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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 19, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

This was our official resuming of street evangelism after a New Year rest as well as the interruption by the new out break of Covid-19. It was a very hot afternoon. Johnny and I nevertheless march on to the street with mask on as Brisbane people have now mostly get used to wear mask all the time. People either did not stop to chat under the sun, or preferred to stay under the shade behind the narrow space of the bus station. Despite of all these constraint if not obstacles, both Johnny and I got almost non-stop opportunity to share the Gospel though most of them were between 5 to 10 minutes because of the frequent bus arrival. Recap below were my gospel sharing conversations: -

1) Ishmael 以實馬利,an UQ student from Malaysia 馬來西亞, he is Muslim by birth. He was quire opened to the gospel and find it very sensible and logical. I appeal to him to keep an opened mind to let the Holy Spirit to work in His heart.

2) Marissa, the daughter of sea, is a Tri-care worker from Philippine. She is a committed Christian and passed the test of assurance of salvation having 100% certainty. Although she could not articulate clearly the reason of her full assurance is because of the work of Jesus alone but none of our credit. She could quickly grasp the explanation of God's three fold salvation that are assured of our heavenly identity upon accepting Jesus as our savoir and our Lord of life. But our life is still imperfect and subject to transformation by God through the work of the Holy Spirit. And God has given us His 2nd assurance that He will make us perfect by completing the work on our life. We bid farewell with joy in both of our hearts.

3) Catching up with Allen again. We met several weeks ago and he appreciate our commitment for God. He shared a bit about his ministry with a Social care ministry group based in south bank looking after the homeless and poor families.

4) Then I caught up with a young man from Bangladesh. He is of Hindu background but again appeared very opened to the gospel. Like Ishmael, he found no reason to reject the offer of free gift of eternal life by Christ. I could only leave it to the Holy Spirit to follow up with his final conversion to Christ.

5) A Korean girl Kim Suk but not yet a Christian despite 75% of Koreans have now become Christian. It was a pity the bus came too quick but seed of Gospel was sown, in His time.

6) Finally I met up with a Singaporean by the name Eugene. He listened to the Gospel and expressed consent to the logic even though he grew up in a Buddhist family back ground. Just pray for God's work to guide him to make the step of faith to receive Christ.

感謝天父上帝的祝福和帶領,今天下午在Toowong 的福音事工由我和關牧師展開。分別有從中國來的曹姓博士生,北京沈姓女同學、上海王姓男同學,緬甸來的UQ 男學生May ,還有澳洲女生Sunday 。他們都聽到了福音,求上帝打開他們的心眼,讓他們真知道神,為自己的罪來悔改信靠耶穌成為他們的救主,得永生。


Tuesday 5 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 5, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Praise and thank God to move Winnie to have the passion to come again to do Street Evangelism at Toowong despite it is still within the rest period originally set for the Toowong team. In this connection, I of course are obliged to join Winnie to form team work. The weather was very hot, but God kept us very busy as such we simply did not have time to worry about the tough condition around us. Recap below were the divine encounter God arranged for us to meet people of different race and life background.

1) An Indian looking face UQ student is actually a Malaysian Muslim but he appeared quite open to listen to the sharing of Gospel. He showed receptiveness to message I shared so pray that God will move and guide him a few step further closer to acceptance of Jesus.

2) The 2nd person God arranged for me was Phoebe who has an European looking face and she was also quite open to the Gospel with good responses. But at the end I was surprised to find out that she actually is from Pakistan. Whether or not she is a Muslim, I pray and trust God for moving nad lead her to receive Christ in His time.

3) Then God led me to approach Ryan under the shade. We have about 6 min to chat and Ryan was the most interactive person to exchange idea with me. He admitted we are not perfect despite in general we are good persons. But he opined there are no bad persons as well as our characters and behavior good or bad are all inherited from our parents that we do not need to take responsibility ourself.But when I asked him to tell me if he has the free will to make a choice and the consequent of it has to be responsible by our decision. So the bottom line is we will still be held responsible for whatever sin we committed and be judged and punished by God. So there is no escape apart from accepting Jesus as our saviour and our Lord of life. He appeared convinced when the bus came. Pray for God continuous redemptive work on Ryan.

