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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.

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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Posted by Posted 14 April 2021, 8:15 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 14, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung served at Sunnybank. It used to be a comparatively hard land for gospel and Johnny reckoned it is getting harder to get a chat. Nevertheless, we could only keep serving faithfully facing higher ratio of rejections but still managed to get many conversations. The climax of today ministry was the apologetic sharing with the three Muslim young men two of which are very friendly with us. The main conversation was with the third guy who possibly was invited to come to take charge of the conversation as recap below.

1) First approach faced rejection by a Chinese girl who pretended not speaking Chinese. Anyway still managed to give her a tract to read which she accepted though with some hesitation. God's work will continue.

2) Kwok from Guanxi recognized my accent and invited me to speak in Cantonese while I walked with him across the foot bridge on his way for work at the kitchen of a restaurant. He appeared friendly but use a joking attitude to interact with my gospel sharing. I had to keep my posture to focus on sharing without being distracted. At the end, he thanks my sharing acknowledging the message was inspiring.

3) Carphelia from Brazil is a Pentecostal Christian but with Catholic school influence as such she has no assurance of salvation. Initially, she only wanted to end the conversation as soon as we crossed the bridge, but my clarification on the meaning of salvation impressed her to stop and have more elaborated teaching with high appreciation.

4) Ling Ling is a Malaysian Chinese. She welcomed my approach and willingly invited me to walk with her across the bridge to share the gospel. She promise to seriously consider accepting Jesus as her Saviour. Pray for God final work to move her to make the final step of faith.

5) Another lady from Taiwan who quickly browsed the tract and listened to my sharing. Though it appeared that her heart was not yet touched by the Spirit. She anyway expressed gratitude for our conversation when the bus came.

6) Renee a New Zealand born Chinese who can speak but not read Chinese. While Johnny was chatting with her Nanny, I chatted with her. She appeared very open and interactive in the conversation and receptive to the message.

7) Two Pakistanis Muslim Tafe students by the name Shani and Muneeb whom we met in Nov 4 & 18, 2020 and 27/1, 2021. Last time they were with a third new friend but he had to hurry for work. I did pray that this was a stepping stone for me to meet them soon to have a proper chat again. So today, it was prayer came true. Shani and Muneeb greeted us with friendly hand shake. This new guy seemed to be prepared with a series of questions trying to put doubt on the historicity of Jesus and the infallacy of the Bible. After some quick clarification on those questions, I redirected the discussion back to the issue if a good person is good enough for heaven. I was able to establish common ground that we are all sinner though we are regarded as good persons. The only way to escape judgement is to let a perfect person to take our place to receive the punishment due on us for our own sins. And that perfection person cannot be found in human race but God himself incarnated as a perfect person. All religions are good but are man-made for guiding us to be a good person but cannot help us be immune to sin. So the ultimate solution of sin is through the redemptive grace made possible by the atoning death of Jesus on the cross. Our conversation started with questions and ended with a sure answer in Christ.

8) Then I stopped a lady from Taiwan who has been attending church as led by friend but has not yet received Christ. At this point Johnny stepped in to chat with her.

9) Another Chinese girl at the bus stop listened my full gospel.

10) Chole is a Christian attending Formosa Church台褔. She does not have assurance of salvation, but after clarification, she was delighted and thankful for my teaching and has faith to grow towards spiritual maturity.,

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Posted by Posted 14 April 2021, 2:01 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Tuesday I was online with the team before heading to Riccarton for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.  And Wednesday I was online with the team.

I turned up in Riccarton wondering, for the umptenth time, if anyone would stop to talk - and wondering if I should have brought my flip chart or not.  Well, for the umptenth time, God answered my prayers and I had a very productive outreach!

After some initial chats, I had a school kid walk up keen to give the good person test a go.  This usually means one of two things - they are there to give me a hard time, or they are really interested.  It turned out to be the latter!

He went to a seventh day adventist school, didn’t understand the gospel and enjoyed his sin.  He heard the gospel, and was challenged to respond in faith, knowing this would change his attitude towards the sin he loved.

Near the end of the conversation it was interrupted by a guy walking past heckling “You don’t want to talk to him”.  Ignored we continued chatting, but then the heckler came back.  The conversation switched to being between me and the heckler with the student happy to stick around and listen (our conversation had pretty much wrapped up anyway).

