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South-East England (UK) Team

Meets regularly on Saturdays on the Romford Highstreet (in front of Marks and Spencer's).

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Saturday 30 March 2019

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The Essex Team for Operation 513 was in Stratford this afternoon. It was heaving with people. The intensity of sound and the number of people was a bit overwhelming.  As opposed to other Saturdays, amplification was allowed.

It began nicely with Jaden taking a tract from me as soon as I got there.  The only tract that was taken was the £1,000,000 pound question tract.  

Jacob had numerous conversations with the people passing through the Meridian Square. In the background, Adeboye was preaching very lively and in a compelling manner. He acted out the Gospel as well. Maybe a new George Whitefield? Maybe the authorities allowed amplified preaching after the story of Pastor Olu being arrested and de-arrested a few weeks ago. A Christian rap group performed to advertise for an outreach show to address knife-crime in London.

I had extended an conversation with Abdul, who was handing out his literature. He took a tract from me "Jesus and the Quran". Sunni Abdul went through the usual objections to Christianity with me. Jesus never said that he was God, etc. I pointed out that Jesus allowed others to worship him as God, but I didn't get very far. One comment, however,  that seemed to stick was about sin.  Abdul assured me that Muslims are very concerned about sin and always do more good than bad.  I objected that describes every other religion.  Christianity, on the other hand, trusts in Christ's perfect work on the cross for reconciliation with God.  Abdul has Joseph Gudel's Jesus and the Quran in his hand. I hope that he reads it.

I also spoke for a long time with Vitaly, the Ukrainian JW.  Vitaly  wondered why William Wilburforce was on the £1,000,000 pound tract. I explained why. His grandparents survived the Holodomor and I found some sympathy with him by speaking about history with him. I went from history to telling him how Solzhenitsyn became a Christian through the witness of Boris Kornfeld. I mentioned Acts 5 to defend tha the Holy Spirit is a person. I argued from Hebrews 1:3 that Christ is the radiance of God's glory and the express image of his being.

At the end, Jacob and I spoke to James from the rap outreach. They were hosting a live youth drama that evening to address the situation on London's streets.  North-East London is one of the hot spots for trouble.  Jacob called it a great day for outreach.  To God be the glory. 

Saturday 16 March 2019

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The South-East England (UK) team was out on the Romford High Street on Saturday, March 16th, for outreach.  It was a cool and cloudy day with strong wind warnings.  Jacob had a number of conversations with people on the High Street, giving tracts to many.  He had a long conversation with a woman named Patience.

Her young son was a bit grumpy having to wait, so I gave him a New Testament which cheered him up. He showed it to his mother.  I pray that he will read it many times over.  I preached from Psalm 14, "The fool has said in his heart, 'No God'"   That turned heads as I gave the Phil Johnson exegesis of that passage.

I also preached from Ephesians Chapter 2 and Romans 5.  Michael George's art collection had sold the say before and the most expensive work was from Damian Hirst, entitled "The Incomplete Truth", which has a dove in formaldehyde.  I declared that Christ is the way , the truth and life.  I was interrupted by a fellow named Mike who was a self-proclaimed prophet and a lengthy conversation followed.  

He wasn't open to the fact that there are no apostles and I warned him to be very careful with his "experiences".  He has to stick to God's word alone and not put his trust in encounters.  

Saturday 16 February 2019

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On Saturday, the Essex Team was out on the Romford High Street for outreach.  Jacob had many good conversations with different people.  I was able to preach for two hours with people stopping to listen or sitting down and listening.  I emphasized that God commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel (Acts 17:30).

There is a song on the radio that asks why people are so empty and whether they are weary trying to fill a void (Shallow from the film 'A Star is Born'). They are empty because they have turned their back on Christ and His salvation.  I asked "After 50 years of the  philosophy, 'if it feels good, do it', why do you feel so empty after you have 'done it'?" I also preached form Romans 5, Psalm 103 and Ephesians 2.

Please pray for Joseph, who listened for a long time to the preaching, but is not committed to a local church.  James the homeless man said that he knew the Gospel already.  Jacob had a lengthy conversation with a young couple shown in the first photo.  A group came by handing out fliers for a staging of "The little shop of horrors" dressed in costume. They listened, but were resistant to Gospel invitation.  Sovereign and her  son Divine chatted with Jacob for a long time as well.  Jacob had an extended talk with Sam, who was disappointed with the government and people in general and wondered why bad things happen to people.  Jacob argued that none are good in God's eyes and our standards are corrupted by our fallen nature, but God knows are every thought.  Jacob then explained the Gospel to him. Sam asked for Jacob's number to talk further. 