4) A man at work though not in uniform did not initially reject my approach for a chat while taking a quick glimpse of the tract. He patiently and polite indicated that he was aware of where I came from and knew what I was going to share but declared he held a very different. I still hanged around to share the nutshell of Gospel until he indicated that he was on duty and our chat was occupying his on duty time. I could not but stop and let go though I believed our conversation still have served God's purpose for this man.

5) A young girl with a Chinese looking face rejected Winnie, so I tried again in English and found out that she is from the Mongolia Republic 外蒙 but has migrated to Australia and become citizen like myself. She was brought up from atheist background so firmly rejected to listen to Gospel. I however still manged to chat in a down to the earth lively way but indirectly showed the need of all people including all good persons for Jesus' salvation.

6) Then I chatted with a man from Singapore 星加坡. He appeared has no faith but was willing to listen to the gospel. It is a pity the time allowed is limited before his bus came.

7) Seville is a non believer with a Christian grand ma but non -Christian parents. So he is neutral to faith and willing to listen to my gospel sharing.

8) My last Chat was with a mature young lady from Peru of Catholic background. But obviously she is a secularized Christian who has not Christian discipleship nurturing as such she has no sense of any Bible teaching. I manged to help her understand the meaning of gospel and the assurance of salvation as well as the importance of Spiritual growth.

感謝主今天的帶领,有主同在,不怕其他打擾。雖然上 Brisbane 途中,身體不適,肚子非常痛。但到達 Brisbane, 經過禱告後,精神醒過來。 感谢神 讓我遇到十二人傳福音機會。初時他們不願意聽,最後聖靈臨到他們,順服的聽完整福音。

第一是中國女士,Myer 聽完福音後,需要時間想想。


第三位是 Jack, 中國年青人,基督徒。我對他講述得救的確據。

第四位是 Kent, 由加拿大來的年青人。願意接受主的爱。

第五位是澳洲女士,Melisa, 願意接受免费禮物。

第六位是菲律宾少女,Alice, 基督徒。我也講解得救的確據。

第七位是日本少女。Lee, 明白福音,需要時間想想。

第八位女士 是Mela,來自馬來西亞,聽了完整福音。

第九位中國青年,John, 需要時間想想。

第十位是馬來西亞年青人Joe, 聽了完整福音。

第十一位是年青人,Matt, 來自新加坡,基督徒。我對他講述得救確據。

第十二位是年長女士,Mandy, 來自缅甸。明白主的愛。 願今天聽到福音人士,打開心門,接受主耶稣基督為他們的救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主🙏

Tuesday 22 December 2020

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OPERATION 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tue 22/12/2020 from 1330 to 1500

The team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung assembled as usual despite weather forecast of a very hot day peaking at 34C. Praise and thanks God, the sky was covered with thick cloud as such the temperature was not as high as 34C but very suitable for street evangelism. May be the school holiday factor played the effect of much less people flow, Winnie and I still got non-stop opportunities for conversations even many of them started with an initial rejection. It more so showed that it was God who was working with us through the Holy Spirit. Recap below are my battle log for 7 persons and Winnie's for 7 as well.

1) A lady from China showed initial non interest to gospel but was led to open up her heart gradually by some soft chat first like the origin of "Merry" Christmas. At the ned full gospel was preached and tracts were given out.

2) Sim an Aussie girl seems to be an Atheist who politely declined to chat initially but I still managed to start with a soft chat using the "Merry" Christmas gimmick. It ended up arousing her interest to take a tract home.

3) Chelsea a Fiji young woman who were humble and polite to listen and interact first with my "Merry" Christmas gimmick through which to embark on the power of salvation brought by Jesus.

4) Chung Shin, å¿ ä¿¡ a young man from Hai Nan who has finished his IT study and is about to go home. Winnie shared with him first in English, but I followed up afterwards. He is not a believer but very open and soft to gospel and acknowledged that Christianity is very popular in his home town. So it is a good sign that God will lead him to make the step of faith even back home.

5) A young man by the name of Ding 丁, who is from 常州 Jiang So China. He claimed to be an Atheist 無神論 but I still managed to share him the full Gospel.

6) Zee is a Vietnam girl coming to study English at UQ, she was kept here ending up doing all the advance level of study she was qualified. But she still used poor English as an excuse but I nevertheless still found no obstacle to communicate with her. She cooperate and listen attentively in a friendly manner until the bus came.

