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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

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Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

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Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 18 October 2020

Posted by Posted 18 October 2020, 4:59 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Saturday I spent two hours online in the morning, and two hours online in the afternoon.  In between I watched this super encouraging video on YouTube.

My last conversation of the day was with someone using a professional looking microphone - I wondered why, but figured I had nothing to hide and proceeded with my usual attempt to share the gospel.  He was a very thoughtful guy and gave good responses.  Slowly, but surely I was able to work him through the logic of how we know God exists, and why there must be a place of punishment after life: hell.  He heard the law, and then I moved to the gospel.  He had a very encouraging “ah ha” moment as he came to grasp it!  At this point he really opened up.  He mentioned something about being at a crossroads.  So I said it was no accident God had paired us up out of 50,000 people.  He started weeping.  I reflected afresh in my awe of God and his amazing Gospel.  I asked the guy if he had any questions, and he said: “You’ve answered questions I didn’t even know I had”.  Glory to God!  My hope is that those tears were tears of repentance - but that is God’s job, not mine, so I decided to leave him, after pointing him to

I felt overjoyed!  The wonderful opportunities we are having to share the gospel, and see it deeply impact people.  Glory to God, it’s so wonderful.

Andy and I headed into Cashel Mall on Sunday after church for a couple of hours.  Andy is becoming a “walk up” pro.  As soon as he finishes a conversation, he seems to be straight into another! All that’s needed is some gentle boldness.  People want to stop and talk!  Pictured are a few of those conversations.

Andy got into a great conversation with some Christian kids out doing healing evangelism, he pulled me into the conversation and we ended up giving them a demo of the flip chart and how the gospel message is the only power of God to save.  Healing and apologetics are great - but they don’t save people.  Only God does, and he condescends to do so through us sharing the gospel.  It was a great chat, and there were handshakes all round.  I invited them to get in touch and join us out on the streets!

An interesting conversation for me was with three people heading out to busk with a guitar.  They were intrigued by the flip chart, and I was completely upfront with what it was about.  As we worked through the law, they became very resistant - they wanted to insist on their goodness getting them to heaven.  I verbally came alongside them and tried to coach them that there was good news for those that were humbled by the law, rather than fighting it.  Sadly, it didn’t work.  They insisted that they would be going to heaven, simply because they didn’t want to go to hell!  They disengaged, and I knew it was futile to persist.  They all took tracts.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of the street / online work of Operation 513. :)

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 16 October 2020

Posted by Posted 17 October 2020, 6:40 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Thursday: Online in the morning before joining Andy at the bus stops.  Northlands and then Eastgate.

One of the most interesting conversations I had was with a young high school student from the Philippines.  He wanted to talk, but he was extremely softly spoken.  I took him through the law and the gospel, and he conceded to the logic of what I was saying.  I then moved into checking questions and I wasn’t surprised when he gave “good works” as the reason he would be going to heaven.  So I tracked back and started trying to explain things in different ways.  It wasn’t that he was disagreeing with me, but every time I would ask a checking question, he would rebotically respond with “good works”.  It’s the first time I’ve really encountered someone so entrenched in their thinking.  Early on I learned that this guy was one of Jehova’s Witnesses, and eventually he said, “we don’t believe in hell”.  It was an extremely difficult conversation: I was standing in an awkward spot, I could barely hear what he said, and I was feeling pretty tired.  I ended up giving up :(  But looking back that was wrong.  He wanted to talk - I should have calmly persisted.  Five minutes later, his bus came and he left.  He had a tract.

Friday started with the abortion outreach.  It was sunny, but the wind was strong and cold.  So strong in fact that we could barely hold our signs without the wind trying to whip them out of our hands!  Andy and I had been discussing repentance when a guy came to shake our hands and talk with us.  We have talked to this guy many times before, but I moved the conversation to the gospel again.  I explained how we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus' sacrifice on the cross - he seemed to understand, and so I explained the concept of repentance.  It was interesting seeing his response, he instantly started saying, “yeah, I need to try harder”.  I can’t be sure, but was he thinking he needed to try harder to be saved?  So I re emphasised justification by grace through faith.  The take away for me is that everyone we talk to is different, and finding the right balance in explaining faith, repentance and obedience in relation to salvation can be quite a tightrope.  But we must labour to get people to understand the paradox clearly and correctly!

