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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.

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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 15 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 15/9/2021 from 1300 – 1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung were available for the weekly street outreach in Sunnybank. The wind had subsided and the weather was fine. But it was a comparatively bad day, especially for me. We started at the normal favorite West side Bus Stop but faced many rejections if not complete ignorance. So Johnny decided to switched to the East side where we used to serve half a year ago. Johnny had more luck and I got a few chances. Overall speaking, it was a comparatively quiet day. Nevertheless, it was not without the plan and will of God to teach us to remain faithful and preserve through harder time.

Recap below were my divine encounters: -

1) Rejected or simply ignored by an Indian man. Not even willing to take a tract.

2) Had a comparatively long chat with an old lady who claimed having got our tract before. Surprisingly she agreed that we are not perfect. But the way to go to heaven is still by doing more good work to please the God heads from her Chinese ethnic religion 天道教point of view. She once rejected the idea of atoning grace that non one can take our place to receive eternal punishment. I agreed because no human being is perfect so no one can take the punishment for us. But Jesus is God incarnated as the perfect human being as such He has the capacity to die for us and take our place to receive the punishment of our sins. The bus came and I can only pray for God’s further work on this old lady.

3) Then I chatted with a Chinese guy whom Johnny chatted with him last time. He was pleased to let me refresh and reinforce the gospel message to him.

4) A local Aussie rejected to chat and declined to take a tract. But I was empowered by the Spirit to keep the conversation alive with the man listening. At the end, the Spirit softened his heart to take a tract from me.

5) A Judgmental religious extremist first argued with Johnny and after a while was picked up by me on the East side. He opined that there is no good persons in the world and we are all sinners. This is theologically correct though we still deemed ordinary person without committing and convictable crime a good person. He further pushed that no one can go to heaven unless you suffered with Christ which makes the salvation conditional on our work to suffer for Christ’s sake. His theology was all confused and his religious following is unclear.

6) A Chinese Christian girl who has 100% assurance of salvation faith.

7) Emily claimed she chatted with us year ago and got a tract. So, I did follow up chat to refresh her memory which she was in full agreement.

8 ) Hannah another Christian girl who have deep faith in God. But when asked about her assurance of salvation, she failed to show 100% and not able to explained why we are saved. But with a bit of explanation, she got the perfect understanding humbly at the end with great appreciation for our chat.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 14 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday 14th September, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

It was a windy afternoon but the enthusiasm of proclamation of the gospel was never diminished a bit. Winnie re-joined us after two weeks of rest for attending medical appointment and team up with Johnny and Hung as usual. The initial period was no good as the conversations were mostly interrupted prematurely by the arriving bus. Situation had gone better in the latter part of our stay at the bus stop. Getting longer time to finish at least the core gospel message. Thing I personally experience to day was that the readiness and openness of hearts is also in control at the hands of God, it has nothing to differentiate between religions or regions that any particular people group would be harder to reach. So, as a loyal servant of God, all we need to do is to faithfully convey the message of God’s good news and leave the result in God’s hands. Recap below are the divine encounters I had for today. Amongst them two are Christians, all the rest are non-believers in which 4 are Atheist, 1 Muslim and 2 Hindu. So , it presented a balance spectrum of religious following and people from different races.

1) A Malaysian English-speaking senior Christian馬老人英語基. The bus came too quick as such there was no time to check his assurance of salvation

2) Christine Lee, Antony ‘s wife. We caught up with each other and expressing respect for our faithfulness on the street that used to be dominated by the Mormon and Jehovah Witness.

3) David a local Aussie who were friendly to response but again not enough time to finish even the core of the gospel message. Pray that the tract will do good.

4) Another Chinese Atheist girl. 女生無神論 but was still able to get to the gospel message.

5) A young black guy with an USA accent appeared quite welcoming for the chat. Yet again, time just barely enough to finish the core of the gospel message.

6) Started another chat with a Chinese Girl中女, which again could not last long.

7) Caught up with yet another Atheist girl無神女, but was able to keep chatting to convey the gospel.

