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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

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Tuesday 22 June 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday June 22, 2021 from 1330 to 1500.

Today we had a bad start without any successful approach within 15 to 20 minutes in the beginning period. Johnny quickly resorted to extra prayer assembling us to pray to God asking Him to turn around the situation. It was really a lesson that God wanted us to learn that as a servant of God in street evangelism, nothing of our skill and experience will count if God does not open door for us to work with Him. We have to always humble ourselves to follow His guidance and be patience to let Him lead and open up opportunities according to His timing and plan.

After the extra prayer time, God did turn around the situation to let us picking up chat with more people even though stern rejection and hostile response against our approaches could still be experienced. Because of the initial slow people turn up rate and high rejection rate, I intentionally let Johnny and Winnie to grasp all gradually increasing chances first. As a result, I got fewer chats than normal conditions. My first successful chat was somewhat 30 to 40 minutes after we started. So, my Battle Log and Winnie’s one are recap as below: -

1) Shade an Indian girl whom I made a first successful approach. She appeared very friendly and open. I could take my time to share here the full Gospel and she seemed to be receptive to the gospel message admitting she is a sinner though regarded also as a good person. She did not show unwillingness to accept Christ before her bus arrived. So, I can only assume she will positively ponder to accept Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2) Anna and Aussie girl and another Indian origin Singaporean girl both showed no rejection to let me chat with them about the Gospel. Like the previous Indian girl, both appeared very open mind with true interest to listen attentively and understand what I share. It was a pity their bus came a bit too early before I could seek out their responses. But I believe God will take care of the rest.

3) Debbie yet another Indian girl but claimed to profess Hinduism. She told me she had received the tract and had a chat with one of us. I asked what was her impression about the tract if it is logical, rational and sensible. She said yes but seemed to think that her Hinduism belief was no big different from Christianity. When I asked her how salvation will be ministered to sinners like us then sh showed that actually her mindset was still blocked by Hinduism that as long as you follow the teaching to be a good person, you will be blessed and saved. It was again a big pity I could not have time to explain the differences between Christianity and Hinduism before the bus arrived. Let just pray for next time when we met.

4) A Vietnamese man showed no interest first to Winnie. As usual I made a second approach. He chatted with me a short while but still politely decline to have any more conversation on religion which I had to let go.

5) Then God vindicated my persistence to approach reluctance people on first approach by Winnie. It was two Chinese Student from Shanghai 上海. They had been chatting amongst themselves as such they did not want Winnie to interrupt them making a move to go to the far end of the bus stop to continue on with their chat. The Holy spirit moved me to make a 2nd approach and it turned out to be a success this time. I had time to share the full gospel and got positive response from both of them when the bus arrived. So again, I have to let God to do the follow up and harvesting job.

6) A Taiwanese Christian girl first approached by Winnie sharing her full gospel before knowing she is a Christian. Then she invited Johnny to join the conversation. He invited her to attend the Sherwood Methodist Church when he knew she has not attended any Chinese church here. I nevertheless took the chance to check about her assurance of salvation which was well passed.

今天雖然很多人不接受單張及聽福音,但 神都给我遇到十一人,講述福音的機會。

第一位 Jean, 中國來的少女,當我講完福音,巴士到逹。

第二及第三位 印度來的青少年,他們接受單張。當我講到罪的問题,他們不願意聽,行去别處。


第五位,Robin, 澳洲女士,基督徒。完全明白救恩。

第六位,澳洲少女,當我傳福音给她,她開始咀咒 神 耶穌基督,説我是罪人,随處講耶穌。我回答她,我們的確是罪人,我傳福音目的是想救人的靈魂。神祝福妳,願妳平安。我便離開。

第七位 Jason, 中國青年,聽到這位澳洲女士大罵耶穌。當我傳福音给他時,他説是基督徒,我想测试他是否明白救恩,但巴士來到。

第八位 Anne, 中國來的 UQ 學生。初時不願意聽福音,後來我問及她,如果死後你知道往那裏去嗎?在緊急的時候,沒有人幫妳,妳會怎樣?她沒有回答。跟着 我傳講福音及見証给她。問她願意悔改信靠耶穌基督為救世主嗎?她説會認真想想。

第九及第十位 中國來的 UQ 學生,當我傳講福音给他們,他們不願意聽,説巴士來到,我以為他們真的上了巴士。當關牧師問及我這兩位青年人站在巴士站旁邊,我才醒覺他們還在,可能他們看錯巴士。便請關牧師向他們傳講福音吧!

第十一位 Nora 台湾來的少女。基督徒,不明白救恩,我解释救恩及講我的見証。我們很投合。因為她是台湾來的,便叫 Johnny 來,一起倾談。Johnny 介绍她到教會。關牧師也來到,講述長细的救恩及基督徒的生命歷程。

感謝主的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,悔改回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!


Tuesday 15 June 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log of Toowong on Tuesday , June 15, 2021 from 1330 - 1500

There was a big storm in the morning but the weather turned very fine in the afternoon best for Street Outreach. Today we encountered a moment of stagnation that none pf us can get a chat. So Johnny as leader called us to have a second round prayer to break the spiritual deadlock which proved working. Team work was evidenced that I provide back up for Winnie when she faced some intentional argumentative target. IN short, God let us learn once again to have patience and to persevere despite of momentary persistent rejections to keep trusting Him.

