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Wellington Point Team (QLD)

Meets fortnightly 1:30-3pm on Sunday afternoons at Wellington Point Reserve.

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Sunday 8 December 2019

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Why didn't I think of this: Jesus ascension was necessary to prove that our human nature was now fit to abide in God's presence?? Because T. V. Moore had already published this insight in 1858. Praise God for the insights He gives to various leaders at various times.

     We had a willing team of 6 today. There seemed to be more Buddhists around than usual but none of the contacts seemed to lead to serious questions. Only one couple did the whole flip chart . He reckoned he would get into heaven even though he admitted to lying and lusting. Anyways they heard about the Substitutionary Atonement and know they need to trust the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Others were more open to learning more about God but showed no urgency in the matter. 

     There was M., a R.C. man from Portugal who heard the Good News but seemed to be stuck in self-love and pride about his own goodness. 

     There was D. who had been praying to god and when he parted company, he had a Bible and was excited. 

     There was P., a  Greek Orthodox man, who would only say that at death one is buried. However, after refusing to take anything from Ryan or myself, he freely chatted with Paul as they strolled away for quite some time.

      There was 2 'first-timer' J.W.  young ladies who were well trained in causing confusion but they were challenged enough by the truth presented to them so as to close off the chat with our 2 ladies. 

     Fynn also had a long chat but as always we have to leave all these contacts in God's prayerful keeping.

     It was a wonderful time of teamwork and we give God all the glory knowing that no labor in the Lord is in vain. Yes! We went home rejoicing. 

Sunday 24 November 2019

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Twas a delightful Lord's day afternoon with a breeze wafting across Wellington Point as we embarked on the Lord's mission for a brief time.

     We prayed and left our praying post.

     Lee-Anne and Railee barely made it past the J.W.s 'bad news' stand, when they engaged Samuel, Connor and Jayden. They listened to the law and gospel and interacted in a manner that suggested that they may have had some background 'church' experience. Jayden needed and received a Bible.May our Lord bring His word to bear in their lives that the fruit of righteousness may result.

     Later, a young Indian couple were offered a tract but produced a 'Law tract' that they had received earlier from another team member. They offered to return it but instead were challenged with their own goodness according to God's standard of righteousness. They showed no concern for their sins as their 'god' was different. They were given the court room analogy where the person charged with offenses tries to persuade the judge to let him go if he promises to do better from now on, The judge cannot let him go unpunished as long as his record of guilt stands. They were shown the need for Jesus to be their Substitute as only He is perfect, or absolutely righteous,  and only His death satisfies the demands of God's justice, 2 Cor 5:21.  They kept the tract. May they forsake their false god and receive God's salvation. God help them.

     The latter part of our time was spent talking with 2 of the Maltese ladies we have befriended over the years. They got a bit excited when told they were bad (semi-Pelagian teaching). However we were able to show how they were good but not good enough to get to heaven. Did they hear savingly this time? God knows and He knows that we are unable to change their rebellion against Him 

We give God the glory for He alone is worthy of all praise. Yes! we went home, a bit weary, but rejoicing.

Sunday 10 November 2019

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Pink in "Practical Christianity",p. 160, "Love is the fulfilling {not a substitution for, still less the abnegation} of the Law,."  - on Rom. 13:10 for it inspires its performance."  

     Fynn had a long chat with Z., a young Muslim man. Although Z had some knowledge of Christ's death, he did not seem to progress. Perhaps he did but with his father sitting beside him, it is unlikely that he would have let on.  Regardless of our analysis, God arranged the rendezvous and He has a glorious purpose in everything He does.

     Meanwhile Railee and I handed out tracts but had not one protracted conversation. Still, we took what opportunities came along to plant a seed of doubt in a young atheistic mother's thinking. We also had a little time with a Indo-Fijian Hindu from Labasa, Fiji  where we began our married life a few years ago {But a very short time of married life, if it is possible to compare it with eternity???) This man 'tears up' every time he hears the gospel. He teaches comparative religion in private schools.

