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Wellington Point Team (QLD)

Meets fortnightly 1:30-3pm on Sunday afternoons at Wellington Point Reserve.

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Sunday 23 June 2019

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A brisk day that began with a heart-warming answer "Yes" to our prayer for a team member. From there, the first contacts were not interested at the time but the tracts started to go into the hands of some. Then the chats started with one man stating that he did not believe in hell. Upon being informed his opinion did not change the fact, he left. Later he gave a spray to us as he passed by. The day turned out to be one where teenagers were the most receptive:

     2 guys, Charlie and Alec, now have an understanding that we should pray the Lord to stir them to saving faith:

     Jake, after numerous endeavors, was going to trust Christ today (Let's pray he does and gets discipled);  

     Bray and Elizabeth had a R.C. background and like happened thousands of time during the Reformation, when the truth was proclaimed, she wanted to be set free now while he prevaricated! Pray that the Lord uses her to convince him of his desperate need to receive what God freely gives, Rom. 6:23b;

     Chase stated initially that God gave him a freewill so that he could run his own life.  He finished by receiving a gospel of John to prayerfully read/study. Pray he hears the Good Shepherd speak, Jn.10:16.

 Towards the end of this session, a man from   a part of French Africa accompanied by a nephew from France and 3 other family members came to the jetty and politely received tracts. Some glanced at the flip chart as they passed and they all read their tracts. Later the father was the first one to come back and watch the flip chart being used. He stated that he would like to use such a 'tool' to tell a story (a.k.a. the gospel) to visiting family members.

     God encouraged us at the beginning and at the end and we left rejoicing at the privilege of serving God in this small way. We praise His holy name and give Him the glory "Great things He has done" and continues to do.  

Sunday 9 June 2019

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Our Lord gave us a glorious winter's afternoon to serve Him. There seemed to be more than the usual number of people not wanting to engage with team members. However, our Lord gave us those He wanted to hear something of their desperate need for His salvation:

     - please pray for 2 young teen-aged girls whom Lee-Anne had a chat with. They parted with the declaration that they would respond today. 2 Tim. 2:19. 

     - pray also for a young 'scientist' type who stated that she did more good than Lee-Anne whom she had never met before. Yes she needs a new heart for even if her assertion was true (and it is impossible to please God without faith, Heb. 11:6) God does not mark on a curve, Mt. 5:48, and furthermore, God judges the Christian's works with respect to 'rewards', not salvation.

     - Ryan had a chat with a young guy and girl who had been educated in a Christian school but did not know the gospel. She was receptive but he was too busy judging God by his own standards to be concerned that God 's wrath is on him right now.

     - at the close of our time, Railee and I were special recipients of encouragement from Lamey and Christine. They arre Coptic Christians from Egypt and knew what God in His rich mercy had done to save them from their sins. They were warmed to see fellow Christians declaring the praiseworthy deeds of God. They related how the normal treatment of Christians in Egypt was to be treated as second grade citizens. Then they encouraged us not to stop doing what we were doing because persecution, in some form,  is normal for Christians.

As usual, we left that corner of the mission field rejoicing and praising God. Will you add your praises to ours for as the Scriptures boldly assert: "Worthy are You, our Lord and God... Worthy is the Lamb who was slain...,Rev. 4:11 + 5:12."

Saturday 25 May 2019

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Please pray for

     A., a teenaged lad who was going to commit to Christ today after he admitted it would be foolish to delay;

     Charlotte and Matilda, teenaged girls,  who were likewise keen to commit after Natalie took them through the flip chart.

     M., a Hindu lady who had never heard but gladly received a gospel of John after Railee presented the claims of Christ to her.

     2 young Muslim men who also took a gospel of John each after Lee-Anne told them of the uniqueness of Christ satisfying God's perfect standard of justice.

Ryan had a couple of Hong Kong Chinese to take through God's good news. He had attended a church as a youth. She had another religion. She was challenged with the fact that at death, one goes to heaven or hell; there are no other options. She saw her guilt on hearing some of God's moral law. When she was queried what she thought she needed to do to get to heaven, she said 'live better?' She realized she deserved hell. Hearing the rest, she could answer the checking question to show that she now understood the gospel.

When challenged to the fact that she had to jettison her other religion and rely on Christ alone, she got reticent to keep engaging. So Ryan talked with him who came to understand the message. He said he knew Ryan was alright to listen to as he did not have a 'name tag' , i.e. he had had problems from Mormons before today.

He was encouraged to download a Bible and search the Scriptures. Pray he does and God uses him to witness to his wife once he is converted.

As always 'To God be the glory for He alone is worthy'. We thank you Lord for using us imperfect witnesses in such an exciting and fulfilling way.


Sunday 28 April 2019

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Thanks for your partnership in the gospel through your praying for God to be glorified as His gospel in taken outside the 'safe' domain of the church building. His work reflects His perfect unchanging character and what will the Day of Judgment reveal to those that we have been able to communicate the Way of salvation to?