Recap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) Mimica from PNG was a fair dinkum Christian having 100% assurance of Salvation and perfect understanding of faith in Christ despite she has a father of Catholic background and a mother of the Uniting Church camp. We shared and rendered mutual edification by fellowship in Christ.

2) Dean an agnostic but disguised himself as a God fearer. Winnie approached him first but was trapped in apologetic debates diverting Winnie to discuss if Mohamad is a lesser Saint than Jesus. I intervened and took over the conversation drawing Dean back to the prime issue of the sin of all human beings though we are considered as good persons. Dean cannot denied that he is imperfect as such he also have to face the issue of Judgement by God after death for our sin. Then I introduced Jesus to show Dean the great difference of Christian faith against all other human made religion including Islamic faith that he tried to quote to degrade Christianity. Before the bus came, Dean acknowledged that only Jesus provided a solution for shouldering our sin by His planned sacrificial death. Mohamad was just a human being who was not perfect ass such could not played any role of our saviour like Jesus did. Dean conceded his argumentative attitude by accepting my tract at the end. Pray for God's continuous work harvesting his lost soul.

3) Chris is a middle age man with no religion background. But God has made him humble and behaved politely towards my invitation for a chat. He listened to the gospel with patience and interacted rationally showing great receptive at the end to the gospel message. He also changed mind to take a tract to read at home. Pray also for God's continuous work on him.

4) Finally an Indian girl getting off from the bus heading for connecting train. She was in a hurry, I anyway walked with her for a short while to convey the nutshell of the Gospel and gave her a tract.

Battle Log of Winnie Choi: -

數日前收到醫院短信,通知檢驗眼睛须要改期,所以馬上参加 Toowong 傳福音的工作。感謝 神的帶领,今天雖然很多人不接受單張及聽福音,神賜给我遇上九人傳福音的機會。有些人願意聽,但是巴士卻來到,令他們聽不到福音。


第二位,Lance 澳洲少女,聽完福音及我的見証後,願意信靠主,反教會尋求更多真理。

第三及第四位,Joe & May, 中國來 UQ 學生,聽完福音及我的見証後,願意信靠主,找教會。

第五位 Jean, 澳洲少女,基督徒,解释救恩。

第六位 Bella 穆斯林,推着Baby 車,我講述基督教信仰是三一神,耶穌基督為救贖我們脱離罪 牺牲死在十字架上。只要我們信靠祂,罪得赦免。她接受我所講的及見証,會認真想想。(謝謝關牧師的教導,怎样應對穆斯林)。


第八位 Buda, 印尼男士,福音講了一半,巴士到達。

第九位 澳洲女士,願意接受單張,及聽福音,當我開口傳揚福音時,巴士來到。

感謝主,雖然撒但時常想辦法阻止我們傳福音,但靠着 神的大能,我們一様可以做到的。感謝讚美主!

Tuesday 8 June 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday June 8th, 2021 from 1330 - 1500

Today was a gloomy day but the three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung by grace have a fruitful day. Johnny specially got a couple of long chat ending with a near conversion humble heart. Winnie as usual worked relentlessly catching 13 divine appointment opportunities as recap below despite she was once being swore at by a local Aussie. It was the grace of God and on the street experience that help Winnie to shake off this unfriendly insult to keep focusing on her work. As for me, God led many Christians from non-Christian country like Columbia, Syria. All of them do not have assurance of salvation that need clarification. We gave glory to God for using us to do this fruitful outreach.

1) Derick Pakistanis that I met for the 2nd time. He claimed him an atheist and non - religious who has no knowledge of afterlife. Before I had time to correct his mind, the bus came so will leave it to next time.

2) Irene a Kiwi from NZ and think it is possible for her to go to heaven but by good deeds. I could manage to give her the answer that no body unless we are perfect can go to heaven. Again the bus came so it has to wait till next time.

3) An Aussie guy just took the tract and managed to touch base on the nutshell of the gospel.

4) A Thailand young man also thought being a good person would earn him the ticket to Heaven but the Buddhist background. Again I said nobody can go until our sin is properly dealt with by accepting Jesus as our saviour. Could not have more time to dwell on the issue as the bus came.

5) Daphanie a protestant Christian from Columbia that used to be a Catholic country. Her family is catholic but she claimed herself a protestant. But she still carries the background of Catholic failing to have full assurance of salvation. Thanks God that I have enough time to clarify it before letting her go.

6) Philipus from Greek originally had no interest, but the Spirit softened his heart and we could carry on with gospel chat which however did not last long but still it was a good effort to turn his cold heart around to listen to the gospel.

7) A girl from Jei Jiang Hangzhou浙江杭州 who work at a Chinese Restaurant of Xian Cuisine.餐廳西安,Initially she reject to chat but because I can associate with his work and life background so the Spirit again softened her heart to take a tract at the end.不要聊天後,拿單張

😎 Indian father whom I met a year ago with here daughter who now has graduated and started looking for job. So we kept a friendly chat to build a relationship for next chat.

9) An Aussie big girl getting off from the bus who had no time to chat but still got my tract with a few words of the core contents of the Gospel.

10) Donpia a Syria Christian who has no assurance. He was humble and glad for my clarification.

