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The Battle Log is the place where weekly reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet according to the schedule (usually weekly). So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.

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Brisbane Team

Saturday 1 December 2018

Posted by Posted 11 December 2018, 10:30 AM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Saturday night in Brisbane City, there were some markets on in King George Square, this meant that there were hundreds of people around all flowing through the area. With the increased people came the opportunity for more conversations but it also meant that the area was packed as well. One other exciting surprise was a mens group from a local church came out together to see what it is like evangelising on the street is like, so that they can begin to do some in their area. The guys each partnered with another team member and were able to engage in conversation alongside the others.

One conversation early in the night was with Nicholas, he was french and originally presented himself as skeptical but as the conversation went on he seemed less so. He was shown God as Creator and understood that God the Creator expects things of His Creation. He was then shown God's expectations, the law and saw how he had failed. Then he heard the solution, trusting in who Christ is and what He's done. It was encouraging to see him engage and discuss it.

He left in the end with a tract and said he would read it. Please be praying that Nicholas would give up his rebellion and trust in the humble Saviour.

A conversation following this was with two men that are often in the square. Both are from Africa but one is a professing Christian and the other from a man who worships his own ideas of God. The "Christian" didn't know the Gospel and was relying upon his good works to save him. This was worrying to hear but thankfully as Christian's Operation 513 is equipped with the Gospel to share and so this man heard the Gospel clearly. It was explained a number of different ways until he understood it.

Alternatively his friend was stuck in a pride-fueled rebellion against God. He had made up his own ideas and his own god and by no stretch was willing to acknowledge that he was a sinner, that God would punish sin or that Jesus would be able to save him. It was all about him and his ideas.

Sadly the conversation came to a close and he was left with a very serious warning, "Tonight God has offered you an opportunity to hear and heed His message of salvation but at this moment you've chosen to reject it, God may never give you another chance to repent and believe".

A final conversation of the evening was had with David and Bonnie. David had a Muslim background and Bonnie had a Catholic understanding but both had instead subscribed to agnosticism.

The conversation consisted of different points of challenge to their current beliefs. They were challenged on point after point that they raised in rejection of God.

As their questions were answered it was noted that their issue wasn't really an intellectual one rather it was a moral one. They wanted the ability to live how they wanted to live without any accountability. It was pointed out that pretending there is no judge, doesn't get you out of being guilty.

They were left with the good news of Christianity in comparison to the bad news of all other religions. All other religions give you laws and standards you have to follow by adherence to which you will be "good". The issue is that laws can only ever show flaws and faults. All it can do is condemn you and show you where you're guilty. Leaving you helpless.

Where as God's plan is far better than just a world of lost sinners, rather God came into His own Creation to redeem sinners. He came under the law and fulfilled it. He then took the curse of the law for guilty sinners and He offers everyone forgiveness of sin, they must simply repent and believe.

These two seemed to understand it, they took tracts and they headed back off to work.

Please be praying for Bonnie and David that God would use this conversation as a beginning to their right relationship with God one day.

Please also consider joining the team for the Christmas outreaches over the next few weeks, most nights there is an outreach and it is a very easy time to share the Gospel with people!

Wellington Point Team

Sunday 9 December 2018

Posted by Posted 10 December 2018, 5:17 PM by Gordon Jackson. Permalink

The Lord kept us engaged with the ones He sent our way this day. The first 2 encounters were straightforward flip chart presentations. A lady seemed particularly confronted with the 'elevator scene' and said that she could have left us then. Thankfully she stayed and heard it all  and left very thoughtfully. Troy seemed to be in agreement with it all and was challenged with both 'getting into the wheelbarrow' and 'if he was committing to Christ as his first love, then he would have to give up his girlfriend if she was not a Christian'. He was thankful for the chat as he departed.

There was a long involved chat with Alex and Melady(?). They heard the whole message. They were politely appreciative even at the final challenge "You may not have tomorrow, so act quickly on what you have heard".

David, apparently a 'smart' man, was a 6-24 hour day creationist courtesy of chats that he had with Jonathan Sarfati in the past. Sadly, he had no fear of God and was critical of the way God had treated Him. He made the mistake of ignoring most of God's revelation and remaking God into what he thought God should be like and in this way justify his own stance. "God gives grace to the humble..." 

We thank Him for using us today. As always, to Him alone we ascribe all glory, praise and thanksgiving.

