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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.

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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 27 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 27/1/2021 from 1300 to 1500

It was a quieter day after a spirit anointed day yesterday. But God taught us to be patient and waited for His planned divine encounter opportunity to turn up. Anyway the three of us Andrew, Johnny and Hung still got our chance. For me, All apart from the last one, are divine appointment to train me to do not just the "talk the talk" but also the "walk the walk" . I had to show compassion to share the gospel to walk with the gospel hearer across the foot bridge as they all claimed they were in a hurry but did not mind me to chat with them while we did the walking across the bridge. S0, my six encounters were recap as follows:

1) After many many rejections in the beginning, a Chinese lady stopped to take the tract but immediately asked if this is from Jehovah Witness. Obviously she has been a follower of JHW. I took this chance not just sharing the gospel but hitting on the point that Jesus is God but he incarnated to live as a perfect man and died on the cross for us all taking our place to received the punishment of sin. I trust God will illuminate the darkness spot in her mind to realize Jesus is really the Saviour and the Lord of all.

Then came Ryan an middle aged Aussie. He was very polite and genuinely welcome me to walk and talk with him. He appeared very open and receptive to the gospel.

3) Then I Caught up with two Pakistanis Muslim Tafe students by the name Shani and Muneeb whom we met in Nov 4 & 18. This time they were with a third new friend but he had to hurry for work. I did pray that this was a stepping stone for me to meet them soon to have a proper chat again.

4) Woobi was a senior Hindu man lacking good English level as such having difficulty for communication. But the Spirit moved me to stay put to walk and chat slowly with him in simplest form of English about Jesus. At the end, he seemed to have fully understood who Jesus was and why he died for us and show great appreciation for my sharing. I did thank the Holy Spirit to urge me not to give up on this senior Indian man as perhaps he will hardly have another person willing and daring to chat with him.

5) Then God led another Indian woman by the name Myminya. She walked very fast but surprisingly accept my offer to walk and talk with her about the gospel. I was not sure if she really took heart to listen, but I nevertheless share her the gospel out of obedient

to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

6) Then Teresa the Taiwanese student turned up to do here weekly bulk shopping for mailing back to Taiwan to earn her living and Tuition fee. She was happy I greeted her by name. Johnny anyhow took up to have some follow up chat with her while she was waiting for the bus.

7) 金輝 Fai Kim was a member of the EMP Methodist Church. He passed my two diagnosis tests about assurance of salvation. He actually was members of several other Chinese Churches before ending up at EMP methodist after home relocation. He was surprised to find that I have a wide inter-person network knowing all his past pastors as well as Mark Loi and Gloria Ling the current clergy of EMP Methodist. I think the reason God let us meet was to raise his awareness of the responsibility of all Christians to live out a mission oriented life sharing gospel in our social community circles.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Posted by Posted 27 January 2021, 5:35 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Tuesday and Wednesday were very hot days in Christchurch (NZ) - 36 degrees Celsius.

Yet, the temperature seemed quite pleasant when I set up my flip chart in Riccarton on Tuesday afternoon.  As usual, Roger joined me.

I started out with a difficult conversation with two guys from Christ College - a prestigious boarding school - enjoying the last days of school holidays I assume.  They were both quite resistant to start with.  So we sparred with apologetics to start with.  One of them softened, but the other hardened.  I was able to touch on God’s law during the conversation.  One of them shook my hand, shared his first name, and took a tract.  The other refused all three.  The conversation ended when I said, “well, I’m not holding you here”.

The next conversation would have to be one of the hardest I’ve had in a long time.  Harder than with the gospel + abortion outreach - in that case you can expect it.  I think it was harder than the couple of times the Police have been called.

So, five late teen girls come past.  Four of them are very interested in the flip chart, and we fall into an easy discussion.  The other goes and sits down some distance away.  During the conversation, they say they are Christians, and as I’m learning what that means to them, they declare that they are gay - interesting.  So I ask if I can back up and explain what I understand Christianity to mean.  We start working through that when we start discussing the logic of hell - one of the girls didn’t believe in hell - no problem so far.  But at this point, one of the girls leaves the conversation to go talk to her friend sitting some distance away.

She comes back and says that they need to go - apparently I’d upset the fifth girl a month ago.  I was surprised, but didn’t have any problem with them leaving - but I just confirmed, “do I look like someone who would aim to upset?”.  One of them agreed with me, and they moved on.