8 ) Katrina is a Malaysian Muslim girl but with a very receptive and opened attitude to engage in very deep conversation. She affirmed to me that being a good person alone would not qualify us to heaven. Her qualification to heaven is to have faith in God making me mis-guess her as a Christian. But she is a Muslim so I pointed out to her that the difference of the character of God of Christianity with all other gods is that He is both loving kindness and righteous as such He cannot left any sin unpunished. His forgiveness must be grounded upon an atoning grace by a perfect one who can be Jesus alone. He came to die for us and went to hell to take our place to receive the punishment of our sin originally due on us. So, God’s righteous requirement is satisfied with our sins being punished not on us but Jesus. For all other religion, the forgiveness of sin offered by their god is baseless. As no one ending up is to receive any punishment. This simple logic earns the full consent of this simple-minded Muslin girl and agreed that Jesus alone is the way, the truth and life to eternity. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do the last step to convict her into true Christian faith.

9) A Hindu couples declined to chat with Johnny just taking a tract from him. I gave it a go and the husband show unexpected friendliness to chat with me. Although his English is not that good, but roughly he showed respect to us seeing us doing street evangelism all the time and he had collected many tracts from us. I followed up on his comments on the tract if it makes sense. He just stressed that we are people of different culture and can be friend despite of difference in faith. I gave him a thumb up but still managed to point out the differences as I told the Muslim girl. The bus came and have to wait for another chance another time.

感謝主 今天遇到12人傳福音機會。載眼镜的青年人Joe, 另一青年 Matthew. 他們都是基督徒,解释救恩。另外一青年坐着椅子,Max, 會想想信仰問题。

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 8 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 8th , 2021 from 1300- 1500

Today Gary, Johnny and Hung teamed up to do street outreach at the bus stop of the Sunnybank Plaza side. Ratio of outreach today was mainly Chinese being over 50%, I got conversation particularly with more than 4 Cantonese speakers from either Quanzhou or Hong Kong. Basically, we all had been kept occupied most of the time but with some gap for me and Johnny to have a chat of each other ministry.

Recap below were my personals Battle Log: -

1) Jobbie* a local Aussie girl who was receptive to the gospel. she is not a Christian but she can name Jesus as the key figure for granting us the redemptive grace. Pray for God's further work on her heart.

2) A Korean Christian girl quickly declared her faith status. I wasted no time to test her assurance of salvation which surprisingly is only 50%. I only have very short time to turn around her mis-conception.

3) Die heart Cantonese speaking ABC appeared quite open for a chat, but when we switched back to chat in English , he became more expressive to discard the existence of God and insisted being a good person is good enough. I could only lead him to self examine if he considers himself good and perfect that God may have nothing to discipline and lodge punishment. I only pray that God will one day wake him up to realize his real life status.

4) Chester a Muslim lady who was very polite asking me to wait for her to finish her phone talk. And when I was about to move on, she took the initiative to get into conversation to me. Despite she is a Muslim follower, she is quite tolerance to other religious and is of the will that following the teaching of respective religious faith to be a good person would be good enough for heaven. It at least being Good as a non-religious person is better than religious one but doing bag thing. It was a pity that time was up for me to explain good is not good enough unless we are prefect, otherwise we all face the issue of Judgement after death. She sincerely wished we can meet and chat in another time.

5) A PNG big guy appeared very friendly but I only have less that half a minutes to brief him the core message of the gospel.

6) A Christian lady attending Toowong answered my diagnosis question completely correct. 道旺姊妹百分百得夠確據,I further asked her despite we have 100% assurance of salvation, as a born again and redeemed Christian, we are still not yet perfect, how could it be able to harmonize with the ultimate requirement of God to demand us to be a perfect being as God is effect. 未完美,神仍因基督. Then I introduced to her the concept of three fold salvation that it was the holistic plan of God to grant us the assurance of salvation before we are perfect simply on the basis of Jesus 100% effective atoning grace to die for us paying for our sin. With this first step of deliverance setting us free from the bondage of sin and reconnecting back with God thru Jesus, God can trigger the current deliverance to transform us back to perfect through the work of the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to learn from our innocent mistakes. Then God will save us from mortal death by granting us a new body upon Jesus 2nd coming. The time for above explanation was too short and I pray that we can reconnect some time in future.

