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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 30th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was a hectic period for us as both the family of three of Amy, Josiah and Joshua all fallen sick with high temperature, sore throat and body rasp. And meantime Ivano was diagnosed with suspected relapse of cancerous polyp in the neck with Biopsy yet to find out if it is benights or vicious nature. Despite of all these hardships enduring by our beloved church family members, the duty to preach the Gospel has still to be discharged steadfastly and faithfully with ministry as usual. The team of four of Johnny, Winnie supported by husband Vincent and Hung still served as usual. It echoed with the down side of Amy and Ivano that more rejection and indifference reaction were experienced. We nevertheless still took all the hardship to embrace it with trust and faith and God's grace was still enough for us to made many useful if not very fruitful approach. The work of the Spirit of mission power was evidenced that many initial rejections were turned around to become a full gospel sharing outcome. My few approaches with initially unwelcoming non-believer all ended up with good reception of the message, especially the last one with a Hong Kong non-believer admitting he find the gospel message appealing after so many people moved by God to share with him. So, he happily accepted to take a selfie photo with me to signify his appreciation of our work for God.

1) A Bangladesh pair of father and son with opened mind and softened heart to listen to the gospel and took a tract to read afterwards.

2) An Indonesia man with a not so welcoming facial expression still showed patience to let me share half of the gospel when the bus came and he also accepted the tract and let God follow up on him.

3) Then a lady from Guangzhou initially rejected Winnie for a chat. I pray and felt moved to have a go and was successful through a softer approach identifying with her life in China and here in UQ. At the end, I shared the full gospel to her and she even took a tract. So, the work of the Spirit was evidenced softening her heart thoroughly.

4) An Indonesia Lady rarely show disagreement that good person is not enough to go to heaven. It was a pity; the bus came and I did not have time to check out her logic to see if she has the same sense of sine and punishment that no person can escape the judgement of God on not just our action but our fallen human character.

5) Then God gave both Johnny and Hung a test with an emotionless man completely ignoring our approach eswith not even a glimpse of his eyes on us treating us like empty air. It was still a God led approach for us to know to let go of such hopeless case.

6) Then God led me to interrupt a Pakistan Couple of Muslim faith. They are intelligent learner of the Muslim faith and also understand Christianity a bit. So, we had an interesting dialogue about original sin and if we need a saviour. Time only allowed us to touch of original sin, where most Muslim believe we are born sinless and perfect but only become sinner and lead a sinful life when we applied our freewill to do some transgression against God and man. For us we believe we were created originally good and perfect without blemish but ever since Adam and Eve sinned against God, the whole human race has since then fallen to become a fallen people and such identity if fallen human race with the expression of enemy of God will be inherited by any single new born human which is the so-called original sin we carried the moment we was given birth to this world. It may lead to the way how we sinner can be saved by Jesus dying for us to take our place for the eternal punishment we originally should bear ourself. It was a pity they had to go but again that Muslim guy politely took a tract to read and pray that we can have chance to continue with our dialogue.

7) An Italian origin Aussie girl got clarified for her Catholic faith that does not know we are saved by grace through faith in Christ as such she also has no assurance of salvation. She showed appreciation for our facts finding chat.

8 ) Finally a Hongkonger pagan big boy but was open to gospel and show great appreciation for me to be the one repeating the message of salvation to him. He seemed moved to seriously consider to make the last step of faith to accept Jesus as Saviour and took a selfie with me to allow me recognize him net time for follow up chat.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Right after I conducted the funeral service for my late elderly member Percy Lee, I declined the Lee Family's invitation for lunch but rushed to join the Toowong Gospel threesome team. It was a blessed outreach with many fruitful conversations with both non-believers and nominal Christians who are not clear and sure about their assurance of salvation. It is always our belief that God is the one who elected, moved, and convicted people to humble, repent, and make the last step of faith accepting Jesus as our Saviour and Lord of our life. Recap below is Battle Log of Hung

1) I was led to approach a girl by the sure name Poon ?from Hong Kong.??? There was a sense of sadness on her face which I assume I understand her feeling of helplessness. Gospel is the ultimate solution for all the imperfection and corruption of this sinful world that accounted for the down turn of Hong Kong from an international city of freedom to an ordinary city of China. The edge we used to have for international trade and finance have all gone and replaced by Singapore. Anyway, as a Christian and gospel warrior, we are not to solve the human broken-down systems but to restore the kingdom of God on earth by proclaiming the gospel as far reach as possible to people of all nations.

