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Sunday, 24 April, 2011

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Redlands Easter FestivalThe Redlands Easter Festival is an event put on by a large group of Churches in Redland City. The organisers were expecting about 10,000 people to turn up, so we thought it was a great idea to share the gospel there to all those attending. So there were about twelve of us who turned up and after arriving at the festival, we went to sign in at the volunteer’s booth.

Operation 513 had set aside 2,500 Good Aussie gospel tracts for free use at this event. The organisers wanted us to hand out this tract because the theme of the festival this year was the Christian heritage of Australia. So the Good Aussie card suited very well.

The event did seem a little bit smaller than previous years, but there were still stacks of people there. So after signing in, we dispersed ourselves around the showgrounds handing out gospel tracts and getting into conversations with people. During Easter time, it is really easy to hand out gospel tracts, for you simply need to say “Happy Easter” and then hold out the gospel tract to them and almost always the person will take it.

After a few hours, the proportion of people who had received a gospel tract was definitely increasing and so it was becoming a more common thing to hear from people that they already had one. But I found that this was a perfect opportunity to ask them whether they had read it. If they said yes, I could then ask them what they thought of it. If they said no, I would say, “Well it asks you on the back, ‘If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven?’ What do you think?” And that would lead into a gospel conversation.

The usual response to the question of whether the person I was speaking to thought they were going to Heaven was ‘Yes’, for they thought they were good people. People by nature love speaking about how good they are, but the Bible clearly says that no one is good in God’s sight (Rom. 3:10-12). So in order to show people that they are actually sinners in need of forgiveness, I used the method that the Apostle Paul used, I showed them God’s law and how they fared compared to it. “...through the law comes knowledge of sin”  – Romans 3:20.

The way I showed them God’s law was by, asking them how good they were, whether they had ever told a lie, ever stolen something, or ever used God’s name in vain. Everyone has committed basically all these laws, and so people usually won’t have a problem admitting that. I would then ask, “Well if those things are some of the standards in which God will judge you after you die, do you think you would innocent or guilty?” They’ll usually say ‘Guilty’. So I ask, “Therefore, do you deserve to go to Heaven or Hell?” This makes most people realise that they are in a very bad situation deserving of Hell, and so then I can talk about the good news of forgiveness.

Since it was an Easter festival, I could then ask them about what Easter is about. A great deal of people I spoke to actually had no idea what Easter is about. Some said, “Yeah I’ve always wondered what Good Friday is, other than being a public holiday.” I then shared about Jesus dying on the cross, taking the punishment that we deserve in Hell for our sins. But a person needs trust in Jesus’ death alone for their forgiveness (meaning, not a person’s good works or own goodness) and repent (hate sin and start turning from it), in order to be forgiven. I then shared the meaning of Easter Sunday – that Jesus rose from the dead three after he died.

In the evening, there was an AOG preacher on the main stage that was supposed to give the gospel talk. He started off on John 3:16 and talking about how popular it is to wear shirts that say John 3:16, but he suggested that many people don’t know what the verse says or means. So he read it out. But then he decided to focus on the ‘so loved’ part of the verse. He interpreted ‘so loved’ to mean ‘God loves you soooo much’ in the modern sense of using the word ‘so’. However, that is not what ‘so loved’ means. Instead it actually means ‘loved thusly’ or ‘loved in this way’.  The ‘so loved’ in John 3:16 does not mean that God has such a great amount of love for the world, it is rather that God loved the world in this way that He sent His one and only Son... (you can even check it in the Greek - οὕτως)

So the whole main point of his message was completely faulty. He then spoke about how everyone has a desire to come to God. Where does the Bible say that? The Bible says otherwise, in that “no one seeks for God” (Romans 3:10). He then proceeded to have an altar call, calling people to come to the front and come back to God.

But at no time in his message had he spoken about sin or the fact that we deserve punishment for our sin. Neither did he even speak about Heaven or repentance or that salvation is by grace through faith. He had simply talked about the sheer amount of love God has for everyone and that’s why a person should come back to God. So I knew that basically anyone coming forward could simply not be genuine, since the gospel had not been preached.

There were about 15 people who came forward, and there were a few counsellors going up to them giving them things. So Lindsay and I went to the front and got into a few conversations with a number of those came to the front and shared the gospel with them.

One conversation I had was with I think one of the counsellors, he said he had been saved 8 months. I asked him why he is going to Heaven. He said it is because he has changed his life and is not doing as much sin anymore. But I pointed out to him that changing your life doesn’t forgive your sin, because even if you never sinned again, you still would have the past history of all your sin that God cannot simply overlook. He understood this and said, “Yeah that’s true, I don’t know how I’m going to get forgiveness then.” So I shared the message of Christ’s death on the cross taking the wrath of God that we deserve for our sins if we repent and believe, and it was like something clicked in his mind. He said, “That makes sense, it’s because of Jesus death that I can be forgiven.” He was very appreciative of the chat; I pray that he is genuine.

During this, fireworks began going off, which marked the close of the festival. After they finished the rest of the team made sure to hand out tracts to everyone leaving, while I continued to have chats with those who came to the front.

The festival was good overall in the sense that it was good opportunity to witness to lots of people, both professing non-Christians and also those who attend Church but don’t truly believe. But the ‘gospel’ presentation given by the AOG pastor, Steve Kennedy was absolutely atrocious.  The organisers need to seriously rethink who they get to give the gospel talk. The preacher they had last year was actually quite decent. I am not sure why they would scrape so low this year.

Please pray for the thousands of people who received gospel tracts that they would read them and that God would grant these people repentance and faith.

To God be the glory!

Saturday, 17 October, 2009

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Tuesday, 25th August 2009 - Riverside, California

We have been in the USA for two days now, and during that time we have been recovering from jetlag and also playing tourist. Yesterday, we were able to see the sights around Santa Monica and also Hollywood. But, from today the outreach began.

The alarm sounded way to early, it was about 5am as I rolled out of bed and wondered what I was doing up. I quickly downed some breakfast, then Heath and I ran out the door to meet with Warren. The plan for the morning was to go to the courthouse and do some open air ministry.

We arrived at the courthouse at around 6:30am, and after some time of prayer and Bible reading we prepared to minister. Somehow I ended up being nominated to open air preach first. This was the first time I have ever open air preached at a courthouse, since in Australia most people go into the court building and don’t hand around outside.

The open air sermon went well, while I was preaching a Jehovah Witness began to hand out Watchtower magazines, so I made mention to this. The man was not amused, but I could not tolerate the fact that he was willingly deceiving many with a false gospel.

After the open air, I handed out a few tracts, but noticed that the Jehovah Witness was still spreading his cultic lies. So I followed him around and when he handed out literature I would speak to the person who received it. I would inform the person that the JW’s deny that Jesus is God and that He arose bodily from the dead. Many of the people who had taken Watchtowers either returned them or placed them in the bin.

Eventually the JW turned and threatened to sue me for slander. I informed him that it was only slander if what I was saying was false. I was kind of surprised, I had only been in the land of lawsuits for two days, and already someone wanted to take me to court. This should be an exciting couple of months.

To view the video of my open air check out:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wednesday, 26th August 2009 - Riverside, California

Once again the alarm sounded early, and just like the day previous we headed out to the Riverside Courthouse. Jeff picked us up at 6:30am and by 7am we were at the courthouse meeting with the evangelism team.

It was good to meet some new brothers and it was an honour to labour along side of them. Once again, I was nominated to preach. As I preached the gospel the crowd listened, one lady liked the preaching so much she started to dance and say “Praise Jesus”. After the open air the majority of people took gospel tracts. And, much like the day before our friendly JW was there, although today he didn’t engage us.

Once we finished the ministry at the courthouse, we went and had breakfast together as a team, then we headed off to preach elsewhere. This time, we went to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to open air. There was about 150 people lined up, so I began by preaching a message of Hope from John 3:16. The crowd fell silent as they listened to the gospel being preached. Much like the courthouse the majority took tracts afterwards.

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel today, may God save them.

To view a video of the open air at the DMV click:

Friday, 28th August 2009 - Hollywood & Glendale, California

Warnings were issued to us today as we prepared to head out witnessing. After two days of evangelism training at the Ambassadors Academy the team was ready to hit the streets and do some ministry. The only problem was that we had a severe weather warning in place. The temperature in the LA region has soared over the past few days, and as a result many bush fires were burning on the mountains around the city.

With the sun being high and hot we boarded our bus for the ride to Hollywood, only to be greeted with something no one wants to encounter on a hot day. It turns out that on the way to the Academy to pick us up the air conditioner on the bus had died, thus leaving the bus a big hot tin can.

But, this was just the beginning of what would be a hard day of hot battles. When we arrived at Hollywood the heat was oppressive. Within minutes people were downing bottles of water and grabbing more bottles for reserve. While we were setting up the four different preaching locations I noticed a young man wearing a sandwich board. This was no surprise to me as I had been warned this “preacher” would be present. While, I admire this man’s zeal I find myself abhorring his theology, the reason is because he denies original sin and believes in open theism (which teachers God does not know the future). These heresies have placed him outside the bounds of Christianity, yet, he is still out on the streets in the heat preaching that you must stop sinning and that Christians are perfect and never sin.

Myself and Paul Kaiser wandered up and down the famed Hollywood Boulevard handing out tracts and talking to people. However, we thought it would be good to grab some lunch before any preaching. The cool air of MacDonald’s was nice and while we sat eating our “healthy” lunch, I was able to start a conversation with two young men opposite. One of them had just gotten out of rehab, the other was a professing Christian. He seemed to have a few theological questions, so I let Paul deal with him, while I spoke to the non-Christian. For about ten minutes we shared the gospel in MacDonald’s. After I finished witnessing I noticed that the guy I was speaking to had no food on his table, so I went and bought him some lunch. He seemed genuinely touched and he took a few different tracts after this. We saw both men again throughout the day and they waved every time they saw us. Please pray that God would grant them repentance and faith.

After lunch I was able to preach outside of the Hollywood Metro station. While I was preaching I was able to get one man to engage me in conversation. This young man was interested in bragging about his sin openly, when I confronted him about his sin, his pride swelled, he loved his sin and bragged about it. He left before I was able to give him grace, but there were a couple of people sitting around listening. Please pray for all those who heard.

The rest of the day at Hollywood was spent with me handing out tracts and talking to people one to one. I have found it very hard to hand out tracts on Hollywood Boulevard, I think this is due to the fact that there are many people out there handing out literature and selling goods.

As the temperature dropped and the sun lowered in the sky, we were herded onto a bus for the ride to Glendale for an evening of witnessing. After a nice dinner with EZ, we did some outreach near the cinema. I was walking around taking photos when I heard security challenging one of our preachers. The preacher was on public property preaching to a crowd also on public property. The security guard came out of private property and demanded the preacher stop. This young security guard dripped with arrogance and was mocking towards Christianity. He would laugh and scoff at what the preacher said, this earned him a stiff rebuke from my brother. The security guards grin soon faded when faced with the reality of judgment day.

This was just the first round of the fight for the night. Within a minute another security guard was taking on another preacher. This time I spoke to the security guard so the preacher could continue. Te security guard informed me that it was illegal to preach the gospel where we were. I asked him if it was public property, he said that it was. So I asked what part of preaching was illegal and didn’t we have first amendment right to preach? He refused to speak and just said, “I’m calling the police!”

The police soon arrived and they informed security that we had legal right to preach and that security had no authority to stop us. This seemed to anger the guard, so they started a new tactic to disrupt the preaching. By now there were about four guards standing around and they began by encouraging young men to start dancing in front of the crowd to disrupt the preaching. I began to take photos of what the security guard was doing, at the same time I was very careful not to cross onto private property to get the shots. While I was taking a photo the head security guard walked up behind me and said, “Thanks for that, now I can have you arrested!” He then called the police. The police arrived and they stated that once again we were doing nothing wrong and therefore couldn’t be arrested. Once again the security had lost the battle to stop the preaching of the gospel.

