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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday April 6 from 1330 - 1500.

The 3 days lock down last week killed off only once our street evangelism. We were able to be back again this week despite heavy rain kept falling nonstop for almost the entire past week. By God Will, rain stopped completely during our time of street ministry and started drifting down again as soon as we finished our closing prayer.

Despite restriction of social gathering are as such everyone has to wear a face mask in public place, it had almost no deterring effect on our street evangelism ministry. All the three of us, Johnny, Winnie and Hung all got good share of chance for a chat. Though in reality, people from Mainland China are harder to reach out especially they are accompanied with friends. Recap below was my 6 divine encounters.

1) My first encounter was with a girl from Mainland China. She showed overt reluctance to chat and reject to take a tract. Fortunately , she was by herself so she did not ask me to leave her alone. I could keep sharing the gospel in an unhindered manner and she apparently was touched by the message though her upbringing still have imposed on her a great bondage to open up for truth. Pray for God's further work on her. 中女,不情不願,仍照分享,認同福音,但沒接受單張

2) Then I caught up with a high level Buddhist lady . She discouraged me up front to not talk to her declaring she is an accredited Buddhist follower with good training of Buddhist doctrine. I had to strike a balance in letting her to voice out her view of Buddhism and chipping in message of Gospel to counteract with the Good deed oriented self-perfection practice. The Bus schedule did not give me more time to reach a satisfactory wrap up on our conversation. Can only pray for next round of encounter , if God willing.

3) Sophia was a lovely local Aussie girl whom I thought I had met before but I was wrong. Despite does not have any Christian connection in her upbringing, yet she received me with open arms to listen to the gospel with interaction showing high degree of receptiveness to the message. Pray for the final step of faith through the work of the Holy Spirit to bring Sophia to Christ.

4) Aman was an UQ student from China, like the first girl from China, he also showed initial reluctance to chat but finally caught up with me to hear the gospel.

5) An Indian mum with her daughter appeared a bit uneasy when I approached her. She nevertheless still allowed me to share the full gospel to her but when I touched upon sin and Jesus the only perfect man to die for us, she show obvious resistance to listen on. I pray and hope that the dark spirit in her life will be driven out by the work of God through the tract she took.

6) Another singleton UQ student from main China was approached by me to share him the full Gospel. He was comparatively more open and at ease to hear the good news with good sign of receptiveness.


第一位,Sam,中國 來的UQ 學生。

第二位,Steve, 中國青年,來自 Singapore.

第六位,John, 來自中國年青人。

第七位,Jenny, 澳洲少女。他們四位 都會想想信仰問题。

第三位,Matt, 中國青年,來自馬來西亞。及 第八位 印度少女。他們两位,是基督徒,但不明白救恩。我解释给他們。

第四位,Alan, 中國年青人,很留心聽福音,願意信靠主,找教會。

第五位,中國年青人,Denial, 初時不願意接受單張及聽福音。稍后我再行過去,問他,如果明天有意外 死了。你會往那裏。我們是罪人,如果沒有耶穌基督 十字架的救赎,便要落地獄。我给他單張 讓他看看,什麽是罪。我説信靠耶穌基督,是免费的禮物。請想清楚。

願主賜福给今天聽到福音以及 未信主的人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Tuesday 23 March 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday March 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God that despite of non-stop soaking rains in the past few days, God cleared the rain cloud and open up a window of Kairos moment for the four of us to serve at the Bus stop off Towong Villages. This week Winnie re-joined us Johnny, JMF and Hung after her cataract operation. Toowong is comparatively a ripe harvest field to get chat easier though not without blunt rejections. We all followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit to overcome many initial rejection and got eventual chance to share the gospel. In general, all the four of us had more smooth and positive gospel sharing opportunities than failure case of rejections. A particular instance stood out with all three of my team mates having a go to approach a young lady with a pretty Asian face. They however were all turned down by that pretty lady with a silence no talk gesture to force you give up on her. I initially thought perhaps it is a waste for me to approach her as the 4th attempt. But before I decided to give up, her boy friend turned up. Then I was moved to recall that they are a dating couple from The North Western part of China. I joyously approached them and correct told where they are from. God led me this time talked to the arrogant lady who claimed she has been reading the Bible a lot though she is not yet a believer. This time she threw me a question when is the memorial day of Jesus. I mentioned Christmas and Easter but she said it was not right and actually she refer the night that Jesus had the last super and left us the order to observe Communion as often as we should do. She thus took the word of Jesus and treated that as the day that Jesus asked us to commemorate him. Taking on this line of thought, it gave me perfect ground to explain the full gospel and the real meaning of to be in communion with God after we are saved and have become His people again. This unusual divine encounter would certainly linger on till the Kairos moment arrive to lead this lady and her boyfriend to Christ. Recap below is the battle log of mine and Winnie.

By the way, JMF shared that she got a lot of opportunities to catch up with UQ students of Catholic high school background and can refer them to join Power to Change with communication link left for future follow up. I hope she will be able to mobilize more PTC folks to take part into this sort of Street Evangelism in future.

