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Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

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West Country (UK) Team

Saturday 22 June 2019

Posted by Posted 25 June 2019, 4:45 AM by Matthew Rolfe. Permalink

On Saturday 22nd June Archie and myself went into the city Centre to preach and hand out tracts again. Archie preached first with a small amplification, and after about 15 minutes 2 PCSO's came over and said they had received complaints from a shop about disturbing the peace. We knew it was not the volume but the message that was why the complaint had been made- the two guys were very civil and polite and we explained we knew the real reason but obliged. A young blonde lady walked past and read the scripture board quoting 1 Corinthians 6 v 9-10 and was quite angry at the scripture regarding homosexuality being a sin and stopped to have quite a lengthily chat with us. She eventually calmed down and understood the context and why it was said in love but that people can be deceived about sin. She calmed down and was very amicable and was polite and friendly and took some tracts and information and said she would think through what was said today. 

Paul the homeless guy that normally begs near us said that his chat with Josh last week had been really good and that he was a nice bloke and hoped he would come back to Plymouth. Two men in their late teens had been listening to Archie preach and we had quite a lengthily debate about the Bible, evolution, Jesus and Science, but is was quite obvious from what the man was saying he was blinded with wrong views of what evolution actually is and its negative implications and links to racism and men debate about evolution, and did not want to think openly about things and so I left them to it.

We both handed out some tracts before Simon came along later, and one man that had stopped to listen was called Marco who said he was a Greek Orthadox believer. He said he was a believer but that he believed the old testament was not meant to be read literally as was metaphors for what the promised Messiah would be like. We discussed why it would have to be real history and why Adam and Eve had to be real people,  and again he took some tracts and said he would read and think about them.

I preached for a while on what must someone do to be saved in relation to the jailer in Acts 16. This led to a good conversation with four young lads that had been sat down nearby and turns out were all going away on holiday together soon, why they were going and how short life was. A man called Colin had stopped to listen earlier and had been speaking to Archie, and listened to the conversation with the lads and wanted to talk with me more about the Bible and its authenticity. He also spend a long time talking with Simon and took some tracts from us.It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of tracts handed out and some great conversations with people.

Archie preaching


Archie taking some people through the intelligence test

Simon having a long chat with Colin the enquiring skeptic

West Country (UK) Team

Saturday 15 June 2019

Posted by Posted 25 June 2019, 12:39 AM by Matthew Rolfe. Permalink

From Josh Williamson's blog report

It was a joy to join with Matt and the Operation 513 team in Plymouth this afternoon. The weather was perfect for open-air evangelism and many people were out. 


I found it quite easy to hand out tracts as most people seemed to be receptive. While I was distributing literature a homeless man named Paul yelled out, “There is no God!” I walked over to him and began a conversation. 

It turns out that Paul has been on the streets for 18 months due to crack addiction. Before bowing to the idol of drugs, he worked in support of the English rock band, Oasis. He told me that he rejected the Christian understanding of deity as he was a spiritual medium. 

We spent a bit of time talking about the spiritual realm and Christianity. As we chatted Paul really warmed to me. At the end of our first conversation he shook my hand and took a copy of the tract I have written. 

I now went back to handing out tracts, and soon I was in another conversation, this time with a young man named Zane. 

Zane had gone to Christian school but had no idea of the gospel. He told me even though he had heard stories he hadn’t really understood where Jesus fitted in. Zane said that he was good, though not perfect, so he hoped God would let him into Heaven. We chatted for a time about sin and judgment with Zane soon realizing he deserved Hell. 

I then was able to share the gospel with him; for the first time he heard the good news of Jesus. After hearing about Jesus paying the fine for sinners Zane said, “That makes so much sense.”

I then said to him, “Zane, if I said to you that you deserve Hell, but now you have to work really hard so that God may one day let you into Heaven, would that be good news?” He replied that would be terrible. I then followed up, “Zane, if I said to you that you deserve Hell, but Jesus paid the fine for those who trust in Him, would that be good news?” Zane smiled and exclaimed, “That would be tremendous news!”