I spent the rest of the evening walking around and handing out gospel tracts. It was a good night of witnessing and many people got to hear the good news of salvation.

Saturday, 29th August 2009 - Huntington Beach, California

The second and final day of outreach had arrived. It would be sad to leave these men and women who had become my brothers and sisters in arms over the past week. But, we all must have one last push, then continue on in the battle elsewhere. The weather today was nice, much cooler than what it was yesterday. We hit the streets at around 10am and began to evangelise the Huntington Pier. Upon arrival we were met by the sight of a “street screecher” who had a massive banner that did nothing but cause offence. Now, I believe the gospel will bring offence, however, this sign had nothing of the gospel on it. Therefore it was the word of man that caused the problems. If I must offend someone, then I would rather have the everlasting gospel do it, rather than my own stupidity.

I walked down under the pier and it was then that I saw a man carrying a dog. He was moving rapidly towards one of the Academy preachers. As he came near me I heard him mumbling about shutting him down. Since the person who was preaching was new to open air evangelism, I decided to engage dog man in conversation. He stopped and began by telling me that he was a Christian, yet he refused to go to church since they were all wrong, except for him. My initial thought was “cult”, and that proved to be true. He started his tirade on how the church got it wrong, since Jesus had returned in 70 AD, and that we didn’t believe in the Bible. He then began to espouse the teaching that hell was not a real literal place. I engaged him in apologetics for some time, the whole time thinking I must keep him busy and away from the preacher. I figured if I tie him up for a while then the preaching of the gospel can continue. After about 40 minutes of dealing with this man I handed him over to a friend of mine, who engaged him for another length of time.

During my break I went off with the other Australian’s to get some lunch. When we returned the preaching was still going, but everyone was excited since Ray Comfort was soon to preach. Ray arrived and began to preach. It was then that I noticed that Dog boy was in the crowd. So I encouraged him to heckle Ray. The man was gladly prepared to heckle and Ray was happy to have a heckler.

While Ray was preaching I headed down to the bottom of the pier with a few other Academy preachers, there we set up a new preaching point and began to preach. First up was Ephraim who proclaimed Christ to all who would listen. Then I preached. While I was preaching I had a couple of hecklers. Soon into my open air I could feel my voice going, so I tagged in Jeff Robbins. This preaching continued for some time, then finally it came time for Heath Pithouse to preach. As he preached God brought a crowd in, and that crowd was polite and full of hecklers. For twenty minutes Heath did a marvellous job of proclaiming the gospel to them.
At the end of the day, we headed back to the Academy for the final night of testimony and fellowship.

Praise God for all He has done.

Wednesday, 2nd September 2009 - Riverside & Beaumont, California

A bright and early start, we had to be over to Riverside by 7am. The plan was to meet up with Jeff Robbins and his team and the courthouse, then we needed to rush back to Beaumont, since we were invited to come and speak to the fourth grade at the local public school.

At 7am we began the outreach with the team, they were surprised to see us, but it was great to join forces once again. I was the third preacher up and was able to proclaim the gospel to all those in the line. It was great to have people respond so positively to the gospel of Christ. Sadly the Jehovah Witness was still there deceiving the people. But the truth went out.

After a quick breakfast we drove back to get ready to speak at the local school. We were asked to come and talk about Australia and also about us being missionaries. I was a bit nervous since I was not sure what the rules were in relation to speaking about God in the school system. While we were talking a child asked the question, “What is a missionary and what do they do?” This was a great opening, since now I had to explain the message of Christ. For the next few minutes I explained the Christian message from creation through to redemption. The whole class sat and listened as I explained the need of the Saviour and how we must repent and trust in Christ.

At the end of the class we were able to leave some Australian Big Money tracts for the kids, all 40 students took the gospel home with them that day. Praise God for some great opportunities to preach Christ!

Thursday, 3rd September 2009 - Venice Beach

We had an early start today as we needed to drive some three hours to visit Phil Johnson of Grace to You. We spent about an hour with him, and after that we decided to head to Venice Beach for some outreach. It was a bit of a culture shock for Joel Barnard as he had never seen the strangeness that is Venice.

We handed out a few tracts and there were quite a few people who seemed hostile to the gospel. I did manage to get in a conversation with one man who believed in many roads to God, but though Jesus was the best way for him. He was hard to witness to, but I pray the gospel will cut through the darkness and bring him to Christ.

It wasn’t that long till we had to go, the reason for leaving so early was because I was due to do a radio interview with Ambassador Alliance radio. The purpose of the interview was to talk about the Academy training and also with the state of evangelism in Australia. The interview went for about 20 minutes, then at the end the team decided to start the three hour journey home.

On the way home we stopped at In n Out burger for dinner. After I finished my meal, I decided to speak to all the people eating their burgers outside. I started by telling them about how on the bottom of their drink cups there is a bible verse. This made them all look under the cups and read “John 3:16”. That was my launch pad, I spoke about the love of God and how He is so kind to us, yet we rebel against Him. After preaching the gospel, the people applauded and all took tracts. Please pray that God would save the listeners.

Friday, 4th September 2009 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Today we thought it would be a good idea to get up early and drive for 4 hours across the desert of California and Nevada. After a few minutes of this we had re-considered the wisdom of such a move. But, we pressed on and after a long drive we arrived in sin city.

We met up with my friend Doug Koch and some members of his team for lunch, then that afternoon we went back to Doug’s place. Since it was a long weekend here in the US Doug and his family were going away. So he gave us access to his house and told us where we could attend a local outreach that night.

After dinner we headed out to begin witnessing on the Vegas strip. We were able to hand out thousands of tracts in such a short period of time. During the night I managed to get into 4 conversations. All of them with Australians who were in Vegas for holidays. It is always good to speak to my fellow country men, but it is even greater to tell them of the Christ who can save them.

We stayed in the one spot for a few hours, but then decided to go play tourist for a little bit. As we walked along the strip people kept trying to hand us pornographic cards. Since all of those handing out cards were Mexicans I grabbed my Spanish tracts and began to hand them out. Every single porn hander outer took a tract. It was so sad to see them out on the streets doing this. One of them told me it was the only job he could get, so he had to do it in order to feed his family. But the most shocking was a woman in her mid seventies standing on the street corner handing out porn flyers.

At around midnight we made our way back to the house, it was so sad to see the depths of sin that many people swam in. But what was sadder was that there wasn’t many Christians out there telling people the good news.

Monday, 7th September 2009 - Hermosa Beach, California

Everything in Southern California seems to be at least a two hour drive away! No matter where we are going or what we are doing it always seems to be the same time away. Today we had a two hour drive from where we were staying to join up with Steve Sanchez and his team at the Hermosa Beach festival. His church had arranged for a booth to be set up in the area. They were conducting intelligence tests and good person tests for all those who would stop and talk.

After arriving we grabbed some tracts and headed to the main entrance, there we handed out thousands of tracts to those entering the festival. During this time of tracting the heat was increasing. It turned out to be one of the hottest days we had experienced in California. This of course limited the amount of people who wanted to stand and talk, but we did manage to have a few good conversations.

Towards the end of the day, we were able to start open air preaching. Before I started I spoke to a security guard and asked him where would be best. He pointed me to a location right near a bus stop. This worked well since there was a very long line of people at the bus stop. So I stepped back and began to share the gospel with them. Most people listened and smiled as a preached, at the end the vast majority took gospel tracts and thanked us for taking the time to share the good news with them.

After we started preaching Steve brought a few guys up to preach also, now we had the area well and truly covered. We took turns preaching the gospel. At the end of the day I decided it would be good to preach once more (also add Steve’s pushing). So I stepped up and began to speak to the line. It was then that an angry lady began to heckle, she started to scream that she was a public figure and couldn’t be filmed. She was rather angry and foul. So I ignored her and continued to preach. During this time another man came and began yelling at me to stop preaching, I ignored him, so he came closer and yelled again. This resulted in a person from the crowd yelling at the heckler, he called out “This is America! He can preach here!” Well by now the crowds attention was on the preaching, this then brought a security guard down. He came and told me I couldn’t preach, I ignored him as well and stepped around him. The reason I stepped around him is because I had permission to be there plus security have no authority to stop the preaching.

Steve Sanchez caught the “Aussie Two-Step” (as he calls it) on tape, you can see it here:

Well that ended our day and our outreach in California for now. Praise God for all the opportunities we had.

Wednesday 9th September 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

What a change! From the deserts of California to the beautiful green environment of Georgia. Also, what a change in people. People in the south seem to be a lot more friendly than those we encountered on the West Coast.

Today’s plan was to join up with Todd Friel and gang at Wretched Radio. We met at the studio then headed out to Georgia Tech for a “Witness Wednesday”. We arrived at the Campus and began to witness to people. The only catch it was to be on the radio, this of course made things a bit more nerve racking. Todd would walk up to people and say “Have you spoken to an Australian? No, here’s one!” Then the conversation would begin.

My first conversation was with a Lutheran minister who was very biblical. It was encouraging to meet someone who actually knew and preached the gospel. After this discussion I got to speak to a Hindu man. It was a good conversation, and I stressed to him the importance of their only being one God and one way to know that God.

After this we lost Todd, he walked one way, we walked the other. About an hour later we found him again. But, during this time we kept witnessing. Once again I got to speak to a Hindu man and also a Muslim man. The Hindu didn’t get it, he agreed with me throughout the presentation but then at the end he said, “I believe in Jesus with the other gods.” So once again I had to explain it to him.

We finished up at Georgia Tech, then Todd announced that we would be going downtown to do some preaching for Wretched TV, I thought that was great until Todd said I was the preacher and I would be on TV. Instantly the nerves hit, I didn’t want to be preaching on TV, but Todd insisted.

It was annoying preaching with microphones clipped on me and also cameras pointed at me. Before I knew what was happening Todd was introducing me to the camera then it was time to preach. So I stepped up and began to preach my stalker sermon. Those in the park quieted down to listen. Many sat and listened and others stopped walking to hear the good news. I built the sermon through the stalker and then into death and eternity. Once I had explained sin I was able to share the good news. By now I had a group of people at the back of the crowd singing out praises of “AMEN!” It was like preaching in a lively church. I wrapped my message up and then caught my breath. While I was sitting after the sermon a man walked up to me and said he had been listening. His words were “As you preached my heart said ‘This is true!’” Then and there in the middle of downtown Atlanta this man bowed his head and begged God for mercy. A few minutes later another man who was listening bowed his head and prayed with Joel, also asking god to save him.

It was incredible and humbling to see. God had used a simple open air sermon to bring two of his people to Himself. To God be the Glory! This provided a great ending to the day, everyone left praising God.

To hear the Witness Wednesday radio show:

Thursday, 10th September 2009 - Stone Mountain, Georgia

We were asked to join up with a local team today at a flower festival in the Stone Mountain national park. Upon arrival we soon found the team that was outside of the main gate, they were preaching and handing out tracts. So we also joined in with the handing out of tracts and one to one witnessing. Many great conversations were to be had. The one that really stands out to me was during the lunch break. While I was getting some lunch I noticed this old man and his wife, both of them would have 70 + but their age wasn’t what caught my attention, but rather it was the fact they were in Mormon garb. Both of them were missionaries. My first thought was “Sweet, if he is still a missionary at this age he must be a really solid Mormon!” With that in mind I approached him thinking that a good apologetic discussion would follow. However I was soon disappointed, it turns out he just began his mission and he didn’t know Mormon doctrine overly well.

We went back and forth a bit over the nature of salvation and how one can come to know Christ. He maintained that we had to work, and I pointed him to the Bible which said we had to trust in Christ alone. Then he managed to jump onto the fact that there are many gods, so I showed him Isaiah 44:8. At this his wife decided it was time for them to leave, so she took him away. As he left he refused to swap emails to continue the discussion, the man was so deceived by the satanic cult of Mormonism. Please pray for him.

