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The Battle Log is the place where reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

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Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly).

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Brisbane (QLD) Team

Friday 3 July 2020

Posted by Posted 4 July 2020, 2:45 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

Friday night in Brisbane City again was a wonderful outreach. The team spread around the area, some in pairs, others on their own. It was as always a great night of reaching the lost with the gospel!

The first conversation of the evening was with Luke and Sid. Luke sadly was very hard hearted, proclaiming that it was "facts" that stopped him believe in God, when it was continually displayed that not only did he have none to support his claim but rather on the flip side all of the information considered pointed toward God existing, having acted in history and Jesus Christ being the only way of salvation. His friend Sid on the other hand was open, he intially said that he didn't think God exists but upon consideration he acknowledged that He must and wanted to hear the way of salvation.

Sid ended up taking a tract and Luke continued to reject it, without basis. Praise God for enabling Sid to hear, even when Luke was so hard hearted.

The next conversation was with an African man and he was really open to chatting! He knew God existed and thought that trying his best would be the reason that God would "hopefully" let him into Heaven. He saw his guilt and upon realising how seriously God takes sins exclaimed, "That's means everyone is going to Hell". It was clarified that everyone deserves Hell but there is good news and a way to get into Heaven. He then heard the good news and was so thankful he said, "You've really made this make sense. It has changed how I view my whole way of living, no longer do I have to obey in fear, I can serve God in love!"

He took a tract and said that he would open up the gospel of John and take a read tomorrow morning! What an exciting encounter!

A third conversation took place with a man named Ryan who ended up chatting to three different team members. At the beginning not sure what was happening he came to understand the gospel relatively well but needed some clarification and by the end seemed to have a solid grasp that his goodness and future obedience contributes nothing to his right standing before God but it is simply reciving the gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ that He lived the perfect life and took the punishment we deserve.

Ryan was encouraged and went on his way with some very good news to consider!

Please be praying for the conversations that took place that God would have used them to pierce hearts and draw people to repentance, a renewed understanding and therefore that they would believe in Christ as the only reason they are going to Heaven!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 3 July 2020

Posted by Posted 4 July 2020, 8:04 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

We finally get some sun in Christchurch (NZ) - and rainbows to boot!

Andy & I were able to do full outreaches at Northlands and Eastgate on Thursday afternoon.

But in the morning, I did my usual stint of online outreach which included conversations with people from the UK, Egypt and Brazil.  The highlight was a conversation with two teen girls who came to grasp the gospel (had to run through checking questions quite a few times).  One of them said, “I’ve learned more from you in this conversation than I have from my RE teacher!”

At Northlands I had a couple of highlight follow up conversations.

The first was with a guy who was drunk the last time I talked to him.  He remembered our previous conversation, and he was a whole lot more reasonable now.  It was fascinating getting the other person's honest insight into a previous conversation.  I wasn’t able to talk to him for long as, sadly, he was heading to meet someone to buy drugs.  But he took a tract.  I hope to see him again.

The next was with a guy who had alcohol on his breath.  Because of our previous interactions, we fell into an easy conversation.  To my surprise, out of the blue he came to tears over his sin of drunkenness.  I told him of the hope of the sacrifice of Jesus to pay the fine for our sin, and if we trust in Him, God won’t leave us as we are.  He opened up about his past involvement in the church and that there was a point in his younger life where he was like me - telling people about the gospel.  I gave him my contact details, and I hope to see him again, also.

At Eastgate I had some fascinating conversations with a guy who believed in Norse mythology (closed, resistant), and a kid who believed in Greek mythology (open, switched on).

Andy and I then had a very interesting conversation with a guy and his daughter.  Believe it or not, he worked in the paranormal - getting rid of bad spirits (or something like that).  And he said something amazing: “they hate the name of Jesus Christ”.  You’d think that would be a clue, but this guy hadn’t looked into who Jesus Christ is.  We worked on changing that for them this day.

I spoke to two kids who went to Christian schools and went to a local church - sadly, they thought keeping the 10 commandments would get them to heaven.  I did my best to share the gospel in the short time I had with them.

Friday was a difficult day for me.

It started with the gospel + abortion outreach outside the hospital.  You can read about it here.

We then moved into the city for open air preaching and one to one gospel conversations.
My time that afternoon was focused on a conversation that started with a guy walking up to me and said, “Hi Glen!”.  My face was blank, so he said, “we talked for about half an hour in Riccarton a while back”.  I apologised that I didn’t remember him, but then asked, can you remember what I said you have to do to go to heaven? (I assumed I would have shared the gospel with him.)  He went with, basically, “be a good person”.  (if I had shared the gospel, it certainly hadn’t stuck).  We feel into a deep conversation where we pretty much disagreed on everything (just like with the guy I talked to on Tuesday), yet it was a very amicable conversation.  At one point I thanked him for being so nice about what we were disagreeing on - a refreshing change from the usual way people talk to me.