Due to the strong wind turning our signs into sails, we decided to cancel the outreach early.  Andy and I headed back to his place, where I got him set up for online evangelism on his new computer.  Andy had a long friendly chat with a Muslim who was keen to engage, but ended up being resistant to the gospel.

We headed back into the city for open air preaching in the Square.  There were eleven Christians there, and only one heckler!  The heckler was in a deep one to one conversation with one of the Christians, so the preaching proceeded unopposed.

I decided to hand out tracts and I ended up getting into a wonderful conversation with a lady passing by.  She was Catholic and confident she would be heading to heaven because she is a “good person”.  I just said, “well, if it’s good deeds that gets us to heaven, then I’m not going there”.  She was intrigued, and came back to talk to me.  It was a short conversation, but I was able to explain the gospel, and how we are justified by grace through faith, and not by works.  It started to really click on the second explanation.  She had to go, but she seemed genuinely impacted by the conversation.  Thank you Lord.

After some more one to one gospel conversations, we moved to Cashel Mall.  It was great to have Binu and Graeme with us.

I didn’t bring the flip chart due to the wind.  Andy and Graeme were busy in walk up conversation after walk up conversation.  I had two highlight walk ups.

The first was with a guy sitting near the Bridge of Remembrance.  He had a Catholic background but didn’t seem to be convinced by it all.  So I took him through the logic that there is a God and a hell, and then through the law and the gospel.  He listened and asked great questions.  He then made this statement: “you shouldn’t be sharing it like this, people will think they can live their lives any way they like”!  He was understanding the grace of God!  So I then explained the concept of repentance to him (mainly using the fireman analogy).  He seemed genuinely impacted and thankful, he shook my hand a few times.  I could tell he had some thinking to do.  Lord, change him by your grace!

The second conversation was with a Muslim teen girl.  It was a long, respectful conversation with a focus on how God can be both just and merciful, and how Christianity has an answer, and Islam does not.  She started asking wonderful questions related to the Bible and the Quran.  I ended up pulling Andy into the conversation who is reading the Quran at the moment.  She agreed that she needed to read the Bible and find out what it says.  Suddenly, two girls butted into the conversation.  They focused on the Muslim teen and asked: “are you ok?  You don’t have to listen to these men if you don’t want to, you can walk away”.  I was deeply hurt by the insinuation.  But I just stepped back - I wasn’t holding her against her will, I would let her decide if she wanted to keep talking to us.  Not surprisingly, she did want to keep talking to us, much to the shock and hatred of the two ladies who left but kept watching from a distance.  The conversation was pretty much over anyway.  We gave her four types of tract, including “Which One?” and explained how she could get a Bible in a language that suited her.  It was so wonderful talking to a very bright minded young lady.  Lord, we leave her in your hands.

Andy and I finished the day of outreach online with the Brisbane team.  It was so great having Andy joining us!

Thank you for your prayers and support of the Christchurch (NZ) team!  God bless you.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Posted by Posted 14 October 2020, 6:43 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wed Oct 14, 2020 from 1300 to 1500

Praise God that he withheld wind and rain for us to have a dried period of street evangelism ministry at Sunny Bank, despite there was rain all the way when I drove there. We also had Andrew rejoining us today making a team of four including Johnny, Col, Andrew and Hung. God used us to display good team work to supplement each others . It was particularly obvious between Johnny and me. At the end God used us to help out an overseas visiting Chinese lady to find info and the way to have the Covid-19 test enabling her to board the plane departing Oct 5. I actually already shared the gospel to her last week when she was in great worry of losing Wechat for external communication. I gave her words of comfort and directed her to the greater need of salvation. God used someone to help her restored the faulty Wechat account. And led her to meet Johnny then me to help her to find and book Covid-19 testing to enable her to board her flight back to China on Nob 5. During the process, God used me to impressed and reinforced again the imperative need for salvation by every one. I trust she was moved this time by both the message and the action love exhibited by the som many Christians God sent to help her out. Recap below are my others divine appointments today.

1) Madam Pang 彭 was born in China but raised in HKG. Lived in Taiwan then migrated to NZ and finally came her. She noticed my HKG accent so volunteer to speak in Cantonese with me. With the common home town, she was very talkative. I manged to drag our conversation back to Gospel and Salvation. Curiously despite of her mixed Christian 基 and Catholic 天 background, she has 100 % assurance of salvation but for a vague reason including the elements of good works. So it was good that I could guide her to understand her 100% assurance of salvation was built on Jesus and Him alone.有確據但不十分清楚, but it was a bit fishy she declined to take a tract. , 定意不拿單張

2) William and Ifun Two students , one a local Aussie another a Malaysia school boy. Both understood but no move to make decisive action to receive Christ immediately.

