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    Good Person Test Full-size Flipchart (Without Stand) AUD $79.00

    Sold Out

    This flipchart is a great evangelistic tool to get people to stop and engage with you about spiritual matters. It has an intriguing front that says "Good Person Test...Try it!...Easy Questions" with a picture of a bunch of well-known infamous characters.

    It has happened so often that as soon as you set the flipchart up, someone will come over and say, "Ok I'll do it. I'll do the good person test."

    The following pages then go through some laws of God to bring the knowledge of sin, then to a court room scene, then to an escalator up to Heaven or down to Hell, then to a picture illustrating how Jesus took our punishment for us, and also what our response should be.

    Includes the flipchart chart pages (made of vinyl and already hole punched ready to add to the stand), but does not include the stand. The stand is available for purchase seperately from here.

    Images of the flipchart in action on the streets:

    It can even be used in open-air preaching:

    Here is a video of the flipchart being used in a real witnessing encounter:

    These are the pages of the flipchart: (see updated note below)

    UPDATE 27 February 2023: The Flipcharts ordered from this date on will actually have more pages than listed above (you can use as many as you would like -- see the in-depth flipchart to see the extra pages), and some of the 9 pages above have been updated to improved images.

    We will supply you with a script of what to say on each page.

    Here is an idea of what to say when using the flipchart:

    Page 1 - Front

    "Have you done the good person test before? Let's do it. Who do you recognise on the front here?" (Get response, and point to the different characters to get them to guess the names)

    "We look at people like these and we think, 'They are bad people', they have done a lot of bad things, but what about yourself, do you think you are a good person?" (Get response)

    "Ok let's do it and see."

    Page 2 - Lying

    "What do you see here?" (Get response -- usually "A face")

    "This guy looks a little bit sad because he just got caught out telling a lie, have you ever lied?" (Get response)

    "And what do you call someone who lies?" (Get response)

    "Now if you tilt your head sideways you'll see this actually spells out a word, take a look."

    Page 3 - Stealing

    "What is this guy doing?" (Get response)

    "Have you ever stolen something before?" (Get response)

    "And what do you call someone who steals?" (Get response)

    Page 4 - Anger and Swearing

    "What is this guy doing?" (Get response - usually 'road rage')

    "Yeah he is angry, have you ever been angry before?" (Get response)

    "But this guy is also swearing, have you ever swore?" (Get response)

    Page 5 - Lust/Adultery or Dishonouring parents

    Now depending on what age group your audience is, this one can either be for lust/adultery or dishonouring your parents.

    For lust, you can say:

    "Now these two people are married, but not to each other. What is that called?" (Get response)

    "But it's interesting what Jesus says on this point, he says not only is adultery wrong, but to even look at anyone with lust, sexual desire, is wrong if we are not married to that person. That means if we are not married at all, we aren't allowed to look at anyone with lust. So have you ever looked at someone with lust?" (Get response)

    Or if you have a younger audience, you can say:

    "Here we have a mother and his son, at the moment he's being a good kid, but sometimes he doesn't listen to his mum and dad at all. Have you ever disobeyed your parents before?" (Get response)

    Page 6 - Courtroom

    "So, if they are just some of the standards in which God will judge you after you die, would you be innocent or guilty?" (Get response)

    Page 7 - Heaven or Hell

    "Therefore, do you deserve Heaven or Hell?" (Get response)

    "And Hell is not where you want to go to, because it is a lake of fire and goes on forever. Now what do you think you can do so you don't get sent to Hell?" (Get response - often they'll say 'I won't do those sins anymore.' -- so then explain how that won't get rid of the history of the sins they have done in the past -- imagine a criminal said to a judge in a court of law, "I murdered yesterday, but I won't murder anymore from now on, so please let me go." It's not going to work, is it?)

    "The only way we can get to heaven then is if we would have someone who would volunteer to take our hell punishment for us on our behalf, but that person needs to be perfect. Do you know of anyone who is perfect?" (Get response)

    Page 8 - Substitute

    "What do you see here?" (Get response)

    "This person on the left is us, this fire on the right is the Hell punishment we deserve and you'll notice it is coming towards us and would consume us except for the fact that Jesus steps and takes our punishment for us. Since he was perfect that was why he was able to volunteer to take our punishment for us."

    "Remember how at the start you thought you were a good person? You've got to throw that idea away, because none of us are good enough, we are not perfect. And instead you need trust only in the death of Jesus to get you to heaven. That means that the moment you trust that, you can then be 100% certain you will go to heaven, because it's not about how good you are it's simply about what He has already done for you. So as result of trusting in Him, you will then want to start turning from your sin out of love and thankfulness for Jesus. Does that make sense?" (Get response)

    Page 9 - Cross

    "What do you see different about this picture of the cross?" (Get response -- aim for 'There is no one on it.')

    "Exactly right, because it is not as if Jesus is still dead, he's not still hanging there, he actually rose from the dead three days after he died, showing his power over life and death."

    "So having heard all of this, my question to you is, 'When will you trust only in the death of Jesus for your forgiveness?" (Get response)

    And if the person doesn't see the urgency of the message, give some helpful analogies about the shortness of life and the unexpectedness of the timing of our death.

    To further explain what faith means, you could say: Just like if you are jumping out of a plane, it's not good enough to simply believe the parachute exists, you need to put it on and trust in the parachute alone to save you from the jump. In the same way, it's not good to enough to simply believe that God exists or that Jesus exists, or just believe the historical fact that Jesus died on the cross, but you need to trust that it's only because He died on the cross for you that will save you from the judgement day that is to come.

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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 April, 2018.
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