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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

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Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

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Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Posted by Posted 1 December 2020, 8:23 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday December 1, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

It was a challenging day with Hung and Winnie only to serve at Toowong while Johnny was on family trip at interstate. The temperature soared up to 33C or even higher around our street evangelism venue with lot of concrete building around. It seriously affected the mood of the pedestrians to stop for a chat. Every one wanted to hide and stay under the limited shade behind the Bus stop. But the grace of God was sufficient that some rejected us initially had changed their heart to have a chat with us with mixed result in God's hand according to His plan. At the end, I have 8 conversations while Winnie had 6 as recapped below.

1) Middle Eastern young man who claimed to have chatted with me before, but I nevertheless still made a revision on the Good Person issue with him to refresh his memory on the need to trust in Jesus.

2)Woman in red reject to chat but later soften to take a tract to read.

3)Teresa a local Aussie lady immediately recognized me and even repeat the question I asked her as a Christian. So there was not much need for a revision as the bus came soon.

4) Sarah a Vietnam/ Australian cross breed from a Christian family of Anglican background. She was approached by Winnie first. She has the basic understanding of Christian faith though still falling short of 100 % assurance of salvation. But she got the point after my minor effort of clarification.

5) A Muslim Couple with Husband called Mohammad who appeared friendly for a chat. He has some trivial knowledge of Christianity, as such he expects us to have basic knowledge of the Islamic faith as well. I admitted this attitude of openness but after all there is absolute truth that cannot be comprised. Then our conversation was ended at this point in time when the bus arrived.

6) An Indian UQ student named Sign stopped for a short chat under the scorching sun. THe heat really did not good for mood to learn and share. He after all was patience enough to finish hearing the gospel.

7) A Chinese couple were happy to chat which was rare. But by the grace of God, I finished the sharing of the nutshell of Gospel emphasizing that the ultimate requirement for heaven is perfection.

8) Finally, a UQ student Jia Jia, who was born in Beijing China but has been brought up here as an ABC who took a tract and read it immediately despite initial rejection to chat. After he finished reading, I was able to connect with him to have a chat to go deeper in the issue of sin and judgement. He ended up greatly impressed by the message.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我遇上六人傳福音的機會。 Amy, 土生華人,初時不願意聽,我問她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给她。她很留心聽着每一句話,相信聖靈的話語,已经觸動她的心,相信很快她會回轉歸向神。Sarah 是基督徒,初時覺得自己未夠完美,未必可以上天堂。但我説信靠耶穌,祂保血能洗淨我們的罪,绝對可以上天堂。跟着關牧師來 再詳述给她。Sandra 中國少女,聽完福音後,會想想。澳洲少女,不想聽。在她看單張時,我在她身邊講述福音,盼望聖靈躅動她。Vivian, 印度女子。講述全福音给她。于燕,中國少女,聽完全福音,她會细心想想,自己是否真的需要耶穌基督。


Melbourne (VIC) Team

Saturday 28 November 2020

Posted by Posted 1 December 2020, 4:06 PM by Martin Park. Permalink

On Saturday, by God's grace, we had 4 laborers. Melbourne team normally meet from 3pm to 6pm but for this Saturday, we outreached from 5:30pm - 8:30pm, Suprisingly, there were lots of people and they were willing to engage in conversation. 

As expected, there were people who were drunk and tipsy as time went on. Many people showed interest in doing 'Good person test' , some laughed at gospel, few believed the gospel and some opposed the gospel but praise God for His faithfulness for giving each one of us strength to boldly proclaim the gospel for His glory and people's salvation. 

