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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

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Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Posted by Posted 6 December 2023, 6:15 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 6 29th 2023 from 1300-1500

We were over joy to have Shu Yi and Qin Hao rejoining us making a strong team of five. Originally, we could have even a bigger team of 6 or even 7. But Peace could not come in the last minutes because of ad hoc need to take care of her Father-in-law after dental treatment resulting in unceasing bleeding. Pray that she will have peace and composure to carry her Father-in-law over this unpredicted aftermath of a simple dental procedure.

Nevertheless, for the five of us, it was both a tough and fund day. Tough was referring to the scorching hot high noon sun. Fun was the ever presence of God guiding us to work as a team to match language choice amongst our gospel target and the complementing chat with same people by the team members achieving added effect to sowing the seed of gospel message to our target people of all Nations. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung:

1) I was led to chat to a family of four from Malaysia that Johnny had approached briefly first. I just saw the father explained to his teenage children the message of the Gospel tract. It aroused my interest to ask if they are Christians and if they understand the salvation perfectly as such if they have assurance of salvation. The answer of the father was a bit ambiguous that they had obtain the same tract in Malaysia which is impossible as I know OPN 513 has never ministered to Malaysia. But the father changed his wording that similar kind of tracts have been commonly being handed out in Malaysia. He did not confirm he is a fair dinkum Christian but perhaps a seeker or kind of God fearer. I compliment the KL people who can usually command at least 7 languages and dialects which is exactly the case to that Malaysian family. The bus came at that time. I pray that the tract will serve its purpose for that family if they really use heart to read it.

2) Then I was led to a Sri Lankan man that Shu Yi has approached but was declined to chat with her. I anyway was moved to make another approach and the Spirit this time softened his heart to have a long chat with me allowing me to share the full gospel. The ice breaking avenue is genuine identification with his ethnicity and open up the chat box on some softer matter, like his purpose of visit. Actually, he accompanies his wife to come to do a Master degree study at UQ and has just arrived for a few weeks. His initial hesitation to chat with Shu Yi may be ethnic custom driven that he should not chat with a stranger lady. But his attitude to the gospel was open and receptive taking a tract at the end to read.

3) Then I was led to catch up with Sunny from Hong Kong. Initially he was hesitant to respond in Mandarin because of the HKGer Complex. I explained to him we speak Mandarin here very often because majority of Mainlander of Mandarin speakers cannot speak Cantonese. Once clicked and rapport established, his reaction to the gospel was positive and receptive. He took a tract of course at the end.

4) Marco was a local Aussie and I used again the fair dinkum Aussie slang to draw his interest and attention. The conversation went on very delightfully, and I was able to start the gospel sharing but only half done when his bus arrived. But when he replied and told me his name, he used the gimmick that he name is same for the Arch Angel, that I urge him to find the answer from the tract that if he could go to heaven meeting God and the Angels there. He was overwhelmed with joy and took a quick selfie before he got on to the bus.

5) Next was Mr Xu from Taipei???, he came only on business so our encounter was very special. He was open to the gospel message which I more or less finished sharing it. He rush boarding the bus without taking a tract.

6) Then I was led to approach Melany who is a local Aussie from Cairns but now got to study at the Griffith Gold Coast Campus. I told her every Thursday; I pass by her Uni to Australia Fair for street outreach. Then she told me she is a Chrisitan and answered my first diagnosis question confidently with100% assurance of salvation. But when asking the 2nd question why. She showed a completely wrong understanding of salvation by grace through faith alone. She claimed her assurance is form his compliance to the Bible teaching and service at the church. I cross check if she is of Catholic background and the answer is positive, so no wonder she has such fatally wrong fake assurance. She anyway thanked and appreciated for our friendly conversation and took a selfie with me wearing a big asserting smile ,

