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Gold Coast Team (QLD)

Meets 7:15-10pm Friday nights at Surfers Paradise on Cavill Avenue.

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Friday 10 May 2019

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As this Friday's outreach rolls around you can look back and be encouraged from last week's outreach.

Hear Ryan share about a conversation he had with a mother and daughter in which they both came to comprehend that we cannot be saved by good works but only by trusting in Christ's death on the cross to pay for sin.

Then be challenged as Matt talks about the essential nature of keeping justification by faith alone at the centre of a gospel conversation until it is understood because if you veer off too early before they have understood it, they will be arguing against you thinking that you're saying, "Be a good person to get to Heaven".

Then hear about a conversation he had with two Catholics, Ryan and Vance and how they came to comprehend the gospel of Jesus Christ and said that this day they would consider counting the cost of trusting in Jesus!

Next time you're sharing the gospel be wary to not get distracted by other apologetic questions until the core of the gospel is understood! 

Why not join us tonight, we'll be in Cavill Mall (Surfers Paradise) from 7:15-10pm tonight.

Friday 3 May 2019

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As the team headed out to Cavill Avenue there was a large stage and band set up blaring music through the mall, meaning the outreach was a little harder than normal. The team had to speak louder to be heard and this meant it was harder to start conversations.

God is good though and enabled many conversations to take place. The team of eight were able to have over thirty five conversations between them.

You can hear Ben encouraging you that even though it was hard going tonight, you should consider coming out some time!

Also hear from Matt sharing about a funny introduction with Connor followed by a saddening conversation with Aaron. These conversations are sad because the gospel is such good news that it is foolish to reject it but many people will trade almost anything for Christ. 

Please be praying for those who heard the gospel that God would use these conversations to bring about their salvation and His glory!

Friday 26 April 2019

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On Friday at the Gold Coast the team as usual headed out to declare God's glory and offer of forgiveness to the nations. But not always does this happen. For some on the team the evening was filled with great conversations, many people hearing and responding positively but for others it was a long hard outreach trying to find someone who was willing to hear.

The evening started with a man who declared that he wasn't sinful and very quickly was shown that was a lie through the law of God. He also declared that God would never punish people and that Hell doesn't exist. He made a point of declaring that he knew God intimately and would definitely be in Heaven and had been saved by Jesus but when asked what Jesus had saved him from he said, "Nothing". Which he was then asked, "So why did you need to be saved?"

It turns out he had been influenced by JW's and had believed much of what they taught and sadly had the pride to declare that he knew everything about God. He was unwilling to read the Bible and ultimately did not want to to hear what God had done to save sinners. He ended up marching off declaring, "You can't tell people that they are on their way to Hell, I could have you arrested right now!"

Next was a conversation with an unbelievably proud man. The other team member that spoke with him was exceedingly patient. This man who declare loudly and forcefully things that he was sure of only to inaccurately represent the truth on almost every occasion. He began by declaring that there is no God and had no great reason for it other than the fact that he didn't want there to be a God. He was asked some questions on that before being asked, "Do you think you're a good person?" to which he declared, "Yes, I am". Then he went on to declare that he was not only good by human standards, by this worlds standards but he declared that he knew if God existed he should let him into Heaven and oppositely if God was to judge him and send him to Hell, "F Him".

This man was unapologetically arrogant. This was gently but directly pointed out late in the conversation. He was shown that his problem wasn't really the evidence around God but from the things he was saying, he had a serious problem with God. He wanted to be in charge and because God exists he couldn't be, so he had done everything in his power to try and convince himself that he really was allowed to live however he wanted. He too left, despite best efforts before he could hear the gospel.

Next came Shane and his son, who followed suit. Their guilt was shown by God's law and they were left guilty but they tried everything they could to avoid God's justice by back flipping between declaring that they weren't that bad or that God doesn't exist.

This pattern followed the rest of the evening, for another thirteen people. The night was filled with seventeen people who heard God's law, saw the guilt and when they realised what they deserved was Hell, didn't want to know the solution but as quick as possible seemed to "run" away. It was almost unbelievable that so many were in the same boat.

Thankfully, even on a night this one, God is in control and His word does not return void! May God use the guilt revealed by His law to bring these people to trust in Him alone, finding a full and free pardon from their sin in Christ!