7) Maxim A proud boy from France who also rejected me initially. I use the same tactics to use the "merry" Christmas gimmick as ice breaker and successfully conveyed to him the gospel. Even though at the ned he still did not take a tract, but I have confident the work of God will not go in vain.


Amanda, 中國少女. 澳洲少女,Elle. 中國男士。中國學生,忠信。澳洲男士,Eddie. 澳洲老人. 及中國年青人,Jose. 他們都聽了福音,有的需要時間想想,有的會去教會尋求更多真理。願今天所有聽到福音人士,回轉歸向神,求主憐憫。感謝讚美主。阿們!


Tuesday 15 December 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday November 17 , 2020 from 1330 to 1500

After a stormy day yesterday, God gave us a sunny day with mild sun shine not that scorching hot for street evangelism. The Christmas holiday mood has also crept in affecting people's response to Gospel in a mixed fashion. Some die hard Atheist would strictly reject any form of Christian gospel approach. But some including secularized people without faith or of other faith will tend to be more open and tolerant to the greeting of Merry Christmas. Johnny brought along the Christmas tracts which served best for this purpose. I have maximized its effectiveness by asking a follow up question after extending to the gospel target "Merry Christmas" The question is " Why we greet each other for the Christmas festivity by saying "Merry" but not "Happy Christmas" I learnt this gimmick few years ago and have been using it for gospel sharing during Christmas time. It all stems from an ancient Christmas Carol with the first verse as "God rests Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Let's nothing you dismay: ..... So "Merry" in the the olden English does not mean happy and is used as a noun meaning "power rendered as a gift by God." And this gift of power actually refers to the birth of Jesus to become a perfect man but died on the cross according to His plan to take our place to receive the punishment of sin of eternal suffering in the lake of Fire in Hell. Most people will find it amazing to learn about this biblical history of the word "Merry". IN the nine divine appointment I got to day as recap below, yu will find how often I use this gimmick to start the chat even facing initial rejection.

1) George a slide back local Aussie Christian who was baptized as a baby but having showed no sign of born again and is completely without assurance of salvation. I quickly led him to revisit the mechanism of salvation that it was all made possible by the sacrificial death of Jesus to take our place to receive the punishment of sin. So it is 100% the credit of Jesus's work but none on our work. He gladly thanks me for this clarification.

2) Shinee an UQ master of Electrical Engineering and  father from India took the Christmas tract from Johnny so I followed up asking if I could share with them about this tract. They show initial no interest but I used the Merry Christmas Gimmick to let them ask me back why. To my great surprise, the Hindu daughter answered in glee that it means God, which is correct along the line that it represents the gift of God as kind of power from Christ to bring us eternal life. I told the father that Shinee should need no more Christmas gift as she has already got the most precious and eternal one from Christ. Though there was not enough time for me to elaborate more on the gospel which I believe the tract will help them to understand more. But I could feel God has readily captured the heart of Shinee with the backing of the father. Their mood was so high that they felt comfortable to take selfie with me even the bus already arrived.

3) An Old Aussie fellow knows the merry Christmas Carol but not t he biblical meaning and traditions. He really show great amazement to learn about this facts. Again the bus came too quick for me to elaborate more.

5) Heidi a Catholic Christian from Peru originally showed no interest so she rejected Winnie. I used the Merry Christmas Gimmick to break the ice and had a meaningful chat to find out her understanding of salvation is incomplete and without assurance. She was grateful after hearing my clarification.

6) Sylvester from Kenya, was responsive to my approach and was willing to have a chat. But again the bus spoiled my chance though he took a tract and would read it later. I had a gut feeling he is a Christian.

7) A Girl from China responded to my Merry Christmas greeting which allowed me to have a short but useful chat with her about the Gospel.

8) A die heart young man looks like Chinese but appeared to be English speaking. He turned down Winnie, declined to chat with Johnny and finally still gave me a cold face despite I greeted him with Merry Christmas. But God made him to take a Christian tract finally from Johnny.

9) Another lady from China initially also rejected both Winnie and Johnny but I gave it a go while she was waiting before the traffic light to greeted her "Merry Christmas" then asking the follow up question. She was glad to learn about this and was soften to talk but the traffic light turn green that she had to go. Pray that God will have follow up work on her.


