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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

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Tuesday 11 February 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village on Thursday February 11th, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Amidst the severe threat of the Novel Coronavirus in Australia, God grace was sufficient still for the three of us , Col, Yuen Hang and Hung to report duty at Toowong. Many students have returned though a large number of them from China have also been blocked from re-entering Australia if their travel began at any city of China except Hong Kong. The spread of the virus has been well contained and remains at the level of 15 for a few days. So the real threat of getting infected is greatly minimized. But the real obstacle has never been the virus but the sin of rejecting the work of God and the Spirit that have led many of them simply rejecting to take the tract, throwing it away once found it is about Christianity and avoiding our approach for a chat. This phenomenon is particularly obvious on the young generation who are well brought up from family of affluence in the urban area. It applies both to local Aussie , Western and people from Mainland China. But I observed that people from the country rural area and those of other religions background are more susceptible to listen and receive the gospel well. Anyway , in His time and in His way, God used us again to reap several fruit of the gospel after many unsuccessful trial. It was again yet another great lesson for us to realize who is the ONE working behind and we are just a bunch of undeserved vessel being used by God to do His work.

As for me, with a number of contacts in collaboration with Col and Yuen Hang, God gave me 8 divine appointments as recap below.

1) A couples from Taiwan who claimed to be Buddhists appeared very well informed of doctrinal truth of both Buddhism and Christianity. So they very likely are the people of a Cult that has embraced and integrated all five major religions. They knew Buddhism has no God and is just away to transcend one self to reach the Nirvana status aka becoming a Buddha. They knew about Jesus as His work to come to die for us, but still have fallen short of understanding that through His sacrificial death our sins can be pardon and be reconciled with God as His children and people.I walked with them to another bus station and just finished in time to share the gospel. Pray that it would be used by God to further His salvation plan on them.


2) An Aussie girl looks like this one in the picture on the bus let me walk with her to share the gospel , yet the bus came a bit too quick yet anyway the nutshell of the gospel was shared.

3) A local Aussie man on the bike but appeared to be an Atheist. He does not believe that human need to reach perfection and does not admit human have sins. He anyway rode way with an arrogant attitude though still accepting all my tracts. Pray that they will be used by God to break down his heart of iron..

4) Breea , a country girl from Ipswich of Catholic background, who was humble and nice enough to let me walk her way back home. She has limited knowledge of God and the Bible though she still consider herself a God follower. She certainly has no full idea about salvation as such also did not have full assurance of salvation. But she finally came to her understanding that through Jesus redemptive work dying on the cross, whoever accept Him as Savior and hence the lord of their lives will be saved in a sense of reconciling with God and regaining the lost heavenly citizenship with 100% certainty as it was completely the work of God , none of our good deeds count,

5) An UQ student from Bangladesh got pass Yuen Hang unaware of her tract, but the Holy Spirit told her this Muslim background looking person was approachable. She suggested me to approach him and really he was a man of open heart appeared very willing to listen to the gospel and in agreement of it. It was a pity that the bus came to cut our interactive conversation short. Pray for God's eventual work on this man.

6) A deep soul searching talk by Col with Mitchell who is of Catholic background family but not yet a Christian. He is a from Northern Queensland to come to study at UQ. His country boy background made him very friendly and approachable. Col was just used by God to be the light of his feet bringing him one step closer to profess the true faith in Christ. I anyway joined in at the end, encouraging him to get connected with Power to Change once he decided to receive Christ and to start his journey of sanctification.

7) Morten a local Aussie Christian yet unsure about his salvation because again of his Catholic background accepted my clarification of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone as such he has now professed the pure faith with hundred percent assurance of his salvation regaining his heavenly citizenship right away simply because of his trust in Christ taking his place for punishment of sin. It was all done just in time before the bus arrived.