Well, a few minutes later, the fifth girl comes back, in tears and starts giving me an emotional filled verbal assault worse than I’ve experienced in as long as I can remember.  I decided the best approach was to say nothing - I let her say what she wanted to say.  Apparently I’d told her: she was going to hell, she had been in deep pain for the last month, this stuff deeply impacts people, and you shouldn’t be out here talking about it, I’ve had to talk to my boyfriend about it, etc.  Then she started cursing and calling me foul names.  It was this point that she crossed a line into hypocrisy.  Sadly, my listening just enraged her more - I guess she was expecting me to fight back.  She then questioned the way I was looking at her.  So I dropped my eyes to the ground.  By this stage, one of her friends was with her.  Well, me looking down didn’t help - she just got worse and then claimed I was ignoring her, so I looked up and said, as gently as I could, “I’m hearing you”.

Eventually a lady who worked in the bank came out and asked the girl to calm down.  “Everyone in the bank can hear you.”  That didn’t help.  Roger had finished his conversation, and he came over to help.  I told him not to say anything - and he wisely ignored me.  He stood in front of her to talk.  Soon she was yelling at him to step back.  He ignored her.  She said something about me not letting her go.  Roger denied that, and said, “you are free to leave”.

I turned to the lady from the bank and said, “I’ll pack up and move” - anything to get this girl to stop and calm down.  The lady from the bank asked if I was okay.  I said I was, but I don’t think I was.  Outwardly I was calm and analytical.  Inside I was a blubbering mess.  There was a huge disconnection between the two.  I packed up and moved across the street.  Soon after Roger was with me.

Roger wanted to take me to get an iced coffee, but I felt obligated to finish the outreach as best as I could.  Roger soon fell into another chat, and I noticed a homeless guy sitting not far from us, so I decided to go and talk with him.  He asked how my day was, I smiled and said it wasn’t the best.  But then I swung the conversation to him.  I found out his name and started to learn about why he was on the street when a friend came past.  Suddenly I was in two conversations.

I managed to start sharing with my friend about the experience I had just been through - the homeless guy listened in.  Part way through, the homeless guy said: “wow, you really do have problems!”  So he packed up and moved on (after a handshake).  In hindsight, I found that quite comical - there is no way my problems are worse than his!

Eventually, the outreach came to an end, and I went with Roger for an Iced Chocolate.  It was then that my emotions started to kick in.  I was a bit of a wreak for a few hours after that.  I couldn’t do online outreach.  I reached out to some people as a way of processing my emotions - that really helped.

And writing this report has helped.  That girl was emotional & irrational.  Obviously in a lot of pain or under conviction of sin - or both.  She made a lot of false accusations.  I have no recollection of talking to her before (I don’t deny that I did - I just don’t remember it).

I am always very careful in how I present the law, and talk about hell so that it doesn’t come across as me judging.  Not to say that I don’t make many mistakes - I’m sure.

I was feeling okay by the evening.  And I was back to work on Wednesday.  Many wonderful chats online.

I’m so dependent on God.  I’m so weak.  And it’s hard to be faithful to the gospel - which is so offensive.  I don’t want to be the offence.  God help us!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Posted by Posted 26 January 2021, 6:14 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 26, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Today was the Australian Day. It was a national holiday, but God did not signal us to take a rest but prompted us to serve with business (Ministry) as usual. It ended up really a day of miracles for the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung experiencing the real team work with God apart from amongst the three of us. All of us experienced initial rejections, but the work of God turned around the hearts of stone to listen to the Gospel. God gave us each a special divine appointment :

Hung : A Christian Kid took the tract with his mum but did not stop. I saw him read the tract right away as he walked away and his mum immediately grabbed the tract to verify it is not bad stuff. After half and hour , before we called off for the day. They returned from the Toowong shopping centre and verbally thanked me for the tract. It took me a while to associate her word with the previous encounter. God suddenly made her dropped the water jar without noticing it. It gave me the chance to pick up the dropped jar and chased her up to have the full conversation clarifying what had just happened with God as the director. God used the tract to call and remind the Christian Mum to teach her son to follow God and acted by example to do similar Gospel sharing work as situation permitted.

Winnie : For the first time God moved a person who rejected an evangelist i.e. Winnie today, but after a while that person was softened to let Winnie to approach her the 2nd time and listened to the full Gospel.