I met quite a few couples who were interested in doing Good person test, I remember a tipsy couple, who took the test and the lady was drunk and very honest with her sins as i went through the law.. as i shared the glorious gospel and asked her when she is going to believe that Jesus died she answered "Now" and she answered the checking questions well even her boyfriend seemed very convinced and grasped the idea of justification by faith. please pray for this couple as you are reading this 

There was another couple (in the main photo) who were kind and there were very reactive (also, lots of very cool hand gestures :) ). As I shared the law and the gospel, they came to understand that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ and they told me that they are church goers. And through this conversation, they understood the gospel clearly and properly praise God for that !. Funny thing was that, as they realised i was from originally from South Korea, they gave Korean style 'Heart' gesture as you can see in the photo. Overall, What a joy it was !!! 

I also met a married couple who were very kind and gracious in the way they approached me. They showed much interest in doing 'Good Person Test' so as I shared the law, both of them answered honestly to the questions but when I was about to share death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the lady said "but.. grace" and hinted about Jesus and that point I knew that they were Christians after I did checking questions. They said "This was the best gospel sharing method I have heard so far" and they told me that they attend City on a Hill church !. They gave me great encouragement and appreciation. I pray that this couple will be encouraged to share the gospel where God has place them. 


I want to give all the glory to God knowing that it was HE who strengthened and enable us to do evangelise.

We are just unworthy servants that did what was commanded by our gracious King who saved us by Jesus' death and resurrection 


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 29 November 2020

Posted by Posted 29 November 2020, 2:02 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

The team (of there) from up North were with Andy and I again on Saturday - in Cashel Mall.  There was some kind of Santa thing going on and there were lots of people out and about.  We had some Christmas tracts - and they were all distributed in the morning.

But it was actually a surprisingly slow outreach.  People were focused on what they were doing!  In spite of this, I was able to have two solid gospel conversations in the morning.

The first was very interesting.  A young guy in a hurry whizzed past, but stopped to take a Christmas tract.  I didn’t think he’d stop, but I asked what he thought happened after life.  To my surprise he did stop.  He had a Hindu background and ended up staying for a long chat.  What was interesting was that I had other people stop and take interest in the conversation (I was using the flip chat).  Suddenly, one of the bystanders - a Christian - got involved.  He was lovely, and very well meaning, but he had actually jumped in just as I was explaining the gospel and steered the conversation down a bit of a rabbit trial.  I was able to gently take back control of the conversation and get it back to the gospel.  I was then able to work some objections the guy had - I actually learnt some things about Hinduism in the process.  The guy grasped the gospel well, but wasn’t ready to respond - yet I challenged him to do so.

The other chat was also very interesting.  This time it was because the lady of the couple struggled to let go of the idea of her good deeds saving her.  She was very attentive and engaged.  But just didn’t grasp justification by grace alone through faith alone.  Checking questions came to the rescue, so I continued to re-explain.  She’d indicate that she understood, but another checking question and she would revert back to good works.  Sadly, I’m not confident she was grasping it by the end.  The guy with her was.  Gladly, salvation is not dependent on me.  May God use what I said, and may she have other opportunities to engage with the gospel.

After lunch, we spent another couple of hours in outreach.  Emma had a fantastic conversation with two kids (pictured).  I also had a long chat with two young Catholics who came to understand the gospel.

We finished up in Cathedral Square.  I managed to engage with a young couple.  The guy was giving pretty good answers to my initial questions: “believe in God” and then again later in the conversation after I’d been through the law and the gospel.  I sensed that this guy had maybe been to a Christian camp, or been involved with a church - so I asked him about it.  He looked at me and said, “Your name is Glen, right?”.  I was shocked.  It turns out I had talked to him before!  Oh Lord, save people, for your glory.  I can’t.  I leave them in your hands.  Lord, please help me to get better at explaining your gospel and representing you well.  I need your help Lord!