     We left rejoicing knowing that God always has His word do His inimitable work. As always, we thank him for the privilege of serving Him - such a privilege - and to Him be all the glory. 


Sunday 27 October 2019

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We welcomed Janet to the team today for our post-hallowe'en witnessing time. Our gracious Lord provided an interesting variety of people to talk to. We remember these particularly at the throne of grace and hope you will supplement our petitions:

     - M. & R., a young couple who were open to hear the whole law and gospel challenge and departed with a N.T. each. May the Father draw them to the Son, Jn. 6:44...

     - S., a Philipino man who needs  a translator to understand the tract and likewise 2 young Chinese men.

     - C. a nominal Hindu who wanted to fulfill his mother's dream. After participating in  the law and gospel conversation, he was challenged to trust Christ alone and forsake Hinduism but he balked at that. May God soften his 'heart'.

      - 2 young Muslim men, H. & G., who were approached separately talked freely  of their beliefs When one of us was asked if we believed in the prophet Muhammad, the negative reply was given. Why? We said that his message disagreed with the preceding prophets. H. took contact details and will research Sura 5 . Pray the conversation continues.

We thank God for all the opportunities He provided for us today. We praise Him for how He builds His Church. We give Him all the glory. We went home rejoicing. 

Sunday 13 October 2019

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Arriving at our prayer spot, we noticed UQ, marine science tents in the lifeguard area. Following prayer the ladies headed there and were:

     - encouraged as they met 2 South African men, C. & P., who were 'on the Lord's side'.  They were invited to and may attend a local reformed congregation which is only 10 minutes from where they are living.

     - moved to compassion by G., an Indian man who was quite content to let them have Jesus but He is not for G. G. said that he had asked God, if he was there, to do some magic to prove it, so he thinks he is okay. G. was pointed to his need to 'test the spirits' to ensure he was not deceived. God does not do magic. Then he heard that we are all sinful and how Christ alone provides an atonement that satisfies God's righteous requirements so that the one trusting Christ alone can be reconciled to God.. Although G. had never read the Bible, when he heard Jn. 14:6, he said that Jesus never said that. Please ask God to deal with him through the "Which one is right' tract or whatever He wills.

Meanwhile, the 3 men at the jetty had various chats with:

     - 2 Iraqi Muslims who were cousins with the same name, R. But they were chatted to individually as we 3 engaged them.

One R. said that he would not trust Mohammed if all the previous prophets  had told different messages. Pray he does distrust Mohammed and receives Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. (He had expressed unwillingness to 'let' someone else pay his sin debt, but changed his attitude after he had been challenged him twice, by different team members, on that point.)

The other R replied to the opening question by saying that  he would  go to hell as he had done many bad things. He listened to the gospel but was not that clear in answering the checking questions. They have both been encouraged to attend a Bible church near where they live. Pray they will go and hear the voice of God speak to them individually.

There is always more happening than can be told, so thank you for praying. Please keep doing so. For our part, we will keep going out as He enables us and to Him alone be glory and praise. He also enables us to go home rejoicing. How beautiful He is and unchangeably so.

Sunday 29 September 2019

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Arthur Pink in the 1974 p/back "Practical Christianity", p.32 gives us food for thought, "...only by the blood of Jesus we can be saved. That is true Godward, but it is not true manwards. The work of the Spirit in us is equally essential as the work of Christ for us." - Titus 3:5

     It was another interesting time of serving our Lord. As we gathered for prayer, it was preceded by a display of carpark road rage where we observed man's fallen nature in a pathetic public rant and rave session. Thankfully, the 'accused' did not reciprocate and it eventually fizzled out. Once we got going, the Lord gave us:

     - a long chat with an older Irish Roman Catholic man  who could not listen because he had his own version including this: If he got to heaven and saw someone there he had a grudge against , he could not forgive them.He heard the good news.  

      - 3 young lads who heard the gospel for the first time. One was more open than the other two were.

     - Sisters R. & M, church-goers.who were weary of trying but failing to live the Christian life. Their faith was on a dodgy foundation and they were getting nowhere. They left rejoicing as they grasped God's gracious gift of salvation. May God get them discipled now so they can grow to maturity of faith.