3) Johnny talked to a BCAC new Christian by the sure name 蘇 who is yet to be baptized. He referred her to me as she is Cantonese speaking.

4) Another anonymous target took the tract , have a chat but decline to leave any name.不願告名

5) Madam Chai 柴,from Heibei 河北. Story as shared above.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 14 October 2020

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Tuesday was a wonderful day of outreach for the Christchurch (NZ) team.  Four hours online, and the Riccarton outreach went long due to a great conversation: two & a half hours.

Online I alternated between text and video chats to pace myself.

My first video chat was with an extremely resistant guy who fought me on everything I said.  It was a really draining conversation that I decided to end.

But then I got into a conversation with a professional looking guy who wasn’t resistant at all.  He was going through a life crisis which he wanted to talk about - I listened and shared my empathy.  I could tell he appreciated it.  He was showing all the classic signs of false conversation, but then I wasn’t sure.  I took him through the law, and the gospel.  And I worked on his understanding of what saves us from hell.  There didn’t seem to be much reaction.  I continued to gently probe with questions when suddenly he started talking about how he felt like he had walked into a ditch.  So I came back to the gospel, and explained that Christians can walk into ditches, even get caught up in very serious sin, but if they are Christians, God won’t leave them in a ditch, he disciplines those that he loves.  And Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of all our sins.  It seemed to be a God moment.  Tears welled up in his eyes, overflowed down his cheeks and dropped onto his shirt.  He seemed oblivious to the tears - he just listened.  The moment passed and we continued to chat.  I still didn’t know if he was a false convert, or a Christian battling sin.  I emphasised the wonder of the gift of the gospel, and urged him to take drastic action in relation to sin.  Before we disconnected, I let him know how to get in touch.

Later I was connected to a kid from Bulgaria!  My first time talking to someone from there.  He was very intelligent, and steeped in secular philosophy.  I took him through the logic of the existence of God, the law, and the gospel.  He was resistant, but he didn’t disagree with what I was explaining.  When I shared the gospel, he gave a classic: “ahh, I get it now” response.

The outreach at Riccarton was awesome.  The highlight conversation was the last one.  Two guys walked past, and I tried to get their attention completely expecting them to ignore me.  To my surprise one of them wanted to talk (the other didn’t)!  I was able to pull the second guy into the conversation, and it went deep quick.  Eventually, the first guy asked if we could sit down, which we did, and the three of us had a long conversation.  From what I could gather, the first guy had Christian influence, and has some conviction of sin, but is trying to work out how much sin he can get away with!  The second guy is “atheist”.  We had a long discussion where the gospel was talked about a lot, as well as what repentance means.  It was a long conversation, and I eventually felt like we had made as much progress as we would.  We all shook hands at the end, and the both took tracts.  I was shocked to realise the outreach had gone well over thirty minutes extra - but that is such a good thing, oh that more and more people will want to stop to talk about the most important questions in life!  Lord, save people for your glory!

On Wednesday I was online and in the city.  I wasn’t feeling the best when I was in the city, so I just sat at the southern entrance of Cathedral Square and handed out tracts to those passing by.  By God’s grace, I was able to get into an easy conversation with two guys.  It was a quick conversation, and at the end of it, one of them said, “that is the best explanation I’ve heard from a believer”.  All glory to God for giving us the truth of the gospel, and I’m very grateful for those He has raised up to teach us how to effectively share the gospel: Ray Comfort and Ryan Hemelaar (and others).

From there, I went for a walk through the sitting looking for people to share with.  I ended up having a good chat with a taxi driver (he eventually invited me to sit in his car).  I then was able to challenge a guy at the corner of High & Cashel, before heading towards Ara.  Unfortunately it started raining, so I decided to head home to go back online.  I was walking a route I don’t normally take when God led me to a guy I ended up having a long conversation with.  He was a Christian, but needed encouragement which I tried to give.

I finally made it home and was given the privilege of livestreaming for the first hour.  God was very gracious in giving me a string of wonderful conversations where people came to grasp the gospel.  How wonderful!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 13 October 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village o Tuesday October 13, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today we had a team of three as usual including Johnny Winnie and Hung. The weather was not sunny with cloud but the day light was bright with breeze as such it was ideal for outreach. The chances of divine appointment were equally distributed amongst the three of us each having around 8 to 9 chatting opportunities. We also encounter a special situation or outreach pattern of having many mini-reunions with gospel targets we met lately. It enabled us to follow up on their understanding of the Gospel and meaning of salvation t osee whether there is still any barrier preventing to make that precious and important decision to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord of Life.