Zane took a Gospel of John and an invite to a local church. He told me that he would be reading the Gospel so he can find out more about Jesus.

It now came time for me to open-air preach. As I prepared I walked back over to Paul who was sitting near by. I asked if he would be heckling me, he grinned and said he would. I then found out that he hadn’t eaten all day, so I thought more important to feed him before preaching. I went and bought him a meal, then I began to preach. 


I preached on “Three Wrong Ways to Heaven” from John 14. As I preached a few people sat on the seats to listen; also, we met Christians who were extremely excited to hear the gospel proclaimed in public. 

Towards the end of my message a heckler came up to my face telling me to go home as no one wanted to hear me. To my surprise Paul now began to heckle the heckler. Paul yelled out, “You go away, I like this preacher and I want to listen!” The man didn’t seem to know how to handle this so he walked away. 

After the open-air I walked back over to Paul for another chat. He shook my hand and said he liked the preaching. He also took a Gospel of John and a copy of Ultimate Questions. At the start of the outreach he was opposed to us but by the end he was open. Please pray for him. 

It was a joy to spend time with Matt and the team. They are doing a great job. 

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 23 June 2019

Posted by Posted 24 June 2019, 7:33 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

As I reflect back on all these logs I write, I realise that often all the reader sees is the highlights, which can sound exciting and encouraging.  But, of course, an outreach often has long periods where it is hard to get a conversation started with anyone, or where conversations are difficult.  The reality is, Gospel outreach is hard work - like any other job.  It’s great to have encouraging conversations, but it’s about Jesus and for Jesus - and so we shouldn’t give up on hard days!

Saturday’s outreach to the city was one of those harder days.  But it was wonderful worshiping Jesus in my availability to share the Gospel with people anyway.  Only three Gospel conversations occurred for me over a two and a half hour period.  One of them was quite difficult.  But the other two are worth mentioning in a bit more detail for their encouragement.

The first one was with an asian lady.  Often people of this demographic don’t stop - so I was surprised when she did.  It turns out she had a bhudist background, but that she was also going to a church.  Although generally unpopular, this lead to me being able to address the exclusivity of Christ (He said He was the only way) as I was presenting the law and the Gospel.  She seemed to understand what I was communicating, and even seemed to appreciate my frankness.  She took three tracts from me: “After Life”, “How we know God exists and why it matters”, and “Which one is right”.  She also wanted to know what good churches there were in her area.  It was an encouraging conversation.

The second was with a young lady, who saw me sharing with a couple (who didn’t stay long enough for me to share the Gospel), and waited to talk with me.  She was a Christian, and initially she interrogated me (gently) - I guess she was trying to work out if I was a nutter or not.  As we talked, we quickly got to the subject of what was needed to inherit eternal life.  She seemed to have a good grasp of the fundamental concept of Christianity, but she seemed slightly confused on what was meant by salvation through faith alone.  The discussion then moved to Ephesians chapter two in the Bible.  Now, I’m not too sure what was going on, but at this point she burst into tears.  I was taken back, and confused.  What had I said?  She looked up and said, “I have no idea why I’m crying, but can I pray for you”?  I didn’t know what to think, we talked a little more, and I found out what church she was connected to, but then she became emotional again, and again asked to pray.  So I let her, and I was really encouraged listening to her ask God to help me share His Gospel with people.  She moved on after that - but not before taking a tract from me with an explanation on how to get in touch.  God knows what was really going on in that conversation - may He use it for His glory.

Sunday had a team of five involved.  The highlight conversation for me was with a young lady attracted to the flip chart as she walked past with her friends - she wanted to know what it was about.  Her friends were not interested at all, and left her with me.  I figured I wouldn’t have much time, so I didn’t muck around in taking her through the law and the Gospel.

Her responses were incredibly encouraging.  When I asked her if she had lied, she said “countless times”.  And when I explained that anger was murder of the heart, and lust was adultery of the heart, her response was: “Wow!”.  She really seemed to understand what it meant right off the bat and she was humble in accepting it.  She knew she would be guilty on judgement day, and freely confessed that she would deserve hell.

