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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 4 October 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Oct 4th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a hard day that both Winnie and Hung hardly had got a full gospel sharing with our targets. It was either disrupted by the quick arriving bus or interfered by intentionally Gospel haters. Johnny seemed to be a bit better off getting more long conversation but mostly with people he met before and was taking initiative to reconnect and chat with him. No matter under whatever circumstances, it was still the sovereign Will of God to let thing happened the way it was for the benefit of those who are chosen to love and serve him. We just be patient and submissive to do His Will as He guided us along the way. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I first picked the big guy at the end of the long queue for the bus. He simply sat down to wait for the next bus. So I was able to catch up with him as asked if he is from a minor tribe of China like the Uyghur看似新疆維吾爾人, but to my surprise, he is a pure Han man from Guangzhou.廣州,. He was friendly and willing to chat but anther bus just arrived to get him away. He willing took a tract anyway.

2) Then I approached another girl from China. She was also a willing listener but the same fate as the previous one that her bus arrived to cut our conversation short and she also willingly took a tract.

3) Then I approached a Girl with ear speaker. She excused my approach as she was on the phone but still took a tract to read.

4) Then I approached a tall Aussie girl who listened the longest time for the nutshell of the gospel and took the tract when the bus arrived.

5) Then I caught up with a big guy who is a Korean Christian but lack assurance. he attends Korean church in the city. So it was a pity the bus quick arrival did not allow me to clarify further.

6) Then I approached an Indian girl who was originally quite a welcoming listener, but she seemingly was irritated by the issue of sin and that Hinduism worship multiple god heads so she chose to end the conversation and left without a tract.

7) Next I caught up with a girl from Xian西安。 who is also a willing listener,she has many Christian friends so gospel was not strange to her. She appeared to be one step closer to salvation.

8 ) Then I met another Indian who was also friendly and willing to listen and took a tract afterwards.

9) I approached a Muslim dressed lady that I thought she is from Indonesia but actually she is from Singapore. She initially did not reject to chat but I was interrupted before long by a self-righteous Aussie girl to stop our chat pretending, they are friends and wanted to chat amongst themselves.

10) Finally I met yet another Indian man of more mature age. He was also opened to chat and even asked me when did I became a Christian and started doing street outreach. Seemingly he is impressed by our faithfulness to serve God.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Sep 27th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a comparatively quiet day at least for Hung. There were not enough people flow coming to the bus stop and stayed long enough for a meaningful a fruitful chat. I anyway gave up more chances to Johnny and Winnie first whenever people arrived. So, they basically still had quite some divine opportunities for an effective sharing. Recap below is however my meagre chances that mostly could not end up with a complete gospel sharing occasion.

1) My first approach to an Indian girl was rejected. I however asked Winnie to have another go in case she did not want to chat with a man, but still Winnie faced same rejection.

2) Then I caught with a Christian from Hong Kong who has just come for 2 months. Even though he quickly identified himself as Christian, but I still could not beat the bus arrival as such could not carry out the test for assurance of salvation. 香港基督徒來2月

3) Then my third target I approached was on the phone while I was about to start conversation with him. So, the chat was cut but he still was willing to take a tract.

4) Then I caught up with another Chinese student who claimed that he has got a tract from his UQ friend. Yet he cannot explain to me what message he has got from the tract. When I was about to supplement, the bus arrival again cut the conversation off right away. 中國人拿過單張,不能解釋,剛開話題

5) Then another lady from Quanzhou China who looks friendly initially but asked me to wait for her to answer all the emails. I waited for 3 to 4 minutes and tried to start the sharing but then she started to play trick to distract me from sharing the gospel. I tried my best but she finally laughed it off and left without a tract. 中囯廣東,自義,嘲笑,照講,不以為然。

6) Then a Croatia middle age woman asking for direction to take the right number of bus to UQ to meet her partner who works there. I gave her the needed advice but still not earning the chance to share, she bluntly rejected any more conversation on the gospel, so I kept chatting in casual way trying to find another chance to chip in the gospel message. It was failed finally up till the arrival of the bus.