7) Last but not the least, I was referred by Qin Hao to chat with a HKG family of three with the wife coming to Australia to study at Griffith while husband with the daughter are accompanying family members. We spent time in catching up with current affairs in HKG but then left no time in gospel. But the husband still took the tract and promise to have a good look at it.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 5 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Dec 5th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was not a good day for street outreach. The sun was scorching hot. The Uni is in Holiday period. But God still answered our prayer to give us both many gospel outreach opportunities in amazing way. We were led to chat with a Bangladesh family with Johnny chatting to the Mum behind the bus shelter in the shade and with Hung chatting to the son in the front under the sun. The Young kids once prematurely rush on board an wrong bus, with God's timely alert to the Mum to drag the son back down to the bus stop, as such both the Mum and the kid had a long enough time for us to share the full Gospel until their right bus arrived. Moreover, all the mainlander I approached today were all open heart and open mind. So, the harvest is really ripe despite the environmental factor was not friendly to our outdoor Open air evangelism ministry. Rec p below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach a UQ girl from Guangzhou??, who has been in Brisbane for a year.??. She claimed she never met us but for this first encounter, she appeared open minded and willing to listen??. It was a pity her bus came too quick for me to finish but I anyway gave away a tract to her.

2) Then I caught up with an UQ faculty member who was ok to chat but his attention was still on the forth coming bus as such not interacting too deep with the gospel message. He anyway took a tract to read when the bus came.

3) Then I caught up with a Nigeria girl. I started asking her the Christian revival status in Nigeria, but she seemed to be ignorant about it. And I could just start the gospel sharing but then the bus came. She also took a tract.

4) Then I was led to approach Chiu? from Urumyti of the Inner Mongolia???. To my surprise, He was very open minded and respond to the gospel positively. I asked if he found any fault in the argument of way to address sin. He surprisingly answered there is not fault in the gospel message and show no reluctant to accept Christianity as his own faith by the grace of God. I referred him to connect with Power to Change group in the campus in case he accepted Jesus.

5) Then God miraculously teamed up Johnny and Hung to preach the Gospel to the mum and the son respectively. They are from Bangladesh and the kid is in grade 6. Originally, the kid mistaken the number of the bus and jump the gun to get on board the bus without his mother. Thanks God the Mum noticed it quick enough to drag the kid back down to allow us to have a long Gospel sharing time. Praised be to God, despite they are of Hinduism background, but they both showed no resistance to the Christian faith. In particular, when I asked the kid if there is any mechanism in Hinduism to address sin. He was too young to know but I encouraged him to share with his mun afterwards so that the Spirit may touch their heart to receive Christ together. And he is the only son of the family in contrast to big sibling i.e., his father has 6 sisters. So I thing by God's Will, their whole family will be brought to Christ very soon.

6) Then I was led to approach a PhD student from USA to first UK in Bath, then coming here to do his PhD on chemistry. We had a long ice breaking chat and his response was good. Yet his bus came very quick but he still delightfully took a track to read.

7) Next was to a Local Aussie Lady who declined us politely.

8 ) A young man ? from Da Tong , Shanxi???? took initiative to greet me and claimed we just met last week or the week before.????????He appeared not rejective to the Gospel and pray for divine encounter next week.

9) Jenny a Chinese origin from Cincinnati USA is now doing undergraduate in UQ. She was open but time again was not enough.

10) Arjun is a Hinduism follower from Nepal. But he considered himself a Hinduism by birth but he had no idea how does Hinduism address sin. So he is very open to the gospel message I just shared and accept it is a very rational way to deal with sin, designed by God

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 29 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 29th 2023 from 1300-1500

It was a new day of grace that God let the sun out with a warm and dry weather good for street outreach. More so, we have Rev Samuel Chiu joining us the 2nd time to do street outreach. He was now completely adapted to the street outreach setting and has become very bold and swift to approach people of all Nations for Gospel sharing. His English is excellent and effective for chatting with English speaking people. Johnny and Hung were all amazed at God's power to have moved and empower Rev Chiu to become a gospel warrior sharing gospel fearlessly to whoever coming to the Bus Stop. In a word, all the three of us had many fruitful conversation leading people to Christ or just in short of the last step of faith.