2) Then I connected with a man from Serbia. He claimed he chatted with me before on April 4th and some of us had also chatted with him before and he was busy in doing some last-minute revision to his assignment so excused me from a chat last time. This time, we did have time to connect and claimed he is a Christian. His assurance of salivation is also 100% correct. He showed appreciation to our work for God and with God.

3) Then I caught up with a father who came to study Science in UQ and the daughter to do state school here. ????They are from Guangzhou and I am glad for them to be able to come to the open world to receive much better education here. Hope that the gospel trac will also bring them new hope in life.?

4) Then I approached a girl from Nepal who appeared a bit suspicious of what we were doing. Anyway, it was the election of God for us to approach her.

5) Ashi an Indian Hinduism follower but has remain a very open mind for Christian gospel. She admitted there is nothing she could argue with the rationality of the gospel and admitted we are all imperfect as such everybody is liable to ask for salvation by Jesus. She does have Christian friends and it appeared she is ripe for harvest at any time soon by the Will of God.

6) Aman a Canadian born Sikh coming to do medical study at UQ. Although he was born in the Western open free world, but because of family heritage, he was bounded by the culture to remain dressing as a Sikh with a typical long hair but wrapping up by head scarf. Though wise, he actually was still quite open and did not strongly reject Christianity. He accepted the rationale of the salvation mechanism designed by God, but still only treat it as one of the religious expressions that he is happy to understand but not changing his own Sikh faith. So the Bottomline is still about the election and predestination of God for any of us to be saved. All we can do is to faithfully share the Gospel in-discriminatively.

7) Grace, a lovely local Aussie girl with full gospel shared.

8 ) Copper, another fair dinkum local Aussie boy, hearing the gospel from the first time and showed interest and receptiveness to the Christian faith.

9) Then I was led to chat with a Singapore girl by the name Barden who looks of Indian origin. Just managed to give her an introduction and the bus came so just left here with a tract.

10) Tom a Christian of orthodox background who surprisingly has no idea about the salvation and why we can go to heaven. He is from NSW then moved to Toowoomba and now come down to study at UQ. He though he became a Christian upon his baptism which of course was wrong. I anyway managed to recount the nutshell of the gospel to him and left him a tract. I must pray for another time to wrap up all the confusion he has about the Christian faith.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 16th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was great to have Johnny re-joining us so quick, the next day after he returned to Brisbane from Taiwan. With three persons, we could cover more people at the bus stop of Toowong. We thank God to call and guide us to do street outreach which we think, is the most direct way to reach out to non-believers instead of evangelistic crusade meeting which often time have become a gathering of more Christian with a a few non-believers. By doing out reach regularly at a fixed spot, God started to let us see His continuant work leading us to meet up with people we chatted before for good and useful follow up. This exactly happened to me twice as per Battle Log recap below: -

1) I was led to approach Arak from Indonesia with every good English as he is a cross breed of a USA father and an Indonesian mother. Even though he is a Muslim, but he was very open to the gospel and admitted the salvation God rendered to save us is logical and sensible.

2) Then I chatted with A girl Wang ?from Shanghai?? who has just come for a year. ?? Despite a mainlander, she also appeared open and receptive to the gospel message.

3) Then I briefly in contact with an Australian Born Indian girl for just a brief chat handling out to her a tract.

4) Jeremy is a Brisbane Local. He is a Catholic Christian and claimed to have chatted with Winnie from Gold Coast before. I anyway still managed to check his Assurance of Salvation which was not there but got clarified. He was delighted to take a selfie with me.

5) Then I approached another Mainlander man who appeared not a willing listener but still did not reject me to carry on with my gospel sharing.