So it was my pleasure to share the Gospel with her.  Again, her response was: “Wow!”.  Her friends were long gone, but she didn’t seem to care.  I challenged her to place her faith in Christ’s sacrifice for her today, and then talked about the change that would occur in her life if she did so: a change of heart away from sin and to God which would result in a change of action.

She gladly received a tract, and I gave her some for her friends too.  As always, I leave her in the hands of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and convert.

Wellington Point (QLD) Team

Sunday 23 June 2019

Posted by Posted 24 June 2019, 5:20 PM by Gordon Jackson. Permalink

A brisk day that began with a heart-warming answer "Yes" to our prayer for a team member. From there, the first contacts were not interested at the time but the tracts started to go into the hands of some. Then the chats started with one man stating that he did not believe in hell. Upon being informed his opinion did not change the fact, he left. Later he gave a spray to us as he passed by. The day turned out to be one where teenagers were the most receptive:

     2 guys, Charlie and Alec, now have an understanding that we should pray the Lord to stir them to saving faith:

     Jake, after numerous endeavors, was going to trust Christ today (Let's pray he does and gets discipled);  

     Bray and Elizabeth had a R.C. background and like happened thousands of time during the Reformation, when the truth was proclaimed, she wanted to be set free now while he prevaricated! Pray that the Lord uses her to convince him of his desperate need to receive what God freely gives, Rom. 6:23b;

     Chase stated initially that God gave him a freewill so that he could run his own life.  He finished by receiving a gospel of John to prayerfully read/study. Pray he hears the Good Shepherd speak, Jn.10:16.

 Towards the end of this session, a man from   a part of French Africa accompanied by a nephew from France and 3 other family members came to the jetty and politely received tracts. Some glanced at the flip chart as they passed and they all read their tracts. Later the father was the first one to come back and watch the flip chart being used. He stated that he would like to use such a 'tool' to tell a story (a.k.a. the gospel) to visiting family members.

     God encouraged us at the beginning and at the end and we left rejoicing at the privilege of serving God in this small way. We praise His holy name and give Him the glory "Great things He has done" and continues to do.  

Bribie Island (QLD) Team

Saturday 22 June 2019

Posted by Posted 23 June 2019, 8:47 PM by Mike Strydom. Permalink

It was a real blessing to meet for our outreach at Bongaree Jetty on Bribie Island.  Many people stopped for conversations.  Five Bibles were taken, and many tracts, as well as other Gospel literature, were handed out.

  Linda received a Gospel tract and came over to do the Good Person Flipchart.  She seemed quite familiar with the Gospel but was concerned for her thirteen-year-old daughter who had gone wayward.  She was given some literature to encourage her in her walk, as well as a tract for her daughter to read.

  Probably the highlight of the afternoon was the conversations with Christian and his friends.  Christian began by approaching Mike at the Good Person Flipchart.  He originally disagreed with what was spoken and threw out argument after argument, but as each was countered with a logical answer, he began to listen.  He seemed to grasp the Gospel message as it was shared.  When one of his friends came along and began to mock, Christian turned and answered him.  Then he said seriously, “You really need to listen to what he says.  You need to repent.”  From that, David, a young Irishman with a Catholic heritage, heard the Gospel, and came to the literature table to take a Bible.  Several of the other youngsters took Gospels of John and New Testaments.  At the end of their conversations, Mike said to Christian, “I’ve told you the law and the Gospel now, and you really need to think seriously about what I’ve told you.” 

  His reply was, “If I wasn’t concerned about all this, I wouldn’t have stood here talking to you for so long.” 

  So please pray for Christian’s salvation, that he would, by God’s grace, become a true Christian.  Pray for David, that God would reveal the truth of the Gospel to him.