7) Then I connected with a young lady of Buddhism faith 佛教。When asked the question is being a good person alone is good enough for heaven, she immediately proudly said yes as she is exactly a very loving caring volunteer to help out the needy ones in the society.好事,未夠時間. It was a pity there was not enough time to elaborate further because of the arrival of the bus.

8 ) Then I connected with a Filipino woman who admitted she is a Catholic Christian but is now attending protestant Christian Church. I simply have no time to check her assurance of salvation.

9) The I bumped into the 4th Cantonese speaking people Mr. Chan 陳,from Hong Kong 香港,he is not a believer 非基,though attended Christian primary school 小基 having basic bible knowledge, he appeared receptive 接受 to the gospel message shared but need some time and space to ponder for his ultimate decision if he would accept Jesus as his Savior.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 7 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday September 7th, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

Today only Johnny and Hung were available as Winnie had an eyes specialist appointment. The weather in the early Spring was very fine, sunny but not too warm. Bus frequency was as rapid as usual but still leaving enough gap and people flow to get us fully occupied. Rejection rate was low close to zero. People either non-believers or Christians were mostly receptive. Many were reached people for us to do follow up. The climax for today outreach happened on Johnny, a seemingly informed Muslim from Egypt stopped on purpose to have a very long chat with johnny towards the end of our ministry period. We guessed that Muslim wanted to convert Johnny to the Muslim faith. Of course, it gave chance for Johnny to share with him the full gospel. May the Will of God be done. Recap below were my divine encounters: -

1) An Indian lady rejected Johnny and I gave a 2nd trial but still failed. Yet I still managed to keep chatting on the reason why being a Good Person alone is not enough before the bus came.

2) Ilin an ABC had good response to the gospel and appeared very receptive.

3) Indian

4) Patrick yet another ABC who has heard the gospel before, so all I need to do is to reinforce his understanding on the gospel and the implication of Jesus salvation.

5) Two Muslim Women were in a conversation themselves so they did not want to be interrupted but I still managed to leave them a tract.

6) Ali an UQ student from Iran who heard the gospel from Winnie and he is really attending church now though not yet officially receiving Christ but it is very close.

7) John an UQ student who was very receptive to the gospel so I recommended them to Power to Change

8 ) Patrick another Chinese UQ student from Hangzhou, China. He and his family are all Christians, but he admitted his faith has slipped back and cooled down. 杭州信淡了

9) Dustin is an UQ student from India. He also heard the gospel but still of the opinion that doing our best to be a good person is enough, his faith in God was tarnished by negative Christian witness. I still encouraged him to look inside if he considers him perfect. If not then he may seriously consider to ponder apart from Jesus, who can give him redemption to save him from eternal death punishment.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 1 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 1st, 2021 from 1300 – 1500

The First day of Spring signifies a new beginning for open air outreach. Queensland is still by far the safest State with zero cases for three consecutive days. We are looking forwards to further easing down of restriction but with or without mask, our street evangelism will still be carried out without and blockage. Today the Holy Spirit basically guided only Chinese speaking people for me while Gary and Johnny still had many cross-cultural outreaches. That is a proof that it is God’s own work as such will be carried out according to God’s agenda. Recap below were the divine encounters I got.