Friday 19 April 2019

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On Good Friday the team, rejoicing in the gospel, took the opportunity to have an extended outreach on the Gold Coast. Instead of the usual three hours, it lasted over six!

During this time, many heard the gospel and God graciously drew some to Himself! 

You can hear Jack share about the afternoon generally and an exciting conversation he had with a Chilean lady.

You can hear Matt rejoicing in a conversation he had with a young man named James, who came to understand the gospel!

And take some encouragement from Fynn as he shares a simple explanation as to why doing good deeds will not take away the history of one's sin!

Friday 5 April 2019

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On Friday evening at the Gold Coast the team was again over ten members! Praise God for regularly raising up labourers so that those at these locations can be reached with the gospel! When will you start coming out?

An straight forward conversation took place with two ladies. They at first said that there didn't know if there was a God, they saw the reason why they know He exists. They were then taken through God's law and standards and shown why they are in trouble by God's standard. They saw the position they were in and were then shown God's offer of forgiveness, paid for by Christ. They understood the gospel, were able to repeat it back and were challenged to consider when they would trust in Christ.

Another conversation was with a named Jack who said there as no God. He didn't give a reason just didn't want there to be one. He was shown why he knows God exists and was shown his predicament via God's law. He didn't really have any arguments against these points other than to try and say that they aren't true. Sadly his girlfriend called him away. He was left with the lingering reality that if he was to face God on judgement day without the sacrifice of Christ he was going to be sent to Hell.

A really sad conversation took place with Jacob, a man who was exceedingly proud. He declared that he was very much like Jesus in many ways and was angry at being shown God's law and his sin. He didn't want a saviour and he didn't want the Gospel because all he wanted to do was to tell the team how good of a person he is. Sadly the Gospel wasn't shared as Jacob had no interest in acknowledging that he was guilty. Finally he started trying to find reasons to get angry and then stormed off in a huff.

Lastly a conversation was had with Andrew and Staril. These two guys were similar, Andrew said he was good enough to get to Heaven, Staril said that he knew there was no God but if there was he was going to Hell. As with each conversation the law was used to display sin, to which these guys tried to downplay their guilt and then the building builder analogy was used, showing that they do know there is a God, they're just suppressing that truth in unrighteousness. These men went on and flip-flopped between the two, either saying they weren't that bad or that there was no God.

They came to hear and understand the Gospel and were challenged to trust in Christ and were left with the reality that to reject Christ is to choose Hell eternally. Sadly these men were more interested in going partying than trusting in Christ and therefore they left to dig a well that could satisfy their desires, all the while leaving a conversation where they were hearing about the one who has streams of living water.

Please be praying for these conversations that God would draw those who are His unto Himself, that they may come to know Him! Please be praying that God would be softening the hearts of those who the team will speak to this evening! Please also consider coming on out sometime, that God may use you, to glorify Himself and save sinners!

Friday 29 March 2019

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On Friday night there was a team of twelve out meaning that the Gospel was shared with many people over the course of the night. There was some time spent preaching with the amplification and many one to one conversations also took place.

Hear Terry, a relatively new Christian sharing about a conversation he had and the joys of coming to the street to share the Gospel. You could even heed his encouragment to come out sometime!

Hear Leandre share about a Gospel conversation she had with a Chilean lady who asked many good questions and shared much about her life and even wanted to take contact details so she could continue to speak later.

Please be praying that God would use these conversations and the others that took place to bring many into His kingdom and to bring glory to His name!

May you prayerfully consider coming on out sometime and joining the team in proclaiming to this world of lost sinners what God has done to save people like us!

Friday 22 March 2019

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On Friday night there was a team of nine out and many people had the privilege of hearing the Gospel! God used feeble men and women as His messengers to the nations and He can use you too!

Hear Harry share about a conversation he had with a German man that ended up lasting two hours! He answered many questions, challenged him on many points and even tagged team with another member to continue to conversation.

You can even hear what the man came back and said after the conversation finished!

You can also hear Matt share an encouragement for you to come on out. There are always more people that can hear the Gospel, so there will always be a need for more labourers!