8) An UQ student from Yunnan雲南, China called Xi 席appeared very receptive and humble to let me walk and talk with him about the Gospel. He was interested to pursue God as such I refer him to contact Power to Change once he decided to receive Christ as his Savior.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village for Tuesday February 4th , 2020 from 1330 to 1500

This was a day of contrasts :
1) From extreme scorching hot to 36C yesterday dropping down to 24C today with good breeze in the noon time which made our street evangelism much pleasant;

2) Team size further dropped from 5 to 3 today because of members are bounded for 2 weeks self isolation at home, but the works of God could still be visualized despite of short of hand. So with Col, Hung and Yuen Hang, we all have less but still very significant divine appointment. This is a typical way of God, using small team to do His great work like Gideon.

3) From strong rejections by many earlier approaches to a full receptive and fruit bearing contact at the end signifying the sovereign almighty work of God despite of external situations.

Recap below is my divine appointment accounts : -

1) Spanish Mun and daughter who appeared not English speaking but still took a tract from me as well as answering short chat with Col later.

2) I went to the bus stop and sat down with a young lady. She quickly fence off my approach asking if I was going to share about God which she rejects utterly after bad experience of being Christian once. I managed to get the conversation on by putting aside the issue if God exists as it is something beyond rational proof. I kept stressing the problem of us the human being who keep sinning that will lead to grave consequence of eternal death punishment. Anyhow, this strong atheist still rejected to chat on any issue she considered religious. She even resort to keep me at a distance by removing herself to wait for the bus at the bus stop sign instead of the covered seat waiting area. This was possibly the strongest gesture of rejection I have ever encountered which was very discouraging. Anyhow, I learned later God just wanted me to see a great contrast of positive and fruitful approach at the end of our Street evangelism hours.

3) A Philippine lady took my tract and was prepared to chat but chance aborted by the immediate arrival of her bus.

4) After wondering around for a while to look for gospel target, God let me to bump in with the Malaysian Old man Mr Han I met two weeks ago on 14/1 at the very last moment of our ministry hour. He was visiting relative with his wife, yet he still has not yet gone to the church I recommended. Obviously he has been living his life as a nominal Christian not attending church regularly even at home in Malaysia. My friendly reminder anyway may serve as a catalyst to push him closer back to church during his stay in Brisbane.

5) Jerry Hsu徐from Wuxi 無鍚Jiang Su is an IT Student of UQ. He was approached by Col first but was quickly referred to me to communicate better in Mandarin. His heart was so soften that he willingly chatted with me over 40 minutes neglecting the coming and going of bus. He was ready to receive Christ and I referred him to connect with P2C then the churches. Col and I reckoned, this was an extraordinary exhibition of God's power in an adverse situation giving us this rare good quality outreach we ever have in this Toowong Outreach harvest field that have been characterized by short gospel chatting opportunities being cut in short fragmented time slot because of the frequent bus traffic. All glory be to God in all Street Evangelism ministry encounter.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village on January 28th, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

A number of the regular team mates failed to turn up for other ministry engagement, ie. Winnie had her Inala outreach with the Southport Gospel Hall. But God led a new comer from CCCB St Lucia brother Sian Yee Li 李先義 to join.

So we had a team of 5 including Johnny, Kiateck , Yuen Hang Tsui, and Hung. Johnny as captain decided we still split into two groups with him and Sian Yee went to the Eastern side near the main entrance of Toowoong Village, and Kiateck, Yuen Hang , Hung still took the position on the Western side of the Benson Street. It was still comparatively quiet after the Australian Day holiday and before primary / high school restart tomorrow. Nevertheless, there was no hurdle for God to do His work through us. All of us still got opportunities to share according to His plan and Will. Yuen Hang will supply her reflection later.

I had only six divine appointments with the last seemingly a significant one.

1) My first was with a Korean who was in a hurry and declared right away he is a Christian. I anyway still manged to check his assurance of salvation which he answered perfectly correct with some guidance.

