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Saturday, 20 May, 2017

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The Essex Team met in Romford today and we preached Christ crucified and risen from the dead.  The team was Andrew, Chuck and Jacob.  Many heard the Gospel and many Christians were also encouraged. SDG

Andrew Preaching

Saturday, 26 November, 2016

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Today the team consisted of Jacob, Rob, Chuck, Wesley and myself.  I was very thankful for the turn out.  We preached and handed out Christmas tracts.  Christ was glorified. SDG

Rob chatting to a young man on the high street.

Andrew preaching a Christmas Gospel message from Luke chapter 2

Wesley chatting with a lady about the Gospel

Chuck preaching


Saturday, 29 October, 2016

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The Essex team went to Romford today and had a blessed time of evangelism and encouragement.  I was joined by Chuck and Jacob and we decided to set up in a different spot to see how we would fare.  I preached and then was followed by Chuck.  Jacob spent a long time chatting with a woman who had been involved in mormonism.  Many Christians also approached us and said they were greatly encouraged by our presence.  SDG

Chuck preaches while Jacob and I are talking to pedestrians.

Me preaching from Acts 4.12

Chuck proclaiming the Gospel in Romford High St.

Jacob chatting to the Mormon lady.

Saturday, 8 October, 2016

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On Saturday, Chuck and I went to Romford and preached, we were joined by Jacob briefly and we set up in our normal spot.  

Chuck preached after me and I took over handing out tracts.  I was met by a Christian lady who said that she was very encouraged by what we were doing.  A little later a Catholic lady named Mary told Chuck that he was too quiet and needed to be in the middle of the pedestrian area if he wanted to be an effective evangelist.  This led to me having a conversation with her about what she believed.  Unfortunately I found her difficult to dialogued with as she was not interested in discussion, but only telling me her opinions.  Still I managed to engage her on a few important issues like mutual exclusion between the Christian Triune God and the unitarian god of islam (because she believed all religions pray to essentially the same god) and I also asked her to go find the Bible verses that supported purgatory.  We parted amicably and she took a roman catholic worldview tract, so I pray she will read it and be converted.  Over all, our time was successful as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed. SDG

Chuck preaching in Romford.


Saturday, 6 August, 2016

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Romford was busy today with buskers and shoppers so Chuck and I (the only team members present) went to the "green door", as we can preach without hindering shop fronts or pedestrians.  After we prayed, I spoke from Mark 7 while Chuck handed out tracts, then we swapped.  

While Chuck spoke, I had a number of different people chat to me about the tracts I was handing out.  I asked a man who was a buddhist some tough questions about absolutes in morality and he really didn't want to engage the conversation or justify his position.  I met a pantheistic type of lady who told me I was wrong to make people fearful of hell and that god is in all of us etc.  Her self righteousness was couched deep in a quasi humility.  She did not like the idea of being branded a sinner in violation of 
Gods law and she also walked off, after not wishing to deal with tough questions on absolutes.  The last person I spoke to was a lady who had a tough upbringing, and while initially trying to deny breaking laws like lying and thieving, she succumbed to not honoring God with heart, soul and mind, as the first and greatest commandment.  She listened to the Gospel, thanked me and took tracts.  SDG!!

Monday, 27 June, 2016

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Today I was able to meet up with some visiting preachers from America and a couple of UK evangelists.  All these men are a real blessing and encouragement to me.  We decided to meet near Hackney Central train station, which is in East London.  It is quite a rough area, full of liberal and pluralistic attitudes.  However we did have a small Christian contingent of locals pass by and encourage us in our ministry.  I arrived to find Bobby preaching and some community officers talking to Mike and Tony.  This was to be a regular occurrence this day.  After much discussion and a later visit from "real" police officers, we were able to keep preaching unhindered and we had a group of community officers monitor us for our safety and to see that we didn't say anything "offensive".

Adrian preached next and had a quite a few local Christians stop to give thanks and praise to God!

I preached next from Mark 7...  what comes of a man is what defiles him!

Tony preached after and was very engaging with people, a number of hecklers passed by but not many had the courage to stay and chat about where they will spend eternity.

During the preaching many tracts were being distributed to pedestrians.  Robert preached and also had a number of people asking questions.

