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TeamLatest Report
Brisbane TeamSaturday, 8 November, 2014
Essex TeamSaturday, 1 November, 2014
Gold Coast TeamFriday, 7 November, 2014
London TeamFriday, 18 July, 2014
Plymouth TeamSaturday, 4 October, 2014
ScotlandSaturday, 7 June, 2014
Special OutreachesMonday, 21 April, 2014
Sunnybank TeamThursday, 13 November, 2014
Sunshine CoastWednesday, 13 November, 2013
Woodridge TeamTuesday, 21 October, 2014

The Battle Log is the place where weekly reports from each of the Operation 513 evangelism teams are posted.

It gives you a brief idea about what occurred during the outreach and some of the highlights.

Even though there is not a report from each team on the Battle Log every week, all these teams do meet weekly. So please keep them in prayer and consider joining one if it is in your area.


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Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 21 October, 2014

Posted by Posted 19 November 2014, 12:46 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Woodridge OutreachIt was another great outreach at Woodridge today.

The person in this picture talking to Josh claimed to be God. He said he knew everything, has spoken with Jesus, and yet needed to walk with a walking stick. At the same time he claimed he was a demon and that he must be worshipped.

Near the end of the outreach we had a young man named Wayne, who we had a lengthy discussion with a couple weeks ago, come back. He said he is now trusting in Christ for his forgiveness. We gave him a Bible and have his contact details for further discipleship.

The fields are white for harvest. Praise be to God!


Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 13 November, 2014

Posted by Posted 19 November 2014, 12:38 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Praise God for another great outreach at Sunnybank today.

One of the good conversations we had was with a young man who is in high school named Aditya. He said he doesn't believe in God and never has. 

After a quick apologetic of pointing to the creation (which shows to us there is a creator), he realised that God does exist. And as we going through the law and speaking about the judgment to come, he thought that if he simply stops his sin that will get him into Heaven. I pointed out that stopping his sin won't get rid of the history of it. I then explained he needed a perfect substitute who could take his punishment for him, Jesus.

After explaining about faith in Christ and the subsequent desire to turn from sin and live for Jesus, he said "I want to do that now". I asked a few checking questions to make sure he understood grace - that there is no amount of works he could do to save himself. He did understand. He did not have a Bible so I gave him one and he said he would start reading it everyday.

He closed with "No one has ever explained it that way before. Thank you so much."

Please pray for him.


Brisbane Team

Saturday, 8 November, 2014

Posted by Posted 19 November 2014, 12:33 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

People were asking lots of questions last night in Brisbane during the preaching. 

Christ was proclaimed and even though there were many hard hearts, one young man in particular came up to us asking for a Bible and expressed how he feels so guilty for his sin, he hasn't been able to sleep because of it, so he asked "How can I be forgiven?"

This man came to profess faith in Christ and then came back later on with his friends so that they could hear about Christ as well. To God alone be the glory!


Gold Coast Team

Friday, 7 November, 2014

Posted by Posted 19 November 2014, 12:30 AM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Gold Coast Sketchboard PreachingWe used the sketchboard again last night at our outreach at the Gold Coast. It is a great visual way to help people understand the gospel.

After one of the presentations, a number of people took gospels of John because they wanted to learn more, including a teenager who seemed very open to the gospel. We talked with him further. His mum is a psychic and his dad is very opposed to the Christian message, and ended up dragging him away telling him not to listen to anything we were saying. But the son had heard the message and received a gospel of John. Please pray for this young man.

Salvation is in God's hands. To God be the glory!

Essex Team

Saturday, 1 November, 2014

Posted by Posted 7 November 2014, 3:35 AM by Andrew Noble. Permalink

After a long hiatus, the Essex OP513 group met up in Romford to preach the Gospel.  I was joined by Chuck and Jacob and we found a suitable spot and prayed.  I preached from Mark 7 and a few pedestrians stopped and listened. This led into conversations with Chuck and Jacob.


Chuck spent a while chatting with this Muslim man who said he was looking for the truth...  