Saturday 19 January 2019

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On Saturday, January 19th, the Essex team met at Meridian Square outside of the Stratford tube station in East London for evangelism and outreach.  It was a chilly 5C, but there were many good conversations.  Jacob and Andy both handed out the Op513 Million Pound Question tract with success. Some of the people taking the Million pound note were quite taken with the novelty of the tract. I was handing out the Xpand Christianity tract asking which of six major religions was true, which was appropriate for this multi-culturallly diverse area of  East London.

City wardens were quick to stop amplified preaching on Saturday. They shut down a woman named Mary, but she had a booming voice and went around the square shouting things like "Repent", or "The time will soon be over. Elohim" or quoting John 14:6 for most of the time we were there. (I don't know if anyone knew what she was trying to say. I told her that she should explain to people what she is talking about.)  A portable generator and traffic noise made it difficult to be heard above the din, so we stuck with handing out tracts. We interacted with some teenagers raising money for a youth program.

I gave tracts and spoke to Tausin and Maame.  Elijah, a young man ona skateboard told me that he left a strict Catholic background and now was free. I encouraged him to read the tract when he was at home. Rashid, a Moslem, told me that good works to our fellow man was very important because we can't know God.  He added that he was an advocate.  I told him that Jesus was my advocate before the Father.  Sheila said that she was a Christian and was encouraged to see a Christian presence in Stratford.

I chatted with Samir as he prepared to hand out his Moslem literature again. He said that he read to BIble extensively, but it clearly wasn't with faith, but only to construct arguments against Christianity. I also chatted with Chinelle, a homeless woman who looked more like a 12 year old boy, and I spoke a word of encouragement. (Some victims of physical abuse stop growing, literally.)  My homeless friend Salvatore was also out.  He showed me that he still had the New Testaments that I gave him in December.

Please pray for the people which I have named that God may be gracious to them and grant them the grace to repent and the faith to believe. 

Saturday 15 December 2018

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Saturday, two from the Essex team  met in Stratford, London, for outreach on a cold, wet and windy day. Tract uptake was slow as many people rushed by in the rain, but we had some good conversations.  Jacob had longer conversations with Stewart and Erica.  I had a nice conversation with Sonny, a Christian from the Philippines. I engaged with a man handing out the Quran nearby. He was clearly trained to question all things related to Christianity. Jacob joined me in the conversation and asked for his contact details to continue the conversation.

Please pray for Samir that his eyes might be opened to the truth of the Gospel and salvation in Christ. Samir was adamant that his good works will save him. I was really moved by a young man from Italy, Salvatore, begging in the 4C rain. I gave him a couple of quid and two NT's which he happily took. He showed me his Bible, which had gotten totally soaked and fused into a solid lump. Please keep these people in your prayers.

Saturday 24 November 2018

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The Essex UK Team met on the Romford High Street, an old market town 20 miles east of London, on Saturday, NOVEMBER 24.  Jacob, Andy and I preached, handed out tracts and sought conversations.  

The crowds were pretty good with a lot of Christmas shoppers, but the atmosphere seemed subdued.  Most adults did not stop to listen to the street preaching, but children and young adults listened.  I preached first from 2 Corinthians 5:17. You are a new creation in Christ Jesus. The Lord takes out the heart of stone and puts in a heart of flesh.  What better gift to give to your family than a new new?  Come to Jesus and He will make you a new creation in Christ through repentance and faith.  It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I noticed couples looking at each other at the thought of a new man who loved the wife or a new woman.who respected the husband and new children who obeyed the parents and did their homework.  I also touched on Dicken's Christmas Carol and how Jacob Marley had created the heavy chain he had to bear through eternity through his own deeds.  I finished with a recitation of Psalm 103.  A girl of 8 was fascinated with my street preaching.  She kept listening. Finally her mother got her to leave, but she and her two siblings all waved good-bye with broad smiles.  I gave a New Testament to Laurence in a wheelchair.  He said, "No one has seen God!"  "Yes", I replied.  "Now we only see through a glass darkly, but then we will see face to face."  