The heckler wasn’t really interested in engaging honestly.  He had preconceived thoughts he wasn’t willing to let go.  The student got bored and moved on after shaking hands.  And so after, the heckler gave up and left as well.  But it was actually a very encouraging couple of conversations.

The last chat of the day was a long one.  It started with the guy coming past on a Lime scooter and being stopped by the flip chart.  He had done the flip chart before (in Blenheim).  He had obviously played on his mind, as he sat down to talk.

We went through the gospel multiple times, he was struggling to understand, but he really wanted to!  He stayed till the end of the outreach.  He ended up downloading a Bible, and was interested in going to church.  He friended me on Facebook and said he would be in touch if he had any questions.

So a wonderful outreach in the end - Praise God.

Eighteen recordings from the two days of outreach online.  Here are some of the highlights:

A catholic kid who wasn’t sure on what to believe came to grasp the gospel.

Another kid who just didn’t get it at all.  I would share the gospel, and immediately get him to share it back - over and over he couldn’t do it.  He disconnected :(

A Christian kid from Trinidad and Tobago who insisted that obedience was required to be saved.  A rather frustrating conversation - but I laboured with him for a fair while, and I think he was starting to see my point before he had to leave.

A text chat with someone from the Philippines - Catholic background, but seemed deeply impacted by the gospel - praise God.

A trio of Muslims from Egypt who heard the gospel but fought against it - insisting that they would be good enough to get to heaven.

A chat that started out with the other person pretending to be neo-Nazi :(  But by the end of the gospel they were stoked by the gospel and were asking good questions.

And the day ended with a streamer coming to grasp the gospel.


Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Posted by Posted 13 April 2021, 9:21 PM by Hung Kwan. Permalink

Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday April 13, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today was a fine Autumn sunny afternoon with lazy sun shine making our street evangelism outreach very comfortable and enjoyable. It was again the regular team of three Johnny, Winnie, and Hung. I was interrupted by urgent text messaging about the 11th enrollment for the 5th online Mandarin Kairos and ways to deliver the reader to that student in the Sunshine Coast as such I only have 6 divine encounter of varying length. In the meantime, both Johnny and Winnie were in full steam ahead especially Winnie having 16 contacts in the mere 80 minutes. It is evidenced that the Toowong mission field is a highly blessed one with the Holy Spirit working full force amongst us.

1) Chance an UQ student from Melbourne whose parents are from India and he was born in Australia. Although he had initial reluctance to chat but was obviously moved by the Spirit to turn open for chatting. I barely had enough time to share the nutshell of the Gospel when the bus arrived. Pray for God's follow up work using the tract that Chance promised to have a good read home.

2) Sandy whom I met couple of weeks ago who is friend with all Yasmin of Power to Change serving local Aussie. He is a fair dinkum Christian as such I change the subject of chat to encourage him to attend English Kairos starting May 12 at Cleveland Baptist Church.

3) Another Indian UQ student engaged in a quick chat before the bus arrived but at the end still declined to take a tract.

4) Jonathan is an Indonesia Christian who did not disclose his Christian identity when I shared the full gospel with him. His answer for certainty to go to heaven was negative with no assurance but may be a disguise to see what I preached ending up very positive and mutually edifying.

5) Lawrence is an Aussie girl who approached Johnny first for a tract and claimed herself a Christian. I chased her up to check if she has 100% assurance of salvation and found it all good. She actually is a serving member of Power to change for the local students. Yet she showed off her Mandarin skill which triggered my advice for her to switch to serve in the overseas student branch so that her gift in Mandarin can best be used by God.

6) Lastly I had a long chat with Zhou鄒 from Heibei河北, China. He was surprisingly opened and agreed the gospel message is sensible and logical to follow. He was interested to hear my testimony of serving in China and how God empowered us to do amazing ministry in China.

Here are the recap of the 16 contacts of Winnie with good results: -

Here are the recap of the 16 contacts of Winnie with good results: -


第一及第二位,前後是澳洲青年及少女,Steve & Alice. 他們是基督徒,但不清楚救恩,我解释给他們。他們願意將福音傳開去。感謝主。


第四位是澳洲基督徒,Alan. 也是不明白救恩,我解释给他。

第五位是中國少女 Helen來自馬來西亞,聽完福音,會想清楚信仰問题。

第六位,中國少女,Amy 基督徒。也是不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第七及第八位,澳洲少女,Ester 及 Christine, 聽完福音後,願意信靠主,我给她們咭片,The Power of Change.