With the intensity of the discussion, I became very tired.  I told him this, yet he didn’t want to stop.  I wonder if he was trying to prove something to himself?  He brought up a controversial subject and wanted my opinion.  But I refused to answer saying that we needed to resolve what the basis for right and wrong was.  He then started to lose his cool, “I don’t want to talk about that!”, and then very subtly he went into attack mode.  I stopped him.  And I said, “you’re slipping”.  He was confused.  I reminded him of what I said earlier.  “You’ve started doing what other people do, attacking God and me” (rather than the argument).  And the conversation finally wrapped up then.  We parted amicably.  But I was exhausted.

As I reflect back, just like with the guy I talked to on Tuesday, I was able to address his conscience with the law - and he didn’t argue.  And I was able to explain the gospel (yet he certainly didn’t appreciate it).  I just have to leave him in God’s hands.  Oh God, please have mercy!

The day finished with an evening outreach with Mike.  And it was a highlight on a tough day.  There were lots of people out and about, even though it was a really cold evening.

I only have time to talk about the highlight conversation (but there were many wonderful conversations).  A lady walked past, and I offered her a tract and asked her what she thought happened after life.  She stopped, took the tract, and looked at me.  She said she had been thinking about that a lot, especially in the last few days.  Her dad was a Christian, but her sister and she were not.  She didn’t understand the gospel, and it was my privilege to share it with her.  I ended up sharing with her from Matthew chapter 6, about how we don’t need to worry.  I talked about how God feeds the birds - how much more valuable are you?  And then I remembered the big new bird mural behind me - she was looking at it!  I said that I don’t believe in coincidences - that we were meant to meet so she could hear the gospel.  She thanked me, and moved on.  She said she would study the tract.  God, change her heart, and save her for your glory.  This is the part only you can do, Lord.


Dandenong (VIC) Team

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Posted by Posted 3 July 2020, 10:38 PM by Martin Park. Permalink

Praise God! for enabling Melbourne team to start Dandenong evangelism, Dandenong outreach was something that I was thinking about it for last 4 months. By God's grace, He has sent us 2 labourers. The weather was quite cold and windy and I was surprised by how there were so less people near Dandenong Library. 

However, God graciously allowed me to have good chat with several people near Dandenong outreach despite of cold weather. Surprisingly, no one rejected my approach.. ! and people were all very engaging. I met a person who works in delivery (I am guessing uber eats or door dash) and when I asked him about his view on eternal life, he answer in agnostic point of view so when I shared the law he looked slightly offended as he was realising that I am indirectly making him realise that he is actually not a good person. As expected, he had some objections and after answering his objection, gospel was shared and he seemed to grasp the concept of the gospel. please pray for this gentleman as you read this report. 

After Holly arrived, Holly told me that there are more people in Dandenong station (to be honest I was little bit scared to go to Dandenong train station as it was dark and I heard that it is not very safe place to go haha..) on the way to train station we met couple of guys who consider themselves to be Christians but they were putting their confidence on their good deeds and church attendance for their salvation so I had to explain gospel with them and went through checking question to make sure that they understand that it is not about what they do but it is about what Jesus Christ has done and we just need to believe in Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

In Dandenong train station, I met a guy (as you can see in the picture) who told me that he sees people who are not real and he wanted to touch me if I was real. However as chat went on, he was quite open to the gospel and he wanted to give me a hug after we have finished our conversation but due to COVID 19 safety I had to reject the offer. please pray for this man as you read this report !!! 

From Holly :-

Evangelism. When I hear that wonderful word my heart jumps with joy and gladness yet simultaneously, a sense of nervousness and angst. This week's evangelism was yet just another glimpse of how God can use anybody to speak to anybody about Him. The initial hesitation I felt about witnessing to people in a suburb that is very close to home..and work.. proved to be a wonderful opportunity for me to share the good news with those within my close community, and even a past client whom God allowed to cross my path. Dandenong is such a multicultural suburb and this was reflected through the various conversations I had with people from Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds. I must admit I was quite nervous as I am not well-versed with the belief systems that these religions uphold. The wonderful thing is that even with my limited understanding and lack of knowledge about these beliefs, God by the working of His Holy spirit allowed me to share the good news with these people, that we are lost in sin, heading to h***, however God through his son provides us with a way out because of His great love. What intially statrted off as jittery movements and tounge tied words soon changed to a feeling of boldness and Joy as we shared about our amazing saviour. Praise God that He really goes before us and paves the way for his word to be deposited into the lives of those who will listen.

