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Auckland (NZ) Team

Saturday 17 August 2019

Posted by Posted 19 August 2019, 9:50 PM by Abraham A Oseterika. Permalink

Otara Markets

Grace and Peace to you all in Christ, My friends, it has been some time since our last update; But the Lord's work has not been silent here, By His grace in the past few months God has blessed us here in Auckland at our outreaches, our usual times have been kept the same, with the added venue being the Mangere markets, which has been a great spot where there is much foot traffic during it's opening hours. 

Last weekend we were back at Otara, there were 5 of us on this day, Alfie & Elsie, Joseph, Elijah and myself, it had been about a month since we had been there, and the Lord had blessed our time, we setup at our usual spot in the walkway with our literature stand and flip chart and it wasn't too long where I had a group of approx 8 youths who stopped to go through the chart, in the beginning we went through the first few pages but as we got more into it things began to get more serious as they realized that because of their sins God must be just and punish sin.

You see these were troubled youths, and so by God's grace we were able to talk through this area of the justice of God, of God being a good judge, relating this to the court system that we have here in this country which they seemed to know well, and that they were needing reconciliation and redemption through the Lord Jesus, that only the Judge could save them, Please pray for these young people. They along with many others took our Op513 tracts, Pastor Alfie and brother Elijah were on the other side of the shopping center where they had an opportunity to open air preach, Pastor Alfie was met with some opposition by an aggressive man who wanted to pay him 20 cents to stop but it was short lived and he was able to continue to preach, there was a good number of foot traffic there as well so please pray that the Lord would save and raise up more workers from this area who truly know the Lord.

We have a problem here in South Auckland, the problem is that we have too many church buildings with no Church inside. In the words of Paul Washer speaking of "American Christianity"  - "They are not gospel hardened they are gospel ignorant" This is also true here. God have mercy on us.



Wellington Point (QLD) Team

Sunday 18 August 2019

Posted by Posted 19 August 2019, 5:30 PM by Gordon Jackson. Permalink

What a glorious day our Lord  gave to us  in which we were enabled by Him to show something of our love for Him - 1 Jn. 5:3. How much more glorious will the recreation be, especially when we see Him as He is -  1 Jn. 3:2???

     Ryan and Fynn manned the jetty while Railee and I did a tour around the point. We met a young family, Jesse and Christine and their first child, one gorgeous little bundle of joy. They showed some understanding of why God could forgive them but were not familiar with the imputed righteousness of Christ. How can so many protestant churches not teach the basic fact of how Jesus saves His people from their sins - Mt. 1:21? How can anyone be truly assured if they do not realize the completeness of the Lord Jesus Christ's finished work. 

     We conversed with June but after 10 minutes or so, we had not apparently communicated. Her Watchtower training had her well and truly bamboozled. Please pray for her as she is very religious having journeyed through the Baptists, Mormons, etc., but her professed saviour is only a created being who has not the capacity to satisfy  the infinitely holy God.

     Meanwhile, among others, Ryan engaged a mature aged couple; the wife had been told that she had about 5 years of life ahead of her (barring a fatal accident or ???). They both initially had been depending in their goodness to get into heaven. After hearing the bad and then the good news, she remained apparently unmoved while he said that he must consider God's message.

    There was also a mature aged man who was going to heaven and jovially announced that he was perfect.  After hearing God's Word, He came to state that he would have to go over these matters with a Christian friend. Pray he does. ( I had thought that Ryan could not 'get through' to this man, but God showed me again how wrong I often am. The night sermon was based on 1 Sam. 16:7 - ouch! Time to repent again.)

     Meanwhile, Fynn was approached by 2 young ladies, Ellie and Rita. One could give a biblical reason for the hope of glory that she had. After further conversations, they expressed interested in our Sunday night training in King George square.