Here is Mike talking to a very animated fellow who is suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.

Today we had a successful day as the Gospel went out unhindered and with as much clarity as possible.  SDG




Saturday, 24 October, 2015

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Today the team consisted of Steven, Chuck, Jacob and Myself.  We found a spot on the High St in Romford and prayed that God would help us preach accurately and that He would bring those He wants to hear the Gospel.  

I have also begun to use a gorpro camera to record and take photos of the preaching.  This helps protect us if people accuse us of saying things we did not say and to critique our messages.

It is leading up to Halloween and Jacob came across a number of people dressed up for the occasion.  He gave them a tract and began to talk to them.

Jacob also preached later, while we were handing out tracts.

There were other Christians who were greatly encouraged by our activities today and mentioned that they would like to join us so we collected a few phone numbers from them.  SDG

Saturday, 19 September, 2015

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After an extended hiatus, OP513 Essex went and evangelized Romford High St on Saturday September 19th.  The team consisted of Chuck, Jacob and Myself (Andrew).  We found a location to speak in front of a closed shop.  We prayed for God to bless our meager efforts and then proceeded to preach the Gospel and hand out tracts.  

While I was preaching the others handed out tracts and had one to one conversations.  There were no hecklers but quite a few pedestrians stopped and listened.  I spoke from Luke 16 about Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Specifically about how if people will not hear "Moses and the Prophets" (aka the Bible),  neither will they believe if one was to rise from the dead (aka see a miracle).  Peoples hearts need to changed by the Holy Spirit before they will believe and then I talked about sin, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.  

Chuck spoke after me and during this time, I was approached by a young Philippine man who asked about the ministry and my theology.  As the conversation developed he explained that the church he attends (not a jehovahs witness church) does not believe in the Triune nature of God.  I began to show him some salient verses where Jesus is explicitly named "theos" or God.  He listed intently and was very courteous.  We later exchanged numbers and he suggested we meet up for a bible study to discuss the the topic further.  

I later spoke a second time, and again expounded on the Luke 16 passage to which a number of pedestrians stopped and listened.  We wrapped up the event with prayer and asked for God to use the tracts and preaching to save his people!  SDG.

Saturday, 1 November, 2014

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After a long hiatus, the Essex OP513 group met up in Romford to preach the Gospel.  I was joined by Chuck and Jacob and we found a suitable spot and prayed.  I preached from Mark 7 and a few pedestrians stopped and listened. This led into conversations with Chuck and Jacob.


Chuck spent a while chatting with this Muslim man who said he was looking for the truth...  

Jacob was chatting with various people as he handed out Gospel tracts.

Chuck preached after me, during which a few other local Christians turned up and joined us in evangelism.  

The day ended well with the Gospel proclaimed in Romford!!  SDG

Saturday, 5 April, 2014

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As we approach Easter and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, I thought it appropriate to read the story of the Crucifixion to the public.  So Chuck, Mario and I began this Saturday with prayer and found a new spot to preach away from the many buskers on Romford High St.  I read through the crucifixion narrative in Matthew's Gospel and transitioned into why it was necessary for Christ to die for salvation followed by talking about sin, death and repentance.  The pedestrians were fairly indifferent and easily distracted by the buskers who were much louder and excellent at "tickling the ears".  I finished and Chuck began to preach.  

While I handed out tracts I got into a conversation with a young man who eventually attempted to absolve his conscience from Gods Law by stating that "you don't know that the Bible is true".  At this point the Christian apologist may be tempted to give "evidence" in a neutral fashion and take for granted the unbelievers autonomy in "knowing" things.  That unbiblical apologetic puts God "in the dock" and clandestinely makes the unbeliever the judge of what is true.   Rather than this, I gently exposed to the man that if the Biblical Worldview was not true, he could not "know" anything at all.  And because he does know things, he is exposing the knowledge of God that he already possesses and is guilty of suppressing the truth - Romans 1.  At that point he was very eager to exit the conversation and promptly left.

Chuck preaching...

After Chuck, Mario also preached.  I also preached a second time but there were no good hecklers by which a crowd may be formed.  However we so very blessed and thankful that no police stopped us or hassled us and that we can still preach freely!!  Glory to God!

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