機會 遇上六人傳講福音。

第一位 遇到的是澳洲年青人,Sing, 初時不願意聽,我問他為何有聖誕節,真正目的是什麽?跟着我便傳福音给他。

第二位,Samantha,來自 Singapore, 當我講述福音给她時,她説是基督徒,我便問她 ,死後可否上天堂,有何解釋。她 説幫助他人,做多的善事 ,便可以上天堂。我説最重要的是耶穌死在十字架上,第三天從死裏復活。 戰勝罪惡, 償還我們的罪債。我想继续講下去,但巴士到達。


第四位,Peele, 印度人。當我講完福音後,巴士到達。

第五位,男UQ 學生,無神論者。願意接受單張和聽我説簡短福音。

第六位,Kelvin, 中國來的 UQ 學生,聽完福音後,他説會想想。



Tuesday 8 December 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Dec 8, 2020 from 1330 -1500.

It was a very fine afternoon with cloud blocking the fierce summer sun and cool breeze blowing through the bus stop area. Johnny joined us after a week of family holiday to form the regular team of three. Again God used us to form good team work. Johnny was the frontline person making the first contact with many gospel targets though resulted in initial rejection yet many of them will change their mind and let us have a chat with some of them when they got to the bus stop. I gave most of the opportunities to Winnie first as my mouth is still tend to be too dry for long chat. Nevertheless, I still manged to have 6 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) A Chinese student rejected Johnny's tract then me as well later at the bus stop. I still managed to be friend with him and finally he took the tract when the bus came.

2) An Indian man approached by Winnie first but declined to chat. Yet later when I noticed he read the tract right away. So I tried to approach him which he responded positively for a chat. Unfortunately, the arrival of the bus cut our conversation short.

3) Johnny from 蘭州 Lanzhou and his girl friend from 西寧 were initially approached by Johnny Hiseh. Johnny was fine for a chat but here girl friend dragged him away. When they got to the bus stop, I let Winnie to approach them first. But God moved me to join them when I heard them asking if Winnie is form Hong Kong. As soon as I join them and knew that Johnny is from Lanzhou, we connected right away. He claimed he is atheist and I did not rebuke this as it is a choice of freedom of religion. After a brief relationship building, I was able to share the nutshell of the gospel to him and he did listen attentively. 無神論 Meantime, Winnie told me that the girl friends actually has more Christian background claiming she has read the whole Bible yet she show comparatively more rejection that her atheist boyfriend.

4) Then came Allan the Catholic background Christian. Yet he is a fans of OPN 513 and he has been attracted to watch the online evangelism posted on He is a spirit filled person. He said before he cross the road , he saw Johnny he felt the Spirit told him Johnny is the Operation 513 team member. So he took a few tracts from Johnny but did not stop to chat with him. Rather, when he walked toward the bus stop , he immediately identified me as the OPN 513 people so he showed delightful expression and point toward the sky to God which I did not understand initially. But when I saw him read the tracts he got from Johnny then I was moved to approached him. I did the assurance of salvation diagnosis and found him 100% clear about his salvation. Despite of his Catholic background, his disciple training material and program are all from the protestant camp. I asked him about the view on Mary that Catholic people used to think she was a divine figure second only to God and Jesus that deserved worship. Allan clearly said no and affirm many of his fellow Catholic Christian share the same view. So it was a real comfort to know about the real modern Catholic view of Bible doctrine and theological issues. I encourage him to join our street evangelism perhaps at King George Square.

5) Two guys initially had rejected Winnie for a chat. But I approached them again adn found that they had chats with the KGS team many times before. I anyway followed up to check his feedback and was delighted to fnd that at least he admitted being a good person alone is not enough to save us from hell punishment.

6) Finally I chatted with a guy and he also said he got tract hand had chat with our KGS team. I still managed to refresh his memory on the need for Jesus to take our place to receive eternal death punishment at hell before the bus came.


