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South-East England (UK) Team

Meets regularly on Saturdays on the Romford Highstreet (in front of Marks and Spencer's).

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Saturday 12 October 2019

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Operation 513 was in Stratford today.  Jacob Moswa and I joined three members of the Sports Fan Outreach International in the rain.  The SFOI guys took a break after four hours in the rain and I continued to preach and Jacob spoke to a number of people.  Jacob and I both engaged with Samir, the Muslim outreach man.  We didn't get very far with Samir, unfortunately, as he always badgers us to show where Jesus said that He is God.  I mentioned John 8:24 and the 'ego eimi' statement of Jesus, but Samir wasn't accepting that. He asked Allah to make note that I was a liar, but we didn't get any further.  Jacob showed Samir John 20:28 where Thomas says, "Ho Kyrious mou kai ho Theus mou", but that didn't impress him either.  

Thursday afternoon, a 15 year old student was stabbed to death within meters of where we were ministering.  I wasn't confident to address the issue directly, but I stressed the Gospel repeatedly.  I went back to a sign left by SFOI near me declaring that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus  Christ is Lord.  

Jacob spoke with Marius from Roumania, whose father passed away recently and Alicia, a young woman who was very depressed.  I wound up giving out all my tracts this time to James from Barking, Mary from London and Steve,  They are all involved in outreach in London.  I started preaching for a marathon +90 minutes. I felt lead to emphasize Christ's humility in His birth, His life and His death.  False religion always exalts itself, but true religion is a call to humility, repentance, self-denial  and faith.  Curiously, some Black Hebrew Israelites sat down near me and a loud conversation ensued with Aaron, a Christian who argued with them for ages.  


Saturday 14 September 2019

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After a summer break, the Essex team was out on the Romford High Street today.  The crowds were pretty good for a warm, late summer day.

I preached from Hebrews 1 and John 1 about the excellencies of Christ and God's call to repentance.  Jacob had some lengthy conversations with other Christians Nick, Daniel and his friend.

His young son Israel was handing out tracts to everyone, constantly running back for more from his father.  He was a great example of youthful energy and zeal.

Saturday 22 June 2019

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Operation 513 Essex went to Stratford, London, for outreach June 22. There were multiple Christian outreach groups present with a group called B.E.F. (Believers Evangelistic Fellowship), made up of 30 different London churches, carried out preaching and worship music the entire time that we were there.

There were large crowds all afternoon. A lot of tracts were handed out and many conversations about the Gospel were carried out. I had conversations with Italians Hugo and Fillipo, Romanians George and John and an Egyptian engineer  who was confined to a mobility scooter after a stroke. He took both a tract and a Gideon's New Testament.

Mohammed kindly posed with a Jesus and the Quran tract that he took from me. Andy Noble had a number of conversations over the course of one and a half hours.  

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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Operation 513 joined up with Sports Fan Outreach in Romford for outreach on the High Street from 10 AM to 5 PM. It was market day, so there were many people out and about.

It was a relaxed atmosphere that was great for preaching, conversations and tract handout. Bill Adams preached first for about an hour, followed Gerry Collins and then me. We did this twice by 3 PM.

A young man asked if he could touch my Gideon's Bible and I told him that he could have it. He was very chuffed and gave me a hug. I took a picture of him with Dorothy Boyett. I had long conversations with Terry, who became a Christian, having been born into a liberal Jewish family. Michael talked about the sudden death of his wife and his frustration with the glib answers he got from religious people. I spoke sincerely about the difficulty when one spouse dies, that older people may indeed be very lonely, but that Christ sustains us in old age. I pointed him to C. S. Lewis and his book on the bereavement of his wife, "A Grief Observed". Maybe it was enough to agree with Michael that bereavement is difficult and that C. S. Lewis came to the point where he could let go of his wife and love God even more for the experience of marriage late in life.

It started raining after 11:30 and the crowds dwindled, but it was a great day for outreach.