  Another interesting person we met was 78-year-old Chief White Wolf of the Chippewa tribe of the American Indians.  He had left Catholicism to enter Shamanism and believed in “Mother Earth” and evolution.  Although he was not open to hearing the truth, his partner did take a Gospel tract, so please pray that God would convict him of his sin and his need of a Saviour.

  One of the men who took a Bible was an ex-Jehovah Witness.  Although he realised it was a cult, he had not come to the truth of the Gospel.  He also mentioned that he was not currently going to any church.  We shared the Gospel message with him, and he said he was definitely going to have a read through the Bible.

  Please be in prayer for those who were presented the Gospel message, and those who took literature from us.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and draw them to Christ.  Pray that souls would be saved, and that God would use our efforts on Bribie to grow His kingdom.

South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday 22 June 2019

Posted by Posted 23 June 2019, 6:30 AM by Chuck Bosio. Permalink

Operation 513 Essex went to Stratford, London, for outreach June 22. There were multiple Christian outreach groups present with a group called B.E.F. (Believers Evangelistic Fellowship), made up of 30 different London churches, carried out preaching and worship music the entire time that we were there. There were large crowds all afternoon.  A lot of tracts were handed out and many conversations about the Gospel were carried out.  I had conversations with Italians Hugo and Fillipo, Romanians George and John and an Egyptian engineer  who was confined to a mobility scooter after a stroke. He took both a tract and a Gideon's New Testament.  Mohammed kindly posed with a Jesus and the Quran tract that he took from me.  Andy Noble had a number of conversations over the course of one and a half hours.  

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 21 June 2019

Posted by Posted 22 June 2019, 7:45 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Thursday’s outreaches started with Andy preaching in Cathedral Square, while I had “walk up” Gospel conversations with people.

We then decided to make our way down to Ara (a tertiary education institute).  On the way, I had three wonderful “walk up” opportunities with young men.  The last one started with a guy on a skateboard going past, and we came side by side waiting at the lights to cross the road.  So I asked him: “Do you think about what happens after life?”.  And his response was: “Yeah, I think about it all the time”.  We ended up sitting down and having a wonderful Gospel conversation (pictured).  He gladly took a Gospel booklet, Bible, and contact details.

Andy and I both had other wonderful opportunities outside Ara to engage young minds with the Gospel.  It is a new favourite fishing spot!

Because of this, we spent thirty minutes longer in the city then normal, but we eventually made tracks to another favourite spot: the Eastgate bus stops.

My time there was mainly filled with follow up conversations with people I have previously shared the Gospel with.

Andy had a wonderful conversation with a young man claiming to be a Christian, but didn’t have any understanding of the Gospel.  When asked what the hope of eternal life was - he couldn’t answer.  Andy was able to explain the Gospel, and the young man seemed genuinely grateful for the conversation.

Near the end of our time at Eastgate, I had a long conversation with a young man who seemed to understand the Gospel, but who was not ready to submit to it.  But he asked many wonderful questions.  This conversation ended up occuring right in front of one of the bus shelters, and there was a handful of people who were listening to the dialogue, and hearing the Gospel as well.

I had ended up starting my outreach on this day ten minutes late, and I was determined that I would make it up.  But as it was getting dark and cold, I decided I would do it the next day.  But as I was heading back to the car, I changed my mind, and went back.  And I’m glad I did.  I ended up approaching a young man who suddenly looked familiar.  It was a guy who Andy & I meet a year and a half ago during a summer mission.  He had been living on the streets at the time and had been open to the Gospel.  The great news is that he is now off the streets.  He had a friend with him, and so I was able to briefly touch on the Gospel with them, before their bus came and they had to go.  But I let them know how to get in touch with me.  I was very encouraged to see him again - I’m grateful I decided to go back!

One last encouragement from the Eastgate outreach was a brief conversation with a lady who said she already had one of the tracts I was handing out.  It turns out she had received it a week early as a result of the letterbox dropping I am doing.  I was very encouraged to learn that she had read some of it, and that it had caused her to start thinking on the important questions of life.  It had partly prepared the way for me to continue the conversation with her.