2) Second was with Katherine an Italy origin Aussie. She was once a Catholic Christian but now a fair dinkum Protestant Christian. She was originally in a hurry for a medical appointment but she stopped to chat when I disclosed to her I had a chat with a die heart orthodox Catholic teacher yesterday through which I noticed their belief was still drastically different from biblical truth that rightly qualified them as no true Christian or even back to the middle age definition that once the whole Roman Catholic establishment was considered as faith of other religion, not even close to be all the heretic branch of Christianity. Katherine felt 100% amen with my lament and told me that was the reason she broke away from the Catholic institution becoming a truthful born again protestant Christian that professes the correct understanding of Salvation by grace through faith in Christ as such she has 100% assurance to be qualified for gaining Heavenly Citizenship.

3) the third was with an Old Englishmen who delightfully took my tract but declined to stop. I anyway still manged to share with him the nutshell of the gospel before we parted.

4) A family group of five were surprisingly Cantonese speaking people. So the father took the tract but once he found out it is about Christianity, he passed the tract to his son and excused himself from further conversation. It was his loss to refuse listening to the gospel, but hopefully his son will read the tract according to the Will and Plan of God for their family clan.

5) A man on bike seemingly on an Errand did not stop to chat but took a tract while he rode off for work. But sometime later, he rode back and gave me a thumb up when he passed me by. Thanks God for such an encouragement.

6) Last but not the least, God led me to sit down to chat with Penny a 20 years Old tattoo girl who was once a Catholic Christian but was turned away from church because of bad teaching and testimony. She believes there is a supreme being but not the Triune God that she once was taught in the Catholic church. Because of the rejection of the God head, she cannot accept anything willed and planned by God including the Kingdom and Redemption Project executed by Jesus in His first Coming.

I suddenly realized God let me have consecutive encounter with catholic background people to gain the appreciation how the corrupted Roman Catholic teaching and the abusive past happened in most of the Catholic background church had done damaged to the life of the catholic followers. Either becoming a die heart advocate being brain washed by the fake teaching of Orthodox Catholicism or a falling out group trusting no more the God depicted by them. With this enlightenment, I choose to empathy with the young girl while still standing firm my ground on the biblical truth of God and the Gospel.

I shared with her that our conversation that can last so long over half an hour was itself a miracle. We did not agree with each other but we did not reject each other as a person but rather felt the care between each other simple as a life treasured by the creator. Her bus abnormally failed to come allowing us to have non interruption chat was itself a clear sign of God special divine appointment with this lonely and lost young woman. She did thanks and appreciate our talk when I really had to leave for the closing debriefing and prayer with the other OPN squad members. She even would not mind to continue with our chat next time if we met. Is this the wonderful and amazing work of God.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

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Battle Log For Toowong Village on Tuesday January 21st 2020 from 1330 to 1500.

It was a scorching hot afternoon that might have deterred some people from stopping to chat. But the heat did not stop the six of us to commit ourselves for His work. We praise and thanks God that He has moved and led yet another new blood Ryan Leung to join us the old team mates including Col, Gary, Winnie , Yuen Hang and Hung. Co-incidentally all four Chinese are Cantonese speaking person. Yet it did not deter us to proclaim the Gospel in other languages including English and Mandarin in His Strength.

As said , it appeared a more difficult day to get long conversation under the scorching sun. But by grace each and every one still got opportunities to share or just to serve handing out tract. Knowing that not our effort and skill but God's Sovereign Power and Will counts. They will supplied to me their short reflection not for the day later.

I got five divine appointments as led by the Spirit from different spot of or mission stripe along Banson Road as recap below: -

1) First at the traffic light, two Asian girls pretended not Chinese speaking but gave up admitting Chinese and submitted to listen to my sharing of the gospel. I walked them across the road to the bus station on the other side. From initial reluctant, the Spirit somehow helped to have removed their fears and ended up with sound understanding that we are not good enough for heaven and need Jesus to take away the punishment of eternal death for our sins.