I particularly enjoyed watching the facial expressions of people change as I shared about my own faith journey. It truly is such a humbling and invigorating experience to share the good news with others. God spoke through a donkey, if you have a desire to share, believe that God will honour that and go before you, preparing the hearts of people as you step out in faith and obedience.

Online Evangelism

Thursday 2 July 2020

Posted by Posted 3 July 2020, 12:22 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

Thursday was another exciting day of outreach, topped off at the end of it all with an answer to two prayers (so stick around)! Usually I write battle logs in third person but occasionally when it is so exciting I will write in first person. It is hard to encompass in words how exciting today was! Over the past few weeks, instead of just sending up a quick prayer, a more lengthy and specific prayer has been put before the God of the universe between each gospel conversation and it has been so worth it!

The reason, each prayer prayed is another opportunity for God to display His glory and He has been doing just that. Each prayer answered is also and opportunity to rejoice in God for His kindness!

The prayer at the beginning of today's outreach, included a request to bring someone across the screen who would not only grasp the gospel but would believe it as well! The first conversation of the day was just that. A guy who initially was being silly, was challenged to be serious about this and the result was a conversation with a man who thought he'd left Christianity behind and today (based on his profession of faith) became his day of salvation! He saw the impact this would make upon how he lived and as a result said that he would start reading his Bible so that he could find out further who God is and see how he should live.

At the end of this conversation, I was able to rejoice, praising God as the sovereign Lord of Heaven and Earth who answers prayers that are for His glory and the good of those who love Him! And then prayed a similar prayer and sure enough God answered it again in the positive. Conversation after conversation!

The final conversation of the afternoon slot was much the same! An Australian who'd had a past with the law and with Christianity and had the right information regarding the good news but was sadly unclear on it being faith alone that made someone right before God. Over the conversation at one point when it was stressed how deseperately I didn't want him to go to Hell he was actually moved to tears! At the end of it all, he knew the gospel well, he understood the impact it would make on his life and this change would be a result of the gospel, not a cause of his salvation, and he too was thankful for the conversation!

The day was glorious already. Nine conversations so far where God had been very kind in answering these requests for someone to comprehend the gospel and believe it, time after time. Cut then to the end of the outreach, the final conversation! I prayed once more, asking God to bring me whomever He pleases, knowing that I can't choose the person I pair with. I also requested that it would be someone open to the gospel, understanding their sinfulness and desperate to hear the good news! Moments later across my screen came an image showing a camera that wasn't working. Intially I was about to skip but the person on the other end hadn't. I said a few things, with no answer but I could hear noises.

Then I typed, "What do you think happens to us after we die?" and seconds went by. I was about to skip but just as I went to press the button, His response came though, "We go to Heaven or Hell". I agreed and then he turned his camera on and started talking. He shared that he was worried, he knew he deserved Hell because of his sin and that he had been trying to overcome some specific sins with very little success. This was noted and I mentioned that it was important but we would come back to that as I thought the gospel would be more important to clarify first.

When asked what he was trusting in to get him into Heaven he shared that he was trying to clean up his life so that God could accept him. With some simple analogies and explanations he grasped the gospel and was surprised and overjoyed. It made sense, the implications made sense and he acknowledged that he could be 100% certain that he was going to Heaven because of what Christ has done and him recieving it by faith! On the basis of this we then were able to talk about how life will look as a result, seeing that Christ is beautiful beyond description. He now understood that the primary desire of his life will be to serve and savour Christ! This was emphasised with a comparison of two stories from Greek Mythology.

There is an island that must be sailed past in order to arrive home but on the island are Sirens (half monster, half woman). They sing enchanting and tempting songs, trying to lure those who would sail past to come to them. These Sirens are surrounded by dead men's bones and rotting flesh from their many victims. As they sing, those who hear their song, get drawn in by the sweetness, lost for the death that awaits them. Having been warned of this upon approaching the island, Odessyus prepared his sailors, by taking a large block of beeswax, breaking it into small pieces and giving it to each of his men, telling them to put it in their ears so they will not hear the song of the Sirens and to row on no matter what he says until they are far away from the island.

He then orders them to tie him to the mast and once prepared they sail by the island. Odessyus as he hears the song, longs to plunge into the waters and swim to the island. He wants to embrace the Sirens. He strains against his bonds so violently that he tears the flesh on his arms and his back. To Odessyus the Sirens look as beautiful as "Helen of Troy", to the sailors they can see them for what they are, hungry and ugly monsters, seeking whom they can devour. But with the wax in their ears the crew are able to sail past, despite the great temptation to their captain. This is how Christians often try to defeat their temptations to sin, in their best efforts and their own strength they try to block out the song.

