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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday September 22, 2020 From 1330 to 1500

Gary came to joined us while Yan was not available. So we continued to serve at Toowong with a team of Four. The more we serve God in a street evangelism environment with so many uncontrollable factors, the more we experience the sovereign control of God throughout the whole course of our 1.5 hours ministry time. Without God's intervention, the normal response we get is blunt rejection. Many of our approach today faced initial rejection but once God intervened, we miraculously can get a conversation later at our 2nd approach with good result. Both Gary and Johnny now also would occasionally left their outreach outpost to walk with gospel targets to the Bus Station to continue with their conversation until finished or the arrival of the bus which ever happened first.

I have 6 conversations while Winnie had 8 as recap below: -

1) Emma an Indian girl was first approached by Winnie. She cheerfully declared she is a Christian. I felt it was the right time for me to interject and demonstrate to Winnie how to diagnosis and ensure if she has assurance of salvation. Not too surprise, she claimed she ony has 80 % assurance which however is stemmed from her good deeds. The 20 % uncertainty is the room she feels she might learn to love and trust Jesus more. So we had to correct her understanding that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus alone as it was Jesus who died as a perfect man to take our place for eternal death punishment in hell. Can only pray that God will humble here heart to take in this this opposite view about salvation.

2) Manijan is a Malaysian girl seemingly of Muslim background. But she appeared very friendly for a chat. She also was receptive to the gospel I shared just in time before the bus arrived. Pray for God follow up work in her heart.

3) Then God led me to talk with another Two Malaysian girls. They were chatting by themselves but did not feel offended by my interjection to ask for a chat to share the Gospel. The response was positive despite I did not have time to cross check their full understanding because of the arrival of the bus.

4) Jacky is from Quangdong 廣東 who rejected both Winnie first then me a short time later. But his bus had not yet come, so I approached him the 3rd time aiming at just handing him the tract. He reluctantly accepted it and query what was it all about. Then God re-opened the shut window for me to have a very throughout sharing of both my testimony and the core of gospel. His attitude turned more friendly and receptive when I found out he is from

Quangdong and can speak Cantonese. He even missed the bus because he wanted to finish hearing my sharing. So it was so obvious that God had soften his heart and turned him around to be one receptive person to the Gospel.

5) Naja was an old lady from France. She also showed reluctance to have long chat as such she dismissed Winnie after a short conversation. But God made her bus not arriving for more than half and hour allowing me time to share the full gospel with her that she initially did not want to listen in depth.

6) Then I chatted with two UQ students fro China. One appeared more friendly and talkative. He indicated he has many Christian friends and has heard of the Gospel many times before including through meeting of the Power to Change. Then the bus arrived to cut our conversation short. I added only at the end that, he has already been locked up as a target in God's radar.

感謝主 今天的帶領,謝謝關牧師的教導,今天上到一課,確實得救的確據。今天,神 讓我遇上八人傳福音的機會。

第一位是上周遇到的香港青年,偉行。他是 UQ 學生。我問及他的信仰,再次講述我們的罪,耶穌基督的大愛。他説間中都有跟朋友上教會。我説大學都有一教會,可以到那裏主日崇拜。

第二位,Emma, 她説是基督徒,當我們講及信仰時,關牧師到來,問及她確實得到全部救恩。從中我便學到新的一課。



第五位是印度男女朋友,Lesley,女培男朋友 Tom 來澳洲讀書。Lesley 願意信靠主耶穌,尋求更多真理。



第八位 Steve, 來自 California, 聽完福音後,願意抽時間去教會。

雖然每周我都需要 1.5 小時上 Brisbane 傳福音,但每次都學到不同的功課,感謝讚美主及關牧師的教導。ô

Tuesday 15 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday September 14, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

It was a sunny Spring afternoon that was perfect for street Evangelism with the four of us like last week, i.e. Johnny, Winnie, Yan and Hung serving again as a team. God did again teach us a good lesson of team work that we supplemented each others unknowingly under the directorship of God to make no one escape His pre-destine election.

I was able to watch the trace of God's work as a sideline- observer because I managed to let Winnie take up most of the available opportunities. For at least four occasions, God moved Winnie to approach the 2nd time with success for those either having rejected the initial approach by the Johnny and Yan team at the Traffic light outpost, or those who even had rejected Winnie first approach. I believed it is not done in flesh as normally we will give up when rejected once. But because it is the work of God, so as His obedient servants, we will be sensitive to God's direction against our human reaction in flesh. As a result, Winnie had got an amazing count of nine divine appointments occasion to share the gospel. Both Johnny and I had our chance though lesser in number. For example I only had 6 chances. But all of them served the purpose of God to either doing follow up with people we contacted before or getting chance to learn the mind set of Muslim which may be helpful for my future handling of Muslim background non-believers.