Johnny: He had a difficult time with few conversations. His last conversation was obviously the result of God's work stopping and calling back a Muslim man to come back four, five steps to talk to Johnny.

So we really praised and thanked God in our closing prayer to move us to come despite today was a National Holiday.

Recap were my others divine appointments.

1) A Muslim look man who initially rejected Johnny at the traffic light and showed great reluctance to accept my tract. But God showed me what He can do by softening his heart and allow me to share the full gospel to him. He admit the message of Gospel is sensible and logical with no reason to reject. So I strongly believe that he is just a step of faith away from salvation. What surprised me was that he actually was no overseas student from Muslin country but an Australian born man who is already at work.

2) Then came John an UQ student who also showed great reluctance to listen teo gospel. Again, I was empowered to changed his heart and attitude and we entered into a meaningful conversation covering the full gospel message before the bus came.

3) Marion who once was a Christian but has relinquished her faith. I did not challenged her action and respected her decision yet reiterating the real faith of trusting in Jesus Christ alone. She showed changing heart to re-examine her given up faith after our chat.

4) Adin is an UQ student from Malaysia and claimed he is a Muslim, . I showed respect to his faith but stress that it is good at only guiding us to be a good person but cannot resolve the issue of sin. He looked receptive to the Gospel message when the bus came. Pray that the tract will trigger more soul searching thought to bring him closer to the salvation by Jesus.

5) Angela the Mum and stallion the son are Orthodox Christian. For God's miraculous work, please refer to narration above.

Battle Log by Johnny: Australia Day, preaching day! One Aussie name Arthur, one Indian guy name Chi, one Muslim name Aberaham,. They all heard the gospel, may God open their eye and mind, let them trust Jesus Christ.

各位弟兄姐妹,澳洲日快樂。感謝主今天 的带领,讓我遇到七人傳福音的機會。今天,讓我看到神的同在。神的大能,祂令不願意聽福音的人仕, 使他們乖乖的聽完祂的話語。 第一及第二位 的是澳洲女仕,Lily 及坐輪椅的 Katy.當我講完福音後,他們 説是基督徒。我問及他們,死后可以上天堂嗎?他們不大清楚,于是我解释给他們。 我再次遇到一澳洲女仕,當我拿單張给她,問及她認識耶穌基督嗎?她説不想聽,我問她知道我們是罪人嗎?她説不要再講,否则我會離開。她拿着東西行了别處。 第三及第四位是中國少女,Alice 及 Ruby. 我問及他們認識耶穌基督嗎?他們説不認識,及不想聽。我繼續講我們是罪人,講述全福音,我给他們中文單張,讓他們更加明白什麽是罪及神的愛。他們説會閲讀單張及想清楚。 第五位是,剛巧離開,不願聽福音的澳洲女仕。回來 坐下等巴士。神 使用我再次回去,問及她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳主要的福音给她,及给她單張,讓她更加明白什麽是罪。這是神的大能,讓我看到五分鐘后的轉變。感謝主。 第六位是中國青年,講述全福音给他。他説會想想。 第七位是中國少女,聽完整福音,需要時間想清楚。 感謝主的带领,讓我們親身看到神的大能,無人能阻止。只要我們行出第一部,神 會幫助我們完成祂的工作。感謝讚美主🙏


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 24 January 2021

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A wonderful weekend of outreach for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

A team of two on Saturday morning in Cashel Mall and Cathedral Square.  The foot traffic was a bit light at the start, but it picked up as the outreach progressed.  It was also unfortunate that there were windy gusts at times.  The highlight chat occurred during one of these gusts, so strong it nearly knocked the flip chart over even with me holding it; and it made turning the pages hard - yet it didn’t put the three young men off hearing the law and the gospel - the oldest one was particularly engaged (whom had been involved with the Ratana church in his past).

In the afternoon, I was online for a few hours.  10 chats, including:

On Sunday afternoon I was very encouraged to be in a team of six - including two newbies.  The weather was great, and there were lots of people out and about.  We split into pairs to engage with the gospel - flip chart, tracts, and walk up.

My first encounter was a follow up with a young man who seems to be responding to the gospel.  He can articulate the gospel, and there seems to be change in his life.  Yet, there is a desperate need for discipleship.  I challenged him to get knitted into a church and to actually contact me in this regard.

