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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Dec 5th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was not a good day for street outreach. The sun was scorching hot. The Uni is in Holiday period. But God still answered our prayer to give us both many gospel outreach opportunities in amazing way. We were led to chat with a Bangladesh family with Johnny chatting to the Mum behind the bus shelter in the shade and with Hung chatting to the son in the front under the sun. The Young kids once prematurely rush on board an wrong bus, with God's timely alert to the Mum to drag the son back down to the bus stop, as such both the Mum and the kid had a long enough time for us to share the full Gospel until their right bus arrived. Moreover, all the mainlander I approached today were all open heart and open mind. So, the harvest is really ripe despite the environmental factor was not friendly to our outdoor Open air evangelism ministry. Rec p below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach a UQ girl from Guangzhou??, who has been in Brisbane for a year.??. She claimed she never met us but for this first encounter, she appeared open minded and willing to listen??. It was a pity her bus came too quick for me to finish but I anyway gave away a tract to her.

2) Then I caught up with an UQ faculty member who was ok to chat but his attention was still on the forth coming bus as such not interacting too deep with the gospel message. He anyway took a tract to read when the bus came.

3) Then I caught up with a Nigeria girl. I started asking her the Christian revival status in Nigeria, but she seemed to be ignorant about it. And I could just start the gospel sharing but then the bus came. She also took a tract.

4) Then I was led to approach Chiu? from Urumyti of the Inner Mongolia???. To my surprise, He was very open minded and respond to the gospel positively. I asked if he found any fault in the argument of way to address sin. He surprisingly answered there is not fault in the gospel message and show no reluctant to accept Christianity as his own faith by the grace of God. I referred him to connect with Power to Change group in the campus in case he accepted Jesus.

5) Then God miraculously teamed up Johnny and Hung to preach the Gospel to the mum and the son respectively. They are from Bangladesh and the kid is in grade 6. Originally, the kid mistaken the number of the bus and jump the gun to get on board the bus without his mother. Thanks God the Mum noticed it quick enough to drag the kid back down to allow us to have a long Gospel sharing time. Praised be to God, despite they are of Hinduism background, but they both showed no resistance to the Christian faith. In particular, when I asked the kid if there is any mechanism in Hinduism to address sin. He was too young to know but I encouraged him to share with his mun afterwards so that the Spirit may touch their heart to receive Christ together. And he is the only son of the family in contrast to big sibling i.e., his father has 6 sisters. So I thing by God's Will, their whole family will be brought to Christ very soon.

6) Then I was led to approach a PhD student from USA to first UK in Bath, then coming here to do his PhD on chemistry. We had a long ice breaking chat and his response was good. Yet his bus came very quick but he still delightfully took a track to read.

7) Next was to a Local Aussie Lady who declined us politely.

8 ) A young man ? from Da Tong , Shanxi???? took initiative to greet me and claimed we just met last week or the week before.????????He appeared not rejective to the Gospel and pray for divine encounter next week.

9) Jenny a Chinese origin from Cincinnati USA is now doing undergraduate in UQ. She was open but time again was not enough.

10) Arjun is a Hinduism follower from Nepal. But he considered himself a Hinduism by birth but he had no idea how does Hinduism address sin. So he is very open to the gospel message I just shared and accept it is a very rational way to deal with sin, designed by God

Tuesday 28 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 28th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The beginning of this week outreach was not ideal. The whole day it was heavily overcast weather with torrential rain in many suburbs. However, the grace of God was sufficient to give Johnny and Hung a window of light or no rain period around the Toowong Bus stop. Moreover, the University has just finished the academic term. There were much less student flows form and to St Lucia Campus, but we still were given many chances for good outreach. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung

1) First I was led to approach a Mainlander UQ girl who lives at the college of the Religious Department of UQ, because she told me the Uni is readily in term break long Summer Holiday that tricker my question why she still went to school and she said her student hostel is at one of the College of the UQ Religious Department despite she is a non-believer. Thanks God she was comparatively open for a chat as most of the other Mainlander students were not around. So, I was able to share her the full gospel. Towards the end of sharing the same guy in the past three weeks who was motivated to challenge soke of the points in Gospel turned up which I managed not to deal with him but finished my sharing with the Mainlander lady. They nevertheless started interacting with each other and the bus also just arrived by that time. I do believe the result was positive and God will follow up on this divine encounter.