Recap below is the Battle Log of Winnie:


第一位 Christine, 澳洲女士,基督徒,不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第二位,Jean 澳洲婦女,願意信靠主,找教會,接受免费禮物。

第三位,印尼來的少女,Emmy. 聽完福音,巴士到來。

第四位,澳洲少女,Alice願意信靠主,到教會 尋求更多真理。

第五位,Bella, 來自馬來西亞,穆斯林。我講及基督信仰,三一神。

第六位 印度少女,Melisa, 講完福音,巴士到達。

第七位 Allison, 澳洲少女,願意信靠主,找教會。

第八位,Angela, 相片中。來自南非。基督徒,經過我解释救恩,她願意接受我给她的單張 傳福音给其他人。


第十位,Erin, 澳洲少女,天主教徒,我講及天主教與基督教的分别。

第十一位,Bill, 中國來的 UQ 學生,初時不願意聽,但聖靈臨到,我用不流利的普通话傳福音给他,他聽後,願意信靠主,找教會。

第十二位是澳洲女士,Linda, 非常留心我講的福音及見証,願意信靠主。

第十三位,Mel, 中國男士 來自新加坡,基督徒。我測示他得救的確據,他講了很多確據,最後都能講出重點來。

願主帶领 今天願意信靠主的人士,找到適合教會,永遠跟隨主。而其他的人士,想清楚,盡快悔改歸向 神。感謝讚美主!


Tuesday 1 June 2021

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday June 1st, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God calling and raising up a new street Gospel team member Hai Yue to join us the three regular team mates, Johnny, Winnie and Hung. Hai Yue is a current 5th Online Kairos student. But God has touched and moved her enough to give it a go joining us today during her rest day of her scheduled job rooster duty as an Intern doctor at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

I gave her very limited 15 minutes briefing / demonstration how to share the nutshell of the gospel before we prayed and set off with the other two team mates. In flesh, she still felt lacking of confidence even though her English is good enough to conduct casual chat. All I can advice her is to let go of all your fear and burden but trusted in God alone to guide you to make the first approach. Ask God to guide you to open your mouth for the first word then the Spirit will be with you all the way to guide you to organize your speech.

Miracle did have happened and she could quickly found the strength and spiritual courage from God to make her first approach after watching as an observer just for one person.

So I basically gave all the chance to both Hai Yue and Winnie with Johnny and Hung taking care of the rest when more people had come to the bus stop. In between of chat/ arrival & departure of bus, Johnny and I held very short debriefing with Hai Yue answering her queries how to address a certain issue if it happens again. As a result, Johnny and I got less time for our own outreach. It of course was a worthwhile exercise to help Hai Yue to get integrated into the street evangelism which aftercall is the work of God taking charge of all situations.

Hai Yue was able to catch the urge of the Spirit to make approach at the right time. One example was with my first conversation with a Chinese couple from Tasmania migrating to Qld for a better living climate. The wife was more receptive and a willing gospel listener but the husband seemed to be not paying attention or even unconsciously interrupting our conversation. At the very moment, Hai Yue suddenly turned up to join our conversation. My reaction in flesh was: go away, find someone else, I äm managing to share with this couples. But the Spirit immediately corrected me to see that the husband was attracted to chat with Hai Yue without further interrupting my conversation with Lily the wife who appeared very attentive and interested in what I shared. So this is that sort of things that keep enabling us to see how God makes all thing work together for he goodness sake of those who loved God and being called to serve Him.

I pray that this divine encounter experience for Hai Yue’s debut Street Evangelism ministry will help her to apply it on to the other parts of her life including the profession as an Intern doctor. She can try to let go of all her fear and worry but enjoy the promise of God to be presence with us whenever we do everything for glorifying Him.

Because of irregular rooster duty job scheduling. Hai Yue may not be able to join us every week on Tuesday at Toowong or Wednesday at Sunnybank. But I am quite confidence that this first divine experience will attract her to come again whenever she gets a rest day on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Recap below are the Battle Log of both Hung and Winnie: -

(1) A Chinese Couples from Shangdong, Yin Tai山東煙台are new interstate migrant from Tasmania. I approached both of them for a chat. The wife Lily was more receptive and willing to engage in two-way communication. The husband was however not paying real attention but kept doing something else such as making phone call trying to interrupt the conversation. Yet God suddenly took action to move Hai Yue to join our conversation. As mentioned, my initial reaction in flesh was trying to tell Hai Yue to leave us alone, but the strong sense of the Holy Spirit told me otherwise to let Hai Yue keep talking to the husband so I could concentrate sharing the full gospel to the wife Lily. Thing did develop along this line and Lily appeared very touched and willing to seek God by going to church. They live actually In St Lucia so CCCB is the natural choice I recommended to her and hopefully her husband will follow suit. Praise for the almighty work of God allowing us to team up with Him to do His Will.

(2) Vistella is a girl whose name is of Canadian origin and means "Life of star". She was very welcoming for my approach and gladly accepted the tract. When I knew I only have 1 minute to share, I quickly utter to her the very brief nutshell of the gospel emphasizing that we are all imperfect though good person that have sinned against God and each other’s. We all need a saviour who himself is prefect person as such He can take our place to receive the punishment of sin due on us. Pray that this short but divine encounter still will be pursuit by god for bearing spiritual fruit in His time.

(3) Then I bugged in to chat with a Couple from Quanzhou廣州. The wife was listening to Hai Yue but the husband was keeping a distance not paying attention. So I was playing a reverse supportive role to catch the attention of the indifferent husband or boyfriend to get a taste of the word of God’s good news.