第九位, Tay Lan, 中國少女,也是願意信靠主,我给她同樣咭片,The Power of Change.


第十一位是 Pam, 中國少女,願意信靠主,找教會。


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 11 April 2021

Posted by Posted 11 April 2021, 3:32 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Today there was a team of four in the city, after church meetings in the morning.  It was a bit of a slow outreach, lots of rejection.  I got quite a few chats started, but only two finished.  And one of those, the guy just wasn’t interested! :(  I was talking to three people in that other chat - and of them, only two were engaging in the conversation.  But then something interesting happened.  They left me, and then one of those two that were engaged walked over to a flip chart and started talking to the team running that!  That one person went through the whole flip chart (pictured).  Their two friends left him.

So, I guess, often our labours can seem in vain, and yet they never are.  Even if no one stops and talks, or no tracts are taken, at the very least God has been glorified in our obedience to go.  I love God and want to obey him.  May you be encouraged to go, wherever you are there will be people you can attempt to reach with the gospel - do it with gentleness and respect.

We wrapped up early.  I’m glad we did as there were two girls leaning against the wall close to where I had parked my car.  After putting the flip chart in the boot, I circled back to offer them tracts.  I’m glad I did!  Because they were really receptive.  I was able to explain how we know God exists, and I was able to ask what they thought would get them to heaven (being good), and so I was able to briefly explain the gospel.  They then asked me about LGBT.  So I simply responded with: “who makes the rules?” and one of them responded with, “Oh, I get it, God makes the rules”.  Exactly, and God has said that homosexuality is a sin - but Jesus died on the cross so sinners can be forgiven!  By this stage a third girl had arrived, who was more resistant and the conversation wrapped up.  They all took tracts (the original two took two kinds).  Lord, I leave them in your hands - may they grasp the gospel, it’s your power to save them!

Many gospel chats online through the weekend too - but I’m out of time to write about them.  Glory to God alone for any fruit that comes!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 9 April 2021

Posted by Posted 10 April 2021, 7:58 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

A very busy couple of days of outreach in Christchurch.  On Thursday I was online in the morning, and then at the Eastgate bus stops with Andy in the afternoon.  Friday saw the gospel + abortion outreach outside the hospital, and then outreach in the central city, including many opportunities to talk with climate change activists.  The day ended with a wonderful conversation online.

From Thursday morning I remember the conversations being difficult - a lot of resistance.

I had an 81 minute conversation with a young man from Germany!  He was either playing me along the whole time, or he was genuinely contemplating the gospel, or maybe both.  But after counting the cost he ended up doubling down and saying “god is fake bud”.  Sadly, It seems sex with his girlfriend was more important to him than God and eternal life.

Later I had a difficult chat with a guy from Slovakia.  There was a language barrier, and yet he seemed to be comprehending the things I was saying.  He was very thoughtful.  At one point he said: “I believe that the universe came into being out of nowhere” - I was quick to point out how illogical that is, and he didn’t argue.

Many wonderful chats at the Eastgate bus stops.  It’s been a while since we’ve been there and so the fishing hole felt fresh.

I had a great chat with a guy who had just been to a church for the first time with a friend the week prior!  After the chat, he seemed to be articulating the good news well and seemed very appreciative of the information.

Later I approached a lady sitting in one of the bus shelters.  She said, “Are you Glen or Andy?”  It turns out she had talked to Andy before, and she had prayed for him.  She greatly encouraged me by saying she was praying for us everyday!  How wonderful is that.  Thank you Heather!

The gospel + abortion outreach on Friday morning went really well (team of seven).  No counter protesters today.  I fell into a long conversation with a man who had recently come out of a Christian cult (3 years ago).  He wasn’t certain on where he should land spiritually, he has been on a journey!  He is leaning towards Greek Orthodox.  We spent a long time talking about soteriology (the theology of salvation).  We are now in text and email contact - he has been sending me valuable information about the cult he was involved with.  I intend to continue our chat about how we are saved!

Andy had a wonderful chat with two girls who have Christian upbringing but had deep questions about it.  They came to understand the gospel!

We didn’t do any open air preaching in Cathedral Square as a climate change rally was on.  We headed to Cashel Mall instead.  Praise God, Andy and I had two wonderful follow up chats with people where the gospel seems to be taking root!  I got a Bible onto the phone of one; he works on Sunday, but he is going to see if he can change his schedule so he can come along to church.

