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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

Meets regularly on Saturdays on the Romford Highstreet (in front of Marks and Spencer's).

Contact Chuck Bosio for more information.

Saturday 24 December 2011

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As it was Christmas Eve today, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to hand out tracts to the manic shoppers of Brentwood.  Steve Smith and myself arrived early afternoon, armed with a mountain of million pound notes and red Santa hats, we began to distribute the Gospel in written form to a multitude of frenzied pedestrians. 

We were later joined by Elyske and continued to hand out tracts in various parts of the high st.


I had only one conversation with a young woman named Holly.  She enquired about the tracts we were handing out and I began to share about Gods righteous requirements and judgement upon sin.  This led into the Gospel and discussing the only solution provided by God for mans sin - Jesus Christ.  She appeared to understand, and she went away with a handful tracts and a head full of Gospel.  Thanks be to God for the opportunity to share the Gospel in this community - SDG and Merry Christmas

Saturday 26 November 2011

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Brentwood High St had a special event this Saturday.  The council had partitioned off the road for the "switching on" of the Christmas Lights.  Naturally this means more people to share the Gospel with!  As well as regular stalls with food and drink, the churches in Brentwood worked together to give away warm mince pies and put on some live carol singing for the public. 

The OP513 team consisted of Rob, Roman, and Myself and were later joined by Elyske and Ingrid.  We began handing out tracts and soon enough I came across a gentleman who said "heaven was a myth".  I gently began by asking him how he 'knows' heaven is a myth.  This started destroying his naturalistic worldview and as you would expect, he didn't appreciate it.  When it came time for him to explain how non material things such as "laws of logic" can exist in his purely material worldview he became frustrated and decided to end our conversation.  He did take a tract as he walked off and I pray he would think about our conversation and how his worldview comes up short.

My next most interesting conversation was with a young Catholic man.  We began conversing on the street and eventually decided to go have a coffee and talk.  I asked various questions about the Roman Catholic understanding of salvation, works and mariology.  Since I didn't have a working knowledge of Catholic theology I decided to keep asking questions and let him talk.  Eventually I challenged him about a few issues and he quoted some scriptures that were quite out of context.  We agreed to continue the discussion and I took his email.

This is Me talking with Sean the Catholic

Later we decided to get some lunch and went to a cafe.  Rob began handing out tracts to the staff and engaged them in conversation.

Rob and I also met a Christian from a different Brentwood Church who is very interested in sharing the Gospel with people.  I'm praying this will be the beginnings of Christians from different churches uniting together in Brentwood towards consistent evangelism! SDG

Saturday 19 November 2011

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Today the team consisted of Roman, Elyske, Rob and Myself.  We spread out in our usual spot and began to hand out tracts to pedestrians.  Not long after we began, I approached a young couple sitting on a bench.  Chris and Ellie were their names and I began to share with them how we as Gods creatures, have all broken Gods Law.  Chris had quite a few questions regarding apologetic considerations and I attempted to answer them.  They both seemed quite happy to talk about religion and philosophy. I explained the Gospel to them, gave them a few more tracts and we amicably parted ways.


Later I came across a lapsed Catholic from Ireland.  He believed the Bible and what is said about humans and sin,  He also had a few questions regarding how the Bible and darwinian philosophy are compatible and I explained that they aren't!!!  He listened intently and took a tract from Creation Ministries International.  He was very interested in the topic, may God open his eyes to see!


Roman began a conversation with a Muslim named Hammed, which went on for over an hour.  Eventually Rob and myself went over to listen and began to add to the discussion.  Rob brought up a very powerful and logical argument against the Koran which made Hammed think a bit more regarding the grounds of his belief in Islam.  Unfortunately we had to go by that time and I gave Hammed a tract to take with him.  We had a great time sharing the Gospel today, may God grant repentance to those we shared with!!


Saturday 5 November 2011

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Saturday, November 5th, Rob Hughes and I both hit Brentwood town centre. 'Armed' with loads of tracts and a willingness to preach the Gospel to the lost, we were soon joined by Elyske and Ingrid to make a team of four.  The High St was consistently busy today which made handing out tracts a lot easier.  My first conversation came from a gentleman named Mustafah.  He took a tract, read it while waiting for his girlfriend in a shop and came back to me asking questions.  He was very amiable and had a great interest in different world religions.  I explianed the Biblical view of Creation and fall of Man into sin, Gods Law and how we break it, how Christ came to save those who repent and why the Biblical Worldview is the ONLY way to account for human experience of the world.  He appeared to take in every word and we eventually parted with him taking more tracts and an ear full of the Gospel.