Recap belows are the battle log of me in English and of Winnie in Chinese: -

1) A Christian young lady who claimed to have 100% assurance of salvation. When I wanted to cross check what is the basis of this 100% assurance, she then started to avoid answering. I was not able to pin her down for an exact answer as the Bus came at this moment. So it is doubtful if she trust on Jesus alone or herself. Hope next week will meet and follow up with her.

2) Derek and I recognized each other but I forgot his name. It was nice to catch up his understanding and clarified further that no good man is good enough and we all bound to have imperfect sin of though and acts that would subject to hells punishment. Derek now admitted he is good but not perfect as such he would need Jesus if he wants to be on the bright side of God in eternity. I vowed to remember his name next tome we met and awaiting for his serious decision to accept Christ.

3) Then came Perry who was approached by Winnie last week. Her feed back was like Derek still opined that she could continue to live as a good person without adhering to any religion. I caught up to clarify with this point that all religions are good to appeal people to try our best to be a good person. But none of them address the issue of sin that every good person would have committed from time to time as such no religion can saved us from the punishment of sin except Jesus Christ who came to die for us as a blemished perfect sacrificial goal to take our place to receive the hell punishment, but he defeated Satan as well as his power of death so that he rose up to be the King of kings and our Lord of all Lords giving us the assurance of a new heavenly identity to reconcile with God and be His people again. Like-wise, Perry seemed to have got th point this time and I could only pray God will do the rest to convict her and let me know net time we met.

4) Then came Mandy in a rush to buy something from Towong Village and had to hurried back to work. I offered to walk with her and finish my shorter version of Gospel in a nutshell. She appeared very receptive to the message and acknowledged the need of Jesus after my sharing. She seemed to have received great enlightenment and promised to seriously read the tract to help her to reach the right decision important to her eternal destiny.

5) Lily a young Aussie girl who got a tract from Johnny but did not stop. I followed up to chat with her when she got to the bus stop. I was only able to share the gospel in a nutshell realizing the bus was arriving. She anyway showed degree of understanding of the issue and promised to chat more next time if we meet again.

6) A Lady was on the phone but she still politely accepted the tract, so that mean there is always next time to follow on the aborted conversation.

7) Nish an Indian girl who humbly listened to the Gospel in a nutshell that I could barely had time to finish by the time the bus arrived. She seemed to have got the essence of the message and I can only pray for God's mercy on her to lead her to Christ in His time.

8) Another Indian lady claimed we had chatted before and she was not in the mood to chat anymore. Just pray that net time God will change her mind.

9) Finally Fiona took the tract but the bus came and I did not even have time to share apart from getting her name so hopefully God will give us a second chance to chat next time.

Recap below is the battle log summary in Chinese for Winnie who spoke to 8 persons with mixed results. Three would think deep about it , two said they would accept Jesus as savior. And three all claimed to be Buddhists but Winnie learned to explain to them to notice the difference of Christianity with all other religions including Buddhism that they are all good but only appealing people to be a good and better persons yet provided not solution to address the sin and the consequential hell punishment that only Christianity provides a solution of letting Jesus a perfect person nto die for them taking their place to received the hell punishment of our sin as such we a clean and right with God to be His people again.


第一位遇上是 Eve,澳洲少女,聽完福音後,願意想想。

第二位是 Jane, 中国少女,也是需要時間想清楚。

第三位是 Kelvin, 中国青年。初時不想聽,當他坐下來,我問他認識耶稣基督嗎?跟着傳福音给他。


第五位是中國 UQ 女學生,May, 願意信靠主,寻求更多真理。我给她咭片,Power of Change.


第七位是澳洲女士,Linda, 她説有朋友是佛教,有的是天主教,有的是基督教。她分不清楚所有的教有什么分别?我解释给她聽,佛教及很多的教都是講及要做善事積陰德。基督教是講述罪的問题,耶稣基督為我們贖罪釘上十字架上,死後,三天復活。我們信靠祂,罪得赦免。死後可以上天堂。當我們信靠了主耶稣,聖靈便會進入我們心内,我們應不能做的事,聖𩆜帶领下,我們都可以做得到。我講述自己的見證。她聽後,願意信靠主耶稣,多謝我詳细解释。感谢主,這都是神利用我這個不配的器皿講出來。

第八位 是中国少女,红。她説她的朋友都是佛教徒。我解释她佛教與基督教分别。她説會想想。



Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 11 October 2020

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Saturday I decided to go online instead of head into the city.  A couple of hours in the morning, and a couple in the afternoon (with the Brissie team).