During those chats, a climate change march went through.  Andy handed out tracts to those walking past (pictured).

We ended up down at the Bridge of Remembrance where Roger joined us.  We had a very busy afternoon of outreach.  Many wonderful opportunities to talk to the kids involved with the climate change rally / march!  Roger had people queuing to do his flip chat!  It was a non stop day for him.  Andy had a super long conversation with a guy (pictured).  The outreach ended and Roger and I went for a hot chocolate, even after that Andy’s conversation was still going!

A highlight chat was one Roger (and later I joined it later) had with the owner of SoYo in Riccarton.  This guy is Muslim and often talks to Roger when we are in Riccarton.  He seems very challenged by the gospel.  The conversation will hopefully continue when we are in Riccarton next.

The last conversation of the day was online.  With a guy from Brazil.  He has a Christian background but is gay.  He believes in God and wants to be a Christian, but is deeply struggling with his sin - he had even tried suicide, but said that God had rescued him from it.  He was subtly misunderstanding the gospel, and he had also reconciled his homosexuality by declaring that it wasn’t a sin.  It was a very difficult chat, with a language barrier where I had to get him to understand the gospel, and that homosexuality is sinful.  An 80 minute conversation!  At times he was tearful.  He was very thankful for the conversation by the end of it.  He had instructions for Bible passages to start working through, and I pointed him to a local church.  He is also in touch with the team via Instagram.  Oh Lord, only you can change hearts by your grace and help us in the battle with our flesh.  Lord, you have the power to save, and the power to sanctify us.  Thank you for your grace, Lord, your sacrifice covers all our sins!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 7 April 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 7, 2021 from 1300 - 1500

The weather turned superbly fine this afternoon as such Johnny and Hung stayed on the East side to do our street Evangelism. It was delightful to have Gary re-joining us today with his big signs to draw attention of passers-by . He himself had got an ultra-long conversation with a self-acclaimed apostolic Christian about the end time political climate that Australian is facing with the Middle Kingdom as our major opponent.

As usual, Sunnybank is a comparatively hard land of Gospel as such we faced a more than normal rejection rate throughout the ministry time. Anyway, thanks God that most of them were positive and receptive. Recap below were the 6 major divine encounters.

1) Jenny is from a Christian family though she herself has not yet formally received Christ despite she is attending church with her Christian mother. She is from Henan China which is a highly populated province with Christian. She showed care for me while I walked quickly with her across the foot bridge appearing a bit out of my breath. I pray that the simple but precious gospel message can strike her heart to cross over the last step of faith blocking her from receiving Christ as her Saviour. 河南家基督, 有去教會未信,可以接受

2) Then I approached an elderly man Mr Wong from Quandong China firstly in Mandarin and a bit later switching into Cantonese after knowing his home town. He was born in Quanzhou, then moved to Hong Kong and finally to Australia. He shared many common memory of Hongkong that helped to identify with each others. He has not yet committed on any religion as he thought they are all good but have short coming too. I stressed the message of the tract that we are ordinary people who are regarded good, but we are all imperfect. So all people good or bad need salvation as long as we have punishable sin. We are not perfect yet after we received Christ attending church as the redemptive grace of Jesus only converted our identity from sinner and or enemy of God to a blessed sinner with sin pardon by the grace of Jesus redemptive act as such regaining our sonship and heavenly citizenship to be with God. It is soonest possible for him to make this last very small step of faith to get himself into the realm of God before it is too late. He appeared receptive and responsive to my appeal. Just pray and leave all this to God. 王伯中國,廣東閱歴甚多,未信,欠最後一步縱有家人已信主

3) Then God led me to chat with another even older man Mr Tam from Jiangsu China. He was drawn by my young and energetic appearance and was amazed to find that I was only 10 years younger than him who is now 80 years old. It appeared that he needs and enjoys chatting with people apart from his own family. Like Mr Wong he spent time in Shenzhen, then Hong Kong and finally migrated to Australia. But because the lack of English , he could not stand the loneliness with little inter person networking here as such he returned to Hong Kong. He was summoned by his sons to come to mind his grandsons with a one year visa. He got caught up here to stay over the visa period because of pandemic. I pray and trust that the love of Christ will melt his heart to have faith in relationship with families as well as with God. 談先生江穌,深圳香港,回流探兒孫友善願聼

4) Chelsy is a friendly Kiwi girl. She stopped surfing on her iPhone and listened attentively to my full gospel sharing and appeared very receptive. Her heart seemed very opened and soften for the gospel. Pray for God's last step of faith to reap this new fruit in Christ.