Jacob was chatting with various people as he handed out Gospel tracts.

Chuck preached after me, during which a few other local Christians turned up and joined us in evangelism.  

The day ended well with the Gospel proclaimed in Romford!!  SDG

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 14 October, 2014

Posted by Posted 18 October 2014, 7:02 PM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

An encouraging outreach at Woodridge today.

Three weeks ago, one of the team spoke to a young lady named Demmi. She initially refused a tract and said she was Buddhist. By the end of the conversation she was questioning Buddhism but said she couldn't become a Christian because her Dad said that that is not allowed. So she was going to count the cost.

Today, she returned saying she has left Buddhism and is now a Christian, and so is her Dad! Her Dad is now trying to evangelise to his sister. Praise God for all that He does!


Gold Coast Team

Friday, 17 October, 2014

Posted by Posted 18 October 2014, 6:49 PM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Gold Coast EvangelismIt is always a joy and a privilege to share the gospel, and doing so at the Gold Coast last night was no exception.

As we were walking back to the car, a young guy who I handed a tract to said "You have spoken to me before." So I asked whether he has been thinking about what I said.

He responded by saying he is now converted, trusting only in Jesus for his forgiveness and is fighting against his sin. He has been praying daily and attending a local church. But he didn't have a Bible, so I was able to give him one and encouraged him to start reading it daily.

He was very thankful to receive one. His name is Liam. Please pray for him.

Praise God for saving a people for His name!

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 4 October, 2014

Posted by Posted 5 October 2014, 5:45 AM by Matthew Rolfe. Permalink

Plymouth started very wet today and I was unsure if outreach would be able to go ahead, but after attending a Men's breakfast at a Church, it cleared up and enabled my friend Phil and I to head into the city centre of Plymouth for a couple of hours.

When we set up there a man almost imediately approached me and explained that he was a Scientologist and wanted my opinion if you could be a Scientologist and still belong to another religion, as he claimed there were Buddhists, Muslims and Christians in the Scientology faith who believed that both could work along side each other.


I asked him what he believed scientology taught about morality, and he said that man was basically good, needed to be rid of 'thetans' in us that made us bad, and that we were reincarnated and therefore could learn from our past mistakes in life.

He confirmed L.Ron Hubbards science fiction writing and belief in starting a religion to make money, but that the sale of the books to people was because of all the research and study he had done about the life of man.

He listened intently when I explained that we only had one life and chance on this earth to hear and respond to the gospel, as per Hebrews 9 v 27, and that Jesus said he was the only way we could be saved, that he was the only gate, door and Shepherd of the sheep, and if we tried to get to God any other way we were called a thief and a robber. I also tried to speak about original sin and how we all sinned because we were born sinners, and that we didnt have 'thetans' but needed forgiveness from God for our sins committed against him. 

He took a tract at the end but was an interesting first conversation for the day.


Another gentleman approached us later on who said he attended Church but was a backsliddeen Christian who was a heroine and alcohol addict, that he attended a Church group and that he had lived away from home since the age of 14 because of his substance abuse and distress caused to his family. We talked lots and Phil and I tried to listen to his story, and gently probed about how he says he became a Christian and if he thought he was Born again. I gave him a Gideons New Testament and some tracts to read, and pointed to the front pages about where to read when he was going through hard times.  He was a nice guy who obviously had a lot of issues to deal with and he wished us well.


After giving out tracts to the various people who stopped to take the intelligence test, a lady walked past and asked me to read some passages of scripture to her because she was unable to (either because of sight problems or I think because she had been drinking a little too much). So I chose John 3 to read to her about the need to be born again, and she listened, before taking a tract, which again she wanted me to read to her which was great. She took the tract and was seemingly happy we chatted. 

Some kids took some of the Bibles, and while I was wary as to why they wanted them, it led to a good chat about my appendix coming out last week, what vestigual organs were (or are not) and about why I had become a Christian and why we were out on the streets giving away tracts and Bibles. They put the testaments in their bags and said they would look at them.