     As always, we went home rejoicing and praying that God would be pleased to use His word, particularly with regard to the tracts we handed out with little comment. To Him alone be the glory as He keeps on drawing His elect to His Son who welcomes all who come to Him - Jn. 6:37,44.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday 18 August 2019

Posted by Posted 18 August 2019, 6:11 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Saturday saw rain, just like last Saturday.  So I decided to letterbox drop instead of the usual city outreach.  And I’m so glad I did as God gave me a wonderful follow up opportunity.  I was walking past a bus stop, and a young man was there who recognised me.  Earlier in the year I had shared the Gospel with him via the flip chart outside the hospital.  He had accepted a Bible from me then, and he said he had been reading it!  (Although it was clear he has not repented yet.)  At that moment, another guy arrived at the bus stop, so I had an opportunity to share the law and Gospel with them both before their bus arrived.  (They are both pictured getting onto their bus.)

Sunday saw a team of four head to the city in nice weather.  There were a lot of people around.  We hadn’t even finished setting up a flip chart, when two young men came up keen to give it a try! (pictured).

While that was happening, I had a follow up opportunity with a man who one of the team had talked to on Friday night.  He is currently doing a Christianity Explored course.  After sharing the law and the Gospel with him again, he confirmed that he understood it, but needed proof that it was true.  I explained that he actually already knew God exists, and showed him how he knew it (as per Romans 1).  I followed this up by giving him the tract: “How we know God exists and why it matters”.  It turns out he has read Mark, Matthew, and John in the Bible, and that he is about to start Romans!  Perfect timing.

Another flip chart conversation got started with two guys, but one of them wasn’t interested and walked on a bit to wait.  So I decided to go over and engage him.  I told him I was a Christian and what I was doing, but it was clear he wasn’t interested.  I respected that, so moved the discussion to other things (where he was from, etc).  To my surprise, he then switched the conversation back to spiritual things - he wanted to hear what I had to say!  So I had the privilege to share the law and the Gospel with him after all.

A fairly busy outreach continued from there.  At one point, three girls went through - one being pushed in a shopping cart!  Not something you see every day.  So I approached them and asked if they were keen to try the good person test - they were!  (pictured).  The heard the law and the Gospel, but sadly, they clearly rejected it.

We finished the outreach with open air preaching in Cathedral Square.  As I was preaching, two guys holding hands walked over.  They sat down a slight distance away.  When I asked if anyone had told a lie, one of them responded with “yes”.  I continued going through the law, with the guy engaging.  But then they got cold feet and started to walk away.  So I stopped preaching to go and talk to them (pictured).  They said they were homosexuals right off the bat.  I had an opportunity to continue talking to them about the Gospel (as I would with anyone else).  They were very resistant but they took tracts before leaving… a few minutes later they came back, and I offered them a booklet called: God and Sexuality, by Ray Comfort.  They accepted it.  I was able to finish sharing the Gospel in the open air as well.

A very busy and encouraging outreach.  Thank you for your prayers and support! :)

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Saturday 17 August 2019

Posted by Posted 17 August 2019, 8:23 PM by Josh Williamson. Permalink

It is a tale of two outreaches, last time we were in Redcliffe it was hard and hostile, but today it was vastly different; today, people were friendly with many good conversations taking place. It is amazing what much prayer can do; after my last report I received messages from Christians worldwide saying they were praying for the gospel work in Redcliffe, those prayers were answered today.

We arrived at our outreach location at 11am. The ‘cold’ Brisbane winter was but a memory as the thermometer showed 27’C (81’F) on this winter’s day. The Operation 513 team was small today, but we rejoice in the fact that several labourers showed up to make much of Jesus Christ.

As usual we began by setting up our Free Bible table, then we started to hand out gospel tracts. Soon Col had a conversation underway with a Roman Catholic atheist (I’ll let you try to understand out how that works!), this man was angry at Rome due to all of her scandals and abuses. Col agree with him that Rome was wrong, then he brought the conversation around to the gospel. The man listened, and engaged as Col shared of the love of Jesus.