Sunday 9 June 2019

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Operation 513 joined up with Sports Fan Outreach to hand out tracts, have conversations and preach to the crowds going to the International Cricket match between India and Australia this morning at The Oval in London. A young man from Portugal named Ruben was a bit inebriated, but he kept asking us questions for quite a while. I took a picture with Ruben talking with Bill Shank. Bill was with me  for SFOI and he began by singing "The Old Rugged Cross" and preaching to the crowds going to the game. One fellow pointed to the Oval and said, "That is my church". I took over the preaching chores as the crowds peaked leading to game time. I used Mark 10:45 again to summarize the Gospel. I asked "How do you define greatness?" Jesus defines greatness as being the servant of all.  Not only that, he came in to this world to give his life as a ransom for many.  Since Karma means debt, I said that Jesus came to pay the debt, your Karma, so that you don't have to pay it. (That turned a few heads, Bill told me.) I saw very few Australia fans, but many Indian fans. I was handing out a tract by Voddie Baucham about "Life's Ultimate Questions", since so many Indians are practicing atheists.  Kuldeep took such a tract and promised to read it at home.  I handed out two NT's.  I gave one to Ian, but the first fellow's name escapes me.  

Wednesday 5 June 2019

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I joined the Sports Fan Outreach on Wednesday at the Oval before the match between Bangladesh and New Zeeland.  Bill Adams and his crew were on the tube side of the street and I stayed on the side where the Oval and the bus stops were.  

I learned that you pick a spot early and stay there, because you have no hope of establishing another spot if you move when the big crowds start filing past.  The crowds were almost all from Bangladesh and I was patient handing out tracts during the three hours leading up to game time.  Many came and asked me what I was doing and took tracts from me.  I handed out twenty "Jesus and the Quran" tracts for those who didn't want an overt Gospel tract.  I preached for about 50 minutes prior to game time as the crowds grew very large, using Mark 10:45, which summarizes the Mark's gospel in one verse.  I asked the crowds "What is greatness?".  Is it skill on the pitch, bowling and batsmanship?  I gave them Jesus' definition, which is found in Mark 10:43-45.  He who would be greatest is the servant of all. I found many approving nods from this mostly Muslim crowd pointing them to Jesus' humility.  And I added that Jesus further humbled himself when he came (incarnation) and gave his life a ransom for many.  I had many brief exchanges, but one young man named "Muman" or Muhammad told me how he has been estranged from his sisters and regretted the lack of reconciliation.  I pointed him to Jesus, who reconciled man with God and reconciles us to others.  

At one point, a comedy team dressed in white coats and Groucho Marx glasses and moustaches animated the people waiting to get into the stadium. 

It was an incredible experience to be in a largely Muslim crowd.  I really sense how important that patience, kindness and respect were important to build a rapport with the people

Saturday 1 June 2019

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Saturday, I joined the Sports Fan Outreach group, who are in town for the International Cricket Championship games this week. 

Gerry was already preaching when I got to Piccadilly Circus (fellow in the blue shirt.)  I paired up with Gene from Mobile, Alabama, and we preached off to the side near the large fountain with the horses across from the Trocadero.  Tourist season is well underway in London.  

Tract uptake was pretty good with large groups going through the area.  Buskers and street artists were the biggest problem with their 100-200 watt amps.  The police passed by several times, but said nothing to us.  After 2 and 1/2 hours, I left.  I was pretty well worn out by then.  Conversations were limited today, but the Gospel was going out. 

Bill Adams and his crew were going to stay out for six hours, which is what they pledge to do for their sponsors. I was too tired to join them Sunday morning at the Oval for the first match, but I hope to be out on Wednesday. I owe a lot to Bill for raising my game considerably in the past six years.

I gave three NT's to homeless guys.  Jamie and Dean each took one, but the first guy's name has gone out of my memory.  Not unlike prison, someone with a lot of time on their hands will wear a Bible out in a few months.

