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    Re-Engage Conference 2018 Online Video Access
    Re-Engage Conference 2018 Online Video Access
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    In-depth Mini Flipchart AUD $30.00

    This in-depth mini flipchart is a handy evangelistic tool to enable you to share the gospel effectively, as this flipchart includes checking questions built in to it (to ensure the person you are speaking with has understood the message).

    It also allows you to remain mobile without having to stand by a fixed flipchart. You can easily roll it up and hold it in your hand and unroll it whenever you need it.

    People are often visual learners, so having something visual to look at while you explain the message helps people to grasp what you are saying (particularly the picture with the fireball heading towards us but Jesus stands in the way). It also ensures the conversation stays on track, and it keeps people curious because they wonder what the next slide will show.

    At less than twenty five centimeters across, it is small, compact and brings the same glorious message, although we as desperately sinful, God is immensely gracious and has done everything required for our salvation.

    It has no stand because it doesn't need one, simply hold it in your hand.

    Image of the flipchart in action on the streets:

    These are the pages of the flipchart:

    Pages 1 to 9: (top to bottom then left to right)

    Pages 10-18 (top to bottom then left to right)

    Last page:

    Here is an idea of what to say when using the in-depth flipchart:

    Page 1 - Front

    "Hi there, I have a very deep question for you. What do you think happens after life?" (Get response)

    "Ok. Do you believe there is a God?" (Get response)

    Page 2 - Building Builder

    "This is the Eiffel tower, do you know who built it?" (Get response)

    "We have both never seen who built this building but we would both agree someone had to build it, right?" (Get response)

    "So in the same way, we have never seen anyone make this universe, but because it had a beginning, it had to have a Creator for it. Does that make sense? (Get response)

    And just like the person who owns this building gets to set the rules inside the building, the one who made the universe gets the right to set the rules for how we should live our life in His universe. So do you think you're a good person? (Get response)

    Ok, let's see.

    Page 3 - Lying

    "What do you see here?" (Get response -- usually "A face")

    "This guy looks a little bit sad because he just got caught out telling a lie, have you ever lied?" (Get response)

    "And what do you call someone who lies?" (Get response)

    "Now if you tilt your head sideways you'll see this actually spells out a word, take a look."

    Page 4 - Stealing

    "What is this guy doing?" (Get response)

    "Have you ever stolen something before?" (Get response)

    "And what do you call someone who steals?" (Get response)

    Page 5 - Anger and Swearing

    "What is this guy doing?" (Get response - usually 'road rage')

    "Yeah he is angry, have you ever been angry before?" (Get response)

    "But this guy is also swearing, have you ever swore?" (Get response)

    Page 6 - Lust/Adultery or Dishonouring parents

    Now depending on what age group your audience is, this one can either be for lust/adultery or dishonouring your parents.

    For lust, you can say:

    "Now these two people are married, but not to each other. What is that called?" (Get response)

    "But it's interesting what Jesus says on this point, he says not only is adultery wrong, but to even look at anyone with lust, sexual desire, is wrong if we are not married to that person. That means if we are not married at all, we aren't allowed to look at anyone with lust. So have you ever looked at someone with lust?" (Get response)

    Or if you have a younger audience, you can say:

    "Here we have a mother and his son, at the moment he's being a good kid, but sometimes he doesn't listen to his mum and dad at all. Have you ever disobeyed your parents before?" (Get response)

    Page 7 - Courtroom

    "So, if they are just some of the standards in which God will judge you after you die, would you be innocent or guilty?" (Get response)

    Page 8 - Heaven or Hell

    "Therefore, do you deserve Heaven or Hell?" (Get response)

    "And Hell is not where you want to go to, because it is a lake of fire and goes on forever. Now what do you think you can do so you don't get sent to Hell?" (Get response - often they'll say 'I won't do those sins anymore.' -- so then explain how that won't get rid of the history of the sins they have done in the past -- imagine a criminal said to a judge in a court of law, "I murdered yesterday, but I won't murder anymore from now on, so please let me go." It's not going to work, is it?)

    Page 9 - Fireball coming

    "So this is our current situation. This is you on the left, this is your punishment coming straight for you."

    "The only way to stop that punishment is if someone steps in the way and takes it on your behalf, but that person needs to be perfect. Do you know of anyone who is perfect?" (Get response)

    "There has only been one - and that was Jesus."

    Page 10- Jesus Absorbing the Fireball

    "What is Jesus doing?" (Get response - taking the punishment).

    "So if Jesus takes your punishment for you. where do you go when you die?" (Get response - heaven).