1) A couples from Shanghai China who have migrated to Australia for a long while. I jokingly said it was a divine appointment that we met finally after 20 odd years. Time did not allow me to share the full gospel to Mr Chao but I left him with tracts to read. 趙上海移民夫婦

2) Then I was recognized by a lady by the name of Leung who is member of the Kedron Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church. I chatted a while about their church pastor recruitment status and I attempted to do a diagnosis of the Assurance of Salvation but I did not have enough time for it. Basically, she has some mixed understandings that might need a bit of clarification. 梁美玉布粵不太清淅

3) Then I approached a Chinese lady who had rejected Johnny. But thanks God that she let me share even the full gospel before the bus come. 中女,曾拒絕,最後聽完整全福音

4) A woman from Quang chou, China recognized my accent as such volunteered to speak in Cantonese with me. She was open for a chat, but her mind was stereo typed that being a good person would be OK and she has never done any bad things. Can only pray to God to soften her heart. 廣州婦女,堅持做好人,沒做過壞事

5) Yvonne claimed she has had chatted with many of us and gave tribute for our faithfulness to share the gospel to non-believers. But she does not regards herself as Christian while accepting a triune God. It was a pity I did not have time to cross check her redemptive faith and assurance if salvation. 有神論,欣賞

6) Then I bumped into a group of Cantonese speaking women group of middle and elderly ages, It was hard to share the gospel with every one chatting with each other’s. I anyhow still managed to pass tracts to a couples of them and let God do the rest. 香港人婦女團體

7) Salina from One heart Church greeted Johnny again. I took over to ask about her church general status and tried to introduce Kairos to her. 合一教會

8 ) Then Allan Li cam to find us after his interview with the Terry White Pharmacy Shop. It was good he has the heart to come to render support to us.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 31 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday August 31, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

Today was the last day of Winter but the weather readily as warm as deep Spring. It was a pity Winnie could not join us because of the lingering threat of road blockage by the protesting truckie against Govt policy on lock down and compulsory vaccination. Thus, only Johnny and Hung served today as usual. With only the two of us, both were getting busier. Hung always gave Johnny the priority to approach people so Hung could take photo. It however did not reduce Hung chance of outreach. Recap below were the 11 occasions of Divine encounter.

1) A Local Aussie boy that I did not have time to get his name as I had to rush finishing the core message of the gospel before he boarded the bus. He appeared open to the gospel message. I trust the tract will help to path the possible next encounter here.

2) Another local Aussie boy when asked was not sure if he could go to heaven. The same problem happened that I could only manage to brief about the tract when the bus came.

3) It was good I spent most time with Lawrence a middle age local Aussie lady. She was very receptive and fed back to me that the gospel message all makes good sense. I encourage her to read the tract at home and digest the message asking the Spirit to guide her to face her true self and God to make her final step of faith to receive Christ which appear so very close already.

4) A local Aussie Mum with a baby in pram chased after the bus from a long distance away. I signed the bus driver to open the door to wait for her. Even though I had no chance to hand her a tract. But I believe this action love gesture would leave an imprint in the heart of that lady more ready for another divine encounter arranged by God.

5) Joseph was a Christian. But the diagnosis of his assurance of salvation only reached 99%. Even the bus had come, I still managed to make him aware of the fact that the work of Jesus dying for us taking our place to receive the punishment of our sin fencing off the hell of hire from consuming us is 100% effective. The 1 % uncertainty is from the evil on accusing us , particularly Christian to feel inferior and still not good enough to meet God’s ultimate standard of perfection missing out the understanding that it is also God’s plan to allow us a path to grow toward perfection learning from our mistake through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

6) Kate was an UQ student in purpose dress. It was her first time to hear about the gospel and amazingly she found it very sensible, logical and appealing. Praise and thanks for the openness and receptiveness of Kate that God will do the rest to get her closer and over the final step of faith in Christ.

7) Pilfer with her cute daughter Sharon initially took a tract from Johnny but did not show interest to chat as she had to tend for her 3 years old daughter. She took the tract actually thinking that her daughter would like the cartoon pictures on the tract. So, I picked up from there to volunteer to explain to her daughter but in effect talking to her. The conversation went well and again she found no point to negate or deny the relevance and sense making message of the Gospel. Pray for God’s redemptive work on the Mum and daughter despite she has many tattoo on her body suggesting she is of post-modern youngster deadly in need of sense of self existence.