1) Jerrod reminded me he met me before. He still had the tract in his back pack that he had not yet read. Then I recalled I did not have enough time to finish the gospel last time. So it was perfect for me to pick up from where we left off last time and finished the gospel sharing this time. So it was God who made our 2nd encounter happen to serve His purpose to save Jerrod.

2) Then I approached Lily she alo said she had chatted with Winnie last week. I did the needed follow up to make sure she fully understood her need for Jesus as her saviour.

3) Then I talked to a Caribbean girl just in time before the bus came. She took the tract which I was determined to give her to make sure that the message I shared will be reinforced by the tract.

4) A South American lady took the tract but had to rush away to avoid further chat.

5) Another Chinese girl could only take the tract as the bus came that ended our conversation right away.

6) Finally, I saw a Middle East look person who took the tract from Johnny but did not stop for a chat. Instead he started reading the tract when he walked to the bus stop. He read the tract seriously so I waited until he finished. Instead of letting me to evangelize him, Jiam declared he is a Muslim and taking the initiative to elaborate on the differences of doctrine between Islam and Christianity. I opined that this was again God's design to let me know from a Muslim perspective about their faith so that I can find a better angle to evangelize Muslim in the future.

Basically Muslims deem that Allah God have the full power to forgive sin. As long as human admit we are sinner, simply ask for direct forgiveness from God should be enough. Noticed here that Muslim has no sense of the need for taking punishment of our sin. God's verbal approval is good enough for anyone one's sins be waived. Also in Muslim belief, God only cares about major sin that we have really acted them out. For all other trivial sins especially those that remain as thought but no real act of crime. They will not be counted. So this mind set would fit best in the Good person scenario. The more good work we have done the better chance we can earn forgiveness from God on major sins. I will never learn this Muslim mindset if not prompted by God to let this friendly Muslim guy to tell it to me.


第一位是中国少女, Lisa 願意想想耶穌基督的愛。(*)

(*) She declined the approach by Yan but was intercepted by Winnie not knowing she had rejected to even taking the tract.


第三位,澳洲女士,Anne從 Darwin來的。明白救恩,願意去教會尋求真理。

第四位,中国少女。Mary, 當我講完福音给她,巴士到達。


第六位,澳洲女士,Lilian. 初時不願意聽,後來當她停下查看巴士時間,我便行過去,問她是否認識耶穌基督,當我講完福音後,她説她是基督徒,每周都去教會,每天都有禱告。我問她願意傳福音给其他人,她説可以,我便给她單章。




感謝主的教導,今天我所學到的功課,就是如果他們不接受單章,當他們停下來時,如果不反對,便可以馬上傳福音给他們。 感謝讚美主🙏🙏🙏


Tuesday 8 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on September 8, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today was a warm day . It was also a bit dry despite it is just he beginning of Spring into its 2nd week. The dryness applied also to today outreach. It was rare that all the four team mates persistently face rejection and got comparatively less divine chatting appointment for Gospel sharing conversation. This was particularly a testing lesson for the new members Yan Chang who joined us the 2nd time after a long rest. We all have to learn that , God is in control in all circumstances and there is always a lesson for us to learn to be patience and submit to God's timing and plan.

Comparatively, Winnie had got the most number of conversation. So it also shows that the election of God to be His messenger does not depend on our experience and skill level. It is all the sovereign work of God in operation. All is needed is trust and obey.

Recap below is the four significant conversations I had after being rejected numerous times.

1) A Black Christian did not stop when Winnie approached him. But when he took his seat to wait for the bus, he responded to my approach asking what the tract is. When he found out it is a gospel tract, he declared he is a Christian. I immediately switched to ask him the two diagnosis questions. But it was too late to get a response as the bus just came by that time. Anyhow, the man express His respect to our street evangelism ministry. Hopefully he will be motivated to do likewise.

2) Another Old man also rejected Winnie's approach but agreed to talk while waiting for the bus. The bus came very fast. I could only manged to share the nutshell of the gospel and handed him a tract.

3) A Muslim background UQ student showed initial rejection. I changed tactic to chat on migration policy and finally shared the full gospel before teh bus arrived.

4) Oscar was the only one who show receptive attitude toward gospel. He was very attentive and agreed on whatever I shared. Pray for him to read the tract and touch by God for a fruit bearing conversion.