Capalaba Team

Monday 10 December 2018

Posted by Posted 10 December 2018, 4:49 PM by Gordon Jackson. Permalink

Prayer needed please:

     - Trent, young man who had never heard. Now he says, "you've given me something to think about!" 

     - a pagan woman who said, "Nature gives us all that we need." Analogy in response -"If you gave a good gift to someone and that person then transferred his love from you to the gift, would you be pleased? No, of course not. God is not pleased when anyone ignores Him and loves His creation instead." Still, after taking her through the law and gospel, she would not forsake her pagan idolatry.

     - N, a young lass who has had her faith severely tested by the child abuse perpetrated by so-called Christians. She has no one to share her doubts and fears with.

    - that in the other witnessing encounters, God would glorify Himself as He sovereignly pleases.

He is faithful and true and worthy of all praise! 

Gold Coast Team

Friday 30 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 1:18 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Friday at the Gold Coast the team was able to head out and engage in conversation with the last of the NSW Schoolies as they weren't quite finished their week. This enabled for lots of conversations as the teenagers are usually more open to talk, often because they love their own opinions more. Thankfully, as is clearly the case for all the Christians on the globe, God can overcome the most proud of sinners. He can change the hardest heart and make it new.

An older man early on stopped to talk about the way to Heaven. He first declared he was a really good guy and that God would let him in. Then when Jesus was quoted, regarding the perfection God requires he said, "I am gay, so it doesn't matter how good I am". It was quickly explained that his biggest problem was not his homosexuality, rather, his entire life, just as everyone else's has been an exercise in sinful self-indulgence against God.

Our biggest problem is that God must punish sin, all sin and rebels will not escape the judgement. It was also explained that God has made a way for sinners to be saved, so that all who trust in Him can be forgiven on the basis of His sacrifice for sin.

Sadly this man, heard all this and said he wasn't interested in talking anymore. It was almost as if, he wasn't interested in the Gospel, he just wanted a "fight" and when he didn't get one, he left.

Soon after this a couple Jerry and Elise walked past, when asked, "Will God let you into Heaven when you die?" they said, "We were just discussing this today and concluded that there is nothing after death".

Thankfully this opened a discussion about God the Creator who showed His existence by making a world and then by doing things in it, that only God can do. After a few simple apologetics, the Gospel was explained. Starting with the bad news of sin and finishing with the command from Jesus to repent or perish.

This couple, was left with an understanding of the Gospel and were challenged to count the cost and to turn and trust in Christ alone for salvation.

One lengthy and sanctifying conversation was had with three young men Jayden, Denver and Reese. What made it hard was that Jasper, a drunk guy, was constantly interrupting, not listening and being quite rude with his talk. But despite this, over the course of forty minutes, Jayden, Denver and Reese listened. At first Reese didn't believe in God and the other two thought their goodness would get them to Heaven.

The conversation was lead from Creation, through the fall, the failure of humanity, the judgement of God and yet God's ultimate prophesy and promise that He would come to save sinners. These young men heard what God had done to save sinners, were given the tightrope analogy and were left with the very serious question, "When will you trust in Christ?", knowing full well that they have no idea how much longer their lives in this world will last.

These boys were thankful for the conversation and they headed off, each taking a tract.

Please be praying that God would use this moment, the final night of their schoolies week, to be a transforming day. That they no longer would be considering themselves as "good people" but by the blood of Christ, "God's people".

Lastly and quite humourously a conversation was had with a man named Nati. He spoke with the team quickly as his friends were talking to another team member. He shared about how he thought all religions were the same and therefore you could choose any.

Some simple explanations were given about the differences, primarily stressing the difference in the way to Heaven. All other religions leave its adherents with a law to follow, that can only ultimately condemn. Where as Christianity is about God saving sinners from the curse of the law. At this point, Nati's friends were leaving so he had to head off.

The team member went to give him a tract and realised there were none left in his pocket. So he said to Nati, I shall walk with you quickly, I am sure there is a tract on the ground in good condition for you here somewhere. Sure enough, less than ten steps later, sitting on the ground, under a seat was the, "Which one is right?" tract. The tract specifically designed to explain why only in Christ can a sinner be saved. It was a precious display of God's providential sovereignty.

Please be praying for those spoken to this Friday, that they would heed to Gospel's call on their life. Please pray that God will soften hard hearts and make enemies into friends.