Friday.  I ended up doing ten hours of outreach (one hour of which was letterbox dropping).  When I first got started in full time outreach, on Friday (usually my longest day), I would be exhausted, and could barely get myself out to do the evening outreach.  But after six months, I seem to have adjusted, and I have better physical and mental stamina now.  I thank God that He is sustaining me!

Three outreaches: the Gospel + abortion outreach outside the hospital in the morning (with a team of four), a city outreach in the afternoon (with a different team of four), and a city outreach in the evening (with a team of three).  A total of eight team members were involved over the three outreaches.

For the Gospel + abortion outreach, 3 of us stood with signs, while Andy walked around having conversations with people.

At one point, a young lady ran out of the hospital (crying), down the steps past us on the footpath, and then across the road and down the street!  One of the ladies on our team went after her, and was able to take her back into the hospital where she needed to be.  That team member ended up staying with her: it was a wonderful ministry opportunity (note, the situation had nothing to do with abortion).

At the end of the outreach, 3 ladies who were angry at our presence outside the hospital took Andy on.  It was encouraging to me, because it shows that what we are doing is reaching people.  It also made me realise how much this abortion ministry really is a Gospel ministry.  Nothing removes the veil over human depravity than this.  The hatred people have towards God and the love for sin (people want to live life their way, not God’s).

Our continued hope and prayer, is that we will save precious pre-born lives from murder (by parent’s changing their mind about having an abortion), and to see souls saved through the Gospel.

This log is now too long, and I won’t be able to write about the encouraging preaching and Gospel conversations of the afternoon.

But the evening saw wonderful conversations with: three skaters, a guy from Zimbabwe, a lady who had sadly lost her husband recently and was now a spiritualist and training to be a medium, an atheist from Sydney, a young couple, a brief conversation with a man whose wife was a Christian.  All of whom heard the Gospel.

I then had a big encouragement when a guy I first met six months ago, and had talked about the Gospel with multiple times,  joyfully came up to me, gave me a hug, and said he had committed his life to Christ!  He is now connected into a local church.  How wonderful is that!  All glory to God.

The weekend outreaches are about to start.  Thank you for continuing to pray!  Our efforts will be fruitless without it.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Posted by Posted 19 June 2019, 6:59 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Tuesday and Wednesday saw a fairly constant stream of Gospel conversations - which was great.  On Tuesday I was on Riccarton Road, and on Wednesday I stayed in Cathedral Square for both outreaches of the day.

The most encouraging interaction came on Wednesday morning when I first entered the Square.  Although cold, it was very sunny, and I spotted some construction workers having a break and enjoying the sun.  I headed towards them intending to start a conversation, but then I noticed another guy also enjoying the sun, and so, for some reason, I ended up approaching him instead (I guess my reasoning was that one to one conversations can be easier?).

So I just walked right up to this guy, and introduced myself.  I know that is a very un Kiwi like thing to do!  But how else are we going to get important conversations started?  I could tell the guy was a little taken back by this, but after a few minutes of interaction, he got over it and started warming to the conversation.

Amazingly, it turns out he was taking a much needed break away from life in the North Island, and since arriving in Christchurch on Sunday - I was the third stranger to interact with him about God!

On Sunday he had heard someone open air preaching (not from our team), and someone else had also approached him to talk about Christian things.

So in hindsight, I think his initial reaction when I approached him, was shock at yet another stranger reaching out to him about spiritual things.  God is trying to talk to him!  And this in turn was very encouraging to me (and I hope to you).

So, of course, I shared the law and the Gospel with him.  And we discussed this, and other things, for a good while.

He took a tract, and a contact card for my local church.

But I am sad that I didn’t get to talk with and share Jesus with those construction workers.  Maybe they will come across your path?  Are you ready to share with them?

Another interesting interaction crossed both days of outreach.  On the Tuesday in Riccarton, I handed a guy a tract.  And then on Wednesday, in The Square, he came up to my flip chart and wanted to do the good person test.