On Sunday Andy and I had a couple of new church members join us in Cashel Mall for a couple of hours of outreach.  One spent the time joining Andy to listen in on his gospel conversations.  The other did a fantastic job handing out Christmas Tracts.  Near the end of the outreach I fell into a great conversation with a young lady who had just received a pile of Hare Krishna books.  The two church members were able to listen into this long chat (a friend of the young lady joined in as well.)  After the conversation we were able to debrief and I got some fantastic feedback on how the young lady was misunderstanding something I was saying - and I didn’t even realise!  The church member giving me the feedback had said she had wanted to jump in quite a few times!  Now that I do so much evangelism on my own - I’m aware that I now find it hard to involve and encourage others.  We talked about this.  I gave the church member permission to jump in next time!  It was so encouraging seeing the insight that others have that I don’t necessarily have.  I want to encourage all Christians to get involved with the great commission - I can’t do this on my own, together we can do this. :)

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 27 November 2020

Posted by Posted 28 November 2020, 6:36 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Thursday morning I was online with the Aussie team.  I had seven solid gospel conversations - glory to God.

An interesting chat with a lady who was very interested in the question: “What happens after life?”.  I was able to share the law and the gospel.  And she rejected it.  As I was talking she typed: “I still don't believe in him tho”.  I asked why, and her excuse was that it was all confusing.  So I asked what part was confusing, and she said, “I don’t know man… It just doesn’t add up”.  But then she said, “but your explanation was very well made, I have to admit that”.  Something was missing.  But I persisted by re-explaining the gospel - her response showed that she was gaining clarity.  She then asked me more about hell.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share with her, I leave her in your hands.

Later I had a good chat with a young Catholic guy who loved his religion.  He came to grasp the gospel - but he didn’t want to give up his religion.  He was left counting the cost of the gift.

I then joined Andy at Eastgate.

I had an encouraging short encounter with a lady who accepted a Christmas tract from me, I gave her a brief explanation of the gospel emphasising justification by grace alone through faith alone.  She interrupted the flow to tell me a bit about herself - she is currently going to a church, but had come from a background of drugs and alcohol.  She said that she often feels confused, but that my simple explanation had really helped her - she thanked me.  She needed to move on.  Thank you Lord for the brief opportunity!

Andy had a long chat with a lady (pictured) who is getting mixed up by the cult: World Mission Society Church of God.  Andy has learned some really good background information on this cult and so was able to have a good gospel conversation with her.  Oh Lord, rescue her!

We moved to Northlands, I was able to have a long follow up chat with a young Muslim girl among many other gospel chats.

On Friday it was great to have a team of three join us from up north!

We started the day with the gospel + abortion outreach outside Christchurch hospital.  In contrast to last week, where we had a lovely counter protester that we were able to engage with, this week we had one very nasty counter protester.  Rude, insulting, abusive even.  As I write this on Saturday, I’m still feeling the sting of her cutting words - and I didn’t cop the worst of it.  Her words and actions were a glimpse of her world view.  At one point she was attacking the older members of our team saying they were less evolved (probably meaning social evolution).  Later she was abusing my Mother who refused to respond.  The girl ended up by saying my Mum was meaningless.  And this girl ended up stirring up the hatred in two other of the counter protesters.  It was a really tuff outreach.  I lost my cool at one point, and had to work hard to gain it back and continue to ignore the insults.  Later I had an opportunity to tell of my care & love for one who had just told me she hated me.  We love, because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).  But, in spite of this - or more likely - because of this, many many opportunities for conversation with members of the public occurred.  I had two great opportunities to engage with people - one of them I was able share the gospel with (he understood the logic, but sadly resisted it).  Andy and Emma were very busy in conversations with people.  Andy ended up staying to well after the outreach was over in conversation with one guy.  We are encouraged to continue to stand against this modern day holocast of abortion and bring the hope of true forgiveness - even for murder - found in the sacrifice of Jesus.

We headed to Cathedral Square where I and a number of others preached before we headed to Cashel mall where the team was busy in one to one conversations.  The weather turned to rain thirty minutes before I was scheduled to finish, so we decided to head for a coffee early.

I made up the time while I was online in the evening.  It was one of the best periods of online outreach I’ve ever had.  Seven solid gospel conversations.