While this was happening, I offered a tract to an elderly man named Frank. Frank took the tract and said, “What is this all about?” I replied, “It asks if we will go to Heaven one day. What do you think?” Frank smiled and said, “Of course I’ll go to Heaven; everyone does!” I asked Frank if sinful people went to Heaven when they died and if men such as Hitler went to Heaven. Frank replied by saying that since God is forgiving, everyone gets to go to Heaven.

Frank was a really friendly man, so we chatted about the justice and holiness of God. I explained that the Bible says that no one deserves Heaven, but rather we all deserve Hell because of our sin. I then went on to explain that God has shown great love towards His elect by sending Jesus to pay the penalty for their sin, and that it is only by trusting in the Lord who died and rose again, that we could be forgiven. Frank listened, but said, “Yes, but Jesus will forgive everyone.” I then told Frank a story; I said, “Frank, imagine someone you love dearly was brutally murdered. The Police caught the murderer, then took him to court. Once in court, the Magistrate that was hearing the case said, ‘Mr. Murderer, I am a good, loving and forgiving judge. I am going to let you go this time.’ Frank, would that judge be good?” Frank thought deeply, “No, that wouldn’t be good or just” was his reply.

The penny seemed to have dropped for Frank at that moment, the gospel made sense; then he asked, “What church do you belong to?” I replied by saying I am a Pastor of a Baptist Church. Frank smiled at this and said, “I’m a Baptist too! I went to a Baptist Church in Sydney before moving here.” Truly it is a wicked thing for a man to sit in Church for many years yet never hear the gospel of salvation. Frank took some gospel booklets; then I asked him, “Do you have a Bible?” Frank said he has never owned a Bible or read one. We offered him a large print edition, which he very gladly took. He held the Bible in his hand as if it was a precious treasure. He looked at it, then said, “I really appreciate this. No one has given me a Bible before.” He then asked if I wanted to go the RSL to have a beer with him, and asked if I could recommend a local church. I helped him with the church, but I decline the generous offer of a beer.

As Frank walked off, I was reminded that we regularly can have people in our churches that are unsaved. As Ministers of the Gospel, we need to ensure that the message of God’s holiness, justice and grace is always central in our preaching. May we never have people like Frank who regularly sit in our pews who haven’t heard or understand the gospel; we must make sure they know.

Towards the end of the outreach, Col managed to get into a conversation with a friendly young couple. The gentleman was making a few arguments as to why he didn’t believe in Christianity, and why he didn’t attend church. After awhile, I somehow ended up in that conversation. The young man made a few arguments that weren’t historically correct, so I pointed out that his position was not built upon fact. He quickly conceded that point, then went back to arguing against church attendance. I listened for awhile, then it became clear why his argument was being made. This young man had grown up as a Jehovah’s Witnesses, he had always been told that if you want to please God then you must work hard and attend meetings. I explained to this couple that attending church did not make one a Christian anymore than going to Subway made you a footlong. They laughed, and agreed.

Now the conversation was off and running. The young man said, “I don’t want to offend you, but I think all religions are true, and they all teach the same thing,” he went on, “For instance, Subway doesn’t give everyone the same sub, they cater for different tastes, that is what religion is like, they cater for different tastes, but they all believe the same thing.” I replied by, “Look, I don’t want to be rude, but that statement you just made tells me that you don’t know much about all the different religions.” The man laughed and assured me he wasn’t offended. I went on, “Subway does cater for different tastes, but everything is still going to get a sub of some description; there is always going to be that core ingredient. The problem with your analogy is that the other religions don’t even have the sub in the first place; they are giving people that which isn’t bread and won’t give life.”