1) Kumon an Atheist local Aussie though appearing very friendly for a chat. He was of course a bit skeptical to my gospel sharing especially about the question if God and heaven exists, but I still managed to challenge his assumption that can any physical substance exists without a maker? If the answer is negative, then why such a grandeur the Universe can exist without a creator God? He seemed to have no answer for this and the arrival of the bus just let him get away from this challenge. Pray that the tract will serve to cause him ponder a lot afterwards.

2) I was rejected by a south Asia lady after almost everyone had a go. Luckily, we were not discouraged by this fact as such we all still endeavored to find a circumvent way to keep the chat alive despite of initial rejections.

3) Then I was let to turn to an Asian face looking man who spoke no Chinese. He was hesitant to chat for a brief moment but softened down to listen but it was too short to start the chat as the bus arrived almost immediately. I still managed to pass him a tract to read and trust 100% God will have unfinished business with him.

4) Then a sat down beside a young lady by the name of Sarah. She dressed and had cosmetics make up 100% appeared as a lady but once talked then it was a 100% male voice. Despite my doubt on her possible status as a transsexual person, but her openness to chat about religious issues led me thinks she is a pure and simple girl. Anyway, she was all receptive to the gospel message and admitted that everyone including herself need Jesus as our Saviour.

5) Marian was an UQ student from Sadri Arabia of Islamic background. But he was very opened minded and appeared very receptive to the gospel message admitting he is also imperfect and has sin to be dealt with. He is happy to know that Jesus would be the one and only one perfect person who can take his place to receive the due punishment of his sin. Our chat was so joyous that even a passer by threw us an curious eye sight.

6) Then it was the highlight of the day as mentioned about. That was the encounter with the couples Johnny from 蘭州 Lanzhou and his girl friend from Xining 西寧 whom we had chatted before twice on Dec 8, 2020 and Feb 9, 2021).

7) Then came an Indian who also believed in one God but not the Christian God. I nevertheless let him know the unique way that Jesus died for all sinner and take our place to receive the punishment of our sin. The Christian God is different from all other "gods" as He is God of love but also a God of Righteousness that will not let any sins unpunished. He acknowledged this difference between the Christian God and all other gods.

8) Then I engaged into conversation with an Indian looking middle age woman who appeared Ok for a chat. But after reading briefly the tract, she changed her mind rejecting to chat anymore though I still was able to persuade her to keep the tract to read afterwards or give it to somebody else.

Battle Log of Winnie in Chinese:

感謝 神今天的带领,雖然眼睛還未完全康復,但 神的大能,卻讓我遇到傳福音的機會,而且他們都願意去教會,尋求更多的真理。

第一位,中國青年 Ken, 明白福音,願意到教會寻求更多真理。

第二位,Elle, 澳洲女士,相片中坐着等巴士。願意信靠神,找教會。

第三及第四位,分别是中國青年,Eric 及 Marco, 澳洲青年,他們都願意找教會。

第五位是 New Zealand 來的,…。Debbie。相片影了背後的少女。基督徒,明白救恩。


第七及第八位,分别是中國來的 UQ 學生。Chris, & Kelvin. Chris 願意找教會,而 Kelvin 是基督徒,明白救恩。

第九,十,十一位是一起的年青學生。Andrew & Eddie 是中國來的,Luke Cheng 是菲律宾來的. Andrew 是基督徒,但不明白救恩,我解释给他。及講解福音给其他兩位。他們都願意一起去教會,尋求更多真理。

第十二位是澳洲少女,Lana, 願意找教會。


Tuesday 16 March 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday March 16, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Praise and thanks God that JMF was called by God to join Johnny and Hung today in place of Winnie who needs one more week of rest after her cataract operation. She obviously has the gift and skill of street evangelism gained from her past full time ministry with Power to Point. The Spirit teamed up the three of us to have non -stop gospel sharing opportunities within that 1.5 hours period. Only a handful rejected to listen to the gospel message with majority willing hearts to let us share and some even were moved to make a ready commitment to receive Jesus. There were as usual many nominal Christians who have no assurance of salvation and full understanding of the gospel message. Pray that our sharing have helped them to get the concept right reinforcing their faith in Christ and Christ alone. I had comparatively less chance to engage into gospel sharing conversation as I needed to have an eye on JMF at the initial period. Once I found that she was serving in full force under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then I picked up from there and had 5 conversations with one particularly long one as recap below: -

1) Andrew of Christian back ground. But he is not clear about the meaning of salvation and without assurance. All I could do is to give him a nutshell of the gospel before the bus arrived and clarify why he should have full 100% assurance of salvation simply because of what Jesus Christ has done for us all taking our place to receive the punishment of sin originally due to be exacted on us.

2) My second approach today was with an Indian woman Aashi who surprisingly appeared to be very receptive and listen with interest to the full gospel. Pray for God's further action to move and lead her to Christ.