That night we met up with some of the guys from Deeper, the plan was to head out to Georgia Tech to do some evangelism at the football game. When we arrived we began to hand out tracts and Marcus open air preached. The police soon came over and stated that we couldn’t open air preach on public property. We spent some time trying to reason with the officer but he wasn’t interested. He also refused to say what law we were breaking. The interesting thing is he stated that if we continued to preach he would see that we were all arrested. However, after awhile he allowed us to continue ministry on the other side of the road.

When the game ended Heath and I took up positions at the main exit and handed out hundreds of tracts as people left the game. I was expecting to see many on the ground, but was surprised to see only one or two left on the ground. May God use this simple little outreach to save those who would be saved. I also did a quick message to those who were waiting to see the players after the match.

To see me preaching check out:

Friday, 11th September 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

Well today was the first day of Deeper Conference. It was good to catch up with some old mates and make some new ones. While the whole day was spent in conference we did get to see some evangelism over dinner. While we were eating dinner Cameron Buettel and I were able to get into a conversation with the manager of Chick-fil-a, we told him why we were here and how we are about preaching the Gospel. Then in jest Heath said, “Someone could stand up in here now and preach!” To which the manager replied, “I would have no problems with that.” That shocked us, but now the question arose, should we preach in a crowded fast food restaurant? We didn’t have to wait long for the answer for a person at another table heard the conversation, so she stood up and preached. People who were eating fell silent as they listened to the gospel, everyone seemed to enjoy the message except for one man who began to yell back at the preacher, he claimed no one wanted to hear the message, so I called back to him, “I do, so be quiet!” He quieted down the message continued. It was quite encouraging to see the gospel preached in a public place like this. To God be the Glory!

Saturday, 12th September 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

Today was the last day of conference, but tonight was “The 500” outreach. The outreach’s goal is to get 500 people on the streets sharing the gospel in one night. This year I was approached to co-lead a team. The team I was assigned were sent to the Four-Corners of Atlanta. This was a good place for one to one, but a bad place for open air. Also, the problem we had was the fact that we had 30+ people in a small zone. But somehow we managed to have a good night of outreach.

I spent most of the night walking around to the different people encouraging them in the outreach and helping them wherever I could. It was great to see so many people out witnessing. At the end of the night we started to walk back to the car, but then we saw a heart breaking scene. Along the road there were many churches and in the door ways of all these churches one could see piles of blankets, but under these blankets were homeless people. I couldn’t help but question why the churches weren’t open and helping these people. The church is in a prime position to minister, yet for some unholy reason the church was not doing its role. Such opportunities to minister, yet no one was prepared to get out of their comfort zone and help those who are down and out. This failure to help the poor is a sinful stain on the church and something must be done. We need to balance our evangelism with social work, they work hand in hand for the glory of God, so get out there and do both!!

Monday, 14th September 2009 - Athens, Georgia

Today was our first day of outreach into the Athens region, it was good for Heath and I to join up with Terry Berg. The plan for the day was to go to the University of Georgia and share the good news. We arrived there at about 9am and immediately we noticed many students hanging around, so we quickly began to hand out tracts.

It soon became clear that we did not have enough tracts for the outreach, anything we had was handed out, then we would scramble to search out packs to see if we had any other gospel tracts. What ever we had people would take and read. It was good to see so many tracts going out and it was even greater to see many of the students stop and read those tracts. During the time of tract work, we were all able to engage in conversations with people. I had this one young lady grill me over theology, she wanted to know what I believed and why I believed it. Always good to open up the Bible and share theology with people who are interested.

After the lunch the heat was getting too much, by now I was dehydrated and in need of a rest, so we headed back to the house to get some rest. It was a great day, many got to hear the gospel. Pray God would save them.

Friday, 18th September 2009 - Charlotte, North Carolina

For the past few days Heath and I had been students at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. It was a great school, we learnt some great skills in regards to evangelism and during the course we were able to make some connections. One of those contacts was with a lecturer at the school, Dr. Alex McFarland.

Alex’s was there lecturing on apologetics and the gospel, this is his area of ministry since he is an apologist and also heads up Southern Evangelical Seminary. After speaking to him at the school he invited both Heath and I down to his seminary to be interviewed on his nation wide radio show. We agreed to the interview on the condition we got to share the gospel. This was quickly agreed to.

The interview went for an hour and it was very enjoyable. At the end of the show I got to present Christ to all the listeners. Praise God for His faithfulness in allowing his Word to go forth.

To listen to the interview check out: (Under video / podcast)

Friday, 25th September 2009 - Columbia, South Carolina

For the past week, I had been confined to barracks due to the fact that I had been running a fever and have been sick. It was great to be in Augusta with the Long family as they made sure I was rested and got better.

Today, I was feeling much better, so I was able to go out on outreach. We joined up with Gary Perez and his team as they drove to Columbia, South Carolina to preach on the campus. The campus didn’t seem very open to the gospel, but we were able to minister to many people via one to ones, tracts and open air preaching. At the end of the day I preached a quick message, while I expounded on the hope that is found only in Christ a man walked past and started to yell out “OBAMA! OBAMA!” I ignored him as I wasn’t making a political speech. After I finished my message the heckler walked past again and this time called me a “---- redneck!” Next thing we know the police were there and we believe he called them on us. It didn’t bother us overly since we had finished the preaching for the day and were heading home.

It was a good day, may God get the glory!

Saturday, 26th September 2009 - Augusta, Georgia

Early start, way to early! It was around 5:30am when we awoke and got ready for the outreach which was due to begin at 7am. The problem was that today was cold and wet, which made it so hard for us to want to get out of bed. But, we managed to somehow get up and make our way to the local DMV for some ministry. The rain actually kept many people away, but still a small few got the hear the gospel.

After the preaching of the morning, we went to the local flea market to set up a booth for another outreach. As before the rain had kept many people away, but God was at work in the heart of at least one man. While I was handing out tracts this one man stopped to talk, it turns out he had never heard of Jesus Christ and what He had done. So I was able to explain the gospel to him and then call him to repentance and faith. He looked at me and then asked, “Can I ask God to forgive me now?” Then and there we bowed our heads and this man confessed his sins to God and begged for the forgiveness of Christ. Praise God for His faithfulness in the saving of souls!

Sunday, 19 July, 2009

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London Evangelism week- Monday 13th- Saturday 18th July

WOW! What an amazing week we all had up in London. On Monday on the way to the Church I chatted with about 8 teenagers going into year 10 at school. We had a great chat and shared the gospel with them and showed them my leg and the story about how short life is, and that we just dont know how long we have left on this earth, and so the importance of repentance and getting right with God while we still can.

We all arrived on the Monday, about 10 of us, not quite as many as expected, but everyone excited about the week ahead. Was great that the Church had a stone that was layed by the Prince of Preachers himself in the late 1900's, and so we knew we were in a great place. Food was FANTASTIC throughout the week, with volunteers cooking us various dinner's throughout the week, as well as being able to have a free drink from the connected cafe everyday which was great.

Most days we walked to Tooting Bec tube station to set up Bible table and give out tracts and speak to people, and then we would either go to Covant Gardens, Leiscter Square or a surrounding area.

A few of us had a go at open air preaching in Leiscter square and near Picadilly circus station, and we all had a few hecklers. One man walked past stating to me that there was no historiuc evidence for the life of Jesus. He obviously hasnt done his homework or looked at the year on the calendar yet!

We all prayed with quite a few different groups of people to get right with God, teenagers and adults alike. I remember praying with Hindu's, Muslims and a Chinese man with a Jewish girlfriend, even got hugged by one teenage lad afterwards, in front of his mates, and so was great. Praying they all grow as Christians and tell others of their experiences.

We also had one 'interesting' meeting with a guy who claimed to work for the council and Police, who assured us we were not allowed to set up out bible table in a certain area as all the spots had already been taken. Rob and Dave got out the relevant Christian institute documents and refuted his remarks, though he continued saying we were not allowed and if we didnt move he would phone someone to move us on. Howevere, 2 PCSO's came to our rescue. We explained the situation to them, then they spoke with the man. It turned out he was just a magician doing a show, and was trying to move us out the way of his act in case we diverted attention away from them. The Police said we could make a complaint against him for falsly impersenating a council worker. Was quite funny in the end, as he was wearing his bright red bowler hat, waistcoat andthree quarter length trousers, with no ID, and so we should have guessed!

All in all was a great week, although I somehow managed to leave my good person test board and sheets in a bag on a tube somehow! Photos have been uploaded to facebook, and was an amazing time of fellowship, teaching and ministry! Many thanks to Rob and Dave for organising it all, and to the Church for putting us all up!

Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

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(14th July – 18th July 2009)

Our summer outreach has come and gone and looking back what an amazing time we had. It began on the Monday with the team arriving at our base of operations, Trinity Road Chapel. We all got settled in and spent a bit of time getting to know one another. Some of us of course already knew one another but others we were meeting for the first time. Rebecca had come all the way from Italy and Liz and her daughter Chloe had driven up from Hampshire. Matt had joined us from Plymouth and Andrew, Ben and Susi had come down from Essex. Our friend Robert from Africa joined us as he did last year and of course Dave and Anna Gee were with us from Sheffield. We also had people join us off and on during the week, those who could not commit to coming out each day.

Below are some photos from the first day preparations…

Rob Hughes Rob Hughes and Matt Rolfe preparing the things for the Bible table Bibles 

Matt preaching open-air in Leicester SquareEach morning we would have a time of prayer and devotions and after breakfast we would head out, armed with Bibles, tracts, DVD’s, etc. It was such a blessing to have so much literature at our disposal. During the day we would head to places like Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Covent Garden. Some open-air preach was done during this time but the majority of our preaching we reserved for the evenings. Each night was spent in Leicester Square as it is really is one of the best places for open-air and street evangelism.

Ben sharing the gospel with some young ladsOn one of the nights David had a very long conversation with four Muslim girls. They listened, were interested, but disagreed and wanted to talk more. They came back on the Wednesday and brought their Father, Mother and most of their extended family. Dave was able to share the gospel with all of them, and even though it was not enthusiastically received, they heard the claims of Christ and the evidence that supports His exclusive claims and the contrast of the Bible with the Qu'ran. We pray that they will trust in the Saviour and not their good works and come to repentance and faith in Christ.

During one of the days at Covent Garden I was engaged with a young man named Lucas during an open-air preach. He had quite a few objections to Christianity and took an atheistic/evolutionary view to life. As we were talking a very angry heckler came my way and interrupted me a great deal and demanded that I talk with him. When I respectfully informed him that I was already talking with Lucas he dismissed that and when I said, "Sir, I am already talking with someone," his response was simply to become angrier and ask that I not call him "Sir," since he had never been knighted. It was obvious to me that anything I was going to say was going to fuel his anger. So I decided to refrain from talking altogether. Lucas stayed waiting, as did the rest of the crowd. In the past when I have been in similar situations and I have taken this approach the person has moved on. However this was not the case with our very angry heckler. So I decided to stop and come down from preaching. It was disappointing and my immediate concern was Lucas. However when I looked over I saw that he was still there. I went over to talk with him and we ended up having a one-to-one conversation for over an hour.

Rebecca and Chloe in a one-to-one conversationDuring the course of our conversation he came to understand why Jesus made the claims He did: that He is the only way to the Father and that there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved. He understood why Christianity presents itself as the only truth, through understanding man's great need, and that Jesus is only viable solution to man's dilemma. While I not excepting the command to repent and believe he did come to understand the Gospel and why Christianity is able to make such exclusive claims regarding man's salvation. It was quite amazing to see the change in him during out conversation and how he became more open as we talked. I am so grateful to the Lord that he can now make an informed decision regarding his eternal salvation. Do pray the Holy Spirit would draw him to the Son. He left with a gospel tract and said that he had enjoyed the conversation. I was very grateful to the Lord.