(4) An UQ student from Sudan , Africa with an indigenous name of Allor politely told me he had got a tract entitled “What is Next” from one of us which should be Johnny as I so far seldom hand out this new tract. I asked him anyway how did he find the tract and if he understood the message. He said he is a religious person believing in God but has not time to fulfil the religious ceremonial obligation, meaning he is not a church goer and seldom read Bible. With is information, it warranted me to share the gospel all over to him again. He was very polite and willing to chat but our further conversation was interrupted by a phone call then the bus came. We bid farewell and both looking forwards for another encounter in the near future to continue with our unfinished story about God and His salvation.

感謝 神的带领,讓我今天遇到八人傳福音的機會。

第一位 澳洲人,他説是基督徒,但經過我查問他,他不能回答,不願傳福音给其他人,也不願意聽我講,我只好講簡單的福音给他。


第三位 是中國來的女學生,因為她不太明白英語,我便用不流利的普通话及英语傳福音给她。




第七位 Mary 印尼來的穆斯林。她很專心聽我講耶穌基督的福音,三一神的大能,及我的見証。

第八位是澳洲少女,Emmy, 她很留心聽我講的福音及見証,願意信靠主,找教會,尋求更多真理。

感謝主。 願主帶領今天聽到福音的人士,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Tuesday 25 May 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 25, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today was yet another nice Autumn with a warm and lazy sun showering us with soft radiant ray. The three of us Johnny, Winnie and Hung teamed up as normal to serve at the UQ bound Bus stop. Basically, it was a very smooth ministry period with minor reject rate but lot of successful conversation. There was another meaningful reunion with Ryan whom Johnny met few times before with the latest one about half year ago. Ryan has now graduated and got a job as garden car takers at Mt Coo-tha Botanic garden. But what excited us is to know through his conversation that he and many other younger members have been mobilized by the church to do regular outreach like us. The Hope Church he is attending send member out to do street evangelism at King George Square on Monday in the eventing. And Ryan occasionally join Operation 513 at KGS on Friday night after their Friday afternoon service. So God actually has raised up His own Christian army from different mission and ministry groups to be His witnesses in he city. We are privileged to be part of this end time gospel movement. Just pray that God will keep raising up more people to join and grow any of the existing Gospel Outreach team. Recap below are the battle log of Hung and Winnie.

1) An UQ female student from Mainland China was happy to have a chat. I barely had time to cover the nutshell of the Gospel when the bus came. She was reluctant to leave her name which I more so had to thank God to move her to listen willingly which if with other Chinese around it would be a rejection. Just pray for God's continue work in her heart.

2) The I approached Eric who is also from China and is now in year 3. But it was our first encounter here so it is definitely a divine encounter. He responded very positively to the Gospel I shared and showed great interest in my brief testimony of turning to Christ after working half of my life for the only boss CH Tung of OOCL. He was about to ask me a question yet the bus arrival had cut short our further exchange.

3) I followed up on a Christian UQ girl whom Winnie had had a chat to introduce her to Power to Change.

4) The next was a girl from Chongqing. China. Her initial reluctance to chat was withdrawn as I was able to identify with her as a 2008 Sichuan earthquake disaster relief worker, traveling a lot in Sichuan Chengdu and Quang Yuan which basically is half of her home province. I wasted no time to share the gospel once she was willing to chat. At the end, she still did not want to leave her name which again was a sign of grace that she could have completely rejected me for a chat.

5) Sonny was another female UQ student from Mainland China. She was cooperative and responsive to the gospel. Pray for the work of the Spirit to move her to make the last step of faith to receive Christ.

6) Then I caught up with an Aussie girl who listened the gospel before. I still managed to receive the message of the tract with her until her bus arrived.

7) Ryan was the active member of the Hope church who is from Malaysia. He recognized us so he stopped to catch up with us and share about his journey in learning and making himself a disciple of Christ to share gospel with non-believers. It was a moment of grace for mutual edification in His love and as co-workers in Christ.

Battle Log of Winnie :

感謝 神今天的带领,讓我遇到十一人傳福音的機會。

第一位是印度男士,Chris, 他聽完福音,需要時間想想。

第二位是中國 UQ 學生,他只是聽我講全福音,講見証,直到巴士到來。沒有回應。

第三位是香港來的 UQ 學生,Sunny. 他聽完福音及見証後,需要時間想想。

第四位是澳洲少女,Sammy, 會想想 宗教問题。

第五位 Jamaican 少女,Silvia. 基督徒。明白救恩,願意接受我给她的單張,傳福音给其他人。

第六位中國來的 UQ 學生,Mary. 很專心聽我講的福音及見証。願意找教會尋求更多真理。

第七位 澳洲少女,Ellen, 基督徒。我解释救恩给她。她願意接受我给她的單張,傳福音给其他人。


第九位 澳洲男士,我講了重要福音,他接受單張,趕着要離開往别處。

第十及第十一位,澳洲年青人。Steve & Ann 男女朋友.他們很專心聽我講的福音及見証,及很開心聽到這好消息。因為時間到,Johnny & 關牧師等着我,所以我要停止及離開。

願 主带领今天聽到福音人士,找到適合教會,永遠跟随主,阿們!感謝讚美主!

Tuesday 18 May 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 18, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

Today, Gary joined Johnny and Hung while Winnie was absent for her follow up consultation with an Eyes Specialist. After opening prayer, Gary chose to set up his signs with link pointing to (a gospel website) at the foot of the pedestrian bridge.