8 ) A girl rejecting to chat initially but ended up still letting me share briefly before the bus came and took away a tract to read.

9) Vincent is an UQ student from Jei Jiang 浙冮, China who claimed that I had a chat with him before. I asked what did he find about the message of the tract , then he frankly said it was already a bit blur to remember. I took the time to go over the gospel again with him who listened attentively. I pray he will get the points clearer and better this time and we may have future chance for follow up.

10) An Indian Lady was on phone without my notice and still took a tract from me while she was listening on the phone. It must be a lead for a possible future unfinished chat liked what I just had with Vincent.

11) Then finally I approached and Asian girl in English having a brief chat before the bus came.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 25 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on 25/8/2021 Wednesday from 1300 to 1500.

We were glad to have Gary joining us as the regular Sunnybank team. He made and brought a new green Sign being set up on the East side where he used to take position to serve. Johnny and Hung took our position on the West side at the Bus stop. Sunnybank is always a mission field for Chinese mostly from mainland and some from Taiwan, there are also other Asian people like Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean. But today I met consecutively many Cantonese from Hong Kong and a rare people group from Nepal.

The two UQ students were from Hong Kong and both have graduated looking for job. They have similar Christian background but both have slipped back from their original faith in God because of their focus was shifted on to other secure target like more time for Uni study and subsequent needs to look for job to earn more money for coming to further their study in Australia. It was a pity I did not have enough time after deeper catching up about their background to clarify with them the core Christian faith and where they have missed the point about God making the Christian faith a lower priority of their lives pursuance target.

Another significant conversation was with a girl who took our tract and had a chat with one of us. I followed up on the impact of the tract on her which unfortunately was only very trivial. I virtually went over the gospel once again and asking her to respond if she thought she is not only a good person but a perfect one that have no need to worry about God’s judgment after death. She of course could not make this assertion. So I hope I have heightened her self-awareness of her vulnerable sinful status that could only be turned around to be saved by grace through faith in Christ.

Apart from same culture evangelism, I also had chance to share gospel with people from Nepal, Vietnam. Both appeared very opened and receptive to the gospel leading them a step closer to the ultimate salvation faith.

Summarized are the 8 divine encounters:

1) A Chinese Couples 一對華語夫婦with the wife a very determined rejecter forbidding her husband to chat and take our tract. Gary made a second approach but still failed.

2) Wai 偉 the first UQ student met from Hong Kong香港,迷失基督徒, 求主保守He once was a fervent Christian but now become a lukewarm one.

3) Vincent the 2nd UQ student I met from Hong Kong. He has also slipped back from his initial faith in Christ.

4) An elderly woman from Hong Kong香港老太,

5) A girl from China we chatted before.女孩,收過單張,再講一次

6) A lady from Nepal

7) Mr So 蘇 from Taiwan surrounded by Christians but still has not yet committed to receive Christ. Johnny took over to chat with him in Taiwanese.

8 ) Crystal an Australian Born Vietnamese and her friend. Only she engaged in the gospel chat positively with genuine interest and appeared very receptive.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 24 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Tooowng on 24/8/2021 Tuesday from 1330 to 1500.

It was a very windy day, but the three regular team mates Johnny, Winnie and Hung turned up as usual for our Tuesday outreach. All the three of us got chances of sharing gospel but of course with many more rejections. But we could see the grace of God was sufficient for us to ignore the negative feeling but focus on the seed sowing divine encounter. For me, I only have three good effective encounters but the one with Anthony was a rare long conversation with the clear work of God amongst us as elaborated below.

First, Ashinny an Indian blood Malaysian UQ girl. She of course is of Hindu background but appeared very receptive to the gospel treating it as a neutral option of faith. Actually she was approached before and read the tract at home. So I changed the tactics to ask if there is any area that she doesn't understand or disagrees with. She literally could not be more agreeable with the points we raised in the tract as well as the gospel message that we are all sinners that need Jesus to set us free from the bondage of our sin. After our chat she looked set a step closer to the conviction of the Christen faith.