3) Olivia an UQ post-graduate Master degree student from New Zealand. She did her undergraduate in USA , going back to NZ for a short while then has come to UQ for a Master degree of business management. Because of her extensive traveling experience living at different countries and cultures, she appears very open mind for new idea and challenges. Although she has no personal faith but she admits there is a supreme being which we call God. Yet she so far has not yet find the need to have life connection with any of such God. She was also receptive to the gospel message and found no way to dismiss it as illogical. I then shared my personal testimony which I thought is very alike with her that the rational mind and smooth life experience in the early part of my life had blinded my eyes for the need of salvation by Jesus. I just prayed and encouraged her to ponder with deep reflection to realize the need for every one including herself to accept Jesus better earlier than late as we have no control on the destiny of our life that can end at any unexpected moment. I anyway introduced her to join Power to Change if she really wants to pursue God in a serious manner.

4) James, a drunken man who claimed himself a Christian. He was ignored by Johnny as he smelled him drinking a lot. JMF was the next to approach James receiving a very enthusiastic response from him as a brother in Christ. JMF was about to find out that his faith and understanding of God's grace and salvation was incomplete, inclining to rely on good deeds. But she was interrupted by a by stander Chinese lady waring her out of good intention to avoid all those foreigner. I then took up to continue with the unfinished conversation to test the assurance of salvation of James. He struggled to give the correct answer but then the bus came. Pray that we will meet him some time in the future to follow up on him, if God willing.

5) Abigail is a local Aussie Christian but without assurance of Salvation. I had barely enough time to clarify the incomplete and incorrect understanding of salvation before the bus came.

Battle Log of Johnny :

Thank God leading and blessing us, Today at Toowong many people heard the gospel, there were two UQ students Weeley & Jacob, they wanted to trust Jesus Christ became their savior, please pray for them.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday March 9, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was yet another ordinary day dedicated to serve the Lord. Only Johnny and Hung were available with Winnie taking a medical surgery sick leave for two weeks. In this connection, it kept both of us more busy to have non- stop chats. There were many occasions both of us were bound in chatting without taking any photo for each other. Recap below is my battle log for 10 conversations.

1) Felt , a local Aussie who tendered me initial rejection. But I switched to pure chat mode to gain friendship and was successful to share full gospel with him.

2) Sandy an UQ student also a fair dinkum Christian who is friend of Yasmin of Power To Change. He is aware of OPN 513 and basically has got full and clear understanding of salvation with 100% assurance.

3) Bridget an Aussie girl who was reluctant to chat initially. Again the new tactic of making friend worked to keep the conversation carry on with Gospel also eventually been shared.

4) Will was willing to chat though we only talked for a short while and nut shell of the Gospel was shared in time before the bus arrives.

5) An arrogant half HongKonger originally from Mainland China was not sure if he wanted to hear the Gospel but I still managed to keep the chat going on basing on the HongKonger identity. Yet he has a stone heart to keep resisting to hear the gospel after I persisted to share for a short while. Anyhow, I still felt that God is determined to break him up one day to submit himself to Christ.

6) Joyce an old Christian lady who is not clear about the gospel but sure about her salvation. It was a pity I did not have more time to help her to get the more comprehensive understanding of gospel.

7) A tall guy Henk Li from Liao Ning of Mainland China is of Buddhist background by family tradition.李漢遼寧,家佛,He is very polite and friendly to listen to the Gospel with great interest.態度友好. Pray that the seed of Gospel will sprout in His time to bear fruit.

8) An local Aussie in red grid shirt showed politeness to chat with me but showing no interest though he still took the tract to read. So pray for God's follow up work

9) A Catholic Christian yet without assurance of salvation. He was humble to chat but it was a pity the bus came a bit too quick before I had time to elaborate.

10) Abby an local Aussie UQ student who appeared very receptive to the Gospel and listened with great interest. Pray for God's follow up work.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday February 23, 2021 1330 - 1500

Another scorching hot day but it did not stop us to have many conversations in the Spirit. We as a team have learned to face rejection. Winnie has learned from us that we switch from gospel mode to friendship mode when facing initial rejection. As long as the conversation can linger on, there is bound to be point we can chip in gospel message at a later stage, Recap below are the Battle Log of mine and Winnie.

1) Frank, local Aussie, had an open mind to listen to the Gospel, with a heart yet to be softened further. Anyhow the seed of Gospel was sown. God's work is to be continued.

2) Mirada an UQ student from Roma. Her parents were from Sri Lanka of Buddhist background. Yet she is open to gospel message especially when I emphasize all religions including Buddhism are good at guiding people to be a good persons. But none except Christianity address the issue of sins that are subject to punishment to satisfy the righteous requirement of God. Without Jesus as a perfect person to take our place to receive the punishment of sins, we all will suffer eternally in the Hell of Fire. She admitted Gospel is sensible and logical for everyone to accept.

3) Liu is a Malaysian Chinese from KL of also Buddhism background. Her reaction was similar to Mirada showing receptiveness and is ready to make the step of faith to accept Jesus.