Ben preaching the gospel open-airThe outreach saw some open-air preaching for the first time from both Ben and Steve (from the London team). This was so awesome to see. Both Ben and Steve have been coming down from Essex each Friday night for over six months and have been throwing themselves into sharing the gospel with people on the street. Both have shared enthusiastically how much they have learnt during this time and how passionate and excited they are to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen how much they have both grown and when it comes to this kind of evangelism it has to be said that it simply cannot be learnt in a classroom or from a book. You simply have to step out and learn through doing.

Steve preaching the gospel open-airOn the Thursday evening I had the great privilege of seeing two young lads make a profession of faith in Christ. With the rain pouring down the three of us stood under an umbrella and talked about the gospel. They listened and were certainly responsive and were clearly thankful for being helped to understand something they have never quite understood before. They are both young teenagers but they grasped the seriousness of the message and at the end were desirous of knowing the Lord. They both prayed by themselves for forgiveness and committed their lives to Christ. I have been in touch with them since then and have been greatly encouraged to hear that they have been reading their Bibles and a little booklet I gave them, called “Save Yourself Some Pain,” written by Ray Comfort. The booklet contains principles for new and growing Christians. I have not been able to meet up with them again since our time at Leicester Square but hopefully we will meet again soon.

That same night the heavens opened on us and the rain poured down. We all had to run for cover and do our best to see out the rain. It was quite an adventure trying to keep all the literature we had dry. Still, it was great fun and made for some great memories. It also gave us the opportunity to witness with those around us who had also run for cover.

“On one of the days at Covent Garden We had one 'interesting' meeting with a guy who claimed to work for the council and Police, who assured us we were not allowed to set up our bible table in a certain area as all the spots had already been taken. Dave and I got out the relevant Christian Institute documents (the law relating to Street Evangelism) and refuted his remarks, though he continued saying we were not allowed and if we didn’t move he would phone someone to move us on. However, 2 Police Community Support Officers came to our rescue. We explained the situation to them, and then they spoke with the man. It turned out he was just a magician doing a show, and was trying to move us out the way of his act in case we diverted attention away from them. The Police also said we could make a complaint against him for falsely impersonating a council worker. It was quite funny in the end, as he was wearing his bright red bowler hat, waistcoat and three quarter length trousers, with no ID, and so we should have guessed!” – Written by Matt Rolfe.

Rowina sharing with two young ladies Andrew sharing the gospel enthusiastically!!

 Dave “manning” the table Our table of “goodies.”

Susi sharing the gospel Andrew preaching open-air in Covent Garden

Rob preaching open-air in Covent Garden Team photo taken at Covent Garden

It had certainly been a great week. We praise God for His great favour we had. My home church was so good to us and the ladies who did the catering were such a blessing. We pray that all those who heard the gospel that week would never forget the great message of the gospel and that they would look to the Saviour and be saved!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Sunday, 5 July, 2009

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Sunday, July 5th 2009 - Written by Ryan Hemelaar

Blake and I arrived at the coast at 2pm and there were a lot of people about. We got into a conversation with a guy from Brazil named Kyle. He's currently studying here in Australia and was very open to the gospel. His worldview was so different to the Biblical one, so we spent a lot of bit time explaining what the Bible says. Kyle saw the frivolousness of living a life without Christ in the centre, and he explained to us that in Brazil, in order to be liked, you need all the latest stuff - good cars, fancy clothing. He was interested to hear that Jesus said: “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” (Luke 12:15).

We warned him that if he wants to follow Jesus, he must be prepared to deny himself and take up his cross and follow Jesus. Meaning, he even needs to be prepared to die for Jesus if the need arises. He said he would seriously think about it, and we gave him a Bible and recommended a local Church for him to go to. Please keep this man in your prayers.

Both Blake and I did some preaching, and at the conclusion of both our messages sparked a number of witnessing encounters. Blake had a good conversation with a Muslim young person who wants to meet back up with us again so that he can learn more about Christianity. Meanwhile, I was chatting to a couple where the husband was a Muslim and the wife was simply non-religious. The husband and I had a long chat as we walked to his car because he wanted to give me a book about Islam and a DVD. I was able to bring up some problems within Islam, and his responses to them were basically, "Don't say that about Allah, because he's your god too." So I pointed out numerous times that the concept of God is very different in Christianity to Islam. We believe God is a trinity, while the Qur'an blatantly denies that.

Another conversation I had was with a bunch of young guys from Portugal. They too had little knowledge about Christianity, and were very open to the gospel. I gave each one of them a Bible and they said they definitely would read it.

It was dark by the time we got back to our car as almost everyone was willing to chat with us. God is really doing something here in the Gold Coast, to Him alone be the glory!

Monday, July 6th 2009 - Written by Josh Williamson

Today was the first day of the Gold Coast “Week of E”, the week previous saw Ryan leading a team in Brisbane, and this week it saw us working together down the Coast. We were blessed to be able to stay at Ryan’s parents apartment on the Coast, as that made it so much more easier for evangelism.

After arriving and making ourselves at home we headed out to Cavill Avenue. It wasn’t as busy as normal, but there were still many people about. Something we noticed immediately was that the mall was full of tourists. Most of them from either India or the Middle East. Unfortunately for me, I had left my Arabic tracts behind at the apartment.

It didn’t take long before we had a few conversations going, I was able to speak to one young man who stated he was out looking at girls, so I shared the gospel with him. He seemed rather open an the idea of God giving him forgiveness if he would repent seemed to blow this guys mind. While I was witnessing to him I noticed a lady who was working at the near by adult shop stepping closer. She was listening to the conversation, so I gave her a tract. She went away and read it. A few minutes later she came back and wanted to talk about the tract. She said she was in agreement with it, but struggled with the issue of Christ taking our place upon the cross. So I explained to her about penal substitution. Upon hearing this she understood and thanked me for sharing the good news with her.

Later in the afternoon, Ryan and I were walking through Cavill Avenue, when we noticed two Indian men walking towards us. Ryan was able to grab one in conversation and I was able to grab the other. Both of them had no knowledge of Christianity, so we were able to share with them the good news of salvation. Both of them listened as we explained the gospel to them, and they both took Gospel of John’s at the end. Please pray that God will save them.

The rest of the day was spent handing out tracts and talking to people. It was a great day!

Tuesday, July 7th 2009 - Written by Josh Williamson

It was a harder day of witnessing today, this was due to the fact that it was cold and wet. It isn’t much fun witnessing at the beach when it is raining, but we still went out and were blessed to be able to have many good conversations.

Today we were joined by Rachel and Juan, and together we were able to hand out many tracts. Ryan as usual was running around witnessing to everyone he could find, and it is so encouraging for us to see. He seems to have a knack of being able to witness to anyone, and even if someone may not be interested in talking, he somehow opens them up and stands there having a conversation.

Towards the end of the day, I was able to have a great conversation with a man in relation to the person of Jesus Christ. He was a man who had been brought up in a religious background, but had never really understood the purpose of Christ coming to this world. So I gently showed him why Christ came, and how he can be forgiven if he would repent. The man seemed stunned, never had he heard this before. Please pray for him.

Wednesday, July 8th 2009 - Written by Josh Williamson

The weather was much nicer today, it was also good for the team to be joined by Ben and Amy from Brisbane. We all had lunch together and were able to have some good theological discussion while munching on our far from healthy burgers.

After lunch we began to hand out tracts and talk to people. Ryan was in conversations nearly straight away. While handing out tracts, Ben and I were stopped by a man who has listened to us preach on many occasions. He was interested to find out if we would be preaching today as he would like to hear us. We had already decided that we wouldn’t open air, but we spoke to him about the gospel once again. The man was very familiar with the gospel, and he was able to tell me word to word what I said to him last time. But, then he said something so interesting, he said, “I can’t come to Christ, I just can’t, something is stopping me.” This man was a classic example of man’s inability to seek God, he would never come to Christ, even though he knew it to be the truth. Once again we pleaded with this man to come to faith, but he left once again unable to come. It is my prayer that God will irresistibly draw him to Christ.

Thursday 9th July 2009 - Written by Ryan Hemelaar

Today Juan, Alex, and Anne-Marie joined me at Surfers Paradise ready to do some witnessing. Alex and Anne-Marie hadn't done much street witnessing before, but they both did a great job.

Anne-Marie and I chatted to a guy who said he was a Muslim. He was from Saudi Arabia and was on holidays at the Gold Coast. After sharing with him about God's moral law and how each one of us have violated it, he recognised his own sin. We then shared the great news about Christ and that he can have all his sins forgiven if you repents and trusts in Jesus' death alone for his salvation. We then explained that there cannot be salvation through Islam, as there is no Saviour. He seemed to understand this point and then agreed that Islam cannot be the way. We then gave him a Bible and continued to chat with him. His name is Obaid. Please keep him in prayer.

After another great day, I was on my way back to the car when I had an extensive conversation with a Muslim young person studying at a near-by university. His English was superb and so I gave a few reasons as to why I thought Islam is not true. He had never thought about the problems I brought up with Islam and he was very thankful for the conversation and said he would definitely think about it. He didn't have a Bible and so I gave him one and he said he'll definitely investigate to see what is actually true. His name is Faisai. Please also keep him in prayer.

Friday, July 10th 2009 - Written by Josh Williamson

Ryan and I walked rather slowly into the Gold Coast today. Everything was hurting from having a big week of evangelism. Physically we were drained, but we pushed on and dug a bit deeper.

We didn’t end up doing much today, but we both managed to get into a conversation with a large group of students from Canberra. They were rowdy and wanted to argue against Christianity. Although there was much opposition, we made some headway with a couple of the guys. They all took tracts and it is our prayer that they may come to faith in Christ.

After this we were just too tired, so we headed back to the flat to have an afternoon off.

Saturday, July 11th 2009 - Written by Josh Williamson

The final day of the Gold Coast week of E had arrived. By now we were very tired, but we had one final day to go. It was good that we were joined by some German brothers today, they came down from Brisbane to help us on the final day of the outreach. They all did a great job in witnessing to the people of the Gold Coast.

I got up and began to preach first. I spoke about the reality of death and how no one can escape the fact that we are mortal beings. A small crowd gathered to listen as I expounded on why we die and how we can have eternal life.

Ryan preached soon after and he had a couple of hecklers, but overall it was a slow day. At around 1400hrs I had to leave in order to head back to Brisbane to get read for the nights outreach. It was a long hard week, but it was something that I really enjoyed. It was great to see people coming to know Christ.

Sunday, 28 June, 2009

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Sunday 28th June

Since both school and university holidays had started, we thought it would be beneficial to have an outreach at either Brisbane City or the Gold Coast everyday for the two weeks of school holidays. So we decided that the first week of evangelism should be held everyday at Brisbane City and today marked the start of it. So Blake, Jeremy, Strachan and I met at 1:30pm at the bottom of Queen St Mall ready to witness to the lost. We made our way to King George Square to see if that would be the best location to witness. Once there, we started getting in conversations with people walking past. Jamie arrived not to long afterwards.

Not too long after we arrived, an older gentlemen started singing hymns and doing a bit of preaching near where we were. He was also handing out DVDs on the Origins of the Universe. Even though no one seemed to heckle him, he was facing into Queen St Mall, so even people in there could hear him.

We stayed evangelising till about 5pm as there were many people to talk to, as the Queen St Mall shops are nowadays open on Sundays. A lot of gospel tracts went out as well.