2) Then I chatted with an UQ student Chiang from Taiwan at the bus stop in the shade behind the Bus platform Shelter. He was happy to let me share before the bus arrive. He has fragmented Bible knowledge because his parents are Christian. He of course never has a full understanding of salvation but found my sharing of God's way of redemption is sensible and logical. He felt it is time for him to take the Christian faith seriously so let's pray for his final step of faith be made at the earliest instance by the grace of God. 蔣,台,父母基督徒,合理,願信

3) I returned to the traffic light and left Winnie and Yuen Hang at the bus stop to get more opportunities to share. Then I saw two Indians coming up along the road from the footbridge. Ryan was there to greet them and passed them a tract. I thus followed up on giving them another "Good Person tract which again was well received by them. So I asked if they mind to let me share even if I had to walk some way with them across the road. The man called Shekish appeared more friendly and receptive then his friend. Although they claimed they do not need religion but they could not deny we are sinners that need salvation from Jesus.

4) After coming back to where Col stationed. He just stopped a Chinese girl whose English seemingly was not good enough to understand the gospel in English. She actually was greeted by Winnie and or Yuen Hang at the Bus stop but she did not stop for a chat and walked up to the traffic light to be approached by Col. He then referred the girl to me. She obviously has just newly arrived at Brisbane from Shandong China. Her name is 張悅怡,山東, she tried to discouraged me to share claiming she is a Buddhist. I anyway affirmed her that all Religions are not bad but just calling on people to be a good person. None has addressed the issue of sin and there is no solution to deal with the righteousness requirement for sin to be punished.

She was amazed to find out that Buddhist has no God head but just a way for self-perfection towards a peaceful status of our mind called Nirvana. Hopefully, my sharing have removed some of her labelled opinion towards Christianity that it is not in conflict but supplement the lack of all religion to give us human the sinners a perfect solution for the redemption of our sin so that we are right with God again through Jesus Christ.

5) Next I saw Col sharing with a Chinese girl giving out English Bible the Book of John to her. So I supposed she is a non believers who has no Bible but is earnestly hoping to get one, so I gave her a Chinese NT bible. Pray that the words of God will take life changing effect for her to come to Christ in His time soon.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday Jan 14, 2020 from 1330 to 1500.

I was seriously held up by traffic jam caused by a serious accident on M3 as such I arrived only after the team started. There were five persons serving today, namely Capetian Johnny, Col, Kiateck , Yuen Han and Hung. Johnny chose to go to the main entrance side of Toowong Village and served at Sherwood Road while all others still took our position on the Benson Street front with Kiateck later changed site to the Eastern corner of the Toowong Village.

No matter how, we all were still blessed with significance conversations with our Gospel sharing targets. Our fresh blood sister Yuen Han was doing very good since day one. Today was her 2nd participation and she could still mange to get many conversations though many rejections as well. She will have a separated post of sharing later.(*)  Col got three consecutively long conversations particularly the last one with a young Aussie girl. As for me, despite my late arrival, and walking around to check on team mates status, I still got 5 divine appointment to chat as recap below: -

1) While checking of the status of Yuen Han, with her haring with other person at the bus stop, I took the liberty to share with two young Aussie Girl Seth and Natalie. They looked a bit funky but turn out to be two willing listeners. It was the first time for both of them to hear the Gospel and they find it sensible and logical to get saved through Jesus and Him alone. Pray for God's continuous work on them.

2) Then I caught up with another local Aussie Steve. He is a rational man who knows the Bible a fair bit but missing the point of salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ. Through his fragmented understanding of the Bible, he has utterly no assurance of salvation and wonder how the sins of every one can be forgiven. It was a pity that I could only rush to explain that only through the atoning death of Christ that the punishment of our sins can be taken over by Christ as such we are all pardon to become right with God again regaining our lost heavenly citizenship right away with 100% certainty through accepting Christ as our Savior and Lord of our born again new life.

3) After that I walked up to look for Johnny with Kiatecj who felt like switching place across the road back to the Shopping mall side. On the way, I handed a tract to An Aussie skinny lady. She accepted it with reluctance and hurried off to her errands.