But there is another captain who sucessfully made it past the island with his crew. Orpheus, known for his great music, as his vessel was nearing the island, he walked to the front of the ship and played a song so much more beautiful than that of the Siren's the crew was so enthralled with his song, they didn't even notice the call of the Siren's.

The point, as Christians we can restrain ourselves and tie ourselves down thinking that in itself will be a solution but a far more powerful tool to overcome the calls of sin upon our life, is to sing the sweeter song. The more beautiful you see Christ to be, the more you savour His holiness, goodness, kindness, patience, love, mercy and justice... the more firmly your gaze is fixed upon Christ, the more the temptations of this world will grow dim, in the light of his glory and grace.

Upon hearing this story Cornelis was greatly encouraged and took the challenge to get into his Bible daily, to see the beauty of his Saviour and the commands and promises He has for him! Upon this he mentioned though that this conversation wasn't an accident! He said, "Five hours ago, in a moment of desperation I called out to God saying, "God, I am far from you, I need you to send someone to talk to me". So in that single conversation God bought together two men from opposite sides of the globe, to answer two prayers, prayed in secret, for the salvation of one soul and the encouragement of another, all resounding to His glory!

There are things that won't happen if we don't pray. There are opportunities missed to praise God if we don't pray and there are priviledges in this life that we will never have in the next. In Heaven, you will never be able to tell someone who does not know Christ of the glories of the gospel. Your only hope to share Christ with an unbeliever is this side of Heaven! Why not start today?

Melbourne (VIC) Team

Saturday 27 June 2020

Posted by Posted 2 July 2020, 9:34 PM by Martin Park. Permalink

On Saturday, God has faithfully sent 6 labourers. I am always greatly encouraged by these brothers who have great zeal and passion for the gospel. I praise God for sending faithful labourers for His glory and for lost souls. As Victoria's restrictions have become stricter, we have decided to buy whiteboard and write 1.5m social distancing. 

As usual, we have set up 2 flip chart and one table with gospel tracts. By God's grace we had plenty of good encounters and a person who said he will believe in Jesus Christ. 

I encounter couple who graciously gave me chance to do the good persons test with them and as I began to ask them questions, people around them started to show interest and one lady was listening to the chat so I asked her if she wants to join and she said "Okay, you got me" and smiled. I asked ten commandments and as I brought up about how we deserve h*** as God's standard is perfection for us to be innocent and suddenly the lady that joined good person test as she finded interesting in the beginning said "you lost me there" and walked away (please pray for this lady) but other people stayed and I could share the gospel about Jesus being only perfect person, truly man and truly God that became sin for us, died on the cross and rose again from the death so that whoever believes in Jesus Christ will not perish and go to h*** but have forever life. In the middle of the chat one guy questioned the authority of the scripture and I could see that he was not asking that question to heckle me or make fun of Christianity rather with real curiosity so I have explained about the large number of manuscripts of old and new testament and coherency of scripture. I finished the conversation by pleading them to believe as if they die in their sin they will go to h*** and that there is possibility of dying today. please pray with us as you read this report 

I met a guy (I just cannot remember his name..) as I shared the good news of Jesus Christ, by God's amazing grace he said that he wants to believe now that Jesus Christ died and rose again. Praise God for this and I pray that what he said was genuine. I gave him the gospel tract and explained importance of being part of local church. 

From Huy Do:-

The evangelism on the 27th of Saturday proved not as fiery and intense as the last but still quite blessed. Though last weeks’ evangelism has many listeners and aggressive crowds, this week the Lord has provided many who listened. The first encounter was with a young Jewish lady, she was very resistant to the Gospel, she objected at every point to the preaching of the forgiveness of Christ, and His abundant grace. She referred much to the past wrongdoings people have done to her, in which she demanded that they be punished. I stated that they will be punished by God, for God is just, but that God will not only punish those heinous crimes, but also lying, stealing...etc… I referred to her the story of Corrie Ten Boom, how after ww2, she found her former persecutor, who has found Christ and thus, forgiveness and forgave him. I told her that the point was that if the blood of Christ can cleanse even the sins of Nazis and murderers and thieves, then it can wash away the vilest of sinners. During this, though she was very resistant, a small gathering still took place, where as I observed several onlookers had chimed in where I could see their facial expressions as I preached Christ’s blood being able to wash away the guilty stains of guilty people. I observed one lady who was listening nodded her head and smiled slightly, I know not if she was Christian but only do hope that she had realized the depth of His atonement.