Sunday 28 April 2019

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London Marathon outreach April 28: I went down to the mile 15 point of the London Marathon at Limehouse Station to hand out tracts and preach (non-amplified). Many young and old alike came to cheer on their friends and relatives. The crowd was young and trendy, but there was a good mix of all groups.  Everyone was following their favorite runner with an App that tracked their progress. One man said that he was scientist and I was wasting my time. I argued back about science not being possible without God.  It went a bit back and forth before he turned away when his friends showed up.

Interestingly, I could hand out many £1,000,000 notes to young people from the other major religion. Rashid kindly posed for me for one photo. I got there early to catch the professional ladies running past, but I didn't wait for Mo Farah and co. My only photo of the marathon comes from the platform at Limehouse. I definitely wish to get an outreach team together next year for the London Marathon. I'm close to a city of 10 million with thousands gathering on the weekends for any number of events. I look forward to Bill Adams in June for the Cricket world championships.

Saturday 20 April 2019

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Operation 513 was in Stratford for outreach this afternoon. Again it was heaving with people on a warm, sunny Saturday.  There was an opportunity for amplified street preaching, so I took advantage of it and preached for an hour.  I emphasized the importance of the resurrection and cited many verses from Romans 5, Ephesians 2 and Psalm 103.  ‚ÄčArnell from the Philippines waited for me to finish before he started preaching himself.  The police past by once and allowed amplified street preaching today.  Praise God for that.  

Pastor Ben Jones from Fryerns Baptist and his son Harry joined me at 2 PM and handed out tracts. Jacob came later and had many conversations.  I had a long conversation with Mark the JW.  He openly said that he is not born again and it didn't bother him one bit.  Although he did claim to have the Holy Spirit.  Jacob and I also locked horns with Samir again as he handed out his literature.  Jacob had a number of conversations doing the 1-on-1 evangelism that he loves.  He asks that you pray for Adrian and Michael, to men with whom he had lengthy conversions.

Saturday 30 March 2019

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The Essex Team for Operation 513 was in Stratford this afternoon. It was heaving with people. The intensity of sound and the number of people was a bit overwhelming.  As opposed to other Saturdays, amplification was allowed.

It began nicely with Jaden taking a tract from me as soon as I got there.  The only tract that was taken was the £1,000,000 pound question tract.  

Jacob had numerous conversations with the people passing through the Meridian Square. In the background, Adeboye was preaching very lively and in a compelling manner. He acted out the Gospel as well. Maybe a new George Whitefield? Maybe the authorities allowed amplified preaching after the story of Pastor Olu being arrested and de-arrested a few weeks ago. A Christian rap group performed to advertise for an outreach show to address knife-crime in London.

I had extended an conversation with Abdul, who was handing out his literature. He took a tract from me "Jesus and the Quran". Sunni Abdul went through the usual objections to Christianity with me. Jesus never said that he was God, etc. I pointed out that Jesus allowed others to worship him as God, but I didn't get very far. One comment, however,  that seemed to stick was about sin.  Abdul assured me that Muslims are very concerned about sin and always do more good than bad.  I objected that describes every other religion.  Christianity, on the other hand, trusts in Christ's perfect work on the cross for reconciliation with God.  Abdul has Joseph Gudel's Jesus and the Quran in his hand. I hope that he reads it.

I also spoke for a long time with Vitaly, the Ukrainian JW.  Vitaly  wondered why William Wilburforce was on the £1,000,000 pound tract. I explained why. His grandparents survived the Holodomor and I found some sympathy with him by speaking about history with him. I went from history to telling him how Solzhenitsyn became a Christian through the witness of Boris Kornfeld. I mentioned Acts 5 to defend tha the Holy Spirit is a person. I argued from Hebrews 1:3 that Christ is the radiance of God's glory and the express image of his being.

At the end, Jacob and I spoke to James from the rap outreach. They were hosting a live youth drama that evening to address the situation on London's streets.  North-East London is one of the hot spots for trouble.  Jacob called it a great day for outreach.  To God be the glory. 

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