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Abraham Oseterika

Abraham Oseterika

* Auckland (NZ) Team Leader
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I had formed my own idea of who God is, I made my own god and I loved the god I made.

I grew up in a very nominal Christian home where Church was either for special occasions or because a family member had died. Eventually I branched out into my own nominalism, hopping from Church to Church and attending Church for all the wrong reasons.

The Lord had really blessed me with a loving family. I had no Father or Mother issues, I loved both parents and they both loved me and I also had 3 loving over protective older sisters. Even so, as the youngest and only boy I was given every liberty and I chose with that liberty to become the black sheep.

By the time I had reached my mid-twenties I had become a raging hedonist. I lived for pleasure even if it meant at the pain of others. When things would go wrong, I would curse God with my lips... not the god I created in my own image, but the God I knew existed and suppressed with my sinful heart.

It was during this time in my mid-twenties that I grew an interest in The New World Order and all the associated conspiracy theories. This topic would so engross me that I would spend hours on end researching the subject on the internet. It gave birth to a paradigm shift in my thinking and lead to more (what I thought at the time) serious study, moving from what began as entertainment to obsession. I undertook everything from watching videos about someone’s opinion on occult practices to reading occult literature, feeling always on the precipice of some great discovery.

By God's grace did my “Quest for truth” come to a standstill when I was forced to consider the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to know why so many of the occultists I was reading about hated Him and why they would make up their own idea of who Jesus is. Then one night in my bedroom I needed to (like the disciples), answer the Lord's question: “Who do you say that I am?”

The Lord in His grace had used a YouTube video by the foolishness of preaching to convert my god-hating soul. I had randomly come across a video sermon while in my bedroom called “The True Gospel” by Paul Washer. The gospel of grace, that Christ died for the ungodly...after all these years I had heard many a times about Jesus dying on the cross for sinners and paying the price in His death through the Romans and the Jews beating Him and crucifying Him – but through this preaching a great sword of God's word had pierced into my black heart. The preacher explained how “it was God who had to measure out the punishment, it was God who had been offended, it was God's wrath that had been kindled it was God's justice that had to be poured out”.

Christ had borne the sins for His people and God the Father crushed Him under the full force of His wrath in order to satisfy God's justice so that His people could have peace with God, I looked at my life and saw how I was in rebellion against The Thrice Holy God that I had many times cursed with my lips. I understood that God is good and that was my problem, because God is good He must punish sin, and without a mediator, or without a Saviour the punishment from a good God for sin is eternity in Hell. At that moment I recognized my need for the Saviour and instead of seeing this as how Christ did it for His people, I cried out to Christ that I would be one of them.

That He would suffer for my sin and nail it to the tree, that He would bear all the filth that had defiled me that came out of my heart and take it upon Himself. I wanted to cry out “You are my Lord and my God, I am yours, save me” but I wanted Christ to say for my sake “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”.

And by the Lord's amazing grace, the burden of my sin had fallen off. I began to look unto Jesus and nothing else, sins of omission & commission I hated them all and immediately even till this day, by God's grace I began to war against it. I remember that after I had heard the preaching of the gospel, I dwelt much on the Holiness of God, that He would be so Holy as to see all my sin before Him, it would have been better that I would be the mouse in our house than to be a sinful creature from the dirt. But I remember not long after that the love of God touched my heart when I heard about Christ, the overwhelming joy that was given when my sins were forgiven, the sudden love I had for the Saints and longing to be with them. The urge to serve the Lord, the deep desire to tell other people about Christ, the love for His word, the love for Him and His gospel. I have never been the same since God had by His grace granted to me faith through the hearing of His word.

I was not in a Church or had known any real Christians at the time of my conversion so from then on I had been exposed to all sorts of different views on doctrine that made things very confusing. I went from YouTube preacher to YouTube preacher to YouTube preacher, to YouTube Church services until I had by the Lord's grace found a Church that I am now gratefully serving at as a member and Deacon. No longer a black sheep, I have been washed in the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb.


Auckland Team

Meets for outreach every fortnight at the Otara flea market in South Auckland and once every 2 months we go to Queen Street on Friday nights. We also have a weekly open air outreach every Wednesday's at lunch time located at Albert Park, Speakers corner in Auckland City.

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