6) Pie a girl from Thailand was a good and receptive listener of the Gospel. She was surprised to learn that Buddhism is not a religion but a religious education without worshipping any god head. She find the gospel message very sensible and appealing to address the issue of sin.

7) Then I was repeatedly declined by several persons who was either on the phone ort busy in some other things.

8 ) Finally I caught up with Philip who recognized me right away claiming I had a good long chat with him. I then did a revision on the gospel message and follow up on any issues that still pull him away from making the final step of faith. He was frank and all receptive to the gospel message I revised with him help him a step closer to the final faith decision.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 10/5/2023 from 1300-1500

Amy's son Joshua got place for Prep on fortnightly basis as such she could join me today for the Sunnybank outreach. God was amazing enough to let her connect with a Nepal couple who had met before months ago. Edy the man was more eager to catch up and could tell the key message of Jesus dying for us to take our place for the sin punishment. He showed great desire to learn more about God as such he asked for the Gospel of John booklet for him to read. His girlfriend was less eager but better this time joining the chat all along instead of retracting to watch smartphone. Pray for God's mighty power to bring Edy to make the final steady of faith. As for me, it was a mixed result day with willing listener and overt rejectors. God grace was enough to let me bring across the message in either case as per Battle Log recap below: -

1) Korean girl, not quite receptive using poor English level as an excuse. I still endeavour to finish the full gospel in simple terms and trusted God that the message conveyed will still bear fruit in His time.

2) Then I caught up with a North-eastern Mainlander lady ????who bore with me for a short while to check out what I was going to share. Despite of stone heart, I still managed to pass on the message that being a good person alone is not good enough for heaven. God's ultimate standard is perfection. As long as we are not perfect with blemish in our corrupted human character, we all need the redemptive grace of Jesus. Finally, she still declined ?? to listen on after I finished with the nutshell of the gospel.

3) By grace, I finally met the second Christian Brother Lui ?receiving Christ at his home town in Shandong. ?? No wonder he was open and bold enough to share about the contemporary regions persecution issues in China. Upon checking his assurance of salvation, he failed the test claiming he only has 80 % certainty to go to heaven. ??? And he was delighted after clarification that he should have 100% assurance of salvation that ready got the gift of eternal life or the heavenly citizen the moment he accepted Jesus. And he knew now it is the beginning or the starting point for his life to be transformed back to perfection again by the 2nd stage of deliverance throughout our earthly life. When Jesus comes for the 2nd time, we all will be made perfect like a masterpiece created by God in Christ.

4) Then I was led to approach a middle aged woman from Hong Kong . She is an accompanying mum to look after her sons to do high school in Westend South bank area.?????She claimed to be a Buddhist??, but I explained to her that even the Budda deemed himself a sinner needing a saviour to raise him from the death.

5) Then I was led to chat with two ladies from HongKong???. One claimed to be a Taoist ??follower one claimed to be a Christian. ??? The Taoist girl showed much less interest to chat on this life issues but the Christian girl gave me all he encouragement to carry on. So the full Gospel was shared before the bus arrived. The Christian girl took a tract and promised to chat with her friend later on. Praise the Lord.

6) Met again Madam Li ???of the Sacred Music Choir. Took the chance to briefly revised her understanding of faith. ??

7) Claire a Brazilian atheist once was a Christian and is still with a Christian background Family. I asserted that she has the right to assume there is no God which is also beyond my ability to prove it exists otherwise although I personally could relate to God and experience His ever and ready presence to work with & through me. But I shared with her the oneness and unity of the Bible that have His dual projects readily prophesize in Gen 3:15. She even know why Jesus’s incarnation as a perfect person cannot through normal husband and wife birth by virgin birthday as such Jesus will be free from carrying original sin as a descendant of fallen human race. The Spirit seemed to have work in her heart touching her and rekindling her search for truth and love of God. She got a tract and promised to give it to her Christian Grandmom which hopefully will trigger another round of discussion and contemplation of the need of imperfect person to be saved by grace through faith.

