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Wellington Point Team (QLD)

Meets fortnightly 1:30-3pm on Sunday afternoons at Wellington Point Reserve.

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Sunday 17 February 2019

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The Lord's service is always interesting and faith-building. Today we welcomed Grace, a first-timer who wishes to be a chaplain. The Lord gave us a team of 7 today. It is so encouraging to experience the harmony among us and to pray for one another as opportunity arise.

     One man had 'sold himself' a very unusual worldview that he had derived (wrongly) from the Bible. He claimed that the Bible was about the human body. Ryan eventually was able to challenge him via his conscience with God's righteous standard. While he admitted to some sins, he took no notice of them. He had no fear of judgment  saying that God judges no one; we judge ourselves. God can break through even such nonsense as he still 'believes'.

     Earlier, Ryan was able to speak with Josiah and Ben. The former stated that he would receive Jesus today, Jn. 1:12,13. The latter is not ready at this stage.

     A Mormon lady, Keanee, is going to study John's gospel. Lee-Anne took her through the history of Mormonism which she was unfamiliar with.  Also, the uniqueness of the 66 books of the Holy Bible was highlighted in various ways. Please pray that God will speak to her and be gracious to her.

     To God be the glory. All His works declare His perfections. What a privilege to serve Him and that by His enabling grace and loving providences. 

Sunday 3 February 2019

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Here are a few of the treats that our gracious Lord gave to us today.

     Lee-Anne had a long chat with Shaun and his teenaged children. He had been 'to church' so now he has an understanding of how Jesus is our righteousness and has paid the price for His sheeps' too-many-to-count sins - all perfectly  'paid in full' as is evidenced in His resurrection. Shaun received a Bible for one of his children. May the Lord grant them the joy of living in the grace of this wonderful salvation.

     Aldis, a newly arrived Swedish carpentry student was taken through a flip chart summary of the gospel to which he responded that he was a Christian. He struggled with a diagnostic question but he is still  'learning English. He went with an English Bible and a recommendation to a city church at a busy multi intersection.  Pray he attends and is blessed.

     There were 4 J.W.s who engaged in the "Good Person" test. 2 left when they found out it was religious. The other 2 finished but had no understanding. While they freely admitted some sins, they were adamant that they had never lusted. They reckoned they would say "Sorry"  on Judgment Day. Very sad. Such a careless attitude to their sins probably because they have been conditioned to believe that their membership in the Watchtower Society is their guarantee of glory. It is a Unitarian version of the heresy that the Church saves.

     When the last of God's elect is 'home', then will be too late to evangelize.  Join us???

     We thank God for the above and other encounters He arranged for us and we give Him the glory. He alone is worthy!


Sunday 20 January 2019

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At Wellington Point, we enjoyed the Lord's cooling breeze as we conversed with those whom He brought to our notice. 

- pray that our Lord may deal with a lady who has recently 'lost' her son. Fynn was enabled to present the good news to her in a manner that she appreciated.

- Lee-Anne had a thorough conversation with 2 young ladies, Nikita and Monica. They had devised a 'small' god whom they were comfortable with. They are now aware of the God of the Bible; why they can rely on the Bible as God's revelation and the good news that God commands us to 'preach to every one'. May He cause them to remember with thankfulness what they heard and discussed.

- Mark joined us following a challenge from the occasional preacher (Ryan) at the Ormiston C.R.C.  morning service. On his first use of the flip chart, he was able to take a young couple partway through the message. They would not accept the fact that they were answerable to the Creator for their lives, (every thought word and deed)! 

- There were some even more closed, e.g. the lass who was not interested because she was a scientist. The priests of modern religion wear a white lab gown?

- There was Coco and Katherine, ex Myanmar and our Natalie who was on the last short-term mission to Myanmar. They have heard. Ask God to reveal the exclusive nature of the Saviour.

We thank God for the way He enabled us and Mark was welcome and seemed to be 'right at home'. Think of the harmony in glory when we are GLORIFIED.

Let us covenant to keep the team leaving for overseas mission work in our prayers. petitions and praise! Amen. 