Sunnybank Team

Thursday 29 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 1:13 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Thursday in Sunnybank the team sought to again stick to the shady areas so that they could have longer conversations with people. As the place is at a local bus stop conversations are usually kept around ten minutes due to the arrival and departure of buses. This does also mean lots of shorter conversations take place.

An early conversation was had with an Indian man, Haymanshure. He didn't believe in God but still wanted to hold onto the idea that he was a good guy. It was pointed out that good only exists, if there is a standard by which we can compare.

He then saw his sinfulness in comparison to God's law and was given a simple apologetic about God's existence. He understood the apologetic but was getting stuck on the idea of being "born in sin". He claimed that people were not that bad but it was point out through a range of examples, how clearly we can see the sinful state of humanity.

His bus arrived and he headed off. Please be praying that the law and the understanding of it will lead him to seek out the salvation that only Christ offers.

Soon after this a conversation was had with Kelly. She too didn't believe in God but karma. When asked who was in charge of karma, she said, everyone is individually. It was shown to her how foolish this was, not only because it was exactly the temptation Satan had bought to Adam and Eve but also because that would mean everyone could live however they wanted and as long as they felt okay about it, that would be rewarded.

She then went on to explain how good she was yet at the same time shared that all she wanted to do was live her way, without anyone to question her decisions.

Two more quick conversations were had with Edgar and Sam.

Edgar has spoken to another team member and was still struggling to comprehend the idea of faith alone. It was re-explained to him, with another analogy and this time it seemed to make sense.

He was asked, "If you were to stand before God on judgement day and he was to say to you, 'Why should I let you into heaven?' what would be a good answer?" He struggled with this question a bit but then when asked, "What would be a bad answer?" He said, "me and my good works".

This time he understood. It was explained once more that the difference between heaven and hell is as simple as the difference between trusting in Christ alone or ourselves. He said this made sense and hopped on his bus.

Sam, unlike everyone else was not hopping on a bus. She had hopped off and was waiting for some friends to pick her up. She didn't really believe in God but as the Gospel was preached said she it made sense. Point after point she engaged with things God has said and heard them and asked questions. But in the end she was still against believing in God.

Sadly as the conversation came to a close, she had to head off quickly. She took a tract and left. Please be praying that she will never again be the same, instead of being reserved toward God, that she would realise her sinfulness and surrender to Him, trusting in Him alone as the only reason she is forgiven.

Please also pray for Edgar, that his new understanding of grace would lead him to trust in Christ alone.

Please also pray for all those who the team were able to speak with today, that God would use these simple conversations as life changing events.

Brisbane Team

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 1:08 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Wednesday the heat of summer came out to play, it was a cool 38 degrees, leaving people hiding in the shade. This meant that the team too were able to head to the shade and have many conversations with people.

The first conversation of the afternoon was had with a man named John. Throughout the conversation John shared a number of things about his personal life including saying, "I could never believe in a God who tells me who I love is sinful". The conversation continued about God's reasoning for the law as well as the main point for Christianity. John was actually gobsmacked at this, he had never heard the value of the law or the glory of the Gospel before and actually didn't have a response.

It was at this moment a lady sitting nearby, decided to chime in, "Mate, stop trying to force someone who's gay, to believe in God" She monologue for a moment about pushing beliefs on other people and how he obviously wasn't interested because God doesn't like people like him.

What was sad was that this lady, in her desire to "help" this young man had done two things, firstly she had assumed that he, a grown man, was unable to have this conversation on his own and he was so helpless that he needed her help and secondly, without listening she had assumed the content of the conversation and had stopped the Gospel from being fully explained.

John, a little intimidated by her, finished with a comment about not wanting to believe in God because he was gay and left quite quickly. The lady seemed very pleased with herself, she had won. Sadly in her ignorance, she had stopped him from fully understanding or coming to grasp the fullness of God's love for sinners and she had stopped him from hearing the words of eternal life.

Following this conversation two guys sat down on the same seat. They were tourists named JD and Miguel. Miguel didn't have very good english so JD did most of the talking. He shared about his background growing up in the reformed church in South Africa but how he had left the church and Christianity because, it was filled with people who were selfish that were trying to earn their way to Heaven.