Johnny and Hung teamed up to serve at the Bus Stop as usual. Basically, God gave ample of divine appointments to all of us without hiccup up liked last week. Johnny even got chance to lead an UQ student from Czechoslovak to Christ after listening to the Gospel. Gary towards the end joined us at the Bus Stop and kept getting gospel conversation.

We were graceful for all the gospel sharing opportunities and pray that God will follow up on them until they all bear fruit. Recap below are my Gospel conversations.

1) Jade is from India having good interaction with me showing wisdom in thought. He did not take a tract but he understood the gospel and had some lovely thought on man admitting we are all sinners that without a savour, we all go to hell.

He is just not ready to accept a non-Indian God head as His saviour. It is a pity the bus came too early to let me dig deeper to show that Jesus is an universal Saviour or a Messiah for people of all nations including India.

2) Jessie whom we all have chatted with her before but I did not give up on following up her status of readiness. It was a pity again the bus came a bit early before any useful conversation can be exchanged.

3) A Redshirt girl appeared very willing to listen to my gospel sharing but I only made it to half when the bus came. I could only leave it to God for a future follow up.

4) A Vietnamese mum appeared not fully open enough to chat because her heart and mind was all preoccupied for looking after her baby. I complemented her will and determination to study while doing a full-time mum job. Can only pray the tract she got will serve some purpose before a future possible 2nd chance.

5) Then I caught up with a young lady in Muslim costume who possibly is from Malaysia or Indonesia. She claimed she had already chatted with all of us previously. I Checked on here understanding of the gospel through the tract, stressing the judgement of sin makes Christianity stood out from all other earthly religion. She has no objection to this as such I established once again with her that all humankind no matter good or bad are all imperfect as such sinners that need redemption by Jesus. She seemed to have got this crucial point.

6) Another Indian guy whom we met before was about to chat with me but our brief conversation was interrupted by a long phone call. So there will be next time.

7) Then I approached an Aussie girl and an Indian girl who chose to hide themselves under the shade of the bus stop. But they did not show reluctance to have a chat with me or any expression of being disturbed. The Indian girl even jokingly asked if the tract was free. I quickly got into gospel message but still only had it half done when the bus came.

 8) Then I followed up on Luke who declined to chat with Johnny claiming he is readily a Christian. I checked his assurance of salvation which was not 100 percent. I clarified his misconception and he thanked me by taking a selfie with me.

9) An English-speaking Asian looking lady let me chat with her for a short while but excused herself for reason that she was in a rush. I did my part and leave the rest to God.

10) My last conversation was with a cute girl from France. She was exhausted from carrying heavy shopping bag so she could not pay full attention but kept taking off her overcoat because of heavy sweating. After settling down for a while, she started to respond well with the gospel message. I basically managed to finish the nutshell of the gospel before seeing her off on to the bus.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 11, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God that He allowed a great test in the form of bullying by robbing the Gospel flip chart out of the blue. The Indian look middle age person possibly thought it was illegal to preach the gospel on the street as such he acted to uphold the righteousness, he thought he had in his hand by sabotaging our street evangelism ministry. He first stripped off the tract from Winnie when she was sharing with someone and then he went further to suddenly grab the flip chart from the hand of Johnny while he was using it to demonstrate to his gospel target. This rough acts readily scared off Johnny's gospel target. Johnny did not want to make a big scene so he did not try to fight with that guy hoping that he will return the flip chart to him when his bus came. That Indian guys did call the police by phone to lodge his complain but obviously his complain was ignore by the police. This possibly had triggered his anger and tempted him to execute righteousness in his own hand by confiscating Johnny's hand held Gospel flip chart and to get on the bus when it arrives. Johnny was shocked that he can rob him of the flip chart as such he tried to grab it back from the hand of that Indian guy but failed. I was sharing with another person while above incidence happened. When the bus came, my gospel target had also to leave to embark onto the bus. So I was free to step up to mediate for this conflict. Initially, I also did not know how to react, but another onlooking lady who rejected our gospel approach a few minutes ago stepped in and advised us to ask the bus driver to stop the bus and demanded that Indian Guy to return the robbed item to us. Actually, somebodies else on the bus possibly the bus driver or other passengers had already acted on this line as such the Indian Guy unwillingly threw the flip chart out from the bus on the ground. God gave me spiritual gut to got on the bus to confront that Indian guy by showing our stand that we did not want to make a mess to delay other innocent passengers, but I made it clear to him that his rouge behaviour robbing Johnny's possession is a criminal act while we have all the legal right to exercise our freedom of speech to share gospel with those who are willing to have a chat with us. I was graceful for the intervention by God moving so many people to stand on our side to say NO to the religious abuse by this uninformed person. This incidence happened more or less toward the latter part of our street ministry so the interruption to our mood was not that big. We continued to serve and wrapped up at the normal time frame. Basically, we all got non-stop chances to share the gospel to people with varying initial reaction status, but still ending up getting the gospel message passed onto the non-believers and those unclear believers. Recap are the battle log of Hung and Winnie as usual: -

1) Jack a local Aussie was all receptive to let me share the full gospel intermingled with my own testimony to demonstrate how I got waken up from the misconception that being a good person is sufficient to qualify for heaven. He admitted there is no reason he should reject this offer of free gift of eternal life prepared by Jesus for him at the expense of dying for us and taking our place to receive the punishment we deserved for our sins.