4) Afterwards, when I returned to check on Yuen Han, I followed up on Matt an old Aussie man who had received a tract from Yuen Han but did not stop. Again I got his permission to walk him to the Shopping mall across the foot bridge. He walked very fast despite of his heavy body, so I had to speak with faster pace to finish the gospel sharing just upon our entering to the shopping mall. He anyway still thanks for my message and hopefully it will has God's impact in his life.

5) Finally, Han a Malaysian Chinese old man was first rounded up by Col. But Mr Han speak no English, so Col refer him to me despite it was already time for us to go to do our closing prayers finishing for the day. I chose to stay behind and quickly found his family has Christian background in the older generation. And Mr Han appeared very interested to start pursuing God even as this old age. He recognized the CCCB St Lucia Church which is close to his home in St Lucia. I pointed at Kiateck across the street and took a photo with him so that Kiateck know to follow up on him when Mr Han really plan to attend CCCB St Lucia. So God timing is always the best, not too early and not too late for us to get connected with needy lost souls.

(*) Yuen Hang Tsui  14/01/2010

This time I could only share the good news with two people, few of them were happy to receive the tracts and some of them even refused the tracts. I thanked God that I could have the chance to be involved in the Street Evangelism.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : January 7, 2020 from 1330 to 1500.

Praise the Lord, while Winnie our regular and committed member could not come today, God brought three new members to join us. Mrs Yuen Hang Tsui from BCCC, also a BCQ alumni same as Johnny and myself. The other two are the twin daughters of Pastor Lily Emmanuel and Deborah. With Col and Gary our two local Aussie regular team members, Johnny our captain decided to resume splitting into two group. He led Emanuel and Deborah to work at the main entrance to the Toowong Village with Lily joining them later to form a sub- team of four. Col, Gary , Mrs Tsui and Hung, we continued to work at the Banson Street from the foot of the footbridge to the traffic light and covering also the bus station.

Johnny gave the twin sisters a demo using the Good Person flip chart while I briefed Mrs Tsui the gospel nutshell using the "Are you a Good Person" Gospel tract.

Praise and thanks God all of us including the first timer Mrs Yuen Hang Tsui had got many opportunities to share the Gospel. She will brief us later by a separate message. (*)

Johnny as usual ,got many conversations of which two led to confession to receive Christ. One by Mady an Aussie girl and another Indian lady.

Col had got one extra long conversation with Rick over an hour touching upon many question about faith. Trust that it help a lot to bring Rick closer to accept Jesus as his Savior.

Gary to day was doing exceptionally well despite of his comparative passive and not enforcing manner, that he got many conversation of considerably long length.

As for me I only got three quite significantly long conversations as recap below: -

1) Stephen, an UQ student from Bangladesh, stopped from reading his iPhone to chat with me. I went through the gospel explaining why being good persons alone cannot guarantee us to heaven but we have to be perfect as God is perfect. We will be punished for the imperfect thing we think or do to suffer for ever in Hell. Unless some one who is perfect willing to take our place to receive the eternal dead punishment. And there is no perfect person in this world so only Jesus incarnated as Human is perfect. His crucifix on on the cross was taking our place to receive that eternal dead punishment. But he rose three days later to prove he has conquered the power of death as such he is God and has authority to forgive sin. Stephen was convinced but possibly because of his Hindu background, he may need a bit push from the Holy Spirit to make this magic last step of faith to receive Christ as Savior and his Lord of life.

2) Next was an angry Middle East people who initially rudely declined to chat claiming himself not religious. In His strength, the Holy Spirit still work with me to get the conversation going until the bus come. He kept asking question trying to prove there is no God but ET Alien and if God exist, why He let terrible thing keep happening like the great bush fire that caused over 20 human lives and 500 Million animal lives. Why only human go to heaven , not the animal. Of course I have answer for each question he asked. But he actually did not care to hear my answer, but just raising numerous questions. to avoid the issue of the sin of human which is the culprit of giving rise to all those environmental disaster and war. If God was to stop all this bad things happening, all He has to do is to get rid of the cause of tall these problem which are in effect us the sinner. So out of God love and grace He wants to save us, but because of righteousness, he cannot let sins unpunished. The only way out is for sinners to rely on Jesus to die for us as well as our sin so that we can reconciled with God through Jesus atoning grace. From initial rejection to allowing the conversation to go on for 10 to 15 odd more minutes before the bus came was itself a miracle.

