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Saturday 13 October 2018

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Tell Me Christchurch conference Outreach & Leeston A&P Show Outreach 

On 6 October I was able to join the Tell Me Evangelism group in Christchurch for an hour. Two of the Tell Me members started with open air preaching and as I was getting to ready to open air as well, the local atheist heckler arrived & started his barrage of questions, never settling for an answer before asking his next question. Since I’ve never encountered him before I opted to observe the situation first, to see how the local Evangelism team dealt with him. 

I continued to hand out tracts & got into a long frustratingly sad conversation with ‘Lilly’, who professed being a ‘Christian’, kept insisting that a loving ‘god’ wouldn’t send anyone to an everlasting hell... her friend (an elderly lady) agreed with me it seems. In the end she thanked me for the chat, even though she still had the same thoughts as before.  

Today, 13 October, I again teamed up with the Tell Me Evangelism team at the Leeston A&P Show. I arrived at 10:00 and left just before 16:00. During this time I got to use the Flipchart donated by Operation 513, for the first time! It proved a wonderful, practical tool to engage people. 

I had quite a few conversations with mostly groups of young people. One such group ended up almost being a mini crowd. One of the youths in this particular group, tried to make fun of almost every aspect of the Flipchart and message. This ended up being part of the reason for the little group growing in numbers. They also asked provocative red herring questions, but by God’s Grace, was able to stress the point that His Law applies to all people, and stay on track. In the end the Law & Gospel was used to convey the message of salvation. It seemed that despite the distractions, that some in the group were seriously listening; a few of them even got talking to other Evangelism Outreach members.

Nearing the end of the day, I spotted a man with a Jesus cap, and offered him a tract. He was a fellow South African, and we had good conversation in Afrikaans :) He listens to Ray Comfort, and told me he is now a full time missionary. Upon some deeper follow up questions, he stated that he is not part of a specific church and prefers to spend time alone with God. I tried to stress the importance of the fellowship of believers. Again, by God’s Grace, was able to use Law & Gospel in the conversation. We shook hands and he left with a few tracts. 

It was a very long and productive day, with all the members of the Outreach giving 110%; one girl in particular was a real trooper, tirelessly handing out tracts and directing people to the space set up for the Flipcharts. It was Blessed & edifying time of fellowship. God graciously provided safe travels from Timaru, where I live, to Leeston and back.

Attached are a few photos of today ‘s Outreach :)

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