I had a 25 minute chat with a Muslim from the UK (based on accent) who was resistant, but actually came to grasp the gospel.  He then started counting the cost - it was too high for him (for now).  Lord, he is in your hands.

I then had one of the best conversations I think I’ve ever had.  40 minutes.  The guy I was talking to was so open, I wasn’t having to fight, and I could just teach.  He came to grasp the gospel and there was nothing stopping him from accepting it.  He had many good questions.  I leave him in the hands of the Lord, but with pointing him to the Bible and a local church.  He has a friend who is getting mixed up with a cult, I think some of his questions were so he could help his friend.

I then moved straight into a 15 minute chat (almost as good) with a young Christian guy who wasn’t a Christian.  He was not expecting someone to be talking about the gospel - but it seemed to be just the right time for him to hear it.

Oh Lord, please give us strength to continue sharing your gospel with people.  Help us do this in love, in spite of the opposition and hatred we face.  Save people for your glory Lord.  We leave these people spoken to in your hands.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Posted by Posted 25 November 2020, 5:22 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 25, 2020 from 1300 -1500

It was an eventful day but also full of wonder and grace. Johnny initially planned to come a bit later but he got a flat tyres on his way to Sunnybank. So I was left alone but God was good to send Andrew to come to partner with me at the Wes side of the foot bridge. It was a very good partnership, starting with a good opening prayer and later on rendering mutual support including the photo shooting.

Today I had a very smooth day, apart from a very first rude rejection by a mainlander woman, all my subsequence approach are friendly, receptive and fruitful proven by three selfies with my three gospel target. ONe of these were a couples who are a known friend of my brother -in -law and heard of my existence in Brisbane as a pastor. So all encounters were really a divine appointment with God's hidden purpose behind.

Here are the recap of my

1) Madam Wong from Guangzhou 廣州 knows Hk very well. I wasted some time to serve as ice breaker and was only able to share the nutshell of the Gospel to her before the bus came.

2) Elle a young lady from Beijing doing UQ study. She was very polite and receptive and listen to the gospel with full attention and great interest. She did not even want to get on the bus that had arrived only after I asked her if her bus had arrived. Certainly, I could see and feel a ripe soil for the gospel to bear fruit in here heart.

3) Tony and Sinfonia look like Chinese from Indonesia. But I overheard them speaking Cantonese so I approached them and found they are also from Hong Kong. They seems to be religious and showed receptive attitude to the Gospel. So I asked if they followed any religion and they said yes and is a Japanese kind of Taoism called 天理教. This is the religion of my brother-in-law who became a pious follower after this Japanese faith organization offered him a scholarship to study Japanese in Nagoya. The couples responded with great astonishment that they are good friend of Perry my brother-in-law. With this miraculous encounter, I wasted no time to share the gospel before the bis arrived. Let's pray if God will give me another divine encounter with this couples in the near future or perhaps in the next visit of Perry to Brisbane.

4) Eric a UQ student from Taiwan who was very receptive to the Gospel. I referred him to Power to Change no matter if he may wish to accept Christ now or not.

5) An Aussie Mum Cherry also appeared very friendly. It was a pity my sharing was cut short by the timely arrival of the bus.

6) Mr Li 李 from mainland China. But he exceptionally taking the initiative to pull me aside to let me share the gospel to him. He admitted the message is very sensible, logical and convincing but I let him make his decision at his private time. I also referred him to join "Power to change. I met him a bit later when he finished his errand and wait for the returning bus. I took his photo there.

7) An old lady from Hongkong who showed half heart at the gospel message. She came to Australia around 80. Pray that God keeps giving her divine encounter before she run out of time.

8) Keane another genuine abc whose parents are from Taiwan. He has Christian back ground and know all Ins and Outs about Christianity. He agreed with the gospel I shared just falling short to let the seed to grow and budding.