第一位遇上的是澳洲少女,Celina, 她願意信靠主耶稣基督。第二位是中国青年,初時他不願意接受單章,後來當他停下 查看巴士時間時,我行過去 問他認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳講福音给他,當我講完後,巴士到達。第三位是 Tegan, 澳洲女士,當她遇見 Johnny時,不願意留下聽福音。當她坐下,我嘗試問她願意查考你是否一個好人。她願意 便傳了福音给她。第四位,澳洲少女,Angella,願意接受耶稣基督。第五位,Leo, 澳洲男士,聽完福音後,他説要詳细想清楚。

留下聽福音的人,不是我們選擇的,是神預早安排好给我們的。有的人不願意留下聽我講的,願意聽關牧師講的。有的不願意聽 Johnny 講的,卻願意聽我講的。所以完全都是神的安排,固此我們要順服神的带领。感謝讚美主🙏 今天學到的功課 是要信靠顺服。


Tuesday 1 September 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Lof for Tooowng Village on Wednesday September 1, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

On the first day of Spring, we have resumed by grace the street evangelism at Toowong despite the Covid-19 community cluster outbreak is still posing threat of heath to the Queenslander in general. To me, it was also a very special new day after the birth of my 2nd Grand child Hannah the baby girl yesterday evening. Going on to the street again for the Lord needs to pay a price for not being able to visit Hannah as well as the whole family for an indefinite period until the covid-19 infection is over. But it is a worthy price to pay as it may be used by God to give birth to many spiritual new life by the almighty power of the Gospel.

Actually , every team mate has their price to pay. Winnie has to travel 1.5 hours by train one way to join this 1.5 hour street evangelism every week with her Husband coming along to support her. Gary Nean our Aussie team mate has to carry two big signs with gospel message by train. Johnny of course has to exert extra responsibility as both our physical and spiritual leader.

Apart from preaching the gospel, God always has a side lesson for us to learn. For consecutive times, we starts sluggishly without any successful chat. It is time for us to learn to let go of our anxiety as if stripping off the coat of self pride. After we have put 100% faith in God, the divine appointments then come continuously like flow of living water that cannot be stopped. God will also raise up and use the seemingly weakest link amongst us to prove that the gospel work we have done is not because of our experience and skill but simply the sovereign power of God. Today, Winnie made 9 significant fruitful contact while Johnny and I only got less opportunities. Gary was taking position in the far end under the footbridge with result not known to us, but of course he got all his chance.

Recap here below is my battle log of 7 conversation followed by the log of Winnie in Chinese for 9 persons.

1) Jerry an local Aussie UQ student, appeared very receptive and was able to share the nutshell of the gospel before the bus came.

2) A Korean girl initially not wanting to chat but was impressed by my sincerity as such I was able to finish sharing the gospel in a nutshell only just in time when the bus arrived.

3) I Met Wasi a Nigerian Christian. He was the rare one with clear and hundred percent assurance of salvation faith. I was able to Supplement him with the threefold of salvation as per 2 Cor 1:10. He even eagerly checked up the bible verse to get what I wanted to share with him. Our sharing also could not last long because of the arrival of the bus.

4) Suby an Indian young woman after showing initial reluctance to stop for a chat, she claimed she is a Christian and her uncle is a pastor. But she showed no correct understanding of gospel lacking full assurance of assurance. Thanks God I finally managed to make here understand she should have 100% , not even 99.99%, assurance of salvation simply because of Christ alone.

5) I followed up with the girl Lucy that Gary chatted a while ago and left for the bus stop. When I asked her if she thinks she can go to heaven by being a good person, she failed to grasp the essence of the gospel. So I gave her a bit more explanation luckily before the bus came.

6) Cathy a catholic Filipino initially rejected to take a tract as she thought she does not need to hear th gospel again. But she failed the diagnosis test then I took her through the gospel to establish her real basis of salvation is by Christ alone as such she should have 100$ faith in Jesus. At the end, she thanks for my passion to help her out to correct her misconception about redemptive grace.

7) Chrystal, a Malaysian Chinese Christian. Thanks God she is the rare one like Wasi today that have 100% assurance of salvation.


當我們到達傳福音地點,等了十分鐘,都沒有人留下聽福音。關牧師説可能我們要再次禱告。馬上我遇到第一位是中国少女,講述重要的福音後,巴士到達。第二位,Lily從香港來的少女,初時我們用英语溝通,但她説不太明白,我問她從那裏來,她説香港,我便用廣東話講述福音,於是她完全明白了,願意回教會尋求更多的真理。第三位,本地人 Joe,是天主教徒,我們講及天主教舆基督教的分别。第四位,好,中国少女。我用很快的時間 重要的福音傳给她,當我講完,巴士到達,她很開心的謝謝我所傳的福音。第五位,Alex 中国青年,不太明白我用英语講的福音,於是我用不流利的普通话對他説,他终于明白了,尋求教會更進一步的認識. 第六位,Cathy, 完全明白福音,願意回教會。第七位,Max, 本地人,初時不願意聽福音,當他坐下來,我行過去問他,你認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳福音给他。第八位是澳洲女士,Sally, 她明白耶穌救恩,願意回教會尋求更多真理。第九位,Neil, 天主教徒,我講述天主教與基督教的分别,他説有在家禱告,但沒有回教會,我説可能现在教會都在網上進行,嘗試網上找教會吧!Johnny 叫我,收工了。跟着關牧師又到來,還和他影相。