- Ryan was able to speak to a family of 3 from a Russian church background. Mum knew that Jesus had died for her many sins. Daughter had to be escorted through the gospel a few times until the light dawned that she had not been relying on Christ's perfect atoning life, death and resurrection alone to save her. Like many in the churches she had added her imperfect work into her  (wrong) understanding. Now she has grasped the gospel. She has the challenge,along with her mother, to help their father to grasp the truth and 'love it so as to be saved', cf. 2 Thess. 2:10!

- Lee-Anne & Railee met some breakaways from the L.D.S.  Eventually, the gospel was heard by them.They were challenged to trust the Bible alone as God's revelation, i.e. absolute truth.

There were 3 completed flip chart presentations:

     -Indonesian Presbyterians, Joung, the husband not present. His wife Yohannaa and 12 year old son were referred to a church where the pastor is an Indonesian-speaker.

     - a husband who quickly disengaged while his wife was going to consider her need to trust in Christ alone.

     - Gareth and Sasha who happily engaged and now thinking the gospel over.

God led us to converse with these, and more. He has the last word. He is perfectly righteous. We praise Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one  true God and give all glory to Him.

Sunday 14 April 2019

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Thanks for praying with us that our Lord would bring to fruition the seeds of faith planted today:

- Park was not going to do anything with his new understanding of God's good news because his family members had different views. Harry asked him which was the more important: peace at home and going to hell, or receiving peace with God and being brought into God's family? He got the point. May God stir him to be reconciled to God by trusting in His Son as His Saviour and Lord.

- Lee-Anne and Railee met Rudolph and Catherine who turned out to be Mormons but were sadly trusting in what they did to get to heaven. It seemed that she was understanding the gospel but failed the checking question. He wasn't really listening to anyone but himself. May God grant them spiritual eyes  wide open to grasp the good news and hearts tender to His salvation.

- Fynn had a chat with the Lifeguard who was keen to defend his own life-view. Ask our great God to convict him of his sins and see the uniqueness of Jesus and the need to rely on Him alone for salvation.

- Ryan had a laborious chat with an older couple who heard the whole message as God caused one, then the other to engage in the chat. She spent the last part of the chat saying that she did not want to hear any more but her husband would not disengage. May God remove the blindfold from their eyes that they might see their urgent need of the Saviour.

- I had another lesson in persevering. Fynn started a flip chart chat with a Chinese woman and her 2 small children. She was quite open about her sins. As soon as she heard about Judgment she said that did not believe in a hell. About 8 more of her family approached the jetty and she left with them. Some time later, a young Chinese couple, Sabrina and Kastrel, went through the flip chart with me (Fynn was speaking with the Lifeguard at this time). They concluded that they had never heard the Bible message explained this way before. They took a gospel of John and were going to download a Bible. We parted.

At the close, when Railee and I were walking up the hill to get our car, I saw them coming in company with some of the other family members who had been responsible for giving the mother and 2 children an excuse for leaving without hearing the full message. I told Railee who handed out some Easter tracts to them all and cuddled Sabrina.  They seemed genuinely pleased to see us. May God do want we cannot and save them.

God receives all the glory for increasing our faith even as we show our love for Hom by obeying, in a small way, His GREAT COMMISSION. Holy, holy ,holy is the Lord of hosts - Is. 6. 

Sunday 31 March 2019

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I lost my first attempted report so here is what I can remember!

     Ezra 1:5, Pray that God would use Natalie's challenge to Anne-Marie  to be an active witness to her as yet unconverted husband Simon: to stir up or awaken her spirit to live for Christ. As he had been walking to King Island for his first time, Natalie was able to witness to him and he had been receptive. His wife caught up with them later which was when Natalie could chat to her alone.

     Another first time trekker to King Island was Frank, a Buddhist. He had been wanting to speak with a Christian for quite a while (WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS???). Grace was able to chat freely with him and now we need to plead for his reconciliation to God, please.

    A young duo, Dylan and Ebony plus young child, have heard and been challenged to consider their urgent need for Christ.

    There were 2 rude interruptions to 'flip chart' chats. This is not that usual at Wello Pt. Ask God to keep His servants gospel focussed and compassionate towards the 'wise worldlings' - 1 Cor. 1:21 For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach,to save those who believe.

We thank Him for the privilege of serving Him in this small way. To Him alone be all praise and glory forever.

Sunday 17 March 2019

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What God has purposed before the foundation of the world, He continues today and every day until the last of Jesus sheep are safely home - Jn. 10, 17 + Eph. 1

The Lord kept the rain away until we had finished His work there for this day. At home, a few kms. away, it had been precipitating most of the time we were at Wello Pt.  Here are a few reasons why we think God did so.

     Railee had a 'closing' chat with Cynthia, a Buddhist. Cynthia came to see the difference (1 truth tract). Going through God's standard for mankinds' morality, she concluded, "I am lost" with tears in her eyes. Please pray that she does prayerfully read John's gospel and the Good Shepherd speaks to her.

     Lee-Anne had another 'science' guy, Will. He considered Jesus to be merely a good guy - May God be merciful to him and removes the veil from his eyes and enlightens his understanding as he takes up the challenge and searches the Bible. 