9) Nelson an Sri Lanka man who appeared very polite and was positive to gospel. It was a pity the divine encounter was cut short by the bus but I am sure God's work on him will not be in vain.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Posted by Posted 25 November 2020, 1:59 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Roger got free treats again!  If I heard him correctly, he gave some tracts to a family that went into SoYo (frozen yogurt place) - the kids came out with some for him!  How nice. :)

This was at the Riccarton outreach on Tuesday afternoon.

When I turned up, there was a guy sitting down eating pizza.  I approached, and I was surprised how keen he was to talk!  He drilled me with question after question.  With him taking the lead like this, I was able to share the gospel with him.  Unfortunately his (late) lunch break came to an end and he had to go, but he had a Christmas tract with a way to get in touch.

Throughout the outreach I had many opportunities to talk to people about the gospel and hand out tracts.  All of whom had some religious instruction but were misunderstanding justification by grace through faith.  The last guy I was talking to was Coptic Orthodox (and who also didn’t understand justification) he seemed to appreciate the good news!

Earlier I was online.  I started with a difficult chat with a girl who dug in and refused to let go of her self-righteousness!  But then moved into a chat with a very cheeky guy who was very upfront about the reality of his deserving of hell (although it was hard to gauge his seriousness).  He seemed to be impacted (even deeply, but I couldn’t work out if he was playing with me or not) by the logic I was sharing - he came to hear the gospel.

Next up I had a guy who claimed to recognise me!  He is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia.  He said I skipped him last time and pleaded with me not to skip - I was happy to talk.  But after fifteen minutes with this guy I could see why he was skipped previously, hard as rocks, not open to reasonable and logical dialogue.  I skipped him.

The weather forecast wasn’t good for Wednesday, so I decided to join the Aussie team online again.  But beforehand I spent a few hours studying the book of Romans - so good!

My very first chat was with a lady from Brazil.  I could tell English was her second language - but she did a great job tracking with me as I explained the law and the gospel to her.  She seemed to grasp the good news.

Next up was a couple of guys who were fairly resistant.  But the main one warmed up to what I was saying.  He came to grasp the gospel before I left him to mull on it.  Lord save them!  Then it was a couple of younger kids who also came to grasp with the gospel.

The next chat was excellent.  Initially I thought the guy would bolt early - he seemed to be an Atheist.  But he also warmed up and really engaged.  It was like he was getting information for the first time ever.  He grasped the gospel, and then launched into questions.  Unfortunately the video link was not so good, so I had to revert to text chat - but he hung in there.  He had a link to as well.  Sadly the video link eventually died.  He is in God’s hands.

By this stage I was live streaming, and I fell into a great chat with a guy who really liked to talk.  There was a girl sitting next to him using her phone.  I was just about to get to the gospel with this guy, when the girl found the live stream on her phone!  Sadly, he ended the chat.

My final chat was with a guy who loved my opening question (what do you think happens after life?)  But didn’t like the logic I gave him.  I started working through the gospel with him, and he resisted strongly - avoiding my questions.  I wrestled with him for a while but decided to leave him to it - he wasn’t open to the gospel at this stage.

So grateful for all the opportunities I have to share the hope of eternal life with people.  Thank you so much for your prayer and support - I REALLY appreciate it!  God bless.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Posted by Posted 24 November 2020, 6:11 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowng Village on Tuesday Nov 24 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a very warm Summer afternoon. By the grace of God , Johnny, Hung and Winnie can manage to turn up to serve the Lord as a team despite both Winnie (hearing aid needs adjustment) and Hung (has to avoid scorching sun after having begun the Narrow band light treatment for skin problem). ON top of the personal weakness, Hung forgot to bring his iphone. So only very few photoes had been taken for Johnny and Winnie while both of them had opportunities to take photo for me. The progress and pace of out reach was much slow due to the scorching high noon sun. But we all had managed to get into conversation with around 7 persons as recap below.