1) 最初遇上一男一女,從伊拉克來的,初時不願意聽,我問他們認識耶穌基督嗎?沒有回答。跟着我便講述耶穌的好消息给他們。他們説會细心 的想想。

2) Trish, 澳洲少女 ,當我傳福音给她時,她説是基督徒 ,我測示她有否得救的確據。我便問她,死候可以上天堂嗎?她肯定的説可以,還解释。她是100% 得救的基督徒。還接受我给她的單張傳给她的朋友。

3) 中國來的一對情侣, Johnny 來自蘭州 Lanzhou ,女友來自西寧 。他們略懂基督教,正當我與他們講述福音的時候,關牧師來到,我們便分開倾談,關牧師與男的講,我與女的講解福音。她知道亞當與夏娃,還閲讀過聖经。 但不知道甚麽是罪,耶穌為何來到世上。我詳细解解给她。講完後,巴士到達。感謝神 讓我足够時間講述福音。

4) 印度男士,Hindu我講解给他,耶穌基督的救赎。

5) 最后遇见兩位印度少女,初時不願意聽,我問及他們認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给他們。

感謝讚美主,今天遇到的,初時都不願意聽,但當我開口講時,聖靈臨到他們身上,各人都聽到全福音。願神 賜福给今天聽到福音人士,認罪 悔改 回轉 歸向神。阿們!


Tuesday 1 December 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday December 1, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

It was a challenging day with Hung and Winnie only to serve at Toowong while Johnny was on family trip at interstate. The temperature soared up to 33C or even higher around our street evangelism venue with lot of concrete building around. It seriously affected the mood of the pedestrians to stop for a chat. Every one wanted to hide and stay under the limited shade behind the Bus stop. But the grace of God was sufficient that some rejected us initially had changed their heart to have a chat with us with mixed result in God's hand according to His plan. At the end, I have 8 conversations while Winnie had 6 as recapped below.

1) Middle Eastern young man who claimed to have chatted with me before, but I nevertheless still made a revision on the Good Person issue with him to refresh his memory on the need to trust in Jesus.

2)Woman in red reject to chat but later soften to take a tract to read.

3)Teresa a local Aussie lady immediately recognized me and even repeat the question I asked her as a Christian. So there was not much need for a revision as the bus came soon.

4) Sarah a Vietnam/ Australian cross breed from a Christian family of Anglican background. She was approached by Winnie first. She has the basic understanding of Christian faith though still falling short of 100 % assurance of salvation. But she got the point after my minor effort of clarification.

5) A Muslim Couple with Husband called Mohammad who appeared friendly for a chat. He has some trivial knowledge of Christianity, as such he expects us to have basic knowledge of the Islamic faith as well. I admitted this attitude of openness but after all there is absolute truth that cannot be comprised. Then our conversation was ended at this point in time when the bus arrived.

6) An Indian UQ student named Sign stopped for a short chat under the scorching sun. THe heat really did not good for mood to learn and share. He after all was patience enough to finish hearing the gospel.

7) A Chinese couple were happy to chat which was rare. But by the grace of God, I finished the sharing of the nutshell of Gospel emphasizing that the ultimate requirement for heaven is perfection.

8) Finally, a UQ student Jia Jia, who was born in Beijing China but has been brought up here as an ABC who took a tract and read it immediately despite initial rejection to chat. After he finished reading, I was able to connect with him to have a chat to go deeper in the issue of sin and judgement. He ended up greatly impressed by the message.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我遇上六人傳福音的機會。 Amy, 土生華人,初時不願意聽,我問她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给她。她很留心聽着每一句話,相信聖靈的話語,已经觸動她的心,相信很快她會回轉歸向神。Sarah 是基督徒,初時覺得自己未夠完美,未必可以上天堂。但我説信靠耶穌,祂保血能洗淨我們的罪,绝對可以上天堂。跟着關牧師來 再詳述给她。Sandra 中國少女,聽完福音後,會想想。澳洲少女,不想聽。在她看單張時,我在她身邊講述福音,盼望聖靈躅動她。Vivian, 印度女子。講述全福音给她。于燕,中國少女,聽完全福音,她會细心想想,自己是否真的需要耶穌基督。


Tuesday 24 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowng Village on Tuesday Nov 24 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a very warm Summer afternoon. By the grace of God , Johnny, Hung and Winnie can manage to turn up to serve the Lord as a team despite both Winnie (hearing aid needs adjustment) and Hung (has to avoid scorching sun after having begun the Narrow band light treatment for skin problem). ON top of the personal weakness, Hung forgot to bring his iphone. So only very few photoes had been taken for Johnny and Winnie while both of them had opportunities to take photo for me. The progress and pace of out reach was much slow due to the scorching high noon sun. But we all had managed to get into conversation with around 7 persons as recap below.