Second, I approached Patrick who is an ABC whose parents was from Quanzhou 廣州,China. he is very open to the gospel unlike the mainland China students. It was a pity our conversation cut short by the arriving bus. He promised to read the tract and I prayed for another encounter in the near future.

Then God let me approach Anthony, an UQ PHD candidate specializing in Mathematics. He had initial hesitant to chat with me as he uses to consider religious chat is only sentimental making not much sense or have any logical thinking in it. But God opened up his heart and was attracted by what I shared staying for over 45 minutes, if not even around one hour at the costs of skipping several buses to remain into conversation with me. What interested him was not just the power of the gospel but my personal testimony showing how God transformed me from a self-centred and timid introvert person to a bold street evangelist through the many up and down of my life facing numerous trial and test and eventually leading me to accept the grace of Jesus Christ in 1990 in Manchester, UK where I did my Master of Information System at UMIST. Perhaps he saw the very similar path that I have gone through but eventually saved by grace through faith in Christ. As a logical minded scholar, it is hard to ask him to make a hasty decision to accept Christ, but God readily softened his heart that he indicated to me he will seriously going to a catholic church to continue his search for the redemptive grace of Jesus. He was so graceful for our chat and was happy to take a selfie with me. After we parted, I could see him reading the tract immediately before the bus arrived. Praise Ye to the Lord for his amazing grace upon Anthony.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 18 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 18/8/2021 from 1300 – 1500

Praise and thanks God that Johnny and Hung resumed Street Evangelism at Sunnybank today ever since the lock down a month ago. We stationed at the Inbound (North bound) Bus Station on the West side. Comparatively, we could approach more Chinese people than people of other nations. Both Johnny and Hung got many long chats that could have brought significant impact to the Gospel hearers. May God’s sovereign power be working effectively to accomplish His Will in the lives of those whom we approached today.

Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 18/8/2021 from 1300 – 1500

Praise and thanks God that Johnny and Hung resumed Street Evangelism at Sunnybank today ever since the lock down a month ago. We stationed at the Inbound (North bound) Bus Station on the West side. Comparatively, we could approach more Chinese people than people of other nations. Both Johnny and Hung got many long chats that could have brought significant impact to the Gospel hearers. May God’s sovereign power be working effectively to accomplish His Will in the lives of those whom we approached today.

Recap below are the nine Gospel Conversation of Hung.

1) A Serbia orthodox Christian lady was pleased to have a chat after she asked help from us. She was talkative and friendly. She doesn’t like doctrinal talk and does not care if she has assurance of salvation. Simple faith in God is enough for her. Obviously, there are room for better understanding of assurance of salvation. It was a pity the bus came too quick to cut our conversation short as such I missed the chance to know more about orthodox Christian faith status.

2) Then I caught up with an old lady from Hong Kong of Buddhism background. I turned out to be a listener first to her unhappy life in the past. I only had very little time to introduced the gospel of peace and joy to change her mind set.

3) Then Johnny referred a Senior Couple from Guangdong 廣東老夫婦 who obviously are Cantonese speaking. They have Christian relatives. 有親人信主,and they have not objection to the gospel message admitting everyone is sinner as such we all needs Jesus.對福音沒反對. They just need a bit more push from the Holy Spirit to lead them to Christ.

4) Another Chinese lady who was willing to listen to the gospel 中國婦女願聽,It was a pity the bus came too quick.

5) Then I met a Norwegian Christian lady who knows that no one can go to heaven because we have sin. I bet she should be very clear about assurance of salvation.

6) Bell is a Filipino Young Christian of Catholic background. He initially did not want to chat, but God softened his heart to let me share with him and did find that his concept and understanding of salvation is not clear reflecting on his lack of assurance of salvation. He thanks me after listening to my clarification.

7) Two Indian women both show no interest and declined my approach for a chat.

8 )  Approached an PNG looked man who claimed Johnny had approached him before.