1) Tom - after several rejection by several Chinese students, here came Tom who also showed initial resistance to hear the gospel. Actually he refused to take the tract which was offered first by Johnny at the traffic light , then me at the bus stop. But God still softened his heart to let me chat with him as an Alumni of UQ and my life witness how I came to Christ. So gospel was also shared before the bus arrived. Trust he will bre in God's good hand closer to the D day of his salvation.

2) Oliver was once approached by Winnie some weeks ago. I still took the chance to revise and review on his status. I also introduced him to join Power to Change week day physical meeting on the campus.



is a Christian, but she failed the test of assurance of salvation by 10%. She only have 90% assurance which is because she though she is still not yet perfect. After my explanation of the 3 fold deliverance as God's package deal for salvation. She now understood after receiving Christ and be saved as a born again Christian, we are yet to be perfect by the work of God through the Holy Spirit. This as this work in progress stage, it is normal that we will be seen not perfect and will failed the test of God committing sin. Yet this is within God's plan as such it will not affect the 100% assurance of salvation by Christ that changed our identity from enemy of God back to Children of God or His heavenly citizen. Sarah was delighted to be able to have 100 % assurance of salvation as the bus came.

4) Lily is an UQ student as well as Migrant from Afghanistan. Winnie first approached her and did the Are you a Good Person Test. I followed up to reinforce the power of Jesus salvation. She did show pressure from Muslim faith that is too hard for her to change here faith from Islamic to Christianity. But I advised her in some Muslin Country, missionary was successful to convert Muslim to Christians with culture of worship remains unchanged but with the God head changed to Jesus. Pray for God's continuous work on Lily.

5) John is a senior person on wheel chair. He is a typical country Aussie with humor. When I asked him as a Good Person, can he go to heaven. He asked me back if General Secretary Xi can go. I took the chance teo say yest if he has a moment to repent in his life time. He switched to a place with more shade to continue with our conversation till the bus came. I stayed with him to get him on to the bus together with the bus driver lady to show him the love of Jesus.

Here is the recap by Winnie for the 7 persons she contacted to day.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我有機會 傳福音给七人。有印尼的女士,兩位印度女士,中國少女,台湾少女,澳洲男士及少女。他們都聽了全福音和接受單張,要時間想想。願神 打開他們心門,接受主耶稣基督為救世主。阿們!



Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 22 November 2020

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During the weekend I was with the team in Brissie for online outreach.

My first chat was with a Catholic guy.  It was an odd conversation - he seemed to be following along with the logic of the gospel, but he didn’t seem to be taking it seriously.  Early on he picked up on what I was doing, and mentioned Ray Comfort of Living Waters.  He was distracted, and he would start asking me about my family.  I ended up ending the conversation.

A couple of conversions later and I was connected to a young man from Egypt.  His English wasn’t the best, so we ended up switching to Arabic - me via Google Translate.  It took me some time to get him engaged.  What did the trick was asking him if he believed in God.  He was shocked and offended that I would ask the question at all.  It turns out he is Muslim.  I continued to work through explaining the law and the gospel.  He would read everything I said to his Mum (which was great) - I could listen to them talking to each other to formulate responses.  The guy started getting more and more agitated, but I decided not to back down - he needed the truth.  The conversation ended with me saying I loved him and wanted God’s mercy for him, while he was telling me he hated me!

I was beamed into a stationary car with two Catholic lads.  I was able to work through the law and the gospel quickly.  I was explaining grace, when one of them smirked and disconnected.

Next God brought me to a guy who was getting drunk.  He had friends with him.  They heard the gospel.

Next up I was beamed into the bedroom of a kid who was slow in grasping what I was explaining.  I was determined to slow down and labour with him.  He eventually came to an understanding of the gospel.  He was going through some struggles, I pointed him to the Bible and a local church.  It was a great chat.