Then, in one of the greatest displays of blindness, when asked, "Why do you think God will let you into Heaven?" he said, "Because I am a good person". He was the very person he had criticised his church for being.

This was pointed out, that Gospel was explained and JD was challenged to consider the Gospel. But sadly, he seemed blinded to his own sinfulness and to the hypocrisy of his pride.

Shortly after JD and Miguel had left, Brad sat down and he too was happy to chat. Brad engaged in a discussion about God and the way to Heaven but he too was thought he was too good to need a saviour. It was sad to see. He really struggled to comprehend the Gospel because he was so soaked in self-salvation. Sadly at the end of it all Brad left to head back to work, being quite sure that he would be fine on judgement day.

Cain was the next man to sit down and he then proceeded to try and avoid the real topic at hand by talking about robots and how that will change our world. It was pointed out that he was just trying to avoid reality by talking about things that didn't exist. He acknowledged this and the conversation continued.

On a number of occasions he tried to refer back to that idea and again it was pointed out as a rabbit trail to avoid reality, rather than a legitimate argument against anything.

Cain heard the Gospel, was surprised that it was all about Jesus' work and took a tract before heading back to work.

Last in this queue of people who sat in the same seats was Tamara. She was talking about how no one should criticse anyone else because everyone has their own beliefs. As soon as she finished sharing her own thoughts and ideas, it was pointed out that this idea is exceedingly flawed. People are not sources of infallible understanding or knowledge, therefore things we believe should constantly be shown for what they are, perversions and distortions of the truth.

It was interesting to see Tamara squirm as her idea was challenged and it was interesting to see that she really was unable to defend her position, rather all she could do was try and say it again, this time with a little more strength.

In the end, she declared that it was her goodness that made her right before God, she too was a "model" human being and therefore she did not need a saviour. She was so sure of this that she didn't want a tract and was quite happy to stand before on judgement day in her own "righteousness".

As you read these recounts you hopefully noticed that the universal problem for humanity is their own sinful, so sinful that they have convinced themselves that it isn't that bad and they are actually good. This is the problem everyone must be stripped of before they will ever see their need for a saviour. This is the reason for using the law in evangelism, it reveals the things about ourselves that we would really rather pretend weren't there.

Consider the people in your life, that are blinded by their sin and look for opportunities where you can declare God's truth to them!

Please also be praying for those the team were able to speak with this past Wednesday!

Woodridge Team

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 1:05 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge the team covered the area well and were able to engage with many people for the sake of the Gospel. Early on one couple walked past and took tracts. They were then asked, "Do you think you will read it tonight?", to which the guy responded, "Probably not". The girl was a little embarrassed by this answer.

The response was given, "Thanks for being honest, but please consider the seriousness of the message, you may never have another opportunity to hear how you can be made right with God. You may not have tomorrow."

To which the guy responded, "I am going to read it right now!"

One lady who spoke to the team early on was named Malvey. She had some understanding of the Gospel and happily listened. She didn't have any arguments and even asked a few questions and as her bus arrived took a tract and said she would consider what was said.

Another lady Carrie, said she had been looking for God and was attending a local church. She sadly still thought that it was her goodness that was getting her to Heaven and the conversation was cut just short of the final explanation of the Gospel, as her bus arrived. Please be praying that Carrie reads the tract and that there is a local member of the church she is attending that will be able to speak with her and share with her the truth of the Gospel.

A young man Taava, said he had spoken to the team before and said he was trusting in Jesus. He did seem to know the Gospel but he said he wasn't really reading his Bible. Taava was encouraged to consider that those who know the love God has for them in Christ Jesus, will want nothing more than to find out who God is. Please be praying that Taava is trusting in Jesus and is just yet to grow in his discipline and obedience to God.

A sad conversation was with Brad. He had gone to church for six years, around a decade earlier but had been seriously hurt by the Church, had since watched a movie about how the Bible is completely made up and as a result has completely rejected God. Brad's arguments were founded on nothing apart from what seemed to be emotional trauma from the past. A short conversation was had with him as he was encouraged to read the Bible.

It was clear from the things he was saying that he had never really read much of the Bible, especially not with the intention of understanding what the authors meant when they wrote it. Brad wasn't really interested in doing so but please pray that God would change his heart.

One final conversation was had with Dan and Candice. At first this couple said they were hoping for reincarnation but as they heard the Gospel they began asking questions, wanting to know more and even expressed that they were really grateful for the conversation.