Tuesday 9 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 9th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The weather has started turning cool lately, but our passion for gospel outreach remained fierce though hardship and rejection is the norm. It keeps our Spirit high in His strength to catch all the divine appointment that God grants us every time we served with Him. Today was again a day of mixed results but the gospel nevertheless has been proclaimed to the elected ones chosen by God as per Battle Log recap below for Hung.

1) I was led to approach a Mainlander from ChongXin ?? Who has just come for the first year. I was able to relate by my credential as the Sichuan earthquake disaster relief team member in the capacity of counsellor??????He was polite and friendly for chatting. ?????. Gospel was shared as a nutshell just in time before the bus arrived. Pray for the follow up work of the Spirit through the tract.

2) Raul a Catholic Christian from Bolivia, who originally should have gone to catch the bus, but he mistaken I was to catch the bus with him so he was a second late to let the bus go. It gave me a second chance to share the gospel but he quickly identified himself as a Catholic Christian so I changed to test for his assurance of salvation which was half success. He was confident he can go to heaven 100 % but it was because of his good deeds after being a Christian. I was barely in time to clarify with him that non 0f our good deeds before or after we become a Christian count and it is all to the credit of Jesus 100 redemptive atoning grace. At the end, he also willingly took a selfie with me.

3) Shirley was the third I approached again by the move of the Spirit. She is from Sri Lanka and claimed she has received the Spirit. But on testing for assurance of salvation, she is not sure at all. Thanks, God I had enough time to clarify everything for her and she was graceful for it and happily took a selfie with me.

4) Then I caught up with an Indian girl from Mumbai who has come to Australia for 10months. She was open for the gospel though again I only had barely enough time for the nutshell of the Gospel.

5) Then I was led to approach a Muslin girl Mamphela from Jakarta. She was however very open for the gospel chat. When asked if there is any perfect person, her religious teaching told her that Mohamad is a perfect Prophet. I however led her to have a 2nd though if really there is any human who can remain to be perfect the whole life. I illustrate even the Budda admitted he was not perfect as he once lived as a corrupted person when he was a prince and he did claim he also need a saviour in one of the Wall Sculpture carving picture written in ancient language In Chingmai. She was objective enough to accept my query and agreed that no human is perfect as such we all have to face the imperfection or sins we have committed throughout our whole life. It called for judgment and punishment after death which can only be cleansed by a perfection to take our place for the punishment which is Jesus and Him alone. She seemed convinced with the argument and happily took a tract for further pondering.

6) Then I bumped into an Australian born Mixed Chinese & Japanese girl. She is of Catholic Christian background and does not have assurance of salvation. Our conversation was but interrupted by a girl rudely cut our conversation stop. I suggested to her that she at least should excuse me for asking her friend to end our conversation.

7) Finally, I approached another Mainland girl who was very subjective that she deemed all religions are without scientific basis. God gave me just enough time to recount the scientific interpretation of the 6 days creation as well as the geographical landscape of Gorge like Colorado in USA and the Ching Hai high land with a rich mine of salt underground left behind by the great flood. She started to realize her own understand of the world was not comprehensive enough to explain all those faces hints by all those biblical truths. But with ages of brain washing by the atheist thinking of the CCP, she still was not yet moved to let in more gospel message at the moment. But it was definitely a very good breakthrough point hopefully for more follow up gospel sharing opportunity.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 2nd, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

Resumed serving this week starting at Toowong after my routine Biopsy and precautionary Prostate trimming procedure last Wednesday. It was a pity that Winnie had a sore stomach that forced her to withdraw to the toilet at the Toowong Village then come back to continue for another half an hour. As for me , I kept doing solo at the bus stop having some quick catch up as well as some long chats with deep interchange of faith issues. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung.

1) Michael an UQ student and Australian born Indian was open to the Gospel. He admitted he could not find any argument against the logic of rational sense of Gospel that we are all imperfect sinners as such all need Jesus as our Saviour. Our conversation ended eventually by the interruption of a phone call.

2) I was moved to approach a Cantonese speaking Guangzhou lady who was open for a chat. ???. It was interrupted by the quick arrival of her bus.