1) Tom - after several rejection by several Chinese students, here came Tom who also showed initial resistance to hear the gospel. Actually he refused to take the tract which was offered first by Johnny at the traffic light , then me at the bus stop. But God still softened his heart to let me chat with him as an Alumni of UQ and my life witness how I came to Christ. So gospel was also shared before the bus arrived. Trust he will bre in God's good hand closer to the D day of his salvation.

2) Oliver was once approached by Winnie some weeks ago. I still took the chance to revise and review on his status. I also introduced him to join Power to Change week day physical meeting on the campus.



is a Christian, but she failed the test of assurance of salvation by 10%. She only have 90% assurance which is because she though she is still not yet perfect. After my explanation of the 3 fold deliverance as God's package deal for salvation. She now understood after receiving Christ and be saved as a born again Christian, we are yet to be perfect by the work of God through the Holy Spirit. This as this work in progress stage, it is normal that we will be seen not perfect and will failed the test of God committing sin. Yet this is within God's plan as such it will not affect the 100% assurance of salvation by Christ that changed our identity from enemy of God back to Children of God or His heavenly citizen. Sarah was delighted to be able to have 100 % assurance of salvation as the bus came.

4) Lily is an UQ student as well as Migrant from Afghanistan. Winnie first approached her and did the Are you a Good Person Test. I followed up to reinforce the power of Jesus salvation. She did show pressure from Muslim faith that is too hard for her to change here faith from Islamic to Christianity. But I advised her in some Muslin Country, missionary was successful to convert Muslim to Christians with culture of worship remains unchanged but with the God head changed to Jesus. Pray for God's continuous work on Lily.

5) John is a senior person on wheel chair. He is a typical country Aussie with humor. When I asked him as a Good Person, can he go to heaven. He asked me back if General Secretary Xi can go. I took the chance teo say yest if he has a moment to repent in his life time. He switched to a place with more shade to continue with our conversation till the bus came. I stayed with him to get him on to the bus together with the bus driver lady to show him the love of Jesus.

Here is the recap by Winnie for the 7 persons she contacted to day.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我有機會 傳福音给七人。有印尼的女士,兩位印度女士,中國少女,台湾少女,澳洲男士及少女。他們都聽了全福音和接受單張,要時間想想。願神 打開他們心門,接受主耶稣基督為救世主。阿們!



Tuesday 17 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a day of grace with storm and rain pouring down in the middle of our way of street evangelism. In the beginning before the storm came, we had relatively very limited chance to stop people for a chat. Some hurried away to avoid the forth coming storm with thundering rooming in a distance. God did not let this happen without a reason. Winnie and I had unexpected fellowship time to share experience and testimony. But when the storm came, many people were forced to gather under the bus station with limited sheltering space. Then all three of us were fully occupied with conversations that we were all too busy to take photo for each others. At the end , we possibly collectively reached out to 20 odd persons.

Team work was also orchestrated by God in a prominent way. Some were first approached by Johnny taking a tract but did not stop yet were followed up by us successfully after they got to the bus stop. Like wise, some failed to have been stopped by us yet got a long chat with Johnny.(*)

(*) æ„Ÿè¬å¤©çˆ¶ä¸Šå¸çš„帶領,今天在街上傳福音的時候,遇到一位女生從南京來UQ 讀書的謝同學,她聽到審判日要下地獄,她笑笑的說:「 有什麼好怕的,」隨後舉起滿是自殺刀痕的左手給我看。我被這舉動嚇了一跳。我便安慰她,告訴她生命的可貴。也將主耶穌的話告訴她。我們談了一會。她聽到了福音,請為謝同學來禱告,求上帝安慰、憐憫、拯救她。

Recap below are the battle log of mine and Winnie.

1) Kale a Korean UQ student who took a tract from Johnny but was approached by me for a full gospel sharing. He was born in Switzerland but came to Adelaide first then to Brisbane for study at UQ. He has no religion but was very receptive to the Gospel.

2) Chatted with a few Beauty school students after they got tracts from Johnny. One of them , an Aussie girl had a long chat with Johnny. The other excused themselves for class in the building behind the bus stop. Many of them were Islanders and from India.

3) Then I caught up with a Mozambique Christian. He only has 80% of assurance of salvation. So I quickly clarified with him that the reason we are saved is by grace through faith in Christ alone. He delightfully thanks for my clarification.