Monday 29th June

Jeremy and I arrived at the city at about 11am and after witnessing a bit in King George Square, we decided it would be good to witness in Queen St Mall, as there were a lot of people sitting down. We didn't use tracts to start up conversations, as that's not allowed in Queen St Mall, instead we just started the conversation by asking the various people we spoke to about whether they thought they would go to Heaven if they died today. There were a number of large groups of gothic-like teenagers with most having strange piercings and being heavy smokers. We witnessed to a number of them. Some got angry when they heard about the coming Judgment and sin, while others were actually interested. One person in particular was very happy that we spoke to him. He had been a regular Church goer a number of years ago, but had since gone off the rails. So we explained the proper gospel to him and he said he will really think about getting his life right with God.

Another conversation we had was with a Raelian, one who believes we came from Aliens. He tried to argue that there are a lot of unexplained things that people see, therefore we came from Aliens. I found it very strange that this person can believe that we came from Aliens even though there is a severe lack of proof, and yet at the same time deny God's existence, even though there is stacks more proof.

Tuesday 30th June

It was just me today in the city. I arrived at 11am and started witnessing in Queen St Mall. I witnessed to a number of the groups of teenagers, and even some of the people I had witnessed to the day before.

But at one point, a group of teenagers came up to me and said, "Hey, it's the Jesus guy." Then one of them proceeded to ask me, "Guess what I did last night?" So I guessed, "Did you maybe think about what I talked to you about?" He said, "No, more than that." I asked, "Did you read your Bible or pray?" He responded, "No, even more than that." So I asked, "Did you repent and trust in Christ?" He exclaimed, "Yeah I did! I did it last night with my mum." Praise God! This fellow's name is Brock. Please keep him in prayer in his new walk with the Lord.

David Strachan witnessing in Queen StWednesday 1st July

David Strachan, Rachel and Juan joined me today in the city and it was once again, a very successful day because the gospel message went forth. We broke into pairs and started witnessing to those in Queen St Mall. We had many great conversations with the younger folk that were hanging around, warning them of the coming judgment and telling them of the wonderful news of the gospel and that they must repent and trust in Christ to be saved.

Thursday 2nd July

We had three people I had never met before join Juan and I out on the streets witnessing today in Brisbane City. Many conversations were held with the people in Queen St, with one of the conversations we had being with a group of teenagers who seemed very immature. One of the most vocal of the group was an atheist, but wasn't really interested in hearing evidence for God and so got the group to go to another place. However, later on the group seemed to have grown in size and they came back up to us wanting to know more about Christianity. So Juan and I shared the gospel with them and answered any questions they brought up.

Friday 3rd July

Throughout the week, the way I had been getting to the city was by driving to a train station near the city and then catching the train the rest of the way in - so as not to pay a small fortune in parking (as Brisbane City is one of most expensive places to park in the world). However today I arrived at Coorparoo train station and realised that I had forgotten my wallet, so I couldn't get to the city. So instead I witnessed to a number of people at the train station before handing back home. It was a shorter day, but the gospel still went out. It was also good to have that little bit extra rest as the second week of evangelism was about to begin. :)

To God be the glory! Please pray that God will convert those that heard the gospel this week.

Tuesday, 9 June, 2009

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It was an interesting day of outreach at the University of Queensland today. One of the conversations I had was with a Frenchman who had been in Australia for only a week. He was a biologist trying to get into an internship at UQ. At first he denied existence of Heaven and Hell, and even God. So I briefly gave him some reasons as to why it is rational to believe in God. He then admitted there must be a God, but didn't think God would be good. So I argued that if there was no God, there shouldn't be any objective moral values. But since there is, therefore there must be a God that is good. He denied that there are any objective moral values; he said that there is nothing that is right or wrong. So I asked him that if he was in a country that said that murder was okay, would murder still be okay? He said, "Yes, for there is no intrinsic value in human life. I would probably even murder." I asked him, "If there was a person drowning in a pool, would you go save him?" He said, "No, why should I? We are all just animals."

This fellow believed in the theory of evolution. Evolution basically teaches that we are simply more evolved animals and thus we have no intrinsic value. At least this fellow was being honest and believed the logical conclusion to believing in evolution. I asked him, "Is there any purpose in life?" He answered, "No." So I asked, "Doesn't that belief lead you into depression?" He agreed.

Since this person didn't believe there is actually anything that is right or wrong (not even murder!), it was impossible for me to prove that God is good. So I made sure the guy understood that whether he believed in the Judgment or not, he will one day die and have to stand before God and give an account for how he has lived his life. He did mention that he wants to visit a Church sometime while he is in Australia. Please pray that God will convert this man.

Many other conversations were had, and even Juan and Rachel joined me for a little bit handing out some gospel tracts.

To God be the glory!

Tuesday, 2 June, 2009

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It begins! Last week I finally completed all my classes for my Bachelor of Ministry, but upon completing college I had to face the question of “now what?” After, spending some time in prayer and seeking advice I decided that I would commit myself to full time evangelistic ministry, both here in Australia and internationally as God provides. This decision was made easier by the fact that I am now working two days a week with Evangelist Bill Newman at his ministry Bill Newman Ministries. Being able to work with Bill has been great, as I get to learn more about evangelistic ministry and I also get paid for it. But, most of all this line of employment allows me to focus on reaching out to the lost on a full time basis.

Since, I now have more time to devout to outreach, I thought it to be a good idea to spend more time on Queensland’s largest university, just handing out tracts and having one to one conversations with the students. So, today Ryan and I both made our way to the campus with a certainly level of excitement, but also with an amount of concern as it had been raining all morning and it looked like it was about to rain again. Ryan assured me that there still would be plenty of people to witness to even if it was pouring with rain.

Upon arrival we immediately began to hand out to all the students we walked past, this resulted in many people sitting around reading the gospel of Jesus Christ. It didn’t take long for Ryan to engage in a one to one conversation with a young Jewish man who was trying to disprove Jesus, by stating that He couldn’t have been crucified with nails in His hands, and that Jesus was black. Ryan, stayed on course and presented the Christ who is able to save that man from his sin.

By now the heavens had opened up and the rain was pouring down (although Ryan kept saying “look blue sky!”) So we made our way to an undercover area near where all the students buy their lunch. As we walked into the undercover area we were approached by a student from the socialist alliance, he handed us a flyer which was advertising an upcoming rally on global warming. As he gave me the flyer, I thought, this guy would be interesting to talk to.

At this stage Ryan was sitting down engaging a Muslim man in discussion so I walked up to the socialist student and asked him for an interview. He quickly agreed so I proceeded to talk to him for some time. His name is Ewan and he was very pro-environment and very anti-Christianity. For some twenty minutes we discussed different things and I found it very hard to swing to the gospel with him, as every time I did he would try to rabbit-trail. However by the end of our discussion I was able to present Christ to him.

I noticed that Ryan was still engaged in discussion with the Muslim, so I looked for someone else to talk to. A few people I approached were in a rush to get to class, so I gave them a tract and they continued on their way. Eventually I ran into Ali, who is a business student from Pakistan, his religion is Islam, however, he said he is not a radical. I spoke to him for about twelve minutes and I stressed to him how as a Christian I have assurance of salvation. At the end of the conversation I pleaded with him to trust in Christ alone to save him, as his good works will never been good enough to get him to heaven.

It was now lunch time, so Ryan went to grab some lunch while I spoke to a young adult from my church. After Ryan finished eating he jumped into a conversation with two young students. From all accounts it went very well with them both acknowledging that they needed the Saviour and saying they were prepared to lay it all down for Jesus.

After this we began to make our way out of the campus, however, Ryan managed to get himself into a conversation with a group of students. The group loved the discussion and they were pulling phones out and calling friends encouraging them to come listen to Ryan. By the end Ryan was talking to a large group of students about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During this time I was handing out tracts, and I managed to get a one to one with Richard, who believed himself to be good enough for Heaven. So I quizzed him on this point and the moment he realized his sin he turned and ran away. I was disappointed I couldn’t present Christ to him, but I rest in the fact that God is Sovereign and He will allow Richard to hear the good news of sins being forgiven.

The day overall was brilliant. There is a great need to evangelise the university so I am keen to put one day a week in on UQ campus, and it is my prayer that God will save His people. I would ask that you keep me in prayer as I evangelise in a full time capacity and also pray for Operation 513 as we expand and reach more people for Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Below are two audio recordings of witness encounters from today. The first one is with Ewan the Socialist. And the second is with Ali the Muslim.

1. Ewan the Socialist

2: Ali the Muslim

Sunday, 3 May, 2009

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Today in Brisbane was the big celebration of the Buddha's Birthday. So we decided to go pay a visit at Southbank where there were thousands of people there worshipping and celebrating this idol. Upon arrival we began to hand out a few tracts, people were very receptive and even asked for more tracts. But that was about all the positive we experienced.

While I was waiting for Andre a man from the Buddhist association approached and told us to leave the parklands (which is public property), when I pointed out that we had legal right to use the park, just as much as he did he ran off to get the police. A female senior constable came over and order Andre and I to stop handing out tracts as it is "illegal". I asked her what law said I couldn't do it, but she didn't give an answer. The police officer once again told us it was illegal to hand them out and the Buddhist organizer was very happy until I said to him, "Mate, you guys are advertising yourself as multi-faith, now surely it wouldn't look good if the media finds out that you banned a bunch of Christian ministers..." The man quickly changed his tune, but the police officer wouldn't. She then told me to put my tracts away as it is against the law for me to carry them in my hand. At this point I had enough, so I encouraged her to arrest me for carrying tracts and asked what law exactly said that I couldn't hold gospel tracts in my hand. She didn't answer but walked away and called for backup.

Since we weren't under arrest Andre and I wrote down all the details of the officer, then walked away. Knowing full well that we were being watched by surveillance. Andre and I met up with Ryan and Ben, within seconds of meeting a security guard arrived and ordered us to leave the parklands. I refused, and asked on what grounds he could order us off public lands. He stated that we had been observed handing out tracts since police had told us to stop. At this point I knew he was lying, so I asked him to prove his case. He then claimed to have personally seen us do it. Once again I asked him to produce the evidence, since the whole parklands is under CCTV maybe he could produce a tape. After talking to him for a bit the security guards story changed, no longer had he observed me handing out tracts but rather he had seen someone else. This of course then gave him no grounds to expel me from the park. The Security guard decided it was best to call the police. While we were waiting for the Queensland Police to arrive the guard told us that it is illegal to carry gospel tracts in our hand, as it is the same as carrying an open bottle of alcohol or a gun. In all my time of evangelism I have never heard of the gospel being referred to in the same breath as carrying a loaded firearm in public.

The QPS arrived and they stated that we couldn't hand out tracts, but we didn't have to leave the park and also they said it was legal for us to carry tracts. We decided to avoid any more hassles that we would go position ourselves on the bridge to the entrance of the parklands. This walkway proved very fruitful as everyone going to the Buddha Birthday Festival walked past and got a gospel tract. By the end of the day thousands of tracts had been handed out.

To God Be the Glory!!

Monday, 2 March, 2009

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Friday, 2nd January 2009 - London

The plan for today was to head back out on the streets and once again make known the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly Fredee was out ill today, so only Mel and I went out on the streets during the day, while Peter stayed back at the house with Fredee.

Mel and I made our way to Piccadilly Circus, and we were surprised to find that there wasn’t that many people present. So we made the most of the situation and began to hand out tracts. The people walking pass seemed to like the tract and many were handed out. After doing tract for work for some time I thought it would be good to open air preach. So I climbed up the step ladder that was placed under the Eros statue and I began to preach. A few people stopped but not overly many. And there was no heckling. After preaching for a while I stood down, and we once again went to handing out tracts. We did this for a while then we headed back to the house in order to prepare for the nights outreach.

Later in the evening we joined up with the Operation 513 London Evangelism team at Piccadilly Circus. It was a great time of preaching and fellowship with these guys. They all have such a passion for the gospel and for the lost. During the course of the night Rob, Carl and I all preached. God was kind to allow people to hear the gospel. Including one heckler that I had who was in love with the idea of him going to hell. I tried to plead with him but he seemed consumed with the love of his sin.