4) Lily is from Singapore of possibly Indian blood. Surprisingly , she is of similar Buddhist background s the previous two girls. The bus cam a bit too quick as such the nutshell of gospel only was shared.

5) Anwah is an UQ student from Sardi Arabia fully dressed in her Muslim background costume. But she again was surprising open showing the greatest degree of receptiveness to the Gospel showing no sign of rejection despite of her Muslim background. She really has the biggest prospect to make the needed step of faith.

6) Josie an local Aussie girl who claimed herself to be Christian. The diagnosis question one was correct that she has 100% of assurance of salvation, but failed to give me reason why she was saved. It was a pity I could not offer him more clarification and teaching as the bus again arrived a bit too early.

Battle Log of Winnie: -

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我遇到八人傳福音的機會。

有三位 UQ 學生,分别來自中國,Richard. 两位 來自馬來西亞,Matthew and Andrew. Matt 會想想宗教問题。Andrew 是得救的基督徒。

中國少女 Grace, 會去教會尋求更多真理。

Lana 相片中的澳洲少女,基督徒,明白救恩。

Jason, 越南青年,會想想宗教問题。

馬來西亞,UQ 女學生,Lily 及澳洲年青人,James, 不願接受單張及聽福音。我和他們分别前後閒談,最後帶入福音。他們都明白了。這也是活學活用,從關牧師及師母學來的。所以每次傳福音都是從中學習,增加經驗。

感謝讚美主。願 主賜福今天聽到福音人士,認罪悔改 歸向 神。

Tuesday 23 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log of Toowong Village on Tuesday February 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a super hot day. Possibly the hottest ever at Toowong. Standing under the sun for 5 minutes will get every inch of your skin on fire that you must seek shelter under the shade immediately. Because of the heat, Johnny also decided to move over to the bus stop. Despite we all crowded there but the chances of ministry were still ample to get us fully occupied. As normal the initial rejection phenomena was quite prominent. But we all learned and guided by the Holy Spirit to change the approach to start connecting with the target on day to day life topic. Once the tension was loosen, then we could still progress to share the gospel at the end. Recap below were the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) Guilin a Korean girl, just had barely enough time to share the core of Gospel before the bus arrived.

2) Bright , a Filipino young UQ student who was open to the gospel. He has no professing religion but found salivation of Jesus very sensible and attractive.

3) Wahu who is born here with parents from India. He was also open and receptive to the Gospel.

4) Abun an African UQ student, who was also open for a chat. Nutshell of the Gospel was shared in time before the bus arrival.

5) An Arrogant girl did not reject up right, but kept finding all excuses to avoid for a chat. i.e. need time to be sure she is at the right bus stop and I showed her all bus route on the electronic board, than she used another excuse to need to call her mum.

6) Then a Thailand girl took the tract and was ready to chat but cut awkwardly by the immediate arrival of the bus. She promised to ponder on the message of the tract.

7) Angus a young man from Townsville of Anglican school background. He adopted a care free attitude to chat and showed certain degree of understanding of the Bible but admitted he is still a non-believer. I asked if he find the gospel illogical or not sensible? He could not deny that Gospel message is all good except his heart is not open and soft enough yet for the free gift of eternal life.

8) Gemma a young office lady in pink who was in a hurry to catch the train. So I walked her to the Foot bridge and shared here the nutshell of the Gospel. She listened with heart and thanks me for the company and promised to read the tract.

9) A tall local Aussie man willingly engaged in conversation with a serious attitude. Gospel was shared and pray for God's follow up action.

10) The high light of today ministry was the chat with Nadi , a fallen back Christian. She did not reject to chat but claimed that she used to be a Christian. I asked the reason of the fallen back but found that it was simply the lack of environment for growth and experiencing the presence of God. I encouraged her to realize that we are still far from perfect upon receiving Christ. The grace of Jesus was enough to pardon all our sin so that we can reconciled with God right away becoming His child and people again. But it is the beginning of a life long journey of sanctification. So we must be patient to let God change our life through the work of the Holy Spirit. The key is we must remain connected with God to receive spiritual nourishment and strength to live our daily Christian life. The more we learn God through the Bible, the more we know and love Him and obey Him. A real born again world Christian will experience true freedom from any bondage of our old self under the control of Satan as such we will learn to love God more day by day while our life is on the upward path of sanctification. Nadi showed great appreciation for this short but meaning chat to ignite her heart for Christ.