     - T. a young lad who came asking what the flip chart was all about. He seemed to 'get the message' but then revealed in further conversation, that he had not. Ryan had another 3 to 5  reviews with him before he seemed to grasped it. He had not any concrete concept of God to begin with. Please pray that he God will speak to him savingly as he reads John's gospel. 

These last two chats were our last for the afternoon. But regardless of what we might think, we went to be used of God whose work always reflects His glorious nature. So we give thanks for the privilege and pleasure of serving Him in this way, 1 Jn. 5:3.

We give Him all the glory and we (you probably guessed it) went on our way rejoicing.

Sunday 15 September 2019

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A great day for the 4 of us to serve the Lord as He keeps on building His church according to His perfect plan and by His immeasurably great power.

There seemed to be little interest in the gospel but the Holy Spirit showed us how what may seem to be a wasted chat has a tantalizing conclusion. Railee handed a comic tract to an older couple who sat down on the bench near to us. The lady started reading it to her husband. When he admitted to stealing, half those on the jetty would have heard. While they continued going through the tract, Railee tried to give a tract to an old man who loudly rejected it saying, "I don't believe in myths." Railee replied, "Neither do I". He started presenting his reasons for refusing with a very loud voice. Normally, we would let such a person drift off. However, I felt like I should enter the conversation. e.g. he said that the god of the bible was like Buddha and Zeus. I asked him if Zeus had died for his sins but he thought my question was ridiculous.

Amazingly I pursued the chat until he said that the Bible was full of mistakes. In response to my challenge to name one, He quoted Mt. 12:30 accurately. Then he added this comment, "I cannot accept that as it excludes too many people." He left. I casually commented to the first couple who were also leaving, "I used to be like him until I was 36 years old then God opened my eyes and now I praise Him." The man passed without comment but the lady whispered to me as she passed by, "That was very interesting." Railee was praying as I was talking. 

- Meanwhile, Lee-Anne had some productive chats; 2 couples need our prayers to receive God's gift of salvation.

- Fynn had a long chat with a young girl he had talked to previously at Woodridge - she claims to be god. Pray that God would deal with her in her folly.

- Another couple engaged well with the flip chart presentation and could give a credible response to the checking question. Revealings that they were R.C. background, we were able to give C. & A. some reasons why the Bible alone has the right message.

You guessed it. We went home rejoicing and continue to give God all the glory.

Sunday 1 September 2019

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This team featured a Father's Day special today, a.k.a., sharing His message of how a sinner can be reconciled to God the Father who with the Son and the Holy Spirit is the one true God. One of our petitions for this aspect of gospel ministry is that our gracious God would grant us opportunities to converse with those He wishes to be spoken to at this time. Among the results that we ask prayer for are:

     - 2 separate Asian couples who now have heard God's good news and are considering how to respond;

     - 3 teenagers one of whom seemed indifferent after hearing, another who had never heard who seemed interested and one who had needed to hear so his thinking could be conformed to God's revelation, i.e. the Bible;

     - a grandma, her son and his daughter who had some Biblical background. He grasped the great truth in Rom. 4. May he keep on speaking to his Mum who needed to understand this and that he will teach others in the family unit;

     - Jaime, who was invited to do the Good Person test as she walked by and declined but said that she was coming back. I was surprised when she returned and was ready to do it. We got through the test then Ryan came to help with the checking questions. She seemed to grasp it on the 3rd or 4th check. She said that this would be good for her children who were fishing with their father out on the jetty. She was encouraged to attend a local church that Ryan recommended and to read her Bible Jaime left with a gospel of John with some tracts inside it.

     - the ones who passed by and scurried away when they saw the 'down escalator'. 

     - the other chats we had, the tracts handed out and whatever else the Lord was doing that we are unaware of.

You guessed it: we went home rejoicing and thanking God for this opportunity to glorify Him alone.