Monday, 5th January 2009 - Leicester

Today we got to witness in one of the hardest places of all. I have been able to witness in many different cities around the world, but Leicester in the UK was probably the hardest I have been in. There was such a hatred of the gospel and a hatred of Christians.

I had planned on not preaching today due to the fact that my voice was still weak from the sudden change in temperatures, from the heat of Australia to the freezing conditions of the UK. But as we left the car park in which we parked we could hear the sounds of a preacher proclaiming the gospel. So we walked over to listen to this evangelistic preacher. They were standing under a huge white Christmas tree with a PA set up.

People were listening and moving on, but still the gospel was going forth. It was actually quite awesome as one of the guys on the team had met Peter a couple of weeks early in Plymouth, so since we had the connection I was invited to preach. Since they had a PA it made it a whole lot easier on my voice, so I opened up my Bible and preached my ‘Stalker’ sermon. A few people stopped to listen, but not too many. But the beauty of using a PA is the fact that many people can hear the gospel from a great distance away.

After the preaching we went about handing out tracts. Fredee gave some youth tracts but their response was to walk back to Fredee rip the tract up and through it in her face. Such was the hatred of the gospel. But even though so many rejected the gospel many more took tracts and read them.

As we were preparing to leave I ran into two Mormon missionaries. So I decided to engage them in conversation. Out of all the cults I love talking to Mormons they have been so deceived by the lies of the Latter Day Saint Church and by the False Prophet Joseph Smith. As I spoke to these two young men I stressed to them the differences between LDS teaching and that of evangelical Christianity. The main point I focused on was how the LDS teach work based salvation, whereas the Bible teaches that we can never earn salvation. I had the missionaries open their Bibles and read the different verses I mentioned then asked them to explain. They responded by telling me to pray about the Book of Mormon. Sadly these men were so entrenched in the lies of the Mormon church that they openly declared that they would reject the Scriptures if it went against the LDS.

After this encounter we made our way back to the vehicle for the drive back home. It was a good day, even though the city was hard.

Tuesday, 6th January 2009 - Coventry

Today we were joined by a dear brother from Mansfield. It was good to have Nigel come out witnessing with us. Before our outreach in Bradford we had a few car problems so we had to sort that out before hand, but once the car was fixed we were able to commence the outreach.

Coventry is a lovely city, and the people there seemed to be quite open to the gospel, which was a nice change from the day before. We set up our preaching stool in the main shopping area of the city and I began to preach. While my voice was not 100% God was kind enough to allow it to hold during the gospel presentation. Only a couple of people stopped, but God was still glorified in the preaching of the gospel.

After the open air many one to ones were had, which was really great. It was during this time that we were approached by security and asked to leave as we were not allowed to witness in that area. So we made our way to a different part of the city, which proved to be a great spot to hand out tracts and talk to people. We spent the rest of the day talking to people about Jesus and also handed out thousands of tracts.

Wednesday, 7th January 2009 - Birmingham

Today we were joined once again by Nigel, but we also had an addition. It was great to be joined by King Straw man - Wayne. He is a great brother, and he was so kind to allow us to stay in his house.

We all made the journey across to Birmingham. And I must admit I was a bit nervous about going to this city, as I have been told many things about this city, for instance I have been told of the violence and Muslim invasion in this city. So these things were all running through my mind as we drove across, but I was later surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad of city.

When we arrived the car park was covered in snow, this was quite a novelty to me as coming from Australia we don’t see these sort of things. Of course with that much snow about we had to have a snowball fight (my first ever!!!). So there we were on the top of a building in Birmingham running around throwing snowballs at each other. What a great start to the gospel outreach!!

The snow began to fall as we made our way to the city centre of Birmingham, this would hinder any open air preaching, but it didn’t stop the one to ones or gospel tracts. During the course of the day we were able to hand out thousands of tracts.

While Fredee was handing out tracts a young man walked past. She offered him a tract he took it walked away and then a few minutes later returned to ask a few questions. From there I was able to engage him in a one to one conversation. He was really open to the gospel, and as I explained to him about the love of God, and how forgiveness is offered at the cross of Christ he asked this question, “Can I get right with God now?” This shocked me, as it isn’t something you hear a lot of on the streets. So then and there in the middle of the street in the city centre of Birmingham this young man prayed to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He left us soon after taking with him a gospel of John and a “Save Yourself Some Pain”.

I later found out that Wayne and Nigel had another man who professed faith in Christ also. It was a great day of witnessing on the streets. God was working in the hearts of those whom He had elected.

Friday, 9th January 2009 - Edinburgh

After a nice drive up to Scotland yesterday, we spent our first day in Edinburgh. I had been bracing for extremely cold weather, however I found the temperature to mild and no where near as cold as it was down south.

We started out on the streets about mid-morning, and after witnessing for a short time on the Royal Mile we discovered that it was no ideal for witnessing as there weren’t many people about. So we headed down to the main street that runs through Edinburgh. This street was packed with people, so we set ourselves up on either side of the road, and began to hand out tracts and witness to people. During this time I noticed that there were a lot of enclosed bus stops along the road, so I walked along all of them handing out tracts to those who were waiting for a bus. This turned out to be quite a good way of tracting, many of those waiting for their ride had nothing to do, so they gladly accepted some literature to read.

Later in the afternoon we made our way to St. Giles Cathedral, and there we did some phone fishing for Wretched Radio in the USA. The first man that was interviewed was an elderly gentleman who walked away when Todd Friel started to talk to him about the cross, and the second man was a young bloke from Canada who turned out to be an atheist. Todd and him seemed to have a great conversation.

Saturday, 10th January 2009 - Edinburgh

I awoke to the sound of the wind whistling through my room, as I sat up to look around Peter informed me that it was going to be freezing cold today so I had better make sure I rugged up (something I chose to ignore!).

We started the day by heading out to Stirling Castle, and it was not much use witnessing there as it was blowing a gale, so we headed back to the city centre of Edinburgh. Upon arrival we found many of the roads closed, and to make things worse it had begun to rain. The reason for the roads being closed was to accommodate a large anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian protest that ran the length of the city. So into this crowd we went with gospel tracts to let people know about the Prince of Peace.

During this time we were able to have a few good conversations, but eventually the heavens opened up and the rain began to heavy to witness in. But, we did manage to have a good time of fellowship with a couple of brothers from Edinburgh.

It was sad to leave Edinburgh it is such a beautiful city, I would have loved to spend much more time there.

Monday, 11th January 2009 - Bradford

They day was overcast and rain was threatening, but we made our way to a city that has been called, “The Islamic Capital” of the UK. I was really looking forward to witnessing here today, however, I was not sure what the peoples response was going to be like.

Mel and I started off by handing out tracts in the city centre, while Peter and Fredee went to a different location. It soon became clear that there was a great openness to hearing the gospel here, people seemed to be really interested in the claims of Jesus Christ.

I had a chance to speak to one Muslim man who had not long returned from Mecca. As we were talking I explained him about how he needs a Saviour, this then went into some apologetics as he tried to show why the Quran was correct. I dealt with his arguments for some time, and in the end he admitted that the Bible was correct and that the Quran had it wrong. It was at that moment that Muslim men in long robes appeared from no where and surrounded me and him. They all started in at once saying about how the Bible was corrupted. So once again I went though some apologetic arguments, and then swung to the gospel. As I reasoned with the Muslims they started to back away, but all of them took tracts and left.

Later on in the day, I was able to once again witness to a Mormon elder who was out and about in the city centre. We spoke about how one is saved by God’s grace alone, and not of works. The elder became rather hostile and began to yell at me. I remained calm and reasoned with him from the Scriptures, but he wasn’t interested. In the end he just walked off claiming to be perfect.

Tuesday, 13th January 2009 - Leeds

Once again the weather was bad, and it looked like it was about to rain, but we still decided to head up to Leeds for the day. The city centre of Leeds is one of the nicest ones I have seen, it is very spread out, and very pedestrian friendly. This makes a great space for us to conduct outreach, so I want to thank the Leeds City Council J
The day was fairly good, we had many great conversations and thousands of tracts were handed out. Towards the end of the day, once again I was able to get into a conversation with two Mormon missionaries.

In Australia we get to encounter many Mormons, but I have never seen so many of them out on the streets like they are in the UK. Just like every Mormon I have spoken to, we engaged the topic of how is one saved. In their understanding it is “Faith and Works”, whereas the Bible teaches “Faith Alone”. We went around and around, they appealed to emotional arguments, and I appealed to the Bible. In the end the Mormons just walked off saying they would trust their “burning in the bosom” over the Bible. So sad.

Wednesday, 14th January 2009 - Sheffield

The first day in Sheffield, last year I had the privilege of ministering here, and this year God once again opened up the door for outreach. We met in the city centre, and there we were joined by David Gee and a few other street ministers. We had a great time of open air preaching and handing out tracts.

Dave, Jim and I all preached, but the crowds were mostly apathetic, it was really hard to get a crowd here. But, nevertheless, the gospel was preached and that is all that matters.

Thursday, 15th January 2009 - York

Once again the “fine” English weather greeted us as we began our outreach. Today, we were at the walled city of York. Out of all the days today was probably one of the most heavy days for rain, but nevertheless, we continued the outreach.

Once inside the city walls we found a fairly dry spot in which we could hand out tracts and talk to people as they hurried up the street. Like many of the other cities we had been in, there were two Mormon missionaries out on patrol, so once again I engaged them in conversation. Like all the rest these Latter Day Saints were trusting in their own perfection and own good works in order to inherit eternal life. So I spoke to them about the assurance I have of salvation because of what Christ did.

For some time I pleaded with them from the Scriptures, and begged them to considered the claims of the Holy Bible, one of the missionaries looked at me and said, “We believe the prophet and also the Book of Mormon, but you are making us think, as we can tell you clearly care for us.” We continued talking for a little longer and then we parted ways. It is so sad to see a cult like the LDS teaching its people that they have to be perfect by their own merits to be saved, instead of trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Later in the day we had a quick walk around the walls and gardens in York, during this time Fredee was off running around to every person that passed her giving them tracts. Now, I have worked with quite a few people in evangelism, but from what I saw, Fredee would be one of the top people for having a passion to reach out to the lost. It was a real encouragement to me as team leader to see someone with a great zeal for God, and love for fellow humans.

Friday, 16th January 2009 - Sheffield

Peter, Fredee and Mel all went for a drive out to the Peaks District in Yorkshire, while I stayed back at the house and prepared my sermon for Sunday morning. It was a great morning in which I could spend some time with God and then prepare my message.

That evening we all went out and joined with Operation 513 - Sheffield, we spent a few hours witnessing in front of the war memorial and we were able to have many great conversations. Jim was witnessing to a large group of youth who hung on his every word, Peter was also busy talking to people. Both Mel and Fredee were witnessing to a security guard. Everywhere one looked you could see people engaged in conversation about the claims of Christ.

I was blessed to be able to have a conversation with two young lesbians, they stopped, took a tract then asked “What is this all about?”, I replied, “On the back it has a question that we all think about, but never stop to ask, and that question is: ‘Will you go to Heaven when you die?” The young ladies looked at me and said, “I don’t know as I don’t know how to get there.” I asked them if they have ever heard the message of Jesus Christ, and about how He came to earth to die on the cross. They looked at me blankly then stated, “I have never heard of what Jesus did, I have heard his name used to curse, but I don’t know anything about him.”