1) I was led to approach Christine a local Aussie girl whom Edwin once approached in the previous week. She was readily moved and with heart softened to receive Christ but was still blocked by a wrong concept that she is still not good enough to become a Christian. But she treasured the gospel message so she keeps the tract folded in her small lady wallet and showed it to me to support she is readily taking the gospel message seriously. I did not know the issue blocking her but the Spirit moved me to share along that line and finally get to the point that no one can wait before they become a better person to become a Christian. Rather no one is perfect enough to deserve the eternal life which is by grace trough faith given to us as a gift at the cost of Jesus paying the price of His life to die for us taking our place to receive the punishment of our sins. So, all she need to do is to simply admit herself a sinner beyond redemption by self-perfection, but surrender her life to accept Jesus. Then the eternal life as a gift and heavenly citizenship as a new identity will be granted to her. She was over joy to finally understand the points of the gospel and I urge her to take the last step of faith action to receive Christ when she had to leave to board the bus.

2) Next was a Mainlander up for summer term class. He just took a tract to read and pray for future encounter.

3) Then I approached a Korean girl who claimed we met before. But her English level is a bit week to make the communication a bit difficult. Nevertheless, I still managed to revise the nutshell of the gospel with here.

4) Orchard a Nigeria Catholic Christian who has 100% assurance of salvation but the reason he believes is his obedience to follow God's rule so it was utterly wrong to think that his salvation is dependent on his good work and or faithful service in the church. It was good I could clarify and correct his wrong understanding of salvation.

5) Then I caught up with an old lady from Shanghai who has migrated to Australia. So she is comparatively open minded for Gospel thought most time was spend in build rapport with her.

6) ?? was once a gospel target I met at Sunnybank and brought him to CFC twice. He has now settled down at BCAC as it is the nearest church that he can go on foot. I encouraged him to seek not only secular job for living but spiritual work for spiritual life growth.

7) Next was an Australian born Vietnamese abv. As an Australian, she was comparatively open for the gospel which I could manage to share half of it when her bus arrived. She took a tract anyway.

8 ) Two Cantonese speaking matured age woman just fooled around to disguise their nationality and avoid serious or genuine gospel chat. One as non-believer simply walked away, leaving one self-claimed Christian to chat with me, but her biblical knowledge is very weak but instead she challenged my gospel sharing is not orthodox. I suspect she actually is from a Sect or a nominal Christian without much spiritual intake.

9) Two local Aussie lady but one of them behave and spoke in very arrogant claiming that she is readily a Christian and learn all about the faith for 20 years and she did not want to hear anything form me. But upon testing of her assurance of salvation, she answered only 90 % which obviously showed that she is not yet a well learned Christian theologically speaking. Despite my clarification and explanation, she seemingly simply intended to disregard them all.

10) Last but not the last I caught up with Johnson and fallen back Christian from Hong Kong, coming here for working holiday. He was brought up from Christian school and once attend church regularly, but in the recent years, he has stop attending church and feeling a bit alienated from God. Thanks God using me to rekindle his faith in God through going through the Bible to prove that God in above time and space and everything like creation, redemption are all in h=His Good hands. Pray that God will move and lead him to Christ if he has not done so before yet and find a spiritual home to kick off his journey of sanctification by discipleship training.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 28 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 28th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The beginning of this week outreach was not ideal. The whole day it was heavily overcast weather with torrential rain in many suburbs. However, the grace of God was sufficient to give Johnny and Hung a window of light or no rain period around the Toowong Bus stop. Moreover, the University has just finished the academic term. There were much less student flows form and to St Lucia Campus, but we still were given many chances for good outreach. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung

1) First I was led to approach a Mainlander UQ girl who lives at the college of the Religious Department of UQ, because she told me the Uni is readily in term break long Summer Holiday that tricker my question why she still went to school and she said her student hostel is at one of the College of the UQ Religious Department despite she is a non-believer. Thanks God she was comparatively open for a chat as most of the other Mainlander students were not around. So, I was able to share her the full gospel. Towards the end of sharing the same guy in the past three weeks who was motivated to challenge soke of the points in Gospel turned up which I managed not to deal with him but finished my sharing with the Mainlander lady. They nevertheless started interacting with each other and the bus also just arrived by that time. I do believe the result was positive and God will follow up on this divine encounter.

