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When Hell Freezes Over

Man with a Bullhorn
No, this is not John the Baptist (He wouldn't need a bullhorn).

Lets also make it abundantly clear, neither is the so called "Hellfire and Brimstone" preaching the Biblical message of the Gospel. Some preachers make it their duty to focus on Hell in hope that it will instill the fear of the Lord into their audiences. Often reaching way beyond what the sensibility of the Biblical revelation allows, the aim for the preachers who focus on Hell, sometimes in vivid descriptions beyond scripture, is to shock the people into submission. While this kind of preacher is very rare these days, the stereotypes of such preaching are very much alive and well. Almost always when you suggest that we must mention sin, judgment and hell in evangelism, the rigid, angry, legalistic and foaming at the mouth hellfire and brimstone preachers comes to mind. That is not the kind of evangelism the Bible describes.

First of all, very few of us have seen or heard true hellfire and brimstone preaching. Secondly, Much of what we think is hellfire preaching, such as the preaching of Jonathan Edwards, is not hellfire preaching. Hellfire preaching makes the same mistake as the love centered gospel. As mentioned before, the love centered gospel is so lop sided that God's love no longer makes sense. Hellfire preaching focuses so much on the judgment of God without giving a reasonable explanation of our offence, that the listener is crushed under the weight of a tyrannical God who is vengeful and hate filled. The loved centered gospel produces spiritual brats who think God would attend to their every whim, hellfire preaching produces abused children who suffers under the reign of the tyrannical cosmic being. Neither is Biblical.

The Biblical Gospel, starts with the Law of God.

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