2) A Muslim girl declined for a chat but God changed her heart to accept the tract when the bus came.

3) Then I approached an India girl who also show no interest initially claiming she got our tract before. But when asked if she read it she was honest enough to said no. So I appealed to her to listen to the nutshell of Gospel to see if she would change her mind to read the tract at home. The bus came to cut our conversation short but obviously God was at work to turn around the situation.

4) Then came Stephen a Catholic boy whom I initial thought was a non believer. But after sharing the gospel to him, he responded that he was a Catholic Christian that was why he appeared like a non believer without assurance to go to heaven. It was good I helped him to establish his full and correct understanding on salvation by faith through grace and that he should have 100% assurance on basis of the redemptive work of Jesus alone. Thereafter, God will continue to transform us back to perfection through Holy Spirit on top of the foundation of Jesus redemptive act. By the way, I thanks God that our conversation took place amidst the confusion stirred up by that Indian Guy but God helped me to remain focus on my preaching and sharing to Stephen even though I clearly heard him calling the police to plot upon us.

5) A hippie girl stood up for righteousness to help us even though she did not share our heart for street evangelism action. It reminded me that God can make all thing and use all person, including a non believer, work together to rescue us from the evil doing of that Indian guy with Satan backing him up from behind. So we should never give up on any person who rejected us initially but keep an open mind to grab hold on any chance of a turn around situation with a changed heart.

6) Johnny approached an Atheist from 阿塞拜彊. Republic of Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, the Russian republic of Dagestan to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia and Turkey to the west, and Iran to the south. While around 97% of the population is Muslim, the Constitution of Azerbaijan does not declare an official religion and all major political forces in the country are secularist. No wonder this guy can defy the cultural pressure of a Muslim dominant country to have become an Atheist. He showed no interest to talk with Johnny about any religion including Christianity. And their conversation was got blocked when Johnny failed to recognize his country and culture. I stepped in to keep the chat on with that guy by identifying with him my knowledge about his country and culture in a friendly manner. It helped to make him relax and becoming more opened for a longer chat. It was a pity that the arrival of the bus cut our conversation to an end which otherwise would lead to sharing of gospel which he initially avoided. Will pray for a future encounter to get the work of God for that guy being carried on through us.

7) Mia an UQ student from Tsingtao, China showed rare openness to have a long chat with me. It was possibly because I approached her while she was eating waver biscuit as her lunch so that I teased her half-jokingly that she might be too busy for a decent lunch. She was impressed by my empathy with her as such she offered to share eating waver with her which had become the ice breaking point for a heart-to-heart long chat. She let me share with her the gospel first, but she took initiative to switch the topic to why she accepted Buddhism as her religion faith. It was all because of the unexpected early death of her beloved grandfather who was a publicly recognized good teacher. At his Buddhist style funeral held at a shrine, she vowed to Buddha that she will become a disciple of Buddha if she can have a dream to see her beloved grandpa that night which did happen. So, it gave her the conviction that a good person will be awarded with wish coming true in the form of blessing to her life. But I was quick to correct her that being a good person may not necessary always resulted with blessing. Her beloved Grandma was the exact opposite example unless she accepts the logical inference that her Grandpa had done something bad to deserve the punishment of a shorter life. She was speechless to disagree with me and I took on this line to return back to my gospel sharing that no matter how many good deeds we have done but all human is bound to be imperfect with punishable sin for eternal death suffering in the hell of fire. God loves us but he could not let sin unpunished. The only way out is to let a perfect person to take our place to receive that punishment. So Jesus is the only perfect person who is God by incarnated as a perfect person to be the scape goat to sacrifice his life to die for us and shoulder all our sins to set us free from the bondage of sin. It was the work of God to have soften her heart and becoming complete receptive to the gospel message and the offer of free gift of eternal life by Jesus. The bus came at the right time to leave her to respond to God in her private moment afterwards.

8) Three big fellows with lot of shopping stuff got to the bus stop. Two of them rejected outright my approach but the third one accepted my tract when I turned to him. Though I had not time to chat as the bus arrived right away, but I trusted that God’s work on that third fellow is unhindered for a fruit bearing result.

Battle Log of Winnie who had got divine appointment to chat with 10 persons despite of the spiritual evil attack orchestrated by Satan.

今天雖然有撒但阻撓,一澳洲男子不許我們在巴士站傳福音,搶了我手上的單張,又搶了 Johnny 的福音册。他上了巴士,後來得關牧師走上巴士和他理論,取回 Johnny 的福音册。

神 今天的保守和带领下,


第一位, Mickle, 澳洲基督徒,不明白救恩,我解释给他。

第二位,Lisa, 印度女士,不願接受單張及聽福音,後來我講及今次印度疫情的死傷無數,跟着引入福音。她聽後,接受單張及想清楚信仰問题。

第三位,Ellen, 中國來的 UQ 學生,福音講了一半,巴士到來。

第四位,Alice, 澳洲少女,不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第五位,Vivian, Singapore 來的 UQ 學生。聽了全福音,會想想宗教問题。a



第八位,Maria, 澳洲女士,相片中。她會想想宗教問题。

第九位,Lay, 澳洲女青年人,基督徒。不明白救恩,我解释给她。

第十位,Ka, 日本來的 UQ 學生,很留心聽我講的福音,她説 會認真想想。

願主 帶领今天聽到福音人士,找到適合教會,永遠跟䜔主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Tuesday 4 May 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 4th , 2021 from 1330 - 1500

It was a warm and sunny Autumn afternoon. It was still the team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung to partner with God to share the Gospel in His strength and in His plan and Will. With this mindset as a servant of God or vessel to be used by God to channel the bottom-line blessing to people of all nations. It will free us from self-burden of not good enough for His work as God can use whatever broken vessel to do His job. So we will not feel incompetent when facing more than normal rejection on a certain day. We also will not feel too proud of ourselves with a lot of contact in a good smooth sailing day. It is all the work of God and glory be to Him alone. We just pray that God will move and call more people to join the street evangelism team to see His Name be made known to people of all Nations. Today, again all the three of us had a very good day of working with the Spirit. God even had moved a few people proclaiming to receive Christ right a way on the spot. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie.