Tuesday 28 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday July 28, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

We were over joy to have Yan Chang from Toowong Baptist joining us through invitation of Johnny. Naturally she partnered with Johnny to observe and learn how to do street evangelism partly by our skill but mainly by the power of God through the work of the Holy Spirit in us to stop the right person at the right moment sowing the seed of Gospel. God repeated His trick like last week testing our faith and patience to wait before him. Despite we have opening prayer every time before we started as a team, this time , God let no one stop for a chat for the initial 15-20min. It was OK for Johnny and Yan as Johnny was taking the time to teach Yan. But for us, we knew we have to initiate a second tier of prayer. So Winnie took up to pray for divine appointments. And really soon after that, both Winnie and me as a team and Johnny and Yan as another team started having gospel sharing opportunities. Johnny had four long chats while Winnie had Eight chats reaching out to 10 people as shared below in Chinese with my English translation.

As for me, I still played an inactive role only getting overflow gospel targets if everyone else were engaged in gospel conversation. As a result I only had four short conversations as recap below.

1) Esther an UQ student from Venezuela. She took the tract from Winnie but walk on. So I asked if I can walk with her for a while to share about the tract which she agreed. After a while, She declared she is a Christian but failed the diagnosis test having no assurance of salvation. So even though she was in a hurry, I was able to get her understand our salvation was the work of Christ and Christ alone that we only need to accept it by grace through faith. She acknowledged it with thanks and went home with peace in her mind.

2) Daniel, a local Aussie from NSW, again took a tract from Winnie but did not stop. So I asked for his permission to share the gospel with him and he politely stopped for a while. So, basically he is a non-believer and heard the Gospel for the first time. He found it sensible and logical to admit he is a sinner despite also a good person and he needs Jesus to take his place for the punishment of sin. He promise to pursue God when he get back to NSW. He is a mechanic but caught locked up here in Queensland because of the Covic -19 .

3) I Followed up with a Singapore girl whom Winnie had approached. She is a Catholic background Christian who has noa assurance of salvation. SO I help her to know that she is saved by grace through faith in Christ alone so as to help her to establish 100% assurance of salvation in Christ.

4) A local Aussie men in black graciously took my tract and happy to listen to my gospel sharing. It was a pity I only had time enough for the nutshell of gospel before the bus came. Trust in God anyway for follow up work.

感謝讚美主 今天的帶领。我們到達傳福音的地點後,等了15 分鐘,都沒有人願意接受單章及留下聽福音。關牧師叫我禱告,求主带領。跟着很多人都願意留下聽,及回教會。

第一及第二位是中國來,UQ 學生。Fay 和Lisa。Lisa 是上海來的。他們都是未聞福音,聽完了我講的,接受免费禮物,願意到教會尋求更多真理。 The first and second are UQ students Fay and Lisa from Shanghai. They heard the gospel for the first time and were willing to go to church near by in St Lucia.

第三位是一天主教背景的澳洲農村婦女,自以為得救但未全明白救恩、The third is a Country woman of Catholic background. She did not want to chat but took the tract and read it right away while waiting for her friend's call. Afterwards Winnie was able to have a brief chat to found out she is already a Christian but obviously not have full understanding of Salvation.

第四位,中國少女,講了一半,巴士到來。The 4th was a Chinese lady, the bus came when I only shared half of the gospel.

第五位,George, 也是中國學生,基督徒。經過我們談論救恩後,他是完全明白,得救的基督徒。The 5th was George also an UQ student from China. After chatting, I found him a doctrinally sound Christian having correct understanding of salvation.

第六位是 Danny, 澳門來的。也是第一次聽福音。祂聽完後,願意回教會,尋求更多的真理,才能決定。The 6th was an UQ student from Macau. He listened to the gospel for the first time. Afterwards, he was willing to accept Christ and wanted to go to church.

第七位是 Singapore 來的 天主教徒,我説 基督教是信靠主耶穌基督,在十字架上的救赎,只要信靠,罪得赦免。不是靠Maria 及神父。後來 關牧師也同她談論救恩,相信祂一定明白了。The 7th was an UQ student from Singapore of Catholic background.

第八 & 九位是 印度夫妻, 男本婉拒但妻願聽。The 8th and 9the were an Indian Couples, the man initially declined but the wife wanted to hear the gospel. Praise the Lord.

第十位澳洲年老人,Morris, 他也是第一次聽聞福音,願意接受免費救恩,罪得赦免,願意回敎會。The 8th was a local Aussie elderly man. He was glad to be approached and heard the gospel for the first time but also showed willingness to accept Christ and want to go to church.