2) Rejected by several Mainlanders before I was led to chat with a very open-minded Muslim lady who claimed she is not bounded by ritual law wearing Hejaz. She claimed she heard one of us sharing the gospel before, apparently she did not feel rejective but rather has remained open-minded and found my refreshing sharing sensible and logical that only Christianity address the issue of Sin and the way treated people with sin is both just and loving kindness that we, as sinners must be held responsible for our sin to receive the due eternal death punishment, but the loving kindness of God promise to whoever repent and seek Jesus as our saviour then our sins will deemed to have been punished and the record of our sins is set to zero, allowing God to reconciled with us as a new born again person with a clean sheet of sinless status because of Jesus. She was the rare Muslin who appears receptive to the idea that Jesus is the saviour in the capacity of the Son of God. She gladly took a track again to help her digest the gospel message when her bus arrived.

3) Then I was urged to approach an English middle age lady whose facial expression showed she was in pain because of illness as such she had no mood to chat but still, I got her consent to chat with her so she might not be too drawn to the feeling of pain but may divert her attention to other matter. Even though she clearly showed she is non-religious or can be considered as an Atheist. But I was still able to manage to share the gospel as a cross-cultural concept of a life issue of sin. After presenting my gospel in a strict non-religious sense.

4) Then next I was led to approach a lady works at Cole, She appeared a but sceptical initially but after I started sharing, she appeared receptive to the gospel though I only shared half the way. She took a tract to read and ponder afterwards.

5) The I was attracted to an elder man Patrick looking a bit pale and searching his bag for something, possibly the go card. I showed my care and asked if he needs help. Then I was moved to chat with him about his life and health. He told me he is a cancer patient having diagnosed with a lymph cancer at the neck which was a spread out from the cancer of the pancreas but he was now healed after several rounds of chemo. He just walked from Wesleyan hospital to Toowong village and then came to the bus stop to connect bus to home in St Lucia. We got connected because of our identity as cancer patience and though I have not yet been able to touch upon the gospel, but Patrick was given the awareness that life is too fragile and beyond our control, we must treasured the time God gave us to do the real meaningful thing and achieved the ultimate goal of life. I pray that our next meeting will lead him to the need of Jesus for giving us life of eternity.

6) Then I was led to connect with a young man from the mainland that I had chatted before. Through refreshing the gospel message, he seemed to become even more open and more ready to receive Christ as his saviour.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 21th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was again by the grace of God we can deliver our committed street outreach ministry today at Toowong with a Weather forecast of a 75% rainy day. The rain did fall over night and in the morning with a timely sunny break around noon time giving us just the needed window to serve at the Toowong bus stop and rain resumed falling again after our roster ministry time was over. God is always faithful and good to His servants and we do feel empowered and boosted spiritually to keep doing His mission. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung. It bears new meaning to me after I was cleared without any more Bladder Cancer cells yesterday, as such I am now free to run my race towards the trophy that God has in store for me and all other gospel warriors.

1) I was led to approach a Local Aussie lady who appeared very friendly and polite but firmly told me she is OK and does not need the Gospel. I tried to approach this as my usual style in a non-religious way but finally have to let go with her smiling face to show her determination to reject God.

2) Then I was Rejected twice by mainlanders.

3) Then I was led to approach a Local Aussie who claimed himself an Atheist. I said it is oK for him to hold his stand about religion but I still patiently share him the full gospel which he listened but with an indifferent attitude. Thanks, Gid at the end, he still was moved to take a tract.

4) Then I bumped into the first Hongkonger ??? that build good rapport between us because of this identity. He is a Physiotherapy student??????but he showed great prudence in his respond to my sharing of the gospel message. ????

5) Then I was led to meet Joe who has 100 assurance of salvation and a clear understanding of grace and the gospel.

6) Then I was led to meet the 2nd Hongkongers today Miss Yeung who has come for two years already. Quickly, she identified herself as Catholic Christians. ?2????. Therefore, I lodged the diagnosis test of her assurance of salvation which her answer is 80% certainty only. She was graceful for my clarification and was happy to take a selfie to memorize her renewed understanding of the gospel and salvation.