9) Finally , I had a very long chat with Mr Zheng from Shandong.鄭山東人. He has lived in Australia for 20 years and lived around SIC. 來20年住南宣附近,through our chat, he appeared to be a religious person despite he has not yet officially received Christ. But he admitted that all human have offended God and we must lead a God fearing pious life to have real inner peace. Pray that he will make up his mind to join SIC in His time.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 17 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on August 17th, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Praise and thanks God the full Toowong team composing of Johnny, Winnie and Hung were all available again together after the lifting of Lock down. We all had many opportunities of chatting though most of them were short and was just enough for a nutshell of the gospel and handing out a tract. Johnny had an exceptionally long chat with Ivan a local Aussie. He initially responded jokingly not taking it serious, but the work of the Holy Spirit gradually drove him to become a humble and keen learner with good interaction with Johnny. Pray that he will be led to make his step of faith in God’s best timing.

Battle Log of Hung:

1) A girl called Kayla from Norway, happy to chat but conversation cut short by the bus.

2) Ali and his girl friend were pleasant for a chat and took tract despite our conversation was cut short by the arriving bus.

3) Rejected by a man with little Chinese

4) Rejected by a another postmodern look Aussie girl

5) Alisa an Aussie UQ student was receptive to the gospel

6) Grace another Aussie girl who was opened for chat but being cut short by the arriving bus

7) A Korean and a Chinese Christian happy to chat but they disclosed their Christian faith too late as such no time to check their assurance of salvation possibly they are member s of Power To Change.

8 ) Abby a Christian girl from Congo yet only has 80% of Assurance of salvation. Clarified in time before the bus came.

9) Vietnamese man who was friendly for a chat

10) Akosua is an India who attended Catholic Christian school. So he is likely an Australian Born Indian. He is opened to chat and receptive gospel.

11) Gordon appeared friendly and shook hand to say good bye.

12) A Christian gypsy who appreciated our street ministry. He was busy in making call so can’t have time to check for his assurance of salivation which he vaguely indicated it could possibly be 100%

13) An elderly man with grey hair rejected Johnny but I was able to catch up with him identifying with his multilingual ability. Later He indicated he attends the Sherwood Methodist Church.

Battle Log Of Winnie :

感謝主的带领,今天在 Toowong 遇到十四人 傳福音的機會。

第一及第二位,分别是Alice & Amy,中國少女。Alice 是天主教背景的基督徒,明白救恩,相片中。願意接受我给她的福音單張,傳福音给其他朋友。然后,Amy, 講了一半福音,巴士到達。

第三及第四位,分别是Patrick, 中國青年,和Agnes, 中國少女。講完福音,巴士到達。

第五及第六位,John & Luke, 澳洲青年。願意信靠主,找教會。相片中。

第七及第八位,林太及兒子 Steven. 香港來的。當我傳福音给他們後,講述 神的大能。她説 Steven 準備升大學,讀什麽科目比较好,我對他們説,禱告 神,祂一定會為妳的兒子開路。现在正是信靠主的時候。他們説會想清楚這問题。巴士到達,不能再傾談下去。

第九位 Jose, 中國一青年。當我講完福音,他説願意悔改,信靠耶穌為救世主。他問我怎樣才可以信主。我説到教會,聽道理。明白自己真正的信仰,牧師便會為你洗禮。之后 你就是基督徒。我给他咭片 找 Kenneth, Power to Change.

第十位 Eli, 中國少女,初時不願意接受單張及聽福音,後來我说 神愛世上每一個人,妳是否知道明天會發生什麽事嗎?假如你染到 COVID 19, 妳會怎様?跟着 我傳福音给她。巴士到達,不能再講下去。

第十一位 Francis, 澳洲少女,講完福音,巴士到達。

第十二,十三及第十四位,分别是 Jessica, Sydney, 澳洲少女。Trent 澳洲青年。他們都願意信靠主。我给他們咭片,找 Kenneth, Power to Change.

願 神带领今天聽到福音人仕,找到教會,永遠信靠主,跟随主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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