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Sunday 6 April 2008

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A number of hours before the Skypecast's commencement, I advertised the Skypecast at a number of Atheist forums. I asked them to join in and have their say about why they believe there is no god.

At our regular time of 9pm the Skypecast started, and without a hitch thankfully! Praise God for that! And continued working pretty well the entire night.

Our first heckler was a man who said he was an Atheist. So what I did was give him some logical reasons to believe in the existence of God. I did this by showing him that the universe needs an outside cause (using the Cosmological argument), then I explained that the cause must also be personal. Through this logic, the fellow admitted there must be a personal God and thanked us for our time. But I wasn't going to let him go just yet without hearing about the law, then the gospel. So our discussion continued and he had several questions regarding morality. I addressed them and showed him God's standard of morality in the Bible, the Ten Commandments. He knew he had failed at that standard, but he tried using the fallacious objection that because God created us, that when we sin it is God's fault. I reasoned with him regarding that and also showed him that his good works do not merit himself to God. He was then concerned about where he would spend eternity, so I gave him the good news of the gospel.

After the conversation was finished with the first heckler, Josh let me know that there was a person who objected to what I was saying because he thought it was illogical. He was an Australian man from the Richard Dwakins Atheistic forum. His objection was that what I was saying is based on the premise that God exists. This fellow wasn't in the Skypecast when I was showing the first gentlemen the proofs for God's existence, so I briefly explained them to him. After some initial objections to my arguments, he finally agreed that there must be a personal Creator to the universe. His next objection was that my argument did not prove the God of the Bible. And that's true, so I then presented some reasons as to why only the God of Christianity exists. I did this by showing that every other religion's god is logically inconsistent because they believe that their god will weigh out your good deeds with your bad deeds. I showed him that is not justice at all. But at this point, everyone was dropped from the room because of a Skype problem. But we managed to get back into the room okay.

Josh Williamson then had a conversation with a man who held some very illogical beliefs. He regarded animals as having the same value as human beings. So Josh asked him, "Do you eat meat?" He said, "Yes." Josh replied, "Do you eat humans?" He said, "No." So Josh then pointed out that he truly doesn't regard humans and animals as having the same value if he only eats animals.

I then had a discussion with a person from Armenia. He believed he was a good person, so I showed him God's laws and that he realised he didn't meet the standard. But he tried using the objection that because everyone fails at that standard, it makes hiim good. I proceeded to show him why that view is illogical. I then told him what Hell is like, so that I could tell him of the wonderful news of Christ's death on the cross for our sins. I explained to him what he must do to be saved and to really think about these important issues.

Josh Mitchell completed the Skypecast with an in-depth gospel message, calling everyone to repent and trust Christ as their Saviour.

All up there was 511 people who listened in to the Skypecast during the course of the night. Please pray God will draw them to Himself.

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10.

To God be the glory!

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