7) Finally, I approached a Filipino lady who was busy in using the smart phone on some errand. Thanked God at least she took a tract to read afterwards,

Tuesday 20 September 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Sep 20th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Even though we come every Tuesday to this same bus stop around the same time to do gospel outreach, we still face new challenges every time. For instance, we started facing a long queue when we arrived around 1335 a month ago when the Uni resume semester running. The queue was long and the waiting time was used to be long, we could at least pick up one or two even three to chat before the bus came. But today, the Bus came quicker and together, so the long queue had quickly been cleared with all people boarding the two buses in swift orderly manner, we simply can't get any conversation started or just in time for a brief highlight and handing out a tract. After the long queue was digested, we started to be able to catch up with people in between other bus arriving schedule. Basically, the average time allowed to share was just 3 to 5 minutes time. Despite of all these constraints, we still managed to have some interesting and fruitful conversations as recap below for Hung:

1) First it was Sha a Muslim young man from Singapore. He is opened and show no resistance to listen to the gospel and even gave a thumb up to it at the end.

2) The I turned left to chat with Shen from 江蘇 Nanjing. She was also extraordinary opened for religious chat despite she is not yet a believer.

3) Joker a Spanish born in Germany but was brought up in Madras. I greeted him with a few of my limited Spanish gaining his acceptance for further chat. He claimed to be a Christian but has become skeptical when he learns more about sciences. The Spirit moved me to use the 6 days creation account to demonstrate that it was all possible and logical for God to change the lifeless and dark status of the earth to what it looks like today. He was convinced again that the Bible is telling true story from God's perspective to train and save His elected people.

4) Then I turned to a girl from Arizona, USA by the name of Chole. She quickly identified herself as a Catholic Christian when the bus came. I was moved by the Spirit to still ask for her assurance of salvation which she gave me a correct and quick answer of 100.%. It was rare for Catholic Christian to have such clear understanding of the gospel and salvation.

5) Rejected by a Chinese man trying to pretend he does not understand Chinese.

6) Sam a local Aussie claimed he had heard before and grabbed a tract. But he was interested to know more.

7) Lina, a modernized Singaporean girl was hesitant initially, but ok the Spirit calm her down to take a relax mode to listen to the gospel for the first time. She showed good receptiveness to the message.

8 ) Shaun a Malaysia Chinese who could speak 7 languages and was happy to chat with me in Mandarin or even in Cantonese. He is not yet a Christian but again he appeared open to listen to the gospel and showed good comprehension about the salvation message is repent to receive Christ as Saviour.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Sep 13th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a very warm early Spring afternoon. I had to dress less clothing to withstand the heat of the sun at high noon. Johnny was arriving a bit late so Winnie and Hung started and pray first, but Johnny actually joined us very soon later. The turnover rate was very high today that produced a mixed result. The very frequent bus schedule kept cutting our conversation short, but allowing us to have been able to reached out to more people. Winnie had made 18 outreaches sharing the gospel to 20 persons. I reached out to less people as I did some photo shooting in between the gap of my outreach chat. As for Johnny, he also had many interesting conversations, of which the one with a Yemen Muslim woman would certainly be the highlight. The Holy Spirit moved him to ask the lady if she accepts her husband to have other woman as wife as the Muslim ruling allows a man to have 4 wives. The woman said no and Johnny could identify with her feeling because God is also a jealous God that would not tolerate His people to worship other idolatry gods. Overall speaking, it was a fruitful day with lesser rejection rate but more fruitful chats. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Samuel, a local Aussie from the Sunshine Coast. He admitted this was the first time he heard the gospel. He was a good humble listener. Pray for work of the Holy Spirit leading him to make the step of faith.

2) Then I thought I had approached an European lady but she actually was a Chinese but dressed in European style. Yet she did not show resentment but willingness to listen. Though the sharing was cut short by the bus.

3) Then I chatted for a considerable long time with an Aussie lady who only disclosed at the end she is a Christian when the bus arrived. Thus, I had no time to test the assurance of salvation which I hope it has been explained via the gospel message.

