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Wednesday 1 August 2018

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Speakers Corner 

We were blessed by today's outreach. Tim, Brendan and myself got to preach. Brother Trevor was also with us. There were a few that stopped by to listen. One young lady in particular stayed to listen to each one of us. She later thanked one of our other brothers Joseph for the messages she heard and I got to give her one of our Op513 tracts.

By God's grace I got into a conversation with a young man named Anton. I reached over to hand him a tract, he took it and I said, "Do you have any spiritual beliefs?" "Yes!" he said. I then asked him, "What do you think happens when you die?" He responded, "I don't know".

I gave him a summary of Romans 1:18-25, making the point that everyone knows that God exist that they suppress the truth in their wickedness.

I tried to explain that God is all powerful, all knowing and the creator of all things good. And God had allowed for him to wake up this morning.

Then using the text, from Hebrews 4:13 and Hebrews 9:27, I made the point that one day he will stand before this all powerful, all knowing Holy God to give an account for his life. 

I also stressed, because he has sinned against this great and eternal God the punishment is also great and eternal because it is He who has been offended. 

I will never forget the look on his face when I told him that the good news that Jesus Christ came to take that punishment on the cross so that we would have peace with God.

From then on by I just kept telling him more about who Christ is what He has done. Explaining further, the promise of eternal life for those who believe in Him. He asked whether Jesus was ever born as a man. This gave me an opportunity to explain the doctrine of the incarnation. Jesus is truly God and truly man, which began when He walked the earth. 

As we finished I continued to encourage Anton that the only way he would be right with God is if he believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. God alone can forgive the sins of man but God should not forgive the wicked because He is just. God forgave the wicked when His justice was poured out on Christ on the cross and those who would truly turn away from their sin and believe Him, though they die yet shall they live. 

Please pray for Anton, and those who heard the gospel preached in the open air. 


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Meets for outreach every fortnight at the Otara flea market in South Auckland and once every 2 months we go to Queen Street on Friday nights. We also have a weekly open air outreach every Wednesday's at lunch time located at Albert Park, Speakers corner in Auckland City.

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