That broke my heart, here you have two young ladies in their late teens / early twenties, and they had know idea of who Jesus Christ was. It would have been expected if I was witnessing in a “non” Christian nation, but here I was in the heart of England and people did not know anything. As clearly as I could, I explained to these girls about the God who made us, and about how we rebelled against Him, then I spoke about our own personal sin, and how we must be judged by our Creator. The girls were listening to every word and their attention was fixed. As I explained judgment, I also explained about how God is loving, in that He came to earth as Jesus Christ to die in the place of sinners, and rise again defeating sin and death. As I explained about how because of what Christ did they could be forgiven, one of the girls reached out with a big smile, grabbed my hand and said, “Thank you for telling me this, that is so wonderful!” It was then that I noticed she had a tear in her eye, as did the other young lady. So I stressed to them the importance of repentance and faith in the finished work of Jesus. They left both taking with them a Gospel of John each. Please pray that God would save them for His glory!

As the night drew to an end we were joined by Rob Hughes, Carl, and Andrew from the Operation 513 - London team. They had driven up to spend the weekend witnessing with us. It was good to have a time of fellowship as we headed back to the house.

Saturday, 17th January 2009 - Sheffield

Once again we headed back to the city centre of Sheffield to witness, it was good to have the guys from Sheffield and London with us. And when we arrived we were blessed to find out that our brothers and sisters from Nottinghamshire were also driving over for the outreach. But there was also some sadness to the day, as it was the day in which Peter had to leave us in order to return to Australia.

The weather was fine, so we began to open air preach. Rob Hughes was the first preacher up and he did an excellent job. Crowds gathered as he opened up the gospel, these were the first decent size crowds we had seen the whole trip. Rob preached for a good hour and he engaged in many great conversations with hecklers in the crowd.

After Rob preached it was my turn to get up, so I began by sharing an analogy. A crowd gathered in, so I began to expound on the gospel of Christ. While I was preaching two young lads on bikes stopped, so I engaged them. They believed themselves to be good people, and they certainly believed they were good enough to go to heaven. So I challenged them on that, and at the end of walking them through the Ten Commandments and also through the gospel, they believed themselves to be on the path to hell. I begged of them to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, and they both took Gospels of John.

That evening, Rob and I had the privilege of meeting up with one of the UK seasoned evangelism Roger Carswell, he was such a nice man, he gave us some advice on the ministry of an evangelist and also encouraged us in the work of the ministry.

Sunday, 18th January 2009 - Sheffield

Today was designated a rest day, but first I had the honour of preaching at Rotherham Evangelical Church in Sheffield. I spoke about “Why is there Death and Suffering”. After the service we parted ways with the Operation 513 - London boys as they had to return back south. It was great to work alongside them over the course of the weekend.

Monday, 19th January 2009 - Sheffield

It was bitterly cold today, the wind was blowing and no matter how many layers you had on the wind would go right through you. We made our way to the Fargate Mall where we met up with Jim. We spent a ood few hours just handing out tracts and talking to people. The majority of those in the mall were glad to take a tract and it was good to see that many one to one conversations stemmed from this outreach.

Tuesday, 20th January 2009 - Sheffield

Our last day in Sheffield, it was kind of sad to leave this city, as it seemed like God was starting to awaken His people. But, it was the last day of active service here so we hit the streets hard. It was a joy to be joined by David Gee after lunch and immediately he decided that he wanted to open air preach.

Dave set up, and prepared to herald the gospel, the starting point was the fact that the USA had a new president, and that president was one who supported the mass genocide of babies. As Dave preached a crowd began to gather, and one man came to the defence of abortion, stating that those children in the womb weren’t real people as they couldn’t look after themselves. Dave countered this point by saying, “Once a child is born, is it then a real person?” The heckler replied “Yes!” “Can that new born baby look after itself?” Dave fired, “No it can’t” the heckler answered. “So, based on what you said before I guess that child isn’t human as it can’t look after itself, would you suggest it is alright to kill the baby now?” The heckler went quiet and didn’t quite know how to answer, so he did what all good hecklers do, and that is rabbit trail onto a different topic.

As Dave was preaching he began to get various hecklers from atheists to evolutionists. While he was dealing with one young man he called out for me to take over as his work had just called to see if he could come back to work. So I engaged the crowd and the hecklers that Dave had.

The crowd seemed to be full of either atheists or Muslims. So I countered their objections to the best of my ability and then preached the gospel. For well over ninety minutes I engaged the crowd, which was fairly polite. We covered such a wide range of topics: atheism, Islam, The Bible, Creation, Evolution, the Crusades, Justice etc. It was a great open air environment with many questions coming, but best of all, every question led back to the cross.

Overall today was a great day, many got to hear the gospel and may God save His people!!

Thursday, 22nd January 2009 - Workington

It was a nice change to be a small town compared to the big cities we had grown accustomed to. When it comes to small town evangelism there is a new dynamic, and that is no matter where you do it, the whole town is going to know about it, and if you live in that town people know where you live. This was the case with Dale who we had the privilege of working and staying with.

The first day in Workington we headed out to the town centre, and began to preach. Both Dale and I preach. A few people paid attention but overall not many did. However, lots of tracts went out and there was some great conversations.

Friday, 23rd January 2009 - Newcastle

A nice and early start today as we set out on a two and a half hour drive from Workington across the country to Newcastle on Tyne. I had witnessed in Newcastle before, and found it to be a very nice city to witness in. So I was rather looking forward to the day.

When we arrived we found the city centre jammed full of people, so we began to hand out tracts and talk one to one with people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After doing this for some time we decided it was time for an open air preach.

So Dale started it off we some preaching about salvation, I am quite happy with Dale, his preaching has improved tremendously since I last saw him a year ago. He has a huge heart for the things of God, and He desires to make Him known. As Dale preached a bit of a crowd gathered to listen. And afterwards many of them took tracts.

Shortly after Dale finished preaching, it was my turn to open air. I started off with my UK Stalker sermon, this drew a crowd in, as people like a good story. Then, once I swung from the story to the gospel more people stopped to listen. In the crowd there was a couple of vile hecklers yelling out things that dare not be repeated, but there was one young man a Muslim who had a few questions. He wasn’t a very strict Muslim, so I reasoned with him on a basic apologetic front, then I swung it to the gospel. The man had never heard the gospel before, so it was a great privilege to tell him of Christ. At the end that Muslim man took a gospel of John and he appeared very grateful.

We had to cut the preaching short as we had to do phone fishing for Wretched Radio in the USA. It was good to be able to talk to my brother ‘Hip Hop’ and also Todd Friel. The first person we had for the phone fishing was a Muslim man from Iraq. He seemed quite interested in talking more after the radio interview. Then the second man for phone fishing was a lively character, he began by telling Todd how he wants to kill people and kill the police. He was really strange, but he took a gospel tract at the end.

Once the job was done, we packed up and started the long drive back across the country to Workington.

Saturday, 24th January 2009 - Workington

Once again we spent the day in Workington, I was a bit worried that it would be a very quiet day, but God had other plans. As I began to preach today a female Police Constable came up to me and ordered me to stop preaching as people didn’t like it. So I challenged her on what law were breaking, she replied that we were “Disturbing the Peace”.

Now, when I deal with the police I want to be 100% certain with what law we are breaking and also, what will the consequences be if we continue. The officer was rude and abrasive as we tried to reason with her, so I asked simply, “If I continue to preach the gospel, what will happen?” Her reply was “If you continue to preach the gospel, I will arrest you for that.” The officer had just made the gospel the issue, so Dale and I walked to the police station to talk to a higher ranking officer.

The Sergeant we spoke to was very apologetic and stated that the officer needs to be educated. He then gave us the freedom to go back and preach. So that is exactly what we did.

I stood up to preach for a second time, then God moved. This small little town all of a sudden came alive as a crowd of over 150 people gathered. Dale was in shock, as was many of the locals. Never had there been a crowd this big in the open air for a meeting. It was great to see what God does when people try to stop His gospel. One young man from the crowd was trying to make a show, so he began to heckle, and brag about going to hell. So I targeted him and began to reason with him from the gospel. He quickly changed as he realize the depths of his sin, and what hell is like. The man then listened intently as I told him about the one who came to save sinners. That young man then took a Gospel of John and he shook my hand, thanking me for taking the time to talk to him.

After the open air we had many great conversations, groups of people would just come up and ask questions, so we would spend much time explaining the gospel. Afterwards Dale preached and once again God brought a crowd in to hear His Word.

Monday, 26th January 2009 - Carlisle

Happy Australia Day!!!! For the second year in a row I spent my nations holiday in a different country. It is such a sad thing being an Australian abroad on Aussie Day, it makes you miss your country and you long to be at home with your fellow countrymen. But, God had decided to deploy us to Carlisle today.

The city was a nice looking city, but it was very quiet. But God allowed us to hand out many tracts, and even have a few great conversations. During the course of the day, both Dale and I preached, but the crowd numbers were low. But, nevertheless the Gospel went forth, and that is all that matters. People need to hear the gospel, if one person stops then it is worth it!

Wednesday, 28th January 2009 - Manchester

We left Workington this morning to make the trip down to Manchester. We arrived about mid afternoon, and it was good to be able to meet up with my mate Kevin Williams and also his family. Much to our surprise it was good to find Wayne and Nigel from Nottinghamshire also present. We had a great lunch together, and built each other up as we spoke about theology.

In the evening we headed out to the city centre of Manchester, and there Kev began to preach. Since we were opposite to the tram station he had a consistent crowd, but then entered the hecklers. Kev was surrounded by a group of young lads all of whom were Muslims. They began to chant “Allah Akbar!”

This made people stop, and Kev pushed on in presenting the gospel. For well over an hour Kevin preached hard, and then afterwards we all engaged in conversations with these Muslim men. Each of us had our own little group to talk to. And, while we did engage in apologetics, our main focus was presenting Christ. At the end of the night we parted on fairly good terms with these Muslims and they all left with tracts.

Thursday, 29th January 2009 - Manchester

At around lunch time we headed back out to Manchester city centre. We spent quite a bit of time talking one to one with people as well as handing out tracts. Melissa and Fredee were able to witness to a group of Catholics and also Muslims. While Kevin and I got to talk to a man who believed himself to be God and from an alien.

About mid-afternoon, Kevin stood up and began to preach. God was kind and a crowd gathered in. People stopped to listen to Kev preach about the cross of Christ, and how by Christ alone cane we be saved. After Kevin finished preaching it was my turn, so once again I used my UK stalker sermon, and God was kind yet again to bring a crowd in.

The crowd grew and grew. And with the large crowd came many hecklers. Out of all the hecklers I had that day my favourite would have been Garfield. This man was wearing all black, had his beard done in beads, and was carrying a cane. Once he entered the crowd, he began to make himself known by laughing and jeering. So I engaged him, and he yelled out saying, “I can destroy Christianity with two questions, and no preacher ever takes me on!” So I replied, “Alright, go for it, what’s your questions?” Garfield looked a little stunned, then smiled and yelled, “Oh… Preacher wants to play!” With that he threw his cane to his friend.

Garfield’s two questions were two that I had not expected. I was bracing for some scientific, or deep theological question, but instead his two questions that he claimed would destroy Christianity was this, “Why did Jesus have to die? And what did He die upon?” Well, I was happy with those two questions as it provided me a perfect opportunity to preach the gospel. So I presented why Christ had to die, and what Christ died upon.

Garfield was a bit perplexed, and it appeared that he hadn’t expected an answer. So he quickly changed tact and said loudly, “Well, your preaching isn’t needed, as it clearly states in Genesis that those who have never heard of Jesus Christ will not straight to heaven. So, you are actually sending more people to hell by preaching!” My reply to this was to simply hand him my Bible and say, “Please, show me that verse.”

Garfield was stunned, he didn’t know the verse, but he assured me that it was there. Then I pointed out to him that the name ‘Jesus Christ’ did not appear until Matthew, some 39 books later. He fell silent as I pointed out his error, and he did a quick bow and said, “Thank you for your time” then left, but the crowd remained. So once again I presented the gospel to them. The vast majority of the crowd took tracts afterwards, and it was then that Kevin informed me that the crowd was well over the 200 mark. Which shocked me as I was only focused on the heckler I was dealing with.