2) Rejected by several Mainlanders before I was led to chat with a very open-minded Muslim lady who claimed she is not bounded by ritual law wearing Hejaz. She claimed she heard one of us sharing the gospel before, apparently she did not feel rejective but rather has remained open-minded and found my refreshing sharing sensible and logical that only Christianity address the issue of Sin and the way treated people with sin is both just and loving kindness that we, as sinners must be held responsible for our sin to receive the due eternal death punishment, but the loving kindness of God promise to whoever repent and seek Jesus as our saviour then our sins will deemed to have been punished and the record of our sins is set to zero, allowing God to reconciled with us as a new born again person with a clean sheet of sinless status because of Jesus. She was the rare Muslin who appears receptive to the idea that Jesus is the saviour in the capacity of the Son of God. She gladly took a track again to help her digest the gospel message when her bus arrived.

3) Then I was urged to approach an English middle age lady whose facial expression showed she was in pain because of illness as such she had no mood to chat but still, I got her consent to chat with her so she might not be too drawn to the feeling of pain but may divert her attention to other matter. Even though she clearly showed she is non-religious or can be considered as an Atheist. But I was still able to manage to share the gospel as a cross-cultural concept of a life issue of sin. After presenting my gospel in a strict non-religious sense.

4) Then next I was led to approach a lady works at Cole, She appeared a but sceptical initially but after I started sharing, she appeared receptive to the gospel though I only shared half the way. She took a tract to read and ponder afterwards.

5) The I was attracted to an elder man Patrick looking a bit pale and searching his bag for something, possibly the go card. I showed my care and asked if he needs help. Then I was moved to chat with him about his life and health. He told me he is a cancer patient having diagnosed with a lymph cancer at the neck which was a spread out from the cancer of the pancreas but he was now healed after several rounds of chemo. He just walked from Wesleyan hospital to Toowong village and then came to the bus stop to connect bus to home in St Lucia. We got connected because of our identity as cancer patience and though I have not yet been able to touch upon the gospel, but Patrick was given the awareness that life is too fragile and beyond our control, we must treasured the time God gave us to do the real meaningful thing and achieved the ultimate goal of life. I pray that our next meeting will lead him to the need of Jesus for giving us life of eternity.

6) Then I was led to connect with a young man from the mainland that I had chatted before. Through refreshing the gospel message, he seemed to become even more open and more ready to receive Christ as his saviour.

Special Outreaches

Thursday 23 November 2023

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2023 Schoolie Surfers Paradise, With Operation 513 team from 1615-1715

Christine, Alvin and Hung teamed up to join the Schoolie Street outreach ministry at the Cavill Avenue of the Surfers Paradise. The OPN 513 team were already there spreading out all having their gospel target. I could only tap on the shoulder of Ryan and Glen to let him know I had arrived. Then quickly I reunited with Christine and Alvin who came by another car. I was not a smooth sailing outreach experience, luckily it only happened to me and Christine with Alvin walking elsewhere. While we were trying to share the gospel to someone, a local Aussie seemingly with mental health issue and half drunken had kept interfering our conversation throwing to us endless no nonsense questions and yelled to stop us from sharing as he deemed we did not know Jesus. We had empathy on him because his suspected mental health issue and just tried to avoid him but he was determined to target me and Christine possibly because of our race. As far as I could see, he never dared or attempted to interrupt conversation of the OPN 513 team members which predominantly are western people. I even had to alert the police to keep and eyes on this guy. But he was determined to harass us till the end even when we ended by closing prayers.

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 22 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 22nd 2023 from 1300-1500

Praise be to God exhibiting Mission Power to pave the way for us to do street outreach at Sunnybank today.

First the weather turned completely fine with Sun shine despite the weather forecast was 5 consecutive rainy day stretching on from Monday. Yesterday we got the window opportunity to have a dry gap for the Toowong ministry. Today, it was an all-dry afternoon with no scorching heat after so many rainy periods.

Second, God moved the first young member of CFC to join the street ministry at Sunnybank for the first time. Out of the love of God, she took all the trouble to come from Northlake to Sunnybank with here mum. And God moved first Amy, then Johnny to share the gospel extensively to the mum of Peace (Xiao Dan)

Though the team of four, namely Hung, Amy, Peace & lastly Johnny, arrived at different time. But finally, God used us as a team to cover as many lost souls as possible during the 2 hours open air outreach. Actually, in the beginning I gave Peace a briefing of the rule and policy of street outreach before I led her over for the first gospel target

Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1) We were led to approach an Islander, mostly a Samoan who is a Seven Days Adventist Christian. I went straight to test for his Assurance of salvation, but it seemed that he did not get the question but instead, referring to some other teachings unrelated to the question. All I can deduct from his respond is that he has no assurance of salvation and do not have full teaching on salvation.