4) Then I chatted with Jason a tall young man from Jilin of North Eastern China 東北吉林,he also was a willing listener with good interaction though he refused to take a tract at the end.

5) Tracy is a student mentor helping the overseas student to adapt to Australian's life. She was talkative and responsive to the gospel message.

6) Then I caught up with a Singaporean Christian lady who has 100% of assurance of salvation.

7) Next was a High School guy that I just had time to share him the nutshell of the gospel.

8 ) Then my first rejection for the day by a typically Mainlander Chinese students. 中生拒絕

9) Then I approached a local Aussie young man of Catholic Christian background. He was friendly to chat but conversation did not last long enough for me to test his assurance of salvation

10) Norah is an Indonesian girl. Despite Muslim back ground, but she appeared very open to chat about the gospel.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Sep 6th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a warm Spring afternoon with heap of sunshine giving people the sense of life in Spring. It possibly impacted the mood of most people with a more positive mind for a chat. All the three of us were getting more conversation with much less rejection, especially from the usual hard ground people group from mainland China. We all had many interactive and responsive conversations showing high prospect of leading to the last step of faith. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung: -

1) My first gospel target was randomly picked by the Holy Spirit amongst the long queue for the bus whose name was Huang 黃from Jiang Xi, Nanchang江西南昌. He claimed we had met before and he got the tract readily. I followed up on his impression and understanding of the message of the tract. He showed great opened mind to discuss and came near to accepting the way of God salvation is fair and just. So it is just about time that he will make his last step of faith to accept Jesus as his saviour.

2) I was over joy to meet Hi Har from Yangon, Myanmar. I greeted him with the Burmese custom "Mungallala" when handing out something to a person. He readily identified with me as a friend of Myanmar. He actually came in 2016 as such his time in Australia is quite long making him a more open-minded person. He did have heard the gospel before, but my sharing renewed and deepened his understanding about God the Father and Jesus our Saviour. He appeared receptive to the message and showed willingness to pursue the gift of eternal life created by Gd for each and every one of us the sinner cross-culturally. He was happy to take a photo with me to remember this divine encounter.

3) Pete is from Thailand when he was young starting his primary school here up till now doing Uni at UQ. He thus has grown up here as an Aussie but the Buddhist family background prevented him to consider to accept any other faith despite, he has ample chance to contact and learn about salvation by grace through faith in Christianity. Actually, he said he met us 3 times and got the tract, the more we met, the more he become receptive to the gospel message. Just pray for God's final miraculous touch to help him cross over the Buddhism barrier into the promised land of Jesus by making his last step of faith.

4) A young girl by the name of Hsieh 薛,from Jiangsu江蘇,claimed to have a Christian Grandma奶奶信主,thus she has fond impression about Christianity 她有好感. I shared the full gospel to her once again and trusted she is now more ready to follow her grandma foot step to receive Christ as her saviour. I recommend her to get connected with Power to Change for my Bible knowledge nurturing and fellowship with likeminded Christian.

5) Appleby, is an Indonesia Christian but was not clear about assurance of salvation. Thanks God I had just enough time to clarify it with her.

6) Then I caught up with Emily, an local Aussie Christian who also has no assurance of salvation but only 80% certainty. She was thankful for my clarification.

7) Finally, it was a young man by the name of Yuan 阮 from Quandong 廣東, so we could speak in Cantonese 剛來. He just arrived to Australia after the lock down was lifted. As he knew much about Hong Kong as such, I can share more about my life witness with lot of Hong Kong affair. 有見証. He was very positive towards my sharing and showed genuine interest to pursue Christ. Again, I referred him to approach Power to change if he wants to pursue God.


Tuesday 30 August 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 30th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

The weather has turned gloomy since Monday. There was even light drifting rain while we were on the street reaching the Bus stop. The mood was very unfavorable for outreach. and the long queue around half past one when students flocked to school for afternoon class, also imposed negativity for our chance to get a chat. But we were taught not to be bothered by external circumstances but focus on preaching the gospel. Once we overlooked the hardship, the grace of God was then sufficient to carry us through and getting more chat opportunities than blunt rejects. It is all the sovereign power of God to make all the divine appointments feasible. Recap is the battle log of Hung: --

1) Jason is an ABC with parents from Singapore, we were at the end of a long queue as such I have long enough time to share him the full gospel and he appeared very receptive.