感謝主 今天的带领,讓我遇上 13 人傳福音機會。


分别是 Ann, 及 Ellen, 中國來的 UQ 學生,她們都願意尋求教會,認識更多真理。

第三位是 Lucy, 澳洲女士,願意信靠主耶穌。

第四位,Luke,中國來的 UQ 學生,會想想宗教問题。

第五及第六位,Allan and Vic, 澳洲青年,他們説是基督徒,經過我查詢的問题,證明他們確實明白救恩。

第七位Ben, 相片中红髪澳洲少女,願意信靠耶穌基督,會找教會。

第八位,澳洲青年 Kelly, 天主教徒,我與他談論基督教的信仰,講完巴士到達。


第十一位,Kate, 澳洲少女,聽完整福音,會想清楚信仰問题。

第十二位,Amy 中國來 UQ 學生,聽完福音後,她説會去教會。



Tuesday 16 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday February 16, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

God's promise to be with us whenever we work with Him to share the Gospel to People of All Nations really has been honoured time and again. Today it was all raining everywhere from my home and enroute on the Pacific freeway along all the way to Toowong. But Once we arrived at Toowong and finished our commissioning opening prayer, God stop the rain for us and turn around the weather status to a bright blue sunny sky. We even had to hide behind the shade of the Bus stop during short interval with people all gone on to the bus.

As normal there were rejections or initial reluctance from many of our gospel target, but The Holy Spirit would keep urging us to make a second attempt with success. So in overall, the success rate for a chat to share the gospel was quite high. All the three of us were almost fully occupied non-stop at the bus stop where Johnny finally decided to join Hung and Winnie there to be a fisherman of men. All glory and praises be to God alone.

Recap below were my divine encounters: -

1) Matt an angry fallen back Christian of Catholic background. He recognized my fish sign T shirt but rejected the tract and declined to chat. But I did not give up keep chatting as a friend to uncover the cause of his rejection of the faith possibly because of bad experience with church and clergy. Pray for God's healing and restoration of faith in His time.

2) Jerry from 昆明 China declared himself a Christian attending Citipointe Christian School after a short time of sharing the Gospel. The bus came too fast that I did not have time to check for assurance of salvation.

3) Mitis is an UQ student from Sadi Arabia with family of wife and a baby. He politely listen to my sharing of the Gospel and admitted that we are all sinners but he did not agree that we need to be punished suffering in Hell as there is forgiveness from God. I clarified that forgiveness without upholding the judgment and punishment is not fair and righteous. The only different of God's mercy way is to let a perfect God incarnated as a perfect man to take our place for punishment that our sin is pardon by the atonement of Jesus sacrificial death on the cross. Pray that this new enlightenment will draw Mitis and family closer to the faith of salvation by grace of Jesus.

4) Dominic and his friend initially did not want to chat and claimed that there is not heaven and hell as well as God. I used the analogy of the building that it must have a builder though we did not see the process it was built. His attitude was softened and took a tract to read when our conversation and to stop because of the arriving bus.

5) George and Alanna were a local Aussie couple doing study at UQ. They showed courtesy to let me share the gospel but appeared only listening to it half heartedly. Nevertheless, they also could not find reason to reject the Gospel so pray for God's follow up work.

6) An old Indian lady appeared very suborn to reject the message. I nevertheless keep the chat to go on in a friendly way.

7) Fatima an Aussie girl of Indian origin. She was receptive to the gospel and I gave her the power to change card for contact.

8) Rejected by an Asian looking lady of fair skin though I still managed to share with her the nutshell of the gospel.

9) Another Malaysian girl got the tract though showing no initial interest. Instead I shared with her my testimony of salvation.

10) Cindy an UQ student from Columbia who not only listened to my gospel but kept asking thoughtful question. I nevertheless still focused on sharing the nutshell of the Gospel to her before the conversation was cut by the arriving bus.

11) A group of three African girls got off from the bus. One was caught up remaining on the bus. I made us of this gap to quickly give away a tract and quick words of the gospel to the 2 girls waiting for their friends to leave the bus.


Battle Log of Johnny:

Thanks God let us have chance to preaching gospel at Toowong

Bus station , may God bless who heard gospel ,repent and trust Jesus Christ. 下午在 Toowong 的福音事工有許多人聽到了福音,有印度、新加坡、印尼、澳洲本地、中國等昆大的學生,祈求上帝拯救他們。


Battle Log of Winnie:

感謝主!在駕車上 Toowong 傳福音途中,非常大雨,我便禱告 求神 给我們平安底達,順利將神的愛傳揚。感恩今天有12人聽到福音。

第一位,中國少女 Perry,聽完整福音,明白主的爱,願意细心想想。


第三位中國年青人,Lee,問及天主教及基督教的問题。為何基督教那麽多不同的教會。我與他詳談直到巴士到來。我對他説,天主教要經過神父 才能對神認罪悔改,馬利亞也當作神。但基督教是三位一體的神,聖父,聖子,聖靈。認罪悔改 直着禱告可以與神構通,罪得赦免。

第四位 中國 UQ 學生,Willy, 聽完福音,會想想。


第六位 Loren, 澳洲少女,會细心想想信仰問题。

第七位,Jimmy, 中國青年,不接受耶穌基督,後來 Johnny 來到,再次與他傾談。

第八位,中國青年 Sunny, 明白主耶穌的救恩,會想清楚。

第九位是澳洲女士,彈着结它,自弹自唱。我给她單張,及講述福音,她説她不會信主。她説如果神愛世人,為何讓 這麽多人反罪。我解释给她,神给我們生活自由,信仰自由,如果我們信靠祂,我們的罪 便得赦免。主的靈會住在我們心裏,會提醒我們什麽是對與錯。