7) Then I was led to approach another Mainlander from Guangzhou??. She listened to my full gospel sharing reluctantly but did not take a tract.

8 ) Then I approach a big fellow from UK who claimed himself a God fearer but not a Christian. He believes in the God of Abraham who is also the God of Ismel. I stressed to him it is important to know who is God that worship but also equally important how our sin could be dealt with by that merciful and righteous God. And there is only one answer that is Jesus Christ himself.

9) Last but not the least, I was able to catch hold of an Indonesia student, giving him the answer that we all need Jesus and he delightfully took a tract to ponder on my conclusion.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 14th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was another scorching high noon day. Despite the temperature was registered as 29C, the actual heat at the bus stop is not a 100C furnace. Johnny and Hung simply treated it as part of the training to share the Gospel irrespective of the circumstances. Actually, the greater challenge is still the stone hard of most of the Mainlander people. Johnny learnt from one of the mainlander Christian he met at Sunnybank that, double the inflow of Mainlander students will be coming to Australia, yet all of them have been pre-warned not to Chat with local people about religion and politics. It reflects immediately for the current high rejection rate from the Mainlanders. Nevertheless, we still approached targeted people by the led of the Holy Spirit. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was moved to approach two students from Macau, ??, who should be more open then the Mainlander students. Both came for post graduate study and show little interest in religion. I nevertheless still managed to share them the nutshell of the gospel.

2) Reunited with two very keen mainlanders ????who behaviour exceptionally open to gospel. They actually have met either of us many times. So our catching up conversation are meant for another chance to invite them to make the last step of faith.

3) Lily from Northern QLD, recognized me and claimed we had chatted before. So I asked if she got the point of the tract which I found out later that was not yet the case. So reiterated the main lesson of the tract and appealed her to ponder deeper to see if she is not perfect enough that required for the salvation of Christ.

4) Then I caught up with Li? from Beijing, (??)who have come here as interchange students (??? for three months only. She was comparatively opened and was OK to listen to the gospel and took a tract afterwards.

5) Then I caught up with a couple from Chengdu????who were moving ?? from Sunnybank to students hostel in St Lucia. They were reluctant listeners and refused a tract.

6) I caught up with a Korean atheist who is indifferent to the gospel but still listen reluctantly and took a tract afterwards.

7) Then I caught up next with a big fellow from Jiangsu Nanchong?????who was a willing listener to the gospel??. He was attentive to the message as such he almost missed his bus.

8 ) Yet another brief chat ??with a Mailander girl?, as her bus came fairy quick.

9) Snay is an Aussie girl with a French name but parents are from Welsh. She was very friendly and polite to listen to the full gospel sharing even though she is of Catholic Chrisitan background. I tested for her assurance of salvation which she failed. But was happy to be clarified with the correct attitude.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 7th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500
There was scattered rain in the morning but the sky was cleared when we start our outreach at Toowong. But the raining day already set the tone for today evangelism which was tough and unsteady with little results. Basically, majority of people we met were from Mainland and it seemed that they have just received order from the mainland government to avoid talking to Christian and forbidden absolute to receive any tract from us. It happened almost identically to all the Mainlander students we met. Rather the Indian of Hinduism appeared more opened than any of the mainlander. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) An AI guy from the Mainlander claimed he chatted with me just last week. But afterwards I cross check that it was false, he might have mixed up me with Johnny but he used his logical minded training to pick bone from and egg.
2) A group of three Mainlander boys kept mocking Johnny and me and in the meantime, interfere our conversation with other Mainlander people.
3) A Mainliner girl was originally OK for a chat but she felt threatened by the surveillance of that threesome boys.
4) Then I was led to catch up with a Singaporean boy who was not interested as he was busy in revision and preparing for Exam
5) Then I caught up with a Mainlander girl from Shenzhen. ???. The chat was OK but at the end, she still turned down my offer to her our tract.
6) Then I was able to catch up with a Malaysian girl who also was reluctant to listen half-heartedly.
7) Then I caught up with a Mainlander girl doing Biology. She also indicated no interest to the topic, then I turned to share with her the scientific aspects of the 6 days Creation which she found very interesting and convincing.
8 ) Then I was led to approach an Indian student majoring in mechanical engineering with an objective to get a mining job to apply for PR. Despite his Hinduism belief, he basically appeared open and rational and end up finding the gospel message is sensible and trustworthy.
9 ) Finally I caught with any Mainlander girl who also listened half-heartedly and finally reject taking the tract.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday October 31st, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a scorching hot day of 34C, but the fervent for the gospel was even stronger to help Johnny and Hung to overcome the heat wave but had a fruitful street ministry at the Toowong Bus Stop which will turn into a furnace even in a normal sunny day, not to mention a super high temperate day like today. As usual, we both faced many rejections, but by the grace of God, some was softened and turned around to hear the gospel from their initial rejection status. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I was moved to approach four Mainlander Chinese males who were chatting amongst themselves. I was able to break the ice by asking around where they were from. Actual one is from Tsen Zhou ?? of Suzhou?SekjiaChong ???of He Bei and Wen Zhou?? of Jie Jiang. One joined us late so I did not know his home town. I used my Disaster relief work to identify with them as their compatriot that love and help people from the Sichuan earth quake. With this lead about doing a lot of charity work, will it be good enough to qualify us to Heaven. It was really the gracious act of God to let me chip into their conversation and finish the full gospel before their bus came.