I had a number of great walk up opportunities.  The first with a guy on a skateboard.  The next one was cool: two guys - one not interested, the other was.  The one that was caused the other to wait and he became engaged as well.  At least twice I heard the comment: “that makes sense” as we went through the law and the gospel.  And then, suddenly the conversation was over - they didn’t want to miss their movie start.  Yet they went with the seed of the gospel and tracts to read later.

It was great watching Andy engage with group after group.  Eventually he fell into a long conversation with a group of kids that kept changing - kids would join the conversation, then leave, while others would join and leave.  There seemed to be a couple of them that were deep in the conversation and stayed for the whole time - one girl in particular seemed very engaged.  The chat was still going when I left to join the team online!

It was great to see the newbies have opportunities to witness gospel conversations and be encouraged!

I made it home in time for online training Sunday.  I was paired up with Javier (in California) and we had a great time watching each other's gospel chats and discussing afterwards.  Javier had a long chat with a young (lonely) man.  Javier did such a wonderful job in clearly explaining the gospel and working through his suite of checking questions.  It’s so wonderful seeing these young ones learning to so clearly articulate the gospel.  Raise up an army Lord!

My two chats were both with Muslims.  One in America, the other in Jordan.  They were both very open to hearing the gospel.

Praise God - all glory to God alone!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 22 January 2021

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On Thursday, Andy & I were going to go to the bus stops - but due to the weather, we ended up going online instead.  So my whole Thursday was spent in online outreach.

In that time I spoke to:

Stranger: Be good in life and just even at your lowest always be the best person you can be
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: It’s not good to lie
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: It wouldn’t be the best
Stranger: None
Stranger: Heaven
Stranger: I totally agree I didn’t see it that way
Stranger: Heaven
Stranger: To be truthful in some sort of way or be able to speak to Jesus and not only rely on him
Stranger: Yeah that’s true
You: Trusting
You: Jesus died for your sins
Stranger: Yeah thank you for that I didn’t see it that way but that’s really encouraged me
Stranger: To be good in life and be the best person you can be
Stranger: To be able to rely on Jesus and take the punishments we make for us to go to heaven
Stranger: Trusting?
Stranger: Heaven because Jesus took their punishment?
Stranger: Honoured and respectful towards him
Stranger: No way
Stranger: Because I may have done bad things in life but Jesus took those punishments for me to be able to go to heaven
Stranger: Nothing I totally understand now
Stranger: Yes
You: start in "John" in the second half of the Bible
Stranger: Yes but closed because of corona
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: It’s a Christian one
Stranger: No I think you’ve covered it all to be honest
Stranger: Can i ask
Stranger: Do you make content??
You: insta: needgod.net7
You: Tik Tok
Stranger: Yeah I’m gonna give you a follow thanks for that I appreciate it have a good day my friend
Stranger: Hopefully see you too
You have disconnected.

Just to name a few.  I had some technical troubles during the day, that sadly slowed me down a bit.

Friday was a busy day of outreach.  I was in the city in the morning and into the early afternoon.  It was great to have Jermaine, Roger, Gary, Mike, Steve, my Mum, and others join me at various times through the day! :)

My first chat was with someone whom I thought was a construction worker - but he turned out to be homeless.  He had really good answers to my questions - he seemed familiar with the gospel.  He then said he had been “anointed” a few months ago - it turns out he was talking about Baptism!  Sadly, he had had a turn for the worse in his battle with sin - so I was able to encourage him with the gospel!  It was a lovely chat.

The buskers festival is on in Christchurch, so I was able to have a great follow up chat with a busker who was biding his time before his first act started.  I didn’t really have an opportunity to get to the law and the gospel - there was a lot of discussion about worldview and apologetics.  God willing, I’ll have yet another opportunity to talk with him.

I set up my flip chart (as did Roger).  Jermaine had a gospel chat with some kids (pictured).

Later, I had a gentle chat with an older lady with a Catholic background but was leaning Bhudist.  She took a tract.

Just before lunch time, I headed to the Square.

I approached a few people.  Tash had been to a church, but through “being kind” would get her to heaven.  She grasped the gospel very quickly.

I then talked to Tony.  He said I didn’t need to talk to him, he was already a Christian.  So I turned the conversation to other things.  But as the conversation progressed, it became very clear that this guy was trusting in his works for salvation - he really didn’t understand the gospel.  I knew I had to be very gentle and careful in communicating this - and what the gospel really was.  Finally I asked him how sure he was of going to heaven.  He said, 99.99%.  I asked why he had 0.01% doubt?  He thought about it and said: “I might sin”.  So I said, “what are you trusting in to get you to heaven then?”  Sadly, he erupted: “I don’t like this conversation”.  He sneered and gave me the fingers when I offered him my hand to shake.  I really tried to be gentle and respectful - but I love people too much to not confront them with the truth (I know I fail to do this too often).