Another encounter that impressed upon my memory was that pertaining to a couple who walked passed us, who stayed to go through the test. I asked them, after taking them through the law “if God is good and you and I are not, where should God send us, heaven or h***?”. To my amazement, I watched as his face turned slightly, indicating a sense of worry or confusion as he replied “I want to go to heaven” I stated “I know you do, but the objective reality still remains, where will God send you? Of course, if God is just, then He should send guilty people to h***”. As I took them through the atonement, that Christ died for sinners and satisfied the wrath of God so that God can forgive and still be just, I watched as the lady slightly lid up her eyes. I remembered that she was wearing a facemask, but I need not see her entire face, only her eyes as they lit up when I told her that the extent of Christ’s death. She said that she was Christian but never really understood what it was all about, even now as I write this, I still do not know if she was Christian, but only pray that the Lord uses this according to His good pleasure, that if she is Christian and never understood the basis of the Gospel, she would now understand and grow in Christ, if she was never a Christian that the Lord convicts her, now that she knows the Gospel, unto salvation. I pray the man would also be regenerated and be saved. I pleaded them to turn to Him and be saved, they took the tracts at the end and went on their way.

The last encounter that impressed greatly on my heart was that of another lady, she went with what appeared to be either her friend or sister, she appeared to be Vietnamese, but I took her through the Gospel in English. The law was taken through, and when the tensioned question arose “how can God forgive and not compromise His justice?” her faced was once again lit up with confusion and a sense in which I could tell that she was thinking, that she did not just sit idly by to hear the presentation, but she actually thought about it. She said that she didn’t know how God could forgive and still be just. As I took her through the Gospel, as the way in which God satisfied His own justice, her eyes once again lit up, she was also wearing a mask, but her eyes lit up as she knows how God could forgive and still be just. I will pray that this would not go in vain, that the Holy Spirit would work her heart unto salvation. I called her to repentance and accept the free gift of forgiveness and everlasting life by faith in Jesus Christ.

Melbourne (VIC) Team

Saturday 20 June 2020

Posted by Posted 2 July 2020, 3:36 PM by Martin Park. Permalink

On Saturday, We met in front of H&M as always after short time of fellowship and prayer we set up 2 good person test charts. I thought there would be small group of protesters but there wasn't any. Praise God! 

There were lots of people in the city who were willing to engage in the chat. I remember, group of young girls who confronted me and Huy about what the bible says regarding homosexuality. Those young girls came after they had intense chat with Huy Do so I had to tell them that bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin and that those who practice homosexuality will go to h***. But I explained further that even lying and committing adultery (looking someone with lust) is a sin so it is not only homosexuality that lead man to h*** but other sins. So, I pleaded to those group of young girls to listen to me very carefully (as they were making noise and did not want to listen to my response rather lashed out their anger against the bible) and I had to tell them earnestly that I do care about their eternity and as a loving person we do not want to lie to them about what the bible says. Then, those teenagers actually became quiet and I could share the gospel with them. Please pray with us as you read this report. 

I spoke to one homeless man that had broad idea about Christianity so I shared about salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. He seemed to understand and agreed with it. He had some genuine questions about Christianity. please pray for the homeless man as you read this report. 


From Huy Do:- 

On Saturday the 20th of June, we set up the flip charts as usual. There were people at first, they came, but it was in relatively small groups. I preached to them using the flip chart, but found that it was with little power, though I perceive they understood the message, I perceive also that I had no power. I prayed the entire time we were there, I just stood and prayed that the Lord would draw those whom He wills to draw, and that we must not trust in the arms of the flesh, for only if He acts then we will prosper, if not, we will fail. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I had a group of young girls came and take the test, in going over the test with them, another group of young girls came, and they were homosexuals, the second group that came had heard the Gospel last week as well, so they came and stood again, but this time, not with passivity to hear the Gospel but in active opposition to it. I addressed their objections, one thing led to another when an old man came and heckled at us, he was extremely angry, accused me of hating homosexuals, and of using scare tactics. I addressed him accordingly until I looked around and saw the biggest crowd I had ever seen, he kept yelling over me until at one point I could not hold it in anymore and preached as loud as I can the grace of God, that Christ Jesus died on the cross to save sinners and fervently called people to repentance, and faith, to receive this free gift of everlasting life in Christ Jesus and be forgiven of all their sins. The crowd was large, but very hostile, nonetheless, I ended with a plea to repent and believe, and offered tracts to all that are willing to come and take it. Some came and took it, but not as many as I had thought. But the work was not in vain, for I would rather have not many come and take it but that those that came and took actually read and were saved by the grace of God, then would have many come to take and they all threw it in the trash can. We also had a table set up with tracts and bibles to give away, but during the preaching one of the girls from the homosexual crowd took it all, to which I presume she threw away, a fellow man even knocked down the flip chart and yelled at me more, afterwards a homosexual girl came and talked to me on a one to one basis and got so angry that she tried to tear up the flip chart. This great opposition to the Gospel of grace and the crowd therefrom shows me that I am on the right track. A fellow laborer, Daniel, took a picture, I had looked at it afterwards and counted more than 40 people were gathered in the crowd to hear the Gospel and many stayed afterwards to hear what further I had to say, and heard more of the Gospel. Furthermore, even after that intense street preaching session, several more smaller crowds were gathered by God’s grace and heard the Gospel. Even afterwards, about 30-35 minutes after that intense encounter, a member of the crowd came and said that he saw how intense it was and left but he actively came back to speak to me and received a tract. Praise God for this evangelism encounter, how He used this poor frail soul to do a mighty work.