In the morning I had two highlight conversations.

The first was with a guy who looked suspiciously naked from what I could tell at the edges of my video shield.  Normally people like that take one look at me and disconnect.  But strangely he didn’t.  I expected him to leave at any second, so I just started trying to share as much as I could about God before he left.  To my surprise, he started responding via text.  He said: “I’m practicing my posing for a bodybuilding competition”.  So I asked him if he believed there was a God.  He responded with “yes of course”.  And we were into a discussion!  Safe to say, I kept my video shield up!  I was able to take him through the law and the gospel.  It turns out he had a Muslim background.  He gently resisted initially, but to my surprise he softened.  At the end he said: “Yes I see ur point”.  And then when I asked if he could see how this is good news, he said, “yea def”.  He received a link to

The second was with a man from Dubai.  Initially he was being a bit silly, taking the serious things I was talking about lightly.  I decided to verbally jolt him - expecting him to bail.  But he didn’t, he sobered up.  I was able to share the gospel, and he seemed to really appreciate the conversation.

In the afternoon I had four conversations before getting into a long chat (nearly 50 minutes) with a young guy and his friend.  This guy seemed genuinely impressed that I was online sharing the gospel.  It seems he is a recent convert and so I was able to give him lots of encouragement, and clear up some confusion he had in regards to Catholicism (which his friend was).  I shared a link to, and he checked it out on his phone - he was instantly excited because he recognised Ryan!  He had been watching the gospel video clips on Tik Tok!  He was genuinely excited to know that he was talking to someone on the same team as Ryan.  And it was so encouraging to me to hear of the impact the gospel videos on Tik Tok were having.  Thank you Lord, all glory to you!

A couple of conversations later, and I got into a chat with a young guy who melted when I gave him the building / builder - universe / universe maker analogy.  It really clicked for him, and he became very open to the law and the gospel, which he was familiar with, but didn’t really understand.  It was a wonderful chat.  Lord, save him.

Sunday afternoon saw two outreaches for me.  The first was in the city with Andy.  Andy was in fine form getting people to stop and chat - walk up style.  He was in conversation after conversation.  At one point he was in a conversation with a guy who started throwing coins at him!  He was mocking Andy somehow.  The guy left, but the Hara Kirstina’s were out evengelising in the same spot and one of them asked me if he could take the coins!

The Hara Kirsina’s were busy, getting into conversations, and selling books.  But Andy & I kept pace.  I’m starting to get to know one of them, he even shook my hand today.  They don’t want to waste time with us - but I’d love to get to know them, I’d love to be able to share the gospel with them.

I had some great chats.  I’ll mention two.

The first was with a guy who I didn’t expect to stop.  We had quite a long conversation.  Initially I thought he was a Christian, but little warning signs were showing.  He then started talking about baptism being required for salvation.  That was a loud warning!  So I took him to the flip chart to start confirming what he understood.  He ended up saying, “I need to trust that Jesus is the son of God”.  I corrected him by saying, “You need to trust that Jesus died on the cross for your sins”.  Finally I said, yes, Jesus must be God.  And then he said, “oh, you believe in the trinity”!  He denied Jesus is God.  I should have known, but it was the fact that he said he went to a Baptist church that threw me.  I explained why Jesus must be 100% man and 100% God.  He left with a tract.

The other chat was unexpected.  I was rushing home to be ontime for the online outreach with the Aussies when I noticed an elderly man trying to wheel his wheelchair without much success.  I hurried past, but then I caught myself.  I went back and asked if he needed any help.  He said he needed to get to the bus exchange.  It would make me late, but I knew I had to help.  As I was pushing him, I introduced myself, and then I realised I had a gospel opportunity on my hands!  As I wheeled him to the bus exchange, I was able to share with him.  He seemed resistant initially, but he didn’t fight.  He took a tract.

I finished the day online.  I had two outstanding conversations: 30 mins, and 1 hour 30 mins!

The 30 min chat was with two girls from the States.  One of them said that she was going to skip me initially, but that she was glad that she didn’t.  The both seemed to really appreciate the conversation.