The came to understand sin and the condemnation of the law. The understood why many lives couple be of no help because we can never live perfect on our own. They came to understand how pervasive sin is and why the world is as we see it today. They then were also pointed to the only solution, someone else taking the penalty for our actions, justifying us with their life and giving us a new heart with new desires.

Dan and Candice said it made a lot of sense. They had spoken to the team a number of times before but please be praying that today would be their day of salvation!

Please raise up before God the others who heard the Good News, those who took tracts and even those who were hostile to the Gospel. Please be praying that God would use any interaction to bring people to salvation!

Capalaba Team

Monday 26 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 1:03 PM by Matthew Andersen. Permalink

On Monday afternoon at Capalaba the atmosphere was very different to the Schoolies outreach of the previous week. None the less, God used the smaller team, in a quieter location to proclaim the truth of the Gospel so that people may come to know God.

One exciting point to mention is that the team occasionally run into people who say, "I have a friend at work (or school) that has been telling me about this!" This is a massive encouragement in a number of ways, firstly, it is wonderful to hear that other people are hopping out of their comfort zone and boldly obeying Christ, even in places where they will have to see these people again!

A secondary encouragement though, is that often the people mentioning it, aren't angry but are excited! They are happy to tell us about their friend who has been sharing this with them. They aren't looking back in frustration but it is usually an enjoyable moment when someone else shares the same message of salvation with them. They rejoice in their friend.

May that encourage you, most Gospel conversations are not events to look back upon angrily, but ones that people remember, especially when it is a friend that shares with them.

On Monday there was a scary theme, church goers who had no idea about the Gospel. One man Peter, had been in a protestant church for almost seventy-five years and he said, "I am hoping that I will have done enough for God to let me into Heaven". What a scary thought, that this man could have sat in church, almost four thousand times and never understand the truth of the Gospel.

There were also two ladies Nikita and Julianna, who equally attended Church but that had only been for around three to five years during their high schooling. Again neither of them were clear on the Gospel, they barely knew who Jesus was at all. This is scary to see the state of the youth groups in our day, that someone could attend one hundred or more times and never clearly and explicitly be told the main point of Christianity.

A third conversation in this category was with Reagan, he too went to Church and similarly was unsure about the way to Heaven. At first he brushed the conversation off because he said he already knew it all but after going through the good person test, seeing his guilt before a Holy God and being left with the serious decision between choosing sin or Christ Reagan said he would think about it.

It was a privilege to be able to take the opportunity to be the person that articulated the Gospel to him and left in a position knowing that the Gospel called him to repent or perish. Please be praying that Reagan sees the sinfulness of his sin and turns to trust in Christ alone for salvation.

Two other exciting conversations were had with Erin and Nicola and Chloe.

Erin was happy to talk even though she had no religious background. She listened to the law and how all it can do is condemn us. She then made a side note about other religions which was answered by pointing out that they simply have a law but no saviour, leaving anyone who tries to follow them, guilty and without hope.

Erin said this made sense and then proceeded to ask more questions about Heaven and Hell. As the Gospel was being explained her bus arrived and she was left knowing half of what Jesus accomplished. Please be praying that Erin would read the tract she took and desire to know God intimately as a result!

The second with Nicola and Chloe was similar. Throughout the conversation Chloe shared that everyone around her said religion was rubbish and asked why she should consider what the Bible says but she also shared that she was scared of death. Through this conversation the two girls heard why we should be scared of death not because death is the end but because after death comes a day of judgement, when everyone, if being judged based on their actions will be found guilty and deserving of Hell.

But that God has acted in history, and the Bible records the things God did, said and promised, so we can see what God has done so that sinners can be made right with Him. The girls heard the Gospel and were left to ponder the question, will I surrender to Christ or defy Him?

Please be praying for those the team was able to speak with that they would heed the call of the Gospel and not leave it another day or another year.

Please be praying for your local Church that they would faithfully in all their ministries preach the Gospel.

Please be praying for yourself, that you would be emboldened to step out in obedience to God and share the Gospel with your friends, family or colleagues.

Warwick Team

Friday 23 November 2018

Posted by Posted 3 December 2018, 10:47 AM by Glenda Barnard. Permalink

23rd November
It has been great to have Rick with me as we are meeting people I have previously talked with and to have a man chat with other men is a blessing, as it is sometimes a better outcome. It’s great too when we meet couples, then we can talk one to one.