Thanks God for His guidance and listening to our prayers for bringing above people to us to hear the gospel and to accept Christ or expressed desire to pursue knowing more about Christ.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday July 21 from 1330 -1500

It was not yet another routine battle log. God by grace gave out some surprised divine encounters if not miracles after an initial fruitless dried period of 20 to 30 minutes. It was abnormally strange that we got 100% rejection for all the three of us as such Johnny had to resort to an extra second prayer to ask God for softening hearts and moving some elected ones to stop for a divine encounter. Believe it or not, the curse of complete rejection was lifted right away and both Johnny and Winnie started to have around 5 to 6 significant and fruit bearing conversations.

I chose to play a witnessing and supporting role on the sideline because of my cough not fully healed yet. Thus I myself only had three direct and a few more follow up chats with Johnny and Winnie as a team effort. It more so gave me a wider spiritual eye sight to see how God worked amongst us.

The work of God climaxed at the end. A Israelite Muslim man Jakob was stopped by Johnny as the last person in our 1.5 hour ministry period. He originally would have been missed out as Johnny already signaled us to quit for the day. Winnie was busy in writing her battle log note as such she failed to hear my calling for the day and started another conversation with an Aussie Lady that Johnny had just had a chat. So, Johnny could not but continue to reach out for yet another person that was Jakob. It ended up finding that he is a Jew but professing Islamic faith. Johnny was able to share the full gospel to him stressing the importance of Jesus bringing us the salvation by grace through faith. Their conversation was interrupted by a by stander who inadvertently saw me taking photo of Johnny and Jakob. So when we finally all finished and on our way back to Toowong Village for the closing prayer, Jakob waited to meet us for a clarification, God inspired me to testify to him that his conversation with Johnny was not short of a miracle as Johnny could have missed talking to him by a few seconds if Winnie did not miss my calling out to her to quit for the day. I stressed to Jakob that this was certainly a God led divine appointment and he is the elected one by God to hear the gospel without fail. We do pray that Jakob will be moved to receive Christ in His time.

Recap below are the Divine Conversation of Hung , Johnny and Winnie.

A) Hung’s battle Log

1) Robert a Fiji Man who received the tract from Winnie but did not stop. I volunteer to walk with him towards the shopping centre. It ended up finding out he is a Christian with 100% assurance of salvation.

2) While an English young couples were checking out the map after getting out from the bus , I took the chance to chat to the boy who was not sure about going to heaven as a good person. I barely had enough time to share the nutshell of the Gospel. Yet they the chat was cut short as they have to hurry for an appointment at Toowong Village.

3) Shirley an Aussie girl was polite enough to stop from listening to music on head phone but the bus cut short my sharing with only the tract being handed out to do the job as Will by God.

B) Johnny’s battle Log

1) Johnny had chance to share briefly with two young Aussie girl while they were waiting at the traffic light.

2) Then came the Significant chat with a Korean lady whom Johnny quickly noticed she is a JHW believer as she denied there is hell. The conversation lasted for a long time over 20 to 30 minutes. As that lady attempted to evangelize Johnny to her faith. Johnny anyhow had done his job to share the Gospel and clarify all the doctrinal issues with her.

3) After that, Johnny talked with an Aussie girl who initially showed reluctance to stop. But Johnny still managed to share the full gospel to her who has no religious faith and has not heard gospel before. Trust the seed of Gospel should have been sowed.

4) Then Johnny got another long conversation with an local Aussie who claimed to be a Christian of Pentecostal background but is a heavy smoker. His understanding of the Bible and the full meaning of gospel and salvation is very weak. Johnny again did his job to clarify all the misconception of that man.

5) After that, an Indonesian woman passed by. Johnny followed her to the bus stop and found out at the end she is a Christian attending Stephen Tong’s Church. So her understanding of the biblical doctrine and assurance of salvation are all crystal clear. We could only praise God for this special Christian fellowship with people of other culture.

6) It was then followed by the sharing with the middle aged Aussie Woman I mentioned earlier. She is also a Christian but later when I tried to check out her assurance of salvation, she was not certain at all. My follow up conversation with her resolved this issue.

7) Finally came the sharing with Jakob that panned out to be a minor miracle showing God’s finger prints on this divine encounter.

C) Winnie’s battle log:

感謝讚美主 今天的帶領,雖然很多人不願意留下聽福音,但神 都給我有機會向五人分享神的話語。

1) 第一是伊拉克來的學生,願意信靠主。An UQ student from Iraq who is a Muslim but after sharing was willing to receive Christ.

2) 第二是 Eric, 本地 UQ 學生,曾犯罪,聽了福音後,覺得信靠就可以得永生,罪得赦免,願意信靠主,返 UQ 教會,尋求更多真理。Eric is a local Aussie UQ student admitting having committed many sins and was rejoiced to learn that his sin could be forgiven by accepting Christ. He was willing to attend church to learn about more Biblical Truth.