2) Then I took the chance to rest the assurance of salvation of Peace, Xiao Dan. She claimed she have 99.99 % assurance of salvation which was still an incorrect answer. I clarified with her that the effect of our conviction accepting Jeus as our Saviour is being saved from eternal death punishment of our sin and immediately been granted the heavenly citizenship simply because of Jeus' work, not our good deeds. So, it seems that there is brushing up needs for Peace on many fundamental Christian doctrinal teachings.

3) Then I caught up with an Aboriginal Atheist from Community near Cairns. It was rare to have Aboriginal being an Atheist. It was a pity his bus came too soon and I lost the chance for more gospel sharing.

4) I caught up with a local Ausie old couple but his bus came too quick before I can share the gospel but the old man was willing to take the tract to read.

5) Then I met a Japanese young man who studies at Griffiths. He was surprised with my greetings in fluent Japanese. But we could only have a brief chat before his bus arrived.

6) Then I was able to befriend with a Thailand lady who once worked and then is studying nurse. Nutshell of the gospel was shared and a tract was given to that Thailand lady.

7) Then first Amy then Hung were rejected by an Unknown couple.

8 ) Afterward, I met up with a Korean lived in China for a year as such he can understand Mandarin. He is non-Christian, but still open enough to listen to the gospel and took a track.

9) Then I met up with a young man from Jiangsu????who claimed with chatted before at Toowong. He was thankful for our effort to share with him the gospel.

10)Then I was led to approach a senior lady from Guangdong but does not speak Cantonese as her home town actually is at Liaoning Shenyang. ??????. Surprisingly she was very open and receptive to the gospel message admitting she needs Jesus. She promised to read the tract and ponder to receive Christ.

11) Then I caught up with Two MacGregor High school girls. They were both very open and listen attentively to the gospel

But one seems to have heard about gospel before with Chrisitan family members. I just fell short to find out her status of belief.

12) Two Vietnamese ladies being mistaken as Chinese but still understand Mandrin and took a tract at the end.

Special Outreaches

Tuesday 21 November 2023

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Thank you for praying!  Just a short report from the team on the Gold Coast this week sharing the gospel with the school leavers at Schoolies.


It’s been a bit of a blurr for the author of this post!  As a team, we are talking to hundreds of people.  There is much openness.  It’s a joy to see the power of the simple gospel message, preceded with the law to bring the knowledge of sin, and the finely crafted check questions to work against common misunderstandings.


Yesterday I was able to talk to a Hare Kristina Monk.  In this case, I didn’t use the usual strategy - knowing he would be prepared for a frontal attack.  Instead, I genuinely wanted to learn about his worldview, and simply asked him friendly questions about it, followed up with “but why” questions to his answers.  When appropriate I would contrast differences in our worldview by explaining what was different, and why.  In this way, he was confronted with the key contrast of works for salvation versus salvation as a gift through Christ.  To my surprise he became angry.  He considered true grace “convient”, and he hated the exclusivity of Christ.


Later, Will and I had a long chat with a guy from Brazil, who had a penny drop moment as he truly came to understand the gospel.  He gladly accepted a copy of the gospel of John.


And in the evening, I had a lady come to tears as she processed the struggles in her life in context of the light of the gospel.


This is just a taste of the many conversations being had by one person, let alone the many chats being had by the team, day after day of this outreach.  Please continue to pray that God would bring conviction, conversion and change, all for his glory alone!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 21 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 21th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was again by the grace of God we can deliver our committed street outreach ministry today at Toowong with a Weather forecast of a 75% rainy day. The rain did fall over night and in the morning with a timely sunny break around noon time giving us just the needed window to serve at the Toowong bus stop and rain resumed falling again after our roster ministry time was over. God is always faithful and good to His servants and we do feel empowered and boosted spiritually to keep doing His mission. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung. It bears new meaning to me after I was cleared without any more Bladder Cancer cells yesterday, as such I am now free to run my race towards the trophy that God has in store for me and all other gospel warriors.