On the first week this fortnight we met a couple from an LDS Church. N & L stopped to ask about the ministry and we had quite a bit of time one on one with them. When the discussion on hell punishment came up, this is when they suddenly wanted to walk on. They took tracts but please pray that there will be another time we will see them and that God’s grace will be showing them truth in His Word. 

We got to talk with an paramedic who assisted me earlier in the year. I had shared the Gospel with him and he told me I was preaching to the choir. It was easter and he had been given an easter tract by Rick & myself back in April.

Rick recognised him and he remembered us too. We had a great chat with him and he has a good knowledge of the Gospel. He also wanted to know more about the ministry and received some resources. Pray for him and the work he does daily as an emergency worker, they do a wonderful work. Pray for M, L, C & G.

Rick had the opportunity to talk with a believer from out of town and he also was encouraged and interested in the work of evangelism, pray for S. 

Rick also got to speak with a man I have shared with many times in the past and have given tracts, also a booklet of John. He was wanting a Bible from Rick so praise our Lord for this man's seeking of God’s Word, pray for him (R).

We also got to share with the man who sold us our house here from 2 years ago. We had given him tracts back then and I have seen him and shared the Gospel at other times. Last Friday Rick and myself were able to challenge him more in his need to be made right with our Holy God.

30th November
This week was only myself as Rick had injured himself at work. I had a good amount of conversations. One that was sad to my heart was a elderly man saying he wanted to end his life. Please pray for D who I pleaded with and shared the need for him to come to salvation. I asked him to come meet us next week to talk with Rick. Pray the Lord's mercy will protect him and bring him to saving faith so he will have reason to love his life. 

God gave me the privilege to have encouragement from two older ladies who are believers, they had stopped to express their thoughts on the need for Christian influence in the public like this ministry does. They shared some of their hearts needs so we are able to pray for them. One lady (M) asked for something for her two granddaughters (in their 20's) to explain the Gospel, so she was given a couple of comic book tracts and I encouraged her to have them check out the website and look at the 5 minute video that explains the Gospel.

The other lady (P) has her husband in the final stages of his life. He is a believer but she is having family trying to take over her say in looking after him. I prayed with her and she said she would come visit me again on a Friday. 

Thank you again for all you who pray for this work. God is bringing these opportunities of sharing the Gospel either by our speaking or handing out a tract. And also the blessing of encouragement and equipping fellow believers to share Jesus.

The Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Praise His Holy Name!

South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday 24 November 2018

Posted by Posted 27 November 2018, 6:32 AM by Chuck Bosio. Permalink

The Essex UK Team met on the Romford High Street, an old market town 20 miles east of London, on Saturday, NOVEMBER 24.  Jacob, Andy and I preached, handed out tracts and sought conversations.  

The crowds were pretty good with a lot of Christmas shoppers, but the atmosphere seemed subdued.  Most adults did not stop to listen to the street preaching, but children and young adults listened.  I preached first from 2 Corinthians 5:17. You are a new creation in Christ Jesus. The Lord takes out the heart of stone and puts in a heart of flesh.  What better gift to give to your family than a new new?  Come to Jesus and He will make you a new creation in Christ through repentance and faith.  It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I noticed couples looking at each other at the thought of a new man who loved the wife or a new woman.who respected the husband and new children who obeyed the parents and did their homework.  I also touched on Dicken's Christmas Carol and how Jacob Marley had created the heavy chain he had to bear through eternity through his own deeds.  I finished with a recitation of Psalm 103.  A girl of 8 was fascinated with my street preaching.  She kept listening. Finally her mother got her to leave, but she and her two siblings all waved good-bye with broad smiles.  I gave a New Testament to Laurence in a wheelchair.  He said, "No one has seen God!"  "Yes", I replied.  "Now we only see through a glass darkly, but then we will see face to face."  

Andy preached next from Mark 7:20.  It is what comes out of a man that defiles him. A boy came up and interrupted him and offered him a sweet.  Two youth about 14 listened Andy for several minutes but they didn't seek out a conversation.  

"Have a sweet!" 


Jacob handed out tracts and had a number of conversations.  He spoke quite a while with three young men about the truth of God's words.  They were skeptical, but Jacob defended the veracity of the Bible and the good news of the Gospel.  


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