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Wednesday 24 October 2018

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Speakers Corner 

The Lord blessed our time over the last 2 Wednesday's (17th and 24th October) at Speaker's Corner, 

Some highlights was seeing brother Tim engage with some tourist that were from Argentina who stayed to listen to him preach and then talk more about his message & address questions they had from the Scriptures, they were happy to take some tracts with them, also, on this same day I had a young man from the University who stood afar behind me and listened to the preaching, I had not seen him while I was up giving my message but he later came up to me when I had finished to say that he appreciated hearing the gospel, but that he was an atheist and didn't want to engage further, I tried to engage further but he was not willing, though he also was happy to take some tracts. 

Last week myself, Trevor, Graham, Tim and Alistair met at Speaker's Corner, we had a good flow of pedestrians, one particular lady came as I preached and laid down to listen, she stayed for the whole message & also a few others stopped to listen, We praise our great God who has given us this freedom to cry aloud the life-saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Please pray for all those who came into contact with us, We plan to head to Speakers Corner the same time tomorrow DV


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Auckland (NZ) Team

Meets for outreach every fortnight at the Otara flea market in South Auckland and once every 2 months we go to Queen Street on Friday nights. We also have a weekly open air outreach every Wednesday's at lunch time located at Albert Park, Speakers corner in Auckland City.

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