3) 第三是Lily, 本地天主教徒,她説大家都是信神,沒有分别。我説基督教是三位一體的神。不是信馬利亞,靠神父。耶稣基督為救贖我們的罪,被釘上十字架上。只要我們信衪,我們的罪便得赦免,便得永生。這是免费禮物。她説會尋求更多真理,明白多的。Lily was a local Aussie student of Catholic background who has not assurance of salvation. She promised to pursuit truth for better understanding.

4) 第四是Ella, 得救的基督徒,明白救恩,罪得赦免,每周都参加聚會,每天都禱告。我给她福音單張送给她的朋友。Ella is a fair dinkum Christian with full understanding of salvation. She got some tract from me for her friends.

5) 第五是澳洲女士,基督徒,Johnny 與她談話先,後到我與她談,跟着關牧師也到來。我們三人都分别舆她傾談。關牧師詳细講述得救確據,相信她肯定明白救恩。願神带领今天聽到福音的人士。The 5th was a middle aged Aussie lady who had a chat with Johnny but was not aware by me. She claimed to be a Christian, but when Rev Kwan joined the chat, it was found out that the lady did not have full assurance of salvation which was duly clarified by Rev Kwan.

Tuesday 14 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday July 14, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Today was windy and chilling cold but our passion for Christ to be the light and salt of the city were not dimmed an iota bit even I was not at my best with a minor cough. Since we only have three regular members as usual, thus I still felt the urge to join Johnny and Winnie and see how God would lead me. God's grace was really sufficient. I was able to have two full and complete conversations with other minor tasks of tract handing out and short conversation. God knew my situation of having a dried mouth after talking a while as a result of taking Day and night cold tablet, so I was given just two conversations. Both cases showed His sovereign grace as both persons Gary and Rachel the mum had initially declined the invitation of Winnie to stop and chat. I was not aware of that and was moved nevertheless to make an approach yet with success. So our street evangelism work have all along been in direct control of God's hand.

In the mean time, both Johnny and Winnie had numerous opportunities with many mainland China students that normally would reject to talk. But today, God used Johnny and Winnie to touch and reached many Mainland Chinese UQ Students all with very fruitful result.

Winnie had 7 divine appointments of which 4 were with UQ students from mainland China. Others was one from Brazil, and two were local Aussie students. Among them many claimed to be Christians but all do not have assurance of salvation. I spent some time to pull Winnie aside to teach her how to help those nominal Christians to establish their assurance of salvation instead of just asking them to sin no more and ask for forgiveness from God. We must direct them back to establish their trust in Christ and Christ alone for taking our place to receive the hell punishment of our sins, as such we do not need to wait for our own self perfection effort to become a better person first. The deal is done at the moment we repented and received Christ as our saviour that we are reconciled with God right away and be justified as His people. This immediate change of our eternal identity in Christ is crucial to let God start His life re-engineer work through the Holy Spirit to make us perfect and becoming an unique masterpiece of God. During the process, God allows us to make mistakes but learn the lesson by asking God for forgiveness and seeking His strength to stand up from where we fell to sin no more next time.

As for my two divine encounters, they were not less of God's grace and miraculous work.

Gary is a local Aussie UQ student, he initially had a skeptical facial expression to reluctantly let me start our chat but at the end found the gospel message logical, sensible and relevant to his life situation.

Same for Rachael the mum of two lovely kids. She declined Winnie initially perhaps because they were still walking towards the Bus stop. It is not settling for her to talk with two kids running around on the road. I did not see that , so I approached her when they took their seats at the bus stop. Even with initial reluctance because of the distraction minding the kids , God soften her heart to let me share even with herself facing the early afternoon sun. When I noticed this, I used by body to form a shade to protect her eyes which she was grateful about it. Under this kind of interaction, she appear completely receptive to the gospel which she claimed she heard it for the first time. I asked her the checking questions to find that she completely has got the points and was willing to consider to receive Christ may be at a more quiet and private time free from the interruption from the children and after reading the tract again.

感謝讚美主 今天的带领,謝謝關牧師的教導,今天我又上了一課,學到確實得救的確據。求神憐悯今天聽到福音的人士,讓…



第一及第二位都是中国來的男學生,可以與他們講廣東話。第一位講了一半,巴士到逹。第二位,楊明義,願意到UQ 大学的教會,寻求真理。第三位澳洲學生,也是講了一半,巴士到達。希望他們在巴士上看看福音單張。第四位Loren, 中国來的學生,基督徒,不確實得救,沒有返教會。我和她談了很久,她願意重返教會。第五位是基督徒,也是一様未有得救確據,傾談後,願意傳福音给他朋友。第六位是Brizil 來的基督徒,Renee, 願意悔改,傳福音给朋友。第七位是Emily, 中国來的學生,基督徒,她説她很多罪,每周她都返教會,願意悔改,傳福音给朋友,我给她福音單張。