On Sunday I was paired with Ryan again.  So good to be sharpened by his feedback, and to listen to his gospel conversations.

Andy was online on Friday, and he was telling me about an hour long conversation he had on Friday.  After the first checking question her answer was: good work.  After the second checking question it was: trust Jesus, but you have to pay him back.  After the third checking question it was: trust Jesus, it’s too good to be true! :)  Andy pointed her to the scriptures to verify what he was saying.  She said, “it’s all right, you have convinced me, but I will look up the scriptures”.  Praise God, Lord save her.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 20 November 2020

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Thursday morning I was online.  I often get called grandpa on initial connect, but with the highlight conversation, where I was connected with a couple of Brits, I got called Gary Barlow (a musician in the UK) - I take that as a compliment!  Once they heard my voice, they said I was an Australian - two compliments in a row!  This chat started well and continued that way!  They came to hear and, slowly, grasp the gospel over the period of about ten minutes.

In the afternoon, Andy and I were at Northlands bus stops and then Eastgate bus stops.

The highlight at Northlands was my very first chat.  I approached a young Asian couple.  The girl responded to my approach, and she said she had a long chat with one of us before.  I checked to see if she understood the gospel - it was close.

The guy then became engaged and took over the conversation.  To my surprise, he had a good grasp of the gospel.  It turns out he grew up in a church environment.  By the end of the conversation (when their bus came) he had admitted that he wasn’t a Christian.  His reason: “I want to live my life my own way”.  I touched on the consequence of such a position: justice, punishment, hell.  As he walked off, I said: “you should be terrified”.

At Eastgate, the highlight was a catch up with a young man who we both talked to the week prior (and whom I’ve talked to a number of times previously - both at Eastgate and Northlands).  He is responding very positively to the gospel.  He is now saying that he believes that Jesus died on the cross for his sin.  He reached out via and in our initial email exchange I worked to dissuade him getting him to consider the reality of the cost of the gift of Jesus.  I’m glad to say it hasn’t worked so far.  He brought his young son to meet us.  We ended up sitting down at a local coffee shop to talk more.  He has downloaded a Bible onto his phone.  And he continues to initiate contact.  He works Sunday, but he is looking at re-organising his shifts so he can attend a church meeting.  I see so much apostasy and rejection, I’m not getting my hopes up.  But oh to see true conversion!

Friday started with another busy gospel + abortion outreach.  Six of us, and three counter protesters.  The counter protesters like to stand in front of us (pictured).

One of Jehovah's Witnesses that I regularly talk to at Northlands walked past early in the outreach.  We had a brief but great catch up chat.  To my surprise he accepted a “Life is Precious” tract.

Later, Andy got into a long chat with a guy who considered himself “neutral” on the abortion issue.  While that was happening, I noticed three guys across the road, who were obviously very interested in the protest (they were walking back and forth while staring at us).  Eventually, I decided to cross the road to go and have a chat.  They didn’t have strong opinions about the abortion issue - one was religious, one was on the fence, and the other didn’t believe in God.  I was able to share the gospel with all three, before heading back to the main group.

By this stage there was much tension in the air.  A group who were pro choice were having a go at us, while a lady, not part of our group, who is pro life, was responding angrily to them!  I walked over to engage the pro life lady, and thank her for her support, but that we were trying to run a peaceful protest and that it’s best to ignore them in this situation.  She smiled and took my advice.

But then I noticed the three guys across the street were shouting at our counter protesters (and the counter protesters were shouting back).  I signalled to the three guys not to do that, but one of the counter protesters accused me of trying to stop conversation.  I told them conversation was something I was very keen for, just not if it’s yelling across the street.  To my surprise they took my point.  The shouting stopped, and one of the counter protesters went across to talk directly.  Praise God.

Meanwhile, Andy’s conversation was still rolling.  Andy was doing a great job, staying calm even with intense disagreement.  But unfortunately the guy he was talking to was becoming angrier and angrier.  Andy had to disengage the conversation.