第10,及11 位是一起的中國年青人,Mary & Brain. 聽完福音後,會想想信仰問題,將來會到那裏。

第12 位是澳洲男士,當我講完福音,巴士到達。當我們準備離開,有對年青人到達,坐着等巴士。因为時間到了,不足夠時間再傳福音。唯有给他們單張,讓他們知道神的愛,神的偉大。

感謝讚美主 今天的带领,願神 賜福给今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,打開心門,接受耶穌基督為救世主。阿們!

Tuesday 9 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday February 9, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today I thought we had a 4th team member, when I arrived at the marshaling point, but found out later it was the JW girl from Singapore who honored her appoint,ent with Johnny bringing a hand written note explaining the doctrine of JW. Johnny did not have time to read the notes but had a exchange of opinion with her trying to let her know what area of the JW doctrine are considered wrong. It was a pity the JW lady had to rush for another appointment so she left us before we started our routine opening commissioning prayer. Will discuss more in dept in separate post about the note from that JW lady.

The day went on very well for us. There were non-stop opportunities at the bus stop as such Johnny had to come over to join us at the bus stop to catch as many chat as possible. The pattern of initial rejection prevail. Some soften down and let you share . Some declined up right but after a while changed their mind to allow for a chat. SO, there was sign of God's presence to direct the entire street ministry providing us ample divine appointment to do His Work. Recap below was first my battle log then Winnie's in Chinese.

1) Viahi  from PNG welcome me with a sweet smile to chat. But there was only 1 minute left before the bus arrived. So I had to rush sharing here the nutshell of the Gospel and she promised to read the tract back home.

2) Sim a local Aussie abruptly rejected my offer of the tract and to chat. God moved me to first identify with his feeling that there was a reason for him to reject Christianity which he once was a follower. He seemed to have got a wrong image of God that He is a God of hatred punishing whoever disobey and don't love Him. I took him along to revise on some Bible story that God is merciful and is a very patient God who has given enough time and chance for people to repent like people at time before the flood were given 120 years before the ark was completed and the great flood came. Another case were the canaanites whom God ordered Joshua to do genocide when he occupied the land in God's power. As God had given them more than 600 years since he made Canaan the promised land to Abraham. Yet they insisted to rebel against God as such they were treated as cancer cell that had to be removed before the Israelites were to occupy the promised land without the risk of being led astray by these wicked people. Some things appeared to be trivial mistakes but God reckon they are seeds of sin which had to be destroy at the very beginning before it spread. After my elaboration, Sim turn silenced and than I started to share the gospel to show the gracious aspect of God's love and salvation plan to rescue us from the punishment of eternal death through Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross but rose three days after as King of our born again life. At last, Sim accepted the tract and promised to have a good thought about it.

3) A girl with a "Face to Face" purple T Shirt took the tract and a Power to Change name Card promising to start her journey of pursuance for Christ.

4) Everly a Canadian young man from Vancouver and is now student of UQ. He stopped politely to chat and soon revealed he is a Christian attending possibly the SCCCC. I turned to ask him the two diagnosis questions. He does not have 100% assurance of Salvation but he knows he is saved all because of Jesus. So I spent little effort to guide him to establish 100% assurance of salvation if it is his understanding that it was all because of Jesus dying for taking our place to received the punishment of our sins. I clarified with him that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ, but we have got our identity changed back to children of God wit hour life substance still imperfect. Yet God promised to make us perfect through the work of the Holy Spirit and also would guided us to grow in spirituality by working with Him to share the gospel saving many more lost souls. He enjoyed our chat and showed his appreciation by taking a selfie with me.

5) Johnny from 蘭州 Lanzhou and his girl friend from 西寧 recognized me first and said we chatted before (Dec 8, 2020). Last time it was Johnny who did the talking but this time the girl told me she is reading the bible herself frequently. 自己看聖經I asked if she has drawn any conclusion yet or if she has any problem with any passage or even the character of God. I used the same example of God's character as deemed by Sim a very cruel and angry God but actually God is full of compassion and mercy kindness. SHe appreciate my sharing and ask me to protect myself by wearing mask as we don;t know what kind of people we are going to meet on the street. , 保護自己. I hope God will bring them a few more step closer to salvation by faith in Him next time.

6) Pionni a tattoo woman seems to be from the Caribbean. She was surprisingly soften to listen to the gospel and appeared very receptive to the salvation of Jesus. It was a pity the bus came a bit too fast.

7) Craig a Vietnamese UQ Student who initially rejected Winnie. But God moved me to make another approach and he turned receptive to chat. Gospel was shared and he also showed interest to pursue.