Tuesday 7 July 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday July 7, 2020 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thank God for yet another sunny and warm winter afternoon good for street evangelism. We prayed to ask God to provide divine encounters to stop people who are ready for Gospel. In a sense, we cannot avoid stereotype labeling strangers that some may tend to avoid gospel like people from Mainland China. But today result proved that God is sovereign to stop two mainland Chinese to listen to Gospel by Winnie and appeared willing to accept Christ after the way of salvation by grace through faith in Christ is explained. So it is always the mission of God to elect and move people to repent and receive Christ. Johnny and I had our opportunities which can be referred to his separated post on Face Book.(*) For me, there were five divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Jean a Scottish old lady who has no religion but surprisingly appeared very receptive to listen my full gospel sharing. At the end, she acknowledged that it is logical and sensible for her to consider to accept Jesu as her personal saviour. Pray that God will move her to make this final step of faith.

2) A Hindu man deemed that as a good man is good enough to go to heaven. I walked with him for a long enough distance to clarify that this is a wrong concept that good person will have better chance than bad guy to escape the eternal death punishment. He could not argue with me that there is no consequence for a good guy but still with imperfections or sin. Pray that God will keep changing his mind to repent and receive Christ.

3) A typical mainlander girl took the tract but then tried to walk as fast as possible to avoid listening the Gospel.

4) J.T. a Fijian young man had great interest to listen to the gospel and declared at the end he is a Christian but without assurance of salvation. He was glad to have it clarified and can now affirm he would have 100% certainty of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. Out fo grateful appreciation he took a selfie with me.

5) Patrick a local Aussie young man like J.T is a Christian but no assurance of salvation. After going through the gospel sharing he was completely clarified to regain 100% assurance of salvation. Likewise, he took a selfie with me out of appreciation.

Attached here below is the recap by Winnie for her six divine encounters four of which were with nonbelievers Zag from Myanmar, Terry and Ann from Mainland China and a local Aussie students. All of them indicated they were willing to receive Christ. Two were with a local Aussie Mum, and Rebecca from Singapore who are Christians but without assurance.

感謝讚美主 今天的帶领。可以與人分享基督的愛。

1) Zag 缅甸學生,無宗教,願意回教會 學習多的真理,才信靠主耶稣基督。

2) UQ 本地男學生,講完福音後,他説 他曾犯很多罪,不是好人,我想回答他的問题,但巴士到逹,他趕着上巴士。

3) & 4)Terry & Ann, 中国留学生 Ann 未聞福音,聽完我講的福音後,想到教會寻求多的真理。她上巴士後,Terry 在後面聽着我對Ann 講的福音,很有感動,想我再講多次,他聽完後,願意接受免费禮物,信靠主耶穌基督。

5) 澳洲女士推着 baby , 她説 她是基督徒,她好肯定她會上天堂。不願再聽福音,趕着走。

6),Rebecca, Singapore 來的,基督徒,她説 她都會犯罪,我説禱告,對神講述,認罪悔改,罪得赦免。我問她願意傳福音给其他人嗎?她説可以,於是我给她福音單張。願神憐憫今天聽到福音的人,認罪悔改,回轉歸向神!感謝神!

(*) Sharing by

Johnny Hsieh

下午Operation 513有三人在Toowong 傳福音,感謝天父上帝的帶領和祝福,有許多人停下來聽到了福音,祈求上帝賜福憐憫,讓他們願意悔改並回轉來信靠耶穌成為他們的救主。

Tuesday 30 June 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday June 30, 2020 fro, 1300-1500

Praise and thank God that the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung continued to be called to serve faithfully at Toowng being a mission field opened up by God for us to work with Him. Our original aim is to target mainly the overseas students in particular those compatriots from mainland China. But by past experience, their atheist up bringing and tight surveillance by the CCP official have put full bondage on their freedom and openness to listen to Gospel. On the contrary, God let us easily approach people of all other nations with or without other religious background. There was no exception today, we continue to have good divine appointment and conversation with variety of people. For me, I had seven chance to share the Gospel as recap below: -

1) Peter, a nominal Catholic background Christian appreciated my sharing of the gospel and explanation of the real meaning of salvation by grace through faith but not depending on our good deeds. Pray that this divine appointment will serve the purpose of God to re-engage Peter's life for continue upwards growth.

2) Michael was a Returned Service Man with Christian faith but fell away from God due to a lot of harshness in life especially the late illness happened to his daughter. I walked with him for a long way to express my empathy but stressed again that God is sovereign and cares for the eternal well being of his life and his family members' life.

3) Nancy a lady from PNG, gratefully thanked my sharing which was cut short by the bus. It was short but it helped to clarify her assurance of salvation was in Christ and by Christ alone.