Sunday 6 January 2019

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What a change from 2 weeks ago. Then, most people appeared to be thinking of holidays. Today, it seemed to be that people were prepared to listen and engage quite openly. There were a couple of Asian lasses who got the good news from 2 separate teams and were thinking about this new (to them) offer of salvation. They had a Buddhist background. There were 2 Aussie lads, Kyle and Seb who had attended a R.C. educational institution but had no idea on how to get to heaven. By the end of the checking round, they understood God's offer. They parted with the gospel of John and our ongoing prayers. Similarly Johnny and Manny, 2 Sikh men parted with plenty to contemplate and check out.

     There was an extended family of 5 Muslims who politely listened but after engaging for a while, the spokesman said they would stick with what they had been raised with. When they are alone, maybe the Good Shepherd may call one or more?

     Likewise a Hindu family of 4 who never grasped the uniqueness of Jesus, nor the absolute righteousness that God requires but as they were parting stated that they (Hindus) had millions of saviors, so did not need Jesus!

     We need to keep going out for, e.g. Col spoke to a man who had never heard.

As always, there was more but of the work that the Holy Spirit sovereignly does, we can only wait in patient hope. For now, let us pray and give God the glory, 1 Cor. 10:31.

Sunday 23 December 2018

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A day of handing out a few tracts and little interest in doing the "good person' test, and then Lee-Anne met Aria. Please pray for this Mormon lady. She was taken through the law and gospel. The chat also covered some ground in evidences for the Christian Scriptures vs. the paucity of 'backups' for the Book of Mormon. Aria said she would check this matter out. The matter of how revelation is given received was also brought to her notice including the 'angel of light' masquerade, cf. 2 Cor. 11:12-15. May the Lord lead her out of that cult into true saving faith in th real Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for the pleasure of serving Him this year & growing us. What we do we do for His exclusive glory. 

     Enjoy praising God and keep eager for our Lord's return - as promised by God who cannot lie; He is absolute truth and unchangeably so!

Sunday 9 December 2018

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The Lord kept us engaged with the ones He sent our way this day. The first 2 encounters were straightforward flip chart presentations. A lady seemed particularly confronted with the 'elevator scene' and said that she could have left us then. Thankfully she stayed and heard it all  and left very thoughtfully. Troy seemed to be in agreement with it all and was challenged with both 'getting into the wheelbarrow' and 'if he was committing to Christ as his first love, then he would have to give up his girlfriend if she was not a Christian'. He was thankful for the chat as he departed.

There was a long involved chat with Alex and Melady(?). They heard the whole message. They were politely appreciative even at the final challenge "You may not have tomorrow, so act quickly on what you have heard".

David, apparently a 'smart' man, was a 6-24 hour day creationist courtesy of chats that he had with Jonathan Sarfati in the past. Sadly, he had no fear of God and was critical of the way God had treated Him. He made the mistake of ignoring most of God's revelation and remaking God into what he thought God should be like and in this way justify his own stance. "God gives grace to the humble..." 

We thank Him for using us today. As always, to Him alone we ascribe all glory, praise and thanksgiving.

Sunday 25 November 2018

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5 of us in split shifts today with Ryan being the anchor man. It was a glorious day in which to serve our glorious God. Pray for these persons to seriously deal with the gospel now: Today is the day of salvation.

     -Noah, R.C. who had never heard the gospel presented so clearly and was deeply moved

     -Hung, Chinese who said it was all new to him. He was shown the historicity of the Bible account. He was going to consider later, but he was urged to commit today.

     -Josh & Ashley; he started in no man's land and with the aid of some analogies, ended up thankful, She also expressed appreciation of being challenged to trust Christ alone to be reconciled to God.

     -Gustavo, Mexican R.C. heard gospel clearly.

     -Jack had been inoculated against religion and had a long involved chat with Ryan using frequent checking questions to check his understanding. Finally, parted cordially with a tract and a request for him to read the gospels... His friend Christian was getting involved in witnessing to Jack later in the conversation.

Whatever the sovereign Lord does with His gospel is right and always to the praise of His glorious grace.

p.s. Please uphold the health of team members in your prayers.

