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Latest Operation 513 Newsletter - 13 August 2019
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"And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil."
2 Timothy 2:24 (ESV)

Yesterday's big day of evangelism!

Be encouraged by this 3 minute 30 second video, showing the gospel going out yesterday at the Ekka public holiday outreach in Brisbane city. Watch the video.

There's another Ekka public holiday outreach happening tomorrow, be part of it!

You won't want to miss this Conference!

Just over 3 weeks to go.

On Saturday 7th September 2019, we will be hosting the Re-Engage Conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Morning tea, afternoon tea, and a light lunch is provided.

Phil Johnson from John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry will speaking at the conference.

Session Topics:

  • The Authority of the Bible
  • New Apostolic Reformation / Prosperity Gospel
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Seventh-Day Adventism
  • Heaven's Best Kept Secret
  • Q&A
Register for your tickets now!

For a flyer advertising this conference for your church bulletin or Facebook page, download the PDF or JPG.

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New Evangelism Reports

Brisbane (QLD) Team

12 Aug 2019

On Monday in the surrounding areas of Brisbane it was the show holiday, meaning that businesses that would usually be open, were closed. People normally at work were off and as a result the team decided to head into the city, instead of to the usual... [Read more]

Christchurch (NZ) Team

11 Aug 2019

As forecast, Saturday saw constant and heavy rain in Christchurch (NZ), so I decided to letterbox drop tracts instead of heading into Cathedral Square. I ended up placing a tract into a letterbox (pictured) that used to belong to a friend, Russell... [Read more]

Brisbane (QLD) Team

11 Aug 2019

Sunday night was in the theme of the previous two nights. It again was brutally cold with the wind and yet people were willing to stop and chat and new team members came out to share! As Sunday nights have started to build there have been... [Read more]

Brisbane (QLD) Team

10 Aug 2019

On Saturday night the chilling breeze from Friday continued and meant there were less people around than usual. That being said, it was extremely exciting to see twelve team members out, many of whom are relatively new, still wanting to declare... [Read more]

Christchurch (NZ) Team

9 Aug 2019

Thursday and Friday were busy days for the Christchurch (NZ) team.  And I have to admit that I hit a brick wall on the Friday. Andy & I held our regular Thursday afternoon outreaches to the Eastgate & Northlands bus stops.  A... [Read more]

Gold Coast (QLD) Team

9 Aug 2019

On Friday evening on the Gold Coast the wind had picked up greatly. Whilst it was warmer than it had been for the past weeks the breeze seemed to be keeping everyone inside and as a result it was harder to get into conversations as people were... [Read more]

Warwick (QLD) Team

9 Aug 2019

It has been pretty quiet on the streets of Warwick the past couple of weeks, still a steady amount of people are taking tracts. We have noticed that there are people who have already received tracts but still are taking more as we have different... [Read more]

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

8 Aug 2019

On Thursday in Sunnybank the team had a wonderful outreach! The team of six made it out and spread around to see who would be willing to talk about the after life and would be willing to hear what Christ has done to save sinners. The first... [Read more]

Christchurch (NZ) Team

7 Aug 2019

Tuesday (in Riccarton) and Wednesday (in the City / outside Ara) saw lovely weather for Gospel outreach.  I’m in such a routine, and am regularly visiting these outreach spots, that I feel like people must be sick of me by now, and no one... [Read more]

Brisbane (QLD) Team

7 Aug 2019

On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane city, it was a team of four over the course of the afternoon. This was okay though as the showers of rain meant conversations were limited to areas under cover. The first conversation was with a man... [Read more]

Woodridge (QLD) Team

6 Aug 2019

On Tuesday afternoon in Woodridge the team again was made up people who just recently had started coming out and were keen to be out sharing the gospel with the time God had given them. That is the beauty of some professions, there is simply... [Read more]

Capalaba (QLD) Team

5 Aug 2019

On Monday at Capalaba there were three team members out, surprisingly two of these were new to the Capalaba outreach, as other regulars weren't able to make it. It was exciting to see people taking the opportunity to come along simply... [Read more]

Brisbane (QLD) Team

5 Aug 2019

It is not often the reports are put up for the evening outreaches but Monday night was so joyfully filled with conversations that it is hard not to share. The first conversation was with Eddie. He had a Christian-ish background and as a... [Read more]

Brisbane (QLD) Team

3 Aug 2019

On Saturday night in Brisbane City, once again the team assembled to share with those who would listen what God has done to save sinners. The evening started with a conversation with a man who thought that he was already trusting in... [Read more]

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