After this I moved into open air preaching.  One of our hecklers had told me he had been researching the web site of the church I’m a member of - he was ready with ammo.  And yet, he seemed to misfire?  He did have a few goes at me, I did my best to listen and respond appropriately and then just proceeded through my usual law and gospel presentation.  Andy preached as well.  There was much discussion afterwards.

In the late afternoon and early evening, I was back online.  My first chat was with a guy with “a very religious family - they will be glad you’re talking to me”.  He heard the law, the gospel, the reason why God has done things the way he has, and the real reason why people reject it.  During my explanations I said something that “can’t have been a coincidence”.  There are no coincidences - there is God.

I had an interesting live stream chat with a kid who said: “I need to believe in Jesus and stop sinning” to be saved.  Going from there I clarified that it’s only the first part that saves us: Jesus paying our hell fine, and we accept that by believing he did it for us.  It seemed to click for him.  I was clear that, of course, we will want to stop sinning - but that does not save us.  Later I asked him how sure he would be of going to heaven.  He started by responding with 80% - but he stopped himself, and corrected by saying - now I’m 100% sure.  Christians can have assurance of salvation - because salvation is not dependent on them!

A tiring couple of days.  I’m about to head into the city for a Saturday morning outreach - Ravi is joining me.  I’m feeling encouraged, because more Christians are contacting me to get involved.  Long may that continue!  SDG

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 20 January 2021

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It was an epic outreach at Riccarton on Tuesday.  I love this spot, I look forward to coming here.

Yet, it was a grievous outreach as well.  Why?

Well, a young man & lady came past, I recognised him from multiple chat’s I’d had with him last year at this location and said his name in hello - please to see him.

The last time I talked to him, he had approached me.  He seemed to be deeply impacted by the gospel.  He had explained that, against his normal nature, he had started reading the Bible.  I was very encouraged, and I had started praying for him regularly.

I asked him about how things were going in his life, remembering the details he had shared with me previously.  He has finished school now, and will be starting a job in February.  But, sadly, he seemed dead inside.  He had forgotten the gospel.

I was able to go through it with him again, but I was directing my attention mainly to the girl that was with him.  She was resistant too.  We discussed why there is evil in the world - at an emotional level more than an intellectual one.  She had been to church in the past, but what good was God to her?  I was flabbergasted at this reasoning.  I gently challenged her on that.

They heard the law, and the gospel.  But they just weren’t interested - they had to go.  We said farewell, I was grieved, yet glad I had another opportunity to talk.

It was a windy day, I didn’t bring my flip chart, and Roger’s blew down once.  Yet, Roger had a busy outreach.  And so did I.  After my first chat, I decided to walk down to the bus stops to see if any would be willing to talk.  I told Roger that if I didn’t come back, I would be in a long deep conversation with someone.

Well, as soon as I had turned the corner leaving Roger, I sped two young people sitting on a bench on Riccarton Road.  I politely approached them, and we fell into a long deep conversation, with many many questions going both ways.  They seemed like senior high students or early uni students - on holiday.  The conversation must have gone for about an hour and a half, it was ten minutes past the finish time of the outreach before I made it back to Roger.

Due to all their questions, there was a lot of apologetics.  And yet, the law and the gospel was well and truly covered, with many checking questions.  They were both very intelligent, yet there was a resistance from her - wanting to go down rabbit trials, and getting the checking questions wrong; and an openness from him, wanting to get to the point and getting the checking questions right.

It was a wonderful chat, and yet a very tiring one.  The Sun was blasting on my neck the whole time, it was windy, and the traffic noise was loud.  I came away with a strained voice.  And yet, it was worth it.  May God be glorified in them coming to learn more about him - even if they reject him.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday I was online.

I talked to my first person from Japan!  Sadly, they didn’t stay for me to even be able to talk about the law, let alone the gospel.

I talked to a girl from Brazil who was completely deadpan in regards to the serious nature of what I was talking about - sadly completely uninterested, but polite enough to stay and listen.