5) I caught up with two Chinese young man who turned out to Mansfield students. They were in a hurry but still let me share the nutshell of gospel to them. They were amazed to find out I am the father of their teacher.

6) The last person I got in touch was yet another senior man Me Wang from Quanzhou. He seemed to have no religion and felt strange to listen to the Gospel. I nevertheless stressed the need and urgency for him to miss no more chance of knowing and accepting Jesus as his Saviour and Lord of life. The bus came and he left with the tract in his hand. 王廣州無信仰

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 7 April 2021

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Well, I’m back to a normal schedule now.  By the grace of God, we have made it through a busy six weeks of special outreaches: Whangarei mission (which included lock down shenanigans, and tsunami alerts!), Christchurch mission, Dunedin mission, Malvern & Oxford A&P shows, and the Easter Monday hot cross bun + gospel tract outreach.  All glory to God for anything good that came from the effort!  I’m looking forward to moving into the winter season of outreach.

On Tuesday I was online with the team before heading to Riccarton in the late afternoon with Roger.  As we prayed together I was thinking of how useless our effort is: two old guys, standing on the street corner, looking like fools.  I prayed that God would use our effort for his glory.  Well, we both had a fantastic couple of hours talking to people about the gospel - God answered my prayer!

Two highlight conversations.

The first started when two ladies walked past.  I was offering tracts.  The one closest to me ignored me, but to her surprise the one furthest from me cut behind her friend so she could come over to take the tract.  She really wanted to talk.  Her friend seemed surprised, but came over too - she didn’t want to interact, so I focused on the one that wanted to talk.  It was a quick chat, maybe five minutes, but in that time, she went from thinking her good deeds would get her to heaven, to articulating that it is only trust in Jesus' sacrifice that would get her to heaven.  She had a Christian background, and was in a period of life where she was thinking about these things deeply.  She said she needed to think about it more - which is fine - but I communicated the urgency in responding.  She had the tract, and I pointed her to the one minute videos on Tik Tok:

The second highlight was with a guy called Glen!  This was a fascinating chat because he was claiming to be a Christian, yet was indicating that he thought his good deeds would save him.  I took him through the law (starting with not lying), and then shared the gospel.  But when I moved into checking questions, it was clear that he wasn’t understanding.  Having remembered what I said about lying, he responded with “tell the truth” as the reason why he would get to heaven!  I laboured with him, and it started to sink in, but it was clear he was adding works to Jesus' sacrifice for salvation - not good.  By the end of the conversation, he seemed pretty stunned as he came to grasp the gospel: a free gift (grace alone) paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus alone, and accepted by faith alone.  I was then able to touch on the correct place of good work in the life of a believer.  He seemed very appreciative of the chat.  I know which local church he is a part of.  May this be a turning point for him!

Today I also spent some time online.  My memory of the two days of online work is mainly difficult, but good chats.

I’m also in email contact with the resistant guy I talked to at the Oxford A&P show.  It’s going slow but well.  I’m praying for God’s help in this conversation.  All glory to him!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 6 April 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday April 6 from 1330 - 1500.

The 3 days lock down last week killed off only once our street evangelism. We were able to be back again this week despite heavy rain kept falling nonstop for almost the entire past week. By God Will, rain stopped completely during our time of street ministry and started drifting down again as soon as we finished our closing prayer.

Despite restriction of social gathering are as such everyone has to wear a face mask in public place, it had almost no deterring effect on our street evangelism ministry. All the three of us, Johnny, Winnie and Hung all got good share of chance for a chat. Though in reality, people from Mainland China are harder to reach out especially they are accompanied with friends. Recap below was my 6 divine encounters.

1) My first encounter was with a girl from Mainland China. She showed overt reluctance to chat and reject to take a tract. Fortunately , she was by herself so she did not ask me to leave her alone. I could keep sharing the gospel in an unhindered manner and she apparently was touched by the message though her upbringing still have imposed on her a great bondage to open up for truth. Pray for God's further work on her. 中女,不情不願,仍照分享,認同福音,但沒接受單張

2) Then I caught up with a high level Buddhist lady . She discouraged me up front to not talk to her declaring she is an accredited Buddhist follower with good training of Buddhist doctrine. I had to strike a balance in letting her to voice out her view of Buddhism and chipping in message of Gospel to counteract with the Good deed oriented self-perfection practice. The Bus schedule did not give me more time to reach a satisfactory wrap up on our conversation. Can only pray for next round of encounter , if God willing.