2) Jo is a Filipino young lady with no religion. She anyhow was not too resistant to the gospel and showed reasonable receptiveness of the message shared.

3) Then I was led to approach an Indian couple. Only the husband interacted with me. He was polite yet skeptical, but he also could not rebuke the gospel.

4) Ravi a Sri Lanka engineer students. He was a big guy and was very talkative, and Interactive. He was happy to know my Family Practice doctor is also Sri Lanka. He also finds no bug in the Gospel.

5) A mainlander lady appeared very cautious did not want to disclose her names and where she lives in China 大陸,小心,nevertheless, she still is willing to listen 還願聽,She at the end disclosed to me she actually had attend Bible Study class in UQ possibly by the Logos Church.有參加過查經,可能是恩道會

6) I tried to approach an old Aussie man who was reading a book. Though he declined to chat but I still managed to challenge him to show same open mind to gospel then he shows to all the knowledge he get from the books.

7) Well, was another Singaporean who has no religious background but still willing to listen to the Gospel.

8 ) Then I approached a Chinese young man from Shandong 山東who claimed he had heard the gospel before but still could not figure out its meaning聽過,還是不大了解,. I anyway still gave him a nutshell explanation 總結性before the bus arrived 車到.

9) A Malaysian Indian loved to chat but interrupted by a call

10) Shen沈,just arrived from Shanghai上海。剛來,He showed rare welcoming gesture to chat about the Gospel. He said he studied OT but had QUERY why God does not punished all bad guys and they seemed to live a punishment free life and died peacefully. I rightly said if there is no God and heaven and hell, it would be most unfair. All human good or bad will face judgment after death. God will uphold His righteousness and locked up those non-repentant bad guys.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 23th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Today was a very warm and sunny Winter afternoon. As usual Johnny Winnie and Hung teamed up to reach out to mainly UQ students at the Bus stop. For consecutive weeks, there are a long queue at the Bus stop around 1340. It was not good for outreach as people tend not like to get into conversation with a stranger in the public with people in the queue all on watch. But we still managed to approach people moved by the Spirit. After the queue was clear, we resumed back to more one on one conversation with generally good results. Recap below is the Battle Log of Rev Hung Kwan.

1) I was moved to approach Christie in the queue. She is a Sri Lanka lady who claimed to be a Buddhist. I affirmed her that all religions are good though Buddhism is strictly speaking not a religion. As a Buddhist, she still has to ponder if she is perfect if not then she and all people in the world good or bad, all are not immune to face judgment after death. She appeared open minded and even seems to be in full agreement of what I shared with her.

2) After the queue was cleared, I approached two Indonesian Muslims girls. They appeared not so keen to chat but still let me share and listened on for the full gospel. Yet, at the end, they declined to take the tract.

3) Raymond is an Indian. He appeared willing to chat and listen to the Gospel, though still a bit uneasy. I trust the message impressed him and pray for the work of God through the tract he has received.

4) Then I approached a Chinese from Taiwan. He claimed to be an atheist. But he cannot prove there is no God.但不能反駁。Then he said if he has to believe in a god he would prefer the Chinese God信民族的神. I challenged him to think if there is a supreme God, will there be many different gods in different culture. Pray for God enlightenment.

5) Masami is a Japanese lady yet she has been in Australia for 16 years. She quickly declared she attends the CCCB church nearby. And she passes the assurance of Salvation test, which is 100% by the effective work of grace of Jesus dying on the cross for all us the sinners. She was happy to take selfie with me so that I can let Kia Teck know and follow up as necessary.

6) Peter is a local Aussie that I met many times before. I can't remember clearly if he had been tested for assurance of salvation before. So, I decided to have a go but then I was surprised to know that Peter only has 90% assurance of salvation. So, I tried to correct his mind but the bus came and got him away.

