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Monday 31 December 2018

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To bring in the New Year the team did back to back evangelism. First in the afternoon starting in Capalaba and later in the evening in Brisbane City. The afternoon was filled with conversations, some very encouraging! And the evening resulted in 12,500 tracts being handed out and a range of other conversations! And as the clock struck twelve the team were celebrating God's gracious gift of another year in the midst of telling others about Him.

The stand out conversation from Capalaba was with five people at first, Joel and Johnny, were engaging but being quite silly. These young men were trying to avoid the seriousness of the uncomfortable topic of God's judgement against our sin by being silly. Thankfully after a few minutes they left, leaving Connor, Presley and Ivy. The conversation with these three then took the next hour as they listened intently and happily engaged. Following as the Gospel was explained and then asking question after question about Christianity, God and the implications the Gospel has on our lives.

It was a rare conversation but one that was an immense privilege to be there for. Connor at first was against the idea of God. Ivy was as well but Presley wanted to simply believe in a higher power (distant enough to not care how we live). The conversation went on to reveal the reasons they desired God to be like this and the answer was shown clearly, they love living how they want and they don't want there to be any eternal consequences.

Each in their own way was challenged seriously about the choice they would make, to reject Christ or surrender to Him. Please be praying that as the team runs into these guys in the future that God will be working in their hearts, bringing them to a saving knowledge of the truth!

Later in the evening in Brisbane City, there were a number of conversations. One guy, Jarier who had listened in to a conversation on Saturday night dropped past. Sadly he was playing a very silly game, know as, "that's your truth, I have mine". To avoid any sense of accountability or judgement he would just pretend that it wasn't true because he didn't believe it.

Jarier was left with a very strong warning, that pretending someone doesn't exist, doesn't actually get you out of trouble. The only solution to sin and guilt is to find the one who can deal with it, rather than pretending it doesn't exist.

Around 11pm, some of the team had a quick food break at McDonalds. Due to the immense crowds, the waiting time was long and this allowed for a number of conversations to be had.

First was with Harry. He heard of God and how we know He exists, then he was lead through God's law, revealing sin. It was at this stage Harry got squirmish. He saw that he was guilty and if he was to die tonight, would end up in Hell. But when he was asked what the solution was he didn't want to think about it any longer.

During this conversation, a young couple standing in front were awkwardly trying not to listen, to the point that they walked away to avoid having to hear the conversation.

Next was Diaz, who likewise thought he was a good person and would be fine on judgement day. His wife, didn't want to listen but he happily stayed and talked until his food was ready. Diaz heard the Bad News but he had to go and collect his food before the Good News could be fully explained. He did take a tract though.

Lastly in McDonalds was a couple, Izzy and Alistair. Alistair said he hadn't thought about it much but Izzy had lots of questions. It was a good conversation and the pair left with a tract and the challenge to open up a Bible and read the Gospel of John this year.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel in the queue for food, that each of them would seriously think about their own eternity this coming year and heed the advice, to read the Word.

As you finish reading this encouragement from the final day of 2018, consider how you can seek to engage the people around you, with the time God has given you with the Gospel, in 2019.

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