3) Then my next approach was with a Thailand girl. Again just had time for greeting and a nutshell of the gospel before she embarked on to the bus.

4) Then I had a conversation with Eunice from Ecuador who is Spanish speaking with limited English capability. I still managed to share the nutshell of gospel and handed him a track when his bus arrived.

5) Then the Spirit led me to have a long sharing of the Gospel with Chan just arrived from Hong Kong for study at UQ. He listened attentively and appeared very receptive to the gospel message.

6) Then I was moved to approach Frankel again who said I had a long chat with him before and he kept the tract at home. I nevertheless refreshed the gospel message with him and he acknowledged that he found no argument against the gospel message and is still seriously pursuing the Christian faith. He is an ABC with parents also coming to Australia possibly from HKG at their early age. Pray for God's timing to move Frankel to Christ.

7) Then I caught up with a Local Aussie girl and have a brief sharing before she boarded the bus.

8 ) Then I was led to approach Wang ?for Hebei Shek Jia Chong???. Again, sharing of Gospel was interrupted by the quick arrival of bus.

9) Then I was led to approach Yong from Singapore for a long chat. He was a non-believer but was very positive to the gospel and also could not find any argument against the logic of the gospel.

10) Finally I had another very long and deep chat with Mackillop a Canadian nurse of Catholic baptised Christian background. She was grateful to have me clarified her wrong understanding of the salvation and promised to re-examine the validity of her past Catholic faith and will remedy if she actually has never trusted in Jesus alone as her saviour.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 18th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

I guessed Uni also finished term break as such the long queue for bus appeared again at 1330 the peak hour for the afternoon class. We prayed to God preparing more soften hearts for us to reach and share especially those from mainland China and our prayer was answered. Winnie had many chats with Student from Mainland China and Hong Kong. As for me, it was a good mixed of people from different nations. Lately, we have an exchange of opinion amongst the SMA co-workers regarding what should be posted on the SMA face book group while it is the primary aim of SMA to do level 1 prophetic mobilization to arouse nominal Christian to engage into real and practical full scope of same and cross-cultural evangelism. To me, it has long been my vision and conviction that as a HF, RC and ex-NCT, I should not confine myself to do level 1 mobilization merely by words but buy acts. That is why I have been mobilizing a sort of Mobi tribes amongst the Kairos graduated to engage in street cross-cultural outreach. This is the most general and easy avenue for each and every World Christian to have a go in discharging the Great Commission in a context of day to day living. Unfortunately, the street outreach was shared under the banner of Operation 513 which gives people a misconception that it belongs to S2 or even S3 mobilization for specific mission agencies ministry. but as a matter of fact, Operation 513 is not a formal mission agency, everyone can join and have a go to do street outreach in whatever orthodox gospel message. It should be deemed as a choice of life style to share the gospel randomly to people of all nations on a regular day to day basis. It will serve the double effect of mission bringing people to receive the seed of gospel and in the meantime the gospel outreaching persons themselves will be benefited to experience spiritual growth by working and walking with God. If I am the NCT of the SMA, I will make it as a general appeal to challenge all Kairos graduates to make their step of faith to engage in regular Street outreach evangelism. Currently, God has used Kairos and me to have successfully mobilized four partnership churches to send team to do street outreach regularly including the Gold coast and Sunshine Coast Chinese Christian Church, Antioch Lutheran Church and of course Christ's Family Church. A few more individual from other churches have also been involved in the Simply Mobilizing Gospel movement forming a Gospel outreach belt from the Sunshine Coast , via Brisbane to the Gold Coast and extending further to Sydney, Melbourne and even Tasmania. It is my hope to show to the other Kairos Graduates this most general and achievable option for them to become a real-world Christian and GEM Gospel Evangelist & Mobilizer. I sincerely hope that the SMA NCT leadership team will share my view that more actual practical sharing of day to day cross cultural evangelism will be a better way to wake up the sleeping majority in the church apart from prophetic mobilization by slogan and empty talk but also walk the walk in a most down to the earth life context. Recap below is the Battle Log of today: -

1) Lily a local Aussie young lady was a good listener with open mind and receptiveness towards the gospel message.

