? Taiwan?she was willing to listen but remained sceptical.

13) I approached another Mainlander girl but she appeared indifferent

14) Finally , I had a long chat with Isa from Colombia of Catholic background. Again, clarified for her the assurance of salvation and took a selfie for future possible follow up.

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