From there I gave him a few illustrations from Hinduism and Islam showing that what they teach is vastly different to Christianity. The young couple agreed, then said, “We want a religion that is all about loving each other, caring for people, and loving God.” I said, “That is what Christianity is. Jesus said love God and love your neighbour. What you want is what Jesus calls us to do.” I then said, “But think about it, Jesus said we should love each other, but we don’t. He said we should love God, but we fail at that point also,” they nodded in agreement, I went on, “We all break the loving standard, we all do wrong, the Bible calls this sin. That is why we need Jesus. He came and showed true love when He died on the cross for sinners, then rose again. He shows love when He calls on us to repent and trust in Him, and He shows love when He forgives all the sins of those who believe.”

Upon hearing this they both smiled and said, “That makes sense.” The young man then said, “I am so glad you guys are here. I can approach you and ask questions. It is great that you are here to help me understand about God.” He then went on with a few more questions relating to the Trinity, same-sex “marriage,” and the authority of Scripture. With each answer that was given the couple kept saying, “That makes sense!”

At the end of the conversation, this couple took several gospel booklets, shook our hands, then said, “Thank you so much for being out here today. I am so glad you guys are here!”

As this couple left I was reminded that even though we can face hardship in gospel ministry, there are still people out there who are open to hearing of Christian things. We must press on; we must remain faithful; we must keep making much of the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for all those we encountered today. May the Father draw them all to Christ.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday 16 August 2019

Posted by Posted 17 August 2019, 8:27 AM by Glen Richards. Permalink

A team of three were at the Northlands bus stops and a team of two then moved to the Eastgate bus stops on Thursday afternoon.

I’m often struck at how the most unlikely people will be open to a Gospel conversation.  One example of this was when I was crossing the road at Eastgate.  I had just come to the island in the middle of the road and was waiting for cars to pass before crossing again.  I noticed a young man who was on the other side of the road, and was waiting to cross towards me.  He looked to be in a hurry, and I didn’t think the middle of the road was going to be the best place to initiate a conversation.  But then he crossed to the island and I figured it couldn’t hurt to offer him a tract as he passed - so I simply said, “excuse me, do you ever think about the afterlife?”.  He looked at me, took the tract and, to my surprise, said, “yeah, I do actually”.  I ended up turning around and crossing back with him, and once safely on the footpath, I ended up having a wonderful opportunity to share the law and the Gospel.  Be encouraged to reach out anyway - sure, many people won’t be interested - just wish them a nice day, and move on.  But there are many who are interested and are waiting for someone to go to them.  God is with us!

Friday saw three outreaches: a team of six for the Gospel + abortion outreach in the morning.  A team of four (+ two from OAC) in the afternoon.  And a team of five for an evening outreach.

The Gospel + abortion outreach ended with two very challenging but encouraging conversations.  The first started when a nurse aide from the hospital approached us.  She had a question that a friend wanted to ask, and she pulled out a piece of paper.  The question was: if I was in a burning building and only had the time to rescue a baby or a thousand embryos.  Which would you save?  Going from this rather loaded hypothetical question we ended up having a good conversation that touched on some very difficult personal situations in which I was able to talk about the serious nature of sin (abortion is murder), and the forgiveness found in Christ for those willing to admit their sin, rather than justify it.

While this was happening, Andy got into a deep conversation with two seperate people: one pro life, and one pro choice.  Andy was challenged by the pro choice person to show sympathy for women in difficult situations.  But we can’t have sympathy for those who murder, no matter how difficult the situation!  Yet, there is hope of forgiveness for murderers, through the sacrifice of Christ.  To his surprise, the pro choice person didn’t respond with anger, but rather became thoughtful.

We thank God for our ability to be a witness for Him and to stand up for those that can’t stand for themselves.  May there be salvation!

The afternoon and evening outreaches had two contrasting conversations for me.