2) Then I caught up with an Aussie girl with 1 min left to brief her the nutshell of the gospel and gave her a tract.

3) Then I was led to catch up with Amelia , a local Aussie of Ireland origin and shared with her the full gospel.

4) Next was a USA(dad) & Japanese (mum) cross breed girl who was impressed by my Japanese greeting. And she quickly identified herself as Christian which is basically her family (dad)'s faith. Though she failed the test of assurance of Salvation, not 100% sure she can go to heaven, but was glad I clarified this with her that our status of God's people with the gift of eternal life has been given to us the moment we received Christa as our Savior. She was thankful for my clarification.

5) Then I was politely rejected by a Mainlander lady claiming she was busy in doing something on her phone so ask to be excused from further chatting. I knew it was an excuse, but I was moved to let go.

6) Then I was led to approach Chang ?also from Mainland???who claimed he had chatted ith many of us before more than once. So I said it was even better then I could hear about his feedback on the message he heard and read from the tract. It anyway gave me chance to pin point the need for every person good or bad that as long as we are not perfect we all need Jesus. I pray and trust this time, he would get the gospel message impressive enough for him to ponder the need to make the last step of faith.

7) Then I was led to approach yet another local Aussie from local Brisbane. She just chose to bluntly reject me claiming she is all right. I was moved by the Spirit to follow on this statement I used to say to those evangelist before. And the Spirit obviously had softened her heart and allowed me to share her the full gospel and took a tract to read afterwards. I was grate for the whispering guidance of the Spirit to prompt me to take different actions against those overt rejecting persons.

8 )  Aden a n Indonesia young man from Jakarta. He was surprisingly open to the gospel despite he admitted he is Muslim. He even admitted we are sinner beyond redemption and only Jesus can save. So he joyously took a selfie with me after the gospel sharing.

9) Then God gave me another gospel opportunity to chat with Kathleen from Wisconsin who is a non-believer but with Christian school background and many Christian friends around. She admitted the gospel message is familiar but cannot tell what held her up to make the last step of faith action. I said I could identify with her as I was brought up from Christian primary school but it took me 40 years to surrender to God. I pledge her to seriously ponder and pray to God and receive Christ the earlier the better as we cannot have control of our life. She was moved and impressed and promise to do so and also graciously took a selfie with me , so I can recognize her in case we do not meet again until the time of rapture at the heaven gate.

10) Finally I faced another blunt rejection from yet another Mainlander girl , which I was led to just let go.


Tuesday 24 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday October 24th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Though not yet Summer time but in Spring, the weather was so hot that, everybody hid behind the Bus Stop Shelter away from the scorching sun and the radiating heat from the concrete ground. Johnny and Hung still served faithfully under such hard yard condition with fervent fire in our heart. By the grace of God, we as a team had chatted with people from the three religions, namely Islam, Hindu and Buddhism with very good apologetic result softening their hearts to have a glimpse of the grace of God rendering them salvation by Jesus. These joy in serving with God had offset some not so pleasant experience dealing with stone heart people which pitifully were mostly from the biggest Creative Access Country. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) First was with Kay from Kyotanabe ???? near Osaka. We clichéd because of my Japanese greeting. Anyway, he was open to the gospel without any preoccupied religious thought.