The 1 hour 30 min chat was with four guys.  They were up to no good - so God sent me their way.  There was a real mix of beliefs among them.  One of them was genuinely stoked to realise I was online to share the gospel, and he positively influenced two others.  The fourth guy was Atheist - but he was keen to chat.  They all heard the gospel multiple times, and then they started taking turns to ask questions - good questions.  I ended up with the Atheist and we talked for a while.  He eventually opened up about why he was suppressing the truth about God - he is bisexual.  “Am I damned?”, he asked.  Without compromising the serious nature of the sin of homosexuality, I was able to explain (again) the amazing good news of Jesus - even for homosexuals.  What a privilege!

Oh Lord, please save people through our feeble efforts to share your amazing gospel.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 9 October 2020

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On Thursday I was online for a couple of hours before joining Andy at the bus stops.

I had conversations with many, but a highlight ws with a young Buddhist girl living in Switzerland.  I talk to her for over twenty minutes.  She became curious of the logic I was laying out for her.  It turns out her mum is becoming interested in Jesus and has started attending a church.  I suggested that maybe her mum is praying for her - and that our conversation was not a coincidence.

I also had a text based conversation with a person who simply couldn’t grasp the idea that she was a bad person!  I had to be really patient, but the penny finally dropped:

Stranger: everyone's not perfect and everyone lies..
You: Right, so therefore there are none that are good. That is exactly what the Bible says.
Stranger: OMG your right
You: If i compare myself to a murderer - I'll look good. But if I compare myself to God.... I'm a very very bad person.
You: Make sense?
Stranger: yes
You: So, if you died today, and God judged you by perfection, would you be innocent or guilty?
Stranger: guilty
You: Heaven or hell then?
Stranger: hell
You: This is the bad news. But there is good news. Does it concern you that you would deserve hell if you died today?
Stranger: yes


You: Who do you know that is perfect, and willing to die for you?
Stranger: hmmm no one
You: There is only 1: God.
Stranger: omgggg
You: God is the only one that is perfect
Stranger: ur rightttt
Stranger: ur smart

They heard the gospel before they had to go, I left them with a link to for follow up.

The bus stops were quieter than I expected, and I was also feeling really tired for some reason.  I really had to pace myself through the afternoon.  I know I talked with many about the gospel with many - but I can’t remember any specific highlights except that I saw one of the people I had talked to the previous day.  I keep seeing this person.  I wasn’t able to talk to them again, as they were walking past when I was already in a conversation.  But this person is on my heart - I am praying for them.

Friday we were outside the hospital in the morning for our usual gospel + abortion outreach.  A relatively quiet outreach - which was a relief.  Andy had a long conversation with someone at the start.  I started praying that the man’s heart and mind would be open to the gospel - strangely, right at that moment, he started becoming resistant and he left soon after!

The highlight of the day was the open air preaching in Cathedral Square at lunch time.  There were a lot of people around.  Andy preached after me and attracted a great heckler (pictured).  Without being arrogant, Andy took this guy to task - and the crowd started to gather.  The heckler got angrier and angrier, but Andy calmly stuck to his guns and would cycle back to the gospel appropriately.  Eventually the heckler walked off, and Andy was free to speak to the gathered crowd.  In the meantime Christians were having conversations with people on the periphery.  Glory to God for the wonderful opportunity!

A team of seven in Cashel Mall afterwards.  Lots of great opportunities to be a witness for Christ.  I have three highlights:

One of my regulars came past and stopped for a chat.  I’ve been talking to this guy for well over a year.  The last time I talked to him, I was urgent with him.  But this guy seems completely blind to what I’m saying.  He hadn’t been thinking about what we have talked about in the past, and he couldn’t remember the gospel!  So again, I shared the law and the gospel, and pleaded with him to “wake up”.  He took some new tracts to add to his collection back at work (he says he reads them).  Lord, have mercy.  Regenerate him - wake him up!

Near the end of my time flip charting, I had three people walk past.  I asked if they would like to try the good person test - totally expecting them to ignore me and keep walking.  To my surprise, one of them beelined for me and walked right up to the chart wanting to give it a go!  Of the other 2, one was curious, the other didn’t want a bar of it and eventually walked down a bit to sit and wait out of ear shot.  The two that stayed were open to the gospel message, and appreciated the new information that contradicted their Catholic understanding of things.