     While Lee-Anne was trying to interest 2 ladies, I was able to take a man, sitting on a bench with a young child, through the gospel. He said it made sense. We were able to conclude the chat well. As I left, the 2 ladies came to take him away. We had not realized that they were together. Another interesting providential event courtesy of He who has unlimited knowledge, wisdom and power.

     Among the other chats, Ryan was able to take 4 lads through the whole message, with their Mum standing back listening carefully. They wanted to continue the chat and Mum joined in. She has expressed an interest in worshipping locally. Please pray that she does, and the lads as well as she has some Mormon teachings in her background.

     Finn had the pick of the 'unreasonable ones' today. The man ranted, "You read a book and you think you know all about the universe". He did not stay to hear the good news.

     Meanwhile, Natalie and Grace had another 'good' walk to King Island; low tide again!

 May God be pleased to use our imperfect efforts, as presented to Him through our Mediator to glorify His holy name. 

Sunday 3 March 2019

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"But when God changes the heart, we are ready to count the cost..." - J. W. Searle, served at M.B.I.

The Lord gave us 4 on the team today. Natalie and Grace walked over to King Island. It seems that people were relaxed and generally willing to take tracts as they meandered over to King Island; it was low tide. Natalie noticed a lady reading the tract and opened up a conversation with her.

She was one more Christian grandmother happy to relay the tract to her 3 grandchildren. She was given 2 more tracts. Pray that the children come to see the 'sinfulness of sin' and how urgently they need to flee to Jesus and abide in Him. 

There was also an atheistic type. Pray that he remembers the gospel message and forsakes his hopeless worldview vis repentance.

Meanwhile on the 'mainland' the other couple were handing out a few tracts. Eventually they were able to chat with 2 students from Colombia; Anna, who later said that no one else in her family was a Christian and Joanna from a Roman Catholic (R.C.) family who later said she did not know the difference between R.C. and Protestants.

Going through the mini flip chart, they confessed to being liars, thieves (downloading music and not paying for it), murderers, blasphemers,  and adulterers.  On the court scene, one said she would be innocent. Why? God is love and forgives. Completing the good news, they could say that it made sense to them. they could answer the question "Why would God let you into heaven?"

When tested on the case where a Christian 'sins' and dies 5 minutes later, would God let that one into heaven, they failed and one said, "We must have to do something".  Further talk on Eph. 2:8-10 and the unique quality of Jesus work ended with them taking multiple tracts, John's gospel and assurance that they would be prayed for. Will you pray for them? They need a good role model to show them how to begin living for God's glory. 

How good is God!!! Glory to His holy Name.

Sunday 17 February 2019

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The Lord's service is always interesting and faith-building. Today we welcomed Grace, a first-timer who wishes to be a chaplain. The Lord gave us a team of 7 today. It is so encouraging to experience the harmony among us and to pray for one another as opportunity arise.

     One man had 'sold himself' a very unusual worldview that he had derived (wrongly) from the Bible. He claimed that the Bible was about the human body. Ryan eventually was able to challenge him via his conscience with God's righteous standard. While he admitted to some sins, he took no notice of them. He had no fear of judgment  saying that God judges no one; we judge ourselves. God can break through even such nonsense as he still 'believes'.

     Earlier, Ryan was able to speak with Josiah and Ben. The former stated that he would receive Jesus today, Jn. 1:12,13. The latter is not ready at this stage.

     A Mormon lady, Keanee, is going to study John's gospel. Lee-Anne took her through the history of Mormonism which she was unfamiliar with.  Also, the uniqueness of the 66 books of the Holy Bible was highlighted in various ways. Please pray that God will speak to her and be gracious to her.

     To God be the glory. All His works declare His perfections. What a privilege to serve Him and that by His enabling grace and loving providences. 

Sunday 3 February 2019

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Here are a few of the treats that our gracious Lord gave to us today.

     Lee-Anne had a long chat with Shaun and his teenaged children. He had been 'to church' so now he has an understanding of how Jesus is our righteousness and has paid the price for His sheeps' too-many-to-count sins - all perfectly  'paid in full' as is evidenced in His resurrection. Shaun received a Bible for one of his children. May the Lord grant them the joy of living in the grace of this wonderful salvation.

     Aldis, a newly arrived Swedish carpentry student was taken through a flip chart summary of the gospel to which he responded that he was a Christian. He struggled with a diagnostic question but he is still  'learning English. He went with an English Bible and a recommendation to a city church at a busy multi intersection.  Pray he attends and is blessed.

     There were 4 J.W.s who engaged in the "Good Person" test. 2 left when they found out it was religious. The other 2 finished but had no understanding. While they freely admitted some sins, they were adamant that they had never lusted. They reckoned they would say "Sorry"  on Judgment Day. Very sad. Such a careless attitude to their sins probably because they have been conditioned to believe that their membership in the Watchtower Society is their guarantee of glory. It is a Unitarian version of the heresy that the Church saves.

     When the last of God's elect is 'home', then will be too late to evangelize.  Join us???

     We thank God for the above and other encounters He arranged for us and we give Him the glory. He alone is worthy!


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