4) A Malaysian Mum Wendy was first approached by Winnie. She told Winnie she is a Christian as such Winnie just let go. But she was detained at the bus stop by the sudden pouring down of rain. So I had chance to approach her again to check here with the two diagnosis questions. She does has 100% assurance for the right reason of the sacrificial grace of Jesus. She now worships at the Hope Church in UQ with ehr son. She actually needed to move on to meet her son at the Toowong Village to ride home together for care and safety sake.

5) An Aussie girl called Egypt was receptive to listen to the gospel. Time was just barely enough to give her the nutshell though the prospect for her to understand and has a repentant heart to accept Christ as her saviour.

6) Hannah ws from America which I only learned as the end. She hd initial reluctance to listen to the Gospel but God moved me to unarmed her resistant attitude and finally turned very receptive to the Gospel. SHe promised to read the tract and ponder deeper in her heart to make this important decision of her life time.

7) An Aussie lady stopped for a brief chat but finally hurried away as she was afraid of the looming storm.

Recap below are the account of WInnie's eight divine appointments: --

感謝主今天的带领,讓我有機會 可以向八人傳福音。


第二位是澳洲女士,Helen, 當我講完福音,她説是基督徒,我運用關牧師方法 測示她 ,她好肯定的回答 一定會上天堂。還接受我给她單張來傳福音给其他人。感谢主。

第三位是澳洲老婦人,初時不想聽,我問她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给她。我從神 創造萬物天地 跟着阿當,夏娃犯罪。道至我們一出生,便是罪人。耶穌降世,死在十字架上 ,三天復活。是為拯救我們,脱離罪。詳细講解给她。她聽了,問我要怎樣做。我叫她去附近教會,找牧師。跟着遲些牧師會為你施洗,聖靈便會進入你心裏,你便是基督徒。當我講完,巴士到達。

第四位是Malaysian Mum,當我想傳福音给她,她説是基督徒,跟着關牧師來到 測示她。

第五位是中國UQ 學生,Alice, 當我講完福音,她願意到教會尋求更多真理。巴士到達。

第六位是印度 UQ 工作學生。願意回教會。

第七位是中國青年,Joe, 佛教徒,我説佛教要行善,積福德。但基督教是講信靠耶穌,便得救。未講完,巴士到達。



Tuesday 10 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday Nov 9, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a very fruitful afternoon with the three of us Johnny , Winnie and Hung serving together as a team. All of us had got numerous chance of long chats with good results. For instance, the first chat that Johnny had led to a conversion readily. It was also an afternoon of apologetic discussion with people of deep catholic Muslim and Jehovah Witness background.

Recap herewith is my six divine appointments : -

1) MacLaylup is a country girl from Townsville to study here at UQ. She is from a Christian family. But she came to faith by herself as an adult. She claimed to have 100% assurance of faith after initial hesitation as it seems to be of spiritual realm issue that people seldom contemplate above it., she anyway asserted that she is 100% sure she is saved but the reason is not clean cut just have faith in God. After some hints and guidance, she eventually understood her reason of salvation is purely because of Jesus only as such she should have 100% assurance of salvation. After that ,she was drawn deeper in understanding why Christians are not yet perfect after conversion as it is part of God's three fold salvation plan that the redemptive grace of Jesus only changed our identity back as God's people. It enables God to exercise His sovereign power in our life to start the sanctification work to transform us back to perfect through the work of the Holy Spirit. She was so grateful for the educative conversation and was delighted to take a selfie with me.

2) Betty a Chinese non believer girl took tract from Johnny but did not stop to chat. Until she arrived at the bus stop, God changed her mind to stop and listen to my full gospel presentation. She found it logical and sensible. I introduced her to join Power to Change even if she is still at the stage of seeking.

3) Juline an old lady who did not prepare to stop claiming she got the tract and had a conversation with Winnie last week. She thanked us anyway indicating she is a Buddhist as such there is no need for Christianity. I anyway felt the urge to share again the nutshell of the gospel and was able to convinced her that even Buddhist need Jesus. She was impressed and promised to ponder seriously and thank for my sincerity to share the importance to be saved by Jesus.

4) Then a couple of Chinese guy and Aussie girl carrying heavy shopping goods getting passed Johnny without stopping. I anyway approached them when they got to the bus stop. The Aussie girl was more open while the Chinese Guy was not so keen to hear the Gospel. I anyway rushed to give them the nutshell but cut short by the arrival of the bus.