As the outreach was wrapping up, I was surprised to have another of my regulars stop and ask to catch up.  This person is not a Christian, and yet they wanted me to pray for them!  What a privilege!  I did so, and we talked for about twenty minutes.  I will continue to pray for this friend.

I finished the day with some online outreach.  I was able to speak to a number of Christians (or false converts, you can’t tell which).  In one conversation I preached at the choir encouraging them to share the gospel.  In the other conversation, the guy was wrestling with sin.  I was able to bring the balm of the gospel as well as be able to urge this guy to take drastic measures to deal with his sin.  I pointed him to his Bible and local church.  I finished the conversation by praying for him.

Lord do your work!  All glory to you.

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Saturday 3 October 2020

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It was another beautiful day at Redcliffe and God gave us many people who were willing to chat and engage in gospel conversations. We had 5 team members, Richard, Gary, John, Alan and Col - We were a older team on Saturday and it worked well in Redcliffe as many of the people in the street were older like ourselves. Everyone on team was enthusiastic and thankful that God had given us the opportunity to present the gospel. It was encouraging to see how the Lord softened hearts helping people to understand their situation and then what Jesus had done to save them. Please pray for all those we spoke to as we acknowledge that God is the one who draws and saves the lost. We give him all the honour and glory for all that he does.
Romans 5 v8  ' but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us'.
Our next outreach at Redcliffe is on Sat 17 th Oct - 1100 to 1300 please come and join us.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 7 October 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday October 7, 2020 from 1300 - 1500

We started with only two of us Johnny and Hung, but Col and Allen later joined us to become a team of four. As usual, we stationed at the two sides of the pedestrian foot bridge. Some form of team work did exist under the sovereign control of God. For instance, some one got a tract from one side, showed to us on the opposite side aiming to gain a waiver but often time, God used this a a means for us to stop them to explain on the tract that collected.

Today, God let me encounter many Christians who claimed to have 100% of assurance of salvation but upon checking the reason, it was all wrong basing 100% on the good deeds they have done. This is an alarming sign that many Christian Churches have not provided sufficient biblical teaching to their sheep.

As usual, Johnny and I had near non-stop chances of sharing. I registered 10 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Kline a local Aussie was in a great hurry but he was polite and kind enough to stop for a chat. I hastily shared with him the nutshell of the Gospel. He showed positive and receptive reaction and was moved to take a serious thought on it though he really had to go. I later crossed shoulder with him while I was doing walking preaching with another woman, he anyway gave me a big grin to show his appreciation.

2) I mistook a Korean as Chinese but found out in time to exchange for an English tract. He was really rushing for some personal matter. But it paved the readiness for me to be more sensitive to differentiate race upon my subsequent approach with Korean really turning up.

3) Ms Sze 斯 a very gentle young fair lady from Taiwan 台 in quite formal dressing as if she was up for some businesses function. But she stopped without hesitation to spend more than 20 minutes to listen to my gospel sharing and end up feeling overwhelmingly drawn by the message 很投入 that she has heard many times before. But this time it hit her heart and really made her feel convinced to accept Jesus. Praise the Lord.

4) An old lay Mrs Dong董 from Heibei 河北 China looked very worrisome and even lost her sense momentarily stopped and standing in front of me. I asked if she needed help than she came back to her sense and started chatting with me. When I wanted to share gospel with her then she lamented that she has no mood to

listen as her wechat account was locked up because of forgetting her password as such she cannot communicate with her family in china.心煩 I offered to walk her across the bridge and shared with her that losing wechat accessibility is a bad experience but im comparison to losing our place in eternity suffering in hell would be a more serious issues.步行聆聽. Her mood changed after hearing the good news. The previous Aussie man greeted me with a big smile also amazed her that we can have joy to greet a stranger. So she ended up feeling more relieved and promised to ponder on Jesus's salvation.

5) Then I caught up with two Korean Christian young ladies called Mary and Emily. They disclosed they are Christian as soon as I wanted to share the gospel. Their answered for the first diagnosis question if they have assurance of salvation was 100%, which is spot on. But it was shocking to find out that that 100 % assurance is based on their good deeds. They appeared a bit nervous and wanted to leave with the excuse of hurrying for an appointment. I nevertheless volunteered to walk them for 500 meter to reach the other set of traffic light and tried my best to clarify their mis conception.

