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Latest Operation 513 Newsletter - 31 March 2020
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Is it possible to witness online? Just watch

NEW 6 minute witnessing video!
Even though our street evangelism teams are currently all on hold because of the government's mandatory home confinement laws, we are now pursuing online evangelism.

Watch this 6 minute video of a gospel conversation with someone half way across the world through Omegle.
Watch video

Ways to evangelise in lockdown

Here are some ways:
  • In your state, you may still be allowed to exercise outside, so grab some tracts and as you exercise around your neighbourhood, put a tract in people's letterboxes. (Tracts available here)
  • Respond to comments on YouTube or similar sites on relevant videos pointing people to the gospel.
  • Witness to strangers on websites like Omegle - it randomly pairs you with someone that you can have a text chat or video chat with (caution is advised with video chat).
  • Start a gospel conversation in an online environment or game (see the Christchurch reports below for tips on that).
Please uphold us in your prayers as we seek to witness to people across the world through the Internet.

Get your Easter tracts for letterboxes

Many people these days have no idea what Easter is about, and this tract asks that question right on the front, answers it on the back and provides a clear gospel presentation.

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We have a bunch of other tracts on there too.

Thought Provoker

New Evangelism Reports

Christchurch (NZ) Team

29 Mar 2020

Saturday & Sunday I was back out on the virtual streets (literally)! On Friday night I watched a YouTube video about a virtual pandemic that had occured in an online game.  This got me thinking about this as an option for online... [Read more]

Christchurch (NZ) Team

27 Mar 2020

Due to NZ being in lock down due to COVID-19, Thursday and Friday were another two days of online evangelism for me. At the moment, my main place to have conversations is Omegle.  Same as on the streets, you get a lot of rejections from people... [Read more]

Christchurch (NZ) Team

25 Mar 2020

On Monday, in New Zealand, it was announced that the whole nation would be going into lock down to protect from Covid-19.  What this means is that everyone needs to stay at home, except those working in essential services. As much as we... [Read more]

Melbourne (VIC) Team

21 Mar 2020

It was special Saturday, because by God’s grace we have done LETTER BOX outreach which included Corona Virus Gospel tracts with ‘life is precious’ (Abortion) tracts. God has faithfully called 4 labourers. We decided to go to... [Read more]

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