I had a difficult chat with a girl who had been through some very hard times.  Her sister had been raped and committed suicide.  She was very angry at God.  With God’s help, I was able to navigate the emotions and amazingly have her come to some grasp of the law and the gospel.  She seemed very appreciative of the chat.

There was a nine year old kid, who seemed more like five.  He shouldn’t have been online - his parents were asleep and should have been too.  But before I learned this, he heard the law and the gospel.

I talked to a couple of Muslims.  One in particular was challenged and wanted to continue the conversation via Instagram.

But my highlight chat was one with a kid who wasn’t interested in his Mum’s faith in Christ.  I took him through the logic of God and his justice - and it really clicked.  He was open to hear the law, and his jaw opened when he came to grasp the gospel!  I worked through checking questions and finally I asked him - do you have any questions?  He said: “No, you actually changed my whole mind about everything”.  Lord, I leave him in your hands.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 20 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday January 20, 2021 from 1300 - 1500

Following Toowong, the official Street Evangelism at Sunnybank was resumed today. Initially, only Johnny and Hung were there to serve, then Col joined in half an hour later. The team of three was later being paid a visit by Rev Henry and Gloria of Bread of Life Church as a surprise support for the day. Basically the weather condition was superb in comparison to the high noon heat yesterday at Toowong. The general response was however not as good. But we all got some special divine encounters : Johnny chatted with a Buddhist background lady for a long time and eventually the conversation was extended with final good result. It was made possible by Johnny walking the lady to her appointed venue to meet friend at Market Square; Col had a very long chat with a seemingly very rational and argumentative Asian man; Hung met with a Catholic background man from El Salvador where Hung 's father once work there for ten odd years. God does work in His mysterious way to call and save His elected ones by His sovereign power, in His time. Recap below were the few Conversations that Hung had.

1) An Indian girl was lost for direction. I was able to show her direction to Market Square and in the meantime gained an opportunity to share here the nutshell of the gospel before she hurried away for her appointment.

2) After many rejections, God stopped an Espanol guy to have a chat with me. He was in a hurry but still let me share the message of the gospel tract with him. He quickly identified himself as a Christian. So I switched to diagnosis his assurance of salvation. He appeared to have 100% assurance of salvation but stopped short in telling me the reason he is sure going to heaven. Actually, as a Catholic Christian. He completely missed the point and thought it was all gained by his good deeds. He excused to end the conversation as he was really in a hurry, but before we were apart, he told me he is from El Salvador where my father once worked there for over 10 odd years. Because of this remote affiliation , he was happy to take a photo with me. God did send him back to have another short chat to wrap up on the real meaning of salvation by faith through grace in Christ.

El Salvador

3) Then I bumped in with two PNG young brooks from Sunnybank District Baptist Church. They were going to meet with other guys to have a basket ball game. But I still managed to checked upon their assurance of salvation. Again they have 100% assurance but took sometime to give me the correct answer of the reason of salvation was because of Jesus alone. Col actually later caught up with one of the PNG guy on the other side to have a long chat.

4) At the bus stop, I caught up with a Filipino lady. I managed to go through the assurance of salvation test with her but the bus arrival interrupted this attempt.

5) I met Teresa again a Taiwanese girl doing Postage of good back to Taiwan as a means of earning money for her study . Just encouraged her to keep pursuing the faith in Christ.

*) Teresa a Taiwanese student coming here to study but uses her spare time to do bulk purchase for shipping back to Taiwan. I met her on Sep 2, 2020 . She was first approached by Johnny, but quickly we recognized each other and continued on chatting along. She showed great interest in Gospel and asked me to have her more tracts to hand out to her friend. She bided me good bye and looking forwards to meeting me same time next week.

6) Finally I caught up with a Chinese basket baller minding him that the basket ball court may have been fully occupied by the PNG guys. He thanked me for the alert and I took the chance to have a brief gospel sharing with him which he originally declined to stop for Johnny. God has his way to stop anyone even with initial intention of rejection.