3) Caleb also politely tried to decline my invitation for a chat claiming he is a Christian. And he did pass my two diagnostic question with the 2nd one not clearly spelled out with clarity. Amazingly, he was getting more and more interested to hear my apologetic sharing to have explained and clarified many of his doctrinal questions. He was from USA and is doing working Holiday. His profile anyway was not common USA but of Spanish blood background.

4) There were a number of brief encounters all claiming they had chatted with me before and still felt appreciative for my gospel sharing.

(*) Yuen Hang Tsui - 07/01/2020

The first day when I joined the Mission group at Toowong, I got the chance to approach twelve people. At first I was a bit hesitated how to tell people the good news, with the grace of God I could share the good news with six people even though I could not finish the story with two as the bus had arrived. Three of them refused to talk, three of them were happy to accept the tract. I thanked God that I could have the chance to share the good news with people, I wish that I could continue the mission as long as God permitted.


Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowwong Village : Dec 31, 2019 1300 - 1500

Today, we had four team members of OPN 513 to serve. They are Col, Gary, Winnie and Hung. Despite it is already holiday period. God still gave each of us many divine appointment to preach the gospel to those hard reach people such as student from Mainland China and Hindu background people. I had just five as recap below, they were all unexpected targets that stopped and listened the full gospel. I could even had time to show them the First Ancient Novel revealed by God through the names of the ten patriarchs. They were all amazed at the all knowing almighty power of God ahead of time. By the way, they are all UQ students that still hanging around despite school term is over.

1) Indian girl stopped under the scorching noon sun and willingly engaged in conversation by moving to a shaded spot. She listened with full interest and agreed the salvation package of God is infallible. She is surrounded by Christian in her living circle. So I am sure it is only about time that she will submit herself to Christ.

2) A girl from Nanjing China, struggled with her shopping trolley that had lost balance because of bad stowage while crossing the road. I helped her to tow it to the bus station and share the gospel along the way. The Bus also just arrived as soon as we walked to the Bus stop. She had heard the nutshell of the gospel but possibly she was more impressed by my care and help.

3) Salina an UQ postgraduate from Zhuhai, China珠海. She was riding pass on a bike but was stopped by Col to accept a tract and prepared to ride on to her way. But the spirit urged me to stop her to hear the full gospel as well as the explanation of the first Ancient Noel. She was very friendly to me not like other Mainlander who keep a distance. She even encourage me that my Mandarin is perfect. After knowing she is from Zhuhai, then I know she identify with me being people of the southern part of China客氣. The sharing was good and she was all impressed. So pray for God's further nurturing action to harvest this first fruit.

4) Two girls got off the bus and appeared looking for the way to their destination. Again I volunteer to help and walked them to the student hostel they seemingly are moving in on their fresh arrival to Brisbane.兩女,One girl is from Yunnan雲南,and one from Beijing北京. Both appeared very friendly to me and listen to the full gospel as well as the First Ancient Noel. The girl from Yunnan actually asked for referral to near by church (CCCB St Lucia) and Christian group ( Power to Change)

5) Finch from Beijing also lives at the same hostel of the two girls. 北京 I stopped him for a chat right after my conversation with the two girls. He willingly listen up every thing I share and politely thanks for the gospel message. This was definitely yet another divine appointment that may bear fruit in His time.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Dec 24 , 2019 Tuesday 1330-1500

Praise and thanks God, the chance to have a chat , especially with UQ students were still plentiful despite of school holiday had started. Winnie in particular had 8 conversations as recap below in Chinese. All the other team member for today, Col, Johnny and Hung had all got their share of Gospel opportunities. For my eight conversation, they are recap as follows: -

1) Indian Christian family with the Mum walking ahead to be approached by me, did a brief chat and the other family members caught up. They seemed to be of Catholic Christian background that typically are lacking assurance of salvation. But they were pleased to be greeted with Merry Christmas with an explanation before they went on with the family happy hours.