Well, I was already in a conversation with two ladies from Iran, so I said I’d be happy to talk, but I would need to finish my current conversation first.

To my surprise, he indicated that he would wait, and so he sat down and waited his turn!  It’s not often that I get queue of people wanting to talk to me!

But sadly, when I came over to talk to this guy, he scared me a little bit.  He wasn’t being rational, and he suddenly became emotional at one point.  I could see that I wasn’t going to be able to reason with this guy at the most basic level, so I gently backed off.  He then mentioned something about wanting a hug - something I wasn’t comfortable to do.  This was one of those very few situations where I want someone to move along.  And he did, which I’m grateful for.  But it is a reminder that I really appreciate all those praying for my protection as I’m out on the streets each day.  Thank you!

I took my lunch break at this point, and I moved to another spot for this.  I noticed the guy come back into the Square, and he had 3 other people with him.  As he walked past the spot where we interacted, he turned and pointed at it and said something to those with him.  I do wonder what he said.

The final interaction I’ll mention in this report is some encouragement about the “man who gets very angry at us every time he sees us” that I mentioned in a report last week.  He came through The Square again today and so I approached him.  He had his usual insults about Christianity to share, but today he asked for one of my tracts!  I gladly gave him one.  He then proceeded to insult the art work of it (he mentioned something about comparing it to Michaelangelo).  I gladly soaked up the insults but, to my joy, the anger wasn’t there this time.  And even better than that, he walked on still holding the tract!  Very encouraging.  I’m looking forward to seeing him again (God willing), and getting his thoughts on it.

God is good, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had, through your support, to share the love of Christ with the lost over these two days.  But I’d be failing in my job, if I don’t encourage you, Christian, to get involved with the great commission!  Join me :)

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Sunday 16 June 2019

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On Sunday evening, God had sent rain to this earth, to sustain and help with the growth of the plants. This meant though that the seats were wet and people weren't too keen to sit down on the seats so the team spread around a little further to converse with people a little further apart. This was useful though as there were nine team members out sharing the good news of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

An early conversation took place with Gilliami a Portuguese speaking, professing Christian but as usual he thought it would be his obedience that would be gaining him a place in Heaven. He was show God's standard of perfect and God's law and it didn't take him long to see that he wouldn't be receiving a place in Heaven if he was being judged on his own life. But then when talking about the sacrifice of Christ he kept trying to use this good works as leverage to gain for himself Jesus' sacrifice. He really struggled to understand that it is faith alone in Jesus' sacrifice that causes one to be right before God. He was encouraged to spend time this very night, reading Romans 3-5.

There were a scattering of conversations throughout the rest of the night but the even finished with three very encouraging conversations in a row. The first was with Dani who had some Christian background but basically just lived her own way. She was shown the problem, of sin and the punishment it deserves and was lead through the beauty and simple message of salvation. Getting to the end she said she half trusts in Jesus and it was explained that sort of belief will not save. You need to be relying upon what Jesus did to pay for your sin, otherwise you will not be saved. She came to understand this and said she would have to think about it tonight. She had a Bible at home and therefore was encouraged to read the gospel of John tonight!

Next was a conversation with Eric. He'd been speaking to another team member but wanted some extra clarification. Eric was a Taiwanese "Christian" who was worried about his salvation because he was trusting in his own actions to help him get to Heaven. No wonder he was extremely worried. He was taken through the gospel another time and was challenged with some questions to clarify and after a few goes through the gospel, checking each time if he had understood he finally seemed to get it on the third attempt. This was good news and he was then encouraged to start reading John's gospel, the letter to the Romans and to attend a local Church so that he may be built up and strengthened in the gospel.

The final conversation of the night was with Grant. Who similarly had been talking to another team member and professing to be a Christian. He was a little grey on the gospel thinking it was received on the basis of asking but came to understand that it was on the basis of trusting in Christ. The beauty of this conversation was that just two days earlier he had been discussing with his friend this very topic but they had decided to conclude that there is nothing after death.