Andy preached next from Mark 7:20.  It is what comes out of a man that defiles him. A boy came up and interrupted him and offered him a sweet.  Two youth about 14 listened Andy for several minutes but they didn't seek out a conversation.  

"Have a sweet!" 


Jacob handed out tracts and had a number of conversations.  He spoke quite a while with three young men about the truth of God's words.  They were skeptical, but Jacob defended the veracity of the Bible and the good news of the Gospel.  


Thursday 25 October 2018

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Thursday, Chuck Bosio joined up with the U.S. outreach Bobby McCreery's 'To the end of the earth' ministries in Stratford, London, for street outreach. Stratford is a very diverse area of London and turned out to be very receptive to the Gospel message.

Good conversations were had with a man from Bangladesh and Uzbekistan as well as a gay porn actor/director who was hanging out, listening to Bobby preach. I let Luke tell me about his life story as he was excommunicated from the Mormons and kicked out of his house by his father for being gay at age fourteen. He was proud of his wealth and what he had accomplished, but I warned him that his wealth, his health and his hedonistic lifestyle  would one day fail him.

I asked him whether he could forgive his father and the Mormon elders, whom he deeply resented. I told him how Jesus first revealed himself to Mary Magdalene at the resurrection. He took my tract and I encouraged him to seek Jesus as his Lord and saviour. I pray that God will grant Luke the grace to repent and the faith to believe. 

Wednesday 24 October 2018

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Andy Noble joined up with Bobby McCreery's U.S. outreach team on Wednesday, October 24th, in Trafalgar Square, London.

This is a main tourist attraction in the centre of London with a large area reserved for pedestrians, street artists, buskers and people hanging out from all over the world. Andy had a lot of good conversations with people and many tracts were handed out while people in Bobby's team preached the Gospel of Christ.

Saturday 20 October 2018

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The Essex Team went to Romford on a warm late fall afternoon.  Romford is a busy market town 15 miles northeast of London.  The High Street is a pedestrian zone and well-suited for outreach.  Jacob and I were handing out tracts, talking to people and I preached for over an hour from Psalm 103 and Romans 8.  Jacob and a woman named Tem spoke for a long time, both coming from Zimbabwe.  We spoke in front of a group trying to get people to switch energy companies didn't mind our outreach and in fact spoke with us at length.

Please pray for Fiona and Kyle that they may receive the grace to repent and the faith to believe in the finished work or Jesus Christ.  Jacob said that he would speak next time, so I continued until I couldn't go any further.  As I finished, a young woman named Sophie came up to me and said that it was really good hearing Romans 8 from memory.  (We say that we love God's word, but I wished to demonstrate it by memorizing long passages of God's word.)  Some regulars had to work on that Saturday, but I hope that we'll get more people out next time.  

Saturday 15 September 2018

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I only had a few days notice that a mini-gay pride parade was to take place on the 15th of September through the town centre in Basildon. 

I got the meeting point early and hardly anyone was there.  I was going to start preaching from one corner at the meeting point when the organiser, Mr. Burton-Sampson, showed up with flag and banners in hand.  I went up to him and he kindly  let me ask him some questions. 

I first asked him whether the intention of the gay community was to silence Christians. I quoted a gay publication" LGBTQ+ Goldsmith" that said that those who disagreed with the homosexual agenda deserved the gulag.  He was not aware of the article.  Mr. Burton-Sampson was aware that the Bible defined the rainbow as God's covenant with Noah and pride was viewed as detestable by God. I was hoping he could define what was hateful in these Biblical symbols.

I then offered to define a gay philosophy based on Michel Foucault.  He picked up on that and listened to Foucault's definition of the post-modern mindset.  "If you love what I love, I will love you.  If you hate what I love, I will hate you".  Then I added, "But Jesus said, love those who hate you". Mr. Sampson replied, "Oh, I'm a Christian!".  But he didn't go to any local church because they wouldn't accept him. 

By that time we were surrounded by six police officers and I felt that it was time to leave.  I walked past the police van and started preaching further down the town centtre.  I expected the parade to start shortly, but it still hadn't started an hour later.  I had some good conversations with a number of people.  I was handing out tracts and preaching, which is a bit unusual.  Many were happy to see someone out there.  I only caught the names of Tom, the window washer, and his daughter and Paul, the heroin addict, who was out of the "slammer".

I was worn out after 50 minutes of preaching, so I left.  The parade still hadn't started, but maybe 30 people were standing around at the gathering point.

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