2) Susan an English lady was polite to hear explanation of Merry Christmas.She also had clear 100% Assurance of salvation.

3) Amin, was an Indian man. I walked him to the bus stop across the shopping mall. He was torrent enough to hear the nutshell of the Gospel.

4) Liza, a middle age English lady who was so kind to take the tract and showed me the way to toilet.

5) Paul, Joy with three children from PNG. They are a Christian Family but was not clear about salvation. Yet they are Very happy to stay for a short while to chat and let me correct all mis-concept by the secular culture about Christmas.

6) A girl from from Xiamen who were willing to take my tract and let me explain. But Winnie asked to swap audience with Mandarin speaking Mr Ku.

7) Mr Ku from Hebei must have heard the gospel before.. It appeared that he is more than willing to receive Christ as his Savior and Lord.

8) Mother and daughter both with Tattoo appeared as non religious. Still happy to learn about the old meaning of Merry.

Winnie's battle Log : --

感謝讚美主 !回家後才傾盆大雨。在 Toowong 傳福音後,多謝 關牧師載我們到醫院探望大哥。我為他傳福音,禱告。希望神憐憫他,醫治他。亦希望大哥能早日回轉,信靠主耶穌基督。


第一對是中國少女,學生。Lillian & May. 第二位 是印度人,他説他信印度教。我解释他 耶稣基督與他的神是不同的。第三對,是中國來的大学生及女友來澳洲遊玩的。他們得到福音,正準備問及教會地址。我記得上次 Kenneth 给我咭片,我從手袋找给他們,可惜巴士到達,他們馬上上車。之后有一中國男學生叫 Bie 及女留學生叫 Grace,他們都接受了福音。最后一位是澳洲老年人,他説,他和太太曾经去過教會,但他們被教會欺骗,因此便永遠不再去了。我説 信耶稣基督 是你與神的關係,與教會無關,得益是你。你可以找另一教會。談了一輪,看他開始軟化,求神憐憫他們,讓他們重回主的懷裏!

感謝神 今天讓我有更多的考验,練習。這都是神的恩典。感謝讚美主!


Tuesday 17 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Tuesday December 17, 2019 1330-1500.

God vindicated our decision to continue serving at this chosen mission spot inspired by God despite the UQ school terms is over. Today three faithful members namely Col, Johnny who just came back from overseas trip and Hung turned up to serve. God was gracious enough to assign us ample divine encounter Kairos moments to share the Gospel. Johnny had at least four to five long chats with four groups of Chinese UQ students and one with a local Aussie boy. As for me, I got 9 chats of varying length with five Chinese, 3 Aussie and 1 Singaporean as recap below: -

1) My first gospel targets is a family of three from SGP by the name of Tsai, the parents came to visit their daughter and walking back to the daughter's apartment after finishing shopping. I Walked with the father for a distance long enough to share the gospel in a nutshell.

2) Franky is an UQ student from mainland China. He was in a hurry but I still managed to share him the gospel in a nutshell.

3) An English lady was greeted by me with the Merry Christmas card. She was given the explanation of the real meaning of "Merry" being the almighty power of God bestowed on us the sinners to be pardoned through the atoning grace of Jesus.

4) Kay is an UQ postgraduate from Xian, China. She stayed to do her summer study work and was on her way to meet a friend at a nearby mansion. She let me walked her all the way and listened to my sharing of full Gospel. She acknowledge Christianity has already become a thriving religion in China irrespective of persecution. Pray that God will get her over the line to receive salvation here in Brisbane.

5) Peter an UQ student from Beijing China, He got a Merry Christmas card from Col and I supplemented him with a full Good Person Tract. I walked him to the restaurant and gained enough time to share him the full Gospel which he appreciated and promised to ponder.