1) I was led to approach a Local Aussie lady who appeared very friendly and polite but firmly told me she is OK and does not need the Gospel. I tried to approach this as my usual style in a non-religious way but finally have to let go with her smiling face to show her determination to reject God.

2) Then I was Rejected twice by mainlanders.

3) Then I was led to approach a Local Aussie who claimed himself an Atheist. I said it is oK for him to hold his stand about religion but I still patiently share him the full gospel which he listened but with an indifferent attitude. Thanks, Gid at the end, he still was moved to take a tract.

4) Then I bumped into the first Hongkonger ??? that build good rapport between us because of this identity. He is a Physiotherapy student??????but he showed great prudence in his respond to my sharing of the gospel message. ????

5) Then I was led to meet Joe who has 100 assurance of salvation and a clear understanding of grace and the gospel.

6) Then I was led to meet the 2nd Hongkongers today Miss Yeung who has come for two years already. Quickly, she identified herself as Catholic Christians. ?2????. Therefore, I lodged the diagnosis test of her assurance of salvation which her answer is 80% certainty only. She was graceful for my clarification and was happy to take a selfie to memorize her renewed understanding of the gospel and salvation.

7) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander from Guangzhou??. She listened to my full gospel sharing reluctantly but did not take a tract.

8 ) Then I approach a big fellow from UK who claimed himself a God fearer but not a Christian. He believes in the God of Abraham who is also the God of Ismel. I stressed to him it is important to know who is God that worship but also equally important how our sin could be dealt with by that merciful and righteous God. And there is only one answer that is Jesus Christ himself.

9) Last but not the least, I was able to catch hold of an Indonesia student, giving him the answer that we all need Jesus and he delightfully took a tract to ponder on my conclusion.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 17 November 2023

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This week we were at the Canterbury A&P Show.  This would have to be one of the longest special outreaches of our year: it’s only 3 days (wed, thu, fri), but we had to have our site running for the whole day: 8am till 5:30pm - and even 7:30pm on Thursday.

And it gets really busy.  We had up to 6 ‘good person test’ flipcharts actively being used at peak times.  On Friday, a public holiday, we had about 12 Christians on site making it all happen.  Hundreds of people will have been reached with the gospel of Jesus.  Glory to God alone!

It’s a bit of a blurr for me.  But I’ll do my best to dredge through the memories of the last 3 days and report on how it went.

I got an early knock back on Wednesday morning, a middle aged man and his elderly parents looked interested in giving it a go, and so I approached, and with a smile said, “we are Christians, just sharing the good news of Jesus”.  The man said 2 words - I can’t remember what they were, but they were nasty, expressing a real hatred for God.  It felt like a sharp punch to the guts.  I was shocked.  I said something like, “I’d be happy to talk about that”.  But his parents were moving him along.  He had one more crack before he turned to go.

I had other similar, but more subtle push backs during the morning.  A real fear of man crept into my soul.  It drove me to prayer, in light of my very real weakness.  With God’s help, I kept trooping on.

With people here to enjoy the show, they had time to slow down and find out what we were about.  But, with the demographic we were dealing with, attention spans were shorter.  People wanted to move on and enjoy other things.  I found myself having a lot more conversations that were shorter.  Kinda like skimming a stone across the surface of depth of the gospel.  Yet, it’s a simple message, and so much ploughing and sowing occurred.

I really enjoyed the opportunities to go deeper, though, and really labour with people, who wanted to engage, in regards to the reality of God’s justice and amazing mercy.

For the late night on Thursday, Greg was with me.  It wasn’t as busy as the show organisers were maybe hoping it would be.  Sadly, most of the other sites around us shut down.  Yet, there were enough people going past to keep Greg and I busy.  Often when there are less people around, people feel safer to approach us for a deep chat.  Sometimes that’s with openness.  But, on this evening we had a few difficult chats.

We had a Jewish lady stop to engage.  She spent separate time with both Greg and I.  Then 2 ladies and a guy approached.  1 was very open, but the other 2 were very closed.  The issue was not intellectual, but emotional: why does God allow evil and suffering.  Finally, Greg had 2 young teenage boys having a go at him.  He ended up passing them to me, and we spared for about 10 minutes - rapid fire.  Eventually I paused and said, “hey guys, my name is Glen, and I’m a person, and it really hurts the way you are attacking me”.  One of the kids gave up at that point, he stormed off in a huff.  But the other kid apologised.  We shook hands, and he left with a couple of tracts.

