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The Appointed Time is the monthly gospel ministry of Operation 513 that is featured on Voice of Truth Radio. The episodes are available for you to download below, but if you have iTunes or any other RSS/Podcast syndicator, you can automatically podcast the weekly episodes.


17th December 2008

Episode 13 - Are you a Pharisee or a Tax Collector?

 (15.02 MB)
Josh Williamson

How does one become a Christian? Is it by going to church? Tithing? Being religious? Or is it by some other means? Join us now as Josh Williamson asks the question of "Are you a Pharisee or a Tax Collector?"

20th September 2008

Episode 12 - How to Have Peace

 (11.29 MB)
Josh Williamson

Everywhere we look mankind is searching for peace, television, radio, internet and many thousands of books all promise us inner peace, yet, none of them explain why we don't have peace in the first place. List as Josh Williamson explains why we don't have peace, and how to have peace.

12th July 2008

Episode 11 - Does God Exist?

 (11.47 MB)
Ryan Hemelaar

The question of 'Does God Exist?' has probably entered your mind at least some stage in your life. Are there good reasons to believe in God, or is just a blind faith? Join us as Ryan Hemelaar investigates the topic, "Does God Exist?"

19th June 2008

Episode 10 - The Enemy

 (11.06 MB)
Josh Williamson

Often times when we have someone do something against us we will hold a grudge, and become angry and bitter towards that person. Very rarely will it cross our mind to forgive that person uncondionally. But, here is an interesting thought, we are all God's enemies because of our sin. Because you have sinned you are an enemy of God. Yet, He still loved you enough to offer you forgiveness. Why are you a enemy of God? Why are you in need of forgiveness? Listen now to find out, as Josh Williamson looks at "The Enemy".

2nd June 2008

Episode 9 - Are you Ready?

 (16.45 MB)
Josh Williamson

The Return of Jesus Christ is a topic that is often mocked and ridculed. Hollywood portrays those who believe in Christ coming back as crazy's who run around yelling "The End is Nigh!" Yet, the Bible takes a stance on the issue, and says that Jesus will return one day to judge the living and the dead. But, the question we need to face is this: Are we ready to face God? Join us as Josh Williamson preaches on "Are You Ready!"

26th May 2008

Episode 8 - Unity

 (11.04 MB)
Josh Williamson

People often want to be 'one' with each other, and also to be united with God, but often times we fail to realise that before we can have perfect unity, we must understand why it is that we are in unity with God.

19th May 2008

Episode 7 - As in the Days of Noah

 (10.38 MB)
Josh Williamson

We all have heard of the story of Noah and the worldwide flood, yet something many don't understand is why God would judge the world is such a way. But something else that we fail to realise is that God one day will send world wide judgement.

12th May 2008

Episode 6 - The Way to Heaven

 (10.99 MB)
Josh Williamson

Are there many roads that lead to Heaven? How does one get there? Can we get to Heaven by our good works? Or by being moral? Or perhaps, by going to church? Well, join us as Josh Williamson explains "The Way to Heaven".

5th May 2008

Episode 5 - Why is there Death and Suffering?

 (15.91 MB)
Josh Williamson

No matter where we look we see a world that is suffering. A world that is full of pain and death, but why is there death and suffering? Is God to blame or are we in some way responsible? Join us now as we listen to "What is Your Life: Answering the Question of Why there is Death and Suffering."

28th April 2008

Episode 4 - Society's Greatest Problem

 (11.74 MB)
Josh Williamson

If we look around Society we see many problems, we see global warming, terroism, crime, etc. While these are all problems, the question is "what is society's greatest problem?" Join us as we look at the Bible to find out that our greatest problem and need is.

21st April 2008

Episode 3 - Who Cares? God Cares!

 (13.98 MB)
Josh Williamson

One often hears the term 'God cares' thrown around carelessly, and often times disregarded. But the statement is true, God does care, the question is "How does God care?" Join us as we listen to: Who Cares? God Cares!

14th April 2008

Episode 2 - Riches Profit Not!

 (13.75 MB)
Josh Williamson

What do rich men, famous men, poor me, sports men all have in common? They have more in common than you think. Join us now as Josh Williamson looks at Riches.

7th April 2008

Episode 1 - John 3:16

 (14.24 MB)
Josh Williamson

This week Josh Williamson will be exploring the meaning of the most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16. The verse says: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." But what does that mean? Join us now as we listen to Josh Williamson explain this verse.

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