感謝天父把中國的鄧同學,印度的Anna Ryan帶到我面前,他們聽到了福音,祈求天父賜福給他們,讓他們真認識上帝,為自己的罪悔改來信靠耶穌得永生。


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 19 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 19, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

This was our official resuming of street evangelism after a New Year rest as well as the interruption by the new out break of Covid-19. It was a very hot afternoon. Johnny and I nevertheless march on to the street with mask on as Brisbane people have now mostly get used to wear mask all the time. People either did not stop to chat under the sun, or preferred to stay under the shade behind the narrow space of the bus station. Despite of all these constraint if not obstacles, both Johnny and I got almost non-stop opportunity to share the Gospel though most of them were between 5 to 10 minutes because of the frequent bus arrival. Recap below were my gospel sharing conversations: -

1) Ishmael 以實馬利,an UQ student from Malaysia 馬來西亞, he is Muslim by birth. He was quire opened to the gospel and find it very sensible and logical. I appeal to him to keep an opened mind to let the Holy Spirit to work in His heart.

2) Marissa, the daughter of sea, is a Tri-care worker from Philippine. She is a committed Christian and passed the test of assurance of salvation having 100% certainty. Although she could not articulate clearly the reason of her full assurance is because of the work of Jesus alone but none of our credit. She could quickly grasp the explanation of God's three fold salvation that are assured of our heavenly identity upon accepting Jesus as our savoir and our Lord of life. But our life is still imperfect and subject to transformation by God through the work of the Holy Spirit. And God has given us His 2nd assurance that He will make us perfect by completing the work on our life. We bid farewell with joy in both of our hearts.

3) Catching up with Allen again. We met several weeks ago and he appreciate our commitment for God. He shared a bit about his ministry with a Social care ministry group based in south bank looking after the homeless and poor families.

4) Then I caught up with a young man from Bangladesh. He is of Hindu background but again appeared very opened to the gospel. Like Ishmael, he found no reason to reject the offer of free gift of eternal life by Christ. I could only leave it to the Holy Spirit to follow up with his final conversion to Christ.

5) A Korean girl Kim Suk but not yet a Christian despite 75% of Koreans have now become Christian. It was a pity the bus came too quick but seed of Gospel was sown, in His time.

6) Finally I met up with a Singaporean by the name Eugene. He listened to the Gospel and expressed consent to the logic even though he grew up in a Buddhist family back ground. Just pray for God's work to guide him to make the step of faith to receive Christ.

感謝天父上帝的祝福和帶領,今天下午在Toowong 的福音事工由我和關牧師展開。分別有從中國來的曹姓博士生,北京沈姓女同學、上海王姓男同學,緬甸來的UQ 男學生May ,還有澳洲女生Sunday 。他們都聽到了福音,求上帝打開他們的心眼,讓他們真知道神,為自己的罪來悔改信靠耶穌成為他們的救主,得永生。


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 17 January 2021

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I’m talking to more and more kids online, who already have a grasp of the gospel - obviously babes in the Lord, desperately in need of discipling.  Where are these kids hearing the gospel?

The last chat on Saturday was with a kid who said he first heard it about a year ago… on TikTok!  He couldn’t tell me who he heard it from, but he heard it from somewhere.

From what I know, TikTok is a social media platform that originated from China.  And yet, God seems to be using this to spread the gospel!

There was another chat I had with a kid back on Tuesday who had reasonable gospel answers to my questions.  He also had been following a TikTok channel and learning from it.  I pointed him to a Bible and a local church.

There was a third recent similar chat that I’d had - I can’t remember the details now, nor can I find the recording.

And now that I think about it more, I remember getting into a conversation with two people (within the last few days) and one of them said, “I’ve already watched a video where he talks about God, skip him”.

And that reminds me of yet another conversation I had, about a week ago, where a kid said he had already watched a video with his Mum where I was sharing the gospel.

It’s starting to dawn on me the reach the gospel is having online.  It has its drawbacks - no doubt.  But it’s truly amazing seeing what’s happening - glory to God.

As an example, here is a sample video of a gospel chat Grace had recently.  It’s really worth heading over to watch it.  It’s a one minute summary clip of an online gospel chat.  The power of the gospel is truly epic!

So, watch this space.  Please pray that the gospel would continue to prosper online.  That many would be saved, and get connected with a Bible and a local church - wherever they are!

Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing about the weekend outreaches for the Christchurch team.

I was online on Saturday for three hours.  I had a lot of chats - 12 in total.  One of them started with two girls asking me to wave to their TikTok followers - one had a mobile phone and was recording me.  So I waved and simply asked them (and their followers) what they thought happened after they died.  She kept recording as I took them through the law and the gospel - it was a great chat (pictured)!

I had a couple of tough chats too.  One in particular, the guy started bucking against sound logic.  I was just too tired to argue, so I simply said so and skipped him.