6) Joe , the Atheist I meet every Tuesday. I sang him the carol "God rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" to attract him with the question why Christmas alone is described as merry while all else are described as HAPPY. Successfully, he was given to know that Merry was an old English word denoting divine power given by God to us through the birth of Jesus giving us the Free Gift of Eternal Life up for us to grab by repentance and accepting Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord of our Life. Surprisingly, Joe found this factual and accepted this old meaning of "Merry' has given Christianity the right perspective amongst all other religions.

7) An UQ student admitting she is a Communist party member as such she could not accept my tract. But it shows that there is strategic prospective to one day used by God to reach out to these "Least Reached People Group"

8) Jenny was an English lady who was elegant and polite
enough to take my merry Christmas card and found interest to learn from me the real biblical meaning of the word Merry.

9) A old Chinese man claimed to be christian but was too arrogant to let me clarify his faith.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : December 10, 2019 , 1330 -

Today we had four team members to join. Although it appeared a quieter week as it is UQ graduation week and last week of school term so there might be still plenty of opportunities but not anymore next weeks onward. Someone suggested we can break from next week onward and resume sometime in mid January ready for the new school term. But Col and Gary opined we should give it a go at least for one more week.

Even there will be less UQ students but God's work is unfathomable. Actually, one of my divine encounter to day tells that God always has special work in people hearts beyond our comprehension that however need our obedience commitment to catch those divine kairos moment.
Today, all of us still have opportunity for reaching out. As for me, I had eight divine encounters on record as follows with 3 Chinese, 3 Aussie, 1 European, 1 Nepalese: -

1 & 2) One of the work here is to reconnect with people you had conversation before. So I reconnected with 王健明 of whom was talked up to by Winnie a month ago. I also reconnected with Joe the atheist. I believed these are part of the work of God to get them exposed to His work of grace through our ongoing contact with words of warm concern and encouragement.

3) Then I caught up with a first year UQ female student. She got a Christmas Message card from Col but did not stop to chat. Instead she kept walking to the Bus stop. I approached her with the Chinese tract which she willingly received and we started chatting.

I was amazed to find out that this was the first time she received a tract on the street. She told me she actually saw me and other OPN 513 people both in Toowong and in Sunnybank. However, she had all along been determined enough to keep rejecting to accept any tract as she was afraid to talk about religion and and heavy issues about life. Yet, miraculously, God opened her heart this time to not only taking our tract for the first time, but entered into a conversation withe me at ease. I was able to share full gospel to her.

But her initial question to me was that if we have got paid for doing this. I told here on the opposite, we have to pay buying tracts and volunteer our time to reach out to strangers on the street. I used it to demonstrate how a true faith will change our world view and value system to focus on eternal rather than temporal matters. I continued to share my own testimony how God changed my life objective guiding me to shift my priority from achievement of this world to accomplishment of God's work that would last in eternity. Our 15 -20 minutes chat was ended when her bus came.

4) Old Aussie man took my tract and was open to talk. Just only have time for a quick sharing of the nutshell of the gospel but our conversation was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

5) An European looked UQ student appeared humble to let me walk him to the bus stop and listen to the gospel but it was cut short by the bus.

6) I have another long chat with Joy from Main Land China. She first received a tract from Col and walked on to cross the road for bus to the city. I handed her Chinese Tract and successfully started a conversation. She listened to my gospel sharing with interest. Then she told me she became a half Christian through a Taiwanese Pastor in the campus just falling short of a Baptism.

So this was obviously an incorrect understanding that needs more clarification but than the bus came and I had to spent time to help her to clarify with the bus driver the way to connect her to Sunnybank as such our conversation had to end. I pray that her faith in Christ will be straightened soon by the grace of God.

7) Lisa an UQ student from Nepal. She was very polite to accept my tract and was cooperative to let me share with her the gospel. Again the bus came just too quick that I could only manage to share the nutshell of the gospel.

8) An Aussie girl took the tract and read it right away before the bus came.

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