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Sunday 23 March 2008

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The Operation 513 Skypecast kicked off at 9pm and the people started to flow in. Within 10 minutes there was about 60 people in the room, so I started preaching the law to bring the knowledge of sin, then the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

We had a Muslim fellow who wanted to speak, so we brought him up to the talking area. He was very angry and forcifully expressed his opinion about Jesus. He even used vulgar language, so we immediately removed speaking access from him. He said he hated Jesus, but that's strange as if that man was truly a Muslim then he would know that the Qu'ran holds Jesus up to a high esteem because they believe He is a prophet of God. But I explained to the listeners why He is more than a prophet, He is actually God in flesh.

I also brought up some errors within the Qu'ran, for example, the Qu'ran says Mary is part of the trinity (Sura 5:116 - instead of the Holy Spirit). Now if the Qu'ran was truly inspired of God then it wouldn't make such a major blunder as that. Christians have never regarded Mary as part of the trinity. Another example of an error within the Qu'ran is that it says Jesus didn't actually die. But that is blatantly false as we have four historical accounts in the New Testament attesting to the contrary, plus several other historical accounts written by secular historians affirming Jesus' life and death under Pontius Pilate. Yet the Qu'ran, a book written over 600 years after Jesus' death claims He didn't die. Which viewpoint would be deemed more accurate? The primary source documents of course.

I also had a nice conversation with a different Muslim person who thought himself to be a good person. I showed him God's laws and the fact that he has broken them. He threw in the objection regarding his good works and that God should let him go based on his works. But I clearly showed him that a good judge cannot let a criminal go just because He has done good works. That is like trying to bribe the judge. I told him of the wonderful news of the Saviour and how He can be saved from the wrath that is to come by repenting and trusting Jesus alone as His Saviour.

Josh Mitchell discussed the issue of morality and where we get the knowledge of right and wrong from. Using that starting point, he directed it back to God's law and the judgment to come.

We did have some hacker issues though during the Skypecast. There was a number of times when some of our Skype clients crashed or disconnected as someone tried to stop the gospel preaching. At one time Josh Williamson's computer suddenly opened up a lot of sound files and started to play them and his mozilla browser just started to bounce all over the screen. He immediately unplugged his network cord. But Thankfully because there was three speakers, when one person had issues, another person could continue the preaching. Please pray that the preaching of the gospel will not be hindered next week.

Once recovered, Josh Williamson had a conversation with a man who lives in Melbourne on the Skypecast. Diddy (that being his username), attempted to show why Christianity is wrong because of the bad things that have been done in the name of Christianity. Josh showed him why that is not a legitimate reason for dismissing Christianity. Josh told him that the Bible says to love your neighbour, not kill him. So it the person who interpreted the Bible wrongly who is in the error, not the Bible itself. But Diddy disagreed and said that it was the Bible's fault that people had taken scripture and used it the wrong way. So Josh tried to show Diddy that that is an absurd position to hold by saying, "Diddy, I heard you were going to give me $1000." Diddy replied, "No I didn't." Josh responded, "I am misusing your words, but according to your logic you are the one in the wrong." After that Diddy became silent because he knew that his own logic was flawed. 

I finished off with the closing gospel message and a calling on all people to repent and trust in Christ alone for salvation. Please pray that God will draw people unto Himself for His glory alone.

The recording below is not the whole Skypecast as the Skype on the recording computer disconnected during the middle of it. However below is almost an hour of the Skypecast compiled of two different parts joined together.

speakerListen (12.7MB - 55:31)
(To download: right-click link, save target as.)

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10.

To God be the glory!

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