7) Mel is a Christian girl from Tonga, she came to Australia at 8 years old. After the test of assurance of salvation, she only has 50% assurance of salvation. I clarified for her and she was happy to take a selfie with me.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 16th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Praise be to God we had Alfred, Ka Fai Yau from Sydney joining us making a team of four. Alfred is the Asia Mobilizer of the African Inland Mission. He also runs his own Network Mission and want to connect with Brisbane Co-workers to have a glimpse of what we are doing in the cross-cultural evangelism aspects. Therefore, I invited him to come along to have a go. There were overwhelmingly large people flow with a long queue for the bus that presented a mixed situations that was good to have more outreach targets but meantime we would face a larger reject rate as one rejection will cause repercussion effect leading all people around also inclined to follow suit to reject our approach.

We just kept trusting the Lord to dig deep hanging in there and at the end, we still got some very good quality chat towards the end. Recap is the Battle log of Hung:

1) I approached an Aborigine look guys who claimed he is all good showing initial reluctant to listen, but the Spirit gave me additional urge and softened his heart to still listen while waiting in the queue. People around were actually listening, so despite the hard soil all around, gospel still be heard.

2) The Spirit guided me to approach an Indonesia girl who surprisingly showed genuine willingness to listen and thanks for my sharing afterward. Pray that the message coupling with the tract will serve God's Will and Plan for her.

3) After the bus stop was emptied with queue of people boarding the bus, I was led to approach yet another Indonesian lady who was equally humble to welcome my gospel sharing showing positive reaction to the message.

4) I tried personally several Chinese students but all got rejection , but then the Spirit led me to approach yet another one who had just rejected Johnny. But I was moved to give it a go and miraculously he was softened to have a good cat with me. He actually has been targeted by God with many prior approaches by his Christian friends. He asked me back what made us keep doing this task of nuisance and why we think the gospel message are so important. He ended up telling me perhaps it is time he should try to have a serious reading of the Bible that someone had given to him before. This divine encounter and turning point really showed me time and again , the Spirit is at work and I am really the vessel used by God through the Spirit to break open the stone heart of a people being raised up from an atheist country.

5) Then I tried to approach an Indian students who also show me a cold face. He listened reluctantly for a while than rudely walked away.

6) Then I was led to approach a Korean student who was feeling so happy for getting a good deal buying a big pack of croissant at $9. I teased at him for that good deal but suggested to him there are something else that are more important than a reduced-price goods item. He was moved but the bus arrived so he could only take a tract from me.

7) Then I caught up with an Aussie girl who was waiting for a call from her friends, I said I will stop when her friend call. Then I earned 1 minute to share the nutshell of the Gospel and left her a tract.

8 ) Thomas from Whitsunday looks like a young generation Atheist, and showed a bit of annoyance while interrupted by me from his head phone music. But the Spirit worked mightily to draw him to the gospel and he ended up thanking me for the gospel message and showed his appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

9 ) Finally I intercepted Winnie to have a chat with Matt who claimed himself a Salvo Christian . I went straight to test for his assurance of salvation which he failed, but he was humble enough to listen and was pleased to find that he should have 100% assurance of salvation simply because of the redemptive work of Jesus dying for us on the cross.

Monday 8 August 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 9th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Today was an ordinary day fine for Street Outreach. There were more people flow at the bus stop. The three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung served as a team. We all faced rejections but also having many meaningful chat. It was all the work of God to align us to meet and chat with people to fulfill the Will and plan of God for that particular gospel target, and in the meantime, help us to growth in faith and knowledge of God. Reap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) First I was led to approach a Singaporean man Tan. He was polite but calm and just listen to the Gospel message with not much interaction. I did ask if he found the message sensible and logical, he accepted that he can raise no objection to the design of God to render us salvation.

2) Ellen is a Christian girl who only disclose to me after I finished sharing the Gospel. I turned to check if she has assurance of salvation which was negative. I anyhow made her aware of the real reason we can get to heaven is because of the work of Jesus did for us taking our place to receive the punishment of our sins which is 100% effective to wipe clean our sins setting the record to zero. It is naturally and provided by God to allow us fail occasionally enroute of journey of sanctification. But it won't affect His promise to make us perfect again on the ground Jesus did to grant us the lost heavenly citizenship.