1) A Big local Aussie boy was ok to chat but I just barely had enough time to share the nutshell of the gospel.

2) Joshua is a joyful guy from Rockhampton to attend UQ starting in July. He is sort of guy who likes to plan ahead. He is from a Christian family with a Grandfather priest of the Catholic Church. Yet his parent is not church going but he has limited knowledge of the Bible but far not enough to comprehend the salvation of God by grace through faith. My sharing helped clarify issues and bring him to the full understanding of our need as a sinner to accept Jesus as our saviour and Lord of life.

3) Corey and Josephine is a dating boy and girl friend from Townsville, They are also of Catholic background and are not church going. Neither of them have Assurance of salvation which was gladly clarified in depth before the bus came.

4) I spoke to a middle age lady from Beijing. I gained her trust by identifying with her home city with my past visiting experience. Once she lent an open ear to me then I switched quickly to gospel sharing which was appealing to her. Pray that this first seed of gospel will bear fruit in His time.北京大妞很友善去聆聽,也認同所分享的福音。

5) Paula is a local Aussie living at St Lucia of Catholic background. It was no surprise he does not have concept of salvation. Yet he reacted positively and genuinely toward the gospel message. Pray that he will receive Christ as his saviour through this divine encounter.

6) Harshih is a Malaysian big boy. He argued that if a machine went wrong, it is the problem of the manufacturer. Likewise, if human sin, it is the responsibility of the creator God. I responded that the maker God did make us perfect in His image, yet we have been given free will so we have to responsible for our sin. So I reiterated and established that we sin out of our free will so we are all subject to judgement and is due to be punished by eternal dead or separation from God. The only way out is let a perfect person take our place for the punishment of our sin which was done by Jesus as our redeemer and saviour. I pray that this apologetic exchange will gave that young man new light to reflect upon our own imperfect if not sinful character as a member of the fallen human races.

7) 紫菁 Chi JIn is from Quanzhou 廣州,she chose to speak in English with me despite she speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. 說英語,the exchange of opinion was rational. She seems to have both rational but independent thinking as such she at the end was convinced that the gospel is logical, sensible and compassionate with divine love of God upon us. She actually was shared by Winnie in previous week, but did not use it as an excuse to turn down my approach for a conversation. 獨立思考, 救恩近了. Seemingly she is one more big step closer to the final stage of embracing Jesus' redemptive grace.

Battle Log of Winnie approaching 12 persons five of which are Christians but do not fully understand salvation. The others are non-believers.

感謝 神今天的帶领,讓我遇到十二人傳福音的機會。

有五位是基督徒,但不明白救恩。我解释给他們。相片中的兩位女士,Jefa & Janis , 都是基督徒。Jefa 願意將福音傳给别人及講了見証。

五位人士會想想宗教問题。印度人,Joe,是 信印度教,我和他講述印度疫症,及耶穌基督的救恩。他説會真的想想。

最后一位澳洲婦人,Arose ,會信靠主耶穌基督。



Tuesday 27 April 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday April 27, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and Thanks God that Jenna introduced a couples from CCCB St Lucia to join us and started serving with us on the Street right away after a briefing by both Hung and Johnny. It was a good challenge to Brother Pak and his wife Sister Lan as this is the first experience to sharing Gospel to a stranger by random as led and guided by God. Both had been faring very well especially Brother Pak. He made many contacts and had conversation with both Chinese and English speaking people. Sister Lan might have to take more time to get used to this sort of random gospel opportunity beyond our control but I assured her that nothing happened by coincident and serve no purpose even the gospel sharing time is short and incomplete. God is the real life saver and life changer to follow up on each and every divine encounter till the elected targets respond to the gospel with full conviction to trust in Christ.

The whole team of five worked credibly well with almost non-stop Gospel opportunity to minister to people of all nations (people Groups) Recap below are the battle Log of Hung and Winnie.

1) Delta is a young local Aussie UQ student who initially showed no great interest to chat. But I kept a friendly smile to break the ice and he eventually open up to the gospel. Though the bus came a bit too early, but the seed of Gospel should have been sowed.

2) Then I approached a matured student who also showed no interest to chat and refused to accept my tract. But I used his mature student status to introduce myself identifying with him as a matured student to do Master of Counselling in 2008. Then it followed with my personal testimony mixed with sharing of Gospel. So thanks God to inspire me to take this de-tour route to successfully shared full gospel to this initially stone heart man.

3) Then I was led to share with an Indian UQ student. She appeared very friendly accepting the tract and listening to the gospel willingly in receptive manner.

