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Saturday 22 September 2018

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Today was our biggest outreach day of the year. The Carnival of Flowers was on in full swing and as the crowds began to gather for the approaching parade we had two questions on our minds:

1. Would we have enough tracts?    2. Would there be enough laborers?

Thankfully God provided both in abundance. We had a record number of laborers volunteer for today. Jonno and Callum generously drove up all the way from Goondiwindi to join us for the big event. We also had another Jonno join us from Gatton, who patiently and determinedly navigated the slow-motion car park that is the Toowoomba Range on Carnival Day.

Keith and Kate also joined us from AFES ( ) and it wasn’t long before most of us headed out to share the message that had changed each one of our lives. Below are some of the conversations that were had:

-Merv had a good conversation about the Gospel with an open-minded young woman. It was only at the end of the discussion that she revealed she was a Satanist. This woman was by far the most polite and interested Satanist we’ve ever met in Toowoomba and was thankful for the conversation.

-“G" was a farmer who is also a former SDA. He was more than willing to chat but unfortunately did not want to go more than deeper than discussing abstract ideas about religion in an impersonal way.

-“A” who was a young French woman who one of our team had a good conversation with.

-“N” and “S” both had Catholic backgrounds but conversation sadly didn’t go very far. “E” was another person with whom conversation was limited.

-“L” was a Christian with whom we had a really good, mutually encouraging discussion.

By the time the Parade came around, we were able to share the Gospel with hundreds of people through the tracts handed out and we were even able to buy a local man lunch who had been sleeping rough recently. He was a recovering alcoholic who didn’t have any family in the area and we were able to share with him the names and locations of places where he could secure food and shelter.

Overall it was a fantastic day and the privilege of being able to share the Gospel with new friends and old made it memorable and enjoyable. Our prayer is that God will continue to move in our hearts and in the hearts of our community. Please join us in praying this prayer.


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