5) Betty another UQ students unexpectedly stopped to chat. She was from Chongxiang showed great receptiveness to the gospel. She also was happy to take the Power to Change info slip to get in touch with them.

6) Fiona is a very serious Catholic Christian with the righteous attitude to defend for the orthodox Catholic belief against all biased and distorted accusation on their faith. She was impressed with my opened attitude to give her the benefit of the doubt to see what is her perspective of orthodox Catholic belief that has long been misinterpreted by Protestant Christian. She came specially for me and give me a list of information source as well as Catholic Father that I can make inquiry with.

As for Winnie, she had 9 conversations as recap below that kept her very busy throughout the 80 minutes of ministry time.

感謝主今天的帶領,讓我遇到九人傳福音的機會。今天有六位是來自中國,一位是馬來西亞,一位是菲律宾與澳洲混血兒,一位是澳洲婦女。 第一位,Gloria,UQ 學生。聽完福音後,願意去教會尋求更多真理。 第二位名叫芝,馬來西亞女學生,需要時間想想。 第 三及第四位也是中國留學生,講完福音後, 巴士到逹。 第五位,Mary,UQ 學生。聽完福音,會细心想想。 第六位,Benda,中國留學生,也是需要時間想清楚。 第七位,Joe, 菲律宾與澳洲混血兒,明白我們是罪人,需要耶穌基督拯救。會看完單張後,思想這個問题。 第八位澳洲女士,天主教徒,我們談論很長時間關於基督教與天主教的分别。後來她也與關牧師談論這問题。 第九位,中國女士,會想清楚免费禮物及天堂與地獄問题。 感謝讚美主!願神赐福给今天聽到福音的人士,打開心門,接受耶穌基督為救世主。阿們!

Recap herewith is the summary by Johnny Hsieh

感謝天父上帝的帶領和祝福,今午Toowong 的街頭福音事工有ㄧ位從蘇格蘭來的UQ學生 Wirll聽完福音之後願意信靠主耶穌。請為他禱告,另有Isaac 澳洲青年,還有一位張姓JW 耶和華見證人的女信徒試著想改變我的信仰, 我拿出手機上的聖經與她討論。


Tuesday 3 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday November 3, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today Winnie could not come as her hearing aid was out of order taken to repair that can be back next Monday. So only Johnny and Hung teamed up to serve again at the Benson Street Bus Stop. The afternoon sun was very bright though temperature was 28C, but the backdrop condition was a bit rough for street evangelism. People all tried to hide under shaded area to avoid the high noon scorching sun. As a result, both of us had less than average number of completer chats. Nevertheless, God still had His sovereign Will and Plan

For me, I spent some time to catch up with Mark Reeve before I had the five divine appointments of which the chat with a Catholic Christian seems to have a special apologetic bearing that will continue in to next weeks or so as the lady Fiona seemed to have been impressed by our steadfastness to share the good news which she thought a right perception of the Catholic catechism would make the message more complete. I was inspired by God to lend her a listening ears first. So next week she would bring some more reference info to share with me.

Recap below are the four other conversations.

1) Waruna a UQ student from Sri Lanka who claimed himself to be a Buddhist. As usual, I did not attack his religion belief and assert that all religion are good but only good at appealing people to be a good person. Yet none of the world religion provide solution to the judgment of sin. He was convinced, but the bus just came to end our chat.

2) A student from China 中國學生, he was also all receptive to the gospel shared 都對. Only leave it to God the convert him at His time.

3) Laxa of Scottish origin was from Sydney. She has never hear Gospel before. She was with another Caribbean girl who left her key at the shopping centre. Thus Laxa was left at the bus station to have a thorough chat with me. She was also fully convinced by the gospel. I encouraged her to get in touch with Power to Change if she finally decided to accept Christ or at least want to pursue. When the Caribbean girl came back, she refused to take our tract as such it was obvious the act of God to send her away for me to have a deep chat with Laxa.

4) Billy a self proclaimed Vegan. Johnny chatted with him first and I joined later. He was baptized as a baby, and he admitted that means nothing. He seemed to think good deeds or good life style may play an important factor in salvation. It was a pity we did not have more time to correct his wrong understanding because of the arrival of the bus.


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