6) Rammy , a Taiwan Buddhist lady. She was polite but thought claiming a Buddhist will stop me from talking to her. She was wrong, I had endless inspiration to share with her which eventually convinced her that Christianity is the only way for real salvation and forgiveness of sin. Trying to reach self perfection like what Buddhism uphold is futile and she promised to ponder deeper on what I shared with her.

7) Matt , another local Aussie Christian who again claimed to have 100% of assurance of salvation yet it was all based on inherited identity from Christian family, good service in the church but nothing accredited to the redemptive grace of Jesus. He showed sign of confusion but was humble enough to take in my advice and promise to reflected on his relationship with Jesus Christ.

8) A couples of elderly husband and wife from China Canton walked toward me. The wife walked 10 feet ahead getting passed me and ignored the tract, but her husband took the tract. I shared with him and our conversation got brighten up when we found Cantonese is our common language. With this edge, he showed interest to hear me to share the nutshell of the gospel that I finished just in time before the bus came. 廣東老人夫婦,夫接聽

9) Finally Eason turned up and willing to stop for a long chat. His knowledge of thr Bible and understanding of the doctrine of salvation is good as he is member of the Grace Bible Christian Church. He is clear about salvation by grace through faith in Christ and needed to be perfect through God's divine life transformation work through the Spirit. But his assurance of salvation was tainted by his uncertainty if he is a born again one seemingly judging by the Baptism by the Spirit. I shared with him my orthodox thought and emphasized that speaking in tone is never a condition of salvation. He finally felt enlightened to border no more about the sol called born again by the fire of the Spirit. He displayed a very happy face for the grace of God while taking a selfie with me .

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 7 October 2020

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Tuesday and Wednesday were wonderful days of outreach for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

I was online in the morning and early afternoon before joining Roger and Binu in Riccarton.  Due to the school holidays it was a very busy outreach.  Pretty much no down time - which was great.  And the conversations were quality.  Three times I made it all the way through the flip chart (19 pages) with people!  The flip chart is a wonderful visual tool for making the gospel and associated concepts really clear for people, with lots of checking questions built in.  You can buy the mini version here (NZ) or here (AU)

Of the people that made it all the way through, the first was with two teen girls.  The second was with a guy who said he often sees us on street corners, but hasn’t had the opportunity to stop or talk.  I could tell he understood the gospel well, as the flip chart anticipated his questions perfectly!  And yet, sadly, he was resistant to it.  The third was with a teen guy, who goes to a religious boarding school - even went to church twice a week, but he was looking to his good deeds to get him to heaven.  It was a long conversation where he asked some great questions at the end.  He took tracts and knows how to get in touch.

I was also able to interact with others too.  I had two guys come down keen to give the flip chart a go.  It was a “set up” - they knew what it was about and they wanted to argue.  They were “atheists” - early in the conversation, one of them pulled out their phone and started recording - fine by me!  I never got to share the gospel, as they were not ready for it.  I spent the time on simple apologetics and the law.

I was too busy to notice what Roger was up to, but from what I could tell, he was having plenty of gospel chats too.  Binu handed out tracts.

On Wednesday afternoon I started in the city without a flip chart.  It was a lovely day.  Before I got to Cathedral Square, I encountered two guys I’d briefly talked to on Saturday.  Sadly, they were trying to sell drugs.  I had an opportunity to take them through the law, but they didn’t stick around for the gospel, sadly.

After that outreach went fast, I had three other long chats.  The first was in the Square with three Mormon girls.  I then decided to head down Oxford Terrace before heading towards Ara.  I never made it to Ara.  There were lots of people on the other side of the Avon river, so I went there.  My last two conversations were there.

The first was with a young guy and girl.  Man did they talk!  I had to be really patient as they kept interrupting - but it wasn’t a bad thing, it seemed to really help them slowly process what I was trying to explain.  I’m glad I persisted, as I could see them softening.  They heard the gospel - may God have mercy!

I then saw another couple and decided to approach them.  When they looked up, I realised that one of them was one of my regulars!  The guy she was with I hadn’t talked with before though.  So we fell into a very deep conversation where they both peppered me with difficult, and serious questions.  I did my best to keep coming back to the gospel.  The guy became mildly resistant as he wrestled with the honest answers he was getting.  I didn’t push it, but I did make sure he understood what he had to do to go to heaven before I left.  I also left him with tracts.

I finished the day of outreach online.

I thank God for his patience in giving us these days to share his gospel with many.  Lord, use it to bring change in their lives and in our society for your glory alone.

PS, no time for pictures, enjoy my mock picture of some gospel tracts!

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