God is so kind!

Friday, 30th January 2009 - Manchester

Another day, and once again we found ourselves back in Manchester city centre. However, today we were joined by people from Heaton Road Chapel and Stockport Calvary Chapel. It was good to work alongside our brothers and sisters from different churches. It is always good when the church unites for the cause of evangelism.

We started preaching almost immediately today. I was the first preacher up and I spoke from John 3:16. A bit of a crowd gathered, but no where near like the size of yesterday. There were a few hecklers, but it was a really tough crowd to work with. But, the gospel still went forth.

Afterwards, Kevin preached and he also got a crowd. Manchester was turning out to be a great fishing hole. The rest of the day was spent handing out tracts and talking to people one to one about the gospel. It was a great day!

Saturday, 31st January 2009 - Manchester

Again we were joined by people from Heaton Road Chapel, in fact there was about 25 of us out on the streets witnessing today. Young and old all were there with the purpose of making Christ known.

The first preacher up was Kevin, he did a marvellous job of presenting the gospel. Like every other open air thus far, God brought in a crowd to hear His word. Kev’s preaching is great, he is used to be a lot harder, but now he has a move loving tone to his voice. It was really good to see Kev develop in this area.

After Kevin preached it was my turn, so I began by talking about the Gospel of Christ. People began to stop and a crowd around a 100 people gathered. One young man was laughing at the preaching, so I decided to use him as my heckler and I did a call out. It turns out that he had just got back from Afghanistan, he was there as a British infantry soldier. So I thanked him for his service, then began to bounce the gospel off him. He started out as a hard, don’t care man. But then he became a man who cared and who realized his fate without Christ. He took a gospel of John and afterwards he had a long chat with Kevin in regards to how to be saved.

Afterwards quite a few of the guys from Heaton Road Chapel open air preached, including a couple of 14 year olds, who did for the first time, and one 70 year old former homosexual Roman Catholic priest also preached. It was a real encouragement to see them get up and preach. God is so awesome!

Sunday, 1st February 2009 - Manchester

We spent the morning at Kevin Williams church, then in the afternoon I prepared for the evangelistic rally that was being held at Heaton Road Chapel that night. The text I was preaching on was from Amos 4, and my sermon was titled “Are You Prepared to Meet God?”

That evening I preached for about an hour, and the congregation seemed to be very attentive. It is my prayer that many of those who weren’t saved that night would come to saving faith.
Monday, 2nd February 2009 - Liverpool

The plan for today was to leave early and head to Liverpool, however, the UK was suffering the worse blizzard for 100 years. So went spent the morning playing in the snow. Then in the afternoon we made our way across to Liverpool. When we arrived the city was covered in a thick blanket of snow, so it was hard to witness. But we met up with Matt Frost and a couple of the other guys who witnessed. We had a great time of fellowship dinner, then we handed out a few tracts on the walk home. It was a good way to spend my birthday, but I would have rather it hadn’t snowed so we could have preached.

Tuesday, 3rd February 2009 - Cardiff

We left Liverpool bound for Plymouth, but we took a detour into Wales to have a look around Cardiff. Not much happened while we were there, however, Fredee and I were able to have a great conversation with a man who ran a corner store. He took a gospel of John and promised to read it.

Thursday, 5th February 2009 - Plymouth

Mel and I headed out today to the city centre of Plymouth to meet up with Shirley from Cornwell mission. The plan for the day was to simply share the gospel with the people of Plymouth.

I preached first, and I used John 3:16 as my starting text, and for about 20 minutes I expounded on why God loves the world, and why we need a Saviour. Very few people stopped to listen. After I preached Shirley stood up and preached, she wasn’t long in before the police shut us down on the grounds that shops were near us, and that we need to have shop owners permission before preaching. She also said that there was no law saying we had to do that.

The decision was made to challenge it and we continued to witness in Plymouth. God was great in letting us to continue to make Him known.

Friday, 6th February 2009 - Plymouth

Fredee and I headed out to do some phone fishing for Wretched Radio again today, we were able to grab a couple of different people, one of which was a militant atheist. It was great to see these guys being witnessed to. That evening we headed out to on the town, and we began to witness around the clubs and bars. Some great conversations were had, and many people took tracts. I even had a chance to briefly witness to a police inspector.
Saturday, 7th February 2009 - Plymouth

Today we had a combined outreach, with people from Plymouth and Cornwell Mission. It was good to see so many people out on the streets with the purpose of outreach in mind. The team started witnessing while Fredee and I ducked off to go get some lunch, when we returned it was good to see the outreach in full swing. Matt was up preaching away and he had a small crowd that he was taking though the good person test.

While he was witnessing I noticed two Mormon elders walking our way, so I walked over and engaged them in discussion. Like every other Mormon I had spoken to on this trip they were trusting in good works to get them to heaven. They maintained that one is justified by faith and works. So I asked them to explain Romans 5:1. They seemed a bit stumped at that verse, so I took them to Romans 4 to show that Abraham was justified by faith and not of works. They didn’t quite know what to do, so I shared the gospel with them about how faith in Christ is sufficient for salvation. They didn’t agree, but they left with seeds being sown in their hearts.

The members of the team continued preaching in this time, and soon afterwards it came to my turn to preach. So once again I employed the UK stalker sermon and a crowd began to gather. The crowd was probably the most rowdy crowd I have had in the UK, many youth were in the crowd and they were yelling abuse, throwing water balloons and condoms at me. But all this just served to bring in a bigger crowd to hear the gospel. The interesting was that afterwards a police officer came up and said, “Come back anytime, we need more of this!”

It was a great day, and God was glorified.

Tuesday, 10th February 2009 - Brighton

Today had us working with our brother from Manchester- Kevin Williams who had come down to London for a week of outreach. But, today we headed south of London to the Gay Capitol of Europe, Brighton.

Brighton is a very nice city, the beach and pier are beautiful, and the people are hard to witness to. So many people are set in their ways and are very anti to the gospel. But, we did manage to have quite a few good conversations about the gospel, and also hand out many tracts.

Wednesday, 11th February 2009 - London

It was great to be back in London, such an awesome city. On the way to the city, I stood up and preached on the London Underground, people seemed to be generally interested, so we gave out tracts afterwards.

We made our way to Piccadilly Circus and there we set up for a day of preaching and one to one witnessing. I was able to have quite a few good conversations, as did other members of the team. Again, Kevin preached and did a good job of preaching under the Eros statue.

That evening Rob and I met up for dinner and a ministry meeting, while we were munching on a nice South African steak our waiter was very friendly doing everything possible to make our meal enjoyable. At the end of the meal we called him over to pay for the bill. Of course this involved giving him a tract, and he asked the question, “What is it?” From there we went into a one to one. His name is Bonwell, and he believed himself to be without sin, so Rob and I tag teamed through the gospel. By the end Bonwell realized his need of the Saviour, and spent much time thanking us for telling him. He took a Gospel of John. As we were leaving he yelled out from the other side of the room, “Thank You so much! God Bless!”

Thursday, 12th February 2009 - London

Another day of ministry in London, once again we headed to Piccadilly Circus and today it was absolutely freezing!! Carl started off by preaching, and he preached for well over an hour. As Carl was preaching snow began to fall, so we decided to hit the underground and spend the rest of the day preaching on the trains. This was quite fruitful, people turn and listen to preachers who boldly stand and declare Christ as they whiz under the streets of London.

It was a great day, many got to hear the gospel!

Friday, 13th February 2009 - London

Our final day in London, it will be sad to leave this city. It is such an awesome place to witness. So many people, and so many different cultures. You could stand in one spot and witness to people from all around the world.

We once again set up in Piccadilly, and we were joined by Andrew and Carl. Kevin was the first preacher for the day, and he did a great job. God drew a crowd in to hear him preach, and we were able to have some great one to one conversations afterwards. While Kevin was preaching we heard the sound of a large band of Krishna worshippers approaching, so Andrew and I ran after them to make sure they all got the gospel.

We then moved into Leicester Square where Carl open air preached. By now we had been joined by Nigel and Wayne from Nottinghamshire as well, so it was a good turn out. We broke for dinner and a rest before joining with the Operation 513 - London team that evening.

That evening we met up with Rob and the team, it was good to be back with them again. They are all very passionate about the gospel, and they all just want to reach the lost. By far they are one of the best teams I have worked with. Rob Hughes has done a great job in building and leading that team.

The first preacher up for the night was Rob he had not been preaching anymore than a few minutes when four Special Constables approached him and told him to stop. They said preaching is not allowed tonight as it will draw a crowd and crowds aren’t allowed in Leicester Square. We tried to reason with the Special Constable, but he would not listen. We pointed out that he hadn’t stopped other crowds, just us. He didn’t care, so we took his name and number then headed to the police station to speak to his boss.

We got to speak to an Inspector, who was very kind and very apologetic. He assured us that we could preach and have a crowd. So that is exactly what we did. We went back and preached. God then brought the crowd in.

Rob got up again and preached, he did a good job in presenting the gospel to those who had gathered, he preached for near on an hour. Then it was my turn. I started off by preaching from Hebrews 4:12-13 and how all things are recorded by God. A crowd gathered and a heckler opened fire. He was from Sweden, so we reasoned with him from the gospel. By the end of our open air conversation he had changed his stance, and thanked us for telling him about Jesus. He then took a Bible and left. Please pray for him.

The basically concluded our night, and our outreach in London. It was a sad time and I am looking forward to returning to that great city.

Saturday, 14th February 2009 - Oxford

We travelled today for our last day of the UK outreach to the intellectual capitol of the UK. Many great thinkers have come out of this city, and today we hoped that people would think about the things of God.

We met up with quite a few people in Oxford, and the first thing we noticed is that it was a very hard city to give out tracts in. So many people were not interested, and scoffed at the gospel message.

Carl, Rob and I all preached. However, I had to tag Carl in within ten minutes of starting due to the fact that my mouth filled with blood. That was my preaching over for this UK tour. Carl did a marvellous job of taking over and presenting the gospel.

The whole day was spent talking to people about Jesus and presenting Him as Saviour and Lord. Please pray that Oxford will once again produce preachers like Wesley and Whitefield.

Sunday, 15th February 2009 - London

The day to return to Australia had finally come. It was a sad time leaving Fredee and Mel. Over the past two months we have seen the best and the worse of each other. But God was now splitting the team up and re-deploying us elsewhere in the world.

That evening while I was waiting in Gatwick airport a thought popped into my mind, “Get up and go tract everyone waiting for your flight.” I was fairly nervous about doing this, but I did it anyway. Just about everyone took one, and most people sat there and read it before boarding. I was quite happy about this, but then it dawned on me. When I land in Dubai I could get in trouble for witness to Muslims. Too late now, all I could do was pray.

Monday, 16th February 2009 - Dubai

I got lost in Dubai airport so I was walking around trying to find my gate when a man walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. He said, “Sir, I need to speak to you.” My heart skipped a beat, here I am in a country where no one knows me, and this man has called me out. So I turned, and was greeted by a big black man. He said, “Sir, are you responsible for these?” He held out a few of the tracts I had given out in Gatwick. “Yes, I am” was my reply. “Do you have anymore of these on you?” My thoughts were racing, is this man police, am I going to be arrested, am I going to miss my flight? If arrested what do I do?

I told him that they were my tracts, and yes I did have more on me. The man then identified himself as a brother from London, who was going to South Africa. He had seen me handing them out in London, and thought, they will work in witnessing. So he wanted some so he could also witness in Africa. My heart rate slowed down as we parted ways.

That was the last of my adventures before arriving back home in Australia. Overall the trip was great and I will miss the UK and the team dearly. But, God is Sovereign and He is in control of where to next.

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