A moment of peace finally reigned when one of the new counter protesters decided she wanted to engage me in debate, she was very pleasant and respectful, and I could tell it was going to be a genuine discussion, so I obliged.  We talked about “Black Lives Matter”, and then moved into discussion about abortion.  I was able to touch on the gospel.  It was a wonderful, respectful two way conversation - and the other counter protesters got involved as well.  I was amazed and very grateful for the positive dialogue - even though we still strongly disagree with each other.

The outreach ended with Andy having another opportunity to engage with a lady who was pro choice - it looked to be a very good dialogue as well.  We parted on good terms with the counter protesters - they accepted my goodbye.  In the quieter periods of the outreach I was praying for them, and I will continue to pray for them.  God, bless them!

We moved to Cathedral Square for some open air preaching.  There was a group there who seemed to be advocating for some kind of political change.  I got into a great conversation with one of them who said she was a Christian.  Sadly, the group had to move on, which cut short our conversation.

A number of guys preached, while others handed out tracts, and still others engaged people in one to one conversation.

Later, in Cashel Mall, I had a wonderful conversation with a guy who had talked to someone at Northlands a year ago about the gospel.  He was very open to talk about it again.  He said there was nothing stopping him from responding - even after he considered the cost.  I left the ball in his court - he knows how to get in touch.

I finished the day of outreach online.  The highlight conversation was with a lady with a Catholic background, leaning Atheist who believed in Science.  Going from there, I explained how we know God exists, through the law, and on to the gospel.  She said she had learned more from me in a couple of minutes than she ever had in religion class (glory to God alone).  And yet, there was still a resistance to what I was saying.  She disconnected suddenly.  Lord, I leave her, and all those we talked to over these two days in your hands.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 18 November 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 18, 2020 from 1300 -1500

Thanks God for a fine sunny day good for street evangelism. We had Johnny, Andrew and Hung turning up to serve. To me, it started good meeting again with two Pakistanis Muslim Tafe students by the name Shani and Muneeb whom we met two weeks ago. They were serious Muslim but with an opened mind to discuss. It was a pity they were in a hurry to meet their father but promised to come back next week.

Then I had my second divine appointment for today with Kitty who is from TianJin 天津, China. She was at the bus stop sitting on the bench. I initially wanted to approach two high school students but they were busy with their iphone. And Kitty virtually looked up at me. I felt the urge to switch talking to her first. She is rare species of Mainlander that does not avoid chatting with me with a Chinese face. She even invited me to sit down to chat with her rather than standing. She claimed she had received tracts before and possibly chatted with someone else. I asked if she found the message of the tract sensible and logical and what was her response. She got to the point that: yes, she admitted the tract let her see she as well as every one in this world, though called a good person, but all have committed varieties of sin not pleasing to God. Then I asked did she know how to have our sin forgiven. She knew it was through Jesus' sacrificial death to pay for the debt of our sin. But she is not sure if she deserves the grace of Jesus to save her as a sinner. At this point ,her boy friend turned up, checking out what was happening and trying to drag her away from the conversation. But she refused to stop our conversation, so her boy friend was forced to listen by her side. I could feel that she was wide open to receive Christ but then the bus came. I trust God will continue on leading her to the final decision of accepting Jesus as her Savior and Lord of life.

My overall condition to day was not good with body itchiness and swollen limb getting worse because of the side effect of the Psoriasis medication. Dried mouth and frequent toilet needs all posed great interruption to my normal street evangelism. It finally was cut short when I found my Credit card was not in my wallet when I stopped for a while to do shopping. I had to call for the day to rush home to check if I did lose it. Thanks God finally I found the card in one of my vest pocket so I did not have to go through yet another round of reporting lost for replacement which had happened once just two months ago.

Both Andrew and Johnny had many good long conversation with fruit bearing results.

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