In the afternoon, I had a flip chart conversation with a young couple.  The guy was curious and so became engaged, but even though I was talking about the wonderful hope of eternal life, the body language of the girl was one of boredom and a desire for the conversation to finish so she could move on with important stuff (shopping)!  And sadly, the guy’s curiosity seemed to remain just that.  There was no conviction of sin.  In my mind I was processing this, and started to wonder what I was doing wrong, what I could do to convince them, to get them to understand.  And, yes, I should be doing my best to explain the Gospel.  But I realised where my thinking could lead: compromise.  If I soften or change the message, then maybe I could sway them?  NO.  The Gospel is the power of God to salvation!  God is the one who saves.  I have to trust Him in that.

In the evening, at the end of the outreach, a Gospel conversation got started with another young couple.  There was some initial sparring, but then a sombreness came upon the conversation as I was explaining the serious nature of sin through the law.  To my encouragement (and I hope yours), the young man became very thoughtful as I explained the Gospel, and the young lady’s eyes widened in understanding!  Praise God.  At this very moment, our main heckler came past and had a go at me: “don’t you have a wife to go home to Glenis, still out here telling people stories”.  Thankfully, this didn’t stop the wonderful conversation that was happening.  I challenged them to accept the gift of Christ, at the same time explaining the cost of following Him.  They are in God’s hands.

Woodridge (QLD) Team

Monday 12 August 2019

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On Tuesday at Woodridge a team of nine made it out and were able to spread all around the area finding people to share the simple message of Christ's death on the cross to save sinners with anyone willing to listen.

The first conversation was a lengthy one with two Mormon girls, Jacinta and Evonne. They were funny and engaged and the chat went a long way as they compared the text of scripture with what they had been taught about God. It was interesting as they read the words on the page, understood what it said and came to see how it is very different from what they have been taught. After a conversation at length they both took a copy of the New Testament and said they would do some more reading and consider what was said.

They also were able to explain in simple terms how someone can get right before God and what someone who is forgiven by God wants to obey Him. They understood it and saw how different it was from what they were saying originally and were challenged to count the cost of trusting in Jesus to pay for their sin and the persecution it will bring them as a result. Please be praying for these two girls that they would strongly consider what they have heard this day and that God would work in their hearts, making them alive in Him!

Later in the afternoon Regen a Burmese guy was spoken with. He had some simple understanding of Christianity but was unclear on the way to Heaven and therefore all his information was in vain as he was still heading to Hell. He saw his guilt, that he deserves Hell and therefore that there must be something that is done for him to be right before God and then he heard and came to understand the simple message of the gospel that simply by trusting that Jesus has paid for their sin on the cross a sinner can be made right before God!

He came to understand that this trust in Christ will cause him to want to live for God and serve God, in thankfulness for what he has received. He said that today he would consider trusting in Christ! Please be praying that Regen does take this seriously and will start reading his Bible as encouraged and that God will change him from the inside out!

There were also conversations with Julie, Vienna, Jonathan and Innocent who all were open and came to understand the simple message of the gospel and were left this day with the lingering decision to be made, whether to trust in Christ or to reject Him.

Praise God for such a wonderful day of outreach! May He glorify Himself however He sees fit through the conversations that were had today!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Posted by Posted 14 August 2019, 6:51 PM by Glen Richards. Permalink

Tuesday gave a real hint that a change of season is on the way.  It was a warm day for outreach in Riccarton for a team of two.  After prayer, we set up on either side of Rotherham Street along Riccarton Road.  After the outreach, Roger commented about how many positive Gospel conversations he had.  At one point, he even came across the street asking if I had a Bible to give away (which I did).

For me the outreach started immediately after setting up my flip chart, with a young couple: one who claimed to be a satanist, and the other who believed God was an energy.  After a longish initial conversation, where I established how we all know God exists and some of his attributes, and why there must be an afterlife with heaven and hell - I then asked them if they wanted to try the good person test - they did.  After that, they started asking really good questions, which I did my best to answer.  They both appreciated the conversation and left with tracts.

I then had a short conversation with four young men from Christchurch Boys High School - they all heard the law and the Gospel - before moving into a conversation with some Americans.