Rob also had an opportunity to chat to people -
I had the opportunity to talk with a man who said he was a Mormon. Ingrid had already been talking with him when I came over and joined her. He came across as a man content and quite happy with his life, and spoke a lot about how good the Mormons are, that as a group of people he found them to be the most “caring people he had ever met.” Mormons certainly are a people of “good works.” Their emphasis on striving for perfection as the people of God is driven by their theology, for to attain to the “Celestial Kingdom,” where “Heavenly Father” lives, one must do all he can in this life (in the Book of Mormon it says: “...for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.” - 2 Nephi 25:23). As a result the perception of Mormons is that they certainly are a people of “clean living.” 
However many Mormons, particularly women, reach a point where they become simply overwhelmed by the many works they must perform. It certainly is hard to be perfect, and even harder when you do not truly have the Holy Spirit to help you, when your mind has not been regenerated by the power of God, when your desire to be holy is man-centred and not God-centred. I explained to the man we were talking to that it is faith in Christ alone that makes us perfect before God, because Christ has already lived the perfect life for us, the perfect life that we cannot live (see 2 Corinthians 5:21). I found it peculiar that he wanted to turn to Scriptures that really had no bearing on what we talking about. I had to keep bring it back to the central issue. It is either grace plus works that saves us, or it is grace alone. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us plainly: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”
Towards the end of the conversation I had to become a little more direct and said to him plainly: “The Mormon Church is a false church.” He did not like this, so I tried earnestly to explain to him why this is the case. Mormonism is not Christianity, because it deviates most definitely from orthodox, historical Christianity. For that reason it is most certainly a cult, and one which must be exposed as such. Do pray for the man we spoke to, and the many Mormons trapped in this false religion. They “worship” Jesus, but it is not the Jesus of the Bible (the Truth) whom they are worshipping. Do pray for them!

Saturday 29 October 2011

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The Essex Team broke loose on the Brentwood High St today, sharing the Gospel to anyone and everyone who came our way.  We began with a small team consisting of Rob Hughes and myself, and were soon joined by Roman, Elyske, Ingrid, Wesley and James.  We spread out and handed out loads of tracts and got into a few conversations with pedestrians that would lend us an ear.  I had a wonderful conversation with an ex roman catholic priest from India.  His name was Thomas and he expressed "belief" in the Bible but when pressed, he only acknowledges the 'red letters' of Jesus.  I asked if he was born again and he said he got born again at his "christening".  We talked about Gods righteous requirements in his Law and how he matches up, and discussed Hell and justice.  We parted amicably and I stressed 'faith in Christ alone' NOT in the roman church or a human priest!  A great time of sharing was had by all.  May God grant repentance to those who read or heard the Gospel this day!

Andrew & Catholic PriestElyske and IngridWesleyElyske

Saturday 13 August 2011

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Today Peter Ruck and I hit Brentwood town center.  After prayer we both walked up to the main street and began to hand out many tracts.  Peter had a few conversations with some people who were sitting on the seats near the ruins and I too, managed to speak to a number of people.  Firstly it was a young girl named Taylor who said that during the last few weeks various people had been talking to her about Jesus and giving her Bibles etc.  We discussed the Law of God and the need for Jesus death for forgiveness of sin.  She appeared to be taking these truths seriously, perhaps God is drawing her to salvation!  The second person I spoke to was a young guy named Grant.  He just wanted to "live life while He's got it" and we discussed the notion of Divine Justice for law breakers.  He agreed that people will be held accountable for their sins, but didn't want to think of the penalties he will incur at the moment.  He did take a tract at the end, may God break his capricious spirit!  The last gentleman I spoke to was a Dave.  He was a Scotsman who had a Presbyterian up bringing.  We discussed the Law, condemnation and Jesus' death for those who repent and believe.  Dave didn't seem to take much interest.  I reminded him that even if he didn't believe the Bible was true, it wasn't going to change the reality of Gods judgment on His and everyone's sin.  I think he tuned into what we were talking about then and even thanked me for chatting to him.  SDGPeter talking

Saturday 5 March 2011

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Today, the Essex team went to Romford to join with a number of Christians from surrounding churches to proclaim the Gospel.  Roman and I met James, Elvin, Micky and at least six others at Romford train station.  We proceeded to the shopping precinct were I preached first and when finished, we all began to hand out tracts.  Many conversations were had on the street, I had a number of young guys asking about the million pound notes.  This led into discussing the Law and the Gospel! 