3) Then I was moved to approach a lady Ruth from Botswana who was very willing to hear the Gospel. Her bus arrived a bit too early to cut short our conversation. She still managed to grasp a tract to read at home.

4) An Aussie girl Susan who claimed she does not believe in God but she could not deny the logicality of the gospel. She admitted she is not perfect and accept that we have to pay a price for all those imperfection sin we have in our live.

5) Then I was led to chat with Sun Jie孫哲from Shandong山東臨滋,He appeared very open and enthusiastic to the Gospel, possibly because I can identify with his home town in Shandong.

I was able to finish the full Gospel in a nutshell leaving him the invitation to accept Christ to ponder.

6) Last but not the least, I was led to approach Derick from Sweden. Seemingly he is a Atheist, showing reluctance to chat. But I made it a personal chat about life and still ended up preaching full Gospel to him. Similarly, he could not raise any point to rebuke the truth of the Gospel.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a fine Winter afternoon as warm as Summer. Possibly also because of resuming of a new term of UQ, there were heap of people queuing for the bus. It was a double-edged sword that many opportunities for outreach but too crowded that may affect the quality of the conversation. Nevertheless, all the three of us seemed to have many fruitful conversations with both first timer and a couple of follow up chats. Recap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1 ) Young man by the name of Ng 吳from Quanzhou廣州 as such Cantonese speaking,who has come here just 2-3 months as a fresh undergrad, 二三月. He is of the opinion that being a good person should be enough to heaven好人便成. I could only manage to share first the conclusion in view of the imminent bus arrival.

2 ) Peter from Thailand , though not very welcoming initially but softened to take in the full gospel.

3 ) I approached a lady from inner Magnolia 內蒙古after she grab Chinese tract from Johnny and asked further for an English tract for the obvious purpose to learn English.學英文,She is an exchange Scholar in Physic. 物理學者專家 I share with her that Christianity in China is actually thriving to test that she is not yet a believers. I thought I have 6 min to share but an unscheduled bus arrived to have interrupted with my sharing. Hopefully the bilingual tracts will serve God's purpose for that lady.

4 ) Rejection by one and then two all from China

5 ) Then I met up with Loren a Christian whom we had chatted before. But this time I had time to test his assurance of salvation which showed he is not sure. Just had enough time to clarify for him when the bus came.

6 ) A Catholic background girl appeared very impatience to chat, using excuse the mask blurred my voice. So I took off my mask and continue to share. Her initial reaction is all offensive. But suddenly an aborigine man interjected our conversation and he told the girl to listen to the gospel as he once was also all rejective but now she ask the girl to listen. So the girl attitude turned softened to let me finish the gospel.

7 ) A Brazil couple agreed all I shared and disclosed that they are actually Christian. When tested they have a sort of assurance of salvation but still not fully cleared. It was a pity their bus came then.

8 ) Then I approached an ABC who had initial hesitant but still listen finally.

9 ) Then I approached an Indian look Filipino who is of Christian family. Yet he has no assurance of salvation so I doubtfully fear that he is not yet saved. But his bus arrived and he has to leave.

10 ) Lastly I approached Mr Chan 陳newly from Hong Kong香港. He was very quiet 沈默making no interaction. I nevertheless still managed to share him the full Gospel.

Battle log of Winnie:

2/8/2022 Toowong

感謝 神今天的帶领,讓我遇到了很多中國及其他國家的留學生,他們都聽到了福音。

中國來的男女留學生:Renee, Jack, May, Bruce, Ben.

澳洲的大學生:Noren, Jessica, Barbra, Julie.

新加坡的留學生:Mary, Bill.

印度少女,Monica, 印度教。

印度的Ruby, Moulin, Burlie. 穆斯林。

印尼靑年男女Danny, Molly. 穆斯林。


印尼基督徒,Anna. 解释救恩。

願 神的靈來感動今天所有聽到福音的人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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