All glory to God for amazing work He has done through unworthy servants like us ! 

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday 1 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday July 1, 2020 from 1300-1500

What a wonderful day of grace with the work of God through us be manifested through each and every divine encounter in particular the one with Emma and Ah Shing.

Basically, God provided us the team of three including Johnny, Allen and Hung with many quality gospel sharing opportunities with many high school students who are free to come in group with friends during that School Holiday period. I bet Johnny had lost count how many persons and groups he had shared them the gospel with the Good Person flip charts. Same apply to Allen, he had many long conversation with or without using his Intelligent Flip Chart. As for me , I had about 10 divine appointment as recap below with two high light with Emma and Ah Shing as mentioned.

1) A Catholic background ABC girl politely let me share with her the Good Person tract. NO surprise she has NO assurance of salvation when I asked her the two diagnosis questions. Then a phone call from her mum cut short my conversation and she had to leave in a hurry. Just pray that the tract will do the unfinished job of mine.

2) Then I was led to chat with a mum and her daughter from Hong Kong. They are Christians but lacking assurance of salvation. I hurriedly clarified with them and asked about their church life yet to find out that they are not attending any church but happy to find one in the Gold Coast where they live. And it was found out that GCCCC is the nearest one with Cantonese congregation suitable for them. Pray that their knowledge of Bible will be deepened once they have regular church life again.--張太(mum)黃小姐(daughter),找教會,介紹黃金,欠缺確據

3) Jade , a nonbeliever Uni student from Korea which has been transformed from a Buddhism to Christian country. I thought he might be a Christian when he showed openness to chat yet finding out he has no faith. I barely had enough time to share the full gospel to him before his Korean friend arrived to meet with him. Anyhow, he admitted the gospel message makes sense and is logical that he will consider after reading the tract.

4) Aggie a Middle East man and his Korean wife was stopped by the spirit to have a brief chat originally. The Korean wife declared she is a Catholic Christian thus did not think she needed to hear the gospel. Yet when asked the two diagnosis questions , she failed to answer clearly and show a bit of impatience to listen anymore of my explanation. But to my surprise, her husband gave me the perfect answers that a Christian should have 100% assurance of salvation because of the faith in Lord who died for our sin. What shocked me more was that his wife told me he is not yet a Christian implying that he might not be able to answer correctly. How sarcastic it was for a Christian wife who know ot the true way for salvation but trying to lead her husband to become a Christian. Form this instance, we can give glory to God that He can make all thing work together and bestowed salvation to His elected person.

5) 阿成 is a close friend with a Christian wife and lives on the same street of mine. There were many attempts by many Christians including his wife to evangelize him without success. He suddenly turned up in front of me so I ask the Spirit to use me to have another go to share with him the Gospel. He listened attentively and said yes when I asked if he would like to receive the free gift of eternal prepared by Jesus readily. Perhaps I should have stop there, but to ensure he is not saying yes out of courtesy, I repeat the questions again. Yet this time he said perhaps he need to think it over. Anyway, God has His perfect timing for Shing. Today encounter was not by accident but part of his long term plan for Shing.

6) A woman delightfully took my tract but our conversation was cut short by the bus. 婦人接單,車來

7) Another young lady from Taiwan Miss Li was also receptive to the gospel and ready for a chat. Again it was cut short by the arriving bus. 李,台灣,車來,

8) Emma was wearing a mast as such I did not recognize her when I felt the urge to stop her for a chat. She hastily told me I talked to her some time ago and as a result she has received Christ and has started attending a church which however was paused by the Covid-19. I congratulated her and give glory to God who was the real cause of her salvation. Then God moved her to ask if I could help to baptize her and of course I happily gave here a BIG YES. I will pick her up on Sunday to attend our church and will start the Baptism Class for her afterwards. May all glory and praises be to God and Him alone.

This instance also reinforced by trust in God that He will pick the best timing for Shing to receive Christ that may give God the greatest glory.

9) A Sudan family of three kids led by the mum was stopped by the Spirit to listen to the gospel. They were into some business but still had the patience to let me share with them the full gospel. She politely thanked for the message and appeared receptive. Pray that God will further lead the whole household to Christ in His time.