The weather forecast wasn’t looking good for Friday, but it ended up holding off right to the end of the day, which was great!  Our site was skinnier than usual this year, and so I was concerned about how we would handle the traffic without encroaching on the sites next door.  Yet, glory to God, it worked out beyond my expectations!  We managed to get 6 charts running and busy.

The highlight chats for me were at the very end of the day.  One in particular was with 3 guys claiming to be Eastern Orthodox, but with a tinge of white supremacy coming through.  What it boiled down to was a battle over salvation by works vs by faith alone.  The ring leader was misunderstanding repentance.  And so I was able to biblically correct that, and then later in the chat I called him to repentance.  Andy ended up continuing the chat with him, while I continued with the other 2 guys – I could tell they were very challenged.  It was a great chat.

By the end, most of the other sites had shut down, with the weather looming and the numbers of patrons all but dry.  But our site was still cranking! (see the pic)  I was overjoyed and just praising God for answering our prayers.

Thank you to all the Christians that came to help run the site.  I hope you were encouraged in your evangelism.  And thank you to all those praying!  God loves to answer our prayers!

Well, I didn’t plan it this way, but I’m about to fly over to the Gold Coast to join the Schoolies outreach for a week.  So please keep us in prayer for that too!

All glory to God alone!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 15 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Nov 15th 2023 from 1300-1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung were available to do the Sunnybank Street Outreach as Qin Hao hurt his back and Amy occupied by another ministry. It was a hot day but the trees and building around the bus stop is always good to provide enough shade. The real tough situation was the general indifference to the gospel particularly by the Mainlanders. Nevertheless, the Spirit still guided us to approach many non-believers from different cultural background. Recap is the Batte Log of Hung.

1) My first approach was to a Mainlander student who show great reluctance to the gospel despite he still listened to it half-heartedly. When the bus came, he refused to take a tract to read. ?????????????????

2) Thanks God I was led to chat with a big guy form Jolin of the North Eastern Country of Chin. ?????we bonded in many aspects of language and culture as he is not Han people group but a Manchurian people, as such we have a very care free chat. ???Then I was able to share the gospel to him which he was delighted to listen and took a tract when the bus arrived.

3) Rejected by an English-speaking lady with the most common excuse of "all good"

4) Approached yet another Filipino old lady but rarely was declined for a chat.

5)Then I approached a pair of Indian sisters who also showed great indifference to gospel but rather carried on with her smart phone texting games.

6) By the mercy of God, I finally hook up with an old lady from Shenyang Liaoning. ?????Surprisingly she was very soft heart and open for gospel and willingly took a tract to read when her bus came. ????????

7) Had a brief encounter with Moses, the friend of Ruth. His focus is still on secular wealth rather than spiritual wealth. Keep praying for him.

8 ) Then God led us to help out a Thailand woman to locate the right bus for her to go to the CBD. Had managed to share the nutshell of gospel to her but only finished half way. Yet she was willing to take a tract to learn about the unfinished part.

9) Then I tried to approach a Mainlander couple ?? who managed to just take a tract from me and declined to listen on the spot. I nevertheless still a share the nutshell and left them with the tract. ????????

10) Then I caught up with a middle age woman from Shanghai who initially showed interest to have a chat. But suddenly after the name of Jesus was mentioned she left me out of the blue. ???????????

11) Thanks God finally I have a previous chat with Victoria who is a cross breed of Korean mum and Romania dad. After I finished sharing the full gospel, she disclosed she is a Christian. But upon testing her assurance of salvation, she failed the test thinking she is not perfect enough yet. I clarified and restored her 100% assurance of salvation which she thanked me for that.

12) Last but not the least, I caught up with a Japanese young man Samoa who was brought to Australia by his Japanese parents for migration at young age as such he is now regarding himself as a fair Dink Kum Australian. He is non-religious, but the Spirit moved him to open up himself to the gospel and appeared very receptive to the redemptive grace of Jesus. He took a tract and also took a selfie with me to show his appreciation for the chat.

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