    "That's good news, isn't it?"

    "And so based on this, why would you be going to heaven?" (Get response - Because Jesus took my punishment)

    "And that is the only thing you have to do to get to heaven, is that you have to trust that Jesus took all your punishment for you."

    Page 11 - Resurrection

    "Do you know what happened to Jesus three days after dying?" (Get response - He rose from the dead).

    "Yep, he rose from the dead, unlike every other religious leader who died and is still dead."

    Page 12 - Six people in two lines.

    "All 6 of these people want to go to heaven when they die, but what are the bottom 3 people trusting in to get themselves to heaven? (Get response - Doing good deeds, asking for forgiveness, doing religious worship).

    "But notice, where are those 3 people actually going?" (Get response - Hell)

    "Because doing those actions will not erase any of the sins they have done."

    "The top 3 people, what are they trusting in to go to heaven?" (Get response - Jesus dying for their sins).

    "Exactly right, and that is why they will go to heaven, because Jesus pays for everything wrong they have done or will do."

    Page 13- Trust in what?

    "So if this person is you, what should you be trusting in to get to Heaven?" (Get response - Jesus)

    "And what about Jesus?" (Get response - That he took my punishment/sins)

    Page 14 - Crossing the road

    "Ok, so let's say today you do trust that Jesus died for your sins, but then on your way home you happen to sin again and then you die 2 minutes later, where would you go - heaven or hell? (Get response)

    If response is "Heaven", ask "Why?"

    If response is "Hell", say "I'll give you a hint, Jesus died not just for your past sins but also your future sins. So with that in mind, go back to that question, where would you go?" (Get response  - heaven)

    "That is comforting, isn't it?"

    "Does that mean you can then keep on sinning as much as you want?" (Get response)

    Page 15 - Fireman

    "Think of this example: Imagine you are in a burning building and just before the building is about to collapse on you and crush you, a fireman risks his life to run into that burning building to rescue you, and he brings you out to safety. How would you want to respond to that fireman who saved you?" (Get response - I think I would want to thank him)

    "Exactly, you wouldn't want to punch him in the face, right?" (Get response - No)

    "In the same way, if Jesus has sacrificed his own life to save you from eternal hell, how would you want to respond to Jesus?" (Get response - In the same way - I would be so grateful)

    "Exactly, you wouldn't want to just keep on sinning again him and increasing the amount of punishment he has had to take for you."

    Page 16 - A changed lifestyle

    "That is why once you trust that Jesus died for your sins, you will start living differently out of gratefulness for what Jesus has done for you."

    "Instead of being angry, you are now calm. Instead of stealing, you don't want to steal."

    Page 17 - Checking question: What would you say

    "So if that person is you and you are standing before God and he asks you, 'Why should I let you into heaven, what would you say?'" (Get response - Jesus died for my sins)

    If the person gave an incorrect answer, go back to the fireball picture with Jesus on it and ask, "What is the only thing stopping the fireball?" (Jesus) "So what is the reason you are going to heaven?" (Jesus took my punishment) "So what would you say to God if he asked you 'Why should I let you into heaven?'" (Jesus took my punishment for me).

    Page 18 - What will your response be?

    "You have now heard of this gift that Jesus is offering you. Will you accept the gift by trusting that Jesus died for you and therefore you go to heaven? Or will you reject the gift and therefore end up in hell forever?" (Get response)

    Page 19 - Backpack (optional to use)

    "This man carries his backpack with him everywhere, and has done so his whole life in fact. But one day he is on a plane and pilot announces that the plane is going to crash. Someone hands him a parachute to put on. Problem is, it won't go on with his backpack still on his back. So should he do?" (Get response)

    "Right, he needs to make the choice, does he take off the backpack and put on the parachute and be saved, or keep the backpack on, and reject the parachute and so die in the plane crash.

    In the same way, with your Buddhism (or new age beliefs or particular sin you love), you may have been believing it your whole life. But now you have come to realise that it won't save you from the judgement to come, and instead you need to trust that Jesus died for your sin. Can you still trust that Jesus paid for your sins and still believe in Buddhism? (Get response)
    Trusting that Jesus paid for your sin is incompatible with still believing in Buddhism which says you need to work your way to heaven.

    Just like the man with the backpack had a choice. What are you going to choose? Keep your Buddhism and therefore reject the free gift of forgiveness offered by Jesus, OR put away your Buddhism and trust only in Jesus to pay for your sins?" (Get response)

    Item Weight: 1.00 kg

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 January, 2020.
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