The Americans were resistant to the logic of the existence of God.  One of them tried to turn to the problem of suffering to deny the existence of God.  Things started to get heated, and they all wanted to disengage, which they did.  But one of them was willing to take a tract.  We parted ways with a handshake.

I then had a Russian come past wanting to know what the flip chart was all about.  Sadly, he too was resistant, but was happy to go through the law before disengaging.  Sadly, he handed back the tract I had given him.

Wednesday had the sun, but a cold wind was blowing for outreach in Cathedral Square and Cashel Mall (I didn’t end up making it down to Ara today).

My first conversation was with a man who agreed with me in many ways, and yet flatly denied we were saved by grace through faith in Jesus.  He insisted that works were required for salvation!  It got worse from there, when it turns out that he didn’t attend a local church and denied that Jesus was God.  So I decided to do what I always do (especially since he considers that his works are required for salvation) - I showed him his sin by getting him to look at his reflection in the law of God.  And it seemed to do the job I wanted: to show that it’s impossible to be saved by our works; that we need a saviour: Jesus!

I was then encouraged to have my new Christian friend, that I meet on Sunday, join me.  He had just been to the local Christian book shop and bought some Living Waters Gospel tracts, and a poster with the ten commandments on it.  He dutifully unwrapped a pack of tracts and started to hand them out!  So wonderful to see.

We finished the morning outreach with open air preaching - I preached, while my new friend handed out tracts.  And it went really well.  I had an early heckler (that had listened to me preach on Friday).  I was able to show him respect and love in the face of his hostility.  This drew some more people to come and listen, two of whom started to engage me.  The preaching ended up turning into a time of them asking me questions and me responding, all the while I managed to stay on track in working through the law and the Gospel.  It was a very encouraging time of ministry!

After lunch, we headed to Cashel Mall.  On the way, I had a great follow up conversation with a young man.  He had a friend with him, and I was able to briefly go through the law and the Gospel with her.  I was encouraged to see that she seemed genuinely impacted!  She gladly received a tract.

The highlight conversation for me in Cashel Mall was with a Christian lady who became interested in the ministry.  While she was watching, I had two Gospel interactions with strangers, so she was able to see first hand how it works.  It would be great if her church was to decide to get involved!  We parted ways with a hug.

So a wonderful couple of days of Gospel ministry.  Thank you for your prayer and other support of the Christchurch (NZ) team!  Continue to pray for labourers! :)

Warwick (QLD) Team

Friday 9 August 2019

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It has been pretty quiet on the streets of Warwick the past couple of weeks, still a steady amount of people are taking tracts. We have noticed that there are people who have already received tracts but still are taking more as we have different kinds of  Gospel tracts and booklets all with the clear message of salvation. We hope and pray that they are reading them and taking the message seriously.

When there is a opportunity we ask them a question to try to engage in conversation but some are workers and have limited time. So we know that God is doing a good work even when we don't have any conversations.

One lady that had received a tract a while back approached us briefly a few weeks ago and said she would be back to ask a question when she had her glasses with her. Well, she did come with her glasses and her question. She pulled out the "What will matter to you in 150 years" Gospel tract. She was agreeing in the first few lines that we are all sinners and that God will judge every thought and action and send us either to heaven or hell. And that the problem is that the standard to get to heaven is perfection.

She was in agreement in all this, as we were working our way through reading the tract...she had a problem with the line saying, simply trying to do better from now on won't undo our past. She was saying that her life changed when she believed in Jesus. I said that is good our life should change but our change in our life doesn't save us, so then I shared the Gospel to explain about salvation I got the Bible and we opened and looked to read Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 together, as she had her glasses I asked her if she would like to read. As she read I explained about receiving a gift, how you don't do anything for a gift you receive it. God's grace to save us is a gift and not of any change in our life or any works we have done in our past or future will save us so simply doing better won't undo your past. Only Jesus saves so no one can boast.