This conversation, just two nights later came at the right time. God prepared it beforehand, so that it was still fresh and not really settled. Grant professed that today he would trust in Christ and he too was encouraged to start reading his Bible and to attend a local Church.

Please be praying for those tonight who heard. For the four professing Christians that they each came to understand the gospel properly and will all subsequently trust in Christ this very night! Please keep them in your prayer as they hopefully start their Christian journey of a life lived in obedience to God out of gratefulness to Him for what He has done.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday 15 June 2019

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On Saturday night in Brisbane City it was exciting to see so many team members out with the intention of telling people what Jesus has done to save sinners.

An early conversation took place with Mark and Claudia. They said they weren't really worried about the afterlife but they said they also didn't know what was coming. They were shown that they should very seriously consider it. Firstly because it could happen at any time. Secondly they were shown God's law and realised that if they were to be judged based on how they live because God is good, they'd be heading for Hell. They were shown the seriousness but their friends arrived and they decided to head off instead of continuing to chat.

This was followed by a conversation with Christian and Jordi. They saw God's existence and were shown the bad news that because God is good they, as lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderous, adulterers at heart are heading for eternal punishment in Hell. They saw this and then said, "We're in a hurry, can you quickly explain to us the solution". They were shown the gospel and with some clarification questions and checking questions they showed that they'd understood justification by faith alone and that true faith will always be followed by obedience to God. They both took tracts, were thankful for the chat and headed off.

There was a precious moment during the night when a young lady and her son were walking past and the son wanted to know what the flip chart was about. In God's providence, as a result the boys mother was taken through the flip chart and she came to understand the simple message of the gospel. She was encouraged this very day to trust in Christ and to rely on His perfect life and sacrificial death as the only reason she'd be going to Heaven. She was thankful for the conversation, took a gospel of John and was encouraged to start reading.

Two late conversations in the evening took place. The first with Sophie who walked up to the flip chart and had a few spare minutes before work and so she was taken through the simple gospel presentation. She saw that goodness isn't judged based on comparison to others, that by God's law everyone stands condemned and therefore are headed to Hell. She then was asked what could be done and she said she wasn't sure but she came to hear the good news, seeing the imagery of the flip chart showing how Christ has stepped in and taken the punishment for sin of those who believe.

She heard clarification on the simple message that sinners are made right before God, simply by trusting that Jesus has paid for their sin on the cross and then came to understand that in response to this gift of forgiveness they will turn from their sin and instead live in obedience to God. She too was challenged with her comprehension of the message she'd just heard with some simple questions which by God's providence, due to the time limit she got right straight away! Praise God for such an exciting yet short conversation.

This was then followed by a conversation with two Muslims. This wasn't the only conversation during the night of this nature but it was hard work. The reason it is so hard is that Muslims are taught to try and convert others to Islam rather than listening to what is being said. Most of the time, instead of engaging with the challenges being placed before them as to what they are saying, they simply repeat it or say it louder. This isn't always the case and there are some very patient, humble and interested Muslims. Sadly, more often than not this isn't the case. In this specific scenario Khaled and Abdullah just wanted to talk.

The solution that worked in this scenario to enable the gospel to be shared was that, it was explained to them that the team understood Islam and what it proposes. They were given a simple yet accurate explanation of Islam to which they agreed but when they were asked what Jesus says is the way to Heaven they could not answer. On the back of this then, the opportunity was taken to show them what Jesus has actually said.

They like usual were taken through God's law, humanities sinfulness, the position sin leaves us and therefore that the only way for God to remain just and humanity to be anything other than eternally damned is for God to do something to pay for sin. They were shown what Christ did and how they can receive it by trusting that He has paid for their sin on that cross. They were able to repeat back the simple message and how it is received but they ultimately rejected it because they were sure it would be their own goodness that would get them to Heaven.

Over all, it was an encouraging night as usual. With a 100% success rate because God's word went out. Please be praying for those who heard the good news that they wouldn't just comprehend it but that they would trust in Christ alone for their salvation.

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