2) Then I tried to approach a middle aged Aussie lady who claimed we had a brief encounter. She did not mind to have a chat with me but asked for my pardon as she was not in a mood at that moment in time, dealing with some text message from friends. It anyway was still a good try to reinforce relationship with potential gospel target. Pray for next divine encounter that we finally could chat.

3) Lavi from Indonesia looked an aggressive extremist in appearance. But it was proven wrong to judge people by the stereotype appearance. We have a very good exchange of opinion on the issue of sin and how it could be addressed. Lavi told me Muslin was taught that human are imperfect, but their faith advocate that as long as our good deeds are greater than our imperfection, than any one with a positive good deeds balance will go to heaven. I easily use analogy to illustrate, Good deeds are use less for offsetting sin or earning merit to heaven. Lavi seemed convinced and agreed. He was appreciative for my sharing and happy to take a selfie with me.

4) Very stern girl repeating the word, I am alright to piss me off for any conversation.

5) Another Aussie young guy let me chat for a short while but still rejected me from sharing anymore claiming nothing I said will be bought by him or influence him.

6) Then I was led to have a long chat with a Local Aussie girl who is an undergrad of Psychology. She was open and receptive to the gospel.

7) Then I was moved to catch up with a girl from Jiangxi Nanchong????, she was comparatively open than other mainlanders and was happy to take a tract after wards.

8 ) Then came a guy who told me upfront not to waste effort talking to him as a Materialism guy????I challenge him to understand the 6 days creation in a both biblical and scientific basis. ?????He became speechless and at the end still take a tract to read to show a bit of backing down from his tough position of atheism and materialism.

9) Then I was led to catch up with a girl from Macau in Cantonese. ???She is not yet a Christian but was brought up from Chrisitan school.??????????. She nevertheless showed openness and humility to listen to the Gospel.

10) Finally I chatted with Nadi a Buddhism follower from Sri Lanka. I was able to guide him to be aware of the fact that Buddhism is not a religion but religious education to become a better self if not a perfect one. There is not God head worship in Buddhism. I was able to challenge him to think about the way to address the issue of sin. At the end, he seemed to have been enlightened to seriously consider the Chrisitan way of salvation by grace through faith but not relying on good deeds. Again, he was happy to take a selfie with me to show his appreciation.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

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Only Johnny and Hung were available for the Toowong ministry. There is good news that the Senior Pastor of Sherwood Methodist Church will join us next week. We praised and thank God to make available this cross-cultural outreach platform to help us brush up our gift and make us bold to serve the Lord to strangers but the elected persons despite of rejections and denial. The result of today was good. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung.

1) I was led to approach first a Nanjing girl who is a UQ undergraduate with major in Biology. I could identify with her also as a Biology Uni student, as well as my ground breaking visit to Nanjing in 1973-1974 while China was not yet open for free tourism by overseas people. Though being brough up in an atheist background, she could accept and admit she is not perfect as such she needs salvation. She promised to read the tract and ponder on the action faith to accept Jesus.

2) Then I was led to catch up with Alex from Ghana. Surprisingly he once studied in Nanjing China for 3 years. Though the official language for class was English, but he had got enough exposure to speak Mandarin well. More so, he indicated he is a Chrisitan. And upon my diagnosis on his assurance of salvation, he firmly said he has 100 percent of Assurance of salvation, but when asked why, his first answer was off the mark claiming he led a good person life doing everything to please God and according to His teaching. When I hinted to him that those answer was totally off the mark then he immediately was able to correct his position claiming it is simply because of the redemptive grace of Jesus. He thanked me for clarifying his faith and we took a selfie to memorize this divine encounter.

3) Then I bumped in an UQ student form Wuhan China. When I use the good person analogy to ask if he thinks there is any perfect person in the world and he unusually said he believes he is almost perfect. ????????. Just use some examples to prove that he is not perfect, or else he should be able to scree his private life 24x7 publicly. His heart appeared still rock hard. More prayer is needed.

4) Then I was led to meet up wit ja lady from Lao???she is not a student but a staff of UQ, she did not take it seriously enough to listen to the gospel ???. Also more prayer is needed for her.