10) Michael a young Aussie Christian who has no assurance of salvation. It was because he is still struggling in living a life with known sinful habits. I first helped him to re-established the 100% assurance of salvation by faith through faith in Christ alone. I further explained to him that receiving Christ only let God reconcile with us and grant us the lost heavenly citizenship. Our life is yet to be transformed back to perfection by the power fo God through the work of the Holy Spirit in our born again life. So he should not feel shameful but keep trusting in God to finish His life re-engineering work in us. I was glad God used me to give comfort and encouragement to Michael to lead a positive life in Christ trusting in God's sufficient grace that once and for all saved us from the eternal death punishment and also will continuously save us from resisting temptation to sin and have the gut to repent and stand up from where we fell to trust God for a better self towards perfection and full maturity in Christ.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 1 July 2020

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Rain, and rain.

"Christchurch had just 12 minutes of sunshine on Monday last week, and hadn't seen the sun since, MetService meteorologist Dan Corrigan said.” -

Thank goodness for the fruitful harvest field of online evangelism.  I spent most of my outreach time on Tuesday and Wednesday there.  But, there was enough of a break in the rain on Tuesday that I was keen to get to Riccarton.  For a change, I set up my flip chart on the corner of Rotherham and Riccarton roads.  It was cold!  And one of my regulars said, “you won’t get many people stopping to talk today!”.  But if you are prayerfully patient, the fish will come - and they did.

And the first to come along was a follow with two high school students I saw a week ago in the city.  They looked really surprised to see me.  I started re-engaging them, but one of them in particular really didn’t want to talk again, and so they moved on.  They had a third friend with them this time, and they received a tract before moving on.

A kid on a bike went past, and then five minutes later he was back with some sushi.  He stopped at the flip chart and the fish was on the line.  He was quite engaged and open, so I was able to pull out my mini (detailed) flip chart and take the time to thoroughly explain the good news to him.  Sadly, it turned out his uncle had died a month ago, I was able to express my sympathy.

Later I had a Polynesian guy go past.  I offered to take him through the good person test.  He said he needed to go to the bank, but that he would come back.  And he did.  This guy had “good deeds as the way to heaven” deeply ingrained in him and I had to labour with him through the checking questions - the idea of justification by faith alone was very foreign to him, and not surprisingly it turns out he was catholic.  As foreign as it was to his thinking, he started to grasp the good news of the gospel.  He took a parting tract, and I left him in God’s hands.

My next conversation started with a type of guy that usually doesn't stop to give me the time of day.  So I initially went fast to try to capture his attention.  I was surprised when it worked.  They guy was actually very intelligent, and it turns out he is a medical student.  We got into a deep conversation where we disagreed on pretty much everything.  I didn’t understand why he was giving me so much time.  At one point it started raining (very lightly, I didn’t even notice), and he backed up to go under the shelter of the shop front.  He looked at me and said, “I don’t want to get wet” - he was inviting me to join him under shelter - which I promptly did.  I normally finish the outreach at 5pm, but that conversation went till 5:30pm!  It was dark before he finally moved on.  I was deeply frustrated - I felt like I made no progress with him.  And yet, I realised he had heard the law (one of the only things he didn’t argue with) and he did get to hear the gospel.

Earlier in the day, while online, I had some frustrating conversations with people who I really had to labour with on the law.  One eventually slowed down to actually listen through her Christainess hazy and started to grasp what I was saying - and I was able to share the gospel.  But the other just said, “you’re starting to make me feel mad”, and she disconnected.

Oh to see people changed by God!  I don’t often feel like this, but I came away feeling a desperation for it.  To see God move.  This came out in our weekly team prayer meeting at Andy’s.  I sobbed crying out to God to have mercy.  I’m tired of the stubborn rejection, oh to see people respond to the gospel and make Jesus their Lord.  Impossible; but possible for God!  (See Mark 10:17-31.)  That was a good time of prayer.

Wednesday saw the heaviest rain of all (pictured)!  I didn’t attempt venturing out, and spent the afternoon online.

My very first conversation and I was connected with a guy in tears!  He was so relieved that I was willing to stay to talk, and he just poured out his hurts!  I did my best to listen - I nearly came to tears myself early on!  But I also started to point him to the hope of Jesus.  He eventually came to grasp the gospel.  I’m going to be praying for this young man.

Later, I had two separate conversations with Catholics who were trusting their good deeds and came to grasp the gospel - although one of them I had to really labour with - checking questions to the rescue!