On Sunday afternoon, after church meeting, I headed into Cashel Mall for some street outreach.  It was great to have Mike join me!  I had three solid chats.

The first was with a lady and three older kids - they all had a Christian background, but she seemed a bit confused by the gospel message I was sharing where I was emphasising the fact that works DON’T save us, but only Jesus does by his sacrifice on the cross, which will lead to good works.

The next was a lovely chat with a Christian down from Auckland on holiday.  He seemed impressed with what I was doing.  We discussed evangelism and theology among other things.  He had seen American Gospel on Netflix, and had been impacted by it.

The last chat was with a guy who had served time in prison for violent crime.  We talked for a long time, where I had to do a lot of listening, and gently folded the law and the gospel into the conversation.  He ended up leaving with four different types of gospel tract to read.

I made it home in time for online outreach with the team.  I was paired up with Riley from the USA.  He did such a wonderful job in sharing the gospel - always ready with a great analogy and always keeping the conversation on the gospel.  I ended up having two conversations with Muslims.  One from the Philippines, and the other from Egypt.  Both were open to hear the gospel.  The guy from the Philippines was very open, and seemed impressed by the gospel.  But then he remembered that he was a Muslim, and he suddenly closed up tight - I lost him.  Yet, the seed has been sown.  When I got into the second chat, I could see the same thing happening, so I raced away from talking about Islam and back to the gospel as quick as I could.  He said he would check out more online.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 15 January 2021

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Evangelism is terrifying work.  I understand why most Christians avoid it.  Today I had to deal with a new atheist (a “new” atheist is one that says religion is bad) who started the conversation by belittling me.  I hate conflict, so I want to avoid evangelism too!  And yet, when I wrestle with the Bible, theology & logic and I understand what is at stake: eternal life in hell - this motivates me to push past my fears.  I think of those that have gone before me: Jesus, Stephen, Paul - and I go anyway.

Evangelism is, therefore, lonely work.  Very lonely.  Ironically, if more Christians could push past the fear, it wouldn’t be so lonely, and it would actually become easier - we would have each other to lean on when we encounter those difficult situations - that will come!

So, from a lonely Christian to the terrified Christian - come and be terrified with me (and the few others), trust in the strength of the Lord - who knows what it’s like and will always be with us.

Thursday and Friday were long days of outreach for me.  But I feel like I’ve pushed through a barrier in the amount of outreach I do.  It seems like the more I do, the easier it is to do more.  And this life is so short compared to eternity.  I’m grateful to the Lord for provision to be able to do what I do - and I’m grateful to the Lord for those he uses to provide - thank you!

The gospel + abortion outreach is still happening, but due to the amount of counter protesters we’ve been attracting - and the hostility they bring.  The ability to actually engage people with the gospel has been diminished.  For this reason, this outreach will be occurring at non regular times (for the time being at least).  This weeks outreach was wonderful - with many opportunities to engage people in respectful conversation about why abortion is murder, and the hope for true forgiveness found in Jesus.  We had the usual support, and non-support.  One lady yelled from a car window as it drove past: “Stop abusing people!”  The irony was lost on her - I just shook my head and said nothing in return.

Andy and I were in Cathedral Square.  Andy open air preached to a decent lunch time crowd.  He attracted a heckler who he started to engage with.  Sadly, others became involved and it started escalating out of control.  For this reason, I decided to head over and talk directly with the heckler.  It defused the escalation.  Andy was able to continue preaching, and I had a great conversation with the heckler.  He was obviously extremely resistant, so I didn’t have an opportunity to share the law and gospel with him - but we did exchange names and parted with a hand shake.

Before the open air preaching I had some great walk up opportunities.  I engaged two construction workers, who it turns out Andy had talked to on a previous day!

But the highlight was a conversation with a couple of ladies who, sadly, it turns out were high on drugs.  Yet, they came to grasp the gospel - one slower than the other as she processed the implications.  At the end of the conversation, they both wanted tracts - and they were excited about how they could learn more on TikTok.

I had thirty one solid law and gospel conversations online over this period too.  With people all over the world, including: the UK, South Africa, Argentina and the Dominican Republic (for the first time).  I’m out of time to write about any of those chats.

Again, thanks for your prayer & support.  But most importantly, be encouraged to get involved - as scary as it is.  Think of the God you love, think of eternity, act out of love - no matter the cost!

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