2) Peter a Thai young man who has come and migrated to Australia for 15 years. I guess through the influence of the Australian culture, he appeared very approachable and receptive to the Gospel message which he heard it for the first time. He was willing to ponder for the next step and happy to have a selfie with me for future mutual recognizable of our faces.

3) David was born in Australia but with parents from Nigeria. He seemed to be shy and unhappy with some personal issues. But the Spirit still had softened his heart and became receptive to the gospel message.

4) Peter is an Indonesian from Ache, Sumatra. He admitted the natural disaster of tsunami happened 10 odd years ago did triggered his young heart to be fully aware of the vulnerability of human life and it is important to search out the real meaning of life. Thus, he appeared also very receptive to the gospel. He was also very happy to take a selfie with me in case we will meet again in the future for more follow up chat.

5) Then I was led to approach a young man Zhang from Nanjing. He has been in Brisbane for half a year. He also agreed with me that after the suffering from pandemic and baptism of the awakening white paper movement, most of the youngster regain their free and independent thinking of important life issues including religion. He also showed very good receptiveness towards the gospel message.

6) Maisie, an Indian girl also showed interest on the Gospel message. She has one Christian friend as such she heard before the gospel message. So, it was a good revision or a second wake up call for her to ponder deeply her need for salvation by Christ.

Tuesday 11 April 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 11th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

It was term break also for UQ, so there was no long queue for bus which used to be there around 1330. We prayed for people with heart prepared for the gospel and God answered our prayer. Basically, there was non stop people flow and larger percentage of Mainland Chinese ready for an open chat. The spirit even moved me to dare asking one of the mainlanders who has come for 6 years to take a selfie with me. God really can turn around the situation and changed stone heart into a heart of flesh ready and open for the Gospel. Recap below is my Battle Log: -

1) First, I was moved to approach a girl from Shenzhen but was not Cantonese speaking???She was waiting for her friend who is from Hangchou ??, We connected well and they appeared very open to the gospel with receptiveness. They both took a tract to read and ponder at their private time.

2) Then I was led to approach a group of four Muslim dressed Malaysian girls from KL, they were open too for the gospel but the bus came a bit too early before I finished the full Gospel. Anyway, one of them took the tract to read later.

3) Then I was led to approach a Korean atheist who was reluctant to chat about religion. I assured him that I will take it as a cross cultural life issue for exchange of opinion. So I did was able to carry on with the chat and actually finished sharing the full gospel to him

4) Then I approached a young man from Guangzhou?? who initially showed no interest to religious issue. The Spirit any way still moved him to finish listening to the full gospel.

5) Lily is an American Born Half Chinese with the Chinese Mum from Malaysia and USA dad. She was very open for a chat despite she indicated she is a non-believer. She promised to read the tract and make her decision of faith.

6) Then the Spirit clearly moved me to approach Luk? from Wu xi ??Jiangsu ??despite there were other choices. He has come for study at UQ for 6 years already as such he has local friends circle of Catholic Christian background as such, he is no stranger to the gospel but a seeker. ??????I briefly explained the major difference between Catholic and protestant Christian that they wrongly thought we need good deeds on top of the redemptive grace of Jesus. Anyway, the Spirit clearly prompted me to ask for a selfie and he delightfully agreed. It showed his heart is well prepared for the gospel to accept Jesus in no time.?

7) Then came a stone heart local Aussie atheist. I already tried to remain connected by switching to the Story Bridge story to show good charity work will not be able to offset the murder charges of Mr Story who donated money to build the Story bridge and donated land to UQ for building the campus. He finally still asked me to leave him alone.