4) Then I caught up with an UQ student from Brazil who was very friendly to engage in conversation with me. He is a non-believer, but I associated with him the Brazilian Church in Japan that is now got infected with new break out of Covid-19 but the Church still managed to serve and helped people locally. It is all because they have a new life with a new overarching life goal to love the Japanese that they don't know but to share to them the gospel like what I was trying to share with him. He was moved and promised to read the tract and pray to God.

5) Stirling an Aussie UQ student who was born in Hong Kong as such he claimed himself Chinese (Hongkonger) . His family have Christian background and is church going but he does not fully understand the gospel. With my explanation, he admitted that the gospel is sensible and logical. So pray that our divine conversation will serve as a kind of push to bring him closer to the point of making his step of faith to receive Christ as his saviour.

6) Irvine is an UQ student from Ireland of Catholic Christian background. He has no assurance of salvation, but find the gospel message very appealing and promised to have ago to renew his Christian faith to biblically admit himself a sinner that need the redemptive grace of Jesus.

感謝主今天的带领,讓我遇到14 人傳福音的機會。

第一位 James, 澳洲青年,福音講了一半,巴士來到。

第二位也是澳洲人,Mark, 講完福音,巴士到來。

第三位也是澳洲人,George, 很喜歡聽到福音,願意信靠,及將聽到所有的福音傳给他妻子及兒子。感謝主!

第四位是印度青年,Greg. 我講述福音及最近印度發生的疫情。他説會想清楚宗教問题。

第五及第六位香港青年,女的是 Fiona, 而男的是 Tom. Fiona 接受單張,很留心聽我講的福音,而 Tom 不要單張,在旁聽我講。當我講完,巴士到達。

第七及第八位也是香港青年,Steve & Kelvin. 他們聽完我講的福音及印度最近的疫情,他們會認真的想想 信仰問题。

第九位,Sandler, 澳洲婦女。她到過很多基督教會,但都不能影响她回轉歸向耶穌基督。我請她解释,她説信有三一神,但不願意受規律限制,不介意落地獄,也不相信有天堂,她願意做很多善事,帮助其他人。我對她説,信靠耶穌基督,是免费禮物,不是靠行善,完全是靠恩典。但她一至顧行,不願信靠。我只好给她單張,讓她看淸楚。求主憐憫,讓祂的靈感動她。

第十位 澳洲人Ryan, 聽完福音,會想想信仰問题。

第十一位,Josher, 纽西蘭中學生。聽完福音,願意信靠主,找教會。

第十二位 印度青年,Oska我講及福音及最近印度疫情發生,還未講完,巴士到達。

求主怜悯,願今天聽到福音的人士,認罪,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主🙏

Tuesday 20 April 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday April 10, 2010 from 1330 -1500

The weather turned continuously fine with a warmer sun this afternoon posing us a more challenging condition apart from the uncontrollable response from strangers. Yet our heavenly Father did work with us giving us inspiration and wisdom to use word of complement to gain trust with those initially reluctant or even rejective strangers. As a result both Johnny and Winnie had almost non-stopped chance to share gospel. Recap below are the battle log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) Judy a local Aussie UQ girl was very open and responsive to the gospel sharing and appeared very receptive to consider receiving Jesus as her saviour.

2) Then I approached another UQ student from Bangladesh who showed little interest to chat yet with my persistence to keep sharing to him the full gospel in a nutshell. Can only leave it to God for His continuous work.

3) Then I caught up with an UQ student from Taiwan. He was polite and showed great willingness to listen to the gospel.

4) James is an UQ student from Bundaberg. He is very tall but also very shy to have conversation with stranger. I nevertheless chatted with him about Bundaberg to help him relax and get a better grip of the gospel message.

5) Then I faced up approaching a not so welcoming person who had been approached by Winnie that I only knew after viewing those pictures. Actually, this person was behaving very nice and patience despite our repeated approach. He took his stand as a non-religious person denying the existence of God and Heaven. I could only speak skilfully not to deny his stand but kept pushing my message that as an imperfect person , we all have to face judgement after death which can only be pardoned by the redemptive grace of Jesus through his atoning death.

6) Then I had chance to share with a Muslim girl from Indonesia. She initially wanted to turn me down taking the excuse that she has got the tract an have chatted with one of us before. I took this line to ask how well did she understand the gospel which of course was still un clear for her. I thus had the opportunity to share again the core of the gospel and left everything to God.

7) I chatted with Satire a local Aussie UQ girl who had the greatest response of the day. She admitted she is not perfect thus needs Jesus to take her place for punishment. She promise to pray and think seriously to receive Jesus.

感謝主 今天的帶領。雖然身體不是一百分完整,眼睛及耳朵都是不完全康复,但是全能的 神,都讓我可以,向十二人傳講福音。

第一及第二位,分别前後是印度及中國少女,Lina & Helen. 她們聽完福音,需要時間想淸楚。


第四位,Elaine, 中國來的UQ 學生,我講完福音後,巴士還未到,我再講了我的見證及台湾火車的意外發生。



第七及第八位,年青人。Richard & Mary. Richard是澳洲人,Mary 是中國人.他們是基督徒,但不明白救恩,以為做善事便可以。我解释给他們。


第十位是馬來西亞少女,Julie. 父母是基督徒。她間中都有跟父母去教會。我從新講述福音,她完全明白。會信靠主,跟随主。

第十一位澳洲女士,Janis, 天主教背境的基督徒。相信 三一神,但不能解释為何可以上天堂。我解释给她。



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