Sunday 18 August 2019

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What a glorious day our Lord  gave to us  in which we were enabled by Him to show something of our love for Him - 1 Jn. 5:3. How much more glorious will the recreation be, especially when we see Him as He is? -  1 Jn. 3:2

     Ryan and Fynn manned the jetty while Railee and I did a tour around the point. We met a young family, Jesse and Christine and their first child, one gorgeous little bundle of joy. They showed some understanding of why God could forgive them but were not familiar with the imputed righteousness of Christ. How can so many protestant churches not teach the basic fact of how Jesus saves His people from their sins? - Mt. 1:21 How can anyone be truly assured if they do not realize the completeness of the Lord Jesus Christ's finished work. 

     We conversed with June but after 10 minutes or so, we had not apparently communicated. Her Watchtower training had her well and truly bamboozled. Please pray for her as she is very religious having journeyed through the Baptists, Mormons, etc., but her professed saviour is only a created being who has not the capacity to satisfy  the infinitely holy God.

     Meanwhile, among others, Ryan engaged a mature aged couple; the wife had been told that she had about 5 years of life ahead of her (barring a fatal accident or?). They both initially had been depending in their goodness to get into heaven. After hearing the bad and then the good news, she remained apparently unmoved while he said that he must consider God's message.

    There was also a mature aged man who was going to heaven and jovially announced that he was perfect.  After hearing God's Word, He came to state that he would have to go over these matters with a Christian friend. Pray he does. (I had thought that Ryan could not 'get through' to this man, but God showed me again how wrong I often am. The night sermon was based on 1 Sam. 16:7 - ouch! Time to repent again.)

     Meanwhile, Fynn was approached by 2 young ladies, Ellie and Rita. One could give a biblical reason for the hope of glory that she had. After further conversations, they expressed interested in our Sunday night training in King George square.

     As always, we went home rejoicing and praying that God would be pleased to use His word, particularly with regard to the tracts we handed out with little comment. To Him alone be the glory as He keeps on drawing His elect to His Son who welcomes all who come to Him - Jn. 6:37,44.


Sunday 4 August 2019

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God gave us a team of 5 'on the ground' and He knows how many were praying for His kingdom to come? It comes progressively as each one of His sheep hear His voice. The Good Shepherd of Ezek. 34 and John 10 calls his name and he hears His voice and comes under the sound of His gospel and into the everlasting kingdom. When the last one is secure in the one flock, Jn 10:16, then the 'everlasting hallelujah chorus' will be fully revealed. I can hardly wait. And you?

     In the meantime, we had our usual chats with all sorts of people and pray that God does as He sovereignly desires.

- there was a young couple,  Sebastian and Elisa. He engaged through it all but she, being a good Roman Catholic, chose to pick up her book and read it.  He seemed to regard  'religion' as a crutch and asked for Lee-Anne's testimony a few times. So he said that he would check out the message but was more concerned with being 'happy now'. He needs to become aware of his great need for forgiveness. 

- 2 older men, John and Eddy, were very individualistic in their responses to the gospel. This was very evident in a long chat with them. John was not serious about his sins; he seemed to treat his confessed transgressions as a joke. Eddy  stated that he would try to study the reformed doctrine of salvation.

- a Sikh man came to understand the gospel but was not ready to do anything at present.

- 2 teens, Tim ( and Sam who listened only) had not heard of God's moral law and had never thought about what comes after this life. After a brief overview of what others think happens {and the errors of each opinion}, the gospel was presented after an excursion into Gen. 1-3 to explain why the world is like it is. They were polite but were not willing to accept a gospel of John.

Now I can finish this report after a hiatus of several hours because I managed to disable the keyboard and had to wait for Rod to come home and fix it)

There is more but we can thank God for each one He gave us an opportunity with today and we thank Him for His gracious enabling of each one of us. We thank him for one another in the Lord and for His certain promise of heavenly bliss when His covenant reaches its goal in time and  then we shall rejoice in knowing the riches of His redemption in that He will be our God and we shall be His people basking in the warmth of His presence forevermore. Praise Him indeed our God of multifaceted grace, 1 Peter 5:10.

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