8) Alex was approached by Johnny, but he claimed he is a Muslim and had chatted with one of us before then it could likely be me. He tole Johnny, he is convinced the Gospel is more sensible and logical than Koran so he does not think he is a Muslim any more. After Johnny's follow up sharing. Alex even proclaimed at last that he now want to belive in Jesus. How wonderful it was and glory be to God.


感謝神 今天的带领,讓我遇到十二人傳福音的機會。

第一位中國年青人,中法,UQ 學生,很留心聽着福音,將近講完,巴士到達,他説會看單張。

第二位,Cindy, 馬來西亞來的 UQ 學生,聽完整福音,會想想。


第四及第五位是非洲,蘇單來的夫婦,穆斯林。他們信A La. 真主。當我傳了福音给他們後,便與他們談論神的問题。他們信一位神,A La. 但基督教是三位一體的神。聖父,聖子,聖靈。分别做不同的工作。聖子(耶穌基督)釘上十宇架,為拯救我們脱離罪的捆绑,得到自由。耶穌為我們在天家预備地方,將來我們上天家有地方住。聖靈住在我們心裏,提醒我們甚麽是對與錯。應做及不應該做的。很多穆斯林因为沒有聖靈内住,所以四處殺人。他們都認同很多是很可惡的穆斯林。


第七位,Morgan, 非洲來的穆斯林,我也是説 A La 與基督教的分别,及罪的問题。

第八位, Lulu, Malaysia 少女(相片)穆斯林。我也是講及我們不同的宗教。耶穌為拯救我們脱離罪,得永生,及预備地方给我們上天家有地方居住。聖靈在我們心里提醒我們應該做的及不應該。她説會認真想清楚。

第九位,Steve 中國年青人,聽完福音,會想想。


第十二位是澳洲女士,Megan, 她説以前曾到過信義會,因某種原因,便離開,再沒有到過教會。我勸她再返教會,或者找另一教會。因为離開太久,便接觸不到聖靈,神 便會慢慢離開你。她説謝謝及會認真想清楚。

願神 賜福憐悯今天聽到福音人仕,悔改回轉歸向神。阿們! 感謝讚美主🙏

Tuesday 2 February 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Tooowng Village on Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Today was a rainy day, we narrowly escape from a morning big storm which though passed away quickly but had left behind a cloudy sky with scattered rain. The Toowong Team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung had to bring either umbrella or putting on rain coat to serve on the street with intermittent rain. It made every body very gloomy and not in any mood to chat. Thus, it was a general response of initial rejection by the hearer. God nevertheless moved us and strengthened us to make 2nd attempt which normally result in successful conversation for Gospel to be shared at the end.

After we called for the day, God let us met with Miss Chang that Johnny met last week. She is a JW follower. Johnny asked her to check on the internet why JW is consider a heretic Sect. She said she had not done so yet, so Johnny asked her to do so and we will meet next Tuesday. Pray that this God ordain divine encounter will bear fruit to lead Miss Chang to Christ.

Recap below were my chances of gospel sharing: -

1) Alex is a Chinese looking Aussie who responded to my request for chatting after many previous rejections. He did not show full willingness initially but the Spirit softened his heart opening for Gospel. He grasped the idea of Gospel and appeared in agreement that it is the only sensible and logical solution for sinners like us to be saved.

2) A Mongolia lady who is a Christian chatted with Johnny. I joined the conversation for a short while. She basically showed appreciation of our work.

3) Grace rejected Winnie but finally entered into a short chat with me. The bus came very quickly so I only managed to shared with her the nutshell of the Gospel.

4) Midy is a Sri Lanka lady studying at UQ. She initially did not want to chat as she claimed

she is a Buddhist. But God gave me wisdom to affirm Buddhism is good for teaching people to be a good person but that is not enough to resolve our sin. It appeared the gospel has triggered some deeper thought in her mind.

5) Jay is a young lady from Northern Queensland . She appeared very weary and tired. Thus she simply had no mood to chat. But I changed tactic to identify with her feeling and had earn a long chat till Johnny had to come to tell me to call for the day if I want to leave together with the team.

感谢 神 賜給我們 天陰,沒有很大的雨,當我們驾車從停車埸上到街上,非常大雨。感謝主保守我們。 今天很多人 都不接受單張及聽福音,感谢神 给我有八人傳福音的 機會。

第一位是中國少女,遇到她時,正在聽電話,我给她單張,她接受 指示稍后會看。我等她講完電話,再去問她,她説不相信耶稣,我説死后會受到神審判,不信會落地獄,她説不介意落死獄。我説地獄像火湖,不停的燃燒。


第三位是中國來,UQ 學生,Megan, 聽完整福音,願意找教會,我叫她去大學裏找教會,找牧師,明白更多主的愛。

第四位是中國來,Matt, UQ 學生,初時不想聽,當我説,不信的人會落地獄。他説會到大学找教會,㝷求更多真理。

第五位是澳洲年青人,Frank , 聽完整福音,會到教會,尋求更多真理。


第七及第八位是澳洲男女青年,拿着東西等巴士。我行去傳福音给他們,當我講完福音,他們説是基督徒,我問他們死后可以上天堂嗎?他們説不清楚,可能會的,如果 時常 去教會,做多的善事。于是我從新再講多一次福音给他們聽,解释给他們。這是今天最後,神给我們三人一起, 分别傳福音的機會。

感謝讚美主 今天的带领,願今天聽到福音的人仕,認罪悔改歸向神 阿們!