Lastly for the day, 3 servicemen from the army stopped to take the intelligence test, which led on to them taking the good person test. Two of the guys were very open, whereas one guy said he didnt believe in Hell. I tried to show him that in the New Testament, the one who actually spoke most about Hell was in fact Jesus, because he didnt want anyone going there, but that because our sins were primarily against God and it was him we had firstly offended in our actions and thoughts, it was him we needed forgiveness from. They understood what was said and listened to the good news of the gospel and how someone could be forgiven, and two of the guys took the tracts at the end and shook hands, but the other guy walked off and refused to take a tract. Maybe he was convicted or had a loved one that had died suddenly, but either way all three of them listened to all that was said.

It was a great day and the sunshine came out which was great, Phil enjoyed learning more about evangelism and how to witness to people in taking someone through the Law before showing them the good news of the gospel, and we pray God would continue to work in those peoples lives that stopped to talk today.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 27 September, 2014

Posted by Posted 2 October 2014, 1:43 PM by Ryan Hemelaar. Permalink

Riverfire is one of the busiest night of the year in Brisbane where thousands flock to the city to watch fireworks. Operation 513 provided all the gospel tracts for free to be handed out at the event. We can only do this thanks to generous supporters of this ministry.

All praise be to God!

Plymouth Team

Saturday, 20 September, 2014

Posted by Posted 22 September 2014, 6:15 AM by Matthew Rolfe. Permalink

Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Plymouth, and my friend Phil and I managed to meet around 1pm and set up the outreach for the first time in quite a few weeks. There were hundreds of people in the city today, partly due to a big science fiction comic event that a former Dr Who actor was signing books for, and so there were plenty of people to witness to. My amp for preaching had died and so we were unable to preach, but managed to have many great conversations with people, largely due to the Intelligence test board again drawing peoples attention. I had also updated our scripture board with some website links etc which quite a few people stopped to read or glance at. The 'Are You Ready' cross with Hebrews 9 v 23 underneath was pushed over after someone read it, another person walking past sticking their middle finger up at it, so Gods word was doing its job, being an offence to those that are currently spiritually blind!


The first people to stop and do the intelligence test were two students studying biological science at Plymouth University, and were very amicable to stop and go through the good person test after they had gotten most of the questions wrong. They both seemed quite convicted and seemingly acknowledged they had broken the commandments, the 7th one pricking their conscience the most in how they reacted. They were very open and didn't once try and debate evolution or atheism, but just nodded when I tried to explain that it was peoples love of sin that pushed them away from acknowledging Gods existence, not for lack of knowledge or evidence, to which they both gave me full eye contact and were silent about, amazingly. They gratefully took a Gideon's new testament each and some tracts and after explaining the good news of the gospel to them and how someone could appropriate what Jesus had done to themselves, a firm handshake and thanks was great to hear for a change instead of opposition.


Several other groups came along, including 3 teenage girls called Abbey, Dion and Ebony who were interested through the intelligence test questions, and even at a young age seemed to realise how they had sinned and that they knew God existed through what he had made. They were keen to take tracts and a Gideon's new testament. David, a messianic Jew stopped to chat and explained how he had become a Christian but only realised later on in his life that he had Jewish roots and so now met with other Messianic Jews in Plymouth to fellowship. 3 students Thomas, Claire and Liam stopped by to chat and interact, and again were very open to talk and didn't once try and refute any arguments about God's existence, evolution or the Bible but listened intently to what was said. All our Bibles went that day and my friend Phil had his first chat with some people about the gospel while I went to the toilet, and so he was encouraged as well as he continues to learn about sharing the gospel with others.


The pictures below show the updated sign and a glimpse of how many people were in the city that day, and God was clearly already working in peoples hearts and minds with how intently people listened and interacted with us today, but more importantly we pray that gospel seeds were sown in fertile hearts and that the Holy Spirit would convict people and they would turn to God that day in repentance and faith.


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