8 ) Then finally another local Aussie but of more friendly reaction. He was surprised for me to ask if he is an local Aussie then I picked on him asking if he knew the word Dinkum which he don't. So, I basically connected with him well but time run out when his bus arrived. He still cared to take a trac to read.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 4th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The weather played up this afternoon with scattered rains before and after we were about to finish for the day. We rarely were forced to walk all the way under rain back to Toowong Village. Yet such hiccup did not diminish the joy we derived from the street outreach ministry. Evidently, people from hard land country like Mainland China, Muslim regimes all appeared to be open for the gospel. I think it is because God has let people to witness the sin of the human race in this fallen human world that has created a vacuum in their heart yearning for faith, hope and love to fill it up. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung: -

1) God answered prayer to have prepared several UQ students from Mainland China for the gospel. First was Li ?from Shandong??. I had just enough time to share the full gospel ??? to him and he seemed to find it making a lot of sense. Pray that the Spirit will lead him to read the tract afterward to draw him closer to the last step of faith to receive Christ.

2) Alex, a local Aussie major in Economic as mine so we clicked instantly. He has no religion following but appeared very open and receptive to the gospel and he promised to read the tract to reinforce the gospel message I shared him.

3) Then I was led to chat with another student from small town in Hebei, China, ??. He was willing to chat and got connected through my life witness travelling to many places in China. It was a pity the bus arrived before I touch upon the gospel. So, it was settled by taking a tract to read afterwards.

4) Then I approached another girl from Mainland China. She claimed she had chatted with Johnny one year ago. So, I said to her, it was no coincident for us to reconnect for revision on the gospel message.

5) Then I connected with a man from Serbia. He claimed some of us had chatted with him before and he was now busy in doing some last-minute revision to his assignment so excuse me from a chat.

6) Steve an UQ student from KL Malaysia though he is basically an English-speaking person. It was unsure about his own faith status but he appeared very open for the gospel and has a very receptive heart for the salvation of Jesus. We took photo to make sure we recognize each other next time.

7) Amah is from Saudi Arabia he was yet another Muslim but very opened to the gospel and even know who Jesus is. We also took photo to make sure we recognize each other next time.


Tuesday 28 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday March 28th, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

This week, the Spirit led us to approach to people of other nations rather than focusing on Mainland Chinese. Winnie met Celine yet did not recognize her but rather Celine told Winnie they met about a year ago and now she has become Christian and was baptized at a Chinese Church near by the campus (possibly CCCB St Lucia) So, that is the greatest reward that a gospel evangelist can get by serving God faithfully. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung. In general, all conversations today were friendly though one or two with initial reluctancy but at the end, the gospel message was well received. God will now when is the best timing for any of them to make the last step of faith to receive Jesus.

1) Amy, a Filipino but was born here in Aussie who is a Buddhist. But she appeared receptive anyway to the gospel message and happy to take a tract for revision at home pondering to make the last step of faith.

2) Anna a UQ 2nd year student from Liaoning??, China, was initially hesitant to chat, yet I switch tactics to befriend with her and the Spirit softened her heart to listen to the full gospel. She also appeared receptive at the end and took a tract to ponder for the next step.

3) A Local Aussie boy was a good listener with interaction on gospel issues. He has no religious following but admitted that human is no perfect and vulnerable to sin. So, the assertion every one need a Savour is rational. He took a tract to ponder also for the next step of faith decision.

4) Burnie a Voice Therapist student of UQ now under practicum. She was friendly and willing to hear the full gospel. At the end, she seemed not fully moved without taking the tract. But still pray for God's follow up work on her.

5) Jonah, a Taiwanese and Aussie cross breed Youngman. He attended Christian school and heard the gospel with many Christian friends around but he has not yet thought about how faith can be a such important issue in his life. He will ponder but did not take a tract.

6) A Local Aussie girl working as a Cole staff. She was all receptive and a willing listener of the gospel. She also agreed to ponder upon the need to accept a saviour to pardon her imperfection.

7) Finally, it was Eva a criminology student of UQ. Her major study is a good means to convey the message that all crime must be punished to uphold the social justice. Likewise, all sins must be held accountable by all human beings, good or bad. She admitted the gospel presents a very valid and strong point that sins must be punished and sinners to face judgement after death. But at the end, her rational mind might have taken over the control of her Will not to face this issue of sin head on. Still pray that the sharing and message presented will take effect one day.

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