5) Danielle is a local Aussie from Mt Isa. she appeared very open and receptive to the gospel message though the bus came prematurely to end our half done conversation.

6) Then I met up with an Indonesia Javanese student still wearing his cultural costume and apparently of Islamic background, but he appeared also very open and receptive to the gospel message.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday October 10th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Thanks God helping me overcame the sore throat problem I developed towards end of the Taiwan trip as well as some minor tooth pain issue, I officially have resumed my regular street outreach at Toowong with Johnny. God was gracious to have led me into divine encounter with 7 persons from different background but all leading to favourable result. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1) There was a long queue for bus when we arrived at the bus stop. I was led to approach a girl from Hong Kong?? by the name Ng ?who came to do a Master Of IT at UQ. She did his first IT degree at CUHK, Chung Chi College.???? Thus we are dual Alumni of both CCC and UQ. I was moved to share a bit more my life testimony as she knew the HK background. Then I rushed through the gospel when the bus arrived. She anyway seemed touched and eager to know more by taking a tract.

2) Israel is an Australian born Bangladesh in Sydney. He is of Islamic background because of his parents as such he rejected me initially. But the Spirit moved me to stay put and be friend first with him to soften his heart to listen the gospel finally showing good degree of receptiveness.

3) Then I was moved to approach a lady from Peru who comes to visit her daughter studying in UQ and do some sightseeing herself. Her English is limited, but still sufficient to hear the gospel.

4) Then I was led to approach a Mainlander. He actually has extensive reading of the Bible but also has a lot of prejudiced understanding because of the lack of the Holy Spirit. I answered all his queries but he still needs more enlightenment by the Spirit to convict of him the self-righteousness as a sinner in flesh. ?????????

5) Then next was a young man from ????, who was very willing to listen to the gospel. He took a tract to read on the bus.

6) Then I bumped into a young lady of mixed blood with an Aussie dad and a Filipino mum. She seemed to be of no religious background but still polite and willing to listen to the gospel.

7) Jess is a local Aussie girl full of Sun shine. She is also not religious but appeared very keen to the full gospel message with receptiveness. She was also willing to take a selfie with me to memorize this divine encounter and conversation of life issue importance.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday September 26th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a hot sunny afternoon more like mid-Summer rather than early Spring. Johnny and Hung both switched to summer dress in short. Nonetheless, our passion for sharing the gospel of Christ is not less fervent. God gave us both very fruitful gospel conversation. Johnny at the end even had to bring his target to the side of the road for a longer and more private gospel sharing time. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung.

1) First I encounter a Chinese look lady from NZ who was born there as such she does not speak Chinese at all. Despite she lives in the free world, but appears to be a very materialistic person with little if not none religious appeal. After a near full gospel sharing, she simply showed no interest and did not even bother to take a tract.

2) Jacks from Venice, Italy. Despite he grew up from a Catholic background, but he regarded himself more an Agnostic person though he still deems there is a god as a supreme being. After my full gospel sharing, he was convinced again that there is one God and we all need to rebuild trusting and loving kindness relationship with him through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. He was very happy to take selfie with me to signify this new change of mind about God our creator and Jesus our redeemer.

3) Then I was approached to approach two guys with the one from Nanjing engaging into conversation with me and the other just stood by the side as an audience. Form facial expression, both were open and receptive to the Gospel.

4) Sofia a Hinduism Indian from New Deli whom Winnie might have approached before. I followed on with his impression and understanding of the gospel through the tract which obviously has become blurry. But after my clarification, he could not deny anything in the gospel and appeared very receptive to accept Jesus as saviour. As a result, he was happy to take a selfie with me to keep it as our common memory of this divine encounter.

5) Then I approached a Mainlander lady? from Jilin??. She is major in Biology so I could for a moment gained her identification ???. Yet after sharing the full gospel she still appeared very indifferent with a stone heart. ?? ????

6) Finally, I had a very extraordinary long conversation with a PHD in IT from Brazil. Initial he showed aggressively to denounce God or any religions as he deems all Gods are also not perfect as such, they caused the chaos in our secularized world. But the Holy Spirit empowered me to un arm his defensive system and at the end appeared very receptive to the gospel message.

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