Sunday 11 November 2018

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We had a team of 2 and another of 4 with 2 large flipcharts. Before we got the charts set up, Lee-Anne & Railee were speaking with a 15 y.o. named Casey. His countenance lit up after he heard of his alienation from God because of personal sin and the gracious redeeming work of Jesus. How selfless is God? The Lord Jesus Christ, the only one in history to have always done the Father's will, and delighted to do so, voluntarily suffered the wrath of God so as to merit a certain salvation for those that He prayed for - Jn. 17. There is no other way to be reconciled to God except what He has ordained - personal repentance and trust in Jesus Christ as one's Saviour and Lord. God knows His own and they are known by fleeing from sin, 2 Tim. 2:19. God Himself keeps each one who receives His gift.

     Have you, reader? Or are you like the Greek Orthodox man we met who does not believe, says the Jews wrote the Old Testament based on Greek mythology, and goes to church because it is something to do!!! Jn. 3:36. 

    What a privilege to serve Him who first loved us! Glory to God in the highest!

Sunday 28 October 2018

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There was a gentle cooling breeze walking down the hill to W.Pt. Once there, it took 2 of us to hold the flip chart as the breeze became a gale. God brought John and his brother Andrew along to do the test. While John engaged, Andrew seemed to withdraw. Maybe his English was limited? While Ryan continued through a detailed presentation of God's good news, John came to understand what the Bible was all about. He may be able to help Andrew. Andrew had been engaged by Lee-Anne and taken from his disinterest through to where he was challenged to consider his need for Christ who alone can save him from from his sins and the eternal consequence of hell. He 'may not have tomorrow'. Please pray for these brothers that they might each submit to Christ Jesus.

M., a Maltese lady whom Railee befriended years ago (when Sue Paine & Glenda were also present),  came and did some of the good person test. Being illiterate and attending an orthodox church, M. would only admit to maybe lying and she maintained that these were not enough to keep her out of heaven. M. has heard the gospel message before and her friends have read our tracts to her but thus far, no angels rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents. May God grant her mercy - somehow!

There were more 'good people' we spoke with, e.g. one man did not acknowledge Adam's fall from grace and was living by the golden rule although he ignored the Bible in favor of Tai Chi meditation....

We thank God for enabling us to tell forth His gospel and give Him all the glory!

Sunday 16 September 2018

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It was another interesting time that the Lord gave us; all glory and praise to Him who loves us and freed us from our sins by His blood. We had one large flip chart in action on the western side and a pair who tried engaging people on conversation as they sat or lay around. There was a long conversation with a Lutheran man who said that he could not keep God's moral law (the 10 commandments) but stated that he did not consider the Bible to be God's word but man's. He proved to be immovable from this erroneous position. When he said that he did not subscribe to 'faith plus works' to become saved, one has to wonder what does he mean? He attends a church but does not read the Scriptures and would not receive a tact. He thinks he has a relationship with Jesus but does not think God will 'let him in'!  Please pray that God will reveal his inconsistencies to him so that he starts to seek the Truth.

     A group of about 12 adults in their 20s seemed eager to do the test and as the test began I could see that they wanted to have a bit of a go at grandfather - praise God! We got as far as the court scene before they had to leave for a swim. However, there were 2 who thanked me and took tracts. {How the Lord has equipped me over the few years I have been learning this style of evangelism)

     Another group of 3 teenaged girls asked if they could do the test. One was atheistic but  entered into the conversation and left with a specialist tract. The other 2 were thankful. (There was a moment that only God could arrange. They were sure that they had never stolen anything. After a brief pause, one confessed that she was wearing her friend's jacket that she had left behind after a visit. At the end of the chat, I suggested that she let her friend know that she had her jacket = restitution or part of the fruit of repentance)

     A mother, Esther, brought her 12? year old son, Noah, to do the test. Obviously they were trying to live with reference to God's moral law. Hopefully by the end, they understood how we need to trust in Jesus perfect work alone to save us from our sins. Then after beginning to repent, we show our love for God by using His grace to live more and more His way. They left thankful.

     Until He returns, may we be found giving Him all the glory as He build His church.  Amen!

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