So we read what the tract was saying and she was seeming to understand. Hopefully we will get to see her and talk again to see how she is going and continue to point her to trust in Jesus and her salvation in and through Him alone. She is already involved at a church here in Warwick.

We had somewhat of a conversation with a gentleman who has been in the rodeo industry for many years from riding horses to transportation of the animals. When asked the question "will you go to heaven when you die?", he replied "yes" and told us that the Lord saved him.

He went on to tell us about a horse riding accident where he had so many bones broken in his body that he could have died and that is why he's driving a truck now. It sounded to us like he was talking about a physical saving. As we started taking him through the law he said he was from the Catholic Church and was declaring works righteousness. The whole time we were talking to him he was trying to edge away from us. He was friendly but he didn't seem to be very interested. As he left us he did say he would read the tract given to him. Please pray J would be convicted of his sin and that God's grace would draw him unto salvation.

All Honour and Glory to our God who reigns.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Monday 12 August 2019

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On Monday in the surrounding areas of Brisbane it was the show holiday, meaning that businesses that would usually be open, were closed. People normally at work were off and as a result the team decided to head into the city, instead of to the usual location at Capalaba.

This also meant that instead of the usual team of three, there was a team of ten that were out over the course of the nine hours to share the glorious gospel!

There were many exciting conversations that took place. Hear Kane, Matt and Grace share short recounts of conversations they had in the afternoon and be encouraged to hear how God used them to share with people the way to Heaven!

What an exciting day of outreach! Why not come along on Wednesday, if you have the day off?

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Sunday 11 August 2019

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Sunday night was in the theme of the previous two nights. It again was brutally cold with the wind and yet people were willing to stop and chat and new team members came out to share!

As Sunday nights have started to build there have been more and more people interested in coming out to learn how to share the simple message of the gospel. This Sunday was no different. Except on Sunday night, sixteen people came out! Three of whom were first timers and another few in their first five times. The team then paired up and spread out around the square to see who would stop, despite the temperature to engage in a conversation to hear about what Christ has done to save sinners.

What an exciting evening it was as many team members were thrilled to be able to explain to non-Christians what Jesus has to say about the way to Heaven.

Two exciting conversations took place back to back. The first with a man who was pleasant and at first was talking about spirituality, no judgement, no standards to live by, just personal preference and yet at one moment professed to be a Christian. Over the next twenty minutes he came to see that God must exist, that sin must be punished, that we are each individually sinful and he even came to see that if he faced God in judgement this day, he would be punished for how he's lived and end up in Hell eternity.

Off the back of that he came to understand God's immense display of love, that He came into this world, took on flesh, lived the perfect life and then suffered the full fury and wrath of God that sinners deserve, offering all those who will believe in Him a full and free pardon from sin and the right to become children of God! After the conversation, he too was able to explain the simple gospel message back to us and had understood the beauty of it.

The conversation would have gone a little further but he had to run off to catch his bus home. The following conversation with Alec, who before this point had never thought about it was also an exciting one.

Alec noted at one pointed during the conversation, "I have many friends who have said they are Christian but never have I met people who actually believe it". It was a very similar conversation to the previous one as he was encouraged to seriously consider what was said. At the end of the conversation he had a simple understanding and ability to explain the gospel message and the implication on a Christian's life and had some serious challenges to look into the claims that Jesus had made for himself.

He noted that it was a good conversation and it was all finished where it began. At first when asked Alec almost walked on with the simple answer, "Nothing happens after we die". He was challenged on how he knew that and to stress the seriousness of considering it. He was asked, "When are you going to die?" To which he acknowledged he didn't know and it could be at any time. At the end of it all to stress the seriousness of the discussion and the importance of considering it he was reminded once more that death is inevitable and it could take place at any time!

Please be praying for both of these men that God would draw them unto Himself! Please also pray for the new and growing team members that God would be equipping them, building them up and using them to proclaim His glorious gospel! And why not see if there is a time, this Ekka week to come on out with the team to share the gospel by which you were saved!

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