I also came across a young man named Glen.  At first he decided that nothing I was to say meant much to him, but after discussing the Law and repeatedly pressing His conscience it appeared that his mouth was stopped and he found himself guilty before a Holy God.  (As we all are out side of Christ!!!)  

Roman and I could only stay for a few hours but in that short time period, many people had the Gospel presented to them.  May God grant repentance!!  Amen.Andrew Preaching @ Romford

Saturday 22 January 2011

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After an extended Christmas break, the Essex team have begun afresh this year, bringing the Gospel of Christ to streets of Brentwood.  The team was small but as the day grew, the team expanded.  I was joined first by Suzi and then by Mike and later by Roman. 

After chatting to a South African couple about Christian things in Cafe Nero we went to the High St and prayed.  I managed to share with a couple of young boys who were resting from riding their bmx bikes.  We joked a little about the sins we have all committed but later they took a more serious demeanour when discussing the punishment of God against sin.  They took some good person tracts and split. 

Mike introduced me to a hindu friend of his and we proceeded to discuss the presuppositions of the hindu worldview and how it contradicts itself.  I attempted to explain the Biblical worldview and how God is the Creator and how we break His Law.  I concluded with the Gospel and handed the hindu man a tract and a copy of Johns Gospel.  He was very interested to hear what the Bible says, I pray that he understands and is granted repentance!

The conditions this afternoon were very cold and then it began to rain so after a couple of hours we left.  Quite a number of tracts were handed to young men and woman as they pass by so we pray that thay will read them and turn to the only Mediator between God and man: Jesus Christ!

Saturday 11 December 2010

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The snow had melted and the general public were in a shopping frenzy this particular Saturday.  I was greeted by Peter Ruck on arrival and we were both joined later by Ingrid and her daughter Elyske.  Tracts were easy to pass out since people appeared to be engrossed in a mind frame of consumerism as we approach Christmas Day.  I managed to have a conversation with a young man named Alex.  He began by saying he was an atheist but believed that when we die, we go to better place.  This is perhaps similar to Buddhism in that it does not have personal God that reveals Himself, but through moralism, one may attain a state of benevolence in the cosmos... 


We discussed the Law and the concept of justice and what happens in ultimate justice, instituted by God who will by no means clear the guilty!  Again, Alex like many others, felt that what he believed about reality would actually be true in his experience of it.  He also asked why God cannot just "forgive" and let everyone go free.  We discussed the need of Atonement for sin and the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross for his people.  This was to be entered into by repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.  Alex was very friendly and took a couple of tracts to read.


By Gods grace I manage to get large groups of teenagers to talk with and this day was no different.  A group of about 6 -7 teenagers took tracts and I began to ask them whether they felt they were 'good people'.  Some of the girls said they were fine to get into heaven so after we discussed the demands of the Law the depiction of their righteousness did change.  We discussed why we celebrate Christmas and what we have to do to get right with God.  SDG!!!ESSEX

Saturday 27 November 2010

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Another cold winters day in Essex, Mark Torrington and I hit Brentwood to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   Most of the time out we spend handing out tracts but, we had a few conversations with people.  I came across one elderly man who was a JW, he said that heaven will be on earth and you have to be hooked up with the 'organization' to make sure your going to get there.   He was very difficult to talk with, but I managed to show him from scripture that Jesus Christ is God.  This was done by reading Psalm 102 v 25 - 27 which was written to "Jehovah" and then turning to Hebrews 1 v 10 - 12 and seeing that the verses are applied to Jesus the Son.  He was not very interested in debating this, He preferred to talk about belonging to the correct organization. 

Peter Ruck

The other conversation Mark and I had was with a group of three young boys who came up to us and were asking about the tracts we were handing out.  They understood the Law and the demands it makes on humanity and this led into the finished work of Christ at Calvary.

Mark Torrington

Later we were joined by another member of our church, Peter Ruck.  The day was a success in that the Gospel was proclaimed to many members of the public. 

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