3) Sophia was a lovely local Aussie girl whom I thought I had met before but I was wrong. Despite does not have any Christian connection in her upbringing, yet she received me with open arms to listen to the gospel with interaction showing high degree of receptiveness to the message. Pray for the final step of faith through the work of the Holy Spirit to bring Sophia to Christ.

4) Aman was an UQ student from China, like the first girl from China, he also showed initial reluctance to chat but finally caught up with me to hear the gospel.

5) An Indian mum with her daughter appeared a bit uneasy when I approached her. She nevertheless still allowed me to share the full gospel to her but when I touched upon sin and Jesus the only perfect man to die for us, she show obvious resistance to listen on. I pray and hope that the dark spirit in her life will be driven out by the work of God through the tract she took.

6) Another singleton UQ student from main China was approached by me to share him the full Gospel. He was comparatively more open and at ease to hear the good news with good sign of receptiveness.


第一位,Sam,中國 來的UQ 學生。

第二位,Steve, 中國青年,來自 Singapore.

第六位,John, 來自中國年青人。

第七位,Jenny, 澳洲少女。他們四位 都會想想信仰問题。

第三位,Matt, 中國青年,來自馬來西亞。及 第八位 印度少女。他們两位,是基督徒,但不明白救恩。我解释给他們。

第四位,Alan, 中國年青人,很留心聽福音,願意信靠主,找教會。

第五位,中國年青人,Denial, 初時不願意接受單張及聽福音。稍后我再行過去,問他,如果明天有意外 死了。你會往那裏。我們是罪人,如果沒有耶穌基督 十字架的救赎,便要落地獄。我给他單張 讓他看看,什麽是罪。我説信靠耶穌基督,是免费的禮物。請想清楚。

願主賜福给今天聽到福音以及 未信主的人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Monday 5 April 2021

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I’m Blown away with how well today's "Hot Cross Bun + Gospel Tract" outreach went.  Weather was amazing, heaps of people out, over 500 hot cross bun halves + gospel tracts given away, and 4 flip charts were running.  And look how big the team was!  There are at least 6 others involved who didn't make it into either of the pictures!  Glory to God alone!

I don’t think I got into a single gospel conversation myself, I spent the whole time encouraging Christians.  In fact, the one conversation I did get into was with a Christian (not on our team) who was so encouraged at seeing what we were doing!

The hot cross buns and tracts were very well received - people seemed really blessed.  We had four of our regular hecklers out.  Apparently one of them told us to stop spreading our hate!  How ironic.

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking from here.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 4 April 2021

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Easter.  Jesus rose from the dead, and gave us a sure hope for the same.  Praise the Lord!

Assuming there wouldn’t be many on the streets, and as we will have a special outreach on Easter Monday - I only spent a couple of hours online with the team today.  Great chats, but difficult ones.

The first kid was very resistant to the logic of how we know God exists and the law of God.  It seemed pointless to him, he asked a few times what my point was.  He heard the gospel, but spurned it.  “Go spread the word.”  Disconnect.

Next I was talking to a couple of soft toys!  It’s funny that I don’t even bat an eyelid at such craziness.  The kids behind the toys heard the gospel.

A couple of false starts, firstly with a guy from Germany, then with a kid who went through the law and then bailed.  I was then able to share the gospel with a girl from the States.

A great chat with two girls who came to grasp the gospel and seemed very intrigued.  The first question was about homosexuality.  I was faithful in responding to the question and received a disconnect.

Before my last chat of the day, I had a few more difficult chats facing deep resistance.  Firstly with a Phillipino guy (fought), and then with an Indian guy (I don’t want to talk about this).

The last chat was a long one with a guy in Brazil.  He liked to talk.  This guy thought positive thoughts would lead to a good afterlife, and negative ones to a bad one!  He denied heaven and hell.  Eventually he came to hear the gospel, and suddenly he was in agreement!  He was a Christian?!  He agreed with grace through faith.  So I circled back to try to understand why he was denying heaven and hell.  At the end of the conversation I asked if he was Catholic or Protestant.  He said neither - he was Mormon!  I tried to explain why Mormon’s don’t actually believe in grace through faith.  He was intrigued by the conversation and liked on Instagram.  I encouraged him to get in touch was the conversation could continue!

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