Tuesday 26 January 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong Village on Tuesday January 26, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Today was the Australian Day. It was a national holiday, but God did not signal us to take a rest but prompted us to serve with business (Ministry) as usual. It ended up really a day of miracles for the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung experiencing the real team work with God apart from amongst the three of us. All of us experienced initial rejections, but the work of God turned around the hearts of stone to listen to the Gospel. God gave us each a special divine appointment :

Hung : A Christian Kid took the tract with his mum but did not stop. I saw him read the tract right away as he walked away and his mum immediately grabbed the tract to verify it is not bad stuff. After half and hour , before we called off for the day. They returned from the Toowong shopping centre and verbally thanked me for the tract. It took me a while to associate her word with the previous encounter. God suddenly made her dropped the water jar without noticing it. It gave me the chance to pick up the dropped jar and chased her up to have the full conversation clarifying what had just happened with God as the director. God used the tract to call and remind the Christian Mum to teach her son to follow God and acted by example to do similar Gospel sharing work as situation permitted.

Winnie : For the first time God moved a person who rejected an evangelist i.e. Winnie today, but after a while that person was softened to let Winnie to approach her the 2nd time and listened to the full Gospel.

Johnny: He had a difficult time with few conversations. His last conversation was obviously the result of God's work stopping and calling back a Muslim man to come back four, five steps to talk to Johnny.

So we really praised and thanked God in our closing prayer to move us to come despite today was a National Holiday.

Recap were my others divine appointments.

1) A Muslim look man who initially rejected Johnny at the traffic light and showed great reluctance to accept my tract. But God showed me what He can do by softening his heart and allow me to share the full gospel to him. He admit the message of Gospel is sensible and logical with no reason to reject. So I strongly believe that he is just a step of faith away from salvation. What surprised me was that he actually was no overseas student from Muslin country but an Australian born man who is already at work.

2) Then came John an UQ student who also showed great reluctance to listen teo gospel. Again, I was empowered to changed his heart and attitude and we entered into a meaningful conversation covering the full gospel message before the bus came.

3) Marion who once was a Christian but has relinquished her faith. I did not challenged her action and respected her decision yet reiterating the real faith of trusting in Jesus Christ alone. She showed changing heart to re-examine her given up faith after our chat.

4) Adin is an UQ student from Malaysia and claimed he is a Muslim, . I showed respect to his faith but stress that it is good at only guiding us to be a good person but cannot resolve the issue of sin. He looked receptive to the Gospel message when the bus came. Pray that the tract will trigger more soul searching thought to bring him closer to the salvation by Jesus.

5) Angela the Mum and stallion the son are Orthodox Christian. For God's miraculous work, please refer to narration above.

Battle Log by Johnny: Australia Day, preaching day! One Aussie name Arthur, one Indian guy name Chi, one Muslim name Aberaham,. They all heard the gospel, may God open their eye and mind, let them trust Jesus Christ.

各位弟兄姐妹,澳洲日快樂。感謝主今天 的带领,讓我遇到七人傳福音的機會。今天,讓我看到神的同在。神的大能,祂令不願意聽福音的人仕, 使他們乖乖的聽完祂的話語。 第一及第二位 的是澳洲女仕,Lily 及坐輪椅的 Katy.當我講完福音後,他們 説是基督徒。我問及他們,死后可以上天堂嗎?他們不大清楚,于是我解释给他們。 我再次遇到一澳洲女仕,當我拿單張给她,問及她認識耶穌基督嗎?她説不想聽,我問她知道我們是罪人嗎?她説不要再講,否则我會離開。她拿着東西行了别處。 第三及第四位是中國少女,Alice 及 Ruby. 我問及他們認識耶穌基督嗎?他們説不認識,及不想聽。我繼續講我們是罪人,講述全福音,我给他們中文單張,讓他們更加明白什麽是罪及神的愛。他們説會閲讀單張及想清楚。 第五位是,剛巧離開,不願聽福音的澳洲女仕。回來 坐下等巴士。神 使用我再次回去,問及她認識耶穌基督嗎?跟着傳主要的福音给她,及给她單張,讓她更加明白什麽是罪。這是神的大能,讓我看到五分鐘后的轉變。感謝主。 第六位是中國青年,講述全福音给他。他説會想想。 第七位是中國少女,聽完整福音,需要時間想清楚。 感謝主的带领,讓我們親身看到神的大能,無人能阻止。只要我們行出第一部,神 會幫助我們完成祂的工作。感謝讚美主🙏


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