4) A young lady from Brazil let me walk with her to share the gospel to her. Though Brazil is a Catholic country, she has no religious belief but she admitted that the gospel message is logical and sensible and promise to ponder after reading the tract at home.

5) A lady took the tract but rushed the red traffic light to cross the road as such I can only let her go.

6) Channel a Filipino UQ student had a long chat with Winnie already but she thought she is an indigenous people . On his returning from the Toowong Village, I caught up with him checking out his country of origin and found out that he actually is a Christian of Catholic background yet without full assurance of salvation. Thanks God that I helped to have it clarified before the bus came.

7) Ken an UQ student with cross blood of Brazil and Romania is from a pious Christian background family but he himself has not yet received Christ. He found the sharing of Gospel very appealing and touching that he voted to make commitment to receive Christ like his parents. I introduced him to get connected with Power to Change for spiritual growth and recommended him to join CCCB St Lucia.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Toowong on Tuesday June 23, 2020 from 1330 - 1500

Praise and thank God for a fruitful afternoon with the three of us i.e. John the captain , Hung and Winnie to team up to serve in windy condition. Yet, the wind did not stop our work paved by God as such we all had almost non-stop divine appointment opportunities. The three of us actually represents three generation of OPN 513 ministry. Johnny joined first since 2014 and introduced me to join in 2018 than Winnie was introduced by me to join in 2019. Pray that God will continue to use us to mobilize more World Christian to join especially those who have done Kairos and are on the life integration journey to develop apostolic Passion for the mission of God.

Johnny had several significant chats with several local Aussie and a UQ students fro China. Especially the last one that the chat last over 40 minutes. Trusted God has wonderful work on this young fellow. (*1)

Winnie had three full gospel sharing opportunities to two local Aussie and one older lady from New Guineas. They all were receptive to the gospel and Winnie even referred them to Power to Change and the Chinese Church near by. For details, please refer to her sharing in Chinese.(*2)

As for me, I had 7 significant chats as recap below: -

1) My first gospel target was Michael, an Aussie of Catholic background. He was wearing a T shirt too thin for the windy condition. But he willingly stop to chat with me by removing to a less windy spot. We had a long chat that helped clarify all the misconception in his Catholic upbringing that he is saved by grace through faith alone in Christ. He was so appreciative for our talk that willingly he agreed to take a selfie with me.

2) Then I caught up with two girls from mainland China. Normally , the mainlander tend to reject for a chat. These two were no exception. One even tried to discourage my approach by claiming that she believe in ET rather than God as such just save my gas to bother them. But God was gracious enough to let the other girl to remain holding a more open attitude to let me share the full gospel with her. At the end, the rejective girl was kept silence to listen the full gospel as well before the bus came just right at the end of my sharing.

3) Neda an UQ student from Qatar. she quickly declared her Islamic faith. I rightly assured her that all regions including Islam are not bad but they only serves to moblize people to become a better person. Yet none if them address the issue of sin and punishment that without Jesus we will all be condemned to suffer eternally in the hell of fire. She found the gospel very logical and sensible as such she appeared quite receptive at the end and promised to ponder further after reading the tract at home to make her decision of the life time to trust Jesus as her sole means of salvation.

4) Kim is also an UQ student from Philippines of Catholic and Buddhism mixed faith family background. She anyhow was very open to gospel and also appeared very receptive to be saved by grace through faith in Christ.

5) Linda another UQ student from Canada is also of Catholic background that does not have clear understanding and assurance of salvation. Our chat helped her to have all the misconceptions clarified.

6) Li the the 2nd last is an UQ student from Malaysia. He was reluctant initially to chat but God moved and changed her attitude to become more receptive later. He has no clear profession of faith. The gospel appears logical and sensible to him but at the end of the day, only God can do the final touch in his life.

7) The final one was a local Aussie listening to music with head phone. God still made him stop to accept my tract and stop for a brief chat of hte nutshell of the Gospel before teh bus arrived.

(*1) Johnny's Sharing

感謝天父上帝的祝福和帶領,下午在Toowong 的街頭福音事工Operation 513有三位参加關牧師,Winnie,和我。下午有不錯的福音對話,有兩位年輕人Alice and Manny他們聽完福音後決定要信靠耶穌成為他們的救主。另外有一位自稱是佛教徒的昆大學生Gery 黃,與我談了約四十分,他今天應該會想想如何面對上帝公正⚖️的審判。

(*2) Winnie's sharing

感谢主 今天的带领,傳了福音给三人。Lee, Mimi 及 Vivian. Lee & Mimi 是本地人, 他們願意信靠主,接受免费救恩,到教會尋求真理。Vivian 是 New Geinea, 來澳,基督徒,不太清楚自己是否已经得救,担心她先生在那處。我長细解释她聽,她聽後,放心交給主。願主譲今天聽到福音的人,繼續㝷求主的話語向前走。感谢讚美主。

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