Don't fear, there a many seasoned evangelists on the team, that whilst not perfect will happily assist you in learning good tips and tricks in sharing your faith!

Why not join the team tonight?

Friday 15 March 2019

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The team at first were worried that there wouldn't be enough people to speak with for the outreach but thankfully that was not the case, in fact there were plenty of conversations for the six team members over the course of the evening!

You can hear Matt share about a conversation he had with two young men who intellectually understood the Gospel very quickly and were challenged to count the cost of following Christ that very night.

You can also hear Trevor share about a conversation he had with a young man which ended similarly. He also turns it on you, encouraging you to consider coming out with the team when you have a spare evening.

Friday 8 March 2019

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The evening at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast started as normal, team prayer and then splitting up to seek out people who were willing to hear the Gospel. For some of the team the night went smoothly with conversation after conversation getting to tell many people about who the Christ is and what He has done! But for others it was hard going with many moments of rejection.

This was the case for eight conversations in a row last night. There was a man, Chris, who was taking drugs as the conversation progressed and after a few minutes he couldn't even really respond or comprehend to continue the discussion. Next two guys were approached and they first said that they didn't care what would happen after they died. They were then joined by two friends who actually seemed interested in talking. Sadly the original two "levered" them away from the conversation and the group were left to consider the absolute seriousness of eternity.

Next was an older gentleman who said his body would be taken by the worms and when challenged about his soul said he would probably go to Hell and said that would be okay because it wasn't going to happen for a while.

Then two couples in a row brushed off the questions saying they were in too much of a hurry to talk. They were both challenged with the seriousness that eternity is the most important topic to consider. When one leaves this world, they don't take their family, friends, house, care, job, savings or pets with them, they leave alone. So the most important question to answer is, "Where will God be sending you, Heaven or Hell?"

The next three all answered the question, "Will God send you to Heaven or Hell after you die?" with the answer, "I don't believe in that" and kept walking.

But then after a long time of short conversations Catlan was asked the same question and began by saying, "Heaven because I look out for other people". Catlan was actually ditched by his girlfriend who walked on but remained for a while to chat. On the basis of his profession of "worthiness" and "goodness" he was shown God's law and was absolutely gobsmacked but he was honest. He said, "I never realised that was God's standard" and honestly answered each different part of the law acknowledging his guilt.

This hit home he said I have misunderstood God all this time, "I just thought it was about trying to live a good life". He saw the desperate position his was in and seemed moved. Sadly as the Gospel was about to be presented his girlfriend called him and he said he would have to head off now. He was grateful for the conversation, took a tract and said he was keen to know more. Please be praying that Catlan's girlfriend will not be able to stop him from hearing the Gospel and that God may do whatever it takes to lead him to a saving knowledge of the truth.

Another conversation was with Michael. He and two others were stopped and the others were Christians. Michael did most of the talking and originally was relatively hostile. Then as he heard the law and the Gospel something just clicked. A drastic change occurred where he wasn't against the message but actively was interested to the point that he requested a Bible! Praise God for his gracious work in the hearts of men!

The final conversation of the evening was with Theo and Natalie. Theo did most of the talking and he was filled with questions. Over the course of a thirty minute discussion he came to understand a large portion of Christianity and how it was the polar opposite to the rest of the religions in this world when it comes to how one gets right before God and the goal of our lives. Theo said he had never heard anything like this before and came to understand the Gospel.

He was actually quite surprised at the beauty of Christianity and was encouraged to study more and actually start reading a Bible for himself!

Praise God that despite some hard hearts he draws people unto Himself in His timing! Please be praying for those spoken to, those who responded positively or negatively that God would use these conversations, questions or tracts to draw His sheep unto Himself!

Friday 1 March 2019

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As the team headed to the Gold Coast last night rain was threatening but thankfully there were only a few short showers throughout the night. The team of six were able to engage in over thirty Gospel conversations throughout the night!

You can hear Ben explain how the night went and share a short encouragement for you to consider coming out with the team!

You can hear David share specifically about a chat he had with a group of late teens and how they heard the law and the Gospel.

You can also hear Fynn, give a summary and encouragement from the conversations he had.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel and ask God to give you boldness and time to be able to share His Gospel!

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