The highlight conversation of the afternoon was a conversation with two girls.  One who was bisexual, and the other lesbian.  But unlike a recent difficult conversation, these two girls were very open hearted, and seemed to really understand what I was saying.  They understood the grace and love of God, but that God would not leave them as they are but would change them, and help them in their war with sin if they trust that Jesus paid their hell fine.

As I’m writing this (Wednesday evening), the rain is lashing down on the roof!  But the forecast is saying we might get some sun by Friday.  Thank you for your prayer and support.  God bless.

Online Evangelism

Wednesday 1 July 2020

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Tuesday on Omegle was an exciting outreach! It was an extended outreach from usual, but this just meant more time for people to hear the good news about what Jesus has done to save sinners! A day with nine team members over six hours was wonderful!

The first conversation of the day was with Evan. He was initially a little silly pretending to be someone he wasn't but then came to understand the good news and was so excited at the end of the conversation that he was moved to tears! He was even asking questions about how he could bring the gospel to bear on the ears of his friends, family and neighbours!

The next conversation was with Jenelda. There were so many good quotes of things that she mentioned through the conversation but basically as she saw the simplicity of God's existence, her guilt and the solution she was greatly impacted and she too was blown away, even shedding a tear at one point as well!

One outstanding comment she made was, "I feel like a different person, you've changed my mind totally and it makes sense and I feel like I will wake up tomorrow and everything will look different and feel different". She could not thank me enough and was so keen to live for God thinking through all of the implications of the gospel acknowledging that it would definitely change her life and the way she lived!

She finished the conversation by saying, "I thank you for this chat but I think there are some other people that God has for you to talk to, I shall let you chat to them".

Next was a conversation with Carlos who took a while to grasp the gospel but once he got it he too said, "it really meant a lot". He had been struggling with Christianity for a while and was greatly encouraged by the gospel1 It was exciting to see his comprehension and a privilege to see the moment that he grasped it for the first time!

Then an unusual conversation took place with two Australia girls, Zoe and Kelsey. It seemed as if they should disconnect but despite rejecting God's existence and wanting to live their own way they came to see how we know God exists, how rejection of God is based on love for sin and then the good news that God offer guilty sinners a full and free pardon on the basis of Jesus taking the punishment they deserve. This meant that they could be forgiven this very day and on their way to Heaven if they would simply believe that Jesus took the punishment for their sin!

They didn't want to believe but they did understand it. Lastly a great encouragement came as a pair who had previously talked to the team remembered the way to Heaven, professing to believe and were encouraged to open up their Bibles and read the gospel of John!

Praise God for such a wonderful day, may those who grasped it be changed because of the conversations that took place and the Holy Spirit applying the truth to their hearts!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday 30 June 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday June 30, 2020 fro, 1300-1500

Praise and thank God that the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung continued to be called to serve faithfully at Toowng being a mission field opened up by God for us to work with Him. Our original aim is to target mainly the overseas students in particular those compatriots from mainland China. But by past experience, their atheist up bringing and tight surveillance by the CCP official have put full bondage on their freedom and openness to listen to Gospel. On the contrary, God let us easily approach people of all other nations with or without other religious background. There was no exception today, we continue to have good divine appointment and conversation with variety of people. For me, I had seven chance to share the Gospel as recap below: -

1) Peter, a nominal Catholic background Christian appreciated my sharing of the gospel and explanation of the real meaning of salvation by grace through faith but not depending on our good deeds. Pray that this divine appointment will serve the purpose of God to re-engage Peter's life for continue upwards growth.

2) Michael was a Returned Service Man with Christian faith but fell away from God due to a lot of harshness in life especially the late illness happened to his daughter. I walked with him for a long way to express my empathy but stressed again that God is sovereign and cares for the eternal well being of his life and his family members' life.

3) Nancy a lady from PNG, gratefully thanked my sharing which was cut short by the bus. It was short but it helped to clarify her assurance of salvation was in Christ and by Christ alone.

4) A young lady from Brazil let me walk with her to share the gospel to her. Though Brazil is a Catholic country, she has no religious belief but she admitted that the gospel message is logical and sensible and promise to ponder after reading the tract at home.

5) A lady took the tract but rushed the red traffic light to cross the road as such I can only let her go.

6) Channel a Filipino UQ student had a long chat with Winnie already but she thought she is an indigenous people . On his returning from the Toowong Village, I caught up with him checking out his country of origin and found out that he actually is a Christian of Catholic background yet without full assurance of salvation. Thanks God that I helped to have it clarified before the bus came.

7) Ken an UQ student with cross blood of Brazil and Romania is from a pious Christian background family but he himself has not yet received Christ. He found the sharing of Gospel very appealing and touching that he voted to make commitment to receive Christ like his parents. I introduced